What Would You do With $5,000,000?

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Businessunlock Aylar önce
One of our best shorts video - trshow.info/watch/xMXqIuaneqM/video.html Don't miss it folks🙌
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Elizabeth Galio
Elizabeth Galio 29 gün önce
eXtreme Official
eXtreme Official Aylar önce
trshow.info/watch/41rEkVpcn_M/video.html you deserve to enjoy this.
Maria Langston
Maria Langston Aylar önce
My granddaughter love America got t
Panda world
Panda world Aylar önce
Crocnick Aylar önce
She didn’t win, but Simon actually gave her family 500k out of his pocket.
yuoom 29 gün önce
@Absolute Beauty what was this ab again
Vallyna 29 gün önce
source: trust me
Michael 29 gün önce
Really? I always like Simone!If you're for real I got more respect for him.
choiteez 0
choiteez 0 29 gün önce
Absolute Beauty
Absolute Beauty 29 gün önce
@Lyanne Roberts Fair point. But then again who wants to have 4 kids. 4 kids means you have to face school, medic, and mental healthcare for those four kids. All those three are important for them. Also food is important, nights that are noisy and everyone knows that having 4 kids is a bad idea. Also we don't know if she included herself in it so it can also be 5 kids that the parents have to deal with.
STICKY Art Shorts
STICKY Art Shorts Aylar önce
I like how everyone laughs… she’s like it’s not a joke. Being poor should not be a joke!
Alikori Williams
Alikori Williams 29 gün önce
Ew, u must be the best at parties
Unwritten Poet
Unwritten Poet 29 gün önce
@jc she is poor in money but makes the best of the situation by joking about it. She said I’m a girl I need my own bathroom which is why they laughed it’s not dehumanizing.
Vallyna 29 gün önce
shes laughing too💀
Nelly T
Nelly T 29 gün önce
They also laugh because she is not beat by her situation and does not feel sorry for herself, and that's a great attitude to have. My husband is from a family of 5 and they did not have a bathroom, and only had 2 bedrooms, and an outside toilet. He turned out great with two degrees and lots of other blessings....he never let the situation beat him!
Unwritten Poet
Unwritten Poet Aylar önce
They laugh because she’s adorable
risk Aylar önce
Just want to say thank you for always bringing great content 💝
Cameron Cauthen
Cameron Cauthen Aylar önce
I always see u
Panda world
Panda world Aylar önce
@svvtten and how is getting people to do the right think not grown up?
@JANGO FETT how exactly are they begging for subs by saying "God bless"? That doesn't make sense lol
@ilyMarkz as a Christian I agree, however swearing does not lead to hell, its just wrong and separates you from God, but it doesn't instantly send you to hell
Hello✌️🤪 Aylar önce
She’s hilarious 😂 I really feel bad that nobody is talking about what she’s actually saying and only talking about how she’s funny and she’s meant to be a comedian🥺😩
Rachael Watson
Rachael Watson 29 gün önce
I pray this girl will get her own space and bathroom one day as well as the rest of her family. God bless her! ❤️
Lord Splynter
Lord Splynter Aylar önce
The way she delivers her "like, no money" she's a comedic genius
Nuala Hanley
Nuala Hanley 29 gün önce
@Justincasey Feltersnatch է էթիկայի
zerxf 29 gün önce
Bro it was mid joke. Stop being a English teacher over analysing things. “ she’s a comedic genius” 🤓
Jessie Aylar önce
Is dis Zendaya
Bethany Nicholas
Bethany Nicholas Aylar önce
@Hugo Qadri yes she’s 23 now and a singer and actress
Panda world
Panda world Aylar önce
REEHART Aylar önce
This girl, she has future. She's just a minor but already a queen!
Elizabeth Galio
Elizabeth Galio 29 gün önce
REEHART Aylar önce
@BookDragon01 too late for me, but congrats to her 👏
Sophia Mermaid 101
Sophia Mermaid 101 Aylar önce
She’s already an adult. She sings and acts now
BookDragon01 Aylar önce
she's actually an adult now and does singing and acting last I saw😁
X L Aylar önce
I would actually love to hear more of what she has to say, she’s a amazing little comedian
Indya Cooper
Indya Cooper Aylar önce
@T C She’s not a kid anymore, this was years ago.
