HIGHLIGHTS: Atlanta United FC vs. New England Revolution | May 31, 2023

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Major League Soccer

Major League Soccer

4 aylar önce

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Johnathan Patrick
Johnathan Patrick 4 aylar önce
What a match. I think both sides can agree that they fumbled 2 points tonight.
Kedar Ragbar
Kedar Ragbar 4 aylar önce
Yes ,But Atlanta Defence looked weak
Twinkie 4 aylar önce
the goalie let in two free goals
JC 4 aylar önce
This Atlanta goalie needs to pack his gloves and says bye bye to MLS. It's over for him.😢😅😂
Seahawks_rbetter 3 aylar önce
@JCne game doesn’t mean he’s bad he plays very good usually
Cheezit 4 aylar önce
An actual highlight the day of the game? More of this PLEASE
J 4 aylar önce
First set of MLS commentators that are actually entertaining and don’t make you want to turn your volume down
Bernie Dankers
Bernie Dankers 4 aylar önce
We need these commentators more often!
Sam I Am
Sam I Am 3 aylar önce
AAAAHHHHH! I had different commentators when it was live on fs1, these guys are something else!
NotSoLukky 4 aylar önce
I was there and the atmosphere in the supporters section was unmatched!!! I had so much fun and I can't wait to go back and sing and jump with those amazing people again!!! It was a fun games it just sucks that the refs sold so hard...
USA Super Soccer
USA Super Soccer 4 aylar önce
Carles Gil's goal after 21 seconds is the second-fastest goal in New England Revolution's MLS history after José Cancela (19 seconds) in June 2005.
Jordan Horne
Jordan Horne 4 aylar önce
The scream Taylor let out on the berry goal was why I like listening to him, dude is passionate about the game.
fallugaloog 4 aylar önce
This was the first MLS match I’ve ever watched, and it was a blast!
Lukas 4 aylar önce
Great goals, great game 👌🏼
FlorianEdits™ 4 aylar önce
Bad ref
James Tabe
James Tabe 4 aylar önce
Atlanta needs to play direct sometimes by going over the top to Giorgos. I watched him make 5+ runs in behind the defense and each time the midfielder on the ball made a sideways pass. Very frustrating for me and I'm sure it's even more so for him. Great atmosphere though. My first midweek game and I just might go back for a few more!!
BR225 4 aylar önce
Well, Guzan kept it close. Just not in a good way.
Dominic Ekezie
Dominic Ekezie 4 aylar önce
He needs to be benched
StahHungry 3 aylar önce
He’s the best keeper Atlanta has
BR225 3 aylar önce
@StahHungry Yeah... AND?
Alan Deans
Alan Deans 4 aylar önce
I'd never heard of Atlanta Utd until today but 9 years old and an average attendance of 47,000 is mightily impressive !
Marcus  Feitosa.
Marcus Feitosa. 4 aylar önce
Que jogão.
Kedar Ragbar
Kedar Ragbar 4 aylar önce
Awesome game . Perfect ,Entertaining .Goals . 😊
Shadow 4 aylar önce
I was here what a night the atmosphere and the comeback is insane
Lou Eduardo
Lou Eduardo 4 aylar önce
Last minute goals. Great attacking game by both sides, never give up till the end.
Peter Sterling
Peter Sterling 3 aylar önce
What an Incredible Game!!
Whit Waltman
Whit Waltman 4 aylar önce
The soccer gods giveth, and the soccer gods taketh away. Petrobeast probably saves Atlanta's second goal if not for the deflection. Carles's second goal was brilliant and earned the Revs a deserved draw. That's one of the very few times I've seen a team score three times where I'd say they sucked in front of goal--because Atlanta have only themselves to blame for not scoring three more.
Marc 4 aylar önce
Amazing game and great atmosphere
Sam I Am
Sam I Am 4 aylar önce
That’s a pure counter attacking match, could’ve easily lost. I’ll take the point, but need to get something @ City next week💙❤️💙
Reeddayeeter 4 aylar önce
What a banger goal
Cecep Dasa
Cecep Dasa 4 aylar önce
what a goal by miguel berry
Lukas van Alten
Lukas van Alten 2 aylar önce
as an european, i really like where the MLS is going. Offense looks already working well.. but man, defense need a whole lot of work same as gk...
David T
David T 4 aylar önce
Another great example of the difference between being able to play out of the back and being forced to play out of the back.
David M
David M 4 aylar önce
First ATL United game. I'm hooked. What fun!
Baron Geek
Baron Geek 4 aylar önce
Atlanta has such a good atmosphere! Sadly they tie because of terrible gk mistake
chamberlain wonder
chamberlain wonder 4 aylar önce
Atlanta looks like they needs that MLS cup as they are looking pretty great like nobody gonna beat them in play offs.
