Uğur Şahin and Özlem Türeci: Meet the scientist couple driving an mRNA vaccine revolution | TED

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2 aylar önce

As COVID-19 spread, BioNTech cofounders Uğur Şahin and Özlem Türeci had one goal: to make a safe, effective vaccine faster than ever before. In this illuminating conversation with head of TED Chris Anderson, the immunologists (and married couple) share the fascinating story of how their decades of mRNA research powered the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine -- and forecast what this breakthrough science could mean for the future of vaccines and other immunotherapy treatments.

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Daniel D.
Daniel D. 2 gün önce
I'm sure they will get what they deserve.
yokartik 2 gün önce
this guy and nobel scientist aziz sancar should team up to work on curing cancer. since mr. sahin earned dozens of billlions of dollar he can spend this money on the worst disease of human kind with mr. sancar who won nobel for working on fixing dna to cure cancer.
Alan Alan
Alan Alan 2 gün önce
wanna kurde je hattini..
Io Sta
Io Sta 3 gün önce
Experimenting on the public with genetic manipulations, free from any legal liabilities. And receiving funding from the public.
Nursel Karatas
Nursel Karatas 4 gün önce
Sizinle gurur duyduk👏💖🇹🇷👏🧿🧿🧿🧿🧿🧿
NatureBoy 4 gün önce
I’m not against mRNA vaccines, but I do think it’s interesting that the word “safe” was only brought up once in a fleeting comment, whereas the topic of “speed” was touched on many times.
Wrends Wrends
Wrends Wrends 5 gün önce
world was not prepared?! lol! billy guy predicted this plandemic years before!
Sven Maurer
Sven Maurer 5 gün önce
Ja jaa sich aber erst ewig nicht mit den eigenen Impfstoff impfen lassen. Die verkaufen nur ungeteste Brühe
Black Tulip
Black Tulip 6 gün önce
Gianni 7 gün önce
getting richer, of course they promote all of this
Tansu Akkaya
Tansu Akkaya 8 gün önce
nasıl güzel bir uyum, birbiri için ve dünya için..
Doğukan or Chettomas
Doğukan or Chettomas 9 gün önce
danke sehr für alles We are proud that Turks found the vaccine.
Yase-min 9 gün önce
Its so interesting to listen someone talk whos turkish lived in germany in eng
lavotha viktor
lavotha viktor 2 gün önce
The real developer of the bases of the Covid vaccine were KATALIN KARIKO Drew Weissman. Kariko is the weispresident of Biontech
A A 10 gün önce
Thankyou ♥️
Giu Pee
Giu Pee 11 gün önce
All'anm e kitammuort vir e fa cocc cos p aizá le azioni. Mo m servn i sord no o vaccin
亦动亦静 11 gün önce
Encouraging talk! Excellent people !
Baki cıngır
Baki cıngır 13 gün önce
Elements of the global gang.
jsjejdjjr iyhrjdnnf
jsjejdjjr iyhrjdnnf 13 gün önce
Such an inspirational Couple..
NoctLightCloud 14 gün önce
Biontech = German, Pfizer = U.S.-American. And Biontech did most of the work, remember that, yet U.S.-Media often times uses just "Pfizer".
Pattira Treiber
Pattira Treiber 14 gün önce
ในปัจจุบันมีผู้ป่วยด้วยโรคมะเร็งจำนวนมากและมีปริมาณผู้ป่วยด้วยโรคมะเร็งสูงขึ้นเลื่อยๆ ถ้าประชาชนมีความเข้าใจของสาเหตุของการเกิดโรคมะเร็ง และมีการประชาสัมพันธ์ให้ประชาชนเข้าใจ ดิฉันคิดว่า อาจจะเป็นวิธีสามารถลดปริมาณผู้ป่วยโรคมะเร็งลงได้ จากการติดตามข่าวของ โรคระบาดเชื้อไวรัสโควิด จากผู้เชี่ยวชาญทางด้าน ชีววิทยาและวิทยาศาสตร์ เชื้อไวรัสโควิดสามารถมีการเจริญเติบโตได้ดี มีผู้ติดเชื้อโควิดสูงขึ้นและผู้เสียชีวิตสูงขึ้น ในช่วงเปลี่ยนฤดูการจากช่วงใบไม้ผลิเข้าสู่ฤดูหนาว ถ้าเป็นชาติตะวันตก จากการสังเกตจากการระบาดของเชื้อโควิดจาก ฤดูหนาวปลายปี 2019 จนถึงปัจจุบันนี้ค่ะ
Zorel zoe
Zorel zoe 14 gün önce
ShakespeareAvenue 14 gün önce
Science that rejects Truth (God) is Satanism. People are waking up!
