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Soothing Relaxation

Soothing Relaxation

2 yıl önce

Relaxing sleep music with beautiful nature videos. This relaxing music is composed by Peder B. Helland and can be used as deep sleeping music, meditation music or for stress relief. Stream or download this track ("Sea of Time"): soothingrelaxation.lnk.to/Sea... Stream or download music from Soothing Relaxation: soothingrelaxation.lnk.to/lis...

💿 Track information:
Title: Sea of Time
Composer: Peder B. Helland
Index: ★182
Album: Flying
Buy or stream this album: soothingrelaxation.com/produc...
Buy this track: soothingrelaxation.com/produc...
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📜 Message from the composer and creator of Soothing Relaxation:
"I am a composer from Norway and I started this channel with a simple vision: to create a place that you can visit whenever you want to sit down and relax. I compose music that often can be described as sleep music, calm music, yoga music, study music, peaceful music, beautiful music and relaxing music. I love to compose music and I put a lot of work into it.

Thank you very much for listening and for leaving feedback. Every single day I am completely astonished by all your warm support and it really inspires me to work even harder on my music. If you enjoy my work, I would be very happy if you decided to subscribe and join our community. Have a wonderful day or evening!"

- Peder B. Helland, composer for Soothing Relaxation

© Copyright:
Music composed/arranged by Peder B. Helland.
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Soothing Relaxation
Soothing Relaxation 3 aylar önce
Did this music ("Sea of Time" by Peder B. Helland) help you fall asleep?
Phonsi Autaroen
Phonsi Autaroen 20 gün önce
@Инесса Малинина ข
Shai Lev
Shai Lev 20 gün önce
Hey we can change the not knowing each other part!
Marvalisa Coley
Marvalisa Coley 21 gün önce
YESSSS!!! IT WORKED! I have been searching and this actually worked. Thank you so much! ❤😴
Kathleen Krall
Kathleen Krall 26 gün önce
I'm concentrating on the beautiful scenery & grateful the calming 🎶 music!
Jette Lykke Ane Jensen
Jette Lykke Ane Jensen Aylar önce
Tracy Hodgson
Tracy Hodgson Gün önce
I had a pretty hard day, ran a bath and had this in the background. Ahhhhhhh wonderful, thank you 😊
Body Mind and Soul
Body Mind and Soul 3 gün önce
Hi Everyone, Have a sweetest and peaceful every day.
Chicken Lounge
Chicken Lounge 4 gün önce
You gotta change the name now, it is 9M people that fell asleep with this gorgeous music ❤️
Shanay Walker
Shanay Walker 4 gün önce
5 fxg7bj8jg7hq6euhk by no. Iniuhhh9 was 5,ctcgyg5 guy ghvhvg fxrxfvybynuj7kukinu hb6yy5t4ftctctgtg
Shanay Walker
Shanay Walker 4 gün önce
Aaron Sojan
Aaron Sojan 5 gün önce
This comment section is amazing. Right now I do feel overwhelmed and stressed however don't worry guys it's part of life and in the end we will come flying 10 times stronger than before!
Sarcastic Steve
Sarcastic Steve 6 gün önce
Dear fellow Americans.. no matter what your race, religion, orientation.... One thing that's true and we can all agree apon in this universe... "LETS GO BRANDON" Sleep well my friends... The best is yet to come!
Игорёк Никаноров
Игорёк Никаноров 7 gün önce
Храни Вас БОГ помощи БОЖИЕЙ во всём и Мира Вам Душевного! Творите Добро! Благодарю Вам!
Pritam Banerjee
Pritam Banerjee 10 gün önce
The best music I have ever heard.
國田牧子 10 gün önce
色 が 綺麗
Александр Гёргич
Александр Гёргич 11 gün önce
Потрясающая мелодия! Она мне напоминает несколько тактов из Аве Мария.
Whiskey Richards
Whiskey Richards 12 gün önce
This music really helps me with my morning bowel movements which, quite regrettably I might add... have become a really difficult experience/process. With the help of this music I am finding my regularity to be quite regular now!
Nóri Litavszky
