"Crawling" (Linkin Park) by Aaron Lewis of Staind & Sully Erna of Godsmack & Friends - 360° VR

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The VR Sessions

4 yıl önce

Aaron Lewis & Friends perform "Crawling", a tribute to Chester Bennington of Linkin Park. Lewis is joined by Sully Erna (Godsmack), Mike Mushok (Saint Asonia/Staind), Corey Lowery (Saint Asonia), Sal Giancarelli (Staind) and Ben Kitterman. Go full screen & HD! Move your phone, drag your mouse, look around... video is 360° VR!
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Special Thanks to:
Aaron Lewis Foundation www.aaronlewisfoundation.org/
It Takes A Community Foundation
K. Michael Clark Guitars
CTGS Productions
Audio Mix by Tobler Audio Productions

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The VR Sessions
The VR Sessions 9 aylar önce
S. Oltjenbruns
S. Oltjenbruns Aylar önce
Thx 💯
Joacb Costal
Joacb Costal 2 aylar önce
Wesley S
Wesley S 4 aylar önce
This shit still hits like it was made today. Fuck man, we lost a legend that day
Inexplainable Shiba
Inexplainable Shiba 5 aylar önce
Okay, so 1080 it is
Abigail Hamilton
Abigail Hamilton Saatler önce
kills me every time i hear this. My 2nd son was in hospital having barely survived attempted suicide (age 19)& while there & so ill he messaged me "Mum Chester's died". 2 tragedies i will never forget! :( i was so scared it would make him attempt again. i've lived in fear every day since.
Samurai special
Samurai special Gün önce
Сентябрь 2021.. мы всё ещё не верим😥
Paul Iler
Paul Iler Gün önce
Dante H
Dante H 2 gün önce
Aaron's voice is awesome
Jolene Gall
Jolene Gall 3 gün önce
One of my fave LP songs. Love it! Thank you AL.
socar2say 3 gün önce
I'll give ya this: You pulled off the closest Chris/Chester combo i've heard to date. But. You've also successfully managed to prove this undesputable and self-evident fact....... There is literally no other human voice on earth that can possibly replicate Chesters voice. Period. (And you HAD to pour out a libation at the end lol (drink offering). Don't do that for the dead bubba. luv ya. but that's a no no.......)
Nadine Miss
Nadine Miss 3 gün önce
Beautifully Done!
Eric Holland
Eric Holland 4 gün önce
Cover songs should really be made public to buy. One amazing song from one artist, has a whole new feel when heard from someone else’s point of view
Janet Amato
Janet Amato 5 gün önce
Ashraqat Omar
Ashraqat Omar 5 gün önce
My walls are closing in...
Nathan Bush
Nathan Bush 5 gün önce
Aaron Lewis has a bad attitude and puts on a terrible show . He is very self entitled and high and mighty . Very errogant and rude guy im not a fan after seeing his show . It was the worst expirience of my life
Rochelle Nicalek
Rochelle Nicalek 6 gün önce
one for the homeezz in the music industry family is everything close tight knot everyone can can relate with how sir ten groups of people artists entertainers movers truckers we all share the same passion or career experience have in common relate share stories I personally could pass on some of f tin more or lessbetter or worse good bad ugly we still live to get together have fun put everything else aside open up be who we are free over 21 and with over 18 girlfriends or boyfriends it donuts matter Justin dont be fake I'll respect you more for you whoever's that may be unless a serial killer then my bad but im gonna kill you first if I have ben watch in the time to rap things up get ready for a list family reunion drips miss birthday party so see all shoes soon I affirm tik tok Tricky Ricky Justin Tyme clock locked in win win done won sun universe uuuu all ready know God bless you all Amen jkt69 pnl sUs
Disther cockdiesel Stuhrling
Disther cockdiesel Stuhrling 6 gün önce
rip chester and chris. RIP NORM MACDONALD...
Jaydev Prajapati
Jaydev Prajapati 8 gün önce
Martin Capriotti
Martin Capriotti 12 gün önce
They both were amazing
Andrewpiomaher Maher
Andrewpiomaher Maher 13 gün önce
Wow goosebumps that's all I need to say
Joshua0986 14 gün önce
LilyLullaby 17 gün önce
Thank you guys! 🖤♥️🖤
TheNightmare92 19 gün önce
So glad the 360 video craze didn’t last long. It fucking sucks & makes the video not watchable. Hopefully they’ll drop a normal version on here soon. Besides that, Lewis did the song justice & Chester would be happy to hear his version of his classic tune he created
Austin Morton
Austin Morton 20 gün önce
RIP Chester Bennington what a legend
Mariano Aponte
Mariano Aponte 21 gün önce
Wow this cover is so well made... Great work, Aaron, and great sign of respect for an awesome singer and guy. We miss you Chester.
gp lugt
gp lugt 21 gün önce
J B 21 gün önce
wow the floor is such a nice view…. *kicking myself in the ass*
KingGabe 69
KingGabe 69 22 gün önce
The girl behind me is pretty cute ☺️
Reinier Perez
Reinier Perez 22 gün önce
Fuck!!!!! Aaron you can do every thing!!!!!!!, ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Christime Carmona
Christime Carmona 25 gün önce
Mr Lewis is such a great musician! We miss you Chester and Chris. You both were beautiful talented musicians 💗❤️❤️❤️💖💞
Gonzalo Cerda
Gonzalo Cerda 25 gün önce
Daaaaaaaaaaamn!! The goosebumps!!!