ShakespeareAvenue 14 gün önce
Moses led His people away from the Pharaoh's medical magicians. Today Israel has abandoned the Torah for the Pharaoh's pyramid system, big pharma, the 1%. Jewish people have put their faith in the Pharaoh's medical magicians. Over 80% have full faith in the magicians. Moses was afraid (like you) but He trusted in God and only in God. Where are your Rabbis? They are all silent. How can none of you see it? You have rejected Torah! (...and Muslims? and Christians?... what do you have faith in? the Pharaoh's magicians or faith in God?). God knows best always. Peace be with you.
Cor  C
Cor C 15 gün önce
Fugitive Turks, I will not explain because the epidemic CORONA has become a deep issue, of course you can win a Nobel, but I don't know what will survive the people who give it, Turks take it easy 😊
baybars sonmez
baybars sonmez 15 gün önce
G Ş 13 gün önce
@NoctLightCloud You know that you are lying, the things you said are not true but totally lies... Turkish goverment is not hostile to new companies at all but you are obviously very hostile to current Turkish government.. Sırf kendi politik tarafınızı desteklemek için "ingilizce" yalan şeyler yazıp, kendi ülkenize düşmanlık yapmanız, olmayan şeyler yazıp kötülemeniz, "laf oyunları" yapıp her fırsatta Türk devletini kötüleme çabanız savunduğunuz tarafın ne kadar yanlış olduğunu ispatlıyor zaten...
NoctLightCloud 13 gün önce
@G Ş 60s Turkish govmnt was as hostile towards new companies and money-intensive research as today's. How come so many European countries allowed for progress but never Turkey? As if Turkey would've supported mrna research like that! That today's Turshish govmnt is no better than in the 60s says it all. How come nothing a Turkish person achieves internationally comes from a location in Turkey? Please prove me wrong, I would like to be wrong in this regard. They always have to leave Turkey first to make it, and you being angry at me does not change that fact.
G Ş 13 gün önce
@NoctLightCloud You are completely wrong by on purpose saying current Turkish politicans are hostile to such and startups. It is obviously you prefere to tell wrong things or twist the truth only to support your own political opinion.. You know that Türeci and Şahin's families immigrated to Germany not during "current politicians" but long ago in 1960's... Where did Özlem Türeci and Uğur Şahin have to leave? What are you talking about? You googled but didn't understand anything written or changed whatever written into lies..
NoctLightCloud 14 gün önce
It's a pity that current Turkish politicians are hostile to such science and startups. Even without reading their biography first, I KNEW it that they had to leave Turkey and build their career somewhere else in order to become successful. Then I googled them and my thought got confirmed. Almost no talent seems to be getting suported by the govmnt in Turkey, even though Turkey has intelligent people. Hopefully, that will change in the near future!
Filiz KIZIL 15 gün önce
Uludağ 86
Uludağ 86 13 gün önce
Hayırdır tiplerinde ne var ki pek anlamadım?
G Ş 14 gün önce
Biz de sizin tipinizden KORKTUK VALLAHI..
Helmut Helmut
Helmut Helmut 16 gün önce
I know when it comes to science nationality shouldn't be so important but it pisses me off that Americans trying to get all the credit by calling it just Pfizer vaccine, though biontech did most of the work. So many people don't know anything about this brilliant couple.
Michael G. Hutchings
Michael G. Hutchings Gün önce
Helmut, your Adolph is showing...
