Wizard Traps Police In Mud

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Hello everyone, this is YOUR Daily Dose of Internet. In this video, a wizard traps a police officer in the mud.
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Also in this video, a guy plays video games with his dog. A guy has a really big belly. A woman can sound like a zombie. A news anchor orders food at the drive-thru.
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@mrbreadcrumb 10 aylar önce
The police simply cannot comprehend the power of a wizard
@aliwashere6669 10 aylar önce
Very powerful
@MrRubberDucky 10 aylar önce
“Dumbledore asked calmly”
@achilldillpickle3977 10 aylar önce
Dagon Frazer yo what
@Dave_of_Mordor 10 aylar önce
@DagonFrazer174 i'm reporting you just in case this is real
@ThisGuyDannyyy 10 aylar önce
Everyone who likes watching Daily Dose of Internet 👇
@corrincom8017 10 aylar önce
I almost feel bad for the police, imagine knowing that you're being laughed at by millions of people for not only being caught in mud, but pushed back into it by a wizard
@neotyppe4469 10 aylar önce
@rubyjakewillton 10 aylar önce
well i dont id feel honored to have crossed paths against the mud wizard regardless of whether im losing or winning
@blakevargas1637 10 aylar önce
Actually,we have right to protest
@youboi8917 10 aylar önce
@Blake Vargas . I dont think that was in America, unfortunately many other nations don't guarantee that right.
@Vyansya 10 aylar önce
I really love the contrast between the modern police equipment vs the traditional wizard. It actually inspired me to make some sort of story.
@TheAlee233 10 aylar önce
"The wizard and the fed" "The wizard of LAPD" "Law and magic" are potential titles? I'd read that lmao
@Primetime9292 10 aylar önce
Don’t lie it inspired you to to tell ChatGPT to write you a story
@theonesithtorulethemall 10 aylar önce
@@Raph_Jan exept magic get demoliert for some reason, while the battle between mages shoes its acutally more dangerous then modern weapons So its one of thous Power fantasys, just that instead of a person being powerfull, its saying my world is the best becours technologie better Btw magic wuld win since they basicaly start out with electricity
@LunarMoth 10 aylar önce
@@Primetime9292 what
@kellynolen498 10 aylar önce
yeah sometimes light armor is the way to go
@boarcroc79 6 aylar önce
The baby mocking grandma is just GOLDEN!
@abraham2172 5 aylar önce
You quit that.
@SwaggerChiick1 5 aylar önce
LOL I didn't find it that funny till the grandma said, "you quit that." Hilarious 😂😂
@emanuelrojas2 Aylar önce
Not even a year old and out here roasting grandma.
@nicholasmaher843 10 aylar önce
You should have shown the full Mud Wizard clip. It's actually insane how prolonged the polices embarrassment was.
@Swizzer689 9 aylar önce
They had armor and boots on
@nicholasmaher843 9 aylar önce
@@Swizzer689 And yet they were no match for the Mud Wizard. They all went home to their wives that night and confessed they had never been so afraid.
@myaltaccount4438 9 aylar önce
That's what happens when you challenge a mud wizard.
@wuhhlfarg5578 8 aylar önce
It's the German police what do you expect
@ChaossX7 5 aylar önce
I appreciate how you always let us know people weren't injured in the dangerous looking ones. Very thoughtful of you.
@iconiclie 5 aylar önce
to not make youtube kill his channel and to tell us they landed safely.
@tdb517 Aylar önce
It's not thoughtful if he doesn't do it his videos are removed. He doesn't even have to know if anybody is injured, he just has to say it
@simonsan5271 17 gün önce
Its a big disspointment for me. He ruins all the fun.
@MEGAF4IL 10 aylar önce
Everyone's talking about the wizard but can we all agree how that zombie scream was terrifyingly spot on
@TheInsanityBeing 10 aylar önce
@sladiewolf 10 aylar önce
I was looking for this
@xairosaenz2073 10 aylar önce
@san-gk9vr 10 aylar önce
@@sladiewolf same
@TheExperienceYT 10 aylar önce
I think they secretly drank a bit of 115 before recording
@TheSurvivor637 10 aylar önce
I love how after the cop falls over he just sort of sits there for a bit. He’s like “yeah this wasn’t how I was hoping to spend my day”
@cryora 9 aylar önce
More like "I know I suck, and shouldn't be doing this job, but I need this pay check."