T C Aylar önce
Right😂 give this kid a tv show
Doctor Tristan Peh
Doctor Tristan Peh Aylar önce
I remember staying in a one room rented apartment with my family of 4 when I was young. We have not much money too. ☺️
Abdallah Abakar
Abdallah Abakar 29 gün önce
It's not a contest doctor
Annie Xiang
Annie Xiang 29 gün önce
I'm like that right now!
eXtreme Official
eXtreme Official Aylar önce
, trshow.info/watch/41rEkVpcn_M/video.html you deserve to enjoy this.
Lexi Lollys
Lexi Lollys Aylar önce
Champa Biswas
Champa Biswas Aylar önce
Hi doc nice to see you here..
secutejailey Aylar önce
I had the honor of meeting her a couple years ago and she is honesty the sweetest person ever!
RUBY, Lucy and Lefty
RUBY, Lucy and Lefty Aylar önce
I love how she wasn’t crying and begging for sympathy, she managed to impart her story in a humorous way and make people laugh
Cerom 29 gün önce
@Aissatou Bah exactly. this was such an ugly comment and it’s shocking to see how many people actually agree!!
Otaku Manga Studios
Otaku Manga Studios Aylar önce
@Tony Chacon or perhaps they sincerely feel desperate and are doing this in hopes of being able to make sure that their family won't become homeless in 2 weeks? Please have more benefit of the doubt of people that you seem to perceive as just trying to get attention
Tony Chacon
Tony Chacon Aylar önce
@Otaku Manga Studios a lot of people think they're special and they deserve free shit
YG_ Aylar önce
@Ricktf you mean i have hispanic parents they still beat the shit outta me and i don’t expect no one’s empathy i just live my own life
Rick Aylar önce
@YG_ u can’t speak on people if u haven’t experienced their struggles
Hai Jen
Hai Jen Aylar önce
I love how she speaks confidently at a young age, wish i was confident at any point in my life
Master Vacation
Master Vacation Aylar önce
It takes so little to brighten someone else's day. Yet it can leave them feeling happy for a moment, an hour, a day, or give them a sweet memory for life. Help someone in need (esp. the elderly), tell someone you care about they’re amazing, compliment the chef who just made your delicious dinner, post something positive or leave a kind comment on social media, even just smile at people around you.... And it will make you feel pretty awesome, too 🙌.
Lynda Pinontoan Vlog
Lynda Pinontoan Vlog Aylar önce
Very true
Waheed Abbas
Waheed Abbas Aylar önce
Simon is a awesome guy. Love his videos.
Patricia Cappo-Dean
Patricia Cappo-Dean Aylar önce
I looked at this video like 20 times I love it. What she said was absolutely funny!!💖
risk Aylar önce
Can we just appreciate that these shorts save our boredom everyday!
Jm Mateo 933
Jm Mateo 933 Aylar önce
Frannawyn Aylar önce
And waist my fucking time😭
Dewayne Gaming
Dewayne Gaming Aylar önce
Doesn't save mine
223 Garibay
223 Garibay Aylar önce
No. We would find more positive things to be doing with our life. I wouldn't miss it for the world.
Arnold H
Arnold H Aylar önce
How much they paying you? 👀
Crystal Mast
Crystal Mast Aylar önce
I get this! If I had 5 million dollars I would get a new house so my special needs little son could have his own room and my daughters could have bedrooms and then pay off debt and save so my dear husband wouldn't have to work so hard even though he's chronically sick. I would donate a nice chunk to charity!
Fut United
Fut United Aylar önce
Just want to say thank you for always bringing great content 💝
Amna Tanveer
Amna Tanveer Aylar önce
“My family has like zero money” “Girl needs her own bathroom” She is my new hero
Princess Zendaya
Princess Zendaya 28 gün önce
Tegule Aylar önce
She's so honest about her family..love her.
roach raider
roach raider Aylar önce
She is perfect for stand up. The way she delivered that first line is just priceless.
