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English with Max

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What is your level in English? Take this level test to find out where you probably are on the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). This quiz starts at A1 and finishes at C2.
If you often ask yourself "How good is my English?", "What is my English level?" or even "Do I have C1 or C2?", this video is for you!
Please note:
This is essentially an English grammar and vocabulary test. This cannot replace a proper exam that tests your reading, writing, listening and speaking. This quiz can only give you a general idea of your level.
It's also fairly common to have different levels for different skills. For example, someone might have a B1 speaking level and a C2 reading level.
0:00 Introduction and Explanation
1:39 A1 (Beginner)
8:21 A2 (Elementary)
14:46 B1 (Intermediate)
21:40 B2 (Upper intermediate)
28:05 C1 (Advanced)
35:07 C2 (Proficiency)
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@EnglishwithMax Yıl önce
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@victorcornea3393 Yıl önce
You are russian?Your accent looks like is from Moscow.
@maseratasafaa253 Yıl önce
@EnglishwithMax Yıl önce
@@victorcornea3393 No, I'm Australian.
@silverstar7879 Yıl önce
Pretty interesting series of questions, and you read them out ever so well in your delightul BBC/Oxford English accent or "received pronunciation" delivery! I did your test and scored 58 out of the 60 questions. So I reckon that my overall gramnatical function is okay. May I suggest that you also do renditions on poetry-recitals, playreading excerpts and the speeches of well-known characters in history such as Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, etc. This is my particular area of interest, apart from gramnatical function, enuncuation and pronuncuation.
@silverstar7879 Yıl önce
P. S. I do enjoy doing the above renditions myself on my own, as the medium of poetry, etc brings out the performer in you, so said Elaine Frost, poet and educationist.
@Nora-jt9zy Yıl önce
This was a fun test 😊 I was a bit surprised at the C2, but I guess I was lucky to get things that I was familiar with for the most part 😊 One miss on B2, one on C1, and one on C2. I’m not a native English speaker, so I’m happy with that 😊 Thank you for taking the time to put this test together.
@erastomwakalukwa3946 Yıl önce
I hope I will be able to speak without making many mistakes unknowingly 🇹🇿🇹🇿🇹🇿
@rositasultana3958 Yıl önce
Same here...I haven't encountered until now the word " landfall". We live and learn.
@danielacinderella9501 Yıl önce
Same here ! As a former English teacher in Romania ( so being Romanian) , I was very curious about my real level of English ( I actually studied English for only 7 years from the age of 12 till 18 when I finished high-school ) ! Thanks for confirming my pronunciation ( only 2words were strange for me , chamomile being one of them !) , but the C2 section was a guess section for me ! "Fork out" was the funniest of all ! 😅🤗😘😘😘
@gepardtilly Yıl önce
@@danielacinderella9501 I think teaching English is a different skill set than speaking English correctly. Probably you need a higher level of English than your students, but what you need most are good teaching skills, and good skills for teaching English.
@user-jz1yq1kc5g Yıl önce
Насколько я знаю, при использовании глагола hope, использование будущего времени уже необязательно, ибо гл hope уже предполагает наличие его. 😊
@martinaguhde9662 11 gün önce
The first question really made me laugh. Depending on the context and who is asking, the correct answer might well be "I AM like Mexican food" .... hot and spicy 😉 59 answers about which I was quite certain, plus a clever and lucky guess on the "spleen". Love the outtakes, and thanks for almost an hour of fun 🤩
@julianewn2966 7 aylar önce
I had a couple of mishaps on C2, thanks a lot for your time and thoughtfulness 🙏🏻❤️🍀 I woulf love to take your course on TOEFL or IELTS and on how to teach and prepare for these tests to ESL learners), just because it's more fun with you)
@soumik231 7 aylar önce
I attended C1 and C2 tests and had one and four errors respectively. Very good experience for me. It taught me that not only I need a grammar base but also a common sense to answer some of the questions. I answered some of them just by experience I have. Thanks for conducting this test
@NotThatKraken 9 aylar önce
Fun video! I’m a native English speaker, but I’m learning Norwegian right now. It’s educational seeing the vocabulary that goes with different levels. I was hoping to get to C2 in a year, but I’m getting an idea how hard that will be. The English C2 vocabulary is pretty unusual even in more artistic literature, so for non-native speakers to get most of those is impressive.
@belkyhernandez8281 9 aylar önce
I'm studying bokmål! It's going slow but I am enjoying it.
@rdhette944 9 aylar önce
Lykke til! 👍🙂
@DidasPebbles 9 aylar önce
Lol, welcome, Norwegian here - don't be too hard on yourself if you don't reach your goal, we have a weird language. I got all the questions except one (well, I got that too, out of logic), it's simply a way of saying something that depends on what kind of vocabulary they have those you're speaking to. Over the years I've never come across anyone saying "fork out", but I'm far more familiar with the Shakespearean "lo and behold!" 😂 Considering I've known English most of my life, this test's fairly easy, I watched this through because I had no idea what tests like this look like. I can't really tell if tests in Norwegian will be anything like this.
@ddehggial9932 8 aylar önce
based on this test, you probably get English C2 covered if you routinely watch/read the news in English. I suppose that goes for most languages. Now where language gets really tricky is work jargon and local idioms. That's probably C3 and C4 ;-) understanding different accents and their idioms - you're probably doing shady business ;-) kidding.
@ddehggial9932 8 aylar önce
@@mariec7092I figured landfall at least would be heard on the news ;-) I'm pretty sure I heard fork out when it came to prices going up. Or that thing about mishaps on holiday. Although I was amused to think about misfits in that context.
