Chris Martin and a fan perform Everglow in Munich

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4 yıl önce

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Natalie Downes
Natalie Downes Saatler önce
What an amazing lad,, great performer on the keyboard, and top respect to chris for involving one of your fans to share such an experience he is absolutely brilliant well done to you all xxxx
Saurish Sarkar
Saurish Sarkar 8 saatler önce
And that's how my man got laid
Zoltan Kalmar
Zoltan Kalmar Gün önce
Hands down one of my favourite videos on youtube
T X 2 gün önce
Amazing 🤩
Kishore Singuru
Kishore Singuru 4 gün önce
Coldplay blown my heart ❤💕 very cold 🥶
barış savas
barış savas 4 gün önce
This is incredible
Jericho De Juan
Jericho De Juan 4 gün önce
Omg that guy singing is really good, he should form a band or something
The Grambs Official
The Grambs Official 4 gün önce
So beautiful to watch... Well done young man, well done Coldplay 💓
Raquel B.
Raquel B. 5 gün önce
He really loves that song 😍
Jacob 7 gün önce
Chris is such a class-act. No two ways around it, such a gentleman to everyone that he runs across. Anti-hollywood
izabella Ploug
izabella Ploug 8 gün önce
musition 8 gün önce
Chris Martin out there trying to prevent world war 3!
Jolo 9 gün önce
Notice how no one dies during this concert
Francesco Cinti
Francesco Cinti 10 gün önce
Андрей 10 gün önce
I bet that was the happiest day in this guy's life
Aron Winkler
Aron Winkler 11 gün önce
Anirudh Nampoothiri
Anirudh Nampoothiri 13 gün önce
I was feeling the chills sitting at home 😅
Đ Stöned Mäverïcķ
Đ Stöned Mäverïcķ 13 gün önce
& that's how another ⭐ was born (Ferdinand Schwartz)
Ferdinand Schwartz
Ferdinand Schwartz 8 gün önce
💙🕊 14 gün önce
Magical. Lightning caught in a bottle! Thank you for sharing that beautiful moment.
Lorenzo Moneta
Lorenzo Moneta 15 gün önce
Every young musician dreams a moment like this while practicing. Everyone.
Remy van der Wardt
Remy van der Wardt 18 gün önce
This is how a true heart sounds.
B. C
B. C 20 gün önce
Chris is pure Love
Alain Pfaeffli
Alain Pfaeffli 20 gün önce
"Don’t worry, it will be filmed anyway". Now millions of views on yt
Alljon Dela Cruz
Alljon Dela Cruz 21 gün önce
this is MUSIC
Diversion 21 gün önce
This Guy Is Worthy To Lift The Mjolnir
Diversion 8 gün önce
@Ferdinand Schwartz It's Great Seeing You Here
Ferdinand Schwartz
Ferdinand Schwartz 8 gün önce
Marsorry Ickua
Marsorry Ickua 21 gün önce
rAndy 883
rAndy 883 23 gün önce
THIS IS THE REASON WHY I WATCH TRshow. I started to watch the video, got impressed, but I didn’t want to skip any part of it for respect of this event. I hope he enjoyed any second of his performance, because such a thing only happens once in a life.
CARS TV 23 gün önce orginal clip!!
Cami Noguera
Cami Noguera 24 gün önce
te imaginas tocar el piano parA CHRIS MARTIN un sueño
Bryan Alipar
Bryan Alipar 24 gün önce
Very lucky!
D DUB 25 gün önce
No way would Chris Martin let him on stage if he did not know what he's capable of...
Nico93 25 gün önce
3shagh 25 gün önce
When you are ready and the work gives you your big break!
26 gün önce
Chris let the kid play the WHOLE THING! And the audience embraced his performance with beautiful hearts like what tf kind of experience is this for him??? This is just so beautiful
alkampor Aylar önce
Hes so lucky. This brought me to tears. Even my dog is cryin right now.
Vgtmi Aylar önce
this is precious
nadamusic Aylar önce
This video never fails making me smile everytime I watch it over and over again.
Zucth Aylar önce
It's very beautiful :) that wasn't his luck. But that was a chance that has been picking up.
