INCREDIBLE Space Saving Furniture - Murphy Bed Ideas ➤ 3

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Interesting & Creative Designs

Interesting & Creative Designs

Yıl önce

Hi! This list of INCREDIBLE Space-Saving Furniture, Murphy Bed, Bunk Bed Compilation for a small space apartment or home. We've collected will show you how much space a well-designed home product or piece of furniture can save you.

Let’s take a look at some incredible space-saving furniture that could be a great fit for your tiny apartment or home. Hope You Like it!

Span Coffee Transformer Table: In just a matter of seconds, it can transform from a dining or business table into a much smaller coffee table.

MurphySofa Stratus: Pull the bed down from against the wall. If you often use your bedroom as a living space during the day, or if you want an extra bed for when guests stay over, this design could be for you. An extendable coffee and dining table serves as a support for the end of the bed.

The Mini Scatola: Bench that can be packed down into a singular box seat.

Dormire Sofa Bunk Bed: The comfy couch transforms into a bunk bed that can fit 2 adults.

Tumidei Foldaway Bed and Fluffy Sofa: Combines with a fluffy sofa. The bed is pulled down from the wall on a servo-assisted frame, meaning it uses hydraulics, to ensure it lowers safely when unassisted.

FLAT 3 in 1 Smart Furniture: Smart 3 in 1 furniture option from the FLAT studio.

A clever table idea from VOX. Make business meetings or family gatherings more convenient and fun with VOX’s Big Table.

Poster Bed and Bookcase: This design is excellent for families and keeps your things organized, even when things get a little busy in the mornings!

Folding Stairs and Chairs: If you have limited space, then stairs and chairs can tend to get in the way and make moving around quite awkward. One designer from Australia has created a folding stair system made out of bamboo, a material widely used in construction because of its strength.

Hidealoo System: Emerging from the wall of a wet room, or from under the kitchen sink cabinet in a tiny bathroom, the hidealoo is a brilliant innovation that frees up a great deal of space.

KALI Pull-Down Bed with APP Desk: A single bed with headrest folds out from against the wall and a table extends and folds out from within a study desk.

Swivel foldaway bed: The key difference here obviously being the swivel design, rather than the bed lowering or folding down like many others. The reverse side of the bed can be used as a bookcase or extra shelving.

Kali Board by Clei: The Kali board by Clei transforms from a shelf or desk to a bed with storage underneath.
Foldaway double beds with sofa: Rather than a single bed and shelf, this double bed transforms into a sofa. It would fit nicely in a studio flat or in an apartment as a spare bed.

ITO foldaway bed: And finally, this stylish ITO foldaway bed can sleep 2 people and then be turned into a sofa and bookshelf.

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➤ Span Coffee Transformer Table, MurphySofa Stratus, The Mini Scatola and Dormire Sofa Bunk Bed ☛

➤ Tumidei Foldaway Bed and Fluffy Sofa ☛

➤ FLAT 3 in 1 Smart Furniture ☛

➤ VOX Big Table, Poster Bed and Bookcase: ☛

➤ Folding Stairs and Chairs ☛

➤ Hidealoo System ☛

➤ KALI Pull-Down Bed with APP Desk, Swivel foldaway bed, Kali Board by Clei, Foldaway double beds with sofa and ITO foldaway bed ☛

