International Iconic Dishes Taste Test

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Good Mythical Morning

Good Mythical Morning

Yıl önce

Where in the world do these international national dishes come from? GMM # 1905
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Severus Clay
Severus Clay Yıl önce
Link doesn’t always hit a 0 but when he does, it’s the most difficult 0 to hit.
Jacob Goddard
Jacob Goddard Yıl önce
@CocoaBlueTie2 XD
Lim Kee Chee
Lim Kee Chee Yıl önce
Terry McGinnis
Terry McGinnis Yıl önce
@Zenmello this reminds of that time i
Zenmello Yıl önce
@Terry McGinnis no u
Terry McGinnis
Terry McGinnis Yıl önce
@Maswiyat I so people can see what this channel is becoming. Why are you replying?
Erika Correll
Erika Correll Yıl önce
I agree, Link. That dart throw was WILDLY undercelebrated.
Owlgirl26 4 aylar önce
@Adam Sharp Because he can be, he's behind a screen so there's nothing anyone can really do about it sadly.
QuantumBraced Yıl önce
I agree, Link did not get enough credit. He should be celebrated in Brunei and around the world for that throw.
M R Yıl önce
Except during his celebration he claimed "I got one right". He only ever copies Rhett, so he really can't celebrate his "guess"
Tucker Cross
Tucker Cross Yıl önce
@Terry McGinnis I read it 10 times and I’m still confused what he’s saying
Terry McGinnis
Terry McGinnis Yıl önce
@clover_023 that made no sense
QuantumBraced Yıl önce
That Brunei hit was legendary, Link did not get enough credit.
rash15 4 aylar önce
It happened too early In the game
Carson Thiel
Carson Thiel 6 aylar önce
Blind luck lol
Carsten 7 aylar önce
Put that in the Guinness for most accurate dart throw at the country of Brunei
weepwoop Yıl önce
As a person who grew up in Brunei, it has never been recognized by many people over the world, mostly known for our oil here. I appreciate the featuring of our national dish on your show, I can't believe its even featured on this channel :D also Link hit Brunei spot ONNNNNN
Kuneho Aylar önce
I'm from Brunei, and i was so shocked when i heard that brunei was mentioned in a good mythical morning episode!
Ahmad Hafidzul Syazwi
Ahmad Hafidzul Syazwi 6 aylar önce
ah, a fellow bruneian.
Jenna Embers
Jenna Embers 6 aylar önce
but got the idea from Rhett 😭
Jack Bard
Jack Bard 7 aylar önce
Proffesional Weredog
Proffesional Weredog 9 aylar önce
ive never heard of brunei, so thats pretty cool
Sage M
Sage M Yıl önce
Link: giving a heartfelt speech Rhett: zooms in on Chase’s belly button
Stephanie Holmes
Stephanie Holmes Yıl önce
Lisette Yıl önce
Link: I don’t usually think about crabs when I think of Italy Rhett: *well it depends on what you do in Italy*
Cassius Felix
Cassius Felix 11 aylar önce
Oh I just caught that
Terry McGinnis
Terry McGinnis Yıl önce
@G Robinson wut
Terry McGinnis
Terry McGinnis Yıl önce
@Acacia Huey couldn’t be chiller
Acacia Huey
Acacia Huey Yıl önce
@Terry McGinnis chill lmao
Terry McGinnis
Terry McGinnis Yıl önce
@LaurenTiare ouch
newquinken Yıl önce
I love how Chase STILL looks nervous in these episodes ever since that time Link nearly hit him with a dart
Pesky Media
Pesky Media Yıl önce
True- Link has absolutely no remorse about it & often puts himself as the victim ahead of Chase
Lim Kee Chee
Lim Kee Chee Yıl önce
@We Remotely Low ty
We Remotely Low
We Remotely Low Yıl önce
@Lim Kee Chee international spice
Lim Kee Chee
Lim Kee Chee Yıl önce
@Clint Thompson Which vid, tell please.