@you2ber252 4 aylar önce
A1, A2, B1 and B2 were "a piece of cake" ( 😆 ) to me, and got them 100% correct. C1 was a little challenging though I managed to score 9 out of 10. C2 instead was VERY challenging... I got 5 answers right, but sadly I have to admit, that if I had to formulate the phrases myself in a conversation, I would have used simpler words.
@EnglishwithMax 3 aylar önce
That's still very good!
@faramarzh5294 Yıl önce
I actually anticipated much higher levels towards the end, may be because I was not familiar with the A1 to C2 leveling system. I had about 3 or 4 wrong answers throughout the whole levels combined but had no errors in C2 stage. I would love to see more challenging sets of test questions in future videos. Overall. I liked this one. Thank you for a job well done!
@uliwehner Yıl önce
i think the C level is mostly vocabulary, where the lower sections were more grammatical i think.
@jmahoney9561 Yıl önce
I had the correct answers just by reading the sentences when it first appeared, 100 percent correct . Easy Peasy.
@gyrgrls 11 aylar önce
#51: Julia never mustered up the courage because she was too mulled over, so she meted out a humble plea from the tattered shreds of her ego.
@sigrunwestrus68 11 aylar önce
Thank you! I feel better already.
@dorisalicea5106 11 aylar önce
Like one of the comments said born in New York and rise in the barrio I had like 5 wrong, and I said big deal,even like the test.
@brianlew86 8 aylar önce
Native English speaker here. Took this test, missed 2 altogether(1 in A2, 1 in B1). Thank you very much!
@jorgeluispereiradasilva5123 8 aylar önce
Thank you Ms. Max for creating this challenge. This is the second time I've done it. I feel more confident than the first one, but it wasn't as good as I expected. 16 wrong answers, I think 30%. Anyway, it's a good idea. It's a good educational video. I will train it more often.
@slz987 4 aylar önce
Thank you for this test! I finished with 56/60 correct answers, having one mistake each in B1 through C2. The B mistakes were due to lack of trust in my gut feeling, the C1 mistake was something I really didn't know, and question number 59 in C2 (the one about the body part) left me absolutely clueless because I had never even heard one of the four suggested solutions. But this result makes me very proud, knowing that I stopped having English lessons at school in 10th grade and afterwards learned it only through books and movies (well ... and computer games) without ever visiting an English speaking country.
@EnglishwithMax 3 aylar önce
My pleasure! And well done!
@adriandragne5996 22 gün önce
@@EnglishwithMaxWhat is minim scored (e.g. 40/60 or 32/60) for get okai on all tests? I need minim number per totally done!?
@Irene-iu9sj 9 aylar önce
I made a couple of mistakes in b2 andc2. As I've learned the language with books and records,when I was 32,I think it was not that bad. Thank you.
@user-cy2lh6wp6k 6 aylar önce
Wow video was amazing ❤pls share more videos about this 😊I got 90/ marks for this video and I’m so happy 😅😅
@EnglishwithMax 5 aylar önce
Great job!
@janamayer03 9 aylar önce
I missed only about 4 questions on the entire test. I really enjoyed taking it. I am American, and am glad I have British friends, because a few of the questions didn't "directly translate" into American English. Nevertheless, I am glad that the test had a British slant, because I think in general, Brits use much better English than Americans do. My father taught me that one MUST have a command of the language to get anywhere in this world. He could not have been more right.
@namonaraqnaq 9 aylar önce
That is ridiculous! I am Bulgarian and I passed it without mistakes. However my English is not good at all. I even need subtitles to understand movies in English.
@chikokishi7030 9 aylar önce
This really depends on which part of America you're in. And moreso if you're rural/country or city. Most of the advanced level sentences simply don't have place on a farm or ranch... Or in the middle of nowhere... Meaning literally nobody speaks with such grammar.
@skadiwarrior2053 9 aylar önce
We have a good command of English because, well English people like me have it as our native language with all it's historical development, accents dialects and all the cultural idioms. Tolkein believed, and I agree, that language transmits culture which is why it can be difficult to be fluent in another language. Even for most Scots, Welsh and Irish people English is used as a native language.
@yvanna__n 9 aylar önce
​@@namonaraqnaq you don't need to be that bad in your comment dude. Damn just be proud of your mark but don't denigrate ppl
@namonaraqnaq 9 aylar önce
Sorry to sound rude. But I am objective. My English is terrible. The test is not a criterion. I guessed big part of the answers on the principle of exclusion.
@luben3045 8 aylar önce
Useful test. I am not a native English speaker so I stuck on C2 level because of limited vocabularies...Test pointed to me where to focus my furhter efforts. Thank you so much.
@57Strudel 9 aylar önce
I had a perfect score. I would have been horrified if I hadn't. What I did have, though, was a really good giggle at one of the questions. Going for "a strain around the block" would not be that far-fetched for me. :) Thank you for an entertaining hour!
@withyou354 5 aylar önce
I’m a non-native English speaker but i managed to get to level c1. Idioms in c2 was hard though. I’ve got 4-5 questions wrong. It was surprising to see the quality of the questions! Please keep up!
@giaimojessica 9 aylar önce
I missed out 6 questions from 60 questions mostly C1 , 1 mistakes C2 , 5 mistakes but I really enjoyed am Italian I’m really glad for the results Thank you ❤
@nessercristianodeandrade3182 5 aylar önce
I had one miss on A2, one on B1, one on C1 and one on C2. Very proud of my English!
@terrysmith6157 11 aylar önce
I thought this to be very educational and fun! I got a little mixed up, or slightly perplexed on one question and answered wrong. I am an elder person of 63 and it was an enjoyable exercise for me. In addition, your presentation was very pleasant and sweet. Thank you 😊
@EnglishwithMax 10 aylar önce
I'm glad you liked it! Many thanks!
