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Trixie Mattel

Trixie Mattel

2 aylar önce

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Kiki with @Jinkx Monsoon
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Aunt Patty
Aunt Patty Saatler önce
By the end Jinx was serving Jennifer Coolidge playing villainous Daphne fro Scoobydoo
Jena Musgrave
Jena Musgrave 22 saatler önce
I love Jinkx so much 🥰🥰🥰 I want to get a duck tattooed on my wrist because I’m a very sensitive person and I have to CONSTANTLY tell myself “Water off a ducks back” I feel so targeted 😅 I totally used that dream matte mousse 🤣
Jena Musgrave
Jena Musgrave 21 saatler önce
I love Trixie just completely reading Jinkx’s makeup 😅
Das Rhodruna
Das Rhodruna Gün önce
They had to cut out the cover? Radio whatever should be so lucky.
Sasha Gün önce
i came here for the iconic musical duet at the end and they cut it out I'm going to scream
Jessie-Jean 2 gün önce
Mack 2 gün önce
do u know this drag queen katya?
kokimotok 2 gün önce
Travis S
Travis S 3 gün önce
Trixie slowly falling into hysterical laughter at Jinx powdering at 14:20 has me weak 🤣🤣🤣
Keaton Dickson
Keaton Dickson 3 gün önce
Has the song disappeared for anyone else
Tanner Ledford
Tanner Ledford 3 gün önce
I was rewatching this and patiently waiting for their duet and suddenly they were doing the kiss at the end and I immediately knew this was probably edited due to TRshow’s BS demonetization rules. So I had to look it up elsewhere and then come back for continuity’s sake
Cindy S
Cindy S 3 gün önce
To halt a sneeze press the cupids bow.
Katie Peaceskies
Katie Peaceskies 3 gün önce
The two queens with the most iconic laughs if only Latrice was there
Diego Calderón
Diego Calderón 3 gün önce
What happened to the part where the both of them sing Creep? Something strange happened and it no longer appears in the video! (At least to me)
Jackryan Fleming
Jackryan Fleming 3 gün önce
Mine too!
SRC 4 gün önce
I have a teeny request... Could you make your blush pallets in pro size singles??? Would totally make my month...💜🤘
Disney Brain
Disney Brain 4 gün önce
They got rid of the song!!’n
AreUTakingTheBubble 4 gün önce
“Gomez I love Debbie!”😂
Joe Del Rey
Joe Del Rey 5 gün önce
The movie is Insidious not The Conjuring
Eddie Gonzalez
Eddie Gonzalez 5 gün önce
The neighbors must think I'm insane. I'm cackling like a hyena at the powder assault and battery episode...
Some Gem
Some Gem 5 gün önce
Wyld Lyon
Wyld Lyon 6 gün önce
Tears....the song is has been edited out now
Samantha White
Samantha White 6 gün önce
Anyone know where Trixie's top is from?
Samantha White
Samantha White 3 gün önce
@V artist ah I meant in the finished look, I should have been more specific!
V artist
V artist 4 gün önce
It is bendelacreme merch
Braun_Dzign 7 gün önce
I always thought “Jinkx Monsoon” was a reference I wasn’t cool enough to get.
lettuce 7 gün önce
Did they have to cut out them singing for copyright lol
Matheus Barros
Matheus Barros 8 gün önce
I have a feeeeling we have 3 winners of drag race in this video, and no, I didn't miscount.
Mason Finley
Mason Finley 8 gün önce
I love how Trixie is pretending like Miss Monsoon is putting on so much make up but then when you look at Trixie afterwards you’re like oh Hello how are you doing wearing an actual mask drag queen
Jason Nero
Jason Nero 8 gün önce
Jinx can make any bad day better. Also i need to know where her hair came from lol.
Kagenokami Sanguis
Kagenokami Sanguis 8 gün önce
RIP! They had to remove Creep. XD
Shannon Marie
Shannon Marie 8 gün önce
What happened to the song?! Watching this again and it's gone.... Jerk claimers..