Lim Kee Chee
Lim Kee Chee Yıl önce
Lmfao yes
Kikin _
Kikin _ Yıl önce
Link: Misses the whole board Also Link: Hit a perfect bullseye on the smallest country
Drgnflms7 Yıl önce
Rhett is SUPER competitive and it's hilarious when Link fuels the fire when he's got the lead!
Mo 7 aylar önce
@BIack Iists exactly, link does it in a funny and charming way whereas rhett is actually serious and petty
BIack Iists
BIack Iists 9 aylar önce
If you actually watch GMM, Link is always the one that gets mad lol he has issues but it’s funny
Ryman66r 11 aylar önce
I imagine Rhett would make himself a celebratory episode if he hit Brunei
marissajb 98
marissajb 98 Yıl önce
@Mal Ahm I agree Link is a sore loser more in a joking way... Rhett gets more serious. Link doesn't really get to celebrate his wins lol
Mal Ahm
Mal Ahm Yıl önce
he's a sore loser too lol. Link barely ever wins but Rhett gets super defensive and serious when he does or is close to
Fich Yıl önce
Dude, that bullseye on Brunei is the most impressive throw of the dart game ever.
Slow Biden
Slow Biden Aylar önce
@caspar valentine *nut
Slow Biden
Slow Biden Aylar önce
@Tika Teeqa who cares
사랑~❤ 3 aylar önce
It wasn't very impressive because it was just luck, but if you don't believe in that, that's all on u lmao
Michael Rodriguez
Michael Rodriguez 7 aylar önce
Dude.... Spoiler alert c'mon
Dnuma 10 aylar önce
assuming they have the same amount of rounds as they did in this one, which is 6 unless i miscounted, and assuming the playlist i found has the right amount of videos which is 43 (remember it may be more) they would have thrown darts at countries 504 times total. you dont think any one of those would have hit that bullseye?
B-WR3CKS Yıl önce
I'm still getting over the fact that Rhett and Links hair has completely flipped after 8 years. They need to do a new version of "My Hair Song"
Terry McGinnis
Terry McGinnis Yıl önce
@OrionsOuterLimits I don’t care
OrionsOuterLimits Yıl önce
@Terry McGinnis Well, now that you admitted that your just a troll so I'm not going believe anything you say to be factually true.
Terry McGinnis
Terry McGinnis Yıl önce
@OrionsOuterLimits it’s an honor and a pleasure sir.
OrionsOuterLimits Yıl önce
@Terry McGinnis You sir are an A class troll. Good for you.
Terry McGinnis
Terry McGinnis Yıl önce
@Jam thats my style Kyle, that’s how I roll Cole, that’s who I am Jam
Testing Yıl önce
Rhett's food knowledge is very very impressive. He nailed almost all of them.
Casey Hoolahan
Casey Hoolahan Yıl önce
I gotta say it, I truly love when Link gets a win
andrea_20306 Yıl önce
Awww I wish they would celebrate Link's rare wins more!
Harrison Luke
Harrison Luke Yıl önce
Hi pretty How is things over there?
Sundown Moon
Sundown Moon Yıl önce
Link consistently failing at this game but then throwing the most impressive dart ever is so on brand for him it hurts.
Pugkin5405 Yıl önce
@Terry McGinnis yup
Terry McGinnis
Terry McGinnis Yıl önce
@Pugkin5405 nice
Pugkin5405 Yıl önce
@Terry McGinnis Yup, troll
Terry McGinnis
Terry McGinnis Yıl önce
@Pugkin5405 idk
Pugkin5405 Yıl önce
@Terry McGinnis So, troll?
ragingfiip Yıl önce
LOL, I cracked up when Rhett did the slow zoom on Chase's bellybutton 🤣
Ryan C.