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Interesting & Creative Designs
Interesting & Creative Designs Yıl önce
Were you surprised by some of the innovative designs on this list? Which ones would be a welcome addition to your home? 🤔👍😊
Stg Vijayalakshmi
Stg Vijayalakshmi 4 aylar önce
@D P ù
Eve Yep
Eve Yep 4 aylar önce
Exactly 💯 😆 🤣
Furnable 7 aylar önce
We are manufacturers of space saving furniture in Delhi NCR, TRshow Link - We Cater Pan India, Call or whatsapp us at 08076194262
uma majhi
uma majhi 8 aylar önce
How to order it
Tasneem Murtaza Sarolwala
Tasneem Murtaza Sarolwala 8 aylar önce
Murphy bed
Dhanashree 6 gün önce
Folding stairs are good. But it can withstand bureau which v carry through it upstairs
Icemansam44 10 gün önce
2:35 Emmet’s double decker couch
Dipika Sutariya
Dipika Sutariya 16 gün önce
ये बनानें वालें का कोन्टेकट नंबर दीजिए
I_am_ DDs
I_am_ DDs 27 gün önce
Really good ideas 👌 but not set for all peoples some items are very good like easy ladder 😊
7er 29 gün önce
magari anche parlato in italiano!
Txtea Ranch
Txtea Ranch 29 gün önce
Great ideas. Thank You for posting.
Renee Southern
Renee Southern Aylar önce
I loved them ALL!!!! But in particular I liked Kali Board by Clei👍🏾
Just Jordan
Just Jordan Aylar önce
Alright and what am I suppose to do in a fully empty room when all my stuff is hidden in the walls?
Dianne Patton Southeastern Interiors Inc.
Dianne Patton Southeastern Interiors Inc. Aylar önce
Brilliant, I would be interested to k.ow applications useful for the repurpose sing of private railcars, yachts, and "Listed Properties" where space utilization is of the essence.o
Bonnie Wugsie
Bonnie Wugsie Aylar önce
Where can I purchase this Murphy table? These furnitures I assume it has a max weight.
Lynda Mitton
Lynda Mitton Aylar önce
Tigerton09 Aylar önce
Wht site will I get it on
Tigerton09 Aylar önce
Tigerton09 Aylar önce
Tigerton09 Aylar önce
Tigerton09 Aylar önce
Tigerton09 Aylar önce
Myla Clado
Myla Clado Aylar önce
Wow! It's really amazing space saver for tiny house like mine 🤗❤️
Pamidi Ravikanth
Pamidi Ravikanth Aylar önce
What is the point if they can't deliver them to India?
charlene Aylar önce
the straight chair is sus
Amit Patil
Amit Patil Aylar önce
Other than the cost of these products for smaller spaces, I wonder for their durability and maintenance.
arthur mpeirwe
arthur mpeirwe Aylar önce
how do I contact you for orders
joms Aylar önce
wow great👏👌
Useful Dove
Useful Dove Aylar önce
Irene Noli
Irene Noli Aylar önce
I love this stairways and combos! my new addiction -your videos
Interesting & Creative Designs
Interesting & Creative Designs Aylar önce
Thank you very much :)
Scott Kirkland
Scott Kirkland 2 aylar önce
I'm sure that bunkbed couch idea is from the Lego movie.
Dwight Turner
Dwight Turner 2 aylar önce
In some tiny homes you don't have room to change your mind.
Jean Kroeber
Jean Kroeber 2 aylar önce
Wonderful ideas, especially for going from student to young working person in a small space.
MR SRI 2 aylar önce
Excellent and beautiful idea for our day today life. 👍💡
king sufi
king sufi 2 aylar önce
i have so many ideas sigh but just design thinking..... if can turn back time, instead of just being a digital artist, i rather be an product designer. THis is how many singaporehomes going to be like. Especially for two room house.... saving space is all the in thing now.
Patrick Cronin
Patrick Cronin 2 aylar önce
somehow a bean bag with extra features is called a 'sofa"
Deana Pomplun
Deana Pomplun 2 aylar önce
Cool beans
Frank Husel
Frank Husel 2 aylar önce
Those ideas are neither new nor exceptional. That video is a long advertisement clip. Folding beds and tables are mainstream. A lot comes down to the quality in which they are made. Too soft or poor materials and bad work will make them all shaky. And that folding stairs is not an Australian invention. He took it from the Chinese (which, in turn, is not a problem to me, since Chinese steal ideas from everywhere).
