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MeditationRelaxClub - Sleep Music & Mindfulness

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🎶 Daily yoga is good for you! And with the right music it's even better: try this relaxing new age songs for your next practice, and enjoy it even more.

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⚛️ Meditation Relax Club is not only a free relaxing music provider on TRshow, but is also a world wide music label, mother of hundreds of top selling albums across countless nations, which can boast a proud catalog capable of satisfying the musical needs of the most avid and demanding New Age enthusiasts. We have a wide selection of songs for relaxation, deep meditation, yoga exercises, study and concentration, restful sleep and dreams, music to de-stress, healing music and much more. More TRshow channels have stemmed from the main one, discover our network now:

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Some of our best videos are for:

► Classical and Holiday Music ◄
When that time of the year comes, Meditation Relax Club provides traditional music, celtic music, piano songs, classical and non-classical folk music to enlighten the listener’s holiday moments. May it be Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Easter or other calendar holidays, here you will always find the best instrumental music soundtrack to create the perfect atmosphere, chill out and release your stress.

► Healing & Reiki ◄
Positive meditation music is available online on our channel to help you reach positive thinking and affirmation. Spiritual healing music and reiki meditation music are mixed with uplifting melodies and celestial sounds for mind balance and zen vibrations, to take you to a higher level of consciousness; chakra music is also very popular here on Meditation Relax Club, for mind-body balance, center your crystals and heal the broken chakras with deep meditation.

► Yoga Exercises Music and Pilates Relaxation ◄
Here at Meditation Relax Club we create yoga and pilates songs with the help of experts from these disciplines. Some tunes are conceived for yoga practice, pilates stretching, help the natural breathing and cool down exercises. Our music is optimized also for sun salutation practice and yoga nidra for sleep. This music is influenced by indian tunes, using asian instruments like bamboo indian flute, sitar and chinese music with guzheng and harp.

Prosper - Affirmation Meditation Music
Prosper - Affirmation Meditation Music Aylar önce
such a great way to practice daily yoga and relax
Zen attitude - musique relaxante pour dormir
Zen attitude - musique relaxante pour dormir Aylar önce
Merci pour se moment de détente ............
Natasha P
Natasha P Aylar önce
Beautiful as always ❤
The Instrumental Man
The Instrumental Man Aylar önce
It is really hard to be like MEDITATION RELAX CLUB
Justin Peters
Justin Peters Aylar önce
@The Instrumental Man I’m doing pretty good
The Instrumental Man
The Instrumental Man Aylar önce
@Justin Peters i am well, working and creating videos for my channel. HOW 'BOUT YOU???
Justin Peters
Justin Peters Aylar önce
@The Instrumental Man hello how are you?
The Instrumental Man
The Instrumental Man Aylar önce
Friends this video is awesome, i think this video reflects me my channel in the same niche
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