Blue Apron vs Hello Fresh vs Freshly vs Plated vs Green Chef vs Dinnerly Pricing

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Comparing prices and options of Blue Apron vs Hello Fresh vs Freshly vs Plated vs Green Chef vs Dinnerly
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HeyBaby1065 3 gün önce
Thankyou Soo Much For this Video! My Man!
Stephy :]
Stephy :] Aylar önce
Please do an updated one since factor 75 and other services have sprung up
Patrick Landis
Patrick Landis 2 aylar önce
Jane Smith
Jane Smith 2 aylar önce
The best and cheapest way to do this is to go online and get the recipes yourself you can get them right from hello fresh copy that s***.
Destiny Tyler
Destiny Tyler 4 aylar önce
Which one would be better for just one person
Good Old Bubba
Good Old Bubba 5 aylar önce
All that, and still easier and cheaper to go to the store.
Good Old Bubba
Good Old Bubba 8 gün önce
@alexgenthusiast Oh little boy. I am superior to you. It is not a "complex", but a quantifiable, irrefutable fact.
alexgenthusiast 8 gün önce
@Good Old Bubba you are a dickhead and it sounds like you like being one. you talk like you're 12 years old. get over your superiority complex. definition of superiority complex: an attitude of superiority which conceals actual feelings of inferiority and failure. maybe you should work on that.
Good Old Bubba
Good Old Bubba Aylar önce
@YourMajesty143 Laughable. It's called a shopping list. Your lack of common-sense, and practical knowledge is amazing. Go ahead and waste your money. Just stop trying to convince those of us with superior experience that you're doing anything other than that. It doesn't work. Facts are facts. I don't care what is "off putting" to those like you.
YourMajesty143 Aylar önce
@Good Old Bubba - Meal delivery is not only convenient, but it's actually saving me from spending unnecessarily. It's also less wasteful bc you only get the exact amount of ingredients needed for each recipe, there's never any leftover scraps that sit in the fridge collecting mold. It's also much more eco-friendly, bc you're not collecting plastic shopping bags, since the food is in recyclable/compostable packaging, and you don't need to waste time sorting which store packaging should go in the trash or recycling. You'd be surprised how alleviating it is to dispose all your packaging in the correct space without thought. Less stress is invaluable to me, bc my ADHD has comorbidity with anxiety disorder. Food delivery is a convenience for many, but for me it's a huge relief from unnecessary stress. To be so self-absorbed to assume that people just don't know how to shop or cook is incredibly out-of-touch. People will spend more to save time for relaxing with their families. Nobody wants to work after they clock-out. Don't ASSUME it's bc we lack the skill to do what you do. For us it's a matter of PRIORITY - efficiency of time over efficiency of money. Money comes and goes, but time is unrecoverable once spent. And peace of mind is priceless as well.
YourMajesty143 Aylar önce
@Good Old Bubba - First, your arrogance is off-putting. The amount of time it takes to curate ingredients, organize recipes for each week, and cook is different for everyone. I have ADHD and chronic fatigue, so shopping and cooking are a massive chore. What should take anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes, takes me double that time. And let's not forget to factor in the amount of time spent putting groceries/leftovers away and the time after dinner having to clean-up. By the end of my work shift, I'm so burnt out that the energy required to go into the kitchen to cook & clean is depleted. So much of food waste stems from overshopping and the lack of energy the working class has to cook/feed themselves. Also, on one spectrum, food is expensive in metropolitan areas and inaccessible in rural or food desert areas, so it's not fair to project your experience unto everyone else. I also find that shopping alone tends to bog me down with all the distracting marketing that is intended to lure me to purchase more than I originally desired. Advertising scientists have researched exactly how to get you to buy things you don't need. I always end up spending more than I planned at the store.
Mike Mike
Mike Mike 5 aylar önce
Freshly products are all 2 star meals! Just poor quality across the board
koobatashin 6 aylar önce
Disliking every convenient Hello Fresh related video to combat the damn spam advertisements they do. Cheers. =)
koobatashin Aylar önce
@YourMajesty143 I flag as well. Noted about the dislike, but I have to click anyhow as I cannot flag ads as they play. I have to find them and then report ‘em.
YourMajesty143 Aylar önce
Liking and disliking both count as engagement. If the algorithm sees you seeking out something - even negatively - it's going to assume that you WANT to engage with it and will reinforce that thing to gain your attention. Why do you think there's so much negativity online, it's bc it generates clicks. What you should be doing is flagging, not disliking. Or just don't interact, eventually the algorithm will shift to something that you ARE interested in.
Nguyen Jackson
Nguyen Jackson 6 aylar önce
Great comparisons. Thank you so much
missalyssa108 6 aylar önce
Would love an updated version of this
B M 2 aylar önce
msbutterfly714 3 aylar önce
That would be great
Kirk R
Kirk R 7 aylar önce
One thing you forgot which is very important... Which require you to prepare and cook ingredients and which are already prepared and just need heating. I was looking into services for my 94-year-old mom across the country who can't stand long enough to do the Blue Apron type of meals (which I absolutely love). Perhaps include other characteristics of the services other than cost and recycling. Thanks.
