Alfa Romeo 4C: Technology & Architecture - Carbon Chassis

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Designed by Alfa Romeo Centro Stile (Style Centre), the car was developed independently by Alfa Romeo with construction methods that were used for the KTM X-Bow and Lotus Elise before.
The carbon fiber tub is produced by TTA (Tecno Tessile Adler) in Airola, a joint venture between Adler and Lavorazione Materiali Compositi (Lmc). The body will not be made entirely of carbon fiber, with the front and rear frames being aluminium. This increases the weight to around 900 kilograms (2,000 lb).
The chassis of the car weighs only 65 kilograms (140 lb) and is a single carbon fibre body, just like that in supercars. Outer body is made of composite material which is 20 % lighter than steel body, stability is comparable to steel and better than aluminium.
Powertrain and performance
The 4C uses a new all-aluminium 1.75 L (1,742 cc) 240 horsepower (180 kW) at 6000 rpm inline 4 cylinder turbocharged engine.
The engine has been designed for minimum weight, and will probably also appear in the 159 replacement, the Giulia. The engine CO2 emissions are 157 g/km and combined fuel consumption 6.8 L/100 km (42 mpg-imp; 35 mpg-US).
0-62 miles per hour (100 km/h) acceleration is achieved in 4.5 seconds and the top speed is 258 km/h (160 mph), the power-to-weight-ratio being just 0.33 hp/kg.
Alfa Romeo has also confirmed a new 1.8 litre, 300 PS (221 kW) engine, which may appear in the 4C.
The 4C is equipped with six speed Alfa TCT Dual Dry Clutch Transmission, and can be operated via gearshift paddles on the steering wheel. It also has an Alfa 'DNA' dynamic control selector which controls the behaviour of engine, brakes, steering, throttle response, suspension and gearbox.
In addition to the modes already seen in Giulietta, the 4C has a new "Race" mode.
Suspension, brakes, wheels and steering
The 4C has a high quadrilateral suspension at the front and MacPherson struts in the rear.
Resultant weight distribution is 38% on the front and 62% on the rear axle.
To ensure best possible grip to the road a Pirelli P Zero tyres with a different diameter and width is fitted to the rear and front, either 205/45-17 in front and in the back 235/40-18 (205/40-18 and 235/35-19 is available as optional).
The 4C has ventilated disc brakes in all corners, in front Brembo 305 millimetres and in the rear 292 millimetres. The car can stop from 100 km/h to 0 in 36 meters.
To save in weight and to guarantee best feel the car has no power steering.
The 4C is going to production in May 2013 at Maserati's plant in Modena, with an expected production of up to 2,500 units per year.[15] and will be the first mass-produced Alfa Romeo car for re-entry into the US market.[5] The car will be sold at first as Launch Edition, produced as a numbered edition: 400 in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, 500 in North America and 100 in the rest of the world. The Launch Edition is available in 'Carrara White' or 'Rosso Alfa' (red) fitted with carbon fibre trim and other extra accessories. Price tag for Launch Edition is 60,000 euros including VAT.

@GommeBlog 9 yıl önce
Per chi se lo fosse perso ... come nasce il telaio della stupenda Alfa Romeo #4C ..... cura nei dettagli e tecnologia ultra moderna . La chiave del successo 4C ... *secondo te cosa rende la nuova **#AlfaRomeo** 4C una Supercar unica?*
@97matrix97 9 yıl önce
La rende unica il fatto che sia Italiana e soprattutto un'Alfa!
@antoniod529 9 yıl önce
La sua italianità tipica ke ricorda altre italiane,come la stratos x esempio.
@cosmosre7641 9 yıl önce
telaio in carbonio
@Michael-it5zz 5 yıl önce
The chassis mold is covered by carbon fiber then covered with plastic sheeting and infused with resin with a vacuum inside of an autoclave.