Me Me
Me Me 2 aylar önce
Surprised ..i.m floored. Pardon the pun. ,And the latest in economical value. Its also enlightening to Actually visualize what you be been thinking of. Thank you Highly Sprung.. And the others with So much attractiveness.
Me Me
Me Me 2 aylar önce
Surprised..I'm floored, parden the pun.
Sam Sung
Sam Sung 2 aylar önce
This furniture is made for Tiny houses and the insanely small New York apartments
CREATIKA 2 aylar önce
legendarymythlover 2 aylar önce
That toilet is such a bad idea imo, people who are busting to use the toilet will have accidents. Or someone who's too drunk to pull it out
S. 2 aylar önce
Let's be honest, if you live alone, you won't make the effort to fold and unfold those things every day
Samira Khan
Samira Khan 2 aylar önce
I liked the mini scotola I really liked it
Happy Maabo Music
Happy Maabo Music 2 aylar önce
Human beings are too smart, and their creativity is too rich! ! ! 👍👍👍
AMY INFANTE 2 aylar önce
찬우 2 aylar önce
Diana Damian
Diana Damian 2 aylar önce
These are all so nice until you know the price.
myrna sosa
myrna sosa 3 aylar önce
Lo más delicado es la instalación del water con su cañería flexible🤔
Maria Martin
Maria Martin 3 aylar önce
Love them all😊
Rèm Lê Thủy
Rèm Lê Thủy 3 aylar önce
Những sản phẳm này muốn mua thì mua ở đâu được bạn
Interesting & Creative Designs
Interesting & Creative Designs 3 aylar önce
Hi, Thanks for your comment! You can find related links in the description.
Nastja Stamenkovic
Nastja Stamenkovic 3 aylar önce
everything portable.
lola lola
lola lola 3 aylar önce
Where I can find all that furniture?
Interesting & Creative Designs
Interesting & Creative Designs 3 aylar önce
You can find the related links in the description. Thanks
Yolande Jarossay
Yolande Jarossay 3 aylar önce
ou peut-on passer commande en France. Prix des tabourets transformables en banc? Merci
Interesting & Creative Designs
Interesting & Creative Designs 3 aylar önce
Bonjour, merci pour votre commentaire ! Vous pouvez trouver des liens connexes dans la description.
Bevey Dillon
Bevey Dillon 3 aylar önce
Love these
Lorene Knight
Lorene Knight 3 aylar önce
Wow!!! So fun to watch these transformations. Are people clever or what? Well done.
Nath L
Nath L 3 aylar önce
thank you so much for putting the links in the description! Have seen some of those and never know where it could be found :) great video with the explanation, great research job!
Interesting & Creative Designs
Interesting & Creative Designs 3 aylar önce
Thank you for your critical and valuable comment :)
Lisa Mahabir
Lisa Mahabir 3 aylar önce
Very comfortable , save a lot of space
karol Gallagher
karol Gallagher 3 aylar önce
Love them all
Lara Laut
Lara Laut 3 aylar önce
These kind of tables were really popular in the former GDR in Germany and had a proper name: Mufuti (Comes from MUlti-FUnktions-TIsch = multi function table)
Coffee and Tattoos
Coffee and Tattoos 4 aylar önce
Would like to see more rounded corners. Hard to imagine using these pieces unscathed in a hurry or after a long, tiring day 🫂
AcousticGString 4 aylar önce
Imagine having to take a huge shit and barreling into that bathroom and breaking that toilet that comes out from under that surface because you sat down so damn hard! It seems so awful lol
Augustine Hippo
Augustine Hippo 4 aylar önce
Very creative indeed... What can they make for the homeless. Can they produce something cheap for bed and chairs? These days many people are evicted from their rents.
nanah p
nanah p 4 aylar önce
The way that guy washed his hands reminded me that some grown adults can't wash their hands properly. So sad.