@ciciamanda. 9 aylar önce
@@cryora to be fair i dont think "know how to not get stuck in mud" and "know how to deal with the mud wizard" were part of his job description
@batscove 7 aylar önce
@@cryora Yeah the police normally wear pretty heavy equipment which isn't ideal for getting through mud. The fact that they took the job shows that they are(probably) a good person though. Being police is not easy.
@cryora 7 aylar önce
@@batscove In Army basic training, they made us crawl through mud and cross rivers on foot with a 60 lbs ruck sack.
@DJTechno94 10 aylar önce
I like that the husband sleeping with his eyes wide open had to squint his eyes after being awoken
@soulofflame9999 9 aylar önce
@mik0005 5 aylar önce
the laugh made me laugh harder
@Pillxow 4 aylar önce
Its so wolesome
@GaySatanicClowns 4 aylar önce
It's a fairly rare condition. My grandpa said he has it, but he also said the floor hurt when I jumped and a troll lived under the bridge. He also had a strange obsession with rutabagas, so I don't know what to believe.
@haroldcaparros740 2 aylar önce
@wilmergimenez 5 aylar önce
The only channel that never click bait you, if the guy offers you a wizard trapping police in mud he delivers
@daidarabotchi3891 3 aylar önce
Extremely true, but also made me laugh out loud
@xXAngel2DSXx 10 aylar önce
I love how slow the turtle was for him to just push him up it was so funny
@ciciamanda. 9 aylar önce
and how he blasted it away with the bubbles, the turtle must've been so confused
@ShovelMarshy 7 aylar önce
Diver use bubble beam!
@cloudyskies9956 4 aylar önce
@@ciciamanda.pretty sure the turtle thought the bubbles where a form of attack, and you can see the turtle open it’s mouth.. attacking the bubbles maybe?
@VeikoAndre 7 aylar önce
That how diver handled a second turtle attack made me giggle for minutes
@fabianlaibin6956 5 aylar önce
the diver used bubblebeam, it was super effective
@kiel1616 4 aylar önce
Turtle has fled
@AlphaQHard 10 aylar önce
He sleeps with his eyes open and her laugh sounds like a balloon deflating. What a power couple.
@snapdowndarsee4959 10 aylar önce
MMA guru fan spotted in the wild.
@Sushie55 10 aylar önce
@babyteano1977 10 aylar önce
I just have to watch that part again, she did sound like it 😁
@casualweekday-ytshadowbang2469 10 aylar önce
I can imagine practical uses for his power at work.
@wonderwoolies 9 aylar önce
Same thing happened to my husband and I a few times in India - strangers wanting to take photos with us. It brought back memories of being a walk-around character at a theme park. But, the people were genuinely curious, friendly enough, and always asked before taking photos with us. Honestly, we thought it was nice to meet as many people as we could, even if just for a few minutes. Love India!
@justanotherupscaspirant8837 8 aylar önce
A lot of people in the cities are tourists themselves from rural India, and for them a white person is quite literally a celebrity. Thanks for being so understanding about this and know that somewhere in some village, you are a family legacy
@1stlullaby484 7 aylar önce
If you come to Assam(Indian state) it's different here, probably cause we've got white ones amongst us too. But i advise you to not travel back to India and if you do , Just Don't Consider Delhi! I swear it's the scariest state in the whole of India from what i heard, which is a real incident and it took place about two weeks ago...i think, It's really disgusting to hear that people can really do such level of crime for money here ( Don't worry they didn't kill the person). That person is from Assam from what i hear. Never in my life did i ever hear anything like that. Right after hearing that made my faith in humanity Drop. Like from 83% to 10%
@1stlullaby484 7 aylar önce
Oh forgot to add, if you must travel Delhi then consider going in a group of four at least They're not going to try any funny business
@philipstone577 7 aylar önce
​@@1stlullaby484 bruh, your story doesn't have the main details. What happened??
