UNEXPECTED VOICES in the Blind Auditions of The Voice | Top 10

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Best of The Voice

Best of The Voice

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Watch Part 2 📺 • UNEXPECTED VOICES...
🚨 This video features the following performances:
00:00 Pablo Carrasco sings “Still Loving You” by Scorpions (Argentina, 2018)
01:50 Janaki Easwar sings “lovely” by Billie Eilish (Australia, 2021)
03:54 Alexander Eder sings “Your Man” by Josh Turner (Germany, 2018)
07:12 Jason Jones sings “Pillowtalk” by Zayn (UK, 2017)
09:18 Виктория Стоичкова sings “Look What You Made Me Do” by Taylor Swift (Bulgaria, 2018)
11:45 Самвел Азатян sings “Black or White” by Michael Jackson (Russia, 2021)
14:06 Sebastian James Hekneby sings “Chandelier” by Sia (Norway, 2017)
16:11 Carlos Ángel Valdés sings “Jealous” by Labrinth (Spain, 2021)
18:37 Surange Weerasinghe sings “Earth Song” by Michael Jackson (Sri Lanka, 2021)
21:15 John Holiday sings “Misty” by Ella Fitzgerald (USA, 2020)
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Best of The Voice
Best of The Voice Yıl önce
What’s the most unexpected voice you’ve heard in the Blind Auditions? ✌️
Steph Shepard
Steph Shepard Yıl önce
One from the Voice China. Had the screen up, deep gravely voice. Short lady singing. Was incredible.
Kevin Liu
Kevin Liu Yıl önce
Janaki Easwar!
Kei Tsukishima
Kei Tsukishima Yıl önce
Ayat Shaikh from Voice India kids (blind audition)
MJrobloxian4ever Yıl önce
The first one looked like an young lady singing -
Jumalin Mary Mae H.
Jumalin Mary Mae H. Yıl önce
Janaki Easwar
Janaki Easwar
Janaki Easwar Yıl önce
Janaki, the second girl in the video here. Thank you for all your lovely comments!!
Daniel_H212 Yıl önce
You sound amazing!
BROWN BOI Yıl önce
U deserves it janaki 😍😍 Btw I’m also from kerala calicut 🌼 so much proud of u dear … keep doing it 💜 loads of love and blessings
Gaming with Joy
Gaming with Joy Yıl önce
Whare are you from?
Alannah Cavanough
Alannah Cavanough Yıl önce
@Gaming with Joy she is from Australia 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺
plukjj roos
plukjj roos Yıl önce
Your parents are adorable ❤️
lanadamisma 2 gün önce
Ohhhhh,que voces tan increíble,el 1er participante,Argentino él lo ame,al resto también,claramente ❤
sazen 8 aylar önce
Pablo, the first contestant blew me away with his voice. Jaw dropped. Such purity in his voice.. amazing. Really, everyone was fantastic!!!!!
Boñiga33 8 aylar önce
He deserve to win, but that didn't happen :c
JayJ 7 aylar önce
lol he sounded so bad
sazen 7 aylar önce
@JayJ No, he really didn't. He was awesome.
Black Label
Black Label 6 aylar önce
The diction is so bad
Beegus 6 aylar önce
Voice mustve been too OP when he was younger
The Elvish Chronicles Writer
The Elvish Chronicles Writer 7 aylar önce
The second girl's voice just blew me away. she was so powerful and she had such great control.
Elite Gamer 20
Elite Gamer 20 5 aylar önce
Alexander’s family was so supportive
Beth A.
Beth A. 8 aylar önce
I love the first man's voice!! He has the soul of a rocker! The second singer has a very powerful voice! I love the way she sings with emotion 💕
David Diego
David Diego 7 aylar önce
Hi Beth 👋 How’re you doing today?😊
Jeson Vitor
Jeson Vitor 4 aylar önce
Meriana Koe
Meriana Koe 2 aylar önce
Me too 😍😍❤️
Joshua Amadeus Ishak
Joshua Amadeus Ishak 11 gün önce
The first guy sounded very young. And, his voice really fits for rock and soul music.