Tim Trombley
Tim Trombley 7 aylar önce
Blue Apron serves 4 per meal.
John Ver
John Ver 8 aylar önce
Where is Gordon Ramsey to challenge these claims of under 15 minutes total cook time? The food was pretty good and the price point was fair not excessive, and not cheap. My concern is the inaccurate cooking times. 15 minutes really means 23. 30 minutes means 56. 35 minutes means 82. I don't expect professional chefs to be the standard and my wife and I both run a startup food catering service. We have chosen to use standard house knives and cookware equal to store bought (Target) and expect that if you are a professional chef you are not ordering these consistently because you already make your own recipes. Please understand that we did enjoy the food and this excelled with diversity of dishes like most other companies and health wise we chose paleo and keto friendly dishes. Customer service misinformation was also prevelant. One representative told us the food would NEVER expire during transit shipping, even if it took 5 years to leave from the factory before it arrived at our door. This is simply not true as confirmed by a supervisor. The claim is food will be good for 7 days after it arrives but little information is given about whether it takes 2 days or 10 to arrive after it leaves their store.
Michael Superbacker
Michael Superbacker 8 aylar önce
You forgot cookunity
Taylor Shephard
Taylor Shephard 8 aylar önce
Seems like green chef is comparable in price to blue apron and hello fresh after factoring in the shipping
Grant Skeldon
Grant Skeldon 8 aylar önce
Sooooo helpful
Jenni Siren
Jenni Siren 8 aylar önce
I feel like you're a you like accounting or data science...introverted? Inftj? because this video was made for me
Jenni Siren
Jenni Siren 8 aylar önce
@Social Nope thanks for replying. I frequently return to this video whenever I’m picking a new food delivery subscription service.
Social Nope
Social Nope 8 aylar önce
Interesting observation. I’m not big on astrological signs but I have had a couple people correctly peg me as a Virgo and never been wrong either. I don’t remember if I’m INFTJ but definitely introverted and into data. Thanks for the insightful comment.
Teboski78 8 aylar önce
Very helpful & informative. No filler youtuber BS, clickbait, or in your face chilling. Just well formatted information that’s easy to stay focused on.
YourMajesty143 Aylar önce
In-your-face chilling? What does that even look like lol? Can someone be so chill that it's in your face 😂?? I've never heard of such a thing, I guess I have to be careful now since looking too relaxed is considered a bad thing these days
Social Nope
Social Nope 8 aylar önce
Thank you. I appreciate it.
Fahad 9 aylar önce
great video and straight to point.
Jo La
Jo La 10 aylar önce
How many meals per day are you given with these services?
Henry Lawsky
Henry Lawsky 4 aylar önce
The first row he explained at the beginning of the video says the meals per week
MR1shank 10 aylar önce
JamieHinesHQ 11 aylar önce
As a gym goer I need like 6 - 7 meals per day, for 6 days per week. I could do 4 solid meals per day if need to.
JamieHinesHQ 8 aylar önce
@Tebon Yeah. It’s body phase months needs. The other 2-3 are meal replacement shakes. No one needs that much unless you’re a jacked bodybuilder. I’m not. I’m an “independent builder.” *trademark pending*
Tebon 8 aylar önce
needs is a strong word there
Birb Lover
Birb Lover Yıl önce
Yikes green chef is expensive 😳
Bill Garbutt
Bill Garbutt 8 aylar önce
They are..but.its 100% organic, and the largest carbon neutral footprint,meaning no unnecessary plastic.If that's important for you.
Angry HD
Angry HD Yıl önce
Why do all these companies insist on a weekly subscription?
Rex Jay
Rex Jay 11 aylar önce
The ones I've tried let you skip weeks anytime you want
Ocelot Yıl önce
The thing I'm confused about is, for example with Hello Fresh, my order in my cart atm is $77. Is that $77 every week? Like, is there no monthly option?
Megan J
Megan J 7 aylar önce
Yeah, why didn’t they specify weekly or monthly on the check out page?
Majestic Manders
Majestic Manders Yıl önce
Very helpful thank you so much!!! The spreadsheet made it helpful
M O Yıl önce
Great video! Thank you
Social Nope
Social Nope Yıl önce
Appreciate it!
Tony Jimenez
Tony Jimenez Yıl önce
Might be my region but Blue Apron offers a 4 person meal plan option. Realizing that everyone’s taste is different, my personal observation having tried Blue Apron & Dinnerly is that you get what you pay for. Blue Apron from my experience was vastly superior and no, I do not work for nor am I sponsored by Blue Apron.
Dom Nord
Dom Nord Yıl önce
So helpful! Your the best for breaking this down man
Social Nope
Social Nope Yıl önce
Thanks man!
Alan Alves
Alan Alves Yıl önce
Why didn't this get more views! Thank you very much for the help. This was so helpful
Jesus Is Able !
Jesus Is Able ! Yıl önce
Alan Alves people don’t want the facts 🧐they want the fluff... 🤩hi I’m Ashley 💁🏼‍♀️ come cook with me ..... 😎
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