Vocal Coach Reacts to Miley Cyrus & Noah - I Got So High That I Saw Jesus

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Tristan Paredes

Aylar önce

Vocal coach Tristan Paredes reacts to Miley & Noah Cyrus singing I Got So High That I Saw Jesus live on MTV backyard
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Tristan Paredes
Tristan Paredes Aylar önce
Sorry this video is late! It was blocked by TRshow for copyright reasons for a few days. Hopefully they don't take it back down! To be sure you don't miss future uploads subscribe with notifications on! Also check me out on my socials! Also if you want to yell at me for my intro joke and accidentally suggesting Miley wrote this, follow! Instagram: instagram.com/tristan_paredes TikTok: www.tiktok.com/@tristanparedes Twitter: twitter.com/maestroparedes
Mary Alex
Mary Alex 25 gün önce
Can you react to more Noah Cyrus??
Deepwaters724 Aylar önce
.... Honestly, I really prefer this song from Noah, without Miley. Noah is like a new Allison Krauss. Noah has a totally different vibe and sound. This recording is underplaying the person who wrote the song.... Miley overpowering isn't complimentary
Fandi 456
Fandi 456 Aylar önce
React to Miley’s cover of heart of glass by blondie ‼️‼️‼️
Cassandra Conway
Cassandra Conway Aylar önce
Check out Noah Cyrus - July
Chloe Mouser
Chloe Mouser Gün önce
i’m sorry but i had to mention this, it’s kinda annoying how you only call noah “miley’s sister” like i don’t think at one point you said noah. noah’s said how she hates being referred to as someone’s sister
Chloe Mouser
Chloe Mouser Gün önce
i’m sorry but i had to mention this, it’s kinda annoying how you only call noah “miley’s sister” like i don’t think at one point you said noah. noah’s said how she hates being referred to as someone’s sister
CJ Gün önce
I haven’t seen this man on my feed in 2 years and I only came here to comment about his hair. Bro... wyd lol
Emily M
Emily M Gün önce
KellyKristine Norton-Sanchez
KellyKristine Norton-Sanchez Gün önce
When you were commenting on myley digging into her low note there...more country...she was raised with her father being a country singer so it is something she does a lot.
Llama Del Fid
Llama Del Fid Gün önce
Ah! Noah Cyrus is my new fav artist. Shes underrated af. Stream The End of Everything
Hannah Lane
Hannah Lane 2 gün önce
Noah is my all time favourite artist💖
H H 3 gün önce
One note- this is actually Noah's song, not Mileys :)
Nicoline Pedersen
Nicoline Pedersen 3 gün önce
So cool to listen to music with you Tristan, nice reaction video
moonnu chamling
moonnu chamling 3 gün önce
Please react some of Noah Cyrus songs. She is way too tatented but too underrated just like willow smith is also underrated. Love her💖
Florence Bayoneta
Florence Bayoneta 4 gün önce
and now Noah Cyrus is nominated for a Grammy like what she deserves 💕
Sharni’s Bennett Makeup Artistry & Beauty
Sharni’s Bennett Makeup Artistry & Beauty 5 gün önce
You need to watch more of Noah’s stuff she is amazing
Lavinia Gaiani
Lavinia Gaiani 5 gün önce
You should do a Noah Cyrus reaction video !
Disney FAN
Disney FAN 6 gün önce
I got so high that i saw 3eeeesaaaa
Amanda Aragon
Amanda Aragon 6 gün önce
Please do more Noah songs! I would love to see your reaction and your input. Also! Look into JDXN
Marit Arntsen
Marit Arntsen 6 gün önce
Could you react to Noah Cyrus´s lonley? Really love these videos:))
Sheila’s Beauty/ Hair/ Nails/ Fashion
Sheila’s Beauty/ Hair/ Nails/ Fashion 8 gün önce
Miley has a Incredible voice
Johanna Skagert
Johanna Skagert 8 gün önce
I spy with my little eye your trans pride colours :) Nice!
Roge Jimenez
Roge Jimenez 8 gün önce
Yes react to the podcast please!!!😘😘😘
Sydney Christine
Sydney Christine 8 gün önce
Noahs voice is amazing!
Sarah Tohme
Sarah Tohme 9 gün önce
React to the podcast!
Mikalah Polite
Mikalah Polite 9 gün önce
Miley’s voice gives me literal chills 😍
Dani Rodriguez
Dani Rodriguez 9 gün önce
Miley cyrus will always sound like a goddess
Jenny B
Jenny B 10 gün önce
Please react to Miley's cover of Zombie ! So good
Lucy Hemmersen
Lucy Hemmersen 10 gün önce
React to more of Noah's music! she is incredible!