JT Smith 101
JT Smith 101 3 aylar önce
Great game, indeed Respect from 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
Sergio Villarroya
Sergio Villarroya 4 aylar önce
Espectacular match.
José 3 aylar önce
5:17 what a goal
Macho 4 aylar önce
Carles Gil is a special special player
Adam Bartlett
Adam Bartlett 4 aylar önce
One of the games of the season!
Liam Martin
Liam Martin 4 aylar önce
AwakenBeerus is a true master when it comes to predicting sports results!
messi_fan 4 aylar önce
I was at the game, and that has got to be one of the worst refs I've ever seen, in person or not. As an Atlanta fan, I was really pissed off. Atlanta should have won this game.
FlorianEdits™ 4 aylar önce
I know the refs were bad, very bad in my opinion
Stefano Martino
Stefano Martino 4 aylar önce
First of all Guzan shouldn't play in MLS anymore! the fault for this draw was not the bad refereeing, but the bad goalkeeper!
Paul Miller
Paul Miller 4 aylar önce
wow, really? What exactly do you have an issue with in as far as the officiating? I have seen MANY games this year that were FAR worse than this from an officiating perspective. So I really have to question what you issue with this game specifically is? I mean granted, it was a PRO ref in change of the game, so there is that going against it, but nothing over the top happened in favor of either team.
FlorianEdits™ 4 aylar önce
@Stefano Martino The yellow card to Giakoumakis bc a New England player dived:
noob_pro 3 aylar önce
@Paul Miller first of all, the ref was from florida, if i'm not mistaken. we only got 1 foul, and only ONE. why not put a ref that is actually from georgia? i see your point, but you have to understand that if you take a look at the actual game, you'll see most of the fouls New England got was not deserved.
Patricio Ortega
Patricio Ortega 4 aylar önce
un partidazo con goles de gran factura
Bernie Dankers
Bernie Dankers 4 aylar önce
This is my favorite match of the season by far
Erik V
Erik V 4 aylar önce
How the commentator really going to say in a hype matter "his first goal in over a year, 33 games without scoring"
Manon Sur Mugdho
Manon Sur Mugdho 4 aylar önce
Best game of the season 🤩
chamberlain wonder
chamberlain wonder 4 aylar önce
Men carlos hill is a player to watch, so sharp with the ball movement.
PataMuncher😈 4 aylar önce
Carles Gil*
Thomao 4 aylar önce
Match of the year nominee. Twellman doing his best (or worst) Joe Rogan?😂😂😂
MKGaming By Munish
MKGaming By Munish 2 aylar önce
Almada to Newcastle would be amazing!!!
Cecep Dasa
Cecep Dasa 4 aylar önce
all mls soccer stadiums are wonderful
eddie heal
eddie heal 4 aylar önce
That is why it's the 'beautiful game's back here in the U.K
LukeTheSquid 4 aylar önce
Even thought the game was a draw here are some cool things about it.Goal Fest: A 3-3 game suggests that both teams were in attacking mode and created numerous scoring opportunities. This kind of match tends to be full of goals, providing an entertaining spectacle for fans. The continuous back-and-forth nature of the game keeps the excitement levels high as the scoreline constantly changes. Skillful Plays: In order to score three goals, both teams likely displayed impressive skill and creativity. It's exciting to witness players dribbling past defenders, executing precise passes, and showcasing their shooting abilities. A 3-3 game often highlights the individual and collective talents of the players involved. Dramatic Comebacks: With multiple goals being scored by both teams, there's a good chance that the match had some thrilling comebacks. Seeing a team fight back from a deficit or witnessing a late equalizer can be incredibly dramatic and memorable. These moments of resilience and determination add to the overall excitement of the game. Competitive Spirit: A 3-3 game typically signifies that both teams were evenly matched and determined to secure the victory. The competitive nature of the match can lead to intense battles on the field, with players giving their all to gain the upper hand. This level of competitiveness often translates into an engaging and captivating viewing experience. Overall, a 3-3 soccer game can be considered cool due to the high number of goals, the display of skillful plays, the potential for dramatic comebacks, and the competitive spirit exhibited by both teams. It's these elements that make such matches enjoyable and memorable for fans of the sport.
Nick 4 aylar önce
AI generated
LukeTheSquid 4 aylar önce
@Nick wait how did you know LOL
Francisco Rosário
Francisco Rosário 4 aylar önce
What A GAME!!!!
