wow. | Mohsen Yeganeh - Behet Ghol Midam ( I promise you ) [REACTION!]

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Isn't the guitar just lovely 🙃

David Yıl önce
Im always ALWAYS crying listening this song 😪 is so emotional. His vocal is amazing. I love it. Hugs from Poland 🇵🇱
parnia Yıl önce
Farsi and Iranian culture is amazing but because of the government people can't show their beautiful environment or culture but now music help us So now we see many things about Iran and Iranian in social media ( like TRshow or kpop musics and.....)
BowTangey Yıl önce
My favorite video of the last 10 years. Magical. Please, God, protect these people from the aggressions of both their leaders and ours. Thanks. 🧡🧡🧡
Amjad Zaher
Amjad Zaher 5 aylar önce
you have my thanks as an iranian.
arsalaw.n 8 aylar önce
@Mary Goth yes we are💔🙂
arsalaw.n 8 aylar önce
I hope that both our country Iran and your country America can one day make peace with each other and that all this pressure will be removed from the nation of our country. Low income and inflation are among the pressures that have been put on the Iranian people☹️🇺🇲🇮🇷
Ali Mass
Ali Mass 8 aylar önce
Worry about your leaders and we'll worry about ours. Remember your leaders have historically cited bad leadership in countries before bombing them to bits so we best not perpetuate that discourse.
Uveep Yıl önce
As an Iranian it made me so happy to see people's nice comment's and their reaction 💗
liaqat ali
liaqat ali Yıl önce
Iran ❤️❤️❤️from Pakistan
میلاد ابراهیمی
میلاد ابراهیمی Yıl önce
منم خیلی خوشحال شدم ❤
Erfan Zohrabi
Erfan Zohrabi Yıl önce
yeah, it happens me
Shahab @
Shahab @ Yıl önce
We love Islamic republic of Iran
Nihad Jariri
Nihad Jariri Yıl önce
@Jon Jenson You are ruining a beautiful song. What does this have to do with that?! So he's Turk; he's from wherever; how does that impact the song? Do we all here love hearing the song because of who he is? Or where he comes from? It's a beautiful melody, beautiful voice. That's it.
Mr. Young
Mr. Young Yıl önce
I don't understand one single world and I can feel my heart beat so fast I play this song 24/7 , the best
niki Ameli
niki Ameli 6 aylar önce
It has subtitle, u can read it
Saad Abbasi
Saad Abbasi Yıl önce
"Farsi is such a beautiful language" Couldn't disagree.
Sanaz 8 aylar önce
Nahk Narmak's  Electronics
Nahk Narmak's Electronics Yıl önce
I don't understand farsi, but I love this song and I think farsi sounds beautiful. ❤.
delete account
delete account Yıl önce
Thanks bro
محمد انصاری راد
محمد انصاری راد Yıl önce
Soorena Ildari
Soorena Ildari Yıl önce
@Navid listen buddy, the Persian has its own weight of historical and cultural effect on an English speaker. It reminds him who we are. Farsi doesn't have it. When you say you're Persian he knows you're descendant of that classic culture, but when you say farsi you equal yourself to one these new insignificant cultures around us like Pashtuns or Hazara. In the world a lot of nations call themselves something different than their international name. Greeks call their country Hellena, Japanese call their country Nippon, indians call it Bharat. If you hear someone call himself hellen or nihonji or bharati, what you think about him? You'll think he's from a little tribe!
sidas rivas
sidas rivas Yıl önce
Don't forget that Iran is the home of all string instruments.
arsalaw.n 8 aylar önce
100%. You come to Iran and travel to Persepolis, travel to Bam Citadel, travel to Mount Damavand to be stunned by the landmarks of Iran, but if you come to Iran, be sure to eat Iranian food such as kebabs, gravy and gherme sabzi (the favorite food of Iranian men) 🗿🍲😍❤️
Majid Arezoumand
Majid Arezoumand Yıl önce
POtusq add even the word guitar is originally a persian word. Please search the word "persian tar" and just look at the shape of instrument. You can SEE the origin of guitar. :)
Ali Kazeroni
Ali Kazeroni Yıl önce
POtusq add Im not sure exactly how far back in history we can go but here are my 2 cents, tar means string in parsi, "se tar" means "three strings" and "char tar" meand four strings and so on. The greeks borrowed the word to their language and also brought it to Europe. Again don't quote me on this cause Im not a historian but that's what I vaguely remember. As for further back I believe "tar" is same in sanskrit and oldest versions of parsi (farsi nowadays) as well.