Murat Eyupoglu
Murat Eyupoglu 11 gün önce
l think somewhere in the agreement between them Pfizer especially wanted their named in the front and l am not sure but Biontech may get paid more money so they can use it for their future research ,otherwise l can not think of anything...
Yt Comms3
Yt Comms3 12 gün önce
Moderna did a lot of work also in the USA, in parallel with BionTech. Pfizer did the clinical trials for Biontech then mass production.
Chuck Martin
Chuck Martin 14 gün önce
Americans are pretty good marketers, promoters.
Kubra Sth
Kubra Sth 16 gün önce
Such an inspiring couple, humble and dedicated scientists! The world appreciates what you did and will never forget forever. What inspired me the most is that they started working on the vaccine right after they heard a new virus arising in China, before it spreads to the World, and before we know about aggressiveness and clinical significance. As a scientist, they have all the qualities including foresight. Proud as a Turkish doctor who is trying to be a physician-scientist in the future.
lavotha viktor
lavotha viktor 2 gün önce
The real developer of the bases of the Covid vaccine were KATALIN KARIKO Drew Weissman. Kariko is the weispresident of Biontech
th turk
th turk 17 gün önce
It's so amazing they are Turkish and they help to the world at the most dangerous time such a proud of you thank you Mr uğur and özlem
Uludağ 86
Uludağ 86 13 gün önce
@Berivan U what a totally bullshit they are from turkish and Hatay turkish Arabic descent Germans
YS SA 14 gün önce
@Berivan U isnt it awkward to be that pathetic to claim other peoples achievements
YS SA 14 gün önce
@Berivan U if any turk has succed you kurds always claim they are kurdish or whatever
YS SA 14 gün önce
@Berivan U and iskenderun ist an city with mostly turks btw you can see that there are even no hdp voters mostly they vote for Chp or Akp
YS SA 14 gün önce
@Berivan U they never spoke one word kurdish or ever shown an sign of it what they did is they talked in turkish
Anna K
Anna K 18 gün önce
Puff-puff-puff, everyone feeling warm and fuzzy yet? Complete destruction of CD8 cells, solid tumor cancer cases exploding, total dependence on "boosters for life". Crimes against humanity.
Yt Comms3
Yt Comms3 12 gün önce
Experimenting now on Polish orphans.
Dina Lee
Dina Lee 19 gün önce
All the negative feedback are being deleted,
şevval selver olkun
şevval selver olkun 19 gün önce
dr özlem yüzünün yarısı felc galiba
ASHAY JAIN 20 gün önce
Nobel Prize deserves these two !!! Reminds us of Marie Curie and Pierre Curie 👏👏
Simya 21 gün önce
Herşey için teşekkürler Uğur bey ve Özlem hanım...♥️♥️
Bangko Bangko
Bangko Bangko 21 gün önce
Disgusting people.
meltem özden
meltem özden 21 gün önce
Özlem Hanımın dişlerini gülerken ilk kez gördüm.
Lana Lana Lana
Lana Lana Lana 21 gün önce
They’re turkish btw
RGP B 21 gün önce
RIP TED, it was a decent-ish run
Sophie Sterbik
Sophie Sterbik 22 gün önce
I’m so proud of this turkish couple!! The turkish doctors are really smart.Don’t come with comments like; they aren’t turkish,they were born in Germany” They are traditionally from turkey so yeahh;)I’m German but I’m so proud of this 𝙩𝙪𝙧𝙠𝙞𝙨𝙝 couple.I really love them sm!!❤️❤️And u racists better shut up🤪
Dijital Günlük
Dijital Günlük 22 gün önce
Nobody calls into question why vaccines don't work? People keep dying...
Yt Comms3
Yt Comms3 12 gün önce
If something happens within two weeks of getting Vaccinated, CDC counts those cases as UnVaccinated.
Pablo Picasso Escobar
Pablo Picasso Escobar 22 gün önce
*Teşekkürler - Thank you*
Gul-sen 23 gün önce
Mrna was not discovered by them , they used it in covid vaccine ...And the side effects are being monitored at the same time with vaccination...
