Factor_ Review | HONEST Pros & Cons of this low carb meal delivery service

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Miss Sarah E K

9 aylar önce

My HONEST thoughts on Factor_ (Factor 75) meal delivery service. Is it worth the price tag?

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0:00 - Intro
0:55 - What is Factor_?
1:33 - Plans & Pricing
2:17 - Delivery
3:23 - Nutrition & Health
5:41 - Food Quality & Taste
8:35 - Final Verdict

Christina P
Christina P 12 gün önce
Omg I LOVE your kitchen!!!!
Homer Munoz
Homer Munoz 14 gün önce
Thanks for the in depth review. We've already received 6 meals and I agree 100% with you.
Miss Sarah E K
Miss Sarah E K 13 gün önce
Glad you can relate!
Megan Torres
Megan Torres 20 gün önce
tell the truth, the food is good if your time cost more to cook then get this food rt
VSSA GLEE CLUB 21 gün önce
By far the best diet is the Agoge diet because it works great and is easy to adhere to. Keto is simply unhealthy and hard to follow.
Rita Hernandez
Rita Hernandez 27 gün önce
The ones I’ve tried are delicious! I’m keto but do care about calories so I like the comment below that says she splits them in two and adds more veggies…great idea!
David Peterson
David Peterson Aylar önce
Please talk slower.
Kerisha Bignal
Kerisha Bignal Aylar önce
Too much oil! It felt as though the oil took hAlf of the calories as the portion were small with high calories like you said. My chest was hurting after eating 2 of their meals. Definitely Keto friendly though
Carol Johnson
Carol Johnson Aylar önce
Too high calories, they look nasty some of the servings some of the meals and not appetizing at all. There's like green beans and every meal that I picked. I would not recommend this at all and if it wasn't for the fact that I got it for free I would ask for my money back. I still have two meals in the freezer, yes I froze them because I wasn't going to eat them right now, they're like 800 calories. There's no way I'm eating 800 calories in one meal.
Blah Blah
Blah Blah Aylar önce
4:55 900 mg of sodium?
That Guy!
That Guy! 2 aylar önce
What’s a better priced meal prep company that you would recommend?
Miss Sarah E K
Miss Sarah E K 2 aylar önce
Mosaic and Everytable are good options if you are in their delivery areas!
Cristian Gomez
Cristian Gomez 2 aylar önce
One of my favorite companies would have to be megafit meals one of my favorite meals are pomegranate pesto Pizza, jalapeno burger and the salmon and yams
K, U aren’t a KILLA
K, U aren’t a KILLA 2 aylar önce
Man just cook using fresh ingredients. Frozen food is crap
Phoenix Armijo
Phoenix Armijo 2 aylar önce
How fresh are they if they are sent from Chicago or Are the Meals made in our own city or state ?
jesus4ever Jesus4ever
jesus4ever Jesus4ever 2 aylar önce
Can this help me to lose weight?
Marcus Duff
Marcus Duff 2 aylar önce
Which of these pre cooked meal services is best for type 2 diabetics? Thanks
Erica Hutchings
Erica Hutchings Aylar önce
BistroMD has a specific plan for diabetics. The meals are frozen.
Keyser The Red Beard
Keyser The Red Beard 2 aylar önce
extremely good content Miss Sarah E K. I broke that thumbs up on your video. Always keep up the superior work.
Miss Sarah E K
Miss Sarah E K 2 aylar önce
Thank you! So glad you liked it 😊
Lula Williams
Lula Williams 2 aylar önce
The food taste great but the net carbs are really high for my keto lifestyle.
Brenden Nichols
Brenden Nichols 2 aylar önce
I became intrigued by Factor because I'm physically disabled, can't prepare my own meals (as of now), and don't have any way to have groceries delivered to me - so this was a convenient way of getting some decent meals into my home without having to go and get them myself. Your critique on the quality and flavor of the food is promising. I've made my first order of six meals, and I'm looking forward to seeing how they all turn out.
Miss Sarah E K
Miss Sarah E K 2 aylar önce
@Brenden Nichols glad to hear you enjoyed them!
Brenden Nichols
Brenden Nichols 2 aylar önce
@Miss Sarah E K My package of six meals arrived earlier today. I first tried the Middle Eastern spiced beef with cauliflower couscous and a yogurt-tahini sauce. It was even better than I anticipated it would be, and it was also quite filling. I really like that the meals are higher in calories. I'm satisfied with the meal and plan to order more in the future when I have the money.
