Parents of Parkland Shooting Victim Cry While Hearing Autopsy Findings

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Law&Crime Network

Law&Crime Network

Yıl önce

Parkland shooting victim Gina Montalto's parents started to cry while hearing the findings of their daughter's autopsy.
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@beppo1 Yıl önce
As a parent, sitting 15’ away from this animal while hearing what he did to your son or daughter would be absolutely gut wrenching. I genuinely don’t understand how they kept it together. The restraint the families showed during this trial is one of the most incredible things I’ve ever seen.
@pontusbackman1863 Yıl önce
The doctor is amazing. I can see in his eyes he bears emotions and empathy for the parents, but you can't hear it and you can't see it from his body language.
@johnfranklin5277 Yıl önce
I can tell you as someone who has worked in an ICU for 40 years, there ARE TIMES that our emotions for not only the patient, but FOR THE FAMILY , does get to us, and we do take it home, and its difficult to get it out of our minds. Many is the time I've got off shift, got in my car, and just sat there and broke down. Many times I've embraced total strangers and shared tears with them. My heart goes out to these family's whose lives are changed forever. Losing a loved one is always devastating, but to lose your child in this manner.....I cant even imagine it.
@isaotero266 Yıl önce
The constant frowns on their faces just breaks my heart. The pain they must be feeling is unimaginable. I just pray that in time they find peace
@missykeatings9114 Yıl önce
The look on the faces of the parents absolutely breaks my heart. I could never be so strong as them.
@t.7721 Yıl önce
Enormous respect to the doctor who kept it very professional and thanks to people like him in his profession, we can solve crimes and know what happened to our loved ones.
@mc1069 Yıl önce
The BEST way he can honor the victims is by doing his work flawlessly, and this includes stating the facts and his findings, without any signs of emotion or bias.
@redlocculturetalk370 Yıl önce
The doctor is awesome. He’s provided great detail and explanations of how things are caused and why . You can see it’s difficult for him to speak about these children who died . He too goes home with these images and details in his memory . It’s hard to tell families how their loved ones died .
@Anayaah421 Yıl önce
The way all the families look out for each other is remarkable. I'm so sorry for all the loss you've had to suffer. No parent should have to bury their child, but this is a rotten world we live in. I pray for everyone involved. I hope you find peace and healing.
@harlenewharekawa2152 Yıl önce
These poor parents. Can’t even imagine their pain. I’m so sorry for the loss of your babies ♥️
That is so horrible. I'm not even halfway through it and I'm already bawling. These poor people didn't deserve this, I hope they rest forever in peace. And I hope the murderer goes out a horrible horrible way to make up for the horrible actions that he did not only hurting so many victims but also their families. The coroner has my full respect. I could never be in a job where I could witness that and still be sane.
@kanishkajayasuriya3327 Yıl önce
Those burns on the second victims wounds and that fact that the entrance wounds were on the anterior aspect of the body means that poor girl was looking at this animal in face as it was killing her. I cannot express how much hate I have for him. I cannot imagine what the parents are going through. The doctor did an amazing job. My prayers lay with all the families which have to suffer because of this animals actions
@mc1069 Yıl önce
Imagine seeing these pictures of your baby on an autopsy table and her murderer is in the room, and you can't do anything. The frustration must be unbearable.
@lulukdydun9131 Yıl önce
imagine having to hear such specific detail of the wounds that caused an immense amount pain for your child and ultimately killed them, in the same room as the person that inflicted the wounds. these parents are strong for baring this. i am usually good at maintaining composure, but if i were one of those parents, i know i would break down. i would have to try so insanely hard to not physically lash out at the killer when he’s in the same room.
@jnmg19 Yıl önce
How horrible for the parents to see the pictures of their children in a table after an autopsy! That’s the worst nightmare that a human being can live through! I can’t even imagine…
Gina Montalto's parents broke my heart. No parent should go thru this. I'm shedding tears for all these families who lost their babies, there are no words.
@sandrasandoval4466 Yıl önce
I get this Doctor. I respect him. He's professional. I've worked in a funeral home, housekeeper at a hospital and now as a caregiver for the elderly. We care, we show our emotions at the proper time. We Must stay professional on the job. Or we end up neglecting our clients, patients and/or the families. And we are there to help them.
@NurseKortney Yıl önce
I’m not a parent but I feel for these parents so much. I’m so sorry for your loss.
@seeingheaven2 Yıl önce
I’ve read a few comments about Dr. Osbournes’ demeanor, and feeling that he seems a little “cold” when describing the injuries. Medical providers, whose job it is to deal with trauma/death day-in and day-out, definitely develop the ability to disassociate from their emotions. They couldn’t do their jobs if they didn’t. People having anxiety, shock, and stress reactions have difficulty thinking clearly. In these particular professions, we desperately need those among us who can put these emotions aside temporarily to do these very necessary jobs. These people, like anyone else exposed to violence in a society, do take all of this with them however. All of the witnessed trauma and violence to human beings, big and small, creates a type of PTSD that each deals with in their own way. The brutality of our world is an astonishing thing, and these dedicated professionals act as it’s witness.
@vea537 Yıl önce
I honestly give so much respect to the parents of the victims i can’t imagine what it’s like to have to essentially relive the horror of that day with this trial, let alone sit in the same room with the person who took their children’s lives without wanting to scream or lunge out at him. I hope that their journeys to a more peaceful life comes to them.
Did the kids save his life?😱
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