The Godfather - Orchestral Suite // The Danish National Symphony Orchestra (Live)

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DR Koncerthuset

DR Koncerthuset

3 yıl önce


The Godfather - Orchestral Suite
Composed by Nino Rota
Melodica: Jakob Weber
Mandolin: Mads Kjølby
Solo violin: Christina Åstrand

In January 2018, The Danish Broadcast Corporation (DR) aired a concert called “The Morricone Duel” performed by The Danish National Symphony Orchestra /DR SymfoniOrkestret, The Danish National Concert Choir with various soloists conducted by Sarah Hicks.
The score is available on all regular Streaming-Platforms.

The music performed was titles from a wide range of western movies and mafia movies reflecting different perspectives on an Italian-American movie and film music style.

Featured composers were Ennio Morricone, Bernard Herrmann, Nino Rota and Sonny Bono with music from films by Sergio Leone, Quentin Tarantino, Brian DePalma and Francis Ford Coppola.

Set design design: Nikolaj Trap
Light design: Mikael Sylvest
Arranged and orchestrated by Martin Nygaard & Nicolai Abrahamsen
Director of photography: Karsten Andersen
Executive Producer, idea and concept: Nicolai Abrahamsen

Performed and recorded in DR Koncerthuset 2018

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harold mouchivong
harold mouchivong Saatler önce
L.E.G.E.N.D 🙏🙏🙏
Apple 7 saatler önce
Love ❤️ this rendition, so sad and melancholy 😔
Andrea S. Lizzio
Andrea S. Lizzio 9 saatler önce
I didn t know we had "Friends" in Denmark
Ronald Campbell
Ronald Campbell 17 saatler önce
6:34 自分用
Railson Almeida
Railson Almeida Gün önce
"Saio da vida,para entrar para a história" ~G.V
fer-gius Gün önce
E poi dicono che le donne non hanno ottenuta la famosa parita' con gli uomini
Kasino80 Gün önce
My son said yesterday "I can't wait until I'm old enough to watch The Godfather", proud dad moment.
Sergey Maksimov
Sergey Maksimov Gün önce
SUPER! 👍 👏 👏 👏
No Name
No Name Gün önce
The Conductor.......
Justina Gün önce
gabo 10
gabo 10 2 gün önce
L'univers de Omar
L'univers de Omar 2 gün önce
le parrain piano :
gas 2 gün önce
8570 ignorantes q no gustan de esta obra de arte... vayan a pegarse un tiro.
Obaid 2 gün önce
You guys can't believe how blessed my ears are right now. This is masterpiece
Ned Kelly
Ned Kelly 2 gün önce
Vær sød at spille den: The Last Of The Mohicans Det ville lyde godt !!🤩😘
alex white
alex white 2 gün önce
Великая музыка, прекрасное исполнение!
Master Massy
Master Massy 2 gün önce
Bonita ,,,, 🌹🌹🌹🎵💛✌️💥💥💥
The Wheelchair Guy
The Wheelchair Guy 3 gün önce
I exercise when I listen to this music. Now I have energy by listening to it on TRshow
obaid 3 gün önce
A friend should always underestimate your virtues and an enemy overestimate your faults. - Don Vito Corleone
DoraVia 3 gün önce
Erick Ribeiro
Erick Ribeiro 3 gün önce
John Windcliff
John Windcliff 3 gün önce
Absolutely Beautiful!!
Jack Ragnarok
Jack Ragnarok 4 gün önce
Er en dirigent nødvendig?
Vitinho Troian
Vitinho Troian 4 gün önce
i´m a guitarrist, but this is way better than slash´s solo
Hamdan 4 gün önce
Today I settled all family business. So now I can listen to the best movie soundtrack ever.
Vilma Gomez
Vilma Gomez 4 gün önce
Ilove this song but I dont wanna hear these in my lowest part of my life not good. They melody seems to an end of everything.
G C 5 gün önce
Den er jo bedre enn orginalen :) Utrolig vakkert…
T B S & 1980