Seahawks_rbetter 3 aylar önce
Obviously the highlights don’t show the bad ref calls but this game was terrible ref wise that’s why everyone was booing at the end
BTM 4 aylar önce
Guzan was one of my favorite goalkeepers and he was my idol but he was horrible today and he sold the match completely first goal he shouldve just booted it down the pitch and second goal was horrible positioning and he should punched the ball away and third goal was awful he should never be being beaten at his near post like that he just fell backwards and horrible reaction time and technique if they started Diop, Westburg or even their 2’s keeper this game would’ve been 3-0 horrible game from brad
Abel1513 4 aylar önce
Almada is Amazing brou
Northstar.Metaverse 4 aylar önce
Brad Guzan looks like he's at the end of his carrer. Atlanta United concedes more goals when hes on the field.
Jason Rennie
Jason Rennie 4 aylar önce
We need Kessler back.
Andrew 4 aylar önce
Another one with quite the storyline. And if you told us that we’d leave Atlanta with a point considering all the injuries, you’d take that. But there was much more to take out of this than that. The early goal was crucial to how the rest of this played out. Thank Miles Robinson for that horrendous back pass and Capi is there to pounce on it. My captain. The second was completely against the run of play. It probably could not have been more against the run of play in all honesty. Classic ball from Ema and Bobby is there. This game didn’t suit him but goals are keeping him in the XI big time. After that, what was coming to us came with a vengeance. Now they do include three of the luckiest goals any club has scored all year but what can you do. The most lethal 9 in MLS gets a pea roller on the six that only needs a toe poke. Almada gets a huge deflection, and Miguel Berry has never hit a ball that sweet in his life. Thankfully we have Gil, CARLESSS GILLL. Our captain bags the all important equalizer. Incredible. Individual performances are somewhat irrelevant in a match like this with the way we played. But some standouts are Farrell, Omar, and of course Capi. Andrew had his first start at RB in years and didn’t look too rusty whatsoever. He held an extremely tricky Etienne to practically nothing. And he also put that brilliant driven cross in at then end leading to Capi’s second. Omar put in an impressive shift in my opinion. He pretty much man marked Giakoumakis the entire match after only having about 180 minutes so far this season. And as mentioned before I would consider him the best 9 in the league. Very well done👏🏻. On the other hand Jozy coming on made no sense. He wasn’t particularly bad, just completely useless in a game like this. A hold up 9 in a park the bus game. What? Vrioni suited this from the start and maybe got two minutes. Was our only threat through the first 1/3 of the game against Chicago and that’s his reward. I mean come on. You can’t sit back with 0 attacking threat. You need an outlet or else you just get pelted and concede momentum. Momentum leads to everything in football. Vrioni has to play. This whole situation around him is getting extremely frustrating and overdone. You don’t bring in a 23-24 year old proven striker and change him into something else. He scored goal after goal in Austria by getting in behind and using his dribbling ability. That’s what he is and you knew that when you signed him. So play to his strengths. Yes, Adam Buksa’s spell at Lens hasn’t gone to plan and a return could be on the cards. But at the moment, he has left nearly a year ago and you need to move on. Vrioni is not Buksa part two, he’s Vrioni. Let him play his game. Anyway, take the point and run. Another tough one on the weekend. COME ON BOYS!!! GO REVS!!!!!!
Alex 4 aylar önce
Embarrassing. That’s what this was. We were lucky to get three goals when we didn’t show an inch of attacking desire the entire game. I get that Atlanta is a good attacking side, but we’re just as good, if not better in both attack and defense on a good day. It’s ridiculous that we parked the bus for the entire game and really deserved to lose. Gift of a point after that second half. Come on
Cody Hirsch
Cody Hirsch 4 aylar önce
i’m not reading all that but don’t put the fault of the early goal on miles. you’re clueless to even consider that the reason
Alex 4 aylar önce
@Cody Hirsch wdym lol. That was a terrible back pass. Yes Guzan should have knocked his laces through it instead of trying to make some cheaky pass but still
Cody Hirsch
Cody Hirsch 4 aylar önce
@Alex he doesn’t even need to boot it with a wide open outside back. passes in the back should never cross frame just say you’ve never played soccer
Alex 4 aylar önce
@Cody Hirsch first of all, please be respectful, that’s a bit rude. Second off, he lobbed a pass to the goalie. If he had rolled it back, never would have happened. That’s just a fact. In the end, it’s on both of them, and both teams played fairly poorly. The end
Ricardo C
Ricardo C 3 aylar önce
How in tf is Guzman still starting!? 🤬
Leonor Gutierrez
Leonor Gutierrez 4 aylar önce
Very good game
Augusto Cesar de Oliveira Viana
Augusto Cesar de Oliveira Viana 4 aylar önce
Almada it"s great player that fortes Joseph mar times
Macho 4 aylar önce
what a game
JAcct 4 aylar önce
One announcer roots for New England and the other roots for atlanta
KZRO7 4 aylar önce
because taylor twellman used to play for them
Macho 4 aylar önce
makes it entertaining
JAcct 4 aylar önce
I like the guy with the deep voice that screams he’s the best
Dawson Queen
Dawson Queen 3 aylar önce
We have to get a new keeper
Sanel T.    Live What You Love
Sanel T. Live What You Love 3 aylar önce
Go Atlanta
SMSRunner1 3 aylar önce
Guzan has been watching too much Brighton, he's no Jason Steele.
