IM BACK!!! Scary Randonautica Videos That’ll Freak You Out - LIVE REACTION

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Scary Randonautica Videos That’ll Freak You Out
Haunted Doll Smashes My Table and Haunts My House! Ghost Answers Me!

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Daylin Segovia
Daylin Segovia 4 gün önce
What up artofkickz
Myriam Pierre
Myriam Pierre 4 gün önce
Thats one creepy look??no offense??!!😳😳😳
Fnetic_Venom 13 gün önce
Man that thumbnail gave me nightmares
Rita Migues
Rita Migues 15 gün önce
That guy is Rolandwithme and his videos are fake. when he is in garage with doll you can see a pink wire connected to dolls arm. now the other people he hangs with are legit. That doll has a wire running through it's body. when he pulls wire doll sits up.
JG 16 gün önce
Someone gonna tell him that Koch is a totally normal lastname in Germany and that the ch is not pronounced as K but like the J in Jalapeño?
Nicci Rhodes Fox
Nicci Rhodes Fox 17 gün önce
one more
Athlove1G4 Wagner
Athlove1G4 Wagner 17 gün önce
Have orgonite man
Bliss1970 18 gün önce
Dude! Please go with your buddy and livestream it!!!! Yes!
Bliss1970 18 gün önce
I’m gonna try Randonautica tonight.
exiledxcrafter 19 gün önce
Spirits gotta start telling people we dead not deaf why you yelling?
Neo 19 gün önce
That's what the first clip look like I think a rake or a decent what I call them from the movie u know. U the MAN. Later
Kim Denig
Kim Denig 20 gün önce
The coffins were obviously props from some haunted house business
LegionCronas Stark
LegionCronas Stark 20 gün önce
Angel Garza
Angel Garza 22 gün önce
This is real also this video is a series of them y'all are on the wrong one there is a lot of these videos with different things happening you have to watch from the start to understand it all
Kaffy Taffy
Kaffy Taffy 23 gün önce
Yes! V necks!
Joshua Dela Cruz
Joshua Dela Cruz 24 gün önce
Oh sheeet! I screamed the hell out! I'm on a call with my managers and forgot to mute. Hahahaha! Wtf
Benjamin Figueroa II
Benjamin Figueroa II 26 gün önce
No one notice the orb that flies between the two people drunk after the door closes.
Jessica Amador
Jessica Amador 28 gün önce
It’s rollin and he has done a few videos with a youtuber called omargosh tv
Northern Dave
Northern Dave 29 gün önce
I would love to see AOK, Stevie Knight, Shaq and Tyrone Magnus get together and do some Rando hunting lol
Matthew Burks
Matthew Burks Aylar önce
I'll go to my local trap house record it and say it sent me there so I can get a whole bunch of subs LMAO which dress is bad as the places on the videos LMAO
Jason Ferguson
Jason Ferguson Aylar önce
When the box moved instantly when he put it down was awesome
Jason Ferguson
Jason Ferguson Aylar önce
I'd burn the doll on the grill I mean he already said he burnt a Oujia board on it so why not just burn the doll and if it possessed I like to hear it scream as it burns hahahaha
Jason Ferguson
Jason Ferguson Aylar önce
It either got a really thin fishline attached to it head or its a animatronic doll and is circuit is on fritz
Jason Ferguson
Jason Ferguson Aylar önce
The only thing missing now is some Erie music from the X-Files
Jason Ferguson
Jason Ferguson Aylar önce
Ooooohhhh soooo scary what they meant to be vampire's hahahaha
Jason Ferguson
Jason Ferguson Aylar önce
There would be no school on this planet that would allow such an excursion if it means possible unexplained disappearances or kids getting hurt or what ever
Jason Ferguson
Jason Ferguson Aylar önce
The animated video reminded me of the episode of South Park which was like jeepers creepers and also reminded me of the 80s horror movie the Howling
Jason Ferguson
Jason Ferguson Aylar önce
Would have believed it even more if there had been some lights on or the flash on his phone was on I call BS on it
Jason Ferguson
Jason Ferguson Aylar önce
I'm more scared of swimming in a pool than all these so called scary videos/ locations
Jason Ferguson
Jason Ferguson Aylar önce
A rake loves human flesh as they are cannibalistic and we're like a delicious dinner to them and they kinda look like Golem from Lord of the rings
Jason Ferguson
Jason Ferguson Aylar önce
I reckon they filmed it first with the rocking chair and the plastic plates and then they just photo shopped themselves out to make it look legit
Jason Ferguson
Jason Ferguson Aylar önce
I watch scary shit all the time on my own weather it be day or night I prefer the dark it has more of a sinister vibe to it
Jason Ferguson
Jason Ferguson Aylar önce
It's like they had too much acid thinking I like that pole it's a nice pole
Jason Ferguson
Jason Ferguson Aylar önce
Screw COVID you either going get or not live or die so be it I just enjoy what time I got on this rock cause I sure as hell know I'm not coming back no second chances
Jason Ferguson
Jason Ferguson Aylar önce
Why couldn't my randonautica app take to a place like where those coffins are that be sick as
Jason Ferguson
Jason Ferguson Aylar önce
What ever it was is pissed cause you interrupting it's business it was taking crap by looks of it
Jason Ferguson
Jason Ferguson Aylar önce
If that was me in the first clip I be picking a huge stick and smashing its face in and then I be sending it away for autopsy to see what it is
Jason Ferguson
Jason Ferguson Aylar önce
I downloaded it on my android phone as well and It's shit all hoax and BS I wanted to see actual locations you know like go on adventures and all that plus I also did it for shits and giggles as well but major let down
Angela Lynn
Angela Lynn Aylar önce
This doll guy is so fake
John Romero
John Romero Aylar önce
What's up my Brother like the Video's
Peak 19
Peak 19 Aylar önce
bro i love your videos but im getting 720P in 2020 bruhhhh.. i need to be able to see that beard oil bruh.. lol all love
carla sherrod
carla sherrod Aylar önce
😂😂😂 we see your face clearly
Robert Rogers
Robert Rogers Aylar önce
The field of coffins looks like the remnants of a Halloween Haunted house that closed and they just dumped them in that field or maybe the remains of a haunted hay ride. They were all props though not real.