T B S & 1980 5 gün önce
shridhar alageri
shridhar alageri 5 gün önce
This movie made a music which I can't refuse.
Neal Fry
Neal Fry 5 gün önce
" Dedicated To Machine Gun Kelly " and " Mighty Megan Fox "
Renan Roberto
Renan Roberto 5 gün önce
Quando ouço essa peça, consigo visualizar cada cena marcante da trilogia.
Mom Vey
Mom Vey 6 gün önce
God father jesus .i am work hard .but in my spirit still loveing you 💯❤❤🇬🇧🇺🇸
- foenix
- foenix 6 gün önce
dimitris nikoloulis
dimitris nikoloulis 6 gün önce
Maestro , Nino Rota gave us a great saga soundtrack !
Edclei Fraga
Edclei Fraga 6 gün önce
Mano do céu! que coisa linda
Burhan Kılıç
Burhan Kılıç 6 gün önce
Olağanüstü bir eser .Ne kadar güzel bir olkestra büyüleyici bir sahne. Emeği geçenlere en içten dileklerimle teşekkürler dilerim.
الشيخ عبدألله
الشيخ عبدألله 6 gün önce
Best for ever
Ron Galarpe
Ron Galarpe 6 gün önce
This soundtrack is the final nail on the coffin so to speak, simply the last ingredient that completes the God Father film a master piece.
Dmitriy 555
Dmitriy 555 6 gün önce
4:08 will forever be my favorite part ❤️
joanofarc33 6 gün önce
Nicely done.
Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan 7 gün önce
Thank you Italy for sharing your culture. We can’t thank you enough.
Simo Häyhä
Simo Häyhä 7 gün önce
what a piece of music.
Sezgin Karasan
Sezgin Karasan 7 gün önce
Büyüksün baba
Richard Motroni
Richard Motroni 7 gün önce
“My father taught me many things. He taught me keep your friends close but your enemies closer.”
Gabzy 143
Gabzy 143 7 gün önce
It was Barzini all along
Paula Taupe
Paula Taupe 7 gün önce
mama pourquoi tu ne m'aimes pas.
Paula Taupe
Paula Taupe 7 gün önce
en fait je ne lui pose pas la question puisque je connais la réponse. Elle a subit, elle aussi des injustices qu'elle a rebaver sur moi dans son déni. c'était injuste, mais bon c'était comme ça. L'important était de ne pas reproduire le schéma, sauf que fatalement mon passif a eu un impact sur mes enfants....comme elle... je suis chiante... sauf que contrairement a elle ! je n'ai jamais battu mes enfants ... NI au nerf de bœuf Ni même avec un martinet en cuir ou en plastique. Je t'embrasse mama.
Paula Taupe
Paula Taupe 7 gün önce
J'ai un mépris viscéral pour les mafieux, les trafiquants et les petits malfrats en tout genre. Ceux qui se prennent pour des pontes, des décideurs, des parrains a la con. mais il est vrai que cette musique est sexy.
Jaime ANDRADE CARDENAS 7 gün önce
Estoy a favor a el sabor y alma del buen degustar las recetas de mi pais i del la humanidad.
Archer C
Archer C 7 gün önce
Love orchestras
Yuping Zhang
Yuping Zhang 8 gün önce
Heray Spice
Heray Spice 8 gün önce
"Never go against the family"
Heray Spice
Heray Spice 7 gün önce
@Paula Taupe Watch the movie.
Paula Taupe
Paula Taupe 7 gün önce
why ?
Ali Almahdy
Ali Almahdy 8 gün önce
What a very awesome classic The Godfather is always in my heart..🖤
Ali Almahdy
Ali Almahdy 8 gün önce
رهيب رهيب رهييييييب🖤
Peco Simplu
Peco Simplu 8 gün önce
Absolutely magnificent 👏👏👏 I wonder what kind of people give dislike to such a work.
Love God
Love God 8 gün önce
whay the prophet muhamid say excuses the beards may cause who shave it the honor well hurt
Love God
Love God 8 gün önce
prophet muhamid said the woman nakedness and he said the man nakedness from the navel to the knee
Love God
Love God 8 gün önce
may in the winter the envy and the hatred well demenesh
Love God
Love God 8 gün önce