@adityarao3577 7 aylar önce
​@@philipstone577 do gossips need detailing?😂 He's just exaggerating. Delhi, like every other city with stark economic inequality, has its shares in crime
@smuwug 10 aylar önce
the oxygen counter attack for the sea turtles is amazing
@Haxior5506 7 aylar önce
Ikr 🤣
@The_whales 6 aylar önce
Turtle: Oh I missed I think I will get him this tell
@HomosexualWithChips 5 aylar önce
The absolute terror on that child’s face was honestly hilarious.
@maryjane145 10 aylar önce
The mud wizard running after the little push is the funniest part for me. Pretty sure he was the only one out of the protestors in a wizard constume 😂😂😂
@ivanbruslimovic1536 9 aylar önce
Watch full Video. He is comming back to Release them
@sabrewinchester 8 aylar önce
He's not wearing a costume, he IS a wizard
@1337Shockwav3 5 aylar önce
@@sabrewinchester Funnily enough, he's refered to as a monk in Germany where the video originates from.
@1337Shockwav3 5 aylar önce
He was til that point (costume had been used previously by him) - I guess this clip qualifies as his breakthrough. Outfit has been copied at a number of other political protests.
@FayVr14 4 aylar önce
2:36 felt so bad for the dude sleeping and everyone laughed too 😭
@zettarin 2 aylar önce
That is a funny way to wake someone up though
@jakwg001 15 gün önce
@@zettarinimagine they’re actually in a battle or smth
@Valentin-ey7yz 10 aylar önce
As a german i can confirm that this wizard is truly maxed out in mudspells, not all of our wizarads posess this power
@WlatPziupp 10 aylar önce
Does it really take much magical prowess to get pigs in mud?
@dr.coomer545 10 aylar önce
oh no not the anti police people
@ChainsawLagann 10 aylar önce
"Is it possible to learn this power?"
@classact9002 10 aylar önce
Seems very "Agincourt."
@jamilajulie5717 10 aylar önce
What happened?
@StarCatchrr 10 aylar önce
For anyone who wants to know, the police in the mud wizard clip came to stop protesters, the protesters were protesting against destroying a village in Germany and the police got involved because they were in the way of the contruction workers. They wanted to save their home.
@deanb6899 10 aylar önce
That soldier being woken up by an artillery gun gets me everytime man
@Allium95 10 aylar önce
My congratulations to the Canadian camo designers, I initially thought that was a pile of leaves
@deanb6899 10 aylar önce
@@Allium95 that soldier next to the gun though
@xryanv 10 aylar önce
@@Allium95 Yea, CADPAT is really good camo for wooded areas.
@benceklock4831 10 aylar önce
Hoenestly, props to him. He gets woken up by a goddamn howitzer and his first instinct is to dive for his gun.
@deanb6899 10 aylar önce
@@benceklock4831 My man was ready to shoot first and ask questions later
@dawolfboi 20 gün önce
The baby was more scared than the woman at the drive thru 😂
@felixschach9127 10 aylar önce
For those who are interested in the background of the "Mud Wizard": The village of Lützerath was located in northern Germany directly next to one of the largest open coal (lignite, to be more precise) mines in Europe. After the original residents left their homes either willingly or after long legal battles, environmental activists had been occupying the village for around 2 years. The German government, together with the local state government and the operating energy company RWE agreed on a compromise in October 2022, that on one hand included the end of coal mining in the area until 2030, the continued existance of 5 villages, but on the other included the destruction of Lützerath, the expansion of the coal mine, the increase of annual mining to around 30 million tons of coal, and the extraction of a total of 280 million cubic metres of coal until then. Environmental activists have since critizised the compromise as too weak: They demand the protection of Lützerath, a faster end of coal extraction, and argue that burning the 280 million cubic metres exceeds the national goals of the Paris Agreement for 1,5°C global warming by up to four times. Listed no. 96 of individual carbon emission producers worldwide, they demand that the mine and attached coal power plant be shut down as soon as possible. They also cite several scientific studies that state that the coal is not needed to balance the current energy crisis in Germany. In January, police forced from all over Germany were rallied to evict all activists from the village. A fence was raised around the village, and guarded 24/7, while activists were slowly removed from treehouses, shacks, and buildings on the inside. Three days into - and several smaller protests and attempts to blockade, slow, and stop the eviction later - around 35.000 people gathered outside the village to protest against the "Coal Compromise" and the eviction itself. Protesters soon started moving towards the fenced village and a legal "ban zone" that was created around it, until they were brutally pushed back by around 3000 police officers. The "mud wizard" scene took place in one of the fields around Lützerath during this afternoon. The fence and the village can be seen in the background. In the end, several hundred civilians and around 100 members of the police were injured. Activists did not manage to cross the fence, the village was successfully cleared two days after, and has since been completely destroyed. The events around Lützerath have sparked a heated debate about police brutality, a supposed radicalization of the climate justice movement, and has sparked criticism over the German government's climate policies. If you have any further questions about the background of process, comment them down below!