firoz pk
firoz pk Yıl önce
POtusq add who took it to spain, read a bit of history, he was Kurdish and iranic
Godness Yıl önce
Yes that's right. Specially Santoor that I love it!😍
Elzok U
Elzok U Yıl önce
This song is true masterpiece. I am learning farsi and songs like this are making much easier and nicer the process 💓
Sanaz 8 aylar önce
I hope you win, Persian is a very beautiful language❤🇮🇷
arsalaw.n 8 aylar önce
الاً متوجه میشوی که من چی میگویم؟
Rozhin Yıl önce
@AliSharifi why? I'm only introducing them a Persian music app so they can discover more Persian music!
AliSharifi Yıl önce
GL sure you can make it dude
AliSharifi Yıl önce
@Rozhin بابا دست از سرش ور دار بدبختو
Deborah Bryan
Deborah Bryan Yıl önce
I fell in love with this song! So much wonderful music from the most unexpected places for a lot of us Westerners.
mehrdad202 9 aylar önce
Hello, we can boldly say that Iran is one of the oldest civilizations in the world and the Persian language is very valuable and meaningful. Iran has been led by a hated and looting regime for forty years that oppresses even its own people. I lived in Iran for forty years and the people are very kind.⚘🙏
spockbella Yıl önce
@AngryBoy You are angry boy ... Chill and stop the bull. This concert was held in LA. When was the last time you heard music from TV or radio in Iran? Music is band in Sharia ... Only mafia may allow some concerts in Iran and abroad if they get paid their dues etc ...
Sara Majzoobi
Sara Majzoobi Yıl önce
@Mehdi Haghmorad what are you saying?! We are all living in Iran and get to all of our dreams! Even this famous singer lives in iran and has proved his skill to all iranian people. What actually stops you get to your dreams is not anything but you. If you try, you get to whatever you like and if you don't, you will never get to your dreams where ever you are👎
Sara Majzoobi
Sara Majzoobi Yıl önce
@Deborah Bryan what he says is never true. This singer is a very famous person in iran and all the ppl can follow their wishes like him. I am proud in my country, goverment and everything abt it. Iran never stop us showing and improving our talents and also help us to get to our wishes😊 take it from me(as an Iranian 19 years old full of wishes and talents😉)
Human Amdjadi-Bigwand
Human Amdjadi-Bigwand Yıl önce
Iranians are good in making music, but most of the singers produce to much depressing songs. It is not good for the young people at all.
Laber Rhabarber
Laber Rhabarber Yıl önce
I fall in love with the persian language and music 🥰
niki Ameli
niki Ameli 6 aylar önce
@PFP داداش tech نه learn
parisa riahivafa
parisa riahivafa 8 aylar önce
I recommend you the song Sanama by Homayoon Shajarian.
پویا امانی
پویا امانی 10 aylar önce
I'm from Iran do you want to learn Persian?
Ismoil Gulov
Ismoil Gulov Yıl önce
I am Tajikistan Persian languages Iran Afghanistan Tajikistan Kurdistan 🇮🇷🇦🇫🇹🇯❤❤❤❤❤
mr lvl
mr lvl Yıl önce
I fell in love with san pedro
Dav Carps
Dav Carps Yıl önce
It is a very heartfelt and emotional song. It could be sad and at the same time lovable song. Most can relate to it. After all, it is the language of love! This is without even getting into the technical beauty that this song was composed and performed. Some of the verses he sings are very hard to perform, even by professional singers.