Ryan C. Yıl önce
The fact I felt Rhett was threated of how on point Link was is hilarious
Emma musicatso
Emma musicatso Yıl önce
They should have a version of this game where Josh makes a food that SEEMS like it could’ve come from somewhere on the map, and they have to guess if it’s an actual food, and if so where it’s from
Shay Yıl önce
Rhett was kind of a sore loser in this lmao. Just a little. I love when Link wins games haha
Lehtola Yıl önce
He was SO salty "ofc you hit Brunei you're sitting so close to it"
Nishma Lopez
Nishma Lopez Yıl önce
I am ALWAYS rooting for link for some reason!!
Huub Heesakkers
Huub Heesakkers Yıl önce
As he usually is when Link wins, lol (since in his mind "he is better/smarter")
Terra Starr
Terra Starr Yıl önce
Link deserves to celebrate more! That was amazing
Al Yıl önce
It’s not Spanish chorizo, it’s called “linguiça.” And it’s delicious. My mom is from Portugal and cooked it for us growing up
Patience 4 aylar önce
THANK YOU!!! My mom’s dad’s family immigrated to the US from one of Portugal’s islands and Massachusetts has a large Portuguese community and it hurt my soul that they didn’t say the correct term for the “Spanish chorizo” aka linguiça🤤
Proffesional Weredog
Proffesional Weredog Yıl önce
@S'tros Balakoo alright
S'tros Balakoo
S'tros Balakoo Yıl önce
@Proffesional Weredog that's your opinion
Proffesional Weredog
Proffesional Weredog Yıl önce
@Cameron Meyers chorizo's better
Victoria Elaine
Victoria Elaine Yıl önce
THANK YOU! I was gonna comment this!
shytoad Yıl önce
rhett's reasoning for georgia was absolutely insane like....this man did in fact go to college
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Yıl önce
who else was rooting for Link when he threw that miracle dart in the first round?
Terry McGinnis
Terry McGinnis Yıl önce
@anon anon you missed one
Terry McGinnis
Terry McGinnis Yıl önce
It was fake
JackTime TV
JackTime TV Yıl önce
Link: loses every international game Also Link: hits the smallest target the games had perfectly 😂😂
Anna B
Anna B 6 aylar önce
I've rewatched this episode several times and every time I do, I get more and more angry that they didn't celebrate Link's bullseye more than they did. They acted like it was no big deal!!!!!!!
Brett_Kendrick 5 aylar önce
Even though that bullseye and a zero on Brunei was pretty damn impressive, it actually wasn't the first zero in the game. On the international candy episode Rhett scored a zero on a candy from Mexico.
Eric Purcell
Eric Purcell Yıl önce
Link: when I think about Italy, I don’t think about ✨crabs✨ Rhett: *chuckles* that depends on what you do in Italy 😏 Chase: *winks at camera*
Eric D.
Eric D. Yıl önce
International episodes are by far my favorite kind of episodes.
Sittin' With You
Sittin' With You Yıl önce
There is something so wholesome about link describing how he hit his shot on that old camera. I feel like I'm being invited into their personal family videos.
Yıl önce
Or invited to bts for good morning chia Lincoln
Jess English
Jess English Yıl önce
I LOVE THE CAMERA! its so funny hahha and yes gives that family home vid nostalgia
Sophie Davenport
Sophie Davenport Yıl önce
Could not have said it any better 👏💜
Hegelkagen Yıl önce
When link hit Brunei it was one of my favorite moments in GMM history
Νίκος Τσόρμπας
Νίκος Τσόρμπας Yıl önce
Actually it's not the first zero. The first zero was by Rhett in the "International Candy Taste Test" when he hit Mexico. However, this zero is way more cooler.
Sara Larson
Sara Larson Yıl önce
Link I'm so proud of that first throw 😂 throughly impressed
Terry McGinnis
Terry McGinnis Yıl önce
It was fake
SmashPortal Yıl önce
I like how Link's shirt matches the dish during the Philippines round.
Lank Asif
Lank Asif Yıl önce
Link: Aims for Australia and misses entire map. Also Link: Aims for country the size of the dot on a lowercase size 11 font i and nails it.
Dinner-fork tongue
Dinner-fork tongue Yıl önce
He rolled a nat20 on Thrown Weapon - Dart.
