RealEats Review: Simple & Clean Meals Any Good? (Taste Test)

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Watch our RealEats review and see how simple clean eating can actually taste good. RealEats is a prepared meal delivery service that makes it quick and simple to eat clean food that tastes good. Meals last for 7 days and warm up in 6 minutes or less. They have a variety of options that you reheat by placing BPA-free pouches into boiling water. This process preserves the nutrients and freshness of the food.

What's in Our RealEats Box:
- Baked Blueberry Oatmeal w/ Maple Cream
- Honey Sesame Chicken w/ Mixed Vegetables \u0026 Smashed Potatoes
- Balsamic-Glazed Steak w/ Sauteed Green Beans, Toasted Almonds \u0026 Smashed Potatoes
- Turkey Chili
- Pure Greens Juice

What We Tasted in Our Review:

- Honey Sesame Chicken w/ Mixed Vegetables \u0026 Smashed Potatoes

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1. Intro to RealEats Review 0:00
2. RealEats Unboxing Review 0:26
3. About RealEats \u0026 How It Works 1:28
4. Reheating RealEats Meals 2:17
5. Taste Test RealEats Meals Review 3:45
6. RealEats Review Conclusion 4:48

Mealkite 10 aylar ├Ânce
Hello Everyone! Thanks for watching our RealEats Review. We had a blast with this one. Let us know what dish you'd like to try. Honey Sesame Chicken or Balsamic Steak?
onthe downside
onthe downside 17 g├╝n ├Ânce
Good review! I just had freshly for 3 weeks.I will be comparing the two.I get real eats this week.
Chris Topher
Chris Topher Aylar ├Ânce
This review was really great and so much interesting! It really helps a lot and uesful video when it comes to the foods! Thanks for this!
Mealkite Aylar ├Ânce
Glad it was helpful!
Kauã Lucas
Kau├ú Lucas 3 aylar ├Ânce
great review! It looks all very delicious and above all healthy, I will definitely try it..honey sesame chicken looks great yummy! Cheers
Mealkite 2 aylar ├Ânce
I'd highly recommend the market fish & the bolognese...some of the best food I've ever had. So good!
Albert Pedraza
Albert Pedraza 3 aylar ├Ânce
Great video review about RealEats. It looks yummy and healthy meal, Thanks for sharing it's really informative.
Dori Madrileni
Dori Madrileni 9 aylar ├Ânce
They look so delicious. Loving the content lately, keep it up ­čśŐ
Mealkite 9 aylar ├Ânce
Thank you! Will do!
Huamarkets 9 aylar ├Ânce
I am also going to try the meals. thank you so much for the coupon discount
Mealkite 9 aylar ├Ânce
Any time!
Ahmed Zilinski
Ahmed Zilinski 9 aylar ├Ânce
I've been looking for a review like this for quite a while. Recently order RealEats and its just great !
Mealkite 9 aylar ├Ânce
Hope you enjoy it!
Memphis Bleek
Memphis Bleek 9 aylar ├Ânce
I had no idea that Realeats delivered precooked meals and all one needs to do is heat the food, very convenient for family meals.
Mealkite 9 aylar ├Ânce
Yes they do and it's delicious!
Chloe Mosley
Chloe Mosley 9 aylar ├Ânce
IÔÇÖve never thought about Realeats that way before. You made me see it totally differently. I love that!
Mealkite 9 aylar ├Ânce
We appreciate you watching. :)
Heyner Mesias
Heyner Mesias 9 aylar ├Ânce
RealEats is a great help to me, the service it provides is very good, the food arrives in good condition and is quick to prepare, my family loves it and we have already recommended it to friends and family
Mealkite 9 aylar ├Ânce
Thanks for sharing
shumwe tedd
shumwe tedd 9 aylar ├Ânce
Funny how this came up on my recommendations today, I just tried realeats yesterday. The review is on point.
Mealkite 9 aylar ├Ânce
Ha ha, TRshow must know what you've been eating! Thank you.
good one
good one 9 aylar ├Ânce
I love services from Real Eats they are so responsive and have quality services my husband always order their Balsmic Steak ,guys you can try to make your orders.
Mealkite 9 aylar ├Ânce
Yeah, the Balsamic Steak is actually very good. We tried that one too but not in the video.
Alejandro Wiebe
Alejandro Wiebe 9 aylar ├Ânce
great review! It looks all very delicious and above all healthy, I will definitely try it..honey sesame chicken looks great yummy! Cheers
Mealkite 9 aylar ├Ânce
It was sooooo good. :)
Esther Kageni
Esther Kageni 9 aylar ├Ânce
Looks so healthy and the packaging is amazing, and they offer the variety from breakfast. Awesome review. Thanks
Mealkite 9 aylar ├Ânce
Yup, the breakfast was really good too.
Ryan Wessel
Ryan Wessel 10 aylar ├Ânce
Very nice review, I will give real eats a try!
Mealkite 10 aylar ├Ânce
Thanks Ryan. Hope you like it.
Efirst Clast
Efirst Clast 10 aylar ├Ânce
Looks yummy...AND without all the dirty pots and pans to worry about Ôś║´ŞĆ
Mealkite 9 aylar ├Ânce
So true!
Teresa Acevedo
Teresa Acevedo 10 aylar ├Ânce
Looks amazing!! ­čśŐ
Mealkite 10 aylar ├Ânce
Thank you!
Michelle Fonger
Michelle Fonger 10 aylar ├Ânce
I really enjoyed trying the RealEats service! I need to get some more of that turkey chili for sure :)
Mealkite 9 aylar ├Ânce
Turkey chili FTW!
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