Sad Eyes 👀
Sad Eyes 👀 26 gün önce
I love his VR sessions. ♥️
The VR Sessions
The VR Sessions 26 gün önce
Thank you!!
DarthGunner90 28 gün önce
Perfect, especially being as Aaron was on the Reanimation version, Chester would be proud.
Vezexis 29 gün önce
Chester, you made this happen... I still love you. I know you are not forgotten
Cmc Aylar önce
Hands down, the best cover I’ve ever heard of this song
Athena Watkins
Athena Watkins Aylar önce
Aug 2021, searching LP, came acrossed this one. Thank you. Much love 💘
Isabel Jerônimo
Isabel Jerônimo Aylar önce
Um cover de respeito ...
1family4me Aylar önce
RIP Chester.
Thefallenones1 Goldsmith
Thefallenones1 Goldsmith Aylar önce
This is not what I was expecting, I was glad I was lead here, a great take on this classic tune.
Duber Dave
Duber Dave Aylar önce
So kool like being there
Brandon Roark
Brandon Roark Aylar önce
Just kill me please she might as wells have
zedrick zedwick
zedrick zedwick Aylar önce
to everyone , if you struggle with sadness, please never let that sadness turn into hopelessness, it’s because then suicide will creep it’s ugly head around the corner. please give your life to Jesus Christ and put all your faith in him and gain the gift of salvation. ❤️ i love you all and i do pray for you all. as do hundreds of millions of other christians. ❤️
Bryan Longay
Bryan Longay Aylar önce
Joe Aylar önce
Immediately gave me goosebumps down back.
Michael Uebler
Michael Uebler Aylar önce
It's insane how much i used to like staind and how much Aaron Lewis and his insufferable strong red pill republican views and statement have completely ruined anything I might have liked from him...what a tard I saw once he started off the show with reciting the pledge of allegiance like its not blatantly obvious he's just banking on the ignorant people that actually think Mexicans are here to ruin lives and take jobs
R C Aylar önce
What a voice!! I'm blown away listening to your cover. Amazing, the best! Hats off!
Michael Carter
Michael Carter Aylar önce
Only thing worse than a linkin park song is this guy trying to sing it .
Michael Carter
Michael Carter Aylar önce
Dude sucks so bad he can't even sing his own songs . Go away .
Ilya Nesterov
Ilya Nesterov Aylar önce
Oh my God.. that's beautiful..
Jardel Oliveira
Jardel Oliveira Aylar önce
I'm here in the Brazil ! Showwww This is version !!
WykedGame Aylar önce
Their songs hit a little different now.. Rip
Justin Seaman
Justin Seaman Aylar önce
I miss you so much Chester and i never had the chance to see you. A part of me died the day you did.
Justin Seaman
Justin Seaman Aylar önce
Im sorry everything was so heavy
S. Oltjenbruns
S. Oltjenbruns Aylar önce
Yeah the 360s to fund play but not when you got chores it's a reward 😀😀😀👍👍👌👍💯
Lane Tannehill
Lane Tannehill Aylar önce
I told myself i wasn't going to cry but here i am now I'm crying. This version is absolutely amazing and did the original justice so we'll. Miss you chester and thank you for all the songs you did that helped me get through the issues i went through when i was younger and are still going through R.I.P
Felipe Rodrigues
Felipe Rodrigues Aylar önce
John Arnett
John Arnett Aylar önce
I am old school but this is so damn cool.
S. Oltjenbruns
S. Oltjenbruns Aylar önce
This is the only video I've ever seen in 360 and I love it I think it's freaking awesome
The VR Sessions
The VR Sessions Aylar önce
Thank you!
HOMIE999SHIT Aylar önce
thick thighs save lives
Austin Haut
Austin Haut Aylar önce
This is my first time ever hearing this in 2021. Amazing tribute
Truth and Reconciliation
Truth and Reconciliation Aylar önce
Just finished this and I felt like I was there Not because of the camera/view I had my eyes shut the whole time just thinking, I felt like I was there on a different level though.
C Aylar önce
Man Aaron Lewis can cover nearly any song and do it extremely well.
obmit no
obmit no Aylar önce
I'm like" why the fuck does the camera man keep looking at Aaron and sullys feet"? Turns out it was me.