Nóri Litavszky 12 gün önce
James McCool
James McCool 13 gün önce
the white screen
the white screen 13 gün önce
Bet it will not make me fall asleep
Mary Margaret Craig
Mary Margaret Craig 15 gün önce
Thank you Soothing Relaxation and Peder for helping people rest and relax.
Patsy W
Patsy W 15 gün önce
The reason I like this is the slower pace. You can feel your heart beat slowing down, plus is nice and quiet. Thank you so much for this much needed kind of music, in such a hectic world.
Relaxing Lounge
Relaxing Lounge 18 gün önce
This music totally relaxes me and i can inner peace. thank you!
beatrix montay
beatrix montay 19 gün önce
I like to invite everyone, who replied to this music and have a great gathering and hugs in our dreams.
Goodvibegirl871 19 gün önce
This is definitely, truely relaxing. The best relaxation music I’ve heard
Casey Margerison
Casey Margerison 19 gün önce
to anyone reading, please remember that you matter. you are loved. you need to stay. life is hard, but we have to keep going. healing takes time. you can do this i know you can💛
Ali Avci
Ali Avci 20 gün önce
We zijn geboren zonder probleem en stress.... Waarom nu wel??
Relaxing Music for Stress Relief
Relaxing Music for Stress Relief 22 gün önce
It's not my type of music, but the views are beautiful 😍
Música Relajante De Ángel
Música Relajante De Ángel 22 gün önce
Deseo que todo aquel que lea este comentario tenga un buen descanso tranquilo y que sea feliz
RIICHII RR 24 gün önce
Thanks Peter. Your sound is clean and fresh. It escapes from the same old same old re-hash of that mass produced sound. I feel if those glaciers near your home, could sing? They'd resonate just like this creative art you've made here. Keep going!
RIICHII RR 24 gün önce
An-T M
An-T M 25 gün önce
Keeping my cat calm at the vet's while we wait.
harikesh ky
harikesh ky 25 gün önce
Fire Lion
Fire Lion 16 gün önce
Hello 😊 I would like to invite you to my channel 😇🎶🙏❤️
ciara depenit
ciara depenit 25 gün önce
great music to fall sleep but then in the middle of the night a commercial voice woke me up no cool wow
Fire Lion
Fire Lion 16 gün önce
Hello 😊 I would like to invite you to my channel 😇🎶🙏❤️💕
king Yousaf
king Yousaf 25 gün önce
this music makes feel I'm flying away far far away from pollution toxic people I go somewhere where is no one there just me and my loving family. take in that beautiful the real nature that we seen with our own eyes. just hear the trees moving of the wind the birds the sunset sunrise. explore everything in forest sea life the whole nature it's the most beautiful things . I can't stop describing the flowers we r so busy in this life style busy busy we have forgotten to smile laugh specially love we have stopped spreading love. the people are going away from each other because of weird life style we so busy into it no time for others so sad. that's why most of people are depressed.
Fire Lion
Fire Lion 16 gün önce
Hello 😊 I would like to invite you to my channel 😇🎶🙏❤️💕
Jesus Guerra
Jesus Guerra 27 gün önce
Buenas noches desde Bogotá, para todos los que estén escuchando tan hermosa música.
Fire Lion
Fire Lion 16 gün önce
Hello 😊 I would like to invite you to my channel 😇🎶🙏❤️.
Jon Parker
Jon Parker 27 gün önce
Take refuge in thyself and experience the peace within. Breath in Life giving oxygen. Breath out life giving CO2.
Sylvette Rabret
Sylvette Rabret 29 gün önce
Bonsoir et merci pour cette belle vidéo qui soigne avec succès : echelle de douleur passant de 6 a 1. Juste incroyable.. Je reviendrais..
Good_Energy_21 29 gün önce
Inspired!! 🧘🏾‍♀️
David Smith
David Smith 29 gün önce
Got anything by Wham?
Christian 29 gün önce
In the great words of Jeff Bridges, from ‘Sleeping Tapes’ “ I hope this inspires you to do some cool sleeping, cool dreaming, some cool waking up.”
Francisco zarate
Francisco zarate Aylar önce
Richard Germain