@languagefy6888 10 aylar önce
Same here
@meredithmericle7487 9 aylar önce
63! You're a baby! You're old if you remember watching Jack Ruby shoot Lee Harvey Oswald on television.
@KieranSaighir 9 aylar önce
@@meredithmericle7487 Ha! I remember when there was no such thing as television and I'm 'only' 82 😂
@Charlie-ho3xw 9 aylar önce
@@meredithmericle7487 - oh I remember that all too well…I just turned 70😮 makes me old😏
@carloseduardoechartmontano5504 8 aylar önce
Excellent video Max. I'm almost C 1 level. I'm a Brazilian English teacher. Congrats on your TRshow channel!!
@EnglishwithMax 7 aylar önce
Thank you so much, Carlos!
@jennycupin8337 9 aylar önce
Hi Max, this was enjoyable to do and had scored 11 mistakes out of 60. A1- 10 A2 - 7/10 B1 - 9/10 B2 - 8/10 C1 - 8/10 C2 - 7/10 I really liked the challenge of having tested my level of understanding of the written English. Thankyou. 🙏🙂
@EnglishwithMax 8 aylar önce
Thank you very much, Jenny!
@baybay7898 2 aylar önce
I missed 2-3. As an 😅advanced ESL student, I didn’t even pay attention to the difference between trying and try to - a no brainer for a native speaker. Your channel does help me improve my English skills. Thank you ❤
@EnglishwithMax 2 aylar önce
Great job! And my pleasure! :)
@tufty7663 9 aylar önce
Really enjoyed the quiz, I was a bit uncertain about taking the quiz due to my poor education, but I got 60 out of 60, thanks at 63 years of age and only just diagnosed with Dylexia I am enjoying my retirement. 🤸.
@user-zx8vv8fd7z 7 aylar önce
Hi, I,m 81 with a perfect score but it did help that I attended grammar school when they were schools of grammar. I,m sure this would help other nationalities to acquire modern English, so well done.
@abadalrhmazkoo922 Yıl önce
This is the first time I watch your channel . It is really useful . I enjoyed watching and listening to this test . It was enjoyable as well as gave me an indication of my English level . It became hard a little bit in level C 2 not grammatically but because of new vocabulary that I did not know . Hoping for more tests in the future . English with Max thank you so much for this amazing video !
@EnglishwithMax Yıl önce
Thank you! I'm very glad you liked it.
@abadalrhmazkoo922 Yıl önce
Thank you for correcting my mistake, because l had to use the present perfect tense . Actually I am not good at typing .
@ivan_9386 8 aylar önce
A1, 0 A2, 2 B1, 1 B2, 2 C1, 1 C2, 5 mistakes. That was hard, learned something new. 🎉
@infinytower3317 9 aylar önce
Thanks for this intriguing video test, which gave me an opportunity to recalibrate my English proficiency. I am a 68 old Asian and scored 58/60. Back in the day I did my PhD (STEM) in U.S. To qualify for the graduate studies there, I had to score well in TOEFL and GRE tests. I am looking forward to trying D/E/F series.
@EnglishwithMax 8 aylar önce
Well done! And thank you for watching :).
@vlodski73 6 aylar önce
I've done better at level C1, than at B2. Thanks for your test, Max. That was fun!😃👍
@ybeekmanyb 6 aylar önce
I know the answers....but how to typ
@ybeekmanyb 6 aylar önce
I see the right answer....but can,t fill it in
@Supernatpy 6 aylar önce
@ntn8226 8 aylar önce
I'm a Japanese learning English as a foreign language for more than 15 years. I got 4 mistakes in the last section...I didn't know the phrase, "lo and behold." Anyway, the test is, I think, well-organized and seems capable of evaluating an EFL learner's grammar and vocabulary level. Thank you so much!
@EnglishwithMax 7 aylar önce
My pleasure! Thank you for watching!
@willardr100 7 aylar önce
I started learning Japanese. And then I went to Japan and lo and behold almost everyone spoke English! I love English.
@dasamurai2086 7 aylar önce
I had like 3 errors in the test til C1, at C2 that increased to like 6, but I think this is still good for a native German at age 14. I would consider myself C1 going into C2 on the direct path. Thank you for this video 🙏
@EnglishwithMax 6 aylar önce
You're very welcome. And well done!
@mistered999 Aylar önce
das Gleiche bei mir - the same at me - 18 faults, 7 at c2, i missed the vocabularies
@normalleben 11 aylar önce
Hello. I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for your videos. I watched them all on You Tube, at first I found it very difficult, but after taking the test I'm a little proud of myself. Level is A2. I have been speaking English for 25 years (I learned it in school). But I am motivated to keep getting better. That's why I signed up for the regular lessons today and also subscribed to the channel. I'm watching you from Germany. Many greetings
@EnglishwithMax 10 aylar önce
Thank you very much for watching and subscribing! I wish you all the best!
@normalleben 10 aylar önce
@@EnglishwithMax Hello Max. Thank you for your nice answer and your wishes. I hope you're not doing too much strenuous stuff this Australian summer? Greetings from the German winter. I look forward to new videos from you.
@peterharren8909 9 aylar önce
What you have written is good and understandable English. I speak enough Spanish to get around, but it is certainy not pretty. I only say this becasue English has brorrowed so many words I can almost guess at a usabe word in Spanish. English is a bastard language. The basic structure is simple but painfully difficult at higher levels. Sometimes the rule is that it simply "sounds right". There are plenty of native english speakers the would have trouble with the C1/C2 levels.