@user-ze1nm8pw4f 4 aylar önce
Where do wizards in Germany go to learn new spells? Thank you for your time.
@chriscintron3320 4 aylar önce
damn i feel bad for the activists then
@Soheil-ev6ls 3 aylar önce
Was Greta Thunberg there?
@lanemathlessons 7 aylar önce
When you start laughing at the thumbnail before the video even starts, you know it's going to be a great video.
@alrineusaldore6764 10 aylar önce
I never expected to see an actual wizard fighting the police and winning in a daily dose video. this is awesome
@xdpoison 10 aylar önce
welcome to germany
@CancerStars07 10 aylar önce
Only in Ohio
@NenekoTheGoofyGoober 10 aylar önce
@@CancerStars07 More like Only in Germany
@blanddull6881 10 aylar önce
@@xdpoison damn, y'all's police suck lol
@alphabetical6 10 aylar önce
I really don't like when people bother foreigners, but honestly She's not only really beautiful, but also handling the uncomfortable situation very gracefully.
@cuteon9759 10 aylar önce
@nvmffs 10 aylar önce
I don't find her beautiful but she seemed kind
@unrequin4805 10 aylar önce
@@nvmffs she’s very attractive are you sure?
@majdmerghad764 10 aylar önce
Is everyone here male?
@weskingston264 10 aylar önce
I feel genuinely awful about this, but I don't think I could handle being with someone who sleeps with their eyes open. I know it's not his fault, but it would freak me out. Maybe if we slept in separate rooms... 😂
@YounesLayachi 10 aylar önce
Yes you cracked the code. For your own sake don't sleep in same room or worse, same bed as anyone else. Better quality sleep, better life
@perhaps1131 9 aylar önce
Honestly I don’t think I could either, they would have to be the little spoon for me to even consider sleeping in the same bed
@malihaider2669 8 aylar önce
no the main focus is the laugh holy god
@zerozone3968 7 aylar önce
Simple solution is just get one of those blindfolds people use to sleep. You would never know
@estrela4035 4 aylar önce
He was out of mana but still managed to trap the cop in mud, what a champ!
@iv689 10 aylar önce
Jokes aside. I think the wizard didn't get so affected by the mud because he is not wearing anything heavy and is constantly moving his feet getting them out the mud. The cops on the other hand have so much equipment they are basically a breathing truck, and when they are sinking they just don't move and let it happen, leaving all the mud over their feet.
@Zaxares 2 aylar önce
It also looked like he was wearing traditional cloth shoes/wraps on his feet, which while they do a much poorer job of keeping your feet dry, are actually much better at preventing you from getting stuck in mud because the fabric is porous and so air can rush in to fill the void left by your feet. The reason why boots and other solid surfaces become trapped in mud is because the combination of surface tension of the water and mud makes it so air can't move in to break the seal between the footwear and the mud and so the two surfaces remain locked together.
@atlasprime6193 6 aylar önce
The closest “YOU. SHALL NOT. PAAASSSS!!!” in real life we’re ever going to get.