Terry McGinnis
Terry McGinnis Yıl önce
@Zerose 121 my fake what?
Terry McGinnis
Terry McGinnis Yıl önce
@Zenmello is this someone that works for the channel that knows i have to have the last word which means each time I reply it increases traffic to the video? If so, bravo
Zenmello Yıl önce
@Terry McGinnis no u
dembonez19 Yıl önce
4:40 - Oh, c'mon Rhett. Let him have his moment. 😅
Lehtola Yıl önce
Rhett HATED he wasn't the first to hit 0. C'mon man Link gets happy for you but you can't for him
Quent Lyota
Quent Lyota Yıl önce
Rhett seemed so pissed the whole game after link started doing so well😂
Brandon Hall
Brandon Hall Yıl önce
Yeah that was super sad
animefallenangel 7 aylar önce
I was hankering for my Bruneian grandmother's cooking and was searching for recipe vids and was thrown further into nostalgia when you guys came up in my search. I love ambuyat, but my very English dad used to liken it to wallpaper paste. XD It's near impossible to find the right ingredients in the UK to make it though :( (I used to enjoy dipping it in the sauce of a turmeric fish stew my grandmother used to make)
Luke Lewis
Luke Lewis Yıl önce
You should get a bunch of mythical beats to say something in their native language and then y’all get to listen to it and try to guess where they’re from
Sternritter Yıl önce
Rhett's knowledge about cuisines of the world really amazes me
adam mac
adam mac Yıl önce
😂😂 The contradiction of Link asserting "there's no corn in Thailand!" after he posted a photo from Thailand HOLDING CORN has me cracking up!!
Sp1cyN0va 10 aylar önce
Yessss haha i laughed so hard
deprofundis Yıl önce
That was epic and such a Link moment 🤣🤣🤣
Katie H
Katie H Yıl önce
Same, I was laughing so hard 😂😅😂
Hela of an eccentric
Hela of an eccentric Yıl önce
That was a great moment 😂
Chi Sol
Chi Sol Yıl önce
Well in his defense, there was something in his coconut 😂
soiung toiue
soiung toiue Yıl önce
Dude, that bullseye on Brunei is the most impressive throw of the dart game ever.
Hudnati Phaw
Hudnati Phaw Yıl önce
thank you sm GMW for mentioning Brunei in your video! we appreciate soo much, our food is ngl is good and unique among all❤️
Reaal A.
Reaal A. 11 aylar önce
I am always ALWAYS amazed by the way Rhett analyzing his guesses
TA Yıl önce
8:06 that's ice-cream actually matching Link's jacket 😂
Evan Pilkington
Evan Pilkington Yıl önce
Link: *Starts winning for the first time ever* Rhett: "Of course you're winning! You're so close to the board!"
Bob Jenkins
Bob Jenkins Yıl önce
I believe he's won it before, but hardly ever and I'm not sure ever without a handicap dart.
Lanesha Poole
Lanesha Poole Yıl önce
Rhett said link did great at the end I don’t think he was really hating
BOYGENIUS538 _ Yıl önce
@Nerdy Snailie because he rarely wins
Nerdy Snailie
Nerdy Snailie Yıl önce
@Evan Pilkington well, I like that Rhett can offer Link some good sport and allow him more chances to win. I don’t like that Link can’t return that. It’s almost always Link who needs or ask for advantages. He rarely give them though
SoyPetTurtle Yıl önce
Haha he's always such a sore loser
MrGGdude2 Yıl önce
This was probably one of the best episodes in GMM history. The chemistry, jokes, everything was very well done.
Kyle Ken
Kyle Ken Yıl önce
I hope there's a whole episode recorded with that camera. I love the look.
Ms Hydrus
Ms Hydrus Yıl önce
With these games link is so all over the place it’s like he’s playing dungeons and dragons and rolling for the outcome. And the Brunei outcome was just two NAT 20s in a row
Marie Yıl önce
Rhett's hair is too perfect this episode, I am officially jealous!!