may music make chest narrow and remove the bless
Surya fariza chanel
Surya fariza chanel 8 gün önce
Vintage Vibes
Vintage Vibes 8 gün önce
TRshow made me an offer I cant refuse
Claudio jazz
Claudio jazz 9 gün önce
De Película !!
MN 9 gün önce
I enjoy watching lady conductor as much as listening to the music, she 's amazing! A beautiful rendition.
21box 9 gün önce
It's not just a music from a movie actually , it's something else..
João Moreira
João Moreira 9 gün önce
I always believed in America. America made my fortune.
Wainda Youngthain
Wainda Youngthain 9 gün önce
If’s there’s on ? Hessay Germany ways, in question 🙋‍♀️, and how’s mount of? It’s no surprise ashamed of infinity ♾ but not true😩.
Omer Faruk
Omer Faruk 9 gün önce
Take the cannoli. Leave the gun...
U 2
U 2 9 gün önce
Coraleone/Corleone ~ Coracão de Leão = LionHeart • Brothers & Sisters of Lionhearts is basically family of mafia in Brazil, Italy & everywhere in between
fleur de vie
fleur de vie 9 gün önce
In Italy they are on a life sentence.
U 2
U 2 9 gün önce
I suggest We party with our enemies
Lasse Schock
Lasse Schock 9 gün önce
12 Minuten GÄNSEHAUT pur!
Zeliha Kuzucu
Zeliha Kuzucu 9 gün önce
Amazing music And orcheastra
Montassar Arous
Montassar Arous 9 gün önce
Dandan Vlogs
Dandan Vlogs 9 gün önce
Neomaks n
Neomaks n 9 gün önce
What is the name of the part at 8:38
Mario Moreira
Mario Moreira 10 gün önce
Король Игр
Король Игр 10 gün önce
Delfin Cruz
Delfin Cruz 10 gün önce
Wow, what a piece, true music, tremendous treat for the audience 👍👍👍
adolfo buffa
adolfo buffa 11 gün önce
toda la trilogía se resume en el encuentro entre Tom Hagen y Frank Petangeli. Extraordnaria!!!
Yahya Mirzai
Yahya Mirzai 11 gün önce
Liz Blue
Liz Blue 11 gün önce
Have always loved this beautiful melody it reaches into my heart and soul making my love feel so alive and true
agung nugraha
agung nugraha 11 gün önce
ALIP BA TA from indonesian Have this cover also...and it's so good
Pensky Material
Pensky Material 11 gün önce
So happy to see my favorite orchestra getting love from all over the world!❤️ This is such a positive comment section compared to soo many videos on YT. No trash talking. Just good people appreciating good music, yayyy!!!
T B S & 1980
T B S & 1980 11 gün önce
Vintage Vibes
Vintage Vibes 11 gün önce
The Godfather is the closest cinema has ever come to perfection.
Suprith Reddy
Suprith Reddy 11 gün önce
too complex for a normal
ml 11 gün önce
que increíble
yahman yahman
yahman yahman 11 gün önce
very nice
Eko Napoleon
Eko Napoleon 12 gün önce
Alip ba ta
Tushar Gautam
Tushar Gautam 12 gün önce
Candie🖤 12 gün önce
Bellisimo 🖤🙏
Tony Midyett
Tony Midyett 12 gün önce
“Do you renounce Satan and all of his works?” “I do renounce them.”
Mario Pasqualini
Mario Pasqualini 13 gün önce
poche note ma incredibilmente geniali ENNIO augh uri er mania bravi
Munene 13 gün önce
👏 😢 👏
There is nothing to do, the Italians do it better 👌🇮🇹
Doge 13 gün önce
whats the first song called?
Mohammad Barzinji
Mohammad Barzinji 13 gün önce
That’s Denmark!!! Probably the best country in the world!!! Et yndigt land!!! ❤️🇩🇰❤️
Эй ! Уважаемый !
Эй ! Уважаемый ! 13 gün önce
SonOf Mariush
SonOf Mariush 13 gün önce
they should set the theme color as "yellow" not as "blue"
ai khodizah
ai khodizah 14 gün önce
Alipers 🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨
Med GB
Med GB 14 gün önce
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