Paul Baronia
Paul Baronia Aylar önce
October 2021 and still one of my most favorite videos on TRshow
Ferdinand Schwartz
Ferdinand Schwartz 8 gün önce
Iveta D
Iveta D Aylar önce
Beautiful momen, wish all the nations could stick together and respect to each other....
Paul Callon
Paul Callon Aylar önce
Was at this concert in Munich, such a great moment
Casey R
Casey R Aylar önce
Chris Martin is a world treasure one day I will see him in concert I hope.
Joshua Castillo
Joshua Castillo Aylar önce
🇩🇪Germany 🤝 Inglaterra 🇬🇧
Adam Mcd
Adam Mcd Aylar önce
Makes me smile watching this
Marco Aylar önce
You won’t believe this mom…
Troy Baier
Troy Baier Aylar önce
Chris seems like the most beautiful individual!
Ketlyn Eduarda
Ketlyn Eduarda Aylar önce
Harryboi 64
Harryboi 64 Aylar önce
When Monday comes…. He’s got a story for school
Marco DiGrande
Marco DiGrande Aylar önce
This makes me just cry! Coldplay you are real stars!
Robin Yumnam
Robin Yumnam Aylar önce
He's like the Lars Ulrich of Piano. Inconsistent tempo, rushes and then drags behind.
Ferdinand Schwartz
Ferdinand Schwartz 8 gün önce
MonsterBeat Aylar önce
Besides the legendary 2012 Paris concert this is my most favourite moment of ANY concert of all time.
MonsterBeat 8 gün önce
@Ferdinand Schwartz Nein das ist mein Ernst. Ich bereue es, kein Ticket gekauft zu haben. Echt mega mega Respekt! :)
Ferdinand Schwartz
Ferdinand Schwartz 8 gün önce
wow 🥺❤️
Ronnie Ronnie
Ronnie Ronnie Aylar önce
This was beautiful. Goosebumps
Arnav Sharma
Arnav Sharma Aylar önce
is it just me or that boy looks like Ed Sheeran 😳😳😳
UltraWK Aylar önce
Just put the smartphones away and enjoy the moment!!!!
hadi nouri
hadi nouri Aylar önce
Can some one please tell me the shows Chris Martin's wearing
Vincent Kennedy Mcmahon
Vincent Kennedy Mcmahon Aylar önce
Absolutely fantastic
D Schro
D Schro Aylar önce
chills, so frickin awesome!
Dj Stef
Dj Stef Aylar önce
Icried so much on these,heal theworld
umar hanafi
umar hanafi Aylar önce
maaaan .. that kid living in dream man ..
A Banana
A Banana Aylar önce
This is so darn beautiful
RCam Aylar önce
Absolutely cracking of Chris to let the young lad have his moment.
samuel Jakob
samuel Jakob Aylar önce
"Oh shit i might aswell go home" after he just played a little bit, just boosted tjis kids confidence 100 fold, so amazing.
Ilaria Cufari
Ilaria Cufari Aylar önce
this is something else
Everything Account
Everything Account Aylar önce
Oh, they say people come Say people go This particular diamond was extra special And though you might be gone And the world may not know Still I see you, celestial Like a lion you ran A goddess you rolled Like an eagle you circle In perfect purple So how come things move on? How come cars don't slow? When it feels like the end of my world When I should, but I can't, let you go? But when I'm cold, cold Oh, when I'm cold, cold There's a light that you give me When I'm in shadow There's a feeling you give me, an everglow Like brothers in blood Sisters who ride And we swore on that night We'd be friends 'til we die But the changing of winds And the way waters flow Life is short as the falling of snow And now I'm gonna miss you, I know But when I'm cold, cold In water rolled, salt I know that you're always with me And the way you will show And you're with me wherever I go And you give me this feeling This everglow Oh, what I would give for just a moment to hold Yeah, I live for this feeling, it's everglow So if you love someone You should let them know Oh, the light that you left me will everglow
Frontiers of Freedom
Frontiers of Freedom Aylar önce
Class act
Howard Donald33
Howard Donald33 Aylar önce
I’d get up there and then turn to jelly lol . This video is amazing
Chonaida Juab
Chonaida Juab Aylar önce
He's nice and humble
Chonaida Juab
Chonaida Juab Aylar önce
I really love and appreciate Chris Martin personality
Nancy Morales
Nancy Morales Aylar önce
Amazing this Guy AND His performance !!👏👏🌿🌿
Daily Dota
Daily Dota Aylar önce
best freaking moment
🌸 キャサリン 🌸
🌸 キャサリン 🌸 Aylar önce
sagar rana
sagar rana Aylar önce
Why this seems a bit planned lol, the coordination is on point.. the boy is that good. Love. Respect.