Hram mln
Hram mln Yıl önce
زر نزن بزار ببیینیم خارجکیا چی میگن همه جا پلاس ایرونی😂😂
sahar 10 aylar önce
I'm an Iranian, And I'm really glad you liked our music and our culture and our art 😍😍
ziya Qardiyev
ziya Qardiyev 9 aylar önce
Nicole Cerra
Nicole Cerra 9 aylar önce
Can’t get enough of this song This guy drips honey from every lyric. Music is a gift from heaven. 🇺🇸🎼🎶💥💥💥💥💥💥💥❤️💔❤️‍🩹❤️💔❤️‍🩹🎼🎶💥✝️☮️
Jacqueline Star
Jacqueline Star Yıl önce
I am really happy that the Iranian music industry is gradually becoming global, we Iranians always support it.
Helya 9 aylar önce
من ایرانی هستم و به این افتخار میکنم که بقیه هم از فرهنگ و موسیقی ما خوششون میاد. ممنون 🙏😍
Mila Bakshanova
Mila Bakshanova Yıl önce
Каждое утро я слушаю эту песню по несколько раз последние три года и с каждым разом как первый, я просто влюблена в нее
Cyrus the Great
Cyrus the Great 17 gün önce
По персидский понимаете тогда. 👍
meraj brj
meraj brj 10 aylar önce
تتلو 👑😃
تتلو 👑😃 11 aylar önce
جعفر العلي
جعفر العلي Yıl önce
Big love from Iraq to Iranian people ❣️
پوتکر تا ابد🤟
پوتکر تا ابد🤟 10 aylar önce
afshin mousavi
afshin mousavi 11 aylar önce
Hi my brother from iran
Alan Boron
Alan Boron Yıl önce
Just incredible, pure Iranian soul, human soul ❤️
Ghazal Hosseini
Ghazal Hosseini Yıl önce
I am from Iran🇮🇷
Shannon M
Shannon M Yıl önce
Omg I dated a Persian guy and we always listened to this, it was my favourite! My favourite subtitled line was "the leftovers of my feelings you took from me" haha girl had the audacity to even take the LEFTOVERS 😂😂🙌🙌
ALEyZEEO- Aleyzee
ALEyZEEO- Aleyzee Yıl önce
Mahdi Nahal
Mahdi Nahal Yıl önce
Lmao 😂🤣🤧🤧😂😂 The correct translation would just be 'remaining'. Persians are talented people but when it comes to translation, there is always someone overconfident with their language proficiency who create these beautiful occasions for us to laugh our heads off. Which is of course a matter of pleasantry in persian speaking community too. =))))
Soorena Ildari
Soorena Ildari Yıl önce
That's not the exact translation. The correct translation is :" you've taken whatever left of my feelings". It's implying that the girl has killed his soul, or left him without a soul, an empty shell.
spockbella Yıl önce
Lol I guess it could be translated better! Perhaps “whatever was left of feelings ...”
Mahran Yıl önce
A wonderful choice, the Iranian voices have nostalgia and longing. I have traveled to Iran five times, a wonderful country and the people are wonderful
Mohammad Reza KheyrAndish
Mohammad Reza KheyrAndish Yıl önce
I don't listen to Persian pop songs, but, dear God, this one is MAGIC I don't even like guitars that much, but, yeh!
Godness Yıl önce
So listen to lady Hayedeh's songs to.