Antal Bojtos
Antal Bojtos Yıl önce
Not gonna lie I was afraid through THE WHOLE EPISODE that Link was gonna throw his lead. I'm so happy for the guy right now.
Antal Bojtos
Antal Bojtos Yıl önce
To y'all complaining: Don't read comments before you watch the video. Put it on fullscreen instantly, or on desktop use cinematic mode.
Pearly's Playhouse
Pearly's Playhouse Yıl önce
Ahh you spoiled it lol
Antal Bojtos
Antal Bojtos Yıl önce
Guys. Don't scroll down for the comments. Don't look at them. Simple.
jonteozzy Yıl önce
i am so mad link won! Its like destroying a tradition atm
Sigma Yıl önce
Guys can we stop upvoting the spoiler comments
Evelyn Yıl önce
During the intro at 1:08 when they were explaining the rules and Link slowly motioned to throw a dart, you could literally SEE Chase's life flash before his eyes for a split second 🤣🤣🤣
Hannah Erickson
Hannah Erickson Yıl önce
Rhett had a 0 in International Candy Taste Test when he hit Mexico, so Link did NOT have the first 0
Cardnyl music
Cardnyl music Yıl önce
Just let Link enjoy his W
Cardnyl music
Cardnyl music Yıl önce
@Harrison Luke This guys not f**king weird
Harrison Luke
Harrison Luke Yıl önce
Hi pretty How is things over there?
Chris martin
Chris martin Yıl önce
Good job link on the first throw at Brunei that is by far the best shot we have seen on all the episodes of this game wow 🎯🌏
shelby perez
shelby perez 18 gün önce
i love it when Link gets so excited of BULLSEYE he have done it this time we love you guys!
Miguel Yıl önce
as a portuguese, I feel badly hurt about Rhett calling it spanish chorizo :(
Scott Robben
Scott Robben 8 aylar önce
Rhetts knowledge of food and geography and history is staggeringly impressive.
rickiereese 3 aylar önce
Rhett is really knowledgeable about food,it's awesome! Also Link, that Brunei bullseye was awesome! 😈
Gui Souza / As Aventuras de Gui
Gui Souza / As Aventuras de Gui Yıl önce
Rhett: Now that you have become Mr. Accurate… Link: (smiles) I like when you call me Mr. Accurate Wholesome!
Qistina Rahim
Qistina Rahim Yıl önce
i appreciate Brunei being in this video when we’re not so globally recognized 😊
StarvingHub 1
StarvingHub 1 Yıl önce
@Rei wait why tf is Brunei
Qistina Rahim
Qistina Rahim Yıl önce
@TheAg2661 ok
Qistina Rahim
Qistina Rahim Yıl önce
@Hammed Sherman RIGHTTT if only there were proper side dishes
Qistina Rahim
Qistina Rahim Yıl önce
@Polishedpatient thats finee, not everyone likes it lol.... enjoy your research on us
Zenmello Yıl önce
@Terry McGinnis no u
Count Dain
Count Dain Yıl önce
You should mix everything before eating the halo-halo.
Joann Basilio
Joann Basilio Yıl önce
I came for their reactions of halo halo and am pleased that Rhett knows what taro is, even though its actually ube. Close enough! lol good game. Thanks GMM for including the Philippines (:
taehee kim
taehee kim 10 aylar önce
Pagpag , a popular dish in Philippine cuisine.Many Filipinos consider Pagpag, the national dish of the Philippines.
Lucina Yıl önce
I’d love to see a game to guess where items (mostly food items) are primarily exported from.
Matthew Carey
Matthew Carey Yıl önce
Link can't hit Russia on a normal day but he hit Brunei...