MMPUK Aylar önce
@Dolphins Fan lol what sort of an adult throws tomatoes at a young girl? Age doesn’t equal maturity. You may be an adult but that statement was just childish
Tek Bow
Tek Bow Aylar önce
@RandomNamedHBK she needs 2 bathrooms she Cathy fit in one and so do you
E Capone
E Capone Aylar önce
Toasted' Nugget_'
Toasted' Nugget_' Aylar önce
@Dolphins Fan lmao
JEÑÑY 🅥 Aylar önce
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 👉 *_YT.SV/SEXLOVERS'HERE_* 💜 PRIVATE S*X I NEED A BIGS YOUR PENILLE 💜 #ライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!#この日のライブ配信は、#かならりやばかったですね!1#万人を超える人が見ていたもんね(笑)#やっぱり人参最高!#まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした!#今後は気を付けないとね5). . !💖🖤❤#今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!#この日のライブ配信は、#1万人を超える人が見ていたも ん(#笑)#やっぱり人参最高!#まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした #今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!( #笑)#垃圾
Alycia Key
Alycia Key Aylar önce
Son unos de los mejores conciertos Kingadik.Uno , no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla, se que estuvo sorprendente. Жизнь, как красивая мелодия, только песни перепутались. 7
Scamper Skitter
Scamper Skitter Aylar önce
She can totally become a star as a comedian actress and I'll definitely watch it 🤣
Raquel Paniagua
Raquel Paniagua Aylar önce
She has her priorities straight. Love her already.
Mr Idk
Mr Idk Aylar önce
these shorts are entertaining and always make my day better💕
Zayler Mauck
Zayler Mauck Aylar önce
She straight up deserves them judges helping her family financially because of how well she presented herself.
freerideTony Aylar önce
@Army For Life Yes anyway 👼🕊
Army For Life
Army For Life Aylar önce
@r/ rather then begging the rich for their money. You should get your life together and start making your own money rather then be lazy
Army For Life
Army For Life Aylar önce
@r/ it's dumb to say that rich should give to the poor, everyone works for what they have. Like you must be richer then me then why don't you give to me. Having this type of mentality is wrong. Work hard for momey and study, get a job and make money. Rather then beg the rich to give you
Army For Life
Army For Life Aylar önce
@posy lui i really hope this is a joke
Army For Life
Army For Life Aylar önce
@posy lui you seem richer then me. Give me money too then 😏.
† NightcoreEmily †
† NightcoreEmily † Aylar önce
If I had 5M I’d use it to get my own house, an art studio and all the art equipment that I need for home and job 😅✨
Nizelle Figueroa
Nizelle Figueroa Aylar önce
Brah me too i swear i had this jn mind
Shaz Aylar önce
This always makes me laugh no matter how many times I hear it 😂😂😂😂
miuqom2 Aylar önce
For me i would be the fastest desktop i could possibly get, then spend the rest on my family, or probably on candy and uber eats
m Aylar önce
You are the most realistic person in the world, congratulations for that 👏🤝🙌
abiallu Aylar önce
Love her energy, that’s a natural born entertainer right there
MMPUK Aylar önce
@Random guy on TRshow it’s not what you say but it’s how you say it. If she said this while crying or looking sad, the audience would have a different reaction
Kimetsu no zenitsu
Kimetsu no zenitsu Aylar önce
@Sane One wouldn’t anyone say the same tho 😂😂
Sane One
Sane One Aylar önce
@Random guy on TRshow and Shes being genuine honest and being herself In front of that many people. Come on 🤷🏽‍♂️
Daisy Giraffes.99
Daisy Giraffes.99 Aylar önce
@Random guy on TRshow Yes, but she's making a joke abt it. I've never seen this episode so I'm guessing she's either a stand up comedian or a singer.
Random guy on YouTube
Random guy on YouTube Aylar önce
She’s talking about how she’s poor
Cheyenergy Aylar önce
It’s the honesty and bluntness for me 😭
Kgosi Kingsy
Kgosi Kingsy Aylar önce
I just love how confident she is
Alastor IsGone
Alastor IsGone Aylar önce
Girl's amazing, I live in a 1 bedroom house with 13 people and I completely agree, kudos 🤣🧡
Kekkai Aylar önce
I woulda pressed the golden buzz right there on god
Shivam Bihari
Shivam Bihari Aylar önce
This is soo good because she's actually telling a pretty sad story in a very entertaining way and not crying about it for sympathy. And obviously her confidence makes everything so much better 🤣🤣🥂👏
Xiao Aylar önce
@Shivam Bihari lol you're miserable as hell i just know ur single 😭
Shivam Bihari
Shivam Bihari Aylar önce
@Xiao Or you're a negative person who takes his anger out on random people on the internet and gets triggered by literally everything and a person that no one likes.