ahmad andi
ahmad andi Yıl önce
🥰🥰🥰🥰I am Iranian This song is unique Especially if you are familiar with Persian language and literature This translation for this song is popular .. Professional translation makes the song more understandable and beautiful.💖💖💖💖
najme Yıl önce
I'm Iranian and he is my favorite singer thanks for your reaction it was really great. 🇮🇷 🇮🇷
Sardor Olimov
Sardor Olimov Yıl önce
Even if you don’t know the meaning of the lyrics to this song, you can feel that the music is about love ❤️😘👌👏
Sanaz 8 aylar önce
I used to see parts of your videos on the channels of Mohsen's fans, as well as the reactions of other foreigners to Iranian songs, but today I came to watch this video from your channel, because when I listen to Mohsen's songs, I feel a sense of liberation at the same time. And I forget you, but at the same time, when I saw your enthusiastic eyes, this reaction comes to my mind, as if you are flying with the song, your eyes are full of indescribable joy that makes me happy too. Thank you for having such a wonderful personality and being so beautiful.🇮🇷❤
Gus Olyaie
Gus Olyaie Yıl önce
I listens to this song at least a 100 times just a beautiful song 😊❤️👊🏼
قناة منوعات
قناة منوعات Yıl önce
I was visiting Iran and the road was long. I was sleeping in the car and Al-Siq started to play this song and I asked him to repeat it more than 4 times. So far, I sucked 5 years, but I hear this song reminds me of all the beautiful hugs in the snow with friends❤️🥺🙏
Luchiya Buyuklieva
Luchiya Buyuklieva Yıl önce
It one of the most beautiful songs I ever heard ❤❤❤❤❤
Rainer Trunk
Rainer Trunk 7 aylar önce
This Song touched my Soul. The Voice the Guitars everything. It is pure Love.
Animal Cruelty Help
Animal Cruelty Help 10 aylar önce
One of the best reactions to persian music..was honest and not forced. Also u got the message across cultures.. beautif
Basaly Liran
Basaly Liran Yıl önce
Wow!!! Amazing song .. Speak to every man and women around the world.❤
Ali akbar Norouzi
Ali akbar Norouzi 9 aylar önce
Thank you for listen to it, you are so emotional and kind😍🇮🇷
Nikoo Tavakoli
Nikoo Tavakoli 9 aylar önce
Hi!!!! My name is Nikoo and I’m Persian and I’m so honored that you enjoy our music! I have suggestion for you! You don’t need to make a whole reacting video if you don’t want to but just listen to “gole aftabgardoon” by “arian band” the translation is “sunflower” I promise you’ll LOVE IT Wish you the best!
Noushin Moradi
Noushin Moradi Yıl önce
As a Persian woman I greatly appreciate your consideration of a Persian song. It is absolutely admirable how you are relating to our language, and how you are enjoying this beautiful song, which is absolutely my favorite. You are such an amazing, kind, caring & gentle soul. As a cat lady myself, I just can’t love you more ❤️🌹 God bless
Hamid Abbasi
Hamid Abbasi Yıl önce
As an Iranian, I say that you understood this music very well and your reaction added to the beauty of this music.
DC Denizen
DC Denizen Yıl önce
I loved your authentic reaction. It’s so cool to see those who are not Iranian listening to our music. You are so right that you don’t need to know the language to appreciate it. The emotional depth can be felt by all. Thank you!
Alireza Shabanian
Alireza Shabanian 8 aylar önce
wow that's so kind to know you guys like our songs and even our language.... thank you so much❤❤
Pa Magnolia
Pa Magnolia Yıl önce
Spectacular performance!! The guitars! His voice! Perfect! 😊🌹
Reza Korsane
Reza Korsane 10 aylar önce
Arman Soltani
Arman Soltani Yıl önce
This music is a masterpiece and this singer is a phenomenon, the lyric is amazing, the last part of the music when he plays the guitar is unique and so emotional and I've never seen like that before, thank you for your great reaction 🌹
Moon Lvr
Moon Lvr 10 aylar önce
As an Iranian I want to thank you for your reaction I'm so happy that you liked this song and yes this is a real masterpiece from Mohsen Yeganeh and I suggest you to check out our other singers I'm sure you will like it💚
Sujith Priyantha
Sujith Priyantha 11 gün önce
I m addicted to this song ...his voice is amazing !
Mojtaba Amuzegar
Mojtaba Amuzegar Yıl önce
Thank you for your honest reaction. With outmost respect from Iran 🌹
ruru Yıl önce
@Mojtaba Amuzegar I bet he only speak English 😀 I miss my beautiful country Iran , but will not visit as long as this Islamic tyrannical regime has taken Iran hostage .
Matt Parsa
Matt Parsa Yıl önce
@Mojtaba Amuzegar You're doing great mate, there's a learning curve for everything.