@DoNotPause 5 yıl önce
They are use prepreg not resin don't need to autoclave if you do resin infusion
@jimbabass6582 10 aylar önce
The carbon they are cutting is already impregnated with resin. This is not infusion. It’s a prepreg/clave process
@ibuyshirtsonebay 10 yıl önce
It is additional epoxy to give a nice reflective but also protective finish.
@ubacow7109 2 yıl önce
How does the lower assembly get connected with the upper?
@MisFakapek Yıl önce
usually you just make additional layup with upper section so they are usually bonded continuously with carbon fiber. There is of course a structural weakness compared to monocoque but it's far from usual crash structures so it's not compromising safety and it's adding more rigidity against torsional forces.
@tedahn3539 8 yıl önce
before laminating the tub core seemed to be already coated with carbon fiber. what's the core made of?
@achuck4321 8 yıl önce
+Ted Ahn That's the mould. Its made from CF, because moulds have to be really stiff, and also an inherent trait of CF is that is contracts when heated so you want your mould to made of CF too to ensure proper tolerances
@tedahn3539 8 yıl önce
+achuck4321 Do they remove the mold after curing? I don't see that process.
@achuck4321 8 yıl önce
Yes it would lift off.
@pranavgutsknight9649 5 yıl önce
hello hey Channel head ... please !!can you describe the process briefly .. i want to study about CF please reply
@n0ti5 5 yıl önce
Its crazy to think these guys doing this kind of precision work will never be able to afford a product that they produce by hand.
@fokjohnpainkiller 4 yıl önce
Is that supposed to mean anything? Should the man putting the stones for one of the 7 wonders of the world be able to afford it just because he contributed to it? Should someone tightening bolts down for a living be able to afford an F-35? Brainlet
@j.danaclark89 6 yıl önce
I work in composites, but nothing that fancy. but I sure would like to!
@moriarteaa4692 7 aylar önce
RIP cameraman in the autoclav
@itsott876 10 yıl önce
can someone tell me with what kind of material man put on the shassis at 1:57 ??????
@chubscub 4 yıl önce
It's probably scotch weld 490 epoxy adhesive, looks like they are filling all the pin holes in the cured carbon surface to make it look pretty when lacquered
@20spray1 4 yıl önce
@@chubscub hmm, I thought prepreg carbon fiber cured in an autoclave wasnt supposed to have pinholes though
@AngelR1987 9 yıl önce
In other words, do not try this at home
@Jandodev 2 yıl önce
I want to get into prepreg so badddddd
@Pedrorodrigues3986 7 yıl önce
then the frame is hollow? poi la cornice è vuota?
@lazarostsioraklidis5495 Yıl önce
Whick companies manufactures cf chassis? I am not sure all of them as koeningseng manufactures their own chassis...
@lansisland 5 yıl önce
1:09 lol little vehicle making ice cream music
@xile_hc 2 yıl önce
is this Rimacs factory ?
@pupdoggify 2 yıl önce
really? laser guided zip tie mounts 1:35? LOL...what a joke!
@namefa3317 4 yıl önce
They're handsome
@wafi0123 6 yıl önce
We cook cars lol
@gianpierovito4789 Yıl önce
Very bad company, the problem are many: Very incompetent managers, placed there by italian politicians, no safety at milling machines, they do not pay providers, nobody. High techinicians turnover, they treats workers like slaves using just money by the Italian government. For many perople it's a terrible nightmare to work there, when yo leave the company, you need several months or years to have your money back. pefect Italian scheme! It's a pity, the company would have great potential, bad management!
@MindDezign 5 yıl önce
This is exactly why this car is body working on it is allowed to be "human" I see no joy in it.Not one drop. I stopped working in composites for exactly these reasons. Made Aircraft parts. You can have it. Slave mentality at the highest level...keep it.
@fokjohnpainkiller 4 yıl önce
And yet it's all hand made unlike the production lines of other companies
@j.r.b.7585 3 yıl önce
Are you mad
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