Shivam Bihari
Shivam Bihari Aylar önce
@Daphne Yes ofcourse crying can happen when you're telling a sad story of yourself and also some people cry on reality shows for sympathy. What I'm saying is this is so good because she said it in a way thats entertaining and fun which is what great artists, comedians and entertainers do because no one likes people who starts crying when everyone's having a good time. Interpreting everything negatively shows how frustrated you are in life. No wonder you cry at everything.
Oceanic Aylar önce
Also fake asf they stage this shit all the time
MariaDreamed 这很酷 :3
MariaDreamed 这很酷 :3 Aylar önce
@Team Banchamek bruh what
That's damn real talk from a young girl and it's 😂 hilarious!! This girl needs a break for acting,comedy,it'll be a hit guyz!! She'll be famous!
TOXIC TORNO Aylar önce
This type of videos are entertaining me all rhe day 😀
Nautybilal Aylar önce
These shorts are so entertaining they make my day better 🥰
Alex Billiot
Alex Billiot Aylar önce
Key to winning any of these shows is a little talent and a really big sob story
👼 angel
👼 angel Aylar önce
I have a lot of respect for her for coming in front of millions and sayinf that. As a kid I would forbid myself from ever opening my mouth about my families financial struggles because I was afraid of being bullied and embarrassed, pitied, etc. Good for her !
MMPUK Aylar önce
@程靓 why do you punish yourself unnecessary? You don’t know what the future will give you and you’ve already concluded that you’ll struggle to get a small apartment. Don’t you want something bigger? Why do you condemn yourself this way. Think big. Do you really want to struggle for 10 years?
Luis Lares
Luis Lares Aylar önce
@Eazy Kickz 😂🤣yup
Just Some Guy with a Mustache
Just Some Guy with a Mustache Aylar önce
@程靓 be strong man and have a good night.
程靓 Aylar önce
@Just Some Guy with a Mustache yep!🥰
👼 angel
👼 angel Aylar önce
@S8n Arthur.. I was 8yrs old and 3ft....🤚😭
Jonathon Chase
Jonathon Chase Aylar önce
Cool story I accidentally met Rachel Crowe when I was 8 at Martha’s Vineyard at the hotel my family was staying at. Didn’t know that Big Time rush was on tour at the time and staying there because Rachel also joined the tour. My dad ended up yelling at me so I cried in the lobby and at that point Rachel came up to me asking if I was ok thinking it was a stranger I sucked it up and was like yes. She was so sweet. Suckiest part was the hotel staff wasn’t supposed to say anything but my family was like did you see Rachel Crowe and I realized who had spoken to me. Coolest thing ever
Ms P.
Ms P. Aylar önce
She'll make a great attorney or doctor some day. Shes honest, direct, and blunt. 👍👌🤗🥰
Bethany Nicholas
Bethany Nicholas Aylar önce
She’s 23 now. Actress and singer. Rachel Crow
Ricky2sticky865 Aylar önce
She is going to go far in life! 🤣 she’s naturally funny guarantee you they aren’t broke anymore, because they’ll get money from views and stuff I’m sure this went viral
Afrin Alam
Afrin Alam Aylar önce
It was 7 people in a 1 bedroom house for me I'm not lying but now I moved to a five bedroom 😌
Josh McNulty
Josh McNulty Aylar önce
She’s being dead serious. I didn’t laugh because I feel for her. She’s spitting truth
Nelly T
Nelly T 29 gün önce
Being poor is relative, and although it's always defined in $ terms, those of us who do not use the $ could be even in worse circumstances. However that does not mean we can invalidate others' experiences of poverty. In Africa poverty means something entirely different from what this young woman is saying, and there are also people without bathrooms in their houses and they do not regard themselves as poor. No one holds the right to the definition of poverty...and people have the right to feel poor if they want to, just don't let the situation consume you because anyone can get out of it, bathroom or not!!!!
Lune Rose
Lune Rose Aylar önce
@Ethan Irizarry I understand there might be people with bigger problems but why are you invalidating hers ? If I'm being like you I'll say you can't complain because there's people who hasn't even got houses? Just because others live worst doesn't mean you can't have problems ? Don't wanna fight over it btw. Just discuss it. Because rn you're doing the same thing you're complaining she does... (I hope my comment is understandable enough, I'm not an English speaker)
Ethan Irizarry
Ethan Irizarry Aylar önce
@MMPUK .....