CB Yıl önce
When in Brunei
Terry McGinnis
Terry McGinnis Yıl önce
@kitten68 mew Used to watch, stopped watching, get notifications when someone replies to a comment. Hopefully that clears up your confusion my feline friend
kitten68 mew
kitten68 mew Yıl önce
@Terry McGinnis If you don't watch, then why are you commenting? Either way, doesn't make sense
Terry McGinnis
Terry McGinnis Yıl önce
@kitten68 mew I don’t watch. Thanks for the advice kitten68 mew
kitten68 mew
kitten68 mew Yıl önce
@Terry McGinnis If you're not a fan anymore then maybe don't watch. Pretty simple actually
Evan C
Evan C Yıl önce
Rhett- "you're so close no wonder you hit Bruni!" Throws dart Rhett- "ahh it's too close man"
Ryan Kalan
Ryan Kalan Yıl önce
Rhett guesses every one correct... And takes an L Brutal
Joanne Ngo
Joanne Ngo Yıl önce
Lol link holding up pork feet calling it pork ear 😂 and the ending was hilarious!!!!
Stormblessed Yıl önce
I lived in Georgia for 19 months! It’s a beautiful country. You’re supposed to mix the egg and cheese together. It’s pretty good, but xinxali (ხინკალი) would be a better example of their national dish and tastes much better 🥰
Sonic Belmont
Sonic Belmont Yıl önce
This was one of the most satisfying episodes of this game, ever. Link deserves this win.
Haystack Yıl önce
Link deserved it just for that epic toss on Brunei, for the first actual bullseye on a correct answer ever in this wonderful game.
mia Yıl önce
I haven't even finished the episode but I feel the same way
LiftOrGTFO Yıl önce
I'm like Link. I'm below average at sports but when I play I either have a really bad game, or a really phenomenal game. There's no in between.
Ismail Surya
Ismail Surya Yıl önce
Congrats Link 😀 and you were not too far behind Rhett 😄. This episode was crazy, Link never lost the lead 😂😂.
Varsha Nathan
Varsha Nathan Yıl önce
I'm really proud of Link for so many of these
PadThai 1
PadThai 1 Yıl önce
They have literally become international dish experts 😂
Kelley R
Kelley R Yıl önce
“Look at what I did... on purpose!!” is the most Link thing to say, ever. 😂👏
Mani Burden
Mani Burden Yıl önce
Y’all should do international struggle meals!🤣
Donovan Kallavan
Donovan Kallavan Yıl önce
the whole camera thing was incredibly funny and entertaining, whole ep was like a return to form with a sprinkle o' spice! Awesome ep guys.
Alexandrea Ponce
Alexandrea Ponce Yıl önce
As a filipino, my husband, he’s Italian, said it should have been lumpia instead of halo halo lol
Gigi Yıl önce
Or Jollibee 😂
Borat Sagdiyev
Borat Sagdiyev Yıl önce
Dapat adobo o sinigang
Abigail Bradford
Abigail Bradford Yıl önce
Go Link! The ending was hysterical 🤣 the close up of his belly button... reminded me of your belly button song!!
Rizvan Ferdous
Rizvan Ferdous Yıl önce
Always rooting for Link and having to endure things like "Crab in chilli sauce could be a national dish in Italy".
Ann N
Ann N Yıl önce
Same lol
Juice Yıl önce
@xthatwhiteguyx which is why his guess was so bad lol. he completely disregarded the biggest piece of the dish.
Barbara Danley
Barbara Danley Yıl önce
@xthatwhiteguyx, though not traditional, I use crab in cioppino .
Meaghan S
Meaghan S Yıl önce
lmfao yo seriously
Susan McClary
Susan McClary Yıl önce
If they get the location right; before throwing the dart, there should be a designated amount of distance subtracted from the distance they missed it by after throwing the dart.
MWF Yıl önce
2:20 was perfect timing for saying tasteless snot. 🤣🤣🤣
Reshig Yıl önce
I loved the segment you did with the corn, it really made my day!
Danielle King
Danielle King Yıl önce
Rhett laughing right as he's eating the "tasteless snot" LOL
Jason Lyons
Jason Lyons Yıl önce
1st round: *Link nails the exact country and gets the games first ever 0* Rhett: "And I took that personally."
Johnny Crash
Johnny Crash Yıl önce
@Wessley Snipes Pokemon I believe he did!