Yt Comms3
Yt Comms3 12 gün önce
@Tobias no. They did not. But they were established earlier than BionTech and use different mRNA.
Tobias 23 gün önce
CureVac (also a German company) invented mRna... But their vaccination only had an effeciency rate of 50% or so... Big fail for Them. But they still invented it 🤷‍♂️
dudu 24 gün önce
Gururumuzsunuz! Thank you for spending your life for science and humanity! ❤️✌️
Bob Brown
Bob Brown 25 gün önce
10:45 That pretty much just flew right over the interviewers head
O.M.A. 26 gün önce
Meryl Alagoz
Meryl Alagoz 26 gün önce
I think they are the scientists of the Century 💗🇹🇷
Alien Geek Gaming
Alien Geek Gaming 26 gün önce
Amazing story and articulation. God bless
elfi 26 gün önce
üff baba akzent einfach 😂😂😂😂💜💜💜
Eszter Horvath
Eszter Horvath 26 gün önce
Corona-Impfstoffe fast zu 100% aus Adjuvantien in Form von Graphenoxid-Nanopartikeln. Was wiederum klar macht, dass die Reise in Richtung "Transhumanismus", zu menschlichen Robotern gehen soll. Untersuchungsergebnis: "Jede der sechs Impfdosen aus der Impfstoffflasche bestand zu 99,99203% (747 ng) aus Graphenoxid. Der Rest war RNA 0,00797% (6 ng).
The Dude
The Dude 26 gün önce
Last answer was brilliant. AMERICANS we do not care about nationality or color like you do. We do not have BLM bullshit. Skin color is just a color and not a "special live" that "specially" matters.
Eszter Horvath
Eszter Horvath 27 gün önce
The german Version of Elisabeth holmes, mrna was never testet on human, animals died. This couple will be Trailed and go to jail Ro Bert ma lone m r n a kills
Muhammed Emin Çolak
Muhammed Emin Çolak 27 gün önce
Frau Wunderlich
Frau Wunderlich 27 gün önce
Frau Wunderlich
Frau Wunderlich 27 gün önce
lavotha viktor
lavotha viktor 2 gün önce
The real developer of the bases of the Covid vaccine were KATALIN KARIKO Drew Weissman. Kariko is the weispresident of Biontech
DANE YAZILIM 28 gün önce
You are just wonderful people. You have been sent to humanity.
Desert Rose
Desert Rose 28 gün önce
Zurück zur Natur, zurück zur frequenzerhöhung, zurück zu natürlichen Heilmitteln. Weg von big pharma, weg von elektro Smog. Weg von negativität. Weg von angst.
Gulen Guler
Gulen Guler 28 gün önce
So proud of them.Devotion, compassion, and humility.
Oliver K
Oliver K 28 gün önce
Mohammed Azam Khan
Mohammed Azam Khan 28 gün önce
What an incredible couple!
JollyGoodBoi 28 gün önce
Thanks, Dr Death
Daniel D.
Daniel D. 2 gün önce
Dr. Mengele sends greetings
John Doe
John Doe 29 gün önce
Socrates II
Socrates II 29 gün önce
Net worth - USD14 billion Home - apartment Vehicles- bicycle What a family they have.. Thank you
Johannes Tessema
Johannes Tessema 25 gün önce
@Tom Mainz well he might be abducted like that billionaire of the Reemtsma family
Tom Mainz
Tom Mainz 25 gün önce
@Johannes Tessema actually no, he lives just minutes from the lab
Johannes Tessema
Johannes Tessema 26 gün önce
@Tom Mainz I hope he has a security detail, doesn't seem safe to drive around unprotected as a prominent billionaire
Tom Mainz
Tom Mainz 27 gün önce
Very true, i sometimes meet mr. sahin on his bike
wrldll 29 gün önce
İnsanlığın sonunu getiren insanları şaha kaldırıyorsunuz
Turn Down For What
Turn Down For What 28 gün önce
Ela Zet
Ela Zet 29 gün önce
Listen to dr Robert Malone, creator of this method! Open your eyes people!