Sandrine Monnet
Sandrine Monnet 2 aylar önce
Et Celui qui l accompagne au Piano joue Divinement bien !
Sandrine Monnet
Sandrine Monnet 2 aylar önce
Sa Voix est Magnifique ✨
Sandrine Monnet
Sandrine Monnet 2 aylar önce
J adore 🤩
Sandrine Monnet
Sandrine Monnet 2 aylar önce
J adore 💖✨
jukpol 2 aylar önce
준겸&다겸 2 aylar önce
Im Korean....its awesome!!! .. .. .. .. .. North Korea .. .. .. I wanna let them listen this beautiful song in there
absurd surdabsurdabsurdsurd
absurd surdabsurdabsurdsurd 2 aylar önce
oh .... when come here to my country Indonesia , i want duet too, dude 😆😆
Deborah Bryant
Deborah Bryant 2 aylar önce
I love this
Victoria Adams (master_cheefn)
Victoria Adams (master_cheefn) 2 aylar önce
I am in the process of losing my grandmother and this song means EVERYTHING to me right now. I visit this video often at this time, I just can't describe the loving energy on stage and the crowd.
Gareth Wilkinson
Gareth Wilkinson 2 aylar önce
He's that kind of 'boy' that is basically a man. I've seen that with some nations. Good job.
João Olimpio Fernandes Jr
João Olimpio Fernandes Jr 2 aylar önce
Cris Martin is very is very crazy , very is beautiful
Carl Estepa
Carl Estepa 2 aylar önce
This is so wholesome
John Mckinney.
John Mckinney. 2 aylar önce
He forgot his coat, probably to get a chance to get it back after the show
NA Music
NA Music Aylar önce
@Ferdinand Schwartz did you actually forget it lol
Ferdinand Schwartz
Ferdinand Schwartz 2 aylar önce
That would have been extremely smart 🤯😍
Firman Joehan
Firman Joehan 2 aylar önce
I didn’t know ed sheeran had a son
Willie Doyle
Willie Doyle 2 aylar önce
Nice covid mural in the background! Four years ago!!
Mel Ginger
Mel Ginger 2 aylar önce
Stefanie Wollmerstedt
Stefanie Wollmerstedt 2 aylar önce
cold play, steht für, die Musik, die sie machen!!!
Nima Tsering
Nima Tsering 2 aylar önce
Joel Pachuau
Joel Pachuau 2 aylar önce
He had the best day of his life !!!! Congratulations !!!🎉🎉
Sarah c
Sarah c 2 aylar önce
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Margaret Hernandez
Margaret Hernandez 2 aylar önce
The various cloth experimentally trot because locket perioperaively weigh plus a ill-fated celsius. homely, ambiguous jasmine
Boston RedSox
Boston RedSox 2 aylar önce
this is one of those beautiful moments Chris creates spur of the moment........ wonderful!
Carola Di Dio
Carola Di Dio 2 aylar önce
It brought me to tears. Music truly is the language of the soul
pandalie 2 aylar önce
i miss sth like this so much
Jack Jango
Jack Jango 2 aylar önce
ahhh... the time when people gather to watch, listen and sing to good music. Covid fcked the world so much that we can't do this kind of things anymore...
Travis Walsh
Travis Walsh 2 aylar önce
I loved it when Chris put his hand on the kids shoulders when he sang "This paticuler diamond was extra special"
Live and Let Die
Live and Let Die 2 aylar önce
Life without Pandemic. I miss so much 😢
Khoa Bùi
Khoa Bùi 2 aylar önce
Metronome is important haha
Ferdinand Schwartz
Ferdinand Schwartz 2 aylar önce
I‘m sure they had one on their in ears 😅
Alexis Heude
Alexis Heude 2 aylar önce
So cool!
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