The Weeknd - Too Late (Official Music Video)

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Official music video by The Weeknd performing "Too Late"- 'After Hours" available everywhere now:

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Directed by: Cliqua // @cliquamundo
Starring: Ashley Smith, Kenzie Harr & Ken XY
Production Company: Florence //
Executive Producer: Alli Maxwell
Producer: Luke Arreguin, Huffman Creative // @huffmancreative
Director of Photography: Isaac Bauman // @isaacbauman
Gaffer: Josh Atkin
Key Grip: Marlow Nunez
1st AD: Bashir Taylor
Production Designer: Terry Watson
SFX: Russell FX
Stylist: Lisa Madonna
Makeup: Nicole Sanchez
Post Production: Ethos Studio // @ethos_studio
Executive Producer: James Drew
Head of Production: Brittany Carson, Head of Production
VFX Supervisor: Peter Timberlake
Editor: Chad Sarahina
Colorist: Kaitlyn Battistelli


No-no, no-no, no-no-no
I let you down, I led you on
I never thought I'd be here without you
Don't let me drown inside your arms
Bad thoughts inside my mind
When the darkness comes, you're my light, baby
My light, baby, my light when it's dark, yeah
I'm too high, baby, too high, baby
'Cause I know right now, that I lost it (hey)
It's way too late to save our souls, baby (oh, oh, yeah)
It's way too late, we're on our own (baby, on my own)
I made mistakes, I did you wrong, baby (oh, oh, yeah)
It's way too late to save my
I can't trust (I can't trust) where I live (where I live)
Anymore (anymore, anymore, anymore)
Sources say that we're done, how would they know?
We're in hell, it's disguised as a paradise with flashing lights
I just wanna believe there's so much more (hey, woo, hey, woo, hey)
It's way too late to save our souls, baby (oh, oh, yeah)
It's way too late, we're on our own (baby, on my own)
I made mistakes, I did you wrong, baby (oh, oh, yeah)
It's way too late to save my
And, ooh, I tell myself I should get over you
I said ooh, I know I'd rather be all over you
I'm trying, trying, but I, I just want your body
Riding slow on top of me, girl, on top of me
I want you, babe, ooh-ooh
It's way too late (late) to save our souls
Baby (souls, baby, oh, oh, oh-oh-oh)
It's way too late, we're on our own (baby, on my own)
I made mistakes (mistakes), I did you wrong, baby (oh, oh, yeah)
It's way too late to save my