MMPUK Aylar önce
@Salih Yılmaz umm is there a problem to have your own bathroom? What sort of question is that?
MMPUK Aylar önce
@Ethan Irizarry she’s not joking about it cause i can totally relate to her when she said she wants her own bedroom
Vision Mindset
Vision Mindset Aylar önce
Definition of being straight forward 😂
Push in Rush
Push in Rush 6 gün önce
She is superb! I mean just see her confidence level she know how to put her word balls coated with tangy sauce and place in front of the judges so easily.
Juliana Yankponhoun
Juliana Yankponhoun Aylar önce
Seriously you definitely need your bathroom 😂 I love your boldness and speaking for the whole 🌎
Kyouko Shin
Kyouko Shin Aylar önce
She'd be a great woman and a mom when she grows up!
Dragutin the Slav- Veliki
Dragutin the Slav- Veliki Aylar önce
This is a true embodiement of that "I want this job because I'm passionate about living with roof over my head and not starving to death" joke, and I love it lol
Mister Cat
Mister Cat Aylar önce
Bôrgïr Aylar önce
@Haley Simp that bot is not a girl
Matthew Meyer
Matthew Meyer Aylar önce
Has no money and her parents had 4 kids anyways. smh.
Haley Simp
Haley Simp Aylar önce
Amy Andersen
Amy Andersen Aylar önce
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 💜 aishite.tokyo/shinigami 💜 MY PRIVATE S*X 💜 #ライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!#この日のライブ配信は、#かならりやばかったですね!1#万人を超える人が見ていたもんね(笑)#やっぱり人参最高!#まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした!#今後は気を付けないとね5). . !💖🖤❤#今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!#この日のライブ配信は、#1万人を超える人が見ていたも ん(#笑)#やっぱり人参最高!#まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした #今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!( #笑)#垃圾;
Mr Aylar önce
Love it!! ❤
Guilherme Pacheco
Guilherme Pacheco Aylar önce
@eso tilin your so funny haha
eso tilin
eso tilin Aylar önce
@Guilherme Pacheco nigga and?
Guilherme Pacheco
Guilherme Pacheco Aylar önce
@eso tilin wtf is wrong with you?? you literally just said the n word??
MMPUK Aylar önce
@Aisha Dillas nope
eso tilin
eso tilin Aylar önce
@Guilherme Pacheco what the fuck what cuz?
chatterjee Chandrani
chatterjee Chandrani Aylar önce
Her expersions were hilarious 😂😂😂😂😂❤
You're Soaking In It
You're Soaking In It Aylar önce
OMG If I had $5M laying around I would send it to her *right now* !! (Lived this myself, except we were 6 people--four daughters plus mom; Dad was the only boy!)
Adel Aylar önce
She made my day ♥️🤭
oof Aylar önce
This is so hilarious 🤣
KaydenPlayz Aylar önce
@Ukio plus what did he do to these people even if he's a bot he's kind so these people should learn some manners
KaydenPlayz Aylar önce
@Ukio how he do it then i bet you don't know now please leave me alone with your fake talk and I will block you for talking to me
Ukio Aylar önce
@KaydenPlayz that isnt a real verified mark, it has no circle, check their channel and the other bots with fake verified marks, it will show vids titled "Who is (insert name here)"
KaydenPlayz Aylar önce
@Ukio bruh im every where on everyone's channel and they don't call me a bot dude he's a youtuber did you see the check mark or are you blind?
KaydenPlayz Aylar önce
@Ukio how
honeys songs trosclair
honeys songs trosclair Aylar önce
I love this kid so much 🤣
Karlene Crump
Karlene Crump Aylar önce
Somebody get this girl her own show!!!
Carmine radinowitz
Carmine radinowitz Aylar önce
I’m can’t stop laughing 😂😂
JuJu Aylar önce
These shorts never fail to entertain me
with you💜
with you💜 Aylar önce
Omg.. The level of confidence she has in her voice... And her own style of speaking... Damn... You rock girll Edit - okay I got it.. She was imitating ...Thanks for the likes
Kay H
Kay H Aylar önce
She’s grown now
adonai yah
adonai yah Aylar önce
@Da goat i was trying to be positive about her
Da goat
Da goat Aylar önce
@adonai yah she don’t got nothing? Your delusional. U must’ve never seen someone who has nothing
Dicas da Dra Pri
Dicas da Dra Pri Aylar önce
👉 trshow.info/watch/RXExEzT1nNQ/video.html
ILovePeace Aylar önce
@Destin Sleutel - Bulldoodoo😂😂😂, Imma start using that against my cousin in arguments. ✌🏽🤣🦍
Cathy Allan
Cathy Allan Aylar önce
I love the way she said "No money."
