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Hiking rim-to-rim across the Grand Canyon may well be the granddaddy of all day hikes. But there is tons of bad advice published on this trek, and if you listen to the wrong sources, you can torpedo your rim to rim journey before it even begins.
Throwing this legendary trek onto your bucket list without knowing how to train, pack, and fuel your body is not only dangerous, but is guaranteed to deprive you of the enjoyment and thrill of getting to know the canyon like few visitors can even dream.
Whether you plan to hike or run rim-to-rim in a day, or over a few nights, this is the essential rim to rim guide. Chapter markers below, but we don't advise skipping any of this series. It's all equally important information.
Chapter markers:
00:00 Legitimately reliable information
1:14 Mountain lying down
2:32 Misinformation and the deadliest year in the canyon
4:17 Train intelligently for rim-to-rim
9:25 To solo, or not to solo? Group size.
12:11 Park Service Warning
12:50 Manzanita Rest Area
13:28 The inner canyon
14:00 National Park Experience is endangered
15:50 South Rim peek-a-boo.
16:20 Cottonwood Campground
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@mikerobinson9504 Yıl önce
Speaking as someone who has hiked the corridor trails more than twenty times now (and counting ...), I can simply say two things: (1) Pick the right time of year; and (2) Take your time. Our most common R2R itinerary includes a stop at every campground: North Rim, Cottonwood, Bright Angel, Indian Gardens. There's something amazing(!) to see at every stop, and it's still amazing no matter how many times you've seen it. Now that you've made all this effort to get here, "make it count." Relax. Enjoy. If you'd just made a "bucket list" trip to visit The Lourve museum in France, you certainly would not run through it . . . Cottonwood = Ribbon Falls and Roaring Springs. Bright Angel = the steep trail to the north Tonto. Indian Gardens = sunset at Plateau Point. (Bring your flashlight.) For many years we've done a South Rim loop (down SK, up BA, overnight, Rim) to be at "Phantom" Ranch for Halloween. Yeah, we've memorized all the ghost stories ... and it's a really great time of year to do it. Highly recommended. (Also early spring - watch for ice, use crampons if needed.) (For weather-profile purposes: "South Rim = Flagstaff; Bottom = Phoenix; North Rim = Jacob Lake." Plan accordingly and plan carefully. After all, your purpose is to ENJOY this trip.) One year, we did a midsummer hike back up the SK by full-moon light, accompanied more-or-less by a ranger who was taking the same route, after having spent the entire day relaxing in the creek before chowing down on dinner. That was quite the experience, although it should not be your FIRST experience. We knew exactly what we were doing. Maybe the very best part of this experience is "mealtime at Phantom Ranch." Steak or stew, it never tasted so good. But, after dinner, the real moment is when you and many other intrepid souls from around the world remind yourself how good "box wine" and canned beer tastes like - as you share together what less than 5% of all of the visitors to Grand Canyon will ever experience even once. Then you head back to your tent and look up at more stars than you ever knew existed ... "Priceless."
@HomeInWildSpaces Yıl önce
Thanks so much for sharing your experience and advice.
@austinado16 Yıl önce
Nice job Mike! Looking forward to seeing the other 2 installments. I'm one of those solo R2R and R2River runners. I'm 59 in 2 months, train year round, and run there twice a year. I'll be doing another R2River this weekend. We have some vids posted to the channel, but started backpacking there in 2007. Started running R2R in 2015 with my then 15yr old daughter, to celebrate a year for me, after walking out of the chemo lab for the last time, and both of our birthdays, which are 1 day apart, mid-Aug. Love it there. Extremely dangerous place, I/we typically have at least one save (rescuing a hiker, or hikers) time we are in the canyon. Blows my mind the "condition" of people who somehow think it's a good idea to be down in the canyon, and then get themselves down in. Your story of the large group that fractured, split again, and had some people literally stranded in the canyon for 29hrs just blows my mind, and that the same time I think, "Oh, well of course that happened." I see it literally every time I'm there.