#TheWeeknd #TooLate #AfterHours

Eduardo Cns
Eduardo Cns 2 saatler önce
Mels channel
Mels channel 2 saatler önce
In case ya didn’t notice this what they do at the Illuminati parties do your research and look up the way they dress and what they do at these special events The Weeknd showing us a brief of what goes on behind closed doors .
L Howell
L Howell 4 saatler önce
Wait.......what did I just watch?? The song is 🔥🔥🔥 but I couldn't focus for watching the video!!! 😳
AMAN KANDULNA 4 saatler önce
yo these are the girls who crashed with weeknd in the hills video
Matheus Henrique
Matheus Henrique 4 saatler önce
That’s heavy shit right there 😂GENIUS
Credealdo Jack
Credealdo Jack 5 saatler önce
Essa ficou braba. 🤕👊
Ahmed Habib
Ahmed Habib 5 saatler önce
Aren't these the same 2 girls from "Party monster" and the same 2 girls with the guy "who is supposed to be the devil" in the end of the Hills, it's been always 2 girls.. and the line says it *It is way too late to save our souls baby* I think It's another part of the story he's been telling which starts with The Hills Can't feel my face Often Starboy False alarm ..
Siege PLAYzz
Siege PLAYzz 5 saatler önce
S1LV3R 3DG3 5 saatler önce
Damn can Abel’s head just be left alone for two seconds?!
chief 1 redwolf
chief 1 redwolf 6 saatler önce
HOPE ❤️, Salvation is found in no one else, no other name under heaven given among men where by we must be saved. Saved from the punishment of sin. I’m trying to offer people Hope in absolute perfection !!! No more pain, dying, lies, decay, depression, anxiety, crying, sickness, rotten food, broken things , etc... offering the Hope of Eternity in heaven with Jesus Christ. We must be willing to turn from sin to receive Jesus forgiveness. And to know and live out his teachings. He who does the will of God abides for eternity 1 John 2:17 📖nkjv HOPE ❤️🤍💙🇺🇸🙂🌹⌛️
Pablo Rivera Alarcon
Pablo Rivera Alarcon 6 saatler önce
What video follows to continue the story?
Rhonda minnick
Rhonda minnick 7 saatler önce
Crazy kinda
Legend17 7 saatler önce
This is weird lol.
Zorana Zapata
Zorana Zapata 7 saatler önce
Leonardo Valencia Cortes
Leonardo Valencia Cortes 7 saatler önce
the weeknd
Sy Fy
Sy Fy 8 saatler önce
Ele me lembrou o Ricardo Millos dançando akskjdkakakakaa
Ivy Monroe
Ivy Monroe 8 saatler önce
Gostei do vídeo ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.👏👏👏👏👏❤️😍👏👏👏👏
gibeliss 8 saatler önce
Oh my God. Cool though...
Victori4aYT 8 saatler önce
ke turbio xd
MrSilent Takeover
MrSilent Takeover 8 saatler önce
You are marked to become the next Michael Jackson...but better✊🏾😉
Rikk Hyo
Rikk Hyo 8 saatler önce
Kanye South
Kanye South 8 saatler önce
This necrophilia is on another level
Rohana Agustina
Rohana Agustina 9 saatler önce
Gue ketika nonton ini, mostlyall the time:INI APAAN ANJIIING????
Divine Divinegirl
Divine Divinegirl 9 saatler önce
They just had a nose job 😆 and everything else they're doing for fame. I just LOVE what he did with the video and the song showing us what's Hollywood like.
John Oyeleke
John Oyeleke 10 saatler önce
Amrapali Roy
Amrapali Roy 11 saatler önce
eudclit bosman
eudclit bosman 11 saatler önce
zero nominations ,,wtf!!!
Amrapali Roy
Amrapali Roy 11 saatler önce
We are just behind you. Keep going. Lots of love..
JOZAYY S. 11 saatler önce
Dude got snubbed from a Grammy for exposing too much from the industry......holly-bloody
Raphtalia 11 saatler önce
Oh my god this man's vocals
stranger 12 saatler önce
watched this before bed last night... let's just say the dreams I had while sleeping were on a different level of weird
Lu La
Lu La 13 saatler önce
I’m like whhhaaat daaa faaaarkkk 5 minutes later my eyebrows are still in botox stuck mode near my hairline
JENKZ CJ 14 saatler önce
Ive seen too much.... 3:20
Chris Thompson
Chris Thompson 14 saatler önce
I love this guy !
Sun Soul X
Sun Soul X 15 saatler önce
I can't move.
abbas zaidi
abbas zaidi 15 saatler önce
Ivi Val
Ivi Val 16 saatler önce
this is too sick 🤢😣
Hanan nd
Hanan nd 16 saatler önce
47 Makeover
47 Makeover 16 saatler önce
Come on grammy!!! You bastard
david son
david son 18 saatler önce
Why so less views should b a BIL BY NOW
Gwen Villegas
Gwen Villegas 18 saatler önce
😦😧😮🤭 literally my reaction after watching this
Nadine Okafor
Nadine Okafor 18 saatler önce
Geht gar nicht
Hair Grow
Hair Grow 18 saatler önce
I feel
Khongorzul Ulambayar
Khongorzul Ulambayar 18 saatler önce
What a savage!😍🔥🔥🔥🔥⚡️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Michelle LaBelle
Michelle LaBelle 18 saatler önce
When I first heard this song....I totally envisioned a different depiction in my head.... still fucking amazing album!! I
Lyfle 19 saatler önce
After seeing this, I don’t even know what’s gonna happen now.
ZionAmariTV 19 saatler önce
If you’re tired of being skinny fat Abel just say that
Drumboi 29
Drumboi 29 19 saatler önce
Anyone wanna explain the story line between these music videos??
Estrella Lepe
Estrella Lepe 20 saatler önce
Larray’s cancell music video has 40 million views how does this not
Эдуард Литвин
Эдуард Литвин 20 saatler önce
Its kpop or idk
Franmarie Diaz
Franmarie Diaz 20 saatler önce
Today is starboy's 4th year anniversary ! Ty for awesome music :) xo
yoboi nicossman
yoboi nicossman 20 saatler önce
wHaT tHe FuCk
lakeysha landry
lakeysha landry 20 saatler önce
This is one sick video 😒
Twyla Tabb
Twyla Tabb 21 saatler önce
I fuckn LOVE YOUUUUUU!🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Zeva AS
Zeva AS 22 saatler önce