@francodimitsy989 9 aylar önce
@@normalleben I'm English, why
@francodimitsy989 9 aylar önce
Sorry, please ignore that. Too much alcohol.
@JoshiSubodh 8 aylar önce
Useful video. C2 , 3 mistakes. One each in A2, B1 & C1. Happy with the result as languages is not my thing and grammar a disaster. Just went about selecting what sounded right. It is not my native language so found the expression making risotto being a piece of cake, quite funny. Nice. Enjoyed it.
@susanwinslow5758 9 aylar önce
I really enjoyed taking this test. I’m 64 and I sometimes wonder if I’m still up on grammar. I do these kind of tests daily to make sure my brain isn’t getting tired. Missed 3 out of 60 , not so bad. Narrator is very pleasant. I’ll look for other tests she has done.
@edwardjudge9122 9 aylar önce
Susan, I am like you. I try to take as many tests like this to test my mental acuity. I'll be 76 in 2 weeks. I missed #34 because I replaced a word in the question with a preconceived answer.
@euniceellison6265 8 aylar önce
Just turned 90 ad scored 60/60 .Loved English and Maths in school.
@resurrecionvinluan3042 8 aylar önce
Got 4 mistakes but I still enjoyed the fun and challenge...love it!
@user-qh5hf2ob1p 8 aylar önce
Well I too missed 3 out of 60 . I am 67 years old and very much like you I wanted to make sure that my English skills are still okay .
@lauragama4687 6 aylar önce
So do I Susan. I'm 75 and I must train my memory
@applesblog5196 27 gün önce
Thanks Max, that was fun! I truly enjoyed you giving the answers reading the questions section. lol
@lidijajelicic4391 8 aylar önce
Fun test, I really liked it, but still don't know what level I would be. I missed 2 answers each in A2, B1 and B2, but I answered everything correctly in C1 and C2. I seem to be an A1 with a great vocabulary 😄
@zarifamahmudova1439 3 aylar önce
All your level tests were excellent except C1 and C2. Because they have been nearly most of them based on phrasal verbs,expressions and idioms which are very difficult for non-native English speakers. Instead, they could be mostly based on C1 and C2 grammar questions than vocabulary ones.Thanks for your tests!
@EnglishwithMax 3 aylar önce
Thank you for your comment. I designed it that way because if you take English lessons, nearly all grammar points are covered by the time you reach C1. And getting beyond C1 is almost exclusively about improving your vocabulary.
@aragami_7616 9 aylar önce
I have watched a lot of these videos/took the tests, to get a feel for my english level, but this one is the first one that made sense and actually kind of imitated the english-levels. As an austrian who is basically youtube taught in english, im very proud to have a perfect 60/60 result, especially taking the test at 2x speed since i wanted to fly over the first few levels and actually forgot about that fact in the end :D But its actually crazy to see what a few years of watching english videos (and no real other training) about all sorts of things can do to a human brain, because at first (6 years ago) i understood nothing (LITERALLY 0 vocabulary) and now its a reasonable assumption that im at a C2 level in english. Since the videos were mostly from american creators, i do have a heave american tendency in how i pronounce words but that for me is a good trade off for a free secondary language Never let anybody tell you, that you cant... if it works for you, its good. Never stop trying :)
@KieranSaighir 9 aylar önce
As an English speaking American, let me congratulate you. I'm no scholar, but I handle the language quite well and only got 58 out of the 60 correct.
@aragami_7616 9 aylar önce
@@KieranSaighir Thanks :D your score is very good too tho!
@michaelgrabner8977 9 aylar önce
Congratulation Austrian here as well, also with a 60/60 result..till the end of C1 level I felt totally unchallenged but at some C2 questions I finally had to start to think before answering..
@michaeljenkins903 9 aylar önce
Very impressive for someone who is "youtube taught in English," to have such a thorough grasp of all those less-than-rational, almost nonsensical idiomatic expressions!
@daibakibarman6476 9 aylar önce
Got 10/10 wow that was 👌👌
@sonshine1778 9 aylar önce
I was pleasantly surprised, I only missed three. Not bad for being seventy! Thank you,enjoyed it!
@melabau1 9 aylar önce
Greatings from Austria! 1 mistake in B2, 3 in C1 but just 1 in C 2. Not that bad, I'd say. 😊 Thank you for this video!
@EnglishwithMax 8 aylar önce
You're welcome!
@vidyashankar9616 5 aylar önce
Hey Max, your test results indicate that my level is C2. It was interesting to attend an English test.
@sophiayambao 8 aylar önce
58/60 Thank you so much ! I really enjoyed it 👍
@edwardchandrasothy622 Aylar önce
Hi Max, This is Ed from Victoria Australia. Amazing work you are doing to help English as a Second Language. ( ESL) Back in my country they only taught what they want us to learn. You are going out of your way ( Outside the Matrix) educating how to master English well. " For that need to take my hat off. The greater awakening" Well done. Great Job. Keep up the Good Work Max.❤⚘⚘🌺🌺 Cheers
@rumaristo129 Yıl önce
Wow, I thought the C2 section would have been a lot more difficult. I never expected to pass it with flying colors as I still sometimes very much struggle with dialects and some phrasal verbs. Since I passed a more comprehensive test a few years back, I already knew my English was at C1 level, but this gave me confidence to give the C2 test a try. (I scored 60/60.)
@rumaristo129 Yıl önce
Also, my speech tends to get really stuttery when I'm even a slight bit nervous and my active vocabulary is somewhat weaker than my passive one.