@maradupras7278 10 aylar önce
love the way he says "the wizard" like the presence of a wizard in this situation is normal and accepted
@nighthawkgaming2953 10 aylar önce
Hello there
@linagreenlyfe6705 10 aylar önce
Why wouldn't it be?
@zezaoencanador9221 10 aylar önce
he's the chosen one
@ziadnafiz3022 10 aylar önce
muggles are sooooo sighhhhhh
@ArthurLehmann 10 aylar önce
Now I wanna be a Wizard too
@N-N_Collectables 10 aylar önce
If you ever see someone doing a strange dance while leaving a shop, you know why 😂
@sepkyyz7259 10 aylar önce
I love how in the first part of the clip, the wizard just watches them suffer and in the other he attacks them, both knowing that the police basically cant do shit
@onlymyrailgununknown2960 5 aylar önce
My fathers friend works for the police. Guy works in such demos. I am so sorry for him to do this. In this video the wizard almost break the foot of the police. Good work to everyone cheering at this wizard.
@ivansmathew9998 10 aylar önce
As an Indian,I can assure everyone that we are maybe creepy to you but we love you at the same time.
@dogwater6793 10 aylar önce
yes make it more creepy by loving random people.
@MrXTakato 10 aylar önce
@desktopgt4672 10 aylar önce
It's only creepy in ur head, not in ur heart 💕
@bubblebass9992 10 aylar önce
@Anish-Kumar-Verma 10 aylar önce
bro thats a rare pokemon :p
@JonHuhnMedical 8 aylar önce
I love to see fathers with their babies. Many societal ills would clear up if men hung around to take care of the tiny humans they helped make.
@spaghettiprincesa 10 aylar önce
When grandma said “you quit that” I couldn’t help but smile. That’s so freakin cute 😂
@trevor_4456 10 aylar önce
Same here
@cosudu3002 10 aylar önce
@kizmas I use to ask my grandma to take her teeth out and say the word, "thistle" - cracked me up every time.
@sarcasticgrumps5247 10 aylar önce
I like your comment
@nolansoutdoors3688 9 aylar önce
It's been so long since I've heard "Hello everyone this is your daily dose of internet", and it still sounds amazing.
@djpiercy1235 10 aylar önce
When I was at the world scout jamboree, I had a similar story. I'm *extremely* pale (not albino, but approaching that territory), and several scout troops with darker skin were fascinated by it. One group was particularly interested in how if they pressed down on the sunburnt parts, it would turn white for a few seconds.
@essentialys6200 8 aylar önce
If anyone was wonder how the wizard was not being affected, it’s because he kept on moving his feet. You won’t sink enough to get stuck if you move around.
@peetythefly1 10 aylar önce
These videos are wonderful. Thank you for continuing to show us the wonder of this world.
@jadajanolo6267 Aylar önce
I don’t know which one is more funny 😂 the woman’s laugh or the fact that her husband sleeps with his eyes open😂😂😂😂😂😂
@ScoundrelSFB 10 aylar önce
The seriousness of that grandmother's "You quit that!" Gave me more joy than anticipated
@halfdecent6069 10 aylar önce
ok cool
@SenkaBandit 10 aylar önce
Made me lmao
@DrummerJacob 10 aylar önce
The only way you can anticipate having joy over that clip is if you knew the clip and you knew it was in the video. Your comment makes no sense.
@butyoudidnt4387 10 aylar önce
@@DrummerJacob thanks detective.
@phillhuddleston9445 9 aylar önce
I love the babies reaction to the father mimicking her!
@TJ-wu8jk 10 aylar önce
The canadian troops part was so so funny you gotta appreciate the humor
@sweetpotato469 6 aylar önce
I honestly feel bad for the policeman, not so much the fall, but the fact his foot was stuck, so when he got pushed, you can hear the muffled scream from his ankle possible getting strained/detached momentarily... it looked painful!
@samuelbarrett5701 10 aylar önce
The police should have considered using long range attacks, but then again his power already seems too great to even comprehend.