chintalla kavitha
chintalla kavitha Aylar önce
Confident is next level,👌👌
Burtan Aylar önce
"...my family has like no money" **laugh**
Frédérick Laplante
Frédérick Laplante Aylar önce
Love seeing the rich laugh in the face of poor people
Kim Kimi
Kim Kimi Aylar önce
She's not just speaking for herself... She's speaking for everyone in the world.
Kim Kimi
Kim Kimi 27 gün önce
@Stupid Yung I don't have to explain it since someone has already has... But your brain and your name matches perfectly
Sylvia Aylar önce
@Stupid Yung ugh. OP said she's speaking for everyone in the world in the sense that whatever the girl said is incredibly relatable for all girls/women worldwide. Use your common sense.
Stupid Yung
Stupid Yung Aylar önce
She speaking about her family 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️get common sense literally says in the video
Sylvia Aylar önce
@Min Yoongi you're really lucky I guess
Dyshun Bailey
Dyshun Bailey Aylar önce
Jaedyn Rose
Jaedyn Rose Aylar önce
I’m literally in that same situation with my family
Sofia Mahati
Sofia Mahati Aylar önce
The way she said, My family has like no money 😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂
sultan mahmood
sultan mahmood Aylar önce
Very confident explaining the situation.
Francheska Lene
Francheska Lene Aylar önce
Shes right she need her own privacy…. Girls need more protection when it comes to going public restroom also.
Queen Shrestha / 10 B/27
Queen Shrestha / 10 B/27 Aylar önce
People think she disrespectful, but she's actually not . She has seen her parents struggle at such a young age
Agustin DeJesus
Agustin DeJesus Aylar önce
@Chanel WhyteChan, always been. Is that bad?
Chanel Whyte
Chanel Whyte Aylar önce
@Agustin DeJesus dude are you slow?
Agustin DeJesus
Agustin DeJesus Aylar önce
@Chanel WhyteChanel, she is people.
Chanel Whyte
Chanel Whyte Aylar önce
@Agustin DeJesus she said people not her
Just better
Just better Aylar önce
@What If ah yes being named queen and having a female picture is so hard to see?
Nas Aylar önce
What a legend 🤣☺️
sophisticatedbadgurl Aylar önce
Idk how old this video is but I hope she's doing well in life. Specifically financially well.
MasterCat2771 Aylar önce
Classic guilt trip. This girl KNOWS what she's doing, and she has it planned. They fell right into her trap.
julia sampson
julia sampson Aylar önce
I am so week😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣I watched the over and over
ilyas ali
ilyas ali Aylar önce
She is a born stand up comedian. I would pay to see her shows!
r a i n b e r r y ♡
r a i n b e r r y ♡ Aylar önce
@DubSki ew
Silver Chelsea
Silver Chelsea Aylar önce
@Diamond Queen Rachel Crow
Lunical Aylar önce
@DubSki okay… and 💀
Dark Shadow
Dark Shadow Aylar önce
@Arwen W. there was no point obviously it was a joke bird brain
Diamond Queen
Diamond Queen Aylar önce
@Oceyy Fortuno Really what is her stage name if she got one
DenisXXBmx Aylar önce
This never gets old lol
Lucy ANN Samaha
Lucy ANN Samaha Aylar önce
She gets to the point 🤣 I like it
Bay max C
Bay max C Aylar önce
Love this Child! God bless her!
Gloria Kamalu
Gloria Kamalu Aylar önce
Wow she's a born comedian gosh! You're so amazing girl 👧💗
Nathan B
Nathan B Aylar önce
Her confidence is way ahead of her age. Her timing is impeccable.
Bethany Nicholas
Bethany Nicholas Aylar önce
She’s 23 now. This was back in 2011
Panda world
Panda world Aylar önce
Parker Knight
Parker Knight Aylar önce
@Nathan B I’ve heard plenty of people talk about confidence in infants. Might just be from different places though.
