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SONIC UNLEASHED The Movie (Cutscenes Only) 1440p 60FPS
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n a cold open, Sonic is pursuing his nemesis, Doctor Eggman, bounding around a fleet of spaceships. After the defeat of several of his robots, Sonic transforms into Super Sonic and corners Eggman on the main spaceship. However, Eggman traps the hedgehog using a powerful new ray weapon which drains the power of the Chaos Emeralds, causing them to turn grey and useless. He then uses the Emeralds' energy to fire an enormous laser and unleash a powerful beast, Dark Gaia, from the center of the planet, which has devastating consequences, shattering the planet into seven pieces. In addition, the ray and drained Chaos Emeralds have the unforeseen side-effect of transforming Sonic into a "Werehog" - a beast form with greater strength and abilities - at night. Eggman ejects Sonic into space, who then lands safely onto the planet below.
After landing along with the Emeralds, Sonic encounters a friendly creature who appears to suffer amnesia. Assuming he has caused it with his fall, Sonic decides to assist him in his quest to find out who he is, and the creature becomes a guide for the player; Sonic soon gives him the nickname Chip. Sonic's quest begins, and with the help of some old friends, such as Amy and Tails, he attempts to solve the crisis by traveling the world's continents, finding Gaia Temples that will restore the Emeralds' power, in order to return the world, and himself, to normal.
After six out of the seven continents are returned to normal, Chip is able to regain his memory; he is in fact Dark Gaia's opposite, Light Gaia. Since the beginning of time, the two of them had been in a cycle where Dark Gaia would break the planet apart, and Light Gaia would put it back together. Chip was released along with Dark Gaia, but because both of them were released prematurely, he lost his memory, and Dark Gaia was broken apart. They are able to place the last Chaos Emerald in the shrine on the final continent at Eggman's new empire, "Eggmanland", but are interrupted by him; Sonic then defeats Eggman who is using a robot that utilizes Dark Gaia's power. During the battle, the three sink into the core of the Earth and encounter Dark Gaia. Eggman orders Dark Gaia to destroy Sonic, but it turns on him, knocking him away with one of its tentacles, and absorbs the power that turned Sonic into a Werehog, curing Sonic of lycanthropy.

00:00 - Intro
00:12 - Sonic Unleashed Movie
58:44 - Outro Song Uprising - Fernando Zamora
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Gamer's Little Playground
Gamer's Little Playground 11 aylar önce
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Mili Armando
Mili Armando Gün önce
@Pearl Kim uhhhh
Mili Armando
Mili Armando Gün önce
@Pearl Kim dew antes
yessenia tapia
yessenia tapia 28 gün önce
Sala parte 2
Timogene Trayvilla
Timogene Trayvilla Aylar önce
Pearl Kim
Pearl Kim 2 aylar önce
Modoran Rare?
Modoran Rare? 7 saatler önce
why has chip forgoten who he is
Nicole Papa
Nicole Papa Gün önce
Mm L...,m
Mr. Tony
Mr. Tony Gün önce
Don’t get me wrong, I like Roger Craig Smith, but GOD do I miss Jason Griffith. They should have kept him around for at least 2/3 more games.
Rv ker
Rv ker 3 gün önce
Francisco Ancer Gómez
Francisco Ancer Gómez 5 gün önce
Shame that we first started the game with a cutscene in outer space but we never got to play in a stage that was set in outer space. I still loved the game, though.
YaBoiJak 5 gün önce
sonic's werehog voice sounds like some 7 year old trying to sound edgy lmao
daniel 11 gün önce
I remember playing this when I was young and couldn’t ever beat the ending, despite me trying many times I would rage over and over again.
Elif Okumus
Elif Okumus 12 gün önce
for life
for life 13 gün önce
LanceCS 13 gün önce
That opening cutscene honestly looks better than most animated movies now.
Gavin Booker
Gavin Booker 14 gün önce
*W A N T S O M E C H O C O L A T E ?*
collin Henry
collin Henry 19 gün önce
Michelle Bovingdon
Michelle Bovingdon 19 gün önce
Your so good at this also I'm a sonic fan so good work👍👍👍👍
collin Henry
collin Henry 19 gün önce
Mayla Mc
Mayla Mc 20 gün önce
emario 22 gün önce
This. This is what a Sonic movie should look like. I get the appeal of "oh sonic's in our world hehe", but we need more stuff like this. If a movie is ever actually made based on Modern Sonic, this is what it should look like.