Miss Sarah E K
Miss Sarah E K 2 aylar önce
Hey Brenden! I hope you enjoy the meals 😊. It sounds like it could be a good fit for what you need.
Pvt. Pepe
Pvt. Pepe 3 aylar önce
Why do you put an A in front of every other word?
Miss Sarah E K
Miss Sarah E K 3 aylar önce
Beverly Hills LIVE
Beverly Hills LIVE 3 aylar önce
MANY BAD EXPERIENCES: I've had delivery problems and so have the people I referred. I have also received meals that I DID NOT ORDER. Thank God I took screenshots of my orders to prove to customer service that I did not order the meals that were delivered to me. Two of the dishes I would never order. All 4 meals I received were meals I did NOT order. One time they sent me 4 of the same exact meals. Again, I would NEVER order 4 of the same exact meals. My referrals have had their own set of problems with Factor 75. Most of their meals do taste good but they are ALL extremely high in SALT.
Morgan Simmons
Morgan Simmons 3 aylar önce
You need more salt on keto.
JL StudioPro
JL StudioPro 3 aylar önce
Bro what!!! $11 a meal?! Who do they think I am, Chelsea Clinton??
onthe downside
onthe downside 2 aylar önce
It was like 7-8 per meal for me,I got the 6 meal per week plan.
Wanda R
Wanda R 3 aylar önce
Get a coupon it be about 8 per meal
2 P's and a B
2 P's and a B 3 aylar önce
A E 3 aylar önce
Wanting to be able to see and read the ingredients, etc, is not nitpicky. Good comment. I would suggest that you speak a little slower or with more enunciation. It was hard to understand you all the time.
Miss Sarah E K
Miss Sarah E K 3 aylar önce
Thanks for your feedback and for watching!
Lisa Fakes
Lisa Fakes 3 aylar önce
We’re going to be going through a remodel in a few months and are looking for healthy meals we don’t have to cook. Would this be your top choice? Or is something else better? Price not an issue
Miss Sarah E K
Miss Sarah E K 3 aylar önce
Factor is a great option! The meals all tasted great. I also like Freshly. Daily harvest and splendid spoon are both good options if you want healthy plant based meals, although their portion sizes are smaller.
Marissa Braden
Marissa Braden 3 aylar önce
How often do they change their menu? I get bored quickly!
imreallytired 3 aylar önce
You seem very Huggable lol nice review btw!
Tripp Swank
Tripp Swank 3 aylar önce
You people are crazy... a little pricey? a lot pricey.
2 P's and a B
2 P's and a B 3 aylar önce
T M 4 aylar önce
She so fine
Sandra Glover
Sandra Glover 4 aylar önce
Slow down honey. My brain can't keep up with your talking. But, seriously thinking about ordering.
Eva Ramirez
Eva Ramirez 3 aylar önce
Joy Williams
Joy Williams 4 aylar önce
My health has improved and I now have energy. I'm no longer prediabetic. The meals have tons of fat and salt. I have 2 wk around that.
Joy Williams
Joy Williams 4 aylar önce
I use Factor because I live in a food desert. Also, the restaurants near me is mostly unhealthy. Factor is cheaper than grub hub and it tastes great. I spit the keto dinners in two and add more veggies to each meal.
Catherine Tingalan
Catherine Tingalan 23 gün önce
Stay away from keto, that shit can kill you... It is only meant to be done under doctor supervision. If you want something that works and isn't dangerous, I recommend the Agoge diet plan.. worked great for me :)
Catherine Tingalan
Catherine Tingalan 23 gün önce
The Agoge diet works great and you feel good, contrary to the keto diet. Keto isn't supposed to be adhered to by healthy people and without medical supervision.
Rita Hernandez
Rita Hernandez 27 gün önce
Good idea!
Kevin Powers
Kevin Powers 29 gün önce
It's fucking disgusting. The literally the worst TV dinner I've ever eaten.
Naima RestoringDivinity
Naima RestoringDivinity Aylar önce
During covid at the height of quarantine factor was delivered 1x a week for free in OC and they were delicious! It was too much to consume but spot on with flavor and portion. I couldn’t read anything neither could my mom nor my grandma.
Burak Askin
Burak Askin 4 aylar önce
Miss Her
Miss Her 4 aylar önce
Keto is high fat low carb you are going on and on about the fat but thats what keto is
Blushing Angels Whimsy
Blushing Angels Whimsy 4 aylar önce
Thank you so much for all of your reviews! Would it be possible for you to add the shipping carrier information, i.e., UPS, FedEx, etc., w/each of the meal companies? Appreciate your consideration and love all of the info you provide!
