Avalanche and Predators Exchange Handshakes After Colorado Eliminates Nashville In 4 Games

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Yıl önce

The Colorado Avalanche exchange handshakes with the Nashville Predators after defeating them in a four-game sweep in the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

@Th4t_guy_ Yıl önce
Really cool to watch every season when this happens, whether it's your team winning, losing, or a series that doesn't involve your team. Maybe not completely unique to the sport but definitely stands out as a staple. As an avs fan I have nothing but respect for the preds, they have a pro, classy organization and they fought hard this season. onto the next and we got 12 more dubs to go! Let's hoist this cup boys!!!
@uhohDavinci Yıl önce
This is why hockey is the greatest sport.. they spend 4-7 games beating each other over the head.. and at the end its "great job, congrats, and good luck".
@niggaganstason Yıl önce
As an avs fan I don't think you can judge Connor Ingram for this series . He stepped up and started most of the series and performed great . I would like to see how he does as a starting goalie for any team in the NHL . I will be following Ingram in the future to see how he does .
@grousetheghoul2754 Yıl önce
Honour, dignity and class. The tradition of the handshakes sets hockey apart from other sports. The only thing even close to it comes from rugby and cricket.
@Christian_Martel Yıl önce
The Stanley Cup Playoffs are the best tournament in professional sport. The hardest to win, the hardest fought and the classy handshake. When all is played and a champion is apparent, the commissioner hands the Stanley Cup to the players who won it all.
@marie2274 Yıl önce
I love this part. This was a great series. I would of loved to have the Avs close out the series on home ice but in this case in 4 games is ok. Kuemper can rest his eye for a few days. In this case watching Nichushkin push Mikko with his stick to get him moving in line . Mikko loves to talk. Congrats to Kadri for completing round 1. Gabe needs to get his two little boys (Mikko and Cale) under control.
@drinkinbuddy8264 Yıl önce
Nice to see this back. Sportsmanship at the best
@kevingunnery5470 Yıl önce
This is a video you need to show the younger generation no matter how hard you battle the opponent at the end of the day everyone is human and you line up like this and shake hands and say good game you guys played well and good luck moving forward…
@SoberFix Yıl önce
@ranchosdelnorte Yıl önce
MacKinnon to Duchene: "So is this the playoff hockey you expected when you wanted out of Colorado?"
@imgladiquitdestiny2401 Yıl önce
You know all the stuff that happened, has happened, and will happen, I have respect for the Predators. They’re a solid roster, and I don’t doubt they’re gonna be a threat for more years to come 🙏 respect.
@user-ug2hh6vl4d Yıl önce
After this game I have a strong feeling who will win the Stanley cup... and who will be MVP of the play off: Makar, he Is incredible
@ThisHandleFeatureIsStupid Yıl önce
That penalty at the end was devastating. I was hoping for overtime, at least...no dice.
@davidrobins4025 Yıl önce
I had hoped the Predators would win one or two of the games - however, they are a class team and will be back again. Enjoy a great summer, guys.
@rushrush1209 Yıl önce
Hockey is a classy sport. I love that when a team loses at home to end their season, they will applaud their fans afterwards. Hard pressed to find that in other sports.
@englishmuffin5274 Yıl önce
Fun fact: Connor Ingram - 3 total NHL games played before this series/0.879 SV%
@dylanosmond613 Yıl önce
Not very often a teams hard work , personality, relationships make you become a fan. They are so hungry , such great players holy crap!
@lb456 Yıl önce
Nice to see Kadri get out of a playoff round without getting suspended!!
@michaelhiltz7846 Yıl önce
Wait, did Kadri make it out of the first round without a suspension?
@tipsysmichigander6483 Yıl önce
Good series boys - Best of luck Next year Nashville.
This is wholesome. 🤣🙌 (via @bex) #shorts
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