Owl Watch
Owl Watch 2 gün önce
Первый отрывок доказывает что люди уникальны)), таким голосом петь шикарно))
Moo Yıl önce
That 19 year old had my mind blown, it is RARE that u find a voice like that yet to find a voice that can sing a Josh turner song so well.
LinaS Yıl önce
Very cool! In case you didn't know it and enjoy covers of the song, there's also this other, US teen who sang the song in an audition: /watch?v=6jZjis-skxA
Moo Yıl önce
@Tomolo your the reason why people think us Christians r crazy
Blazing Greninja
Blazing Greninja Yıl önce
oh lol yeah
Jacob Avula
Jacob Avula Yıl önce
Song title
Somnath Saha
Somnath Saha 8 aylar önce
The girl who sang 'what you made me do' was just just simply incredible, got goosebumps hearing her. Anyone agrees with me.
Dqrkboy 5 aylar önce
Yeah for real 🥲🥲🥲she's amazing
Moody Blues Requiem
Moody Blues Requiem 4 aylar önce
My fav!
Chasity Palombo
Chasity Palombo 3 aylar önce
Absolutely 🤗
Utastegood 3 aylar önce
Love the pop goes punk kinda thing and she killed it.
alice zhang
alice zhang 3 aylar önce
Yeah 10:27
Stelmarie Le Roux
Stelmarie Le Roux 9 aylar önce
Alexander Eder 😳 His voice is as smooth as butter!
EgRaM 7 aylar önce
It's the best of them 🔥
Ssshh💚 20 gün önce
He's my favourite among them 😍
Alice Jackson
Alice Jackson 7 aylar önce
The first guy was incredible and totally unexpected. His voice sounded like that of a 20 year old. Amazing
TBH 9 aylar önce
The kid that sang Black or White did MJ so good. He deserved more chairs.
Spoonsify 3 aylar önce
Mia luna
Mia luna 3 aylar önce
yes ngl he was so good
Brianna G. Flores☺
Brianna G. Flores☺ 3 aylar önce
kye 3 aylar önce
Was fire fr
Marcos Roberto
Marcos Roberto 3 aylar önce
Perhaps the others already had all their chosen ones...
Sherin MoUstafa
Sherin MoUstafa 3 aylar önce
The one who sang black or white is really amazing! Not many talked about him!
Nas Dre
Nas Dre 3 aylar önce
из-за того что голос российский
Julia Taboada
Julia Taboada 8 gün önce
I loved him My fav of all of them
chor sovannarith
chor sovannarith Yıl önce
The first guy sounds young, the second girl sounds older than her age. That’s strangely amazing.
fishman9496 Yıl önce
Spot on comment, completely agree. So good.
ireen mkandawire
ireen mkandawire Yıl önce
I was also shocked with the voice coming out of his mouth
Bunny Cute
Bunny Cute Yıl önce
I thought the girl would be at least 14! When she said she's 12 I was just so shocked
Minjung Gu
Minjung Gu Yıl önce
@Bunny Cute bbu i b ubu buii b ui
Ajen Studio
Ajen Studio Yıl önce
I thought it's AC/DC...
Bella Frangipani
Bella Frangipani 6 aylar önce
Damn, Alexander Eder sounds EXACTLY like the original! Incredibly talented.
JulyN78 4 aylar önce
The who sang Black or White... He was understimated. He did a lot of cool things without loosing the beat of a fast song.
Kelvin Digeo
Kelvin Digeo Aylar önce
Hello 👋….How are you doing today 😊?
Tandra Robbins
Tandra Robbins 5 aylar önce
Jason absolutely KILLED it I am sobbing!