Chris Lovett
Chris Lovett Aylar önce
RIP Chester
Cody Thompson
Cody Thompson Aylar önce
Thats beautiful man! Great rendention.
Asd Zxc
Asd Zxc Aylar önce
Beautiful ♥️
Polo Aylar önce
I detect a lil zevon in Lewis
Mal Aylar önce
this video is sick
Joe Goerges
Joe Goerges Aylar önce
Fuckin eh right brother!!
Val Punk
Val Punk Aylar önce
WOW I love this cover, Chester would love it too..
Rishabh SHARMA
Rishabh SHARMA Aylar önce
Who did the VR
The VR Sessions
The VR Sessions Aylar önce
Shot and produced by The VR Sessions.
YoJon Aylar önce
Wish this wasn’t in 360
Death Metal Jesus
Death Metal Jesus Aylar önce
this fucking crybaby
Tru Blue
Tru Blue Aylar önce
Aaron Lewis can make any song sound better than the original artist except pearl jam songs.
Thomas Utecht
Thomas Utecht Aylar önce
How could over 4000 people not appreciate what they got going on here.....much love and respect......r.i.p...no one could do it better but this was nice and very respectful
Wayne Fielder
Wayne Fielder Aylar önce
Sully looks like he's just enjoying the show. I'm not sure his pick ever the E string but his nods were righteous!
Lucky 17
Lucky 17 Aylar önce
Your my fucking hero bro.🇺🇸 strong forever no matter fucking what. No matter what!
Andi Hermawan
Andi Hermawan Aylar önce
Wow.. I miss Staind. I love your voice, Lewis
Janina Škodová
Janina Škodová Aylar önce
I miss you 🥺
T G Aylar önce
I wish he wouldn’t smoke, I am afraid he will destroy his voice and that would be ashame
metal stacking
metal stacking Aylar önce
Chills favorite artist of all time A.L
Brad pope
Brad pope Aylar önce
One word.....WOWWWWWWW!!!!!!
runawayfae ?!!
runawayfae ?!! Aylar önce
I love this, but I can't... it's too emotional this way. Take my like, but I gotta go
Trevor Miracle
Trevor Miracle Aylar önce
If anyone in that crowd didn’t get chill bumps from that. They don’t deserve to be at that show…. Amazing
Сергей Гуринов
Сергей Гуринов Aylar önce
2021 i'm still crying
Sean Clark
Sean Clark Aylar önce
You can feel the emotion in the ways he hits each word as he sings the song, his emotion sounding response is evident enough with the way you hear the song. The parting words are true enough
Márcio Fernando
Márcio Fernando Aylar önce
Sensacional,mandou muito bem.
Boyd reid
Boyd reid Aylar önce
I love this soo much.
661larry Aylar önce
Couldn’t imagine trying to sing this when it’s hard to watch without tearing up!!! 🤙. Prayers to all affected!!!
James Wheat
James Wheat Aylar önce
Aaron Lewis is the man 🇺🇸
Jimmy Sinner
Jimmy Sinner Aylar önce
Killed it 🤘
Ron Ron Balagtas
Ron Ron Balagtas Aylar önce
heather mcintyre
heather mcintyre Aylar önce
Great Tribute 💗 Loved seeing you guys in Dubuque Iowa!
Jordan Brown
Jordan Brown Aylar önce
Zool214 Aylar önce
Awesome Tribute 🎶🎼❤️💯🇺🇲👍
The VR Sessions
The VR Sessions Aylar önce
Prem Raj
Prem Raj Aylar önce
Aaron was the only one who could actually do justice to this song.
jansen rome
jansen rome Aylar önce
he did the same justice to Nutshell. He seems to be good at it
Emma Rochford
Emma Rochford Aylar önce
This is the only other version of crawling I will listen too.
Joogullae Aylar önce
It's spelled 'krwling' I believe.
Joogullae Aylar önce
I loooove the Reanimation version, just listened to it actually before this. It's SO GOOD please listen to it if you haven't.
john barraco
john barraco Aylar önce
Too fucking cool I’m 45 and mind blown and also .. great version of the song .. Arron Lewis sang it awesome … this was to cool for words to be spoke 💯❤️🤘✌️
Saint Sacrifice
Saint Sacrifice Aylar önce
Didn't realize until he started talking at the end... that's Sully Erna of Godsmack on guitar.
Jen Lynn P
Jen Lynn P Aylar önce
Literal chills with this song. ♥🤟
Konan Graham
Konan Graham 2 aylar önce
Aaron you have an amazing voice I love your music.
jonathan cortez
jonathan cortez 2 aylar önce
Wow. Powerful ❤️
jonathan cortez
jonathan cortez 2 aylar önce
Depression sufferers, I love you family.
Israel Larrauri
Israel Larrauri 2 aylar önce
I miss You Chester
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