Kelly Schriner
Kelly Schriner 10 gün önce
me: replays the beginning of the song repeatedly trying to figure out who’s singing what tristan: their voices are so different me: 👁👄👁
Joshua Rodriguez
Joshua Rodriguez 11 gün önce
So like are you taking online courses...??? Lol
Mary Brown
Mary Brown 11 gün önce
I think Miley’s low notes are the way they are cause her father is Billy Ray 😂
Jeanne Reist
Jeanne Reist 11 gün önce
Tristan your face says it all. Just saying...
Taylor Gray
Taylor Gray 12 gün önce
Ugh I love them both
emilyyy444 12 gün önce
You should listen to more of Noah’s music. I love her and she’s very underrated
Val Alfaro
Val Alfaro 12 gün önce
Please react to Secret Love Song live of Little Mix 2016,2018 and 2020 (2020 Jesy isn't there for medical reasons but the girls still did amazing job) or it would be amazing react to the same song but in differents years ❤️
Cannon Crew
Cannon Crew 13 gün önce
his reaction when noah went high!🤣👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Gelhaisa Media
Gelhaisa Media 13 gün önce
nice your reaction.. please check Agseisa unique voice - When I look At you - Miley Cyrus - Cover. Thx:
The Different Opal
The Different Opal 14 gün önce
Me: watches this video 10 times to find out which voice is Noah’s and which is Miley’s Tristan: THEYRE SO DIFFERENT
Tube Br
Tube Br 14 gün önce
React to Midnight Sky by Miley Cyrus please
muffincansurf 14 gün önce
do zombie from Miley Cyrus!
Sofia Pugnaloni
Sofia Pugnaloni 14 gün önce
Would love for you to react to Noah singing live, she’s amazing
Hande Ertaniş
Hande Ertaniş 14 gün önce
Can you react to 'Sezen Aksu' from Turkey please? She has very soft and clear voice. I think you should check her.
Lavinia Haf
Lavinia Haf 14 gün önce
looooove hearing about this! feel even more intelligent after one of your videos telling us about different voices
Devin Berry
Devin Berry 15 gün önce
Miley is definitely going for a Dolly Parton vibe lately which fits her and her voice very well. I like it to be honest.
FrogurtFilms 15 gün önce
how has he not reacted to miley's cover of heart of glass
Chad Wilkerson
Chad Wilkerson 15 gün önce
Please react to more Noah!!!
Geetha Karthikeyan
Geetha Karthikeyan 15 gün önce
Noah Cyrus has one of the most beautiful voices and talent
Laura Corgia
Laura Corgia 15 gün önce
You should DEFINITELY listen to more of Noah. She has outperformed her sister imo.
Parveen Reth
Parveen Reth 15 gün önce
I love your reactions! Came here from the cardigan reaction
Sara Högvall
Sara Högvall 15 gün önce
Loved it!!!!!!,!,!,!!!!!!
Isaiah Guerrero
Isaiah Guerrero 15 gün önce
"I've never heard anything about Noah Cyrus" Aint you ever seen mf PONYO????
Carmen TaLisa
Carmen TaLisa 15 gün önce
Claire 16 gün önce
cause miley sings like her dadddddd. but yeah this was dope
Ilayda Parlar
Ilayda Parlar 16 gün önce
I cannot believe you just underestimated noah cyrus like that dude
Brianna Montgomery
Brianna Montgomery 17 gün önce
Very interested in the video about the joe rogan video!
Sydney Brede
Sydney Brede 17 gün önce
The part where he talks about Miley using a part of her voice typically used by men and they're usually country and opera singers. I mean to me it makes sense her dad was a country singer and she tends to have some country twang in her voice when she sings certain songs.
bailey 17 gün önce
chiara sophia 2309
chiara sophia 2309 17 gün önce
This is Noahs Song not mileys
Mia Opal
Mia Opal 17 gün önce
Courtney Jackson
Courtney Jackson 17 gün önce
Please react to Noah Cyrus July or any of her others
Melanie Peterman
Melanie Peterman 17 gün önce
Did anyone in the world other then myself. Notice the marijuana plants behind them.
Er pp
Er pp 18 gün önce
ah i'm so happy more people get to hear Noah.. she is really talented.! her last album was really really top notch, she really outdid herself.. i hope more people will discover how good she is..i feel sorry that she is shadowed by her sister's success though i truly love their relationship and love for each other, but i know it's probably hard getting compared to your sibling all the time.. they are so different so for me there is no comparison.. they are both queens..
Katey Scott
Katey Scott 18 gün önce
Love how right before the piano starts he point out the Amazon behind them....I died 😂
Jennah Freddi-Martin
Jennah Freddi-Martin 18 gün önce
I’m mad that you said it’s Miley’s song. This is Noah’s song.