Dona deAvera
Dona deAvera 8 aylar önce
It's amazing the variance from the older man with a young man's sound to the 12 year old with the voice of a grown woman.
gameplay girl
gameplay girl 7 aylar önce
The girl from Bulgaria! Wow. At first she gave me goosebumps, then when she went into the screamo metal I was like wow yes. I loved it
randomwizkid Yıl önce
Janaki's voice is so well rounded and her tone, just wow. And 12 years old?!!?
Kanak Gupta
Kanak Gupta Yıl önce
When she said hellorrrr I was like she is from Australia and she was
⚡•mEliSSa sAbiE•⚡
⚡•mEliSSa sAbiE•⚡ Yıl önce
She literally brought a tear to my eye! Such a powerful and seasoned voice on such a young girl!! Just WOW!! 🤩
Vidya Ammu
Vidya Ammu Yıl önce
@Kanak Gupta from Kerala (God's Own country),India
Fun & Learn with Pakhi
Fun & Learn with Pakhi Yıl önce
She is Indian I am proud to be an indian
Alba Cristina Parreira de Freitas
Alba Cristina Parreira de Freitas 4 aylar önce
Eu choro de emoção em todas apresentações que assisto. A música uma linguagem universal. Não importa credo, raça, etnia...Esses seres maravilhosos estão pelo mundo e precisam ser descobertos!
Smith Brainm
Smith Brainm 3 aylar önce
Hello beautiful please can I ask you a question??
Alba Cristina Parreira de Freitas
Alba Cristina Parreira de Freitas 3 aylar önce
@Smith Brainm à vontade.
Karen L Day
Karen L Day 6 aylar önce
Pablo, if you close you eyes sounds like he's in his 20's or 30's! Great job!
Sand Hermit
Sand Hermit 4 aylar önce
He sure does. What a clear and beautiful voice.
Julie Claeren
Julie Claeren 5 aylar önce
Oh holy oh my God Pablo Carrasco..man you can create alternate realities with your talent! I'm looking to see if you have any more songs or an album out. There is some kind of healing in your voice I can't describe yet that I thank you for!
Kenneth Lawrence
Kenneth Lawrence 5 aylar önce
You can say that again and again ,where are you from?
sergio calletti
sergio calletti 5 aylar önce
Hi Julie where r u from..I am from Argentina,I am a singer todo,and I know this hice human being Pablo
Julie Claeren
Julie Claeren 5 aylar önce
I'm from the USA. Nice to meet you!
Kenneth Lawrence
Kenneth Lawrence 5 aylar önce
@Julie Claeren Nice meeting you too I'm from Denmark but live in Lancaster California ,so how is work and the family and where do you live in state?
Kenneth Lawrence
Kenneth Lawrence 5 aylar önce
@Julie Claeren Happy new year ,never mind being friend with you ,while we chat on google chat with Gmail address and leave this public chat ,how about that?
Anuj Shrestha
Anuj Shrestha 9 aylar önce
Janaki Easwar, her voice was amazing!!! She already sounds like professional singers.
Adela Cupic
Adela Cupic 7 aylar önce
Ima toliko neverovatnih neotkrivenih talenata na svetu.I svi ti ljudi pevaju mnogo bolje od mnogih svetskih zvezda.Svaki glas na ovom snimku zvuči fantastično.Svako na svoj način.Ne bih mogla odabrati.
Benyamin Tarau
Benyamin Tarau 3 aylar önce
Indonesia aidol
Paige Knudson
Paige Knudson Yıl önce
I can’t even explain how impressive the screamo girl was. It’s so hard to sing well like that. So incredibly hard to have great pitch and not hurt your throat at the same time. Not enough credit givin to this woman
Joel B
Joel B Yıl önce
You’re right. She’s amazing!!
Sad Law
Sad Law Yıl önce
My thoughts exactly, I think she is absolutely incredible
Julez Sanaquawa
Julez Sanaquawa Yıl önce
and it hurts when you try to sing like that. I just love her!!