Nathan B
Nathan B Aylar önce
@Parker Knight Perhaps mate but I have never heard anyone speak of a confident baby or toddler. Confidence is a personality trait, whether fake or not, and it imbued and can developed overtime through a host of factors. In this girl’s case it is wrapped up in a level of maturity and delivery that is well beyond her age.
Parker Knight
Parker Knight Aylar önce
Confidence has no age
pansy's dora haircut
pansy's dora haircut Aylar önce
i relate to this so much lmao 😭
Bri’s fun
Bri’s fun Aylar önce
The *no money* left me dead 💀
Icillda Brown Channel
Icillda Brown Channel Aylar önce
A comedian in the making.
Marilyn Chacon
Marilyn Chacon Aylar önce
Girl really speaking facts out here 😂
ajones21606 Aylar önce
She's a stand up comedian in the making. A NATURAL.
matt kika
matt kika Aylar önce
@Grace Kaburu Iamrachelcrow
PunchCat Aylar önce
@Tariah Berry 🙋‍♀️
Steven Chavez
Steven Chavez Aylar önce
She's a singer a real good one
You're Soaking In It
You're Soaking In It Aylar önce
@TyroneChikknBone It's the delivery! She took us to that place where real life is funny if you tell it right. One of those "It's funny because it's true," moments. Lots of stand up comedians rely on holding a mirror up and showing us who we are. But I don't think that's what she was trying for. She's just a natural.
Mckenna.Grace_fanpage Aylar önce
@Star Requiem lol because your 10
EllieTheKiller 1011
EllieTheKiller 1011 2 gün önce
If i had that much I’d donate it to help save the planet
opossum Aylar önce
i know how that feels - we have 4 people living in a 1 person house basically.. its sad but true :/
Glo Rez
Glo Rez Aylar önce
“And I’m a girl I need my own bathroom”WORD
Muku Cain
Muku Cain Aylar önce
I Love her confidence i could never do
The Immortal Sun-kun
The Immortal Sun-kun Aylar önce
That child is so fucking well-spoken, and she’s got great comedic timing.
Sahana Shridhar
Sahana Shridhar Aylar önce
@TyroneChikknBone lmao this is funny
Luke Brunelle
Luke Brunelle Aylar önce
@Madara Uchiha someone in this comment section who has a brain
Luke Brunelle
Luke Brunelle Aylar önce
@David Gouyaie you have no valid argument so you shut up
Q Aylar önce
@Oskari Peurala Your comment was funny asf
Tunnel Vision
Tunnel Vision Aylar önce
She is rude and lacks awareness....her family has money to go on vacation, support her dreams of "singing" instead of actual goals, and have a house with a huge amount of space....they live in the luxury of the top 1% she doesn't deserve the money and the judges wouldn't give her a prize no matter how hard she sang ...it makes for better business model for TV to give it to some that is HUMBLE
Lol💀 Aylar önce
This girl is a ✨LEGEND✨
Huntersdomain Aylar önce
I have 9 other people in my house my sister shares a room with the second youngest sister and my other sister shares with her daughter as her son sleeps on a bed in the basement my mom gets the master bedroom and my 2 other sisters share their room with their fiancé’s and since I’m the youngest child and son I sleep in the bonus room couch and we kinda have money issues sometimes since there is so much of us but good thing my other siblings don’t live with us.
ur_localhuman Aylar önce
This saved my day...😆
Adely Tej
Adely Tej Aylar önce
Love this girl. Me too, I need my own bathroom 😂😂😂
Sara Bernpaintner
Sara Bernpaintner Aylar önce
I like that she’s funny, serious and confident
Hampus Aylar önce
@IRecxssive- she is.
IRecxssive- Aylar önce
She’s not, at all
Soledad Garcia-Parillo
Soledad Garcia-Parillo Aylar önce
She is!!
꧁Ak4 ShadowZ꧂
꧁Ak4 ShadowZ꧂ Aylar önce
Denise Clarkbar
Denise Clarkbar Aylar önce
Give It To The Kid, Outstanding Young Lady.🙏🏾😘🙏🏾
Amal Aylar önce
•My family has like NO Money!!! Audience : claps and laughs..
Amal Aylar önce
@Alexandra Anderson hmm... yeah she is a good stand up comedian too..
Alexandra Anderson
Alexandra Anderson Aylar önce
It’s the way she said it that’s why she wasn’t sad about it she was being cool and chill in a funny way that's why they probably laughed
Michelle M
Michelle M 29 gün önce
Love her honesty
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