Kodak Black - Expeditiously (Official Video)

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Kodak Black

2 yıl önce

The official video of Kodak Black's "Expeditiously".

Shot by: @noreggie_

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B .B
B .B 2 gün önce
A wise man can play a fool but a fool can't play wise #Kodakback
Dakota Gaither
Dakota Gaither 2 gün önce
Nobody gon acknowledge he said credit card in his high heels
Quarmetrice Stith
Quarmetrice Stith 3 gün önce
Yak😍1800 yak 18OO this my Sh!T ok den I guess he told him 😂😂🤣
Dexter Daniels
Dexter Daniels 4 gün önce
I can’t beat you niggas at talkin give me a long sentence That’s real I beat 65 years
KingsteveTV 4 gün önce
I couldn’t believe how underrated this song is
Leighton Peart
Leighton Peart 5 gün önce
this jawn craaaaaaaaaazyyyyyyyyy
shamar cooper
shamar cooper 6 gün önce
The fact that KD in this video 😂😂😂💯 yak a goat
Tae Buckz
Tae Buckz 8 gün önce
Still litt #Legendary
I 9 gün önce
“I can’t beat you niggas at talking give me a long sentence” 💥💥💥🎯
1k Jones 1k
1k Jones 1k 10 gün önce
duu spun da block on few names 😂😂😂dat boy bless😇 zoeeeeeeee👹
Shu Shiesty
Shu Shiesty 11 gün önce
soulsearch1234 12 gün önce
There are a lot of fools who play wise quoting wise people or saying a lot of things out of context on a subject their audience doesnt understand
Joshua Rodriguez
Joshua Rodriguez 12 gün önce
Muted me out when I voiced my opinion I didn’t even know it matter
Black 12 gün önce
"Tiny that bch ugly as hell, ion want no piggy" lmaoooo why am i just now catching this a mf diss im weak
Keith Baker
Keith Baker 13 gün önce
Rip wiz
Pop Smoke
Pop Smoke 13 gün önce
Terry 2 glocks
Terry 2 glocks 14 gün önce
Damn wiz knew what was coming to him
YNR BanG 14 gün önce
Damn Rip Wiz 🥺🤦🏽‍♂️
Og SlimmeBall
Og SlimmeBall 15 gün önce
Marlo North
Marlo North 15 gün önce
The man even called out Tiny🤭...
Keys MateriaL
Keys MateriaL 16 gün önce
Can't do nann wit Buddy, PERIOD. #drip
Desmond Addison
Desmond Addison 16 gün önce
I still bump this
LetMeTellYouWhatHappen 16 gün önce
Runnin from the Jake's, posted up with the 9mil.
tooquick20 15 gün önce
Got me jumping gates I got credit cards to my high heels
Flyguy 19 gün önce
Know i keep the pole and i aint no hoe i know sum rolling 60s and im thuggin all on my lonely but i keep sum zoes wit me 😈😈
STRONG KUSH 19 gün önce
How you ganna put me on timeout when ain’t big boi children hahahaha
J 20 gün önce
Thats that deepshit, Z shit !! 💯💯
Esoteric Guru
Esoteric Guru 22 gün önce
TI a CIA agent.
Tim Hawkins
Tim Hawkins 25 gün önce
How tf is this not on spotify. This has to be one of his top 5 songs
Sai daJit
Sai daJit 25 gün önce
skoal wackr
skoal wackr 25 gün önce
T.I got bodied RIP
Outlaw88 26 gün önce
Crazy Wiz Told him he was gone die!!
Weece 26 gün önce
2021 and I’m still doing that stank face after every bar 🤣
HAYZ music
HAYZ music 28 gün önce
Hhhhhhhh shity diss tip didn't bothered to even respond hhh
Caleb Ryan Koko
Caleb Ryan Koko Aylar önce