Mia Nix
Mia Nix Aylar önce
Your really funny I love your videos 🦋❤️
Ali Foster
Ali Foster Aylar önce
What's that fuzzy hair looking stuff in the top right of his camera lol
E S Aylar önce
AOK mafia is the fam!
Droll Green
Droll Green Aylar önce
The clip pertaining to the caskets and tables, those are remains from an old haunted house. I don't know that location personally, but i do remember when i was younger, me and my buddies got dropped off for cosmic bowling and right across the parking lot was a haunted house that opens every Halloween. But we ventured into the woods behind the building and there were caskets and all other old and broken props from the haunted house out there
Jerry Elliott
Jerry Elliott Aylar önce
What up brother from Louisiana
Ashley Leong
Ashley Leong Aylar önce
Ppl are still doing that app. Ppl don't care bout staying home or social distance lol.. cases are still rising
karl williams
karl williams Aylar önce
the last video if it was real destroying the doll would release the enterty if not fake ,but wonder how he got some stuff to move like the suitcase on wheels thats odd one,id say to anyone that has a haunted object dont destroy it ,his doll is a prop small motors and lights
Vicki Taylor
Vicki Taylor Aylar önce
New name fright nite hero
Mrs. Tasha
Mrs. Tasha Aylar önce
Dude talking like he's on a episode of Paranormal Activity!!🤣😂🤣 New Sub, so I'm binge watching now.
Peter Ascherl
Peter Ascherl Aylar önce
Rollen with me is cap
Just Brandy
Just Brandy Aylar önce
1:21:47-1:21:49 is that a coat rack with a hoodie or a full ass man standing there?? 😳
Kyle Grey
Kyle Grey Aylar önce
@41:25 the tic Tok video. As soon as the door shuts I see a little ball of light shoot past the dude... please tell me I’m not the only one that noticed that
Drew T
Drew T Aylar önce
In Thailand there a game similar to this but you need 5 people to play but its end up bad way no one live Thailand banned that game from playing in Thailand because of people dying form it.
Carole Ann Jackson
Carole Ann Jackson Aylar önce
Not u cos ur brilliant
Carole Ann Jackson
Carole Ann Jackson Aylar önce
You tube should be ashamed of them selves
Damien Feltus
Damien Feltus Aylar önce
Ain't no strings on that doll
Damien Feltus
Damien Feltus Aylar önce
He's not acting
PurpleSwaq Aylar önce
1:21:11 Don’t mess wit this mans breakfast table... 💀
Amanda Pyatte
Amanda Pyatte Aylar önce
it’s so funny in every single video you do about ghost you are constantly looking behind you. is your house haunted?
Thomas Hurl Hi
Thomas Hurl Hi Aylar önce
Lol hate to do another white rference but again only white folks do cults show me one black cult
Thomas Hurl Hi
Thomas Hurl Hi Aylar önce
Randonautica thats extremely dumb af only a blonde!
Thomas Hurl Hi
Thomas Hurl Hi Aylar önce
Yeah def different background no mail box and certain buildings
joaquin rodriguez
joaquin rodriguez Aylar önce
ppl that say roland is cap go and see his videos. fools. guss you guys never lived in a haunted house like me. shit like that piss me off. not everone are pussys and scream like bitchs
James Silva
James Silva Aylar önce
Self correction errors...ooops...sorry...
James Silva
James Silva Aylar önce
If it can get out of date box, it be co.img out of all dem locked boxes man....its not a dum ghost days for sure...!!!
Zee Ndidi
Zee Ndidi Aylar önce
i actually downloaded this App out of a dare from my best friend, and i dared her to go with me if i searched our random attraction; it led us to an almost abandomed horror house; and i say almost because a fucking creepy ass CLOWN straight up ran at us while we were about to get out the car!!!!
