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12 yıl önce

Dr. Brené Brown is a researcher professor at the University of Houston, Graduate College of Social Work, where she has spent the past ten years studying a concept that she calls Wholeheartedness, posing the questions: How do we engage in our lives from a place of authenticity and worthiness? How do we cultivate the courage, compassion, and connection that we need to embrace our imperfections and to recognize that we are enough -- that we are worthy of love, belonging and joy? Brené is the author of I Thought It Was Just Me (but it isn't): Telling the Truth About Perfectionism, Inadequacy, and Power (2007) and the forthcoming books, The Gifts of Imperfection (2010) and Wholehearted: Spiritual Adventures in Falling Apart, Growing Up, and Finding Joy ( 2011).
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@dreyfalex 9 yıl önce
As a perfectionist, I need to listen to this every day. There is so much important material in this talk, it is hard to take it all in at one hearing. She only sneaks in the truth, however, that children who grow up to believe they are worthy of love and belonging, are raised by parents who give them that message. The rest of us are severely wounded and need deep and ongoing healing. Practicing gratitude and vulnerability is not so easy for those of us with this wound, but powerful medicine.
@trainingvisions 12 yıl önce
Fully embrace vulnerability! Have the courage to be imperfect! Do things without guarantees of success. Feeling worthiness is the key! Let go of who you think you should be and just be! You are good enough! You are worthy of love and belonging! You are enough!
@SabyUsa1 7 yıl önce
"You know what, you're imperfect and you're wired for struggle, but you're worthy of Love and Belonging." -Dr Brene Brown
@ShadowKirby026 9 yıl önce
I love how the way she concludes. "That's all I have" captures the essence of the struggle between shame and self acceptance wonderfully.
@jvyoga 9 yıl önce
WOW! Ironically I used the word Wholeheartedly on a video years ago at my brother's wedding. I had no idea others would make fun of me for using that word. I let that experience affect my self image for years. Thank you for this research story. You created a breakthrough in my life today. I live wholeheartedly and choose to speak authentically and lovingly embrace times when people, even family, make fun of me or don't quite get me! Thank you for giving me back the permission to be me.
@clarajohnson5155 7 yıl önce
The words of this woman has helped me constantly through my three years of depression. I know her words will help me again in the future. Keep this video in your watch later; it will always help.
@miracleshappen4483 6 yıl önce
Great job! I've got to the same conclusion after healing myself from depression. As you said, when we shut ourselves down refusing to be vulnerable and "seen" by others, we also shut our source of joy at the same time. I think we, as human beings, are obsessed with a sense of perfection which doesn't exist - despite being widely advertised -. We think we can improve Nature by controlling Her but are not humble enough to admit that our Nature is perfect and that the only imperfection is in our failure to understand that what we perceive as chaos or "imperfection" is a mere comparison that our mind makes between what is real and what we ought to be real and acceptable according to cultural or religious standards. I think it's time to change that and we shouldn't just love our children, we should also be completely honest with them because we are all imperfect (from a human point of view) and that's the beauty of existence itself!
@dqualey1 10 yıl önce
As a Social Worker, as a mother a partner and a person this hit me to my core!! I have my shield and sword out at all times never wanting others to know I'm vulnerable and how many times have I shouted blame at others. Thank you Brene' today is a new day I see things differently and will begin to move forward with grace, openess and a large HEART
This is so so deep. I can’t believe this was 12 years ago. We could all use this lesson today. Much of our issues is coming from our lack of self of awareness.
@BethanyKay 3 yıl önce
Brene, I read your books and saw your Netflix special, and just barely coming back to see this original Ted Talk you did. I know you don't read the comments because everyone knows it's a recipe for disaster, but I still have to tell you that you changed my life. Your book Daring Greatly opened the door for me to understand a lot of things about myself, and I will be forever grateful to you for your openness, vulnerability and willingness to be real and raw.
@xxvivalagabyxx 8 yıl önce
I could listen to her talk for hours ! She is such a great speaker.
@griffin0886 8 yıl önce
The way she speaks makes you feel like she's having a conversation with you one on one. Very enjoyable.
@user-yc2iw4hs8o 3 yıl önce
That was nine years ago and it still feels like cutting edge clarity on something that underpins everything we do and are. Brilliant.
@user-uo7is6sw4w 5 yıl önce
Dr. Brown sharing her own vulnerability is what kept me watching. The authentic teachers are the ones who open up to let others see that they understand because they have been in the same place. That creates connection because of the commonality. She doesn't come across as trying to "fix us", but rather as showing us through her own experiences what really works.
@ReyyanK 10 yıl önce
"They were willing to let go of who they thought they should be, in order to be who they were." Incredible, yet much easier said than done.
@AstralDrivingSchool 9 yıl önce
This presentation was an eye opening piece of just how you can live your life with more spirit, determination and passion.The research into vulnerability has opened a whole new spectrum which could really change your life. Delivered with skill, humor and a genuine voice..This is one of the most illuminating talks I have ever had the pleasure of discovering. Now it's off to buy the books! Thank you for a truly thought provoking presentation!
@rkhenley 9 yıl önce
I love this woman more every time I watch this talk (which is at least a dozen times). Thank you! When I watched this for the first time it stopped me in my tracks, because it is so true, and so important. I keep returning to it, and watching it again and again. There are so many important ideas here, and I keep trying to absorb them, and the more I understand what she is saying, the bigger this message gets.
@TheNinjacow2211 10 yıl önce
I was told this would change my life and as a person who has suffered massive heartbreak and felt feelings of vulnerability, I would have to say that this has changed my perspective on everything for the better.
I'm here October 10 2022 and I have to say this woman speaks beautifully. Her choice of words and diction is top notch. I'm glad she didn't beat around the bush making pointless quotes and referencing other people or their works, she just hits the nail on the head.
This was 2010 and 12 years after I have red and witnessed this message spreading around the world. Stil though, we are the same society. And this still touched me deeply as it would have 12 years ago. Thank you.
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