@MentallyUnstableeee 6 aylar önce
I honestly feel bad for the police in the first one because they are just trying to do their job
@jpg-mw1vc 10 aylar önce
The police struggling to stand on the mud, while the mud wizard just effortlessly stands there while looking down on the police, is the most powerful thing ever
@user-sx4qu4dz9z 10 aylar önce
His robe dramatically blowing in the wind tops it off
@Roonasaur 10 aylar önce
No, watch again. The wizard was doing a proper mud dance. NOT standing still.
@Briselance 10 aylar önce
Well, his monk robe is much lighter than the riot gear the LEOs were wearing. And he might have been much lighter, by himself.
@hafirenggayuda 10 aylar önce
Tbf, that wizard also seems taller and stronger than the polices. Probably have some high str point
@stonewalljak3869 10 aylar önce
some serious alpha energy
@mscoot629 10 aylar önce
That protest was in Germany and some of my friends went there. They had pretty funny story’s about the police. For example the police were firing water on the protesters, but there was a strong wind which made the water fly back in the direction where it came from so the police were actually the only ones getting wet. Pretty funny
@1337Shockwav3 5 aylar önce
They also like to do that with pepper spray ... that's how often large numbers of cops get "injured" at otherwise peaceful protests.
@WildfirePlays Aylar önce
Bro I was laughing more at the Wife's laugh then the husband sleeping with their eyes open xD
@jackkjac5430 10 aylar önce
Imagine the shop keepers watching you do a weird dance when leaving the store after stealing something
@glashoppah 5 aylar önce
That wizard is the hero we deserve.
@TheInvisibleCactusYT 10 aylar önce
Random acts of kindness like that guy helping that woman to not lose her phone are what always make my day
@InternetWeb 10 aylar önce
I post videos like daily dose of internet as well!
@ThisGuyDannyyy 10 aylar önce
These bots are so insane. All they do is spam comments
@baderhh9928 10 aylar önce
@TheInvisibleCactusYT 10 aylar önce
@@baderhh9928 thanks for the correction
@bantehayes9973 10 aylar önce
Yeh me too
@dr.emilschaffhausen4683 10 aylar önce
Clearly the wizard had decades of experience standing in and maneuvering in mud.
@meanone4886 9 aylar önce
Imagine having months or even years of training as a police to get stopped by mud
@thoseoneguys8100 Aylar önce
Not sure which one scared me more the sleeping with his eyes open guy or the laugh that the girl had😂
@tondriasanders6306 10 aylar önce
They baby’s face when her daddy started yelling 😂 She didn’t know what to think! And the dog nose at the end, that got me!
@danfletcher3255 8 aylar önce
Imagine your whole pride being demolished by some man in a wizard coat standing in the mud while your failing at it.
@theone4821 10 aylar önce
The wizard's "pushing people to the ground" is one of his most powerful spells.
@wwusirius 10 aylar önce
It's rare that a wizard beats the strength check of a fighter though.
@templerunholy1346 10 aylar önce
@@wwusirius thats because its a monk not a wizard
@maltheri9833 10 aylar önce
@@templerunholy1346 Had us fooled the whole time
@achield3613 10 aylar önce
the greatest spell: GUN
@Catflers 10 aylar önce
@@wwusirius But you see, the mud also made it a Dexterity check for the fighter!
@exenzer6007 10 aylar önce
Daily dose, I hope you’re doing well and enjoying life rn. I hope you know that you’re an irreplaceable figure in the internet and loved by many. Take care!
@skyphantomgaming357 9 aylar önce
That is not a wizard that is a grand sorcerer, I've never seen someone that was able to apprehend such power
@le_skzafim 5 aylar önce
The way the wizard pushed the police 😂
@Soup-Can 9 aylar önce
Man, I can’t STAND when wizards do that.
@EmeraldBoi 6 aylar önce
I loved the last one with the dog 😂
@TheTuttle99 10 aylar önce
I really like how genuine the waiter with the glasses asked the guy if they were good. Man was so concerned, bless him.
@TucsonDude 10 aylar önce
Hopefully, the restaurant disinfects them after each use.