AusBonnie 29 gün önce
I would have liked to hear their response to the touted adverse effects of their vaccine.
mike strefler
mike strefler 13 gün önce
Me too !
Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla Aylar önce
Muhteşem ve örnek bir çift
everyone Aylar önce
Arkadaşlar türk türk diye heveslenmeyin kadın artık alman olmuş. Uğur'a Ugur diyor.
Uludağ 86
Uludağ 86 13 gün önce
Aynen kökenleri Türk ama kendileri artık alman bunu böyle kabul etmek lazım
if you take biontech pfizer your cells start aging too early - good luck guinea pigs
Walter Brenner
Walter Brenner Aylar önce
The real brains behindert the vakcine Are a dutsch and german guy,or Have You Ever Seen High Quality Goods Made in turkey? ??????????😄😅😅😅😄😅😆😅😅😅
Geri Gabori
Geri Gabori Aylar önce
Vaccine Revolution 🤣🤣🤣🤣 This is just an experimental "vaccine" that has only received an emergency permit. and according to the leaked Pfizer contract in Albania and Brazil, Pfizer itself admits that there are no long-term studies and that they do not know which side effects could occur in the long term and Pfizer assumes no responsibility for this. But the responsibility rests solely with the governments who abuse it. And what do politicians around the world say about the vaccine ??? That it is 100% safe. Although that's not true and the policians know it this!!! Then nowhere is it explained to people that this dirt mRna is not a vaccination but that human DNA is manipulated and even changed through this. A good 20 years ago, when the topic of genetically modified vegetables and grains came up, people were against it because they don't want to eat something like that because nobody knows what that will do to the human body in the long term. And the same people today have their DNA GENE MANIPULATED with this filth !!!! And why!!?? First, the one and a half year fear and panic of the governments and the media. Second, because you are not properly informed what the crap you are getting vaccinated. Kimisch that the mRna research has not been making progress for 20 years and it has NEVER been approved. I wonder why??? But the main thing is that Sahin Tureci and Bill Gates, who invested in their company, have now been able to cram their pockets. You shouldn't spend the money too quickly, however, as over time you will be faced with a flood of DAMAGE COMPLAINTS due to side effects
Yt Comms3
Yt Comms3 Aylar önce
mRNA gets into lymph nodes so happily that they could be confused with tumorous organs ... then the spike protein moves on to fix endothelial cells in blood vessels.
Yt Comms3
Yt Comms3 26 gün önce
@mil ky way ling listen to Drew Weissman January 2021 lecture ... he show on tissue sections that TCell count Increases lymph nodes as part of the immune response. So this is how it was meant to be all along. He contributed to designing the mRNA vaccines and he worked with Master Fauci at NIH before 1998.
mil ky way ling
mil ky way ling 26 gün önce
But how often does this happen?
Yt Comms3
Yt Comms3 Aylar önce
Breathless? What an unfortunate JOKE. How many people got killed with ventillators during the COVID pandemic. They had the 2005 Drew Weissman UPenn patent ... he worked with Master Fauci before he moved to UPenn in 1998. Thanks to the Fauci Wuhan Arrangements, the worldwide pandemic made their mRNA method really profitable.
Rebel Elitez
Rebel Elitez Aylar önce
Outstanding couple and great vision! I bet they are ashamed of governments worldwide making their vaccine mandatory! Mandates are everything but scientific.
damian. 29 gün önce
I bet they're not because their net-worth went 45x through their stock-shares... This 6-month booster shot is an amazing business model for them to profit on. If they truly made this vaccin for Altruistic reasons, they should use that money as a fund to compensate all the people that got fucked by this vaccin. But hey, they already got that covered through a no-liability clause.
Rebel Elitez
Rebel Elitez Aylar önce
So if they are Turkish why do they speak English with a very strong German accent?
Tobias 23 gün önce
Bc they are Germans... She was born here. They just have an immigration background. But they went through German education system.
britturk123 24 gün önce
They are German Turks parents are fully Turkish but Ms Tureci was born in Germany and Ugur came to Germany as a 4 year old so they are very much a German educational success, but with Turkish origins.