@ageingungracefullypushingt7135 Yıl önce
So, last Sept at the age of 71, I completed the R2R, NK to BA, SOLO, in 14hrs. I have been training in N Utah all summer and in two weeks am going back to complete the SK to NK, again SOLO. I saw how you advised people not to do this hike solo, but I have been hiking solo for decades. It's hard to know how to advise people on how to prepare for this hike, but one thing is certain: w/o training for this hike you are courting disaster. The relentless sun, heat and altitude are formidable tasks to overcome w/o adding the rigors of the trail itself. I think I should also add that I may be a freak with regard to my ability to take on this type of exercise and I do not use that term unkindly. As I prepare for this hike, I cannot say I am confident in my ultimate success in completing this hike, you never know what the canyon or fate will put in your path. I can say, however, that I am confident I have trained very hard all summer on distance and steepness hikes. Onward and Upward!
@randallmartin3765 Yıl önce
I'm definitely interested in the whole series. Doing my first crossing the last week of September 2022 (NK - BA). I'll be 60 and will be hiking with my oldest (35), his GF, and another couple around 30. Have already started getting miles on my legs, have trips planned at elevation to get some altitude training in, and am finding what foods/drinks I can tolerate while on the move. So far, love the visuals and the information.
@HomeInWildSpaces Yıl önce
Best of wishes on your crossing! Glad you found our video helpful. Sounds like you're putting in your time. Looking forward to sharing the rest of this series with you. Let us know if you have any questions, and we'll try to address them in part 2 and 3.
@potatothorn Yıl önce
spectacular video and so much good info... Roxana and i do all kinds of uphill hiking mtns desert hot weather/ rim 2 rim would be incredibly difficult, probably wouldnt make it. We enjoyed going about 2000ft down and back up when it was hot and that was plenty. Amazing you made it, tough training schedule!! we hike up the hill here about 1000 feet up a bunch of stairway paths 5 miles rd trip, Every week that we are in town so that we stay in shape for those couple of big mtn hikes a year that are nothing compared to the r2r... you're not kidding about how much training you need // so glad you take all of this so seriously and send out these important messages about safety, group size / everything.. just awesome.
@HomeInWildSpaces Yıl önce
Thanks! With more people out on the trails, we're definitely encountering more people who are getting in over their heads. We're hoping we can be responsible "influencers". If you every make it rim to rim, we hope you find some serious value in our videos. Thanks again for the years of support! We really appreciate it.
@tonyharris1965 Aylar önce
Well done. Great information & video. I did it this year in the heat of the summer ( end of July - max temp of 120°F on my calibrated thermometer on my back on our way out/up) - not recommended. And almost stepped on a Rattle Snake. I took double the electrolytes I thought we would use and used it all.
@emmaru9437 Yıl önce
This was a fantastic overview! I plan to hike rim to rim with a friend in early November and this information, especially the training section, was extremely helpful!
@HomeInWildSpaces Yıl önce
Glad it was helpful! More to come. Will this be your first rim-to-rim crossing?
@ebchacon Yıl önce
I did South Kaibab to Bright Angel in one day, and it was as difficult as you have stated. Number one thing to keep in mind are your levels! Salt & Sugar, I sweat a lot, and I ran out of salt tablets, and began to cramp pretty badly as I was going up Bright Angel. Rangers came to the rescue and fellow hikers, I was given ramen noodle soup by the ranger and salt tablets by some hikers, and that helped me finish. Total 13 hours, at the time of the hike I was 46 years old.
@HomeInWildSpaces Yıl önce
Well done. The climb is where most complications occur, but they can arise at any time. Glad you were able to complete this amazing experience. It's one of a kind.
@rebekahgrube8779 Yıl önce
Unbelievably crisp footage and production. Initially I watched because I’m getting ready to do my 2nd R2R in two weeks and I binge all things Grand Canyon. But after watching, I’m curious what camera you’re using and video editing tool you use..? Thank you for sharing!
@HomeInWildSpaces Yıl önce
Glad you enjoyed it. To answer your question: I used two cameras. My Sony A7R II and a GoPro 10 black. I also used a Ronin S gimbal system and edited in FCPX in HDR. Hope that answers your question. Thanks so much for watching and commenting! Hope you had a chance to watch part 2! Stay tuned. Part 3 is still forthcoming. Best of luck on your second rim to rim crossing!
@adrienagreste5714 Yıl önce
My mom and I are planning to hike rim to rim, and we’re super excited. I have two questions that anyone can reply to if they’ve hiked this trail before. When is the best time to hike, and how much water should you pack for this?