Richard Germain Aylar önce
Très beau Merci ✨💖✨ RG
Pablito Veloria
Pablito Veloria Aylar önce
All about Norway are beautiful. Visited this country with my wife to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary in 2020 before the world wide pandemic lockdown. What an amazing country. It was among our most unforgettable foreign trip. With lots of love from the Philippines!!!
Alexie kikidis
Alexie kikidis Aylar önce
Alexie kikidis
Alexie kikidis Aylar önce
This really helped me sleep 🛌
Jette Lykke Ane Jensen
Jette Lykke Ane Jensen Aylar önce
I have sleep problem's, and pain's
Vinnie Dixon
Vinnie Dixon Aylar önce
Space cakes will help your sleep and pain problems
Сергей Сионин
Сергей Сионин Aylar önce
Эта милодия прекрасна как весь наш мир как все мы. Мира всем нам и добра.,👍🌷🌹💐👋
Online Spa Meditation
Online Spa Meditation Aylar önce
Relaxing 🙏
Me Here
Me Here Aylar önce
Too Manny Ad-vertiséménts inn Thís
Space Addict Productions
Space Addict Productions Aylar önce
Love it!
Anna B.
Anna B. Aylar önce
Beautiful takes me many places thank you for sharing 💖
Online Spa Meditation
Online Spa Meditation Aylar önce
Relaxing 🙏
waitwhat Aylar önce
Go to bed and + AMOGUS
Hexa Meditations
Hexa Meditations Aylar önce
Ahhh, la melodía relajante perfecta. He escuchado cientos de ellos y estoy especialmente agradecido por esto. Muchas gracias, esto es exactamente lo que yo y muchos otros necesitamos para relajarnos.
Online Spa Meditation
Online Spa Meditation Aylar önce
RELAXING MUSIC - 寝かしつけ 音楽 Aylar önce
高校2年生です👼🏻 弱音を吐かせてください、、 実はいま持病のガンが再発して入院しています 再発は今回で2回目です 最初に発症したときの病名は「骨肉腫」でした 右足の膝の骨にガンができていましたが8ヶ月間の抗がん剤治療で治すことが出来ました。 しかし、今回はそのガンがとうとう全身の骨に転移してしまいました。 17歳にして末期ガンになりました。 余命は5ヶ月です 私にはこれからやりたいことがたくさんあります。 高校を卒業して大学に進んで助産師になるために勉強したい 恋愛だってしたいし結婚して子供も欲しいです 当たり前に来るはずだった未来を迎えられるか分からないこの状況ですが、絶対完治してみせます がんばります✌🏻 目指せ退院!!
MaiaFunnel Aylar önce
Hi I have a TRshow channel but I haven’t done any videos yet but I will tomorrow
Soulja Boyyy😎
Soulja Boyyy😎 Aylar önce
I feel usleep 120
📚Mehran Hashmi:motivational speaker📖
📚Mehran Hashmi:motivational speaker📖 Aylar önce
*THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST SET OF ADVISE l HAVE EVER READ. ALL MANKIND NEEDS THIS ADVICE!!!* *1.* _Take risks in your life. If you win, you can lead; if you lose, you can guide._ *2.* _People are not what they say but what they do; so judge them not from their words but from their actions._ *3.* _When someone hurts you, don't feel bad because it's a law of nature that the tree that bears the sweetest fruits gets maximum number of stones._ *4.* _Take whatever you can from your life because when life starts taking from you, it takes even your last breath._ *5.* _In this world, people will always throw stones on the path of your success. It depends on what you make from them - a wall or a bridge._ Let's Motivate by suscribing I really like 😒❤️,
Lina Sultanova
Lina Sultanova Aylar önce
Спосибо , мне очень нравится 💖💖💖💫💫💫💫✨✨✨✨✨
Conflict MagazIne
Conflict MagazIne Aylar önce
This didn't work for me in the slig
Friendly Rain
Friendly Rain Aylar önce
It’s cool😀spectacular 👍🏻👏😌wonderful 👍🏻😊👏thanks for sharing
Darek bryła
Darek bryła Aylar önce
bob donovan
bob donovan Aylar önce
I am trying to find the right music that makes me the most relaxed. Help me somdbody!
Rosario Messina
Rosario Messina Aylar önce
Julie Cowen
Julie Cowen Aylar önce
I love this type of music so much that I get engrossed in listening to it and so I stay awake
Soft Music
Soft Music Aylar önce
Beautiful song
Борзёнкина Даша
Борзёнкина Даша Aylar önce
This music helps me focus on my homework, I wish I found it earlier. Thank you so much
Lynn B
Lynn B Aylar önce
Wow!!!! That's a lot! Congratulations!🌟🌟🌟
Sybille Thümmler
Sybille Thümmler Aylar önce
diese Music Endspander wirklich. Ich bin am nächsten Tag Entspannter ruhiger aus geglichen und konzentrierter mehr davon 👍