Dalton Oliver
Dalton Oliver 9 gün önce
Jinx is literally bette middler
Zaldrizo 9 gün önce
Heard. Boy Brian smells like a gingerbread cowboy!
rafa4424 9 gün önce
I love. Her and she is so funny that laugh.
Gabriela Urquizo
Gabriela Urquizo 10 gün önce
WHERE IS THE SOOONG??!! Honestly it's a shame they took it out. It was the best moment in the video!
MagicalMageHimiko 9 gün önce
Other people have uploaded it to TRshow!
Nirmala 10 gün önce
I watched this until I went past 4:15. I have been watching 4:15 to 4:20 on repeat ever since.
Jacob Wilson
Jacob Wilson 11 gün önce
Am I crazy? Did they edit out song time? So sad, I came here to listen to two icons sing.
MagicalMageHimiko 9 gün önce
Other people have uploaded it separately! ❤️
Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson 11 gün önce
them out of drag looks like a garden gnome and garden witch got to gether to film a video
Charles C
Charles C 12 gün önce
Not them removing Jinx’s singing I’ll cry
cierra lacasse
cierra lacasse 12 gün önce
ricardo perez
ricardo perez 12 gün önce
Rip the song :(
Eloise Fauland
Eloise Fauland 12 gün önce
i used whipped topping as well
Jason Bionda
Jason Bionda 12 gün önce
I know y’all probably both booked and busy!! But can you do a video with Miss Kylie Sonique Love?!?! PLEASE
Fernando Santillana
Fernando Santillana 13 gün önce
They erase the singing part!!!!!!!!! 🥺😭🥺😭
oki 13 gün önce
girl ze/zim pronouns are bullsht
Scott Miller
Scott Miller 13 gün önce
All the dislikes for this video are all Roxxxy Andrew’s accounts.
Erica Willis
Erica Willis 13 gün önce
'how do you like your sense? I like mine with a little bird in it haha "
qqbbrwo11 13 gün önce
15:44 trixie's face when she felt the amount of powder
Amy Hayden
Amy Hayden 13 gün önce
What happened to the song???? :(
Robusta Capp
Robusta Capp 13 gün önce
DAMMITT!!! Came back for the song, and they had to cut it!
Jolene Stamps
Jolene Stamps 14 gün önce
What happened to the singing at the end? 🥺
Huy Tran
Huy Tran 15 gün önce
Oh no, the part where Jinx sang got cut out :(((((((((((((((((
iamtheuberscoot 15 gün önce
My greatest most far-flung dream is for Trixie to release a new blush palette and one of the colors is called Blunch
Brian Matt
Brian Matt 16 gün önce
anyone else just LOVE the drama and torture that poor trixie goes through while Jinkx GOES INNNNN with that powder brush??? hilarious! we're watching our baby trixie grow up and learn to "trust the process"! haha
Giancarlo 16 gün önce
Seraph_RJ 17 gün önce
Wait, where’d the song go?!
heidi rios
heidi rios 17 gün önce
i keep coming back to this video. love this combo so freaking much
Helen Tometzki
Helen Tometzki 17 gün önce
I’d watch 25 mins if Jinkx being Jennifer Coolidge. Like. Sing me to sleep. Love it.
mbasa soga
mbasa soga 18 gün önce
I always think of "Durch Den Monsun" everytime I hear her name hahaha I honestly thought that's what she was playing on😅
Alister Cedeno
Alister Cedeno 18 gün önce
So you’re telling me I watched this entire thing just to find out that Jinkx is NOT singing? I need a refund! Where’s the manager! 😆
Chelsey 18 gün önce
So you're telling me the BIG ice cream is the diet one 🤔➗➕📏📐📝🧮📟
J G 18 gün önce
Was Jinx medicated? She seems stoned 🤣🤣🤣 love it
Aivry Jett
Aivry Jett 18 gün önce
Can’t wait to see Jinkx and Ben DeLaCreme in a couple of weeks!
Jonny Gomez
Jonny Gomez 18 gün önce
I came to rewatch the singing and it's gone...
Walter Otálvaro
Walter Otálvaro 19 gün önce
Staci K
Staci K 19 gün önce
Im here watching this a second time.
nom3n nescio
nom3n nescio 20 gün önce
Is jinx trans?