@HomeInWildSpaces Yıl önce
The most important thing about water is knowing where to refill. Bring a water filtration system and know that there is absolutely no water along the South Kaibab trail. If you have a filtration system, you’ll have almost constant access to water along North Kaibab and Bright Angel trails. Bring two water vessels in case one fails or is lost. “Best time” to hike is relative. But strenuous activity should be avoided during the heat of the day. Late fall generally offers the most agreeable temps. But it can be very cold in the morning and still get quite hot later in the day. Make sure you’re prepared and have adequate gear. This full video series should answer your questions
@JimAllen-Persona Yıl önce
I have to admit - I have respect for someone that can make a rim-to-rim trip. Sounds like good advice. I'm a mule type canyon explorer at best and I have nothing to prove. Thank you for reminding people that a NP isn't a theme park. I've done the North Rim and have no urge to visit the South Rim. Just a Q: is there cell service in the canyon? How do you signal an emergency?
@HomeInWildSpaces Yıl önce
Crossing rim to rim isn't for everyone and there are definitely other ways to enjoy and explore the canyon. To answer your question regarding emergency situations: Beneath the rim is essentially a cellular dead zone. I know of only a couple places where I had signal, and they are both along the South Kaibab trail near the rim. In the case of emergencies there are a number of emergency phones and ranger stations along the rim to rim corridor. Other than these resources distressed parties can flag down another hiker along the trail. Some areas have better emergency resources than others. I discuss more in part 3.
@shanepowell5115 Yıl önce
AWESOME video!! I'm from Alabama I like it here but MAN YOU ARE SOOO BLESSED to like there the scenery is UNBELIEVABLE.
@HomeInWildSpaces Yıl önce
Thanks and Greetings!!!
@MoviesSam Yıl önce
I'm going South to North with an overnight at Cottonwood, in 12 days. I think I have watched every R2R video on TRshow and this one is among the best.
@HomeInWildSpaces Yıl önce
Thanks Sam! Glad you enjoyed the video. Much more to come. Best of luck on your R2R crossing.
@JimAllen-Persona Yıl önce
How did it go?
@lorifeiro7277 Yıl önce
Doing this hike in a couple weeks. Have only watched your 1st installment was amazing. Loved that you showed so much of the trail AND the bathrooms. Lol.
@HomeInWildSpaces Yıl önce
Glad you enjoyed it! Parts 2 and 3 are just as good. Best of luck on your crossing! You'll never forget it. Just don't underestimate the canyon.
@fishhunt2212 Aylar önce
How would you compare the difficulty of this trail to the half dome hike?
@HomeInWildSpaces Aylar önce
Compared with the standard Half Dome route (Happy Isles to summit and back) This is much harder. Fewer resources, generally both lower and higher temperatures, and approximately 10 miles longer. I hiked Half Dome from Glacier Point and back this summer. That route is similar in length and elevation gain, but there's far better access to water, and shade as well as generally lower temperatures. Which is saying something, because Yosemite can also be very hot. There's also something dangerously misleading about the Grand Canyon. Hiking downhill first, when you're fresh tends to draw people deeper than they ought to go. When on an all-day hike, it's much harder to save a major climb for the end. Half Dome lets you descend for the final 7 miles. Hard on the knees, but physically much easier. Climbing out of the Grand Canyon means climbing the equivalent of Half Dome or greater after having already covered between 7-16 miles. Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any more questions.
@pattysmith9892 10 aylar önce
Do you have any backpacking Grand Canyon videos? Helpful tips? One day is not an option for me and want to enjoy the canyon. Thank you for your other videos. They are wonderful! 🥾
@HomeInWildSpaces 9 aylar önce
I’m hoping to make more backpacking videos. I do have some, but none at Grand Canyon. But the advice in my GC videos scales quite well for backpackers. Train with your gear, and plan for shorter distances. And stay tuned. I’ve got more Grand Canyon videos coming. Thanks so much for watching!
@alanwatts5445 2 aylar önce
Excellent comments about preparation and warnings. I was a little disappointed in your emphasis on a single rim to rim day hike. I would NEVER attempt that. (A man's got to know his limitations.) I did rim to rim in 4 days camping at Cottonwood, Bright Angel, and Havasupai Gardens. Side hike to the Plateau Point is a must. But this is the most popular itinerary, permits are required, and damn are they hard to get. As you said, "Do your research before you go."