Jahmir Palmer
Jahmir Palmer 6 gün önce
Viv Boo
Viv Boo 22 gün önce
باقول لك حاجه هو انت عايش
Viv Boo
Viv Boo 22 gün önce
احلى نتكلم اموت فيك و بحبك قوي ويا رب بس يكون
Viv Boo
Viv Boo 22 gün önce
Mystical Delphox
Mystical Delphox 24 gün önce
19:41 the kid throwing the rock to eggman
Aline ribeiro benevides
Aline ribeiro benevides 24 gün önce
Sonic fan!
Sonic fan! 27 gün önce
2008, and they still look great!
W.D Gaster
W.D Gaster 28 gün önce
47:14 Wait... Is that a PS1 in Eggman's Eggmobile-
파이나 29 gün önce
d. g.
d. g. 29 gün önce
Not bad for a game from 2008
Maher & Ibrahim's Avengers
Maher & Ibrahim's Avengers Aylar önce
I find it weird why Sonic and the gang is modeled so good yet all the humans arn't modeled that good
Tour Man
Tour Man Aylar önce
This was Sonic’s true intro to the 7th generation. Sonic 06 was not that.
Blossomie OwO
Blossomie OwO Aylar önce
Trolly Aylar önce
36:42 wOaH
Arkerivon-JZL Aylar önce
Best sonic game ever
Daniela Rodas
Daniela Rodas Aylar önce
Why did eggman capture Sonic?
SuperGamer 22
SuperGamer 22 Aylar önce
40:22 Light Gaia's(CHIP) Goodbye
Eleanor Margaret Fudge
Eleanor Margaret Fudge Aylar önce
bruh sonic outta shape when he fuzzy lmao
Hugh Trancoso
Hugh Trancoso Aylar önce
Lalzlzllalzllalalals!a!z!z!a!z!also small walls smells all wow!a also a!z!small sleep also also also🦄🦄🦄🦄
errorstudioz Aylar önce
11:33 sonic ate too much taco bell here.
Sarah Furtado
Sarah Furtado Aylar önce
General Heavy
General Heavy Aylar önce
9:50 It's Morshu
Nancy The Hedgehog
Nancy The Hedgehog Aylar önce
55:03 Im dead 😂
Channel construction temporarily halted
Channel construction temporarily halted Aylar önce
sonic the hedgehog: lovecraft edition
is there a link you can download them?
Santiago Emiliano Pérez Cedillo
Santiago Emiliano Pérez Cedillo Aylar önce
EJ Aylar önce
Only legends watching in 2021 can like
RRR Nexus
RRR Nexus Aylar önce
The best sonic game ever
WynterwithSmores Aylar önce
Bruh that mustache has NO BUSINESS being that realistic.
Diane Thomas
Diane Thomas Aylar önce
i love sonic
JYD2019 Y
JYD2019 Y Aylar önce
Kevin dug Alpha Beta Gamma should’ve been in this game
Jordan Boyd
Jordan Boyd Aylar önce
9:48 The CDI games were so bad that Morshu decided to move away from selling Lamp Oil, Rope, & Bombs and instead be an ice cream vendor in Greece.
DamageMaximo Aylar önce
I will always get chills watching the first cutscene Why are there so many dislikes? Probably pissed Mario fans, such normies lmfao
Jonas Munianga
Jonas Munianga Aylar önce
can i join
blue man
blue man Aylar önce
Yo That's some deep psicological and emocional shit I wanna a part 2
Kevin Crack
Kevin Crack Aylar önce
hola muy buenas peroos de youtbe
Timogene Trayvilla
Timogene Trayvilla Aylar önce
Sonic is not a monster he’s a hedgehog
Vken Carman
Vken Carman Aylar önce
I wish they kept sonic wearing chips bracelet in future sonic games. And the shows and stuff
RapidRaichu Aylar önce
Proof that sonic has no logic: he falls from space and doesnt die from the fall, he can breath in space but not underwater and he keeps the chaos emeralds in his head
aahilj Aylar önce
sonic doesnt take fall damage
RapidRaichu Aylar önce
DamageMaximo Aylar önce
ok mario stan
Shounen Bois
Shounen Bois Aylar önce
I’ll always Defend Sonic Unleashed for what it set out to do and in my opinion it succeeded. Had a great Story, the gameplay for both Day and Night were great, I loved going around the world learning different cultures and meeting new people. You can tell the creators really put a lot of Passion into this Game and it’s shown. This game will personally be my favorite Sonic Game, Nah while also being my Favorite Video Game of all time.