Siana Atropal
Siana Atropal Yıl önce
Whats her name please ?
vickyvenom69 Yıl önce
You should check her band out! They're called Gwendydd.
M. M. F. Shafique
M. M. F. Shafique 9 aylar önce
03:54 Alexander Eder sings “Your Man” by Josh Turner (Germany, 2018) the most best audition. I watched it three times already!! 😍🤩 - The boy, his Voice and his Looks, COMPLETE PACKAGE!! 🤯💯❤‍🩹👏👏👏👏👏🤴
Danuza Rio
Danuza Rio 2 gün önce
Marailhoso! Estou chorando! Ohhhhhh!!!!!
Kayla Marie!
Kayla Marie! 3 aylar önce
Jason!! Oh my gosh… his voice is so unique! ❤❤
Cody and Jessi Salazar
Cody and Jessi Salazar 4 aylar önce
That first one is a great Scorpion’s cover… even sounded a lot like the lead singer. Absolutely loved it.
Celeste Port
Celeste Port 3 aylar önce
Omg the 1st guy I was just as shocked as the judges!! Wow he sang that INCREDIBLY well. I was blown away by his audition. Anyone know how far he made it?
K Yıl önce
Wow first guy sounds EXACTLY like the original. And the one who sang Pillow Talk? Wow. They’re all so talented
Tiestokygo Ericprydz
Tiestokygo Ericprydz 9 aylar önce
No but it's a great cover
Jhonsen Mark
Jhonsen Mark 9 aylar önce
Is the Best bro 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
Reggie Boy Camballa
Reggie Boy Camballa 9 aylar önce
suesana linehan
suesana linehan 9 aylar önce
Surange's voice is very melodic to my ear. I love the way he sings this song from Michael Jackson. Keep it up and God bless.
GOL MATOL 4 aylar önce
All of them were so amazing .... Total respect.
Luis Felipe Bueno
Luis Felipe Bueno 2 aylar önce
The girl from Bulgaria is so impressive...
Jen Jones
Jen Jones 2 aylar önce
What is so wonderful about this show is it showcases remarkable talented people from all over the world. Music truly unites us.
Lili Lecture
Lili Lecture 7 aylar önce
The russian guy who sing 'Black or white' was amazing >>
Investors Heaven
Investors Heaven Yıl önce
The 12 year old is easily, by far, the best voice I have ever heard at that age. Like what the actual freak. Insane talent :O
KLSY.J.S Yıl önce
I totally fell apart watching her parents!
Beauty and the Boat
Beauty and the Boat Yıl önce
Just to be that composed. You don’t hear nerves at all in her voice
moises padriga
moises padriga Yıl önce
You can try to see the voice kids Philippines.
Purple Velvet
Purple Velvet Yıl önce
she wasn't that good bro
AtomicLena Yıl önce
@Purple Velvet it’s an opinion, bro.
allricardo 3 aylar önce
Muito, muito bom! Excelente!
Remire Bagonny
Remire Bagonny 8 aylar önce
This guy is so amazingly talented. Who would have ever thought it would be an older man with this super perfect voice . He deserves a record deal regardless of his age . The music industry need to stop this crazy age crap n sign the people who really deserve to be signed to a record deal .
Essentials 3 aylar önce
The man who sang "Your man" is just fine as hell together with his voice 🤧. it's rare to find Josh Turner at 19 this time🥺
Cindy Lou Who
Cindy Lou Who 9 aylar önce
As a true life rocker, the 1st guy was amazing at singing The Scorpians Still Loving You. Carlos singing Jealous (I’m sorry I don’t know if that’s the name of the song) was so simply amazing. But the 2nd girl’s voice is like an Angel sent from heaven. So pure and beautiful. Insane for being 12 years old. I don’t know the song at all, well cuz I’m a rocker 🤘😁, but I can appreciate the pure beauty in her voice. A God given gift. She’s a future star ⭐️ for sure!! Well done everyone!!
Nz vlogz
Nz vlogz 2 aylar önce
Janaki blew my mind 😮😮🔥 Incredible breathe control.