Yt Comms3
Yt Comms3 Aylar önce
The wife was born in Germany. The man moved there with his parents when he was only 4 years old. Their parents were Turkish but they both attended schools in Germany.
a b
a b Aylar önce
Too bad they cause cancer , not bad for the company tho :D
Yt Comms3
Yt Comms3 Aylar önce
Time for the boosters already. They ruined naturally acquired immunity for many people in the world and got them hooked on vaccines using fear.
Master Turk
Master Turk Aylar önce
You've got to be modest, respectful, unassuming, courteous, demure, discreet and modest to achieve extra ordinary accomplisments......therefore hat off to them.
ayşe yılmaz
ayşe yılmaz Aylar önce
Thanks. As a Turk, I am proud of you. I sincerely want you to be awarded the Nobel Prize.❤️🇹🇷
Rufat Master
Rufat Master Aylar önce
🇩🇪 🇹🇷 🗺
Özlem Aylar önce
ne güzel insanlar. yolları açık olsun
papatyass Aylar önce
These two Turks!😍
baybars sonmez
baybars sonmez 15 gün önce
britturk123 24 gün önce
@Johannes Tessema Precisely Johannes Germany has invested so much in these two and you can tell by the way they carry themselves that Germany exısts wıthın them.
Johannes Tessema
Johannes Tessema 25 gün önce
two Turkish Germans
Vildan Öz
Vildan Öz Aylar önce
We are proud of you.from İskenderun with love
Canan O Brown
Canan O Brown Aylar önce
An amazing Turkish couple !
Daniel D.
Daniel D. 2 gün önce
I have more respect for the Turkish man around the corner running a Kebab push cart. He's making his money in a honest way and doesn't hurt people.
rihan 16 gün önce
@Johannes Tessema okay and? They’re still Turkish.
Tolga K
Tolga K 21 gün önce
@Tobias They are totally Turkish, raised in Germany
Timucin Tataroglu
Timucin Tataroglu 21 gün önce
@N. 😂😂 Yeaa american boy ...
N. 22 gün önce
They are not Turkish, just have Turkish names.
Harpy Aylar önce
I really wonder if those German Nazis takes the vaccine or not ? 😁
Alex Gommez
Alex Gommez 15 gün önce
Natürlich nicht 😅 ,nicht einmal deren Mitarbeiter bekommen diese Impfung weil sie sich laut Ugur keine Ausfälle leisten können
B K 20 gün önce
They are both Turkish
Al Ce
Al Ce Aylar önce
makes me proud to be immigrant in germany, gives me lot of hope
Al Ce
Al Ce Aylar önce
@yigit celen no
yigit celen
yigit celen Aylar önce
are you Turkish?
Lee Cooper
Lee Cooper Aylar önce
Ugur sahin it's my home boy from my town place could name is iskenderun i am proud of you and you wife keep going my home boy. Massallah of you both.
rihan 16 gün önce
His wife has a name. So use it.
Gizem Yılmazer
Gizem Yılmazer Aylar önce
I'm proud to be a Turk thanks to them! Such inspiring souls!
rihan 16 gün önce
@Johannes Tessema literally why are you so pressed. Calm down. You’re under every comment.
rihan 16 gün önce
@Tobias lmaoo no one’s claiming that Germany is theirs. They’re originally Turkish, it’s not that deep. Shut up.
Johannes Tessema
Johannes Tessema 19 gün önce
@Tolga K Of course we are no friends to the Turkish government, we're not friends with authoritarian regimes where the sultan throws political opponents and journalists in jail or builds illegal 1000-room-palaces with tax payer money while his constituents are struggling to cope with sky high inflation. Turkey was on its way to become a modern secular country and Erdogan eradicated every single bit of progress that was made. And all the educated secular Turks I've met despise Erdogan and are horrified at what's happening with their country.