Mojtaba Amuzegar
Mojtaba Amuzegar Yıl önce
@Matt Parsa thank you so much for pointing out my mistake. Unfortunately my English is awful 😅
Matt Parsa
Matt Parsa Yıl önce
Not to be grammar police or anything, but it's utmost.
Mohsen Lashani
Mohsen Lashani Yıl önce
@RogueRxyce سلام خانوم لطفا در مورد موزیک ستاره شادمهر عقیلی نظر بدید
David Miera
David Miera Yıl önce
This is absolutely breathtaking!! Thank you for exposing us to this amazing music from these amazing people! Music truly does bring the world together. Wow!!
Ndubuisi Chinonso
Ndubuisi Chinonso Yıl önce
Lovely voice and tone 💯💯💯
Reza Korsane
Reza Korsane 10 aylar önce
Bilal Abawi
Bilal Abawi Yıl önce
Great reaction. I'm a native farsi (persian) speaker and you don't even need to know the language to understand the song. Best reaction of this song by miles. 😍
kr22100 Yıl önce
Hi, love your lovely soft voice, and your beautiful smile; and your reaction is spot on (you have another fan/subscriber). Not necessarily to react to, but just to introduce you to a legendary Iranian artist, in your own time please listen to one or two of Dariush Eghbali's songs. To start with I recommend Man Az To, Cheshmeh Man, or Celloole Bi Marz. I'm sure you would enjoy the vocals and lyrics.
230Vandelrt Armande345rt
230Vandelrt Armande345rt Yıl önce
@RogueRxyce Please tune in with Rastak Botorai See. All kinds of original Iranian instruments Inside can be very interesting
RogueRxyce Yıl önce
Thank you so much for the support! I'll give all three of these songs a listen thank you 😊🙏🏽
M Yıl önce
Hi my name is Mahsa And I'm from Iran Yo know..? Mohsen Yegane is one of the best singer in the Iran And i promised is one of the best music in Iran too And I'm really happy that this song has become popular all over the world And thank you for your beautiful reaction to Iranian music Also thanks for your beautiful comments from around the world 🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷💙🧡💛💚💜🌍🌏🌎
ALEyZEEO- Aleyzee
ALEyZEEO- Aleyzee Yıl önce
Millions n millions have cried with this guy Mohsen Yeganeh's songs. Sad that he is not performing anymore :(
zahra 9 aylar önce
This is what we are ... not the thing that medias and news show from us...😃♥️
Keneda Loulou
Keneda Loulou 11 aylar önce
Je vie à Paris je l'écoute tous les jours magnifique 💕❣️💕
niki Ameli
niki Ameli 6 aylar önce
Omg so good
Sina Helmi
Sina Helmi 8 aylar önce
I'm from Iran but I don't usually listen to Persian pop songs. Believe it or not this is the first time I hear this song and it's quite a good song. Thanks from Iran to an American for letting me know that Iran has good pop singers too! I enjoyed your reaction as much as the music. P.S.: I loved the cat. I'm what you can call a "male crazy cat lady"!
FavJam Yıl önce
Best reaction i’ve seen on this song. I love when someone can appreciate every element of a song.
persian 8 aylar önce
The calmness on your face is unique, and it matches the music 🙌
ahmad didari
ahmad didari Yıl önce
it is a masterpiece of the great iranian artist Mohsen yeganeh. its fresh every time you listen it. Best reaction I've seen i past 5 years. 🇮🇷❤️🇦🇫
پوتکر تا ابد🤟
پوتکر تا ابد🤟 10 aylar önce
armin bahmani
armin bahmani Yıl önce
I am an Iranian and I am glad that you are reacting to Iranian songs. thank you🇮🇷💫
Army_ot7_BTS Yıl önce
Hi girl how u doing ? Im iranian and i love your reaction to song , im glad you liked it Mohsen yeganeh is just so amazing he is one of the most talented singer in iran And im so happy bcs i can talk to people from other countrys and we conect with music 💜☁️
hamed bagheri
hamed bagheri Yıl önce
I'm Persian and this is one of my my favorite songs and I usually listen it at my car. Mohsen Yeganeh is great.
aSHkAn Yıl önce
With love from the people of Iran to people around the world 💙😊❤
Sajad Rashidi
Sajad Rashidi Yıl önce
Thanks for wonderful selection and great reactions 👏
Jac Nulkes
Jac Nulkes Yıl önce
Beautiful voice and good guitar player. Thanks for the reaction and this clip.