Bennett Smith
Bennett Smith Yıl önce
If Rhett had hit exactly where he was aiming last round he would have won😂
JayFree Yıl önce
So personally 😂
monkeyman12328 Yıl önce
He actually always steals his amswers
monkeyman12328 Yıl önce
Well he lowkey stole his answer
scifiguy74 Yıl önce
As always please keep these darts games going..they are the best and love your interactions and reactions
rach Yıl önce
i've never been so proud of you Link !!!
Judas DeChariot
Judas DeChariot Yıl önce
This may be favorite GMM episode of all time. Great game. Fun geography. Hilarious camera zoom at the end.
Sabriyah Shahbandy
Sabriyah Shahbandy Yıl önce
Rhett: (whispering) "Chase, lift up your shirt!" Chase: *lifts up his shirt with ZERO hesitation* I don't know why this made me laugh so hard but I just love that Chase obeyed without question just because Rhett said so. 😂 They've trained him well lol
livecement Yıl önce
I nearly tossed my oatmeal into the air when Link hit Brunei. That was nearly as exciting for me as when the Raps won the NBA championship
Terry McGinnis
Terry McGinnis Yıl önce
@Zerose 121 it was obvious
Zerose 121
Zerose 121 Yıl önce
@Terry McGinnis Please tell me how you know this?
Terry McGinnis
Terry McGinnis Yıl önce
It was fake
Lisa L
Lisa L Yıl önce
Your 900th like
Inaren Commander
Inaren Commander Yıl önce
Spoilers! And no i didn't look at the comments, it showed up as the comment on the outside.
Realpolitik Santa
Realpolitik Santa Yıl önce
One of the greatest episodes ever. And no, that was not your first ever zero in this game.
Riskrunner Yıl önce
Honestly, that Brunei dish looks really unique and interesting.
Bologna Chicken
Bologna Chicken Yıl önce
As a fellow Filipino, I literally got so happy when halo-halo showed up 😁 They should have mixed the halo halo to get the full experience tho 😂
Frostyporkbun Yıl önce
You guys are so cultured and knowledgeable. I wouldn't have gotten any of these
Bob Motster
Bob Motster Yıl önce
Can we just appreciate for a moment the fact that Rhett knows the correct answer 93% of the time. Hits on target aside, the man is a veritable culinary god.
EPrimeify Yıl önce
@Ardoria Official Him or me?
Ardoria Official
Ardoria Official Yıl önce
@EPrimeify Another bot account?
Justin Smith
Justin Smith Yıl önce
@EPrimeify what would they gain from faking this? lol
aly Yıl önce
@EPrimeify Like you?
John Frye
John Frye Yıl önce
...then Link "strategizes" to aim for the opposite side of the board even though the best strategy is just to do exactly what Rhett does because he's right so often.
Nerdfighter958 Yıl önce
This is by far my favorite GMM segment
TheHadley54 Yıl önce
This has to be my all time favorite episode of GMM. I have watched it at least 10 times
Sarah Koh
Sarah Koh Yıl önce
As a Bruneian, this made my day 😭
Tom Yıl önce
This loss hurt Rhett. He look so dissapointed with himself 😂
Courtney Marie
Courtney Marie Yıl önce
"I aimed for something... and I threw the dart... and then it hit exactly exACTLY what I was aiming for.... IT WAS LIKE I COULD THROW A DART" -Link 2021
I have a small penis but
I have a small penis but Yıl önce
​@Terry McGinnis you told someone else to get a life, yet you've been replying to everyone in every thread for 3 months
Yafama Yıl önce
@Terry McGinnis is there anything in that scene that definitively proves that it’s fake?
Terry McGinnis
Terry McGinnis Yıl önce
@START GAME YT jump cuts and views
@Terry McGinnis howw and whyy
Devyn Kumar
Devyn Kumar Yıl önce
he has said this before
Psych 01
Psych 01 Yıl önce
Link finally won, I'm so proud
Kiara Carbajal
Kiara Carbajal 2 aylar önce
Rhett’s world/culture/food knowledge always surprises me
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