Try to change your label they won’t let you 💯 damn he really did it. He straight up sacrificed wiz.
Ahmid Smith-EL
Ahmid Smith-EL Aylar önce
Michael Smith
Michael Smith Aylar önce
It's crazy because he said on this song My Boy Wiz feel like he going to die soon and now he passed away rest in peace
YahwehTV Aylar önce
The best diss track ever lowkey
ƈơཞɛყ ʂąŋɬąŋą
ƈơཞɛყ ʂąŋɬąŋą Aylar önce
“Im In Detroit Right Na .. Jus Hollering At My Nigga Wiz”
Kilo Jackson
Kilo Jackson Aylar önce
Who said this diss was underrated, none of the niggas he dissed ,dissed him back, not even the game
Kilo Jackson
Kilo Jackson Aylar önce
He bodied ti gillie the game and big boi in one song
Ke’Andrea Lanae
Ke’Andrea Lanae Aylar önce
I always come back to the comments 😭
Yianni Liadis
Yianni Liadis Aylar önce
RIP Wiz 🕊🕊
ImfuxnawsomE Aylar önce
Damn he did say wiz was gone die 😳
OnlyOne Zay
OnlyOne Zay Aylar önce
MANNN and weirdly enough this got suggested too me …
Deadface ENT
Deadface ENT Aylar önce
Rip wiz " I was hollin at my boy he said he feel like he gone die soon"
Jaden Bradshaw
Jaden Bradshaw Aylar önce
thought I was the only one noticed
Tr3sCer0s Aylar önce
“i was hallin at my boy he said he feel like he gone die soon” 🕊fly high Wiz
Bob Evans
Bob Evans Aylar önce
Rip wiz
Theodore Mack
Theodore Mack Aylar önce
Dam rip wizard
Yiggaman Aylar önce
Wiz dead now smh rip
Mark Price
Mark Price Aylar önce
Bra. Listen to the first part bout wiz. Wow.
Stephen Whitner
Stephen Whitner Aylar önce
"Wiz he just whipped up a brick but he aint put no noodles in it...." Damn man....RIP WIZ!!!
Tr3sCer0s Aylar önce
“i was hallin at my boy he said he feel like he gone die soon” 🕊fly high Wiz
VegasCity D
VegasCity D Aylar önce
He really dont wanna see tip in no song battle yall better believe that
Carlos Valerio
Carlos Valerio Aylar önce
Dam those first lines bout wiz😞🧡💛
K Duff
K Duff Aylar önce
R.I.P Wiz🙏🏾💯
Vondae Aylar önce
Rip wiz
Jezzy Aylar önce
rip wiz
Montel Miller
Montel Miller Aylar önce
Now wiz really gone😪😒
NoteGod Litjuicy
NoteGod Litjuicy Aylar önce
It’s 2021 but I had to come back today Kodak say I was just hollering at my nigga Wiz…Hollering at my boy he say he feel like he gone die soon had to pray for em cuz he need it more then I do this man a prophet I swear
Ben Frank
Ben Frank Aylar önce
Just hollaed at my niqqa wiz I was hollin at my boy he said he feel like he going die soon had to pray for em cause he need it more than I do (Yak was praying on Instagram the night before Wiz died)
DaGlitchh1 Aylar önce
That’s Cause He Got Him Killed 💯
pro baby
pro baby Aylar önce
KPine100 Aylar önce
I was hollering at my boy he say he feel like he gone die soon ❗❗WTF #LongLiveWiz
Jayden Mendoza
Jayden Mendoza Aylar önce
Fr that shit crazy
BlaznBanz Aylar önce
rip wiz da wizard thats who he said he was praying fa
Gavin Monaco
Gavin Monaco Aylar önce
PVPI VISION Aylar önce
Song hit 10xs harder now R.I.P Wiz
Jerry Nance
Jerry Nance Aylar önce
RIP Wiz. He called it.
the4thRøb Aylar önce
dam .R.I.P WIZ🕊
PaliAhk Aylar önce
Kusorare Aylar önce
R.I.p wizdawizard 🙏🏿 🦅#SG