Interesting & Creative Designs
Interesting & Creative Designs 4 aylar önce
Yes indeed! :(
chheang chhayheang
chheang chhayheang 4 aylar önce
Everything is very good
Vociferon Herald of the Winter Mist
Vociferon Herald of the Winter Mist 4 aylar önce
Why are most of the pieces like this white, glossy, and ugly? Doesn't anyone make things with a wood look and traditional anymore?
smart dog
smart dog 4 aylar önce
The folding stairs is an awesome idea!!!!
Solid State
Solid State 4 aylar önce
Imagine being a guest in a house where the toilet is hidden under the sink and you have to pee...
Sam Chiu
Sam Chiu 4 aylar önce
A composting Hidaloo in a schooly bus could be interesting.
elen A
elen A 4 aylar önce
Yes, but I need those innovating furnitures in a stores near by, not in the other side of the world.
Venu Verma
Venu Verma 4 aylar önce
I personally hated the toilet.
Janell Kunkle
Janell Kunkle 4 aylar önce
Could use all these ideas in the manufactured home industry along with the tiny home industry.
Hilma Imperiano
Hilma Imperiano 4 aylar önce
Onde encontra essa privada embutida aqui no BrasBrasil?
Style & other ideas
Style & other ideas 4 aylar önce
Wow furniture🙀
Loida Cruz
Loida Cruz 4 aylar önce
It is amazing.i like it.i hope there is like that in the philippines
Kelly Courtney
Kelly Courtney 5 aylar önce
Love all thes. The stares are in readable
Moveable stairs sure helps breeders with 🐱 toddler kittens 😄
Charlie Osko
Charlie Osko 5 aylar önce
Fucking love this space saving furniture!
alin abcd
alin abcd 5 aylar önce
Are they for sale?
Eddie Poole
Eddie Poole 5 aylar önce
2:15 sonst nichts
Day Hill
Day Hill 5 aylar önce
Where did you find the folding stairs?
QTG46after 5 aylar önce
Double Decker Couch
Joe Jamata
Joe Jamata 5 aylar önce
If you want to know how to do it yourself, just look for Woodglut.
Saira Pinky Dispe
Saira Pinky Dispe 5 aylar önce
Omg I hope someday I could afford one of them
Desiree Natacha Garcia Barcesat
Desiree Natacha Garcia Barcesat 5 aylar önce
minute 5:50 "baby items FOR MOTHERS" WTF??? do kids grow miraculously on womens wombs? are there no fathers on the world i dont get it
Karyna Ramirez
Karyna Ramirez 5 aylar önce
the last one with the couch would be perfect for my tiny house
Зайнаб Ситдикова
Зайнаб Ситдикова 5 aylar önce
Классная мебель для малогабаритной квартиры только вот стоит она не по карману.дорого
Lidea Barker
Lidea Barker 6 aylar önce
I bet none of those couches is comfortable to sit on.
R. Fernandez
R. Fernandez 6 aylar önce
Did he say you can hide the toilet behind a KITCHEN cabinet? Who is shitting in their kitchen?????
Rukiye Ferik
Rukiye Ferik 6 aylar önce
Çok güzel ve kullanisli fikirler
Sandra 6 aylar önce
Meh. Same old same old....
thenettenettenette 6 aylar önce
Shannon Joseph
Shannon Joseph 6 aylar önce
I was surprised by the gun on the shelf on the last invention
Mere Pyare Kanha
Mere Pyare Kanha 6 aylar önce
Where I can buy furniture shown I the video
MrsRickman007 6 aylar önce
в частном доме все идеи хороши, а в типовом человейнике такое только снится.
Jennifer Grove
Jennifer Grove 6 aylar önce
6:10 Flat Ladder & Chair 7:51 Wet Bath w/ Cupboard Toilet 9:22 Swivel Bed 9:42 Bed & Desk
S Thorson
S Thorson 6 aylar önce
The hide a Lou( toilet) would be perfect for a converted van or tiny home on wheels
Elba Seda
Elba Seda 6 aylar önce
Where can I buy that table
Eliana Soares Ribeiro
Eliana Soares Ribeiro 6 aylar önce
Gostaria de saber se tem alguma loja aqui no Brasil
Eliana Soares Ribeiro
Eliana Soares Ribeiro 6 aylar önce
Maravilhoso 😍 ! Amei
JOY S. GW 6 aylar önce
Emma Lucas
Emma Lucas 7 aylar önce
8:00 Now you can save time in the morning by taking a shit while you take your shower!🙄
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