Want to share a comment I made on another person's comment who pointed a really good theory out: The Weeknd didn't get a Grammy nomination probably because of this video. I agree. This video is very controversial. Also I believe slitting another person's throat for many people to see blatantly is just way too gory. Personally I thought it shouldn't be displayed like that from the front angle. Even if he and his team really wanted to put it in the MV, maybe from the back. Best to not have that scene at all even as a "creative expression", but that's just me. Nowadays there are demonic/malicious people out there who would see this as an example or muse to actually.. slit people's throat. It's too much and underage people can discover it. Especially The Weeknds fans is of various ages. Nevertheless I love the Weeknd / Abel's music.. he deserves a Grammy, but this MV is not ok.. with the slitting the throat part and also the having sex with a dead body.. which is actually a real thing. There are cases where serial murders have sex with their victims. There's a term for it, necrophilia. It's just way too much.
Aaron Johnson
Aaron Johnson 22 saatler önce
Crazy ass video
Kevin 22 saatler önce
That TOO LATE scrolling across... mmmm, reminds me of Amiga
James Anderson
James Anderson 23 saatler önce
I liked the Weeknd when he came out. He had this avant garde type of R&B sound. But this video is just too creepy .
*NANO ReAl 23 saatler önce
Badr Aissaoui
Badr Aissaoui Gün önce
Sorry but wut the fuck did i just saw....i didnt like the song btw and those girls look like shit or somthing like that
Kuntal Ghosh
Kuntal Ghosh Gün önce
This was probably inspired by this really old yet creepy movie called 'Nekromantik 2'
Reno King
Reno King Gün önce
What a load a crap. Worst music and video ever.
Brian Monge
Brian Monge Gün önce
Once again, Killed it!
Kirstin Gün önce
This is disgusting and really wish I didn’t watch it... lost a fan. Go pray Abel.
Bria Vaughn
Bria Vaughn 9 saatler önce
😂 hes exposing the industry
Srlence Route 22
Srlence Route 22 Gün önce
Сатан Холивудски
Whalium Gün önce
so did it work.. did he come back to life? im thinking he didn't
Get that head, get that bread, then leave.
She’s A Pro
She’s A Pro Gün önce
Listen to Abel all #ThanksgivingWeeknd
H. Hansen
H. Hansen Gün önce
Ist das Scheiße....
Sentimental Lady05
Sentimental Lady05 Gün önce
Look this is the first year that the most women have ever been nominated at the Grammys. You've taken many awards in the past.... It is Woman's turn to dominate the music industry and to dominate the world!!! If you don't like it, it's your opinion.. Just like this is mine..
GrizzlyBeatz - Hip Hop & Rap Beats
GrizzlyBeatz - Hip Hop & Rap Beats Gün önce
Just wanted to let you know we are featuring music videos on our blog for free at simply submit your bio and music
BlueTone!!! Bruh!
BlueTone!!! Bruh! Gün önce
BRHUUUUUU omg what the f is this
Huseyn Abdullaev
Huseyn Abdullaev Gün önce
Now It's "I can't feel my body"
Unrussleable Jimmies
Unrussleable Jimmies Gün önce
Every thing esoteric about this video is completly lost on 99 percent of the commenters, most of you dont get the real point of these continuations. Sure hes using subversive methods but the message is quite clear. If you cant see that you werent meant to, if you can see what hes really saying then surely you must know that fame comes at a steep price in the valley if fallen angels.
Kaycee Fwesh
Kaycee Fwesh Gün önce
slavicshawty Gün önce
my baby deserved that grammy !!!!
Self love Babygirl
Self love Babygirl Gün önce
Johnny Charls
Johnny Charls Gün önce
Nathan de Assis
Nathan de Assis Gün önce
I can't believe The Weeknd got Ricardo Milos to participate in the video!! Nice
mae angelina
mae angelina Gün önce
what is it with girls obsessing over his decapitated head in after hours-
Ki Ra
Ki Ra Gün önce
I've never wanted to puke so much after watching a music video.... GREAT WORK ABEL AND THE CREW
Aleksandra Rajkovic
Aleksandra Rajkovic Gün önce
So disappointing, so SIK and DEMONIC 👎👎 👿👿👹🤬
Shobie Cokim
Shobie Cokim Gün önce
OMG i just hope my kid doesnt see this. i see the point but yeah still too creepy for me.
Sanjay Gün önce
Basically this video about head transfer operation with a song:)
Jéssica Mujeiko Eichler Yasuda
Jéssica Mujeiko Eichler Yasuda Gün önce
Too sadic
Mel Gün önce
When you Sellout to the Hollywood *BS*. Soulless people way to focused on external beauty and the material world and there's nothing left on the inside. "All that Glitters IS NOT gold!" You have to find a balance in life and not completely extinguish the flame within. Great video, and long overdue. Wake up people.
Jimena Farfán
Jimena Farfán Gün önce
Someone plays among us? 😹😹
IceCream Films
IceCream Films Gün önce
I am..... Very confused 😂
James Brown
James Brown Gün önce
Creepy song👀
Flian hawaiian
Flian hawaiian Gün önce
It's a mini movie, fucking phenomenal.
Faf Acts
Faf Acts Gün önce Weeknd really influences ppl
Faf Acts
Faf Acts Gün önce inspired by weeknd
Batzaya Olonbayar
Batzaya Olonbayar Gün önce
Can’t believe he didn’t get nominated for Emmy!! We all know 2020 was Weeknd’s
Tammi Davidson
Tammi Davidson Gün önce
Love the song, but the video is strange..
Carlos Pinzón Viguer
Carlos Pinzón Viguer Gün önce
What the F!! 😅😂 BIG THE WEEKND! ❤️❤️❤️
Thabo Makhathini
Thabo Makhathini Gün önce
👇Fuck the Grammys 2020-XO
Lanaturestbelle Gün önce
WTF!!!! This masterpiece and only 10M views!!!! COME ON PPL
Mahmoud A.H.
Mahmoud A.H. Gün önce
Umm...what the fuck was that?
Littleleaf Coco
Littleleaf Coco Gün önce
This makes sense after the GRAMMY nominations Fuck the grammys.
Thanh Toàn
Thanh Toàn Gün önce
Đúng là k nên cho nó giải Gammy, bệnh hoạn vl, nhạc còn dỡ nữa
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