Tolga K
Tolga K 19 gün önce
@Johannes TessemaThat's what you're fed in Western media constantly. And quite frankly half of what you hear or read is false. If the hypocritical West is against a certain figure in Turkey, that often means that person is doing certain things right. You are no friends to Turks (conservative or secular), never were and never will be. I'm stating this as a left liberal and not an Erdogan supporter. Turkey has achieved heaps over the last two decades (with a lot of good and bad), transformed itself despite all the hurdles and from now on the only way is up after a quick one or two years of struggle. The government will change in 2023 to a more progressive one, taking all the good and bad of the Erdogan era, having learned the lessons from all his mistakes.
Johannes Tessema
Johannes Tessema 21 gün önce
@Tolga K since Erdogan is in power it's only been going backwards
feyza aslan
feyza aslan Aylar önce
Süleyman Bulut
Süleyman Bulut Aylar önce
They deserve Nobel prize.
Boris Rohrbacher
Boris Rohrbacher Aylar önce
Very inspiring. They are so great. Thanks to Biontech, Ugur Sahin, Özlem Türeci for saving so many lives, for being prepared for reacting in the right manner. Must have been very very very difficult for you and your team.
Deniz Bayraktar
Deniz Bayraktar Aylar önce
I'm proud 🇹🇷
filiz Atam
filiz Atam Aylar önce
Proud to be a Turk!!!! So proud
yigit celen
yigit celen Aylar önce
Just curious. Is it true that it was bill gates who funded Pfizer, a company on the verge of collapse, a few months prior to the viral outbreak?
Sivasliyakamoz Aylar önce
Ugur Şahin met with Bill Gates long before the covid-19 pandemic broke out. How does he explain this?
Yt Comms3
Yt Comms3 Aylar önce
He does not have to explain it. Their vaccine is based on Drew Weissman's 2005 UPenn patent ... he worked at NIH with Master Fauci of China Wuhan fame before he moved to UPenn in 1998.
Good Wong
Good Wong Aylar önce
Basic Rule: No vaccine nor drug can be given to humans WITHOUT PASSING EXPERIMENTS. This is evil injected into us without passing experiments !!
Yt Comms3
Yt Comms3 Aylar önce
The experiments are being done now and they are not very well organized or controlled.
İpekç Aylar önce
They are still talking about spending the money they earned from vaccine on developments to cure people, every time I take drink I toast Türeci and Şahin , we are grateful, thank you 🙏
yigit celen
yigit celen Aylar önce
@İpekç they actually only prolonged the eua. read the website
İpekç Aylar önce
@yigit celen fda already did
yigit celen
yigit celen Aylar önce
how so? the jab still needs to be proven safe
chechen nohco
chechen nohco Aylar önce
Allahim ne kadar cirkin bir kadin kocasida oyle allah rabbiyesiri almis cehennem elemanlari gibi
Jaweher Aylar önce
just vaccinated pfizer
Yt Comms3
Yt Comms3 Aylar önce
Almost time for your boosters already if you have belly fat.
Io Sta
Io Sta Aylar önce
Precisely, they said it themselves. GENETIC MANIPULATION ANYWAY THEY WANT.
Io Sta
Io Sta Aylar önce
The wolfs like to disguise themselves in sheep skin. The devil likes to wear a veil of innocence.
britturk123 17 gün önce
Yes and you like to live in a secular country like a free person.
Menekşe 17 gün önce
@britturk123 bu videonun altında hep sizin gibi düşünenler yorum yazmış, cahil kim bir düşünmeniz lazım, düşüncesini yayanlar siz olduğunuza göre
britturk123 24 gün önce
And ignorant fools are out in the open for all to see, happy to spread their unfounded thoughts to others ignorant non thinkers.
Berat AHİ
Berat AHİ Aylar önce
Thank you for everything. You will be a role model for many children, especially in Turkey and all over the world. Thank you very much for all your effort.
Yt Comms3
Yt Comms3 Aylar önce
They will all want to leave Turkey and move to Germany LOL.
Mari Kleinen
Mari Kleinen Aylar önce
Thank you for the nice informative video that we could get to know the couple of devoting scientists tirelessly in science.
Daniel D.
Daniel D. 2 gün önce
more such science and the world population will be soon erased from the face of the earth.
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