@freeman4755 10 aylar önce
@@TucsonDude just throw them in the dishwasher after 😂
@joylynch5204 10 aylar önce
The menus are touched all day long. I used to work in a restaurant and we only occasionally cleaned them if they looked grody.
@TucsonDude 10 aylar önce
@@freeman4755 lol
@thelargesttree 9 aylar önce
''And the mud had no affect on the wizard'' Well what did you expect, it's a *wizard*
@TraxtasyMedia 10 aylar önce
the wizard is a true icon for being RESISTANT against any elements.
@smolsheriff 6 aylar önce
The wizard definitely casted some difficult terrain spell for those cops
@MarioB-us6um 10 aylar önce
If I were the police I would have just laid there and accept my fate while laughing at the funny situation.
@kenneththorberg6914 5 aylar önce
"How to deal with Wizards and basic magics" are nowadays included in police education.
@sketchyskies8531 10 aylar önce
I can’t believe they had the audacity to challenge authority Have they never seen the powerful magic that wizards possess?
@Vault_tec10 10 aylar önce
Sadly not lol
@ThisGuyDannyyy 10 aylar önce
It’s called “Speedrun”
@MarieKyriney 10 aylar önce
Best thing is that this is a nature wizard, as this is literally a very real demonstration for stopping coal mining (and destroying a village) in germany! He knows his mud spells
@TheColorman 10 aylar önce
Love the fact that the protesters are squatters in a village set to be demolished to make way for the expansion of a brown coal mine, one of the most harmful types of coals out there.
@supershadow102007 8 aylar önce
I love how the Diver just use his air to push the sea turtle up away from him it's like the opposite of Spraing your dog with water instead it's air lol
@uku4171 10 aylar önce
He is moving his feet quickly so that they don't sink in. The police can't because they have to hold the line. Magnificent.
@queenchaosyet 5 aylar önce
Ah yes, few can comprehend the power of the Mud Wizard
@pizza70123 10 aylar önce
Imagine thinking you could defeat a mud wizard by throwing away his spell book. Any respectable mud wizard also specs into strength
@shibaeditinghehe 7 aylar önce
We need to show this to those who think Modern Day Armies can beat Medieval Armies💀
@connorokeefe1229 10 aylar önce
Her laugh was more terrifying than his eyes being open
@Belgian_Mapper 10 aylar önce
That's what I thought.
@ThisGuyDannyyy 10 aylar önce
Bro these bots are so nasty
@yusufcanbaz8194 10 aylar önce
So many bots!
@KryptoKn8 10 aylar önce
@@ThisGuyDannyyy yeah but hey, at least youtube gets their money from the advertisers right? Screw the content creators and screw the viewers
@twdjt6245 10 aylar önce
True love
@hadramcoltzau6135 10 aylar önce
That wizard had some serious courage to shove an officer of the law like that.
@baku1990XD 10 aylar önce
Its germany the police dont shot Peopel. It wouldnt be like that in any other country, when it was in America he hat to protekt Himself with an anti Bullet spell 😆 🤣
@businessman7991 8 aylar önce
Just imagine in your house knowing your country isn’t in a war and all of a sudden half your house is gone due to an artillery shell
@nihan7145 8 aylar önce
The crying kid got so scared when his dad started acting like him
@justjane805 10 aylar önce
Thank you. I followed up the clip about the police in the mud by using your link to see the original. I laughed until I cried. Thanks so much for including the links in your description. I really appreciate it.
@master_ninja_gear4574 6 aylar önce
The wizards power is to not miss leg day.
@greatguru003 10 aylar önce
That feeling of getting 2nd hand embarrassment and cringe from watching my people treating foreigners this way never gets old 😭
@itisknown5256 10 aylar önce
So much that i would drop dead if i was personally witnessing it .
@Amanjhaj 10 aylar önce
Colonial mind-set
@alainarchambault2331 10 aylar önce
Understood, but I suppose it's because they seldom see white folks where they are living. You, I assume, on the other hand, are used to being around white folks. I went to Cavite City in the Philippines once a long time ago. Loved the place, but I couldn't help noticing that I was the only white guy there. Made me feel like I stuck out in a crowd.