Alondra Gomez.
Alondra Gomez. 14 gün önce
They're non-binary/Trans femme. They go by they/she
nom3n nescio
nom3n nescio 20 gün önce
Fjorgyn 13 gün önce
That's a rude question
Thalassa Therese
Thalassa Therese 20 gün önce
I love you both so much!!!
BC 4U 21 gün önce
They cut the creep portion out??
Enzo Potel
Enzo Potel 21 gün önce
YES. The nerve.
boobie1967 21 gün önce
This is art not just make up. I tried to draw brows and I looked like a Black Bette Davis from What Ever Happened to Baby Jane.
HRS Darwish
HRS Darwish 22 gün önce
That Jennifer Coolidge impression...
Bia Paiva
Bia Paiva 23 gün önce
I love how jinkx laughs at her own jokes
J W 23 gün önce
I love Jinkx calling out Trixie's humble-brags 😂
Leo Hamada
Leo Hamada 24 gün önce
Wtf where did the song go?
J B 22 gün önce
They got hit by copyright.
Emily Motion
Emily Motion 24 gün önce
This has no dislikes, don’t think I’ve ever seen that before!
xobrynn 25 gün önce
24:08 Katya just imploded, probably
Selena Atkins
Selena Atkins 26 gün önce
I think Jinkx wouldn't be a 2 hours painter if she didn't stop every 10 seconds to talk or sing lol
Marten Evertse
Marten Evertse 26 gün önce
This way a joyyy to watch
Yorak Salazar
Yorak Salazar 26 gün önce
Is it just me or Jinkx's singing was cut off the video?
Sarah Hayatian
Sarah Hayatian 26 gün önce
Where did the song go?
Carrie Pickett
Carrie Pickett 27 gün önce
They both really do look so beautiful
Cosmic Sa
Cosmic Sa 27 gün önce
I came here for the duet and now it’s gone! What a loss for TRshow.
DifferentView 27 gün önce
what happened to the song? why it's cut out sis!?
franklin luvv
franklin luvv 28 gün önce
girl im dyinggggggggggggggggggg for a kiki with raja pls aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh
Andreas Gonzalez
Andreas Gonzalez 28 gün önce
This was the most wholesome collab
Wiley Hokett
Wiley Hokett 28 gün önce
The fact that the song had to get cut out is literally so damn sad. Great duet queens 😭💕
Nicolly 28 gün önce
I’m submitting this for the emmys
aleah 29 gün önce
came back to listen to jinx sing and it’s been cut out ):
Jatii Donaldson
Jatii Donaldson 29 gün önce
Watching jinx and Trixie go from powdered donuts to gorgeous was hilarious and amazing to watch the artistry
wendyrhps 29 gün önce
Jinkx recorded a cover of Creep on first album, which obviously got Radiohead's permission & sang it live here, so how is that copyright infringement?!!
MaryCas3 29 gün önce
Jinkx doesn't have hand towels because she spends her money on setting powder.
William Johnson
William Johnson Aylar önce
PHOHPHPH y did you cut out the song🥺🥺🥺😩
Mountaineer. Games
Mountaineer. Games Aylar önce
This whole video had me howling 😂😂😂
Jenn G
Jenn G Aylar önce
i'm sad that they edited out the song!
dennis daley
dennis daley Aylar önce
Why did she edit out the singing?
Quinn Miller
Quinn Miller Aylar önce
Trixie's wig has me dead, so beautiful
marcus mack
marcus mack Aylar önce
Why is there a tiny lag on this video
Miguel Contreras Villegas
Miguel Contreras Villegas Aylar önce
Why was the singing part deleted?
rainbrows Aylar önce
screaming n crying n throwing up bec the singing part got chopped T __ T
Jillian Doyle
Jillian Doyle Aylar önce
Like water off a ducks back.
Telara Day
Telara Day Aylar önce
Did they edit the song out??
Angel Villafán
Angel Villafán Aylar önce
sadly yes :c
Christena Washburn
Christena Washburn Aylar önce
I'm living for Trixie's reaction to Jynx and that powder
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