@Rabmac1UK Yıl önce
Being unable to spell Colour should be no handicap in life, Congratulations ☺
@Rabmac1UK Yıl önce
Being unable to spell Colour should be no handicap in life, Congratulations ☺
@Rabmac1UK Yıl önce
@@rumaristo129 I am sorry to hear of your 'stutter', that is a curse in life for sure. Good fortune and Best Wishes to you ⏩
@rumaristo129 Yıl önce
​@@Rabmac1UK The words colour and color are interchangeable. (Colour in the UK, color in the US. Same with ageing/aging and favourite/favorite.) Both spellings are correct. edit. thanks for your compassion. I never stutter when I'm speaking my native languages (Finnish and Swedish)
@mimipierre820 9 aylar önce
I did good on the test . I thank you very much. Good job 🙏
@jgali38 9 aylar önce
Great Test English with Max! A1 All correct! A2 All correct! B1 3 Wrong! B2 2 Wrong! C1 1 Wrong! C2 All correct ✅ I was really bad at English class and my teacher had give side projects so I could pass! But watching a lot of TV and Movies helped me learn proper grammar! I also Aced consumer! Thanks Again like using the noggin every once in awhile!🙏🏻
@TammieTV 7 aylar önce
A1 : 10 A2 : 10 B1 : 10 B2 : 10 C1: 10 C2 : 10 I've always been good in english, so this was a very nice test to see what level i am at.
@isabelmartin40 8 aylar önce
Thank you Max, this is great stuff. Please more of this!
@ingunnhast8661 19 gün önce
I am Norwegian and learned English at school. I learned German when I studied in Germany for 7 years, but at that time I lost a lot of my English skills. After the last ten years I have been looking at a lot of English stuff on the internet, so much has come back and I have learned a lot more vocabulary. Actually, this is all a bit messy, so I thought this test might be nice to try, to find out where I am now. I know I don't speak it as well as German, which I once spoke fluently, I still lack quite a bit of vocabulary in English and am clearly not quite sure when it comes to the C level in grammar either. My score was actually as expected: A1 10/10 A2 9/10 B1 8/10 B2 7/10 C1 5/10 C2 4/10 Thanks for an interesting test :-)
@serisasalvador7297 Yıl önce
Hi Max! First time to visit your channel, I had 8/10 in C2. I learned some new vocabulary words from you, very informative and your explanation is great. Thanks and more power..❤😘
@EnglishwithMax 10 aylar önce
Thank you so much, Serisa!
@betelgezaa 9 aylar önce
If only 2 c2 mistakes - why you made a blatant mistake with - I learned ?
@alexanderefimof5214 9 aylar önce
I think she might have presented more complicated idioms for C2.
@betelgezaa 9 aylar önce
@@alexanderefimof5214 so that even native speakers would have found it impassable ?-)
@alexanderefimof5214 9 aylar önce
@@betelgezaa I guess, native speakers are not mistaken at all.
@tammiklusewitz7141 9 aylar önce
Native English speaker (American) Perfect score although there was one I could have answered with either of two choices ( verb tense sentence) however, I had the benefit of living in Australia for six years so I could see it working either way depending on the speaker's experience. It seemed more of a matter of 'style' than of grammar.I did increase the test speed to x2 because I found myself being distracted when it was too slow.
@andicantu6490 9 aylar önce
Was it question 21?
@gmanmex1960 9 aylar önce
Very good video. I did pretty well scoring 59 0ut of 60. My only fault was in C2 with the phrase "be it" . Did better than I expected to do.
@alawiabdoussamad9778 3 aylar önce
I scored 55 out of the 60 and would like to thank you earnestly for the lovely teaching you performed
@gillianwaters2814 8 aylar önce
Thanks for the challenge - full marks! Great fun.
@f.b.6176 5 aylar önce
This can be the best video I have ever seen. Thanks for your effort and time
@EnglishwithMax 5 aylar önce
Wow, thank you!
@franspacenaspace8141 Yıl önce
Thank you very much for this test: it's very well-made! I got an higher score than the one I expected... My score is: A1 - 10/10 A2 - 10/10 B1 - 9/10 B2 - 9/10 C1 - 6/10 C2 - 1/10 I learned lots of expressions I didn't know before (in C2 section) so thank you very much! Bye, NS
@TheSamuiman 9 aylar önce
I had basic English in school, however I learned a lot more and faster while practicing talking, reading, listening and learned that there is a lot more to this language, how it differs in various dialects to understand Scottish, Australian, Irish or Mid-West American people is one thing, the next challenge pose non native English speaking people, like Indians, other Asian or African people is another level where it becomes clear that languages are all about communication and not about standard settings! The same is of course with other languages like French, Spanish, Portugiese not to mention the large variety of dialects.
@MrZenGuitarist 9 aylar önce
Oh, what a pleasant surprise - I only got one question wrong! I believe it was Q nr.56, or something like that. And yeah, it really was quite fun taking the test (regardless of my rather high score that is). As a Swede I guess I should be quite pleased with the score - even though we start learning English at the age of 10 (although I believe it's at the age of 8 or 9 nowadays. I spent about 6 months travelling around in Australia, or rather its' east-coast in my early 20s. And, even though - as I said - we start learning English from a rather young age, and are also used to watch films and series from both the U.S and Britain...I had never heard Australian accent before. And let me tell you, I really struggled to understand anything...it sounded like nothing I'd ever heard before, and they talk really fast and also use quite a few unique slang-words & phrases. It probably took me about 2-3 weeks before I could understand, and make myself understood to a satisfactory level...and as the months rolled by, I discovered that many people - both Australians and foreigners - took me for an 'American'. They all said like: "But, you sound like you're from the U.S". Which probably explains why most ppl never tried to 'dumb down', talk slower or drew back on their use of slang...even though I did ask some to talk a bit slower sometimes - which of course some did. Ehmm, sorry - forgot where I was going with all this. Anyway - great video. And thanks! Cheers from Sweden.