Miss Sarah E K
Miss Sarah E K 4 aylar önce
Thanks for the feedback! I’ll definitely try to include that in the future 😊
Robin Martin
Robin Martin 4 aylar önce
Can you freeze the meals?
DIY Y'all
DIY Y'all 5 aylar önce
This was an excellent review. Thank you.
Miss Sarah E K
Miss Sarah E K 5 aylar önce
Thanks! Glad you found it helpful 😊
Herlinda Pena Garcia
Herlinda Pena Garcia 5 aylar önce
Your observations were pretty good. I order the day before watching your video so looking forward to receiving my box. Thx
Maine 17 gün önce
So how was it?
Muffin Man
Muffin Man 5 aylar önce
I did Hello fresh this week - not impressed. I got freshly next week.
Nete Maile
Nete Maile 6 aylar önce
All nutritional facts are on the app as well in which you will see as well as can double back if case you forget what was in your meal .
Dana Spetrini
Dana Spetrini 6 aylar önce
If you're on a 1200 calorie diet trying to loose weight you need the "snack" 300-400 calories though. My least favorite thing about any of these services. I tend to cut each meal in half.
Boytim Bunch
Boytim Bunch 3 aylar önce
And then say that my personal experience which has been staying around 1200 calories or less for a LONG time has resulted in no weight loss, extreme fatigue and muscular loss. I am grateful to have found the Eat More 2 Weigh Less site and have upped my calories significantly. I am feeling better and finally losing some weight. I actually have energy. Still working on the foggy brain but I’m a work in progress while still imperfect 😊
Alaya Samadhi
Alaya Samadhi 3 aylar önce
@Boytim Bunch If you are shorter and only wanting to do light exercise 1200 calories for weight loss is fine. But after that about 1400-1500 is needed for maintenance.
Boytim Bunch
Boytim Bunch 3 aylar önce
@Dana Spetrini you should do a quick search on “repair your metabolism” and see the number of people that have realized that the 1200 calorie lie is hurting them. Or check out Kiki and Eat More 2 Weigh Less
Dana Spetrini
Dana Spetrini 3 aylar önce
@Boytim Bunch Burn more eat less.
Boytim Bunch
Boytim Bunch 3 aylar önce
Most folks on a 1200 calorie diet are damaging their metabolism. You may lose weight at first but it’ll get harder and harder as your metabolism downshifts to burn only 1200.... You should check this to see what your TDEE (total daily energy expenditure) truly is. BMR is what you need to burn just laying in bed. You need to be eating at TDEE to actual function and lose weight eatmore2weighless.com/weight-loss-calculator/
Richard E
Richard E 6 aylar önce
It's a keto thing. Creams, olive oil, etc. added for flavor and fat content. Seems like a perfect fit for Keto and/or Paleo.
Rocky Mountain Resale
Rocky Mountain Resale 6 aylar önce
Always love an honest review.
Miss Sarah E K
Miss Sarah E K 6 aylar önce
Thanks Greg!
Olivia Gabriel
Olivia Gabriel 6 aylar önce
Why do box liner. Thick like, Sheep cotton. Worried. About proper disposal. And Effect on Mother Earth Land Field.
Dark Days
Dark Days 6 aylar önce
Calories are good with keto. Carbs are bad.
Ro Ro
Ro Ro 6 aylar önce
I just tried it. Very good tasting, just very pricey.
Miss Sarah E K
Miss Sarah E K 6 aylar önce
Totally agree!
DeviantMotives 6 aylar önce
Great vid
Miss Sarah E K
Miss Sarah E K 6 aylar önce
Thanks for watching!
Falcon Typo
Falcon Typo 7 aylar önce
OMG, if you can go to a grocery store, you are an idiot for buying into these services.
Stephanie Siebold
Stephanie Siebold 7 aylar önce
Your intro chime made me think I had an eBay sale lol good review! Definitely helps.
Miss Sarah E K
Miss Sarah E K 7 aylar önce
Hah - I’ve heard that before but never realized it was the same sound 🙃. And glad it was helpful!
Susan B
Susan B 7 aylar önce
51 gram of carbs is not keto or paleo
Bobbie D.