Brandon Hall
Brandon Hall Aylar önce
Kel Hutchins
Kel Hutchins Aylar önce
“ i was hollering at wiz he feel like he gone die soon” Rip Wiz
Keys MateriaL
Keys MateriaL 16 gün önce
@niko he said wiz bro
Devonte Lewis
Devonte Lewis 26 gün önce
@niko he said wiz
Dont Worry
Dont Worry Aylar önce
go watch basement on fire by kodak
God Rhama
God Rhama Aylar önce
So people need to stop saying yak had him kilt! Wiz was a hitter and sometimes hitters get hit
RoadRunna KB
RoadRunna KB Aylar önce
Senor Flaco
Senor Flaco Aylar önce
Kodak Keep That 🔥🔥🔥
Lou Rodgers
Lou Rodgers Aylar önce
2021 bihh go hard like it just stopped Everytime it gets played
Nidow17 Aylar önce
TheRealDirtySkillz Aylar önce
Is Kodak free?
A’DORE. MO Aylar önce
I love u Kodak 🔥
King Israelite
King Israelite Aylar önce
Little Kodak is like lit $$$♡
Superfluous man
Superfluous man Aylar önce
Ice cold
Joleigh Avery
Joleigh Avery Aylar önce
Mute me on opinion ain't even know it mattered
Ke’Andrea Lanae
Ke’Andrea Lanae Aylar önce
And I still replay it
Sound Village
Sound Village 2 aylar önce
Gas ⛽️ no cap 🧢
Hot Boi
Hot Boi 2 aylar önce
Check mate‼‼ ✅✅
Charahtis Hodges
Charahtis Hodges 2 aylar önce
He went hard at TIP🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
James Zachery
James Zachery 2 aylar önce
true story aint no lying, a wise man can play fool but a fool cant play wise
L A 2 aylar önce
one of the most underrated ever
HEKTIC 2 aylar önce
Put this on stream
cold/steppa 2 aylar önce
They can't touch him cause he stay in his own city
Ana Hyche
Ana Hyche 2 aylar önce
This shit still slapp in 2021 tf ya talking bout
Jimmy Hunt
Jimmy Hunt 2 aylar önce
The ajar end intriguingly observe because lightning wailly peep aside a sulky substance. general gentle, crooked value
Christopher Streeter
Christopher Streeter 2 aylar önce
10 ten diss of all time. No debate 🗣🤷🏾‍♂️
Rafael Rodriguez
Rafael Rodriguez 2 aylar önce
The real Kodak my boy Idk who y’all think that new Kodak is because that’s not my Kodak on some real Shit
Crazy DurRhyme
Crazy DurRhyme 2 aylar önce
Americans make cool music, my favourite song of yours
Strieko 2 aylar önce
That's cool where you from bro
S GODS TV 📺 2 aylar önce
I still love this song BIG YAK!!
Jam Flex
Jam Flex 2 aylar önce
how the hell you cancered a nigga & ion even smoke tabacco 💀
Mystery Mann187
Mystery Mann187 2 aylar önce
Straight Trash He Don't Want Real Smoke From The Old TIP lmao 🤣 foh
Geeda SLimm
Geeda SLimm 2 aylar önce
2021 🔥🔥💯
Jason Lancaster
Jason Lancaster 3 aylar önce
This so hard
king dre
king dre 3 aylar önce
Talkin to my lil boy like I promise won’t let them boys kill me , lookin at my lil boy like father don’t let them boys STEAL me 💯💯💪🏾
Ayee Vanti
Ayee Vanti 3 aylar önce
Need this on Spotify
BaeDad Bundy
BaeDad Bundy 3 aylar önce
Bitch Hard 🔥🔥🔥
Paul Clevens
Paul Clevens 3 aylar önce
Kodak black all the time
Zeke Williams
Zeke Williams 3 aylar önce
This got more views than Malcolm x.x.x lmao mfs love drama both tracks 🔥🔥🔥
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