@evilsharkey8954 10 aylar önce
It could be worse. Hirsute European and North American men have reported getting their arm hair petted and pulled by strangers in Japan without asking.
@Chibbykins 10 aylar önce
don't feel too bad. as long as nobody acts disrespectful it's not a big deal. I'm black and this happened to me all the time when I was studying in China. including people pulling my braids without asking lol
@zillion914 9 aylar önce
I don’t think people understand how heavy the police armour is. The wizard wouldn’t even move if he was in one of those and it would probably break his bones just by using it.
@youraveragejoe- 10 aylar önce
This one was amazing!! Best one yet. Had me laughing so loudly
@d4darwin458 5 aylar önce
This took "you shall not pass" to a whole different level
@snooxe8063 10 aylar önce
Fun fact: that wizard is actually Dwight Schrute's 3rd cousin once removed
@TheMangoDeluxe 6 aylar önce
Can confirm I went to Jaipur and a literal busload of Indian tourists parked up and came to take pictures with me. Their tour guide kept saying 'Prince William' and they were all very polite.
@EXMachina. 10 aylar önce
1:55 The way how grandma responds so serious on a baby made me cry out loud.
@spaztinazer 10 aylar önce
If it can crawl, it can brawl.
@UH-60_BlackHawk 10 aylar önce
@DontReadMyProfilePicture.2 hell no
@Phasma. 9 aylar önce
That man gets to walk away knowing he’s just done a good deed to that woman. It’s the little things in life that can matter the most.
@BobbyTucker 10 aylar önce
I went back and watched it a second time, it was that good! Thanks again, for the thousandth time, for all you do to compile these videos to share with all of us.
@erdbeerzwiebel3404 10 aylar önce
In the full version you can see him refresh the mud spell in between because the will power of the horde of police was too strong. In the end though, despite the low physical attack attributes of the old wizard, he broke them mentally and could finish them with ease.
@charlescalvin8519 2 aylar önce
I don’t know whats more funny, the fact that no police decided to crawl or that there is just a random wizard
@touchmoregrass 10 aylar önce
The look on the girl's face when being surrounded by people wanting to take pictures with her says it all. "I'm never going back here"
@moofy69 10 aylar önce
It's a really dangerous place to be
@parlamedia 10 aylar önce
Yeah it's actually a dangerous situation for her if it turns in to a mob. They can act like wild animals at times.
@PG-20 10 aylar önce
As an Indian, I advise anyone who is going to visit there to stay in the safe cities. Kolkata, Pune, and Chennai are such safe cities. Edit: Not Goa, it's a tourist trap.
@DansuB4nsu03 10 aylar önce
@@parlamedia Lesson learned: Don't underestimate India or really any countries/cities. Do thorough research and learn the place's special things to pay attention to before traveling there, as well as try to find someone who knows the place you're at and who you can trust beforehand and try your best to avoid the slums or poorer areas as much as you can, because your chances of being robbed or becoming a victim of violence or fraud are higher there, especially since some people can spot vulnerable people in a crowd exceptionally well due to their street smarts. I mean, if people attempted to scam me on the streets multiple times in a relatively small city in a Northern European country I live, imagine how much worse things are in other places around the world. Use your brain, do your research and stay safe.
@beastwarsFTW 10 aylar önce
I think that wasn't a wizard but actually a druid, explains his power over mud.
@SaltStorm007 10 aylar önce
Duh...EVERYONE recognizes a Mud Wizard when they see one😂ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS that he pushed him over and they could do nothing.
@notrealpang5925 8 aylar önce
To be honest The wizard probably has no heavy things on him but instead only a book but while an Swat or police officers have armor which they have an heavy things they have thats why they easily gets stuck than the wizard Love ur videos! :D
@mahanthvgowda9256 10 aylar önce
The baby's reaction was priceless
@Gary-lg4ml 8 aylar önce
the wizard probably was lighter than the police with heavy armor and clothes, or maybe he is a true wizard
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