Channel 55 and a box of tissues
Channel 55 and a box of tissues Yıl önce
I heard a song during the summer lockdown in 2020. Turkish song, completely blew me away. Demircan & Macithan - Sığmazam That whole channel is a gem tbh but this is my fav. Theres also a female cover of Sigmazam on there too, very different but still impressive.
milad tehrani
milad tehrani Yıl önce
You are a very emotional lady. We are glad that you are interested in Iranian songs and you can become more familiar with Persian songs because the world of Iranian poetry and poetry is very deep. Poetry was born in Iran. Their poems were promoted by poets who surprised the whole world and gave more emotion to all nations. Iranian poets like Khayyam Ferdowsi Maulana These are all great poets of Iran and .....
Ramtyn Tarin
Ramtyn Tarin Yıl önce
Beautiful reaction to a beautiful song. This is my chill song, I never get tired of listening to it. 😊
نرگس حیدری
نرگس حیدری 10 aylar önce
Mohsen yegane is component of the best 🤩🤩 This song got me to close my eyes and just listen to it regardless of the world
Ali Shafai
Ali Shafai 7 aylar önce
Farsi is my mother tongue and it’s so sweet watching you react to it and enjoy like a native. Good for you! 😘
M S Yıl önce
A masterpiece of Iranian music شاهکار موسیقی ایرانی❤❤❤
تتلو 👑😃
تتلو 👑😃 11 aylar önce
افتخار ماست
as an iranian this made me so happy people enjoy our music, and this is my most fav song
aliNouri Yıl önce
The song is so spectacular, Enchanting and much cheering. as far as I realized this song as well as vocalist is pretty well-known in Iran. I enjoyed it a lot and wish to watch your more reactions about this guy and other Iranian artists. wish you all the best and party on with love and peace.
_ch_ Yıl önce
I am Iranian. This music is one of my favorite music. Mohsen Yeganeh's guitar and voice are both pleasant. . ️ Thank you for your beautiful reaction.♥️
Mary Yıl önce
I am Iranian and I love Mohsen Yeganeh's voice. This is one of my best favorite music.👍👍👍❤
iFatima Yıl önce
Hey, I am Iranian and I love this music and my language is also Persian and we were present at Mohsen Yeganeh's concert 🥰😍❤️❤️❤️
mb 10 aylar önce
I start my day everyday with this Song thanks from Germany 🇩🇪
mohamed azzi
mohamed azzi Yıl önce
Such a wonderful music 🎵🎶 love from Morocco
Joseph  o
Joseph o Yıl önce
I'm Iranian and I do really love this song ,it's pure magic
mina majed
mina majed 7 aylar önce
The emperor of sound and legend of Iranian guitarist MOHSEN YEGANEH . Persian language is one of the most beautiful languages in the world 😍
HamidReza Khalili
HamidReza Khalili Yıl önce
This song plays with the human heart
Black canary🖤
Black canary🖤 Yıl önce
Long live Persian music😇🎶🥰🌺
Ioana Tuimoloau
Ioana Tuimoloau Yıl önce
This song literally made me want to learn Farsi, but I'm shit at learning new languages. This reaction makes sense and I reacted similarly. Great content!
mina Yıl önce
Its good to learn Farsi. Every learning is hard at first, just start and do that♥️
roni6124 Yıl önce
A Beautiful song, a super beautiful woman and her beautiful reactions! Oh god I can’t ask for a better morning! I can’t get my eyes off this beauty! How gorgeous you are, oh my goodness!! 😍😍😍
SayTheTruth Yıl önce
I have seen a few reactions to this song. Your reaction is the best.
tanzevjushyeruky Yıl önce
I agree
RogueRxyce Yıl önce
Mehrdad 8 aylar önce
Impressive reaction from you. It enhanced the taste of this beautiful song
Nastaran Yıl önce
As a Iranian Persian it's so romantic songs and meaningful so emotionally...... memories...
