Biking To Work

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8 yıl önce

The Denver region is beautiful, with great facilities for biking-not just for recreation, but as transportation. Give it a try: let Way to Go show you how easy it can be.

Ilyassou 2 aylar önce
Made the sudden switch from public transportation to biking to work, I'm happier now
BABYSNAILY 2 aylar önce
What's good about biking is that you appreciate your surroundings more, healthy for you and healthy for the environment.
Rayzor Wood
Rayzor Wood Aylar önce
Been doing it for 4 weeks now. Planned to do it this summer for weight loss, but when my car started acting up beyond what I already knew was a repair bill , so I was like....fux it. Despite taking longer to get in, I feel more relaxed mentally, even if I'm sweating my arse off. No more jockeying for position, or getting stuck behind people holding the passing lane at 10 under the limit, just me, the road, and the scenery...and the same old red lights you'll curse anyway. Oh...and one nasty hill on the ride home, that has taught me the importance of checking where the wind will blow from ;) This all said with the caveat that there is public transportation as an option in my case, that can haul both me and my bike. A plan b is important ;)
Snaily Aylar önce
RC Prepping
RC Prepping 5 aylar önce
62 years old. Bought a bicycle for work and around town shopping and everything I can do without a car. My car is for rain out days and emergencies.
JDMJ  Universal
JDMJ Universal 5 aylar önce
Wow, actually this is a sustainable solution. Agreed 100% with you!!! With bikes we can build a world without bad road accidents,air pollution ,sound pollution. no time wasting road traffics ,no sugar or cholesterol 😊👍, no worries with others, friendly to your pocket , and many more.... eventually it makes you happy.!!!! Love from sri lanka 👍
jonathan foo
jonathan foo 4 aylar önce
Got rid of my vehicle because the time after time most owners of workshop in Singapore (cost of living and rental) rip customers after servicing. And in Sg, its mostly about status and impression one makes for others to see.
James Morris
James Morris Yıl önce
My bike will be delivered this Wednesday and this will be the last time I drive a car . Am looking forward 2 it
ajit lekshmonan
ajit lekshmonan 29 gün önce
I'm a 60 yr old pensioner. Bought a 3×7 beginners' bike in November, 21. I wanted to try how I can ride a bike at 60 after a break of 40yrs... But, now, surprisingly I feel great, physically fit, ride 20 km/day in our bicycle hostile town (Trivandrum) and, ultimately, have plans to upgrade my bike to a Trek Verve 2... !!! 😃
JRClaybrook Aylar önce
@Michael hey which ebike did you go with? I'm looking at that option too bike route is 14 miles to work
Michael 2 aylar önce
Hope it is going well. I have found that I am too tired to ride the 22 miles round trip every day. So I switched to an e-bike
grey. 2 aylar önce
The last time you will ever drive a car???
diesel828 2 aylar önce
I guarantee you’ve driven your car since this comment.
AZ Films
AZ Films 7 aylar önce
I have been making and posting biking videos too :) made my second one recently and getting better at it! Love them
Colombian Flag
Colombian Flag 5 yıl önce
😎 video.more bikes less car's
Xuân Sơn Nghiêm
Xuân Sơn Nghiêm Yıl önce
Short, but it’s great
humanity Channel
humanity Channel 4 aylar önce
So nice Always be happy my dear My prayers always with you Take care of yourself
SIVAH. AKASH. - ஆகாஷ்
SIVAH. AKASH. - ஆகாஷ் 8 aylar önce
Love this!
Matt McGinnis
Matt McGinnis Yıl önce
So glad I sold my car.
Ferrichrome 2 aylar önce
I hope to do the same one day. I already bike to work, but there is little to no public transit in my area and I don't want to have to bug my parents for car rides. One day if I move to an area with better trains and buses I can make it work I'm certain.
JDMJ  Universal
JDMJ Universal 5 aylar önce
I appreciate you! What a valuable and sustainable decision !!👍
Arnold Patricio Vlogs
Arnold Patricio Vlogs 5 aylar önce
Nice video! Done watching!
SolarizeYourLife 9 aylar önce
I have to put my bike on bus going to work because it is too dangerous otherwise... Even riding on sidewalks is dangerous, cars do not look for pedestrians going into/out of parking lots... Hit twice...
dabz N slugg
dabz N slugg 2 aylar önce
Lawsuits But money for your injuries man ! More money
Brian Truck ✌️
Brian Truck ✌️ Yıl önce
peter k
peter k 6 gün önce
as long as we choose musclepropelled bicycles, not the electric type.
Ray Fitch
Ray Fitch 2 aylar önce
I have been riding a bike now for 65 years, got knocked off twice in that time ?, The government can't or won't make the effort to cater for bicycle's because the motorist give the Hiaracy so much in income, where as most cyclist's don't even have insurance ? only pay tax when bying the bike if bought new & when bying parts if doing repairs them selves, my bike is approxamately 92 years old, how much has the government lost in car revenue in the time the bike was bought ? Love to everbody keep safe, carry on riding.