@Vendemiair 5 aylar önce
Perfect score. Honestly speaking (and modesty aside) I found the questions to be rather easy, and even the highest levels didn't faze me. English is my third language but where I live it's taught beginning kindergarten. I'm an extremely wide reader (I devoured encyclopedia volumes when I was just a child!), plus I'm a doctor with 10 years of medical education who has published articles in international medical journals. I would be ashamed if I didn't get a perfect or near-perfect score. 😀 By the way, I found the "spleen question" to be strange. It's a question I'd expect from a test on basic science so I was a bit surprised seeing it in an English language test.
@IvanZTadic Aylar önce
So, I must be honest and admit that some words I never heard before. Also you cover the first, second and third conditional and gave me some great examples. I can say that this lesson is MY CUP OF TEA! Thank you ever so much. Ivan
@didierngoho2708 Yıl önce
Hi, greetings from Congo in Africa! That's a great idea, to test oneself in English. I was surprised by the level of questions - what you call proficiency level C2 is just average in my country here. We study hard to master English. I'm proud to announce that I just hesitated at B1 #1 between "I'm closing" and "I'll close", and quickly spotted "I'll close". As a language practitioner myself, it's highly important to check my level every now and then. Looking forward to your next test !!! Thanks for your work. I'm so happy I got only one wrong !
@EnglishwithMax 10 aylar önce
My pleasure, Didier! Thank you for watching!
@Cederuiter 8 aylar önce
Thank you for this test. Very interesting. I made 3 mistakes in the C2 section: 52, 55 and 56. Up to C1 I was sure about every answer. In C1 I guessed number 48 right. I learned some new things today. Thank you again from The Netherlands.
@judithhm5031 8 aylar önce
I wanted to say that this video seems to me very educational and entertaining and I have learnt interesting expressions that I didn't know. My results are: A1 1 mistake, it has been a very silly mistake because I have confused the preposition "in" and "on", A2 0 mistakes, B1 0 mistakes, B2 2 mistakes, C1 3 mistakes and C2 4 mistakes but I am very happy with my results because I have been studying English a lot of years at college because I wanted to be English teacher and I graduated more than one year ago and thanks to these hard years of study, I have won a lot of confidence in myself and it is very important to me to learn new things despite of having got my diplome and degree. Thanks for this video ❤
@EnglishwithMax 7 aylar önce
Thank you for your kind words! I wish you all the best!
@abesmarto68 2 aylar önce
English is my second language. My mother tongue is Amharic (Ethiopian official language). Thank you for those wonderful questions. I have been busy doing my personal work on my laptop and while refreshing TRshow, I found you. Anyway, I didn't try to challenge myself the way I did with your great questions today. Here are my results for each level. A1-10/10 A2-10/10 B1-7/10 B2-5/10 C1-7/10 C2-6/10 Keep teaching us with more videos. I personally need to improve my English level. I want to take the IELTS after getting well-prepared, and I want to score bands of 7 or more.
@EnglishwithMax 2 aylar önce
You're welcome! And all the best for the IELTS!
@Ivo1980 9 aylar önce
Thanks for the test. I am not a native speaker (I am Dutch), but passed C2 with only one mistake ('fork out'? Never heard of it. 😉 ) Kudos to my English teachers.
@pratikgiri7688 7 aylar önce
Excellent quiz I've acquired a1 to c2 level so I acquired an A1 level band of 9 as well as A2 level of 8 and b1 level of band of 8. When I was trying to A1-B1 level so it seems that it would be easy to next level😅 When I started the b2 level I got it 😂 This isn't easy task. Then I started B2 level an acquired 7 bands. It seemed that still, exam hasn't ended that I acquired Advanced level band of 7 and as well as I qualified the advanced level. Still hadn’t dona e exam. C2 level was pending. Then I acquired c2 level band of 6 cause that was professional level but one day or other I will achieve the Professional level.
@printaclip2749 Yıl önce
Except for 2 errors on C1, I did well up to C2. It was quite an engaging experience for me. Thanks Max. Keep up the good work. I just subscribed.
@EnglishwithMax Yıl önce
Thank you! And welcome!
@youtuber5709 9 aylar önce
Hello , my first language is spanish, i took the test and i missed 6 questions , the funny part is that i missed , part A1 and B1 and did well on the more complex part of the test , i enjoyed taking the test , thank you .
@Megamec 5 aylar önce
No errors. Was a bit easier than I anticipated but fun to do and a nice learning experience
@rdjaalbert5388 9 aylar önce
Hello. What a great job you''re doing! I've opted to subscribe to your channel because it presents much from which I may profit in my new work of teaching English to a Francophone. Keep at it.
@EnglishwithMax 8 aylar önce
Thank you!
@nquresh 6 aylar önce
Very educational and fun to take the test.
@YHoitink Yıl önce
No mistakes. I can usually pass for a native speaker in writing, including academic writing, but have a noticeable Dutch accent when I speak. My main issue is that I sometimes use American English in a British context and vice versa. In the Netherlands, we are taught British English in school but are more exposed to American English.
@IloveJesusChristNowandForever Yıl önce
In American English, one might say "will" versus "would" for #40. I had never heard the expression in #52 (American in Canada teaching IELTS/Oxford English). For #56, in America you could say "fork over" or maybe "dish out", but not fork out. I found this test helpful because brushing up on proper English when speaking a regional English is important for teachers. Thanks!