Roadsy Yıl önce
i freaking love how emotional Janaki's mother gets over her 4th buzzer, she must be so proud!
Chintu Rai
Chintu Rai 10 aylar önce
Jhonsen Mark
Jhonsen Mark 9 aylar önce
Pablo Carrasco and Jhon Holidays they give me goosebumps wow!! impressive, beautiful and talented voice. I admire them very much.
Bea 23 gün önce
Pablo Carrasco blew me away. Fabulous! Alexander Eder, beautiful deep melodious. Jason Jones, John Holiday, what talent, all these beautiful voices. How do you choose?
Eleni Ro
Eleni Ro 5 aylar önce
Alexander Eder....the special voice
Iara Nedachi
Iara Nedachi 2 aylar önce
Canta pra caramba! E é lindo!!!!!❤
Love Nothate
Love Nothate Aylar önce
Janaki at 12....what a voice OMG
abeachinaustralia Yıl önce
OMG that 19 yr old's voice 😮 Outstanding singers all of them.
Jubilee Abotu
Jubilee Abotu Yıl önce
I liked the video becos of him 😩, the baritone hits the right places
abeachinaustralia Yıl önce
@Jubilee Abotu Same here 😊
Newal A
Newal A Yıl önce
wren Yıl önce
These 2 judges enjoying the song so much they forgot to turn😂😂😂
LittleHorrorBunny Yıl önce
He has tiktok and a youtube i think where he posts covers. You should check him out. That song didnt do him justice 👍🏻 I wana be your slave or radioactive. Or the others. His voice is insane
Юра Козлов
Юра Козлов 11 gün önce
Просто потрясающе мальчик из Шри-Ланка, сделал кавер Майкла Джексона
Candice Anglin
Candice Anglin 9 aylar önce
My favorite was the man that sang the Ella Fitzgerald song. Misty??? Great range, style, musicality and resonance!!!
Kelvin Digeo
Kelvin Digeo Aylar önce
Hello Candice 👋…How are you doing 😊?
CDK 3 aylar önce
The voice aqui fora é outro nível !
A Michaels
A Michaels 4 aylar önce
LOVE the PASSION & JOY from the older gentleman singing the Scorpions song!! 🤩🌠
GlennMorganFan Yıl önce
That one woman shifting so effortlessly from beautiful singing to hardcore scream vocals is INSANE!!! Screaming alone is hard enough, but to shift back and forth like that is CRAZY!!! I give her all the credit and respect in the world!!! ....and it was so great seeing John Holiday on this list. I remember back when his season was on and everyone was SHOCKED to hear the voice that came out of him.
Saskia Yıl önce
It's a shame this isn't so well seen at those shows. That's not the kind of music the judges want to hear at those shows 😕 It was very good!
Anthony Williams
Anthony Williams Yıl önce
Reminds me of Lacey sturm rock on
micuko vicious
micuko vicious Yıl önce
IKR she was so badass. Shame those Bulgarian judges are such cowards. Only 1 turned.
chyndb Yıl önce
Bleeding ears 🤢
Silver Shiny Charizard
Silver Shiny Charizard Yıl önce
(in case you can't read cryllic her name's (basically) victoria)
Steve M-H
Steve M-H 8 aylar önce
That last guy sounded bloody amazing.
bambibelle84 8 aylar önce
"Look what you made me do" WOWZERS she Rocked it.
Barry 1964
Barry 1964 3 aylar önce
Pablo, the first guy is out of this world and the judges reaction were priceless!!
Scarlata R
Scarlata R 9 aylar önce
Pablo estuvo genial!! Que talento!
