Cocaine Shoes (Full Episode) | To Catch a Smuggler

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National Geographic

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HSI Miami investigates two separate maritime smuggling cases, and seizes more than 450 kilograms of cocaine off of a yacht coming from the Caribbean. CBP cracks down on the illegal importation of prescription medications, due to concern’s for people’s health and safety. And CBP Miami discovers cocaine hidden in an unlikely location - the sole of a passenger’s shoes.
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Cocaine Shoes (Full Episode) | To Catch a Smuggler
• Cocaine Shoes (Full Ep...
National Geographic
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@deborahthompson3213 Yıl önce
Female officer made me so mad. Why is she so disrespectful to people. Not everyone is a criminal girl. Calm down
@jenzelaya1934 Yıl önce
I get they’re doing their job but sometimes people really are calm because they don’t have anything to hide and are innocent.
@ingridebanks465 Yıl önce
I am so happy to see that the officers give allowance for those people who don't genuinely know the stuff is prohibited.
@zoequinn272 Yıl önce
Dear God they wanted that woman to be guilty of something so bad. I definitely feel bad for her being out in that situation
I've never felt more publicly shamed than I have felt watching how the US deals with non nationals compared to other nations. Canada has struck me as setting a hard line. In the US the agents are cruel. These videos compiled strike me as the best case scenario. Not a good look.
@1972dsrai Yıl önce
That woman was "too calm" because she wasn't lying and had nothing to hide. Why was that so hard to accept or believe? Not everyone has ulterior motives.
Her early interactions makes it so easy to suspect her.
@jmshkm Yıl önce
I laughed so hard when the guy started coughing when they got caught with all the codeine
@1diagram Yıl önce
We got stopped and searched at the airport because my husband had a bunch of bags of gummy bears in his suitcase. We all laughed at the time and the agent was super nice. Now that I’ve watched a number of these videos I can see how they looked unusual on the X-ray.
It bothers me so much when police get angry that they don’t find it incriminating. In this case, perhaps it’s because they know that they missed the actual smuggler by focusing on the wrong person. That’s if I have them benefit if the doubt.
@heart2heart29 Yıl önce
This should be a teachable moment for the officers in the Trinidad passenger scenario. They need to sit in a room and watch their behavior and then be retrained. This is not a cartoon. It is a humiliating and degrading experience and they should be more professional. All that side bar is uncalled for 🤷🏽‍♀️
They should just decriminalize all drugs, or legalize it so that it can be tested, clean, regulated, and taxed. Prohibition has never worked.
@karenadashfield9954 Yıl önce
The young female officer looked ticked off that she had misjudged the clothes buyer 🤣
@NutriNerdy Yıl önce
I feel like the "Innocent lady" that didn't know about her suitcase was actually just there to distract law enforcement for a prolonged search, while 10s of other actual smugglers slipped past.
@mohamedally355 Yıl önce
The lady at the airport was only trying to get her peoples some much needed medicine. It's crazy how he prevented that from happening. He knew what those medicines were for.
The agent handling the Vietnamese family was very good. Definitely the kind of person we want doing this job.
@ventilator98 Yıl önce
I JUST LOVE shows like this! SERIOUSLY!! This one was full proof, that It's just a horrible idea all around to attempt and smuggle things into the airport! YOU WILL get caught, and YOU WILL go to prison! Just don't do it!
As an African you can find yourself behind the bars easily when u travel there is always a family member asking u to carry something for them they’ll give you a bag well packed sometimes even taped you won’t think they might do such thing to you and it’s really hard to say no
@beautifuldiva6548 Yıl önce
The woman who has nothing better to do than to harass the store lady should’ve apologize “ SAY I WAS WRONG I’M SORRY.”
@Thechikuaint Yıl önce
The customs officer needs to be fired,she profiled that woman for no reason and that was so much for her.I’m from the Caribbean and I’d never want to go through that.
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