TIANA 18 gün önce
it be hard to tell the difference
TIANA 18 gün önce
dude i think they sound the same
Tracy Ragland
Tracy Ragland 19 gün önce
I’ve been feeling Noah’s voice more than Miley’s lately tbh
Jacob Cruz
Jacob Cruz 19 gün önce
Anna Giroux
Anna Giroux 19 gün önce
omg please react to noah cyrus’s songs. She’s literally amazing. listen to “make me cry” and “again ft. XXXtentacion”
Sapphire K
Sapphire K 19 gün önce
I always felt like their voices were more similar, just how they they approached their singing was super different
Ronni Fuller
Ronni Fuller 20 gün önce
Please react to more Noah!!! You’d love July and Lonely
Jasmin 20 gün önce
You should react to the cover of “I’ll take care of you” by Miley
Natalia Vazquez
Natalia Vazquez 20 gün önce
Hey! Can you please react to Edge of Midnight by Miley Cyrus and Stevie Nicks !! :)
Janeth Hernandez
Janeth Hernandez 20 gün önce
please do Jesse Reyez
Plastic Hearts out Nov 27th
Plastic Hearts out Nov 27th 20 gün önce
Hey! Can you please react to Edge of Midnight by Miley Cyrus and Stevie Nicks
Molly :p
Molly :p 20 gün önce
Can you please react to Edge of Midnight by Miley Cyrus and Stevie Nicks
Claudia Coletta
Claudia Coletta 20 gün önce
Hey! Can you please react to Edge of Midnight by Miley Cyrus and Stevie Nicks
Sophie Skellington
Sophie Skellington 20 gün önce
Hey! Can you please react to Edge of Midnight by Miley Cyrus and Stevie Nicks
jas 20 gün önce
React to Again from Noah Cyrus on Jimmy Fallon!!!!
Faithlynn Nieto
Faithlynn Nieto 21 gün önce
React to Noah Cyrus’ songs July and cry!
Mollikatt00 21 gün önce
Definitely react to Miley’s cover of Sweet Jane. Absolutely gives me chills.
Kyan Rush
Kyan Rush 21 gün önce
Noah's literally the most UNDERRATED vocalist of our generation IMHO
TheVictoriaGrey 21 gün önce
Now... it’s time for you to dig into Noah’s work. Because her music is just something special.
Ivan Ramirez-Barragan
Ivan Ramirez-Barragan 21 gün önce
NOAH is iconic ! Loves her 🖤
Frances Claesson
Frances Claesson 21 gün önce
Listen to july by noah and fs react to the podcast they talk a lot about her vocal journey and her influences its pretty interesting
Isabela Grajeda
Isabela Grajeda 21 gün önce
react to Miley Cyrus singing heart of glass
Mariah .Burns
Mariah .Burns 21 gün önce
You should do a video on Tate Mcrae!
Rosie 21 gün önce
omg I want that release Noah has on her high notes, literally what I'm working on trying to get
Katy Dolbeare
Katy Dolbeare 21 gün önce
Luke Combs I have never scene a country video!!!!!!!
Sam 21 gün önce
Please react to her cover of Zombie! It's on TRshow and Spotify! Think you would love it and I love seeing you react to Miley's stuff! Her new album is coming soon you should do a mini series!
rodney hector
rodney hector 22 gün önce
Stupid song
Rosannasfriend 22 gün önce
Great reaction.
Agnes Zadeng
Agnes Zadeng 22 gün önce
'Trust me, i know' Definitely subscribed to his channel
Sue 22 gün önce
I have been watching far too many of your videos lately and I am starting to feel like I am finally understanding what you are talking about and why you appreciate some of the artists you react to so much. I really hope you are going for another one of Mileys last covers, since they are so out of the ordinary! It would be such a great thing to hear what you as a professional vocal coach is thinking about the stuff she has been doing lately! I don`t even care which one you choose, as long as you take a look at some of stuff she has been doing during this whole Midnight sky era. I would recommend you her cover of Zombie by the Cranberries or Heart of Glass by Blondie. Keep up the good work!
Áine Fusciardi
Áine Fusciardi 22 gün önce
React to Heart of Glass by Miley Cyrus
Noelle Lynn
Noelle Lynn 22 gün önce
Well Miley’s from Tennessee and her dad is Bull ray Cyrus a famous country singer lol
araihc 02
araihc 02 23 gün önce
Please react to more of her live performances!
Desiree Cola
Desiree Cola 23 gün önce
Getting young Jack White vibes with the hair 😁
Brendan Worley
Brendan Worley 24 gün önce
This is Noah’s song bro. Her music is lit you should check it out
Tay 24 gün önce
You need to react to miley singing zombie live it's amazing
Kayla D
Kayla D 24 gün önce
please i would love to see u react to CORPSE and hear what u think of his voice!!
femmie art
femmie art 24 gün önce
U need to react to heart of glass my Miley!!!!
Belkacem Bouthayna
Belkacem Bouthayna 24 gün önce
Miley’s harmony 😍😍😍😍
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