Cockatiel owner Brooke
Cockatiel owner Brooke Aylar önce
Angel Francisco
Angel Francisco Aylar önce
memoriessss 🥺
-Seedrian Sparkles-
-Seedrian Sparkles- Aylar önce
The graphics in this game are a GODSEND. And it warms my heart to see Tails written well; I miss that💛
Omg i remember when i used to play this game
Timogene Trayvilla
Timogene Trayvilla Aylar önce
I like the movie gamers little playground
Dian Uswati
Dian Uswati Aylar önce
Bagus filmnya
Zhalo Supercell
Zhalo Supercell Aylar önce
This game is like fine wine
Your Mom
Your Mom Aylar önce
Eggman had all the chaos emeralds and sonic at his mecry: eh lets toss em into space
Soniman001 29 gün önce
Getting tossed into space normally kills people
Maher & Ibrahim's Avengers
Maher & Ibrahim's Avengers Aylar önce
@Jordan Boyd well Sonic was really weak, barely able to get up plus he didn't know that he was a werehog so he could have grabbed them and then go back to the eggmobile safely. Also Sonic was trapped in a force feild so he couldn't get out to beat Eggman
The Amazing Joe
The Amazing Joe Aylar önce
@Jordan Boyd trueeee
Jordan Boyd
Jordan Boyd Aylar önce
I mean to be fair, if Eggman were to step out of his Eggmobile and try to grab the Chaos Emeralds while Sonic's in his Werehog state, he'd get his ass kicked and his plan of taking over Dark Gaia would be instantly ruined.
Timogene Trayvilla
Timogene Trayvilla Aylar önce
AND FAST sonic is my favorite
Yo Yoyo
Yo Yoyo Aylar önce
What does that little guy have so much chocolate
Ivanzuelo123 Gaming
Ivanzuelo123 Gaming Aylar önce
Jason Griffith's voice is cool
Sonic world The Hedgehog
Sonic world The Hedgehog 2 aylar önce
2:58 5:31
LIALA SPRINGER 2 aylar önce
i love this sonic
BTS in the house
BTS in the house 2 aylar önce
It look like a pokeball in 59:17
joshua_1223 5
joshua_1223 5 2 aylar önce
3:43 is oddly satisfying
RooByrne24 2 aylar önce
34:41 Dab
RooByrne24 2 aylar önce
Sonic exceeds the 50 second time limit in the opening cutscene when he turns super, so Advance and Unleashed prove rings are just a game mechanic
S7VAN Gaming And Unboxing
S7VAN Gaming And Unboxing 2 aylar önce
I wish every modern sonic gameplay looked as good as the cutscenes
Ghost afk
Ghost afk 2 aylar önce
I'm playing that game its good
Ricardoツ 2 aylar önce
This game is very good but colors and generations are a tiny bit better but still one of the best modern sonic games P.D: Forces is not that bad is just average
Unknown Player
Unknown Player 2 aylar önce
Note: the version you are seeing is the 7th gen versions
Karen Chavez
Karen Chavez 2 aylar önce
I have $ds jo
。Mylee 。
。Mylee 。 2 aylar önce
Satvic Santhiran
Satvic Santhiran 2 aylar önce
I like this movie
Malana and Khalia
Malana and Khalia 2 aylar önce
Desiree Buining
Desiree Buining 2 aylar önce
Dark Ninja
Dark Ninja 2 aylar önce
They should keep chips bracelet on sonic from now on! Be cool to see sonic wearing it in other games
Desiree Buining
Desiree Buining 2 aylar önce
Desiree Buining
Desiree Buining 2 aylar önce
Aliyah Yasmeen
Aliyah Yasmeen 2 aylar önce
ANYMA JUEGA 2 aylar önce
Flash Yt39
Flash Yt39 2 aylar önce
Flash Yt39
Flash Yt39 2 aylar önce
Flash Yt39
Flash Yt39 2 aylar önce
Jdow X7
Jdow X7 2 aylar önce
Remember when Sonic had ambition i do
Mandy Little
Mandy Little 2 aylar önce
omg this is so cool
AppleBoi The apple fan
AppleBoi The apple fan 2 aylar önce
Jamie Playz
Jamie Playz 2 aylar önce
Z5 Temper Gamer
Z5 Temper Gamer 2 aylar önce
19:41 tremendo reinicio de windows
Ketchup 2 aylar önce
12:56 that guy in the background is talking to himslef
Airy Of Peace
Airy Of Peace 2 aylar önce
There’s no gravity in space so how did he fall down to earth?
BlueCube 2 aylar önce
he must’ve been in orbit during the nighttime or something
foreverkurome 2 aylar önce
this was actually a really good sonic game of modern times expertly done
Jose Miguel Cardenas Solis
Jose Miguel Cardenas Solis 2 aylar önce
Sam Wel
Sam Wel 2 aylar önce
Noooooo sonic
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