Rachael Louise
Rachael Louise Aylar önce
Jason gave my whole aura goosebumps
thatonegirl Yıl önce
The first guy i thought it was a KID! I'M SHOCK I LOVE THE ENERGY AND THE VOICE 😩😩😩 IT'S SO GOOD AND BEAUTIFUL 😭💗💗
seltu - سيلطو
seltu - سيلطو Yıl önce
Your pfp💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀
Tre-um $
Tre-um $ Yıl önce
Lol pfp🤣🤣
yxzbvjs Yıl önce
Ritesh Wankar
Ritesh Wankar Yıl önce
Me too
Vika Studios
Vika Studios Yıl önce
Is he old?
Daniela Frómeta
Daniela Frómeta 3 aylar önce
Todas las voces so espectaculares ,me encantaron varios de ellos . 💯🥰
Christian Ormsbee
Christian Ormsbee 8 aylar önce
Coming from a Jazz musician - Misty is one of those "untouchable" standards of Ella's, and John NAILED it. Miss Fitzgerald would've loved him, methinks.
Vi Vin
Vi Vin Aylar önce
The male voice, the third participant made me feel like flying 😂❤
Ирина Лиманская
Ирина Лиманская 4 aylar önce
Поющая душа!!!! Браво!!!
Вероника Сабирзянова
Вероника Сабирзянова Aylar önce
Браво❤❤огромное колличество талантливых людей❤❤❤❤❤
Twich McVey
Twich McVey 10 aylar önce
The fact that so many of them dont even speak English and are singing these songs in English better than the original versions is amazing
Big McLargeHuge
Big McLargeHuge 9 aylar önce
Not really surprising though tbh. Most people I've met of around my generation or younger in europe and asia speaks fluently english, and I would have been more surprised if they couldn't speak english. Being trilingual is like the norm in europe as far as I understand.
VRArndt 8 aylar önce
My daughter speaks English but she can sing in several different languages. As she has been in honor choirs since she was little. Now she just sings for pleasure.
Liza Rapp
Liza Rapp 7 aylar önce
Every single ABBA song lol
Midori 857
Midori 857 7 aylar önce
@Big McLargeHuge yeah pretty much, we usually learn our language, english and one more at school
Lalenamagic 7 aylar önce
Right? Like the German guy, you could hardly any accent at all.
Rockwell T
Rockwell T 27 gün önce
Who was the last guy?! He was absolutely incredible. I watched his part at least 10 times!!!
Christina Fisk
Christina Fisk Aylar önce
Pablo you killed that! Amazing voice!💜🙏💜🌸
Vic Pabustan
Vic Pabustan 7 aylar önce
That Dude from Spain (Carlos Angel Valdes) had blown me away. What a great voice and story telling. Love it.😍
Lucelia Mendes
Lucelia Mendes 4 aylar önce
Perfeito . Maravilhoso.
Kykymber 3 aylar önce
I was surprised when I saw the Russians. I've always thought that it would be cool if they were shown in such videos and I'm very happy. Everyone in this video performed amazingly
Elcin Kücükyildiz
Elcin Kücükyildiz Yıl önce
That Janaki girl not only made me have goosebumps but also put a little tears in my eyes when she said "isn't it lovely". She has a bright future. And the 19 years old boy has an incredible and deep voice. Never guessed that voice would be coming from him.
Hot Or Else
Hot Or Else Yıl önce
Hello dear. Friends?
Dredd Gallardo
Dredd Gallardo Yıl önce
Me too thats what i felt. Amazing voice she has
Lyndell Robinson
Lyndell Robinson Yıl önce
Same. Here voice is so beautiful, soulful, and full of emotion. Goosebumps, chills, and tears
Jane Gaming
Jane Gaming 9 aylar önce
The first guy rocks! Sounds exactly the same as original! 👏👏👏
Božena Krokova
Božena Krokova 8 aylar önce
Krásné zpěv nevím na co čekají
Chase Aradoz
Chase Aradoz 5 aylar önce
Jason Jones went in on that song! Great job
evelyn. 9 aylar önce
Gente, sério!!!!! Esse senhorzinho do início poderia ter sido um grande cantor, pena que não teve essa oportunidade antes ):
GD FILMES 7 aylar önce
Tem muita gente que as vezes não acredita em si mesma.
vchafab Aylar önce
Pablo was awesome! He sounded so young. I love the Scorpions.