Zee Ndidi
Zee Ndidi Aylar önce
@Dom Lop good idea; Survival up to 99.9%🤫
Dom Lop
Dom Lop Aylar önce
@Zee Ndidi just bring a friend that’s slower than you and you’ll be good 😂
Zee Ndidi
Zee Ndidi Aylar önce
@Dom Lop trust me it IS. i am still scarred from my last one. but not saying i wont "Maybe" do it one more time to see what else is there (Not really) but MAYBE!!! who knows...
Dom Lop
Dom Lop Aylar önce
@Zee Ndidi I downloaded the app but my friends weren’t down, so I guess that was for the best lol
Zee Ndidi
Zee Ndidi Aylar önce
@Dom Lop You crazy fool. 🤣but seriously though that legit was terrifying. I am NOT doing it again
James Silva
James Silva Aylar önce
Where's the yellow lines the bushes on the its different not what they want you to believe.....FAKE...!!!
John Burrell
John Burrell Aylar önce
On the second video when they're panning back and forth, if you look to the right of the camera there is a blue car. That car can't be seen in the camera... I think it may be the rear camera...I do however believe they done some kind of editing to get rid of it
Marilyn Sears
Marilyn Sears Aylar önce
Ok I’m sorry but I noticed some things that I gotta call out. If he can afford a Tesla and such a beautiful house why the hell can’t he get his teeth fixed ?! I mean dayum!!!!
Clinton Allen
Clinton Allen Aylar önce
I've been randonauting about four times and nothing creepy at all happened to me. It's all about your intentions
Drury 43
Drury 43 Aylar önce
Wow that guy at the end must have the most haunted house in history lol. He's so fake and a terrible actor . Seen his other stuff its bs. He makes bank so why stop
mark J Mocorro
mark J Mocorro Aylar önce
Dude.theres a face of a women bind the wall.check on 34:36minutes.its creepy
Daniel Hogue
Daniel Hogue 2 aylar önce
Holy crap That doll video is obviously fake
Jamie Barker
Jamie Barker 2 aylar önce
He’s an angry cap master
Angel Feather
Angel Feather 2 aylar önce
I've seen worse fake videos. You're right he's entertaining to watch even though it's obviously fake.
Derek Hedberg
Derek Hedberg 2 aylar önce
Did any one hear siren head in this video
Pha4ntom_JB 2 aylar önce
Mark McGaugh
Mark McGaugh 2 aylar önce
That last dude is not even close to being a good actor so so cap.
Dragonslayer 2 aylar önce
Man, our boy AOK's paranoia levels rose when chat told him to make the room dark 🤣. He keeps turning his head every couple of seconds.
William Tillia
William Tillia 2 aylar önce
wayne hale
wayne hale 2 aylar önce
Y don’t anyone ask how he escaped the skin Walker cuuseit was fing fast
MrBLACKGSXR1000 2 aylar önce
Bruh bruh at 40:23 an orb came from the left side of frame and then the door closed. True story! Thanks for the video.
MrBLACKGSXR1000 2 aylar önce
matter fact it was two orbs
Dianne Zipperer
Dianne Zipperer 2 aylar önce
That last video...that Roland guy was talking like William Shatner from Star Trek
Cody Pilkington
Cody Pilkington 2 aylar önce
At 40:54 on the video you can see an orb going around in the background when the door shuts
AslanRP 3 aylar önce
That last video was cap, but good. His 1st channel started with his girls on "All4TubeVLOGS"
Bear Claw
Bear Claw 3 aylar önce
What day on October my oldest daughter is on the 31
over it
over it 3 aylar önce
@1:30:30 When the box *ZOOMED* tf across the floor, I lost it! 🤣
over it
over it 3 aylar önce
I probably don’t have to say this, but Alberto (anyone actually) shouldn’t just reach out to the spirit realm and make a deal. You don’t know who, what, or how many of whatever you’re talking to. Money is not worth your soul or peace.
Faendra Lostrego
Faendra Lostrego 3 aylar önce
22:28 it looks like a bastardized May Pole ritual
Moro 3 aylar önce
i think a question mark in your thumbnail making it a question would make more sense
Adam carpender
Adam carpender 3 aylar önce
If you look above the dishes that fall off that plastic cabinet you will see a black shadow right behind the dishes
S0URC3 PVG3 N0T F0UND 3 aylar önce
SCP-096 is literally in the first video
Natalie grey
Natalie grey 3 aylar önce
bruhhh I thought your friend is a ghost walking in the background
Natalie grey
Natalie grey 3 aylar önce
fuuuuu that girl with the black hair running up to the camera scared the hell out of me T=T
Chamorita Secret
Chamorita Secret 3 aylar önce
Check out and stick to Nukes Top 5 as well as weird shyt from chills
James Darby
James Darby 3 aylar önce
The video with the 2 guys walkin down the road is fake. When they turn around with the camera and look at the guys, there is a white house at the end of the road. On the rear camera, there is no house at the end of the road and it isn't even the same neighborhood.
Angel Romero
Angel Romero 3 aylar önce
yo house is haunted bro oo
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