Atakan 8 aylar önce
I really respect you. That with a beautiful view, you re-acted to the song from Iran Thanks a lot 💙💙
Reza Parvizi
Reza Parvizi Yıl önce
Thank you so much for realizing the potential of Iranian singers that really don’t get much attention due to the hard sanctions brought about by a corrupt government in Iran. Mohsen Yeganeh’s father was killed in the Iran - Iraq war whilst serving as a young soldier. Mohsen never really had a father figure in his life. Mohsen grew up from an early age without his father and turned out to be a talented young man. Thank you for your video and the realization of his talent ♥️🥰♥️
break time
break time Yıl önce
Wow, it was really beautiful and pleasant. Emotions are rippling through the song.🌟
Amir Hossein Sarafnia
Amir Hossein Sarafnia Yıl önce
Music is the official language of the whole world As an Iranian, I am proud of this poem and music I really liked your reaction
Lets cook with Rozina
Lets cook with Rozina Yıl önce
I am Iranian and I love this song with lovely lyrics.
Nasser Arbabi
Nasser Arbabi Yıl önce
Singing from deep of heart and combination of your reaction made this song as Master piece,its almost three hours going on and still I would like to hear this song and see combination of your reaction,again and again... Thanks for creating such wonderful time and never forgettable memory in my mind
Lost Sin
Lost Sin Yıl önce
Thank you for your interest in Persian music And thank you for your beautiful response💖💖🙏💝👍
A D Yıl önce
Rouge, your reaction was so graceful and beautiful, honestly, I was watching you instead of the song. such a beautiful and pure reaction. WOW. I don't know what else to say, thank you.
RogueRxyce Yıl önce
thank you! 🙏🏽
xXsiRxFuryXx Yıl önce
"Behet ghol midam" Means "I promise you" And yes he is saying his farewell to the person who doesn't love him but he loves her.
Mr. Nobody
Mr. Nobody Yıl önce
A very nice reaction specially when the guitar part begins 🤭 I'm turkish and understand a few words but music has no language you must feel it in your soul! React to (Marcelito Pomoy-The Prayer Live) you will be not disappointed he is from the Philippines,have a nice day greetings from Germany
bouziane369 10 aylar önce
You were wonderful in choosing evidence of the reflection of the light that is in your heart. I feel the energy of love coming out of you. I adore you
Ratna Widyasari
Ratna Widyasari Yıl önce
Just I know that Iran have a good music, so sweet and romantically ❤️❤️😍
Oliver Jackson
Oliver Jackson Yıl önce
If you are amazed by this, try Homayoun Shajarian - Sanama - Washington DC Live... and also all other Homayoun's performances :) Your mind will be blown!!! I promise :)
e g
e g Yıl önce
Hey . I am persian and im very proud of our artists.thank you for sharing different songs from different cultures. Listen to homayoon shajarian and his father our greatest singer mohamadreza shajarian
Henry Sedigzadeh
Henry Sedigzadeh Yıl önce
Good reaction girl! You rock! Thank you. Yes, he is such a talented young man.....A composer, a singer and a musician. All in one!
sara west
sara west Yıl önce
You should know the translation, it is so pretty and meaningful. Thanks for sharing. It is 5000 years of civilization 😀
ALEyZEEO- Aleyzee
ALEyZEEO- Aleyzee Yıl önce
Millions n millions have cried with this guy Mohsen Yeganeh songs. Sad that he is not performing anymore :(
Meysam Avari
Meysam Avari Yıl önce
Thanks for beautiful reaction. Dedicated to you from iran with love ❤
Siamak Zandi
Siamak Zandi Yıl önce
Persian poetry and music fly the soul together.
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