Save Tax with Group Structures for your Limited Company! (Everything you need to know)

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Joshua Tharby

Joshua Tharby

Yıl önce

In this video I go through Group Structures for Limited Companies, I discuss Alphabet shares and other structures that can stop you paying so much in tax!
I breakdown different types of structures so you can decide what is the best pathway for your company to ensure you save the most money. There are various benefits in having a group structure, some of them are covered in this video.
Let me know if there is anything else you want me to cover.
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SRK Accommodation Ltd
SRK Accommodation Ltd Yıl önce
Absolutely amazing content from Josh again as always. Keep them coming :)
Chris Colby
Chris Colby Yıl önce
Thanks Josh, love the content! I tried to do something similar to this, however when I went to get a BTL mortgage for my SPV under the group structure, the banks wouldn’t allow it as they wanted a director to be a guarantor, which couldn’t be a holding company? Have you ever experienced this?
Amazing knowledge right here that I will use in life . Thanks a lot for this video. You explained perfectly
Bartek Basinski
Bartek Basinski Yıl önce
Joshua, great video. So I have a question of the following nature: I and my wife own sourcing business (ltd company) - 50/50 normal shares. I am about to create another ltd company for building services only, where I and another person will be directors. Can I create a Holding Company for both sourcing and building companies with me being the sole director of the holding company and a director in both sourcing and building company with each having a different second director as well?
Queene Yıl önce
It must cost a lot with the accountancy especially if you have companies that are not just property like myself I also have a digital company that I would want in a holding ltd. I don’t know...Hopefully Joshua can shed some light. Otherwise great topic 👏
Izuu Ubadinma
Izuu Ubadinma
Thanks Josh.
Alan Knight
Alan Knight Yıl önce
Great video. So to set up the 'alphabet' structure, I guess you need to create several new Ltd co's (Holding Ltd, Trading Ltd, Investing Ltd and each SPV Ltd), each with their own Ltd co bank account and do each of those need their own book keeping/accountancy work or can all be done under the Holding Ltd co? I other words sounds great, but I can see high recurring maintenance costs in fee's.
Keir D
Keir D
thanks Joshua great video! Would love to see one on benefits of group structures for IHT
Subomi Emmanuel
Subomi Emmanuel
Amazing , question what about if you don’t want to loan the money from the holding co to the invest co. Is there a way where you can give the money tax free
Jahan Ali
Jahan Ali
Hi Joshua
Olito Nottero
Olito Nottero Yıl önce
Brilliant, thanks for sharing !!!
Aj s
Aj s Yıl önce
I have a property development company. Now in a position to invest in BTL to build a property portfolio. Plan is Every 3rd renovation will be kept as a BTL. I assume that every 3rd property will need to be purchased in spv to obtain a mortgage at refinance stage as I will be using BRR?
Fantastic video 👍
Joshua Tharby
Joshua Tharby Yıl önce
Did you know about group structures?! Let me know!
4 mins 30 secs. The dividend movement is tax free but have you paid tax prior to to that via corporation tax? Will it go down as profit that was made ?
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