@HomeInWildSpaces 2 aylar önce
I tried to get overnight permits for this trip, but they unfortunately didn't come through. But I agree with you. I would very much have preferred to spend more time in the canyon, rather than having to cram rim to rim into a single day. Still amazing, but not ideal. Thanks for watching! I hope you've had time to watch parts 2 and 3 as well.
@jeremyking3986 Yıl önce
You’re right, this wasn’t the first video on hiking rim to rim, but it was the first to point out the risks involved. I’m not in any kind of shape to make this hike. I didn’t realize there were so many rescues and calls. I’m going in August, but I’ll wait till next time to attempt a rim to rim hike.
@HomeInWildSpaces Yıl önce
Good idea. I often tell people that rim to rim should not be their first venture beneath the rim. Best to start small and scale up. Have fun! And best of luck!
@jeremyking3986 Yıl önce
@@HomeInWildSpaces I’m looking into a short hike, like to ooh aah point and back, unless you know another easy one🤷🏻‍♂️
@HomeInWildSpaces Yıl önce
Ooh Ahh is probably the best introductory hike into the canyon.
@petr-podrouzek Yıl önce
Fantastic !!! :-)
@HomeInWildSpaces Yıl önce
Many thanks!!
@AlanShirtsink 20 gün önce
@rakkasan2007 Yıl önce
Awesome vid
@HomeInWildSpaces Yıl önce
Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. Hope you were able to watch part two. Part three coming soon.
@shullln 8 aylar önce
9:50 If you want to go fast go alone. If you want to got far, got with many... African Proverb
@HomeInWildSpaces 8 aylar önce
It's a nice quote. But not applicable in all places and circumstances. You'll go farther, with few in Grand Canyon. As for going fast-is a personal choice. My question is: Why would anyone want to rush this experience? Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
@cathynavarrette6568 7 aylar önce
Do you have to do it in one day?
@HomeInWildSpaces 7 aylar önce
Not at all. In fact, if you can, I definitely advise you DO NOT attempt to do it in one day. This is less about the physical strain of crossing the canyon in one day and more about not rushing through such a remarkable experience. Beyond making sure you're prepared for such a journey know that you have to secure permits and camp sites/a cabin at Phantom Ranch to sleep beneath the rim. These are based on a lottery system and sometime difficult to obtain. I did not get the permits I had hoped for on this trip and thus needed to cross the canyon in one day. Make sure to watch the full series. And if you make the journey yourself, make sure to come back and share your experience.
@anjaarentz4861 Yıl önce
😕 𝐩𝓻Ỗ𝓂Ø𝓈M
@pettytheft79 Yıl önce
People are crazy stupid. You can sprain a knee or trip going down the canyon. I brought more than 2 gallons of water halfway down in March and I thought I was gonna die. I don't think anyone should attempt this even if fit. Rest is vitally important. Climbing back up is twice as long. It's a shame most people who attempt this will not see these videos.
@RyanLee-nh9xw Yıl önce
Way too much talking-down to the viewer in this video. Guy acts like he is the "expert" when really is he just another hiker (out of thousands) that do this hike every month. In the end this is simply a strenuous hike-- it is not technical canyoneering route with no climbing or rappelling involved-- it's just hiking! You aren't going to die here-- but he tries to make it sound like you are climbing Everest or something... Too preachy. Too didactic. No thanks-- I'll pass on watching future videos from this guy. I came away super annoyed after watching this (although the video footage was amazing-- I will give him that-- if he could just stop talking...)
@HomeInWildSpaces Yıl önce
I did publish a no audio rim to rim video if that is more your taste. I always appreciate feedback. Like every reasonable person I admit to room for improvement. That said. This is not just another strenuous hike anymore than a marathon is just a long morning run. Calling it what it is, and sharing appropriate cautions is not talking down to people. Thanks for the feedback. Happy trails.
@thedeafcattledog8608 8 aylar önce
I agree completely. It's a walk, a very long steep walk on well-maintained trails. I'm not sure what the problem is, other than 1) the heat should be taken seriously, as it can be dangerous 2) the trek is more mental than physical. I read that many calls for help the park service receives, are people who are panicking but there's nothing physically wrong with them. They're just mentally weak. Of the youtube videos of this that I have watched, the people who do the trip best are those with positive attitudes. One girl ran the canyon rim to rim to rim in about 18 hours, and she was the most positive of the people I've seen on here. It's hard yes, but what isn't that's worth doing?
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