Bobbie D. Aylar önce
@CompletelyCurtiaa you are only allowed 20 net carbs in a day…
Evelyn Q
Evelyn Q 6 aylar önce
@CompletelyCurtiaa neither is keto
CompletelyCurtiaa 6 aylar önce
In a day or in every meal
Miss Sarah E K
Miss Sarah E K 7 aylar önce
Interesting! I don’t track carbs or follow Keto/Paleo, so good to know!
Michael Foley
Michael Foley 7 aylar önce
Decent review. I've been using factor for a few months now and after trying out a few other meal delivery services I'm genuinely impressed. Organic delicious keto meals in 2 minutes...yes.
Celeste Gibson
Celeste Gibson 4 aylar önce
Have they helped with weight loss? Or are you doing keto for health reasons? 🤔
Miss Sarah E K
Miss Sarah E K 7 aylar önce
Glad to hear you are enjoying it so far 😊
se7ensouls 8 aylar önce
How long did it take to deliver after they prepared the meals? My only worry is that the veggies may not be fresh. We usually don’t eat overnight veggies.
iMurakami 7 aylar önce
@se7ensouls How was the meal and veggies
Miss Sarah E K
Miss Sarah E K 8 aylar önce
Awesome I hope you like it!
se7ensouls 8 aylar önce
@Miss Sarah E K thanks for your quick response! My first order will arrive in two days, I will try and see how does the veggie taste.
Miss Sarah E K
Miss Sarah E K 8 aylar önce
I’m not actually sure how long in advance they are prepared before they are shipped/delivered, but I would guess a few days since shipping was about 2 days I believe.
Vilma Estrada
Vilma Estrada 8 aylar önce
Thanks for the review. I have been debating. I am trying to lose weight and the keto type meals will work for me. I only plan on doing the meal delivery service for about a month just to get me started. I pretty much do my own cooking at home. What is your channel about?
Miss Sarah E K
Miss Sarah E K 8 aylar önce
Glad it was helpful! I do a variety of product reviews on this channel - focused on popular products/services I see on Instagram/Facebook ads :)
Zandrick 8 aylar önce
What other meal delivery service do u recommend ?
2 P's and a B
2 P's and a B 3 aylar önce
@Miss Sarah E K daily harvest is awesome 👏
Zandrick 8 aylar önce
@Miss Sarah E K ik mostly looking for healthy balance meals
Miss Sarah E K
Miss Sarah E K 8 aylar önce
It depends on what you are looking for, but I also really like Daily Harvest, Freshly, and Splendid Spoon.
Nappy FPS
Nappy FPS 8 aylar önce
It’s a little pricey but you got to remember that you’re not cooking it and you don’t have to wash dishes lol which saves a lot of time out of your day
Brenden Nichols
Brenden Nichols 2 aylar önce
Plus, it's being delivered in insulated boxes so that it preserves the freshness of the meals. That is never going to be cheap. Lol
Miss Sarah E K
Miss Sarah E K 8 aylar önce
Very true!
Molly Golightly
Molly Golightly 8 aylar önce
I did a review on them too I totally agree with everything you said The salmon was incredible
Miss Sarah E K
Miss Sarah E K 8 aylar önce
Glad you could relate! And I would definitely order the salmon again 😊
Noël S
Noël S 8 aylar önce
Thanks for the thorough review. Just what I was looking for.
Miss Sarah E K
Miss Sarah E K 8 aylar önce
Thanks for watching! Glad it was helpful 😊
Tim Apple
Tim Apple 9 aylar önce
My first shipment comes today so was looking to see what people think - thanks for the great review I'm excited now
Tim Apple
Tim Apple 9 aylar önce
@Miss Sarah E K VERY impressed, exactly the kinda meals I was looking for (keto/easy). Ive only had the blacken Salmon w/ Gouda and Broc so far, but it was perrrrfect. Surprised that Salmon heated just fine in Microwave using their instructions. A+
Miss Sarah E K
Miss Sarah E K 9 aylar önce
I hope you enjoy the food!
Angie LupusLife Reviews
Angie LupusLife Reviews 9 aylar önce
Good information
Cedric Regamey
Cedric Regamey 9 aylar önce
I liked the video a lot! I've been trying to find for TRshow vid similar to yours that really teaches the topics in this video!Your explanation for sure is like the vids from Dr. Ethan! Dr's videos are for sure insightful and I actually learned a lot for my finals! He is a cool Doctor in Europe. Go see his YT out and give the med student a subscribe over here! ➡️ #DoctorEthanWellness
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