Milo Sowell
Milo Sowell 4 aylar önce
I'm not afraid of any of the things mentioned, I'm worried about showing up to work red-faced and covered in sweat.
Hollow 19 gün önce
@Colin Java This is why work that has showers in it with closets is the best
Colin Java
Colin Java 4 aylar önce
I have to change my shirt when I get to work from cycling, and I wash my back a little as it gets sweaty from rucksack. I wouldn't wanna be doing that if I was working in an office really. Also, when it rains, or when it's freezing cold, being on a bike is horrible. I just put up with it though.
Computer Addic
Computer Addic 2 aylar önce
Yep!Do like the Dutch do!😊
65 Maths 65
65 Maths 65 Yıl önce
Those days before google maps..
Saran Bhatia
Saran Bhatia 11 gün önce
Way to go!
Maxime K-G
Maxime K-G 2 aylar önce
But how will I be able to use the drive-through services of my city when I get hungry??!?!1!??
Stephany Zamboni
Stephany Zamboni 4 aylar önce
Tifposki 24 gün önce
US ONLY! As youtube has an international audience, the creator could have at least added this critical note to the description.
Tina Loye
Tina Loye 10 aylar önce
I HATE cycling but it needs to be done.
Theshowaboutnothing 6 aylar önce
@SirDella colaborate
Jackson West
Jackson West 6 aylar önce
@Tina Loye Cars are uncomfortable too... Narrow streets, people cutting you off, slamming brake checks. Not fun! I think bicycles are comfortable when you get the right fit. Not just any Walmart bike, but a bike designed to fit you. Expect to spend at least $400/$600 for something entry level that will suit you. The rest of us need to lobby for bicycle infastructure that displaces the car in our cities, thus making our cities walkable again! Thanks!
Tina Loye
Tina Loye 10 aylar önce
@SirDella It’s an uncomfortable experience but the benefit outweighs the discomfort....
SirDella 10 aylar önce
Why the hate?
John Johnson
John Johnson Aylar önce
Wish I could
Soe Moe
Soe Moe Aylar önce
Good choose. 👍👍👍
Yvesflower 4 aylar önce
Except my work is 19km away and only 30% of the way is bike paths
Andrew Sneacker
Andrew Sneacker Aylar önce
40 min ride. not a big deal.
Nimish Sharma
Nimish Sharma Yıl önce
That's great 👍
Nimish Sharma
Nimish Sharma Yıl önce
@Preston Cade ok 👍 bro
Kuya Rey Channel
Kuya Rey Channel 2 aylar önce
Bike commuter to work here.. Ride safe to all.
Jakmid adventure
Jakmid adventure 5 aylar önce
Ilove bike to work
Rute Silva
Rute Silva 7 aylar önce
How to protect yourself from the rain to get to work not all with water?
Fabricio Sakai
Fabricio Sakai 6 aylar önce
See a Poncho (of rain), there's some videos on TRshow. I buy mine last week, but I didn't have the opportunity to use it yet.
Dean Robinson
Dean Robinson 3 aylar önce
Fantastic ad
Tim Lewis
Tim Lewis 16 gün önce
Got a good bike for carting a 200+ lb Romanian guy 20 miles each way?
Honrarri 9K RPM
Honrarri 9K RPM 10 gün önce
Motorcycle noise??? You have to be trailer trash not to find that repulsive!
grey. 2 aylar önce
I mean it is dangerous.
Andrew Sneacker
Andrew Sneacker Aylar önce
Do you know how many people die in cars every day?
First Last
First Last Aylar önce
Captain Mienshao
Captain Mienshao 2 aylar önce
Too many thugs on the streets tho
Captain Mienshao
Captain Mienshao 26 gün önce
@Andrew Sneacker did what you told me and there's still too many thugs... and now loose dogs as well.
Andrew Sneacker
Andrew Sneacker Aylar önce
Plan a better route.
Maki Clothing
Maki Clothing 5 aylar önce
"Designed In Europe" Coming soon a downhiĺl clothing brand
Clyde Arlow
Clyde Arlow Aylar önce
Denver Colorado
Colin Java
Colin Java 4 aylar önce
Good video, but several advantages and disadvantages to both car and bike, it's not as simple as it sounds.
Zvala 8 aylar önce
1:14 the reason you clicked on this shitty video. YW
Antiques & Collectibles
Antiques & Collectibles 9 aylar önce
Let's not forget that plenty can go wrong when riding a bike.
Abner Ruiz
Abner Ruiz Aylar önce
Thanks to car infrastructure.
Najaf Shah
Najaf Shah 3 aylar önce
Only clicked for that classic beauty of a woman. Nothing else matters ;~]
FogCity Writer
FogCity Writer Aylar önce
Bikes . . .no stereo, no beverage holders, no storage for my toys, no place for my dog, bring a chick, nope to all . .. bikes are transport for losers
Otozinclus 28 gün önce
60% of all people who drove by bike to work missed commuting during tje pandemic, while from the people who commuted by car it was only 20% who missed it. People who commute by bike are prooven to have on average a more enjoyable expirience. Dogs can get transported by bike too, there are dog holders for bike. You can useearplugs as stereo, but you dont even need them because during biking you arent constantly bored like it is the case with driving, because you actually have something to do
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