@anaisfernandez-laaksonen1506 Yıl önce
@@IloveJesusChristNowandForever An alternative viewpoint from a native British who attended an American high school. For 40 I definitely tend towards "would" but recognize that "will" is used (much more American) although it seems to have slightly different implications; I have heard "will" used but it still comes across as unusual/uncommon. For #52 it is definitely not a common expression, particularly as such situations are not common and thus it is not heard often, but occasionally some will use it. For #56 I would definitely say "fork out", although I have heard of "dish out" from Americans, but haven't heard "fork over" before. In general, it seems that this test is slightly more geared toward British English than American English.
@justann1358 9 aylar önce
Pretty much the same, except my accent is British enough to have almost anyone who isn’t in fact British, think that I am. Have even had British people ask me how long I’ve lived in Britain 😂
@rudyzk 9 aylar önce
In South America you can also choose to learn British or American English
@Arillus 9 aylar önce
same in norway, fluent in english and american, english from school and american from media and wife, and i was complimented on my norwegian(my native language) in a grocery store where id been talking to my wife in line, and the clerk didnt understand my wife so she told me to say it in norwegian...
@xavierdaume2757 9 aylar önce
Well done video, as a grammar teacher I can assure you that this test is quite relevant to measure the level of English knowledge. ✅
@romanoonamor7690 9 aylar önce
It's school english. Nobody cares about all the little rules of grammar or conjugation. Nobody speaks or writes perfect whatever-language-is-theirs. Nobody.
@EnglishwithMax 8 aylar önce
Thank you very much!
@RaggdollRaggis 9 aylar önce
Hello, this was a fun video. I am a 49-year-old guy from Sweden and found it quite easy. I have had 8 years of English education, but I have probably learned more on my own during the past 29 years. I still write English poorly, but I feel like I understand everything
@nogardhd7700 9 aylar önce
same here, im only 17 yo but im very sure ive learned more by myself and hte internet, than i have ever learned in school!
@arungopal1451 6 aylar önce
This is good for interview tests and also for Govt job preparation students. In this way you have to prepare more videos like this madam.
@marjoryvanstaalduinen9811 8 aylar önce
English is my second language, had 4 wrong over the whole test, was great to do the test, thank you.
@piaabrigo3820 2 aylar önce
I thought that was easy but then I was surprised I missed 32, 52 & 57. Got 57 correct answers and that feels proud for a 68-year old. I've always loved learning English since I was a child. I'm just so glad we have english subject in our curricula from grade school till college here in the Philippines. That's of great help. Thank you Max. That was fun. I enjoyed it immensely..❣️👏🇵🇭
@EnglishwithMax 2 aylar önce
I'm very glad to hear it! Thank you for watching :).
@paridhisingh2155 Yıl önce
I had a lot of fun in this test! I got every thing right up to B2, I got 1 wrong in C1 but since you said at the beginning 2 to 3 wrong, I think I am a C1 level as I also tried the C2 level but got 2 wrong. Either way it was still fun and I got learn some new things! Keep uploading awesome videos like this!
@EnglishwithMax Yıl önce
Well done! And thank you for your kind words!
@DarioMaia 8 aylar önce
I’ve missed just 5 or 6 questions, most of them on C2 😅 As someone that learned the language mainly on its own, I’m feeling pretty proud 😊
@user-E12BDavid49 7 aylar önce
C2 was quite hard. I guess i had luck with the rest. Thank you for a fun video. looking forward to more challenging one
@eletpalya 3 aylar önce
I felt it was far too easy a test, though I made 2 mistakes in B2, and 1 in C1. Anyway, I am happy to go through it because I have learnt some new expressions. Thank you.
@ybr2192 9 aylar önce
Indian, after sampling a few A1questions, went directly to C2 and got all of them right. 2 or 3 questions in C2 were a bit tricky though😀
@ganjatrooper 6 aylar önce
Hello from Belgium and thank you for this test! I did pretty well (3 wrong answers from A1 to C1), but C2 is just too hard for me
@metam.devad.neimte9212 5 aylar önce
@veronikapluckova6861 11 aylar önce
I was wandering for a long time whether I finally reached level C1, but according to this test, I should be at C2 by now. So you definitely made my day! 😁
@kaylynn8696 11 aylar önce
Did you mean to say "I was wondering?"
@veronikapluckova6861 11 aylar önce
@@kaylynn8696 Yes, sorry
@spider033181 9 aylar önce
@@kaylynn8696 Of course she did. She made a mistake. Why point it out?
@sonyai548 9 aylar önce
36/60very bad 😊
@florianmeier3186 9 aylar önce
Interestingly, I found the level B2-C2 rather similar difficult as I struggeled a bit with the tenses in B2, while in C1/C2 there was some unknown vocabulary, but the rest of the questions could be guessed quite well. Including B1 it was rather easy.
@user-ld4my6nr8u Aylar önce
@user-ld4my6nr8u Aylar önce
@user-ld4my6nr8u Aylar önce
@user-ld4my6nr8u Aylar önce
@migueldospachangas7716 9 aylar önce
Missed 2. Age 60, native speaker, lived in Mississippi as a boy, Texas for 40 years now. In between, Spain, Singapore and England where I learned to speak Spanish, heard some variations to the idiom, and the proper way to speak, in "British". My English step-mother was properly schooled, intelligent, and easy on the eye. She pointed out some lingering speech issues-all good naturedly of course. At the time, she seemed to speak a different language. As a proper Yorkshire Rose she spoke French as well, but could speak as any from the British Isles might, includeing as the poorer, less articulate would. My command of the accents is excellent, almost as good as hers. Her American southern drawl is mediorce at best, but she only visited Mississippi one time. I attended an English school for a year; 3rd form (8th Grade). The curriculum at Stokesly Comprehensive was very advanced, I was soon lost in Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. Hanging on elsewhere. I was evaluated in Spanish by a man sent to my school to do so. I was deemed sufficient and thus didn't have to participate in the French class. Students learn French over their entire duration of school, by the 3rd form it's well advanced. Ironically, during English class I was able to excel- strangely, they were just now on adverbs, which I had covered some time before. At some point I took a broad, comprehensive test. It had most grades in the 50% region. I was aghast, as I knew Pops would have something harsh to say, to put it mildly. My friends assured me it was o.k.- in England they test to see your limits, their marks were as mine were. At home, Pops immediately took off his belt, to let it speak to me. Jane, my stepmom, was able to intervene at the last second, backing up my story of 'them testing to see your limits'. I narrowly escaped around the table, Pops was on the verge of not believing my "outrageous" story. That;s what I remember, 40+ years ago. For this and much more I am thankfull to all 4 that raised me. My parents and step-parents. I know it took the efforts of all 4 to raise me. All alive today, though Pops isn't doing so hot. He is well attended to, in Yorkshire. About time I went, methinks.