dennis schwartzentruber
dennis schwartzentruber Aylar önce
Lovely music with stunning visuals !
frk. rom
frk. rom Aylar önce
Soooo relaxing🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥴😴😴😴😴
Litrisia Vosloo
Litrisia Vosloo Aylar önce
Beautiful music for yoga, meditating and Savasana. Namastē
Cara Mason
Cara Mason Aylar önce
ThatOneBusEnthusiast Aylar önce
дима кретов
дима кретов Aylar önce
ArmanMP3 Aylar önce
Crystal Queen
Crystal Queen Aylar önce
Can someone just tell me it'll be alright?❤I'm going to highschool next year and I'm nervous, please it will mean more than you may think...
Ali Aliraqi
Ali Aliraqi Aylar önce
Amazing Thanks
James Stewart
James Stewart Aylar önce
Why are you looking so sad me old pal?
overdose247 s1nn3r
overdose247 s1nn3r Aylar önce
What was the name of this song before 8, 000, 000 fell asleep to this??
shawn b
shawn b Aylar önce
Sweet dreams from Canada.
Sean McMullin
Sean McMullin Aylar önce
Do you know what it feels like to be alone?
local. Aylar önce
I feel awkward being here because I’m actually using this for sleep 🧍
xx joshy xx
xx joshy xx Aylar önce
I know ur reading this comment go to bed! Best music ever
Melânia Arruda da Silva Arruda
Melânia Arruda da Silva Arruda Aylar önce
Obrigada amados.💞 Seu trabalho é um presente para os meus olhos,ouvidos e coração.💖💓❤️
callum plumb
callum plumb Aylar önce
Thank you for not including adverts in this video every 5-10 mins. It is greatly appreciated!
Beautiful Relaxing Music
Beautiful Relaxing Music Aylar önce
If you find yourself reading this message, know that you are infinitely beautiful, important & loved. You have all the potential in you. You have already the keys to unlock your potential. You just have to be willing to use those keys to unlock your power. So go and heal yourself. Do whatever it takes. It's worth it!! I believe in you! Be yourself, love yourself and accept who you are right now, then move on! Life is changing all the time. Many blessings and peace. 💙
ray matthews
ray matthews 2 aylar önce
If it was that great, they would not have fallen asleep.
Aaliyah 2 aylar önce
*Sleeping* ZzZzZzzZzZzZzZzZzzZzzzzzzzz
Bonnie Gregory
Bonnie Gregory 2 aylar önce
Magical moments
clear calm | mystic + music
clear calm | mystic + music 2 aylar önce
fall into the endless void. do you remember? all those who have come before you, those coming soon, and those that never were you are not here you only believe yourself to be we are held captive by our minds was it ever meant to be?
LucyBluCanada 2 aylar önce
💯💯💯. From Athens. Greece
R w
R w 2 aylar önce
As soon as I started playing this I became sleepy!!! I started writing this comment at that moment and my arms are so relaxed now I hardly have enough energy to write this.
Наталья Пылëва
Наталья Пылëва 2 aylar önce
Какая красота. Музыка просто завораживает. Чудесно. Благодарю.
Angela Connor
Angela Connor 2 aylar önce
How lovely. ⚘⚘🌼
Neil Angus
Neil Angus 2 aylar önce
I just want the ambiance to continue for ever
Natalia daina Guillen
Natalia daina Guillen 2 aylar önce
Hermosa melodía.. me hace relajar, me trae paz
ITZ HACKER 2 aylar önce
Stop reading comments bcoz you listen a relaxing sleep music, so you have to sleep. Thank you
claude Grenglet
claude Grenglet 2 aylar önce
J'aime cette musique ça m'endort
Wioletta Litwin
Wioletta Litwin 2 aylar önce
Cudowna muzyka bardzo czesto usypiam przy niej naprawdę uspokaja polecam
Laurie Berry
Laurie Berry 2 aylar önce
I hope that I am the next person to fall asleep. My anxiety level is high right now. It just might take longer than a person who doesn't suffer from real anxiety. If this works fast, I doubt that you're anxious. I will give this a try and be hopeful.
sleeping pill manufacturers need to take a serious look at somehow putting music like this in pill form.
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