Michael Gower
Michael Gower Yıl önce
From soft ballad to death metal and back...she was amazing
Faasolo Nona
Faasolo Nona Yıl önce
Heidi Mobley
Heidi Mobley Yıl önce
Definitely an underrated performance. Those are difficult vocal techniques to execute without damaging the vocal cords.
Michael Gower
Michael Gower Yıl önce
@Heidi Mobley The judges, well, two of them at least, were too busy hamming it up for the cameras to be listening with any care. I don't know who is powerful in the music industry, but I do know when a prospect is performing, you listen...you don't talk.
Boba Mochi❃
Boba Mochi❃ 11 aylar önce
recon sohtun
recon sohtun 27 gün önce
Janaki gave me goosebumps
Melissa Hammond
Melissa Hammond Aylar önce
That 2nd little girl, who's only 12 years old sang "Lovely"so beautifully, and with such heartfelt and touching emotion. Which is especially surprising to hear from someone so young.
Williams Hugo
Williams Hugo Aylar önce
Juline Guihot
Juline Guihot 19 gün önce
I was really not expecting Sebastian James' voice my gosh he's so good 😢
swag mob
swag mob 2 aylar önce
Pillowtalk was one of the best live performances I’ve ever seen
Ramzy ElSheemy
Ramzy ElSheemy Aylar önce
The second girl has a astonishing voice .. remarkable 🎉
Jung Hoseok
Jung Hoseok Yıl önce
5th girl's screaming and singing without breaking her throat is just so great 😱 I am her fan
Cindy Reeves
Cindy Reeves Yıl önce
M.T.H. Tareq
M.T.H. Tareq 8 aylar önce
Nothing to say about these amazing voices 💕
U-Go Zoo
U-Go Zoo 7 aylar önce
I don't care how jealous is sang I cry every time I hear it, but that man's rendition of it was impeccable 👌
Mark Guzman
Mark Guzman Aylar önce
the second one gives me goosebumps 🥺
Ирина Лиманская
Ирина Лиманская 4 aylar önce
Умничка!!! Супер!!!! Очень похож на оригинал!!!!!
Mile Aylar önce
Dios bendiga la llanta del camión que trajo el cemento donde esta parado ese monumento de19 añitos con esa voz prodigiosa. Divino ese chico ❤
Carrie Kitchen
Carrie Kitchen Yıl önce
I don’t think people know how truly difficult scremo is. She killed it!
Luce Carole
Luce Carole 2 aylar önce
I love this song. Beautiful voice 💜💜
Jennifer French
Jennifer French 5 aylar önce
Jason! His voice brings the nostalgia!
Ирина Лиманская
Ирина Лиманская 4 aylar önce
Браво!!!!! Восхитительно!!!! Молодец!!!!
Gilberto Salazar Perez
Gilberto Salazar Perez Aylar önce
Asombrosas voces
mir iam
mir iam Yıl önce
9:18 This girl gives me goosebumps every time I watch her audition. I absolutely love it!
Christoph Geisinger
Christoph Geisinger 8 aylar önce
This woman give all ...sky and hell ...so much lovely and then extended to a devil ...thats impressionable...so do something else for your passionate for your performance
Whiteout_WOFyea 6 aylar önce
I know!
Jetfrey Agar
Jetfrey Agar 5 aylar önce
What is the title of the song
mir iam
mir iam 5 aylar önce
@Jetfrey Agar "Look what you made me do" , it says so in description as well.
Christina Fisk
Christina Fisk Aylar önce
Jason absolutely beautiful voice! 💜🙏💜🌸
Jack Guntrip
Jack Guntrip Aylar önce
The fifth one from Bulgaria is incredible.
Lucho 8 aylar önce
Asombroso que voz felicitaciones
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