@deborahgallo6730 9 aylar önce
Miguel, I enjoyed reading your comment so much, I read it 3 times. What a wonderful writing skill you have there. I do expect to see a book with your name on it, sometime in the future. Big Cheers from Australia.
@nollattacykel 7 aylar önce
Native Swede, 60 years old. I missed question number 48. Thank you for making this video.
@fastntastyrecipes 9 aylar önce
2 in C1 and 4 in C2...but not at the same level in conversation! Thank you!
@Speirylcodm 7 aylar önce
I ended up getting only 2 wrong in the test, both at c2 level, which surprises me especially since my I have not been doing great at my English tests at school lately, maxing out at an 7, but it did show me that the time my parents spent to make sure i started learning English from a very young age on was not wasted.
@catherinehazur7336 Yıl önce
Good feedback test. I felt that question #21's answers were a bit of a conundrum, because it seemed that any one of 3 of the 4 answers could have been ok. But I concurred with your answer! Otherwise, I made it through C2 with no difficulty. I noticed that you referenced Frank and George; I was rather hoping they would put in an appearance. I miss your amusing puppets, they are great teachers too!
@EnglishwithMax 10 aylar önce
Thank you, Catherine! And Frank and George will be back soon :).
@LoveLeeMeJenny 9 aylar önce
Swede here. Interesting test. I managed to get 60/60, with one of the questions by elimination. I don't think I have ever come across the word "landfall" before, but I knew it wasn't any of the other words. There were about three other questions where I had to pause and think to get them right. I usually go by what feels/sounds right, and it's mostly correct, but not always. 😊
@nikke2404 8 aylar önce
I'm Finn and I have to say, I'd kind of envy you Swede guys because you have the great advantage of belonging to the same germanic language tree, which greatly improves English pronunciation and also helps with words. For example Google translator speaking english with swedish setting sounds a little bit funny for sure but fully understandable anyway. But if you would change the Google translator speaking english with finnish speech settings or vice versa, that's a different story. 😂
@Koitern 7 aylar önce
@LoveLeeMeJenny 7 aylar önce
@@Koitern Don Quixote.
@lynvoyager5976 8 aylar önce
60 out of 60 for me. I do have a query regarding Q47 as I believe both a and c could be correct, not just c. I am an English speaker but it was still interesting to know I have kept up as I've gotten into my retirement years.
@charlesk.792 7 aylar önce
In my opinion, some expressions used in the tests (high levels) are so seldom used by a foreigner that is quite easy to have forgotten them or remember them. You can learn new expressions and rules every day, but, if you seldom use them, it is so easy to forget them....
@sylvisterling8782 9 aylar önce
My partner and I took the test. We both got 100% on all levels. However, we're both writers, and editors, so,not surprising. VERY enjoyable!
@Raccoonsareawesome 7 aylar önce
I'm not a native English speaker, and I would say both my grammar and sentence structure would be considered inferior to most native English speakers. But I did the test with just two wrong answers. When you do a test like this you can use exclusion, which is a huge difference compared to building a sentence.
@nataljadjemo2384 Yıl önce
Thank you for the test! It was helpful and funny at the same time )) I 've made 7 mistakes...Uh...was really surprised. I have never heard of a structure "be it"; the verb "to beam" I have never noticed! Thank you for explaining the hardest structures!
@EnglishwithMax Yıl önce
Great job! And thank you!
@ilxomjonxazratqulov6191 Yıl önce
@@EnglishwithMax ko't ekansiz
@sabalight2558 Yıl önce
@@EnglishwithMax Now i'm talking alone in my head and using "be it" at least once in a minute ! Be it in my bed or in my bath tub ! =D
@user-wq6br6il1w Yıl önce
@user-wq6br6il1w Yıl önce
My name is Elmira.
@Loba89 9 aylar önce
I am not a native speaker, but I've spoken English most of my life and am an English as a Second Language teacher with a Master of Applied Linguistics. I made only one mistake in C2 and I could not believe it! Yes, I master English as a native and I love it!
@emilsmikelsons1979 8 aylar önce
Yes, i have mastered*
@araxit 7 aylar önce
This is my 3th language mastering process :) A1 10/10, A2 10/10, B1 7/10, B2 7/10, C1 7/10, C2 8/10. Thanks! Fun video!
@firegod5457 6 aylar önce
I got 10 questions wrong in total, and I feel pretty good about it because im not a native speaker neither am I an enthusiast in the english language , I'm just a normal person from the Eastern Balkans. This was a fun test.
@macynthiamagbanua6522 9 aylar önce
That was fun! For my scores: A-1 10, A-2 10, B-1 8, B-2 8, C-1 9, C-2 10.
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