Birkinater11 4 aylar önce
Chris Jovi
Chris Jovi 4 aylar önce
What a game!?
Kosmo_Z 4 aylar önce
TURF???? thats gotta be so painful
my jung
my jung 4 aylar önce
What's wrong?? Guzan Terrible!!! Need investigation
Soccer Fan
Soccer Fan 4 aylar önce
wait they came out with highlights the day of the game???
24hrFootball 4 aylar önce
Taylor Twellman gotta chill lmao
Huseyin Bucek
Huseyin Bucek 4 aylar önce
Guzan are you goalkeeper? 😂
Ty Polson
Ty Polson 4 aylar önce
Brad plz retire after this season
Λdam 4 aylar önce
1st and 3rd goal were 100% his fault
Mel Broughton
Mel Broughton 4 aylar önce
@Λdamfacts. Even the second one I feel like his positioning was a little off and he was heavily favoring the far post
Raisin Brandt
Raisin Brandt 4 aylar önce
@Λdam100% agree
J 4 aylar önce
How and why do MLS stadiums have turf instead of grass? 😂😂 It’s the least they could do.😂 Ridiculous
Kedar Ragbar
Kedar Ragbar 4 aylar önce
At least its not the field Hockey turf
NotSoLukky 4 aylar önce
Because they are first and foremost football fields and they are most nfl teams are making the switch to turf
P. Witer'iha
P. Witer'iha 4 aylar önce
dude this league does not make sense. imagine if it had the refereeing standards and fields as europe. players would actually wanna play in mls.
Kedar Ragbar
Kedar Ragbar 4 aylar önce
@P. Witer'iha Dude unlike Europe . This league is at least not predictable . Which makes it exciting AND yes the stadiums are magnificent except for NYCFC . The crowds are excited by there home teams and great support .And they still have a way to go But Some of europe Elite leagues have some shitty refereeing .But in America the Game is big .
Injest101 4 aylar önce
Can a goalkeeper here comment how many of the New England goals were the Atlanta keepers fault?
Raisin Brandt
Raisin Brandt 4 aylar önce
the first goal on atlanta was both the passers fault and the keepers fault. the pass was in the air which made it a long touch, but then the keeper instead of chucking out, just passed it straight down the middle. I also think the last goal scored on atl is semi-keepers fault since he really read the ball completely wrong.
Injest101 4 aylar önce
@Raisin Brandt interesting. I am not a keeper but thought the second he should have stepped forward to punch it out.
Raisin Brandt
Raisin Brandt 4 aylar önce
@Injest101 yeah I think he definitely coulda punched it or caught it
Raisin Brandt
Raisin Brandt 4 aylar önce
it was mostly his positioning that he messed up on with the second goal
Lee Austin
Lee Austin 4 aylar önce
gutman is pap man...how do you have such a lazy right back, It is a wrong thing to have a wing back with no speed...wing backs have to be always fast......him and guzan must go
Tunç Öztürk
Tunç Öztürk 4 aylar önce
Most normal MLS game
ATTKtitan 4 aylar önce
Is that not a good thing?
Tunç Öztürk
Tunç Öztürk 4 aylar önce
@ATTKtitan no it is a good thing.
KS Outdoor Lighting
KS Outdoor Lighting 4 aylar önce
Ridiculous 😮
Siam S
Siam S 3 aylar önce
Guzan is trash. We need to drop him. There is no way you should be making a stupid pass + compound that with the fact that he got beat at his NEAR POST at the end? What the hell.
Kyle Hamm
Kyle Hamm 4 aylar önce
Horrible ref crew as usual in MLS
Leonardo L.M.
Leonardo L.M. 4 aylar önce
Atlanta United got robbed
ValkRBLX 4 aylar önce
The ref was horrendous
Loxxii 4 aylar önce
@BANGSOFinnaBlow I wanna see your reaction to this.
henry rivaldo jove yucra
henry rivaldo jove yucra 3 aylar önce
ese cesped es una desgracia
Lucas Doll
Lucas Doll 4 aylar önce
If you want to stay ahead of the game in the world of sports outcomes, AwakenBeerus is your go-to
Yashartheplayer 4 aylar önce
Ref sold i was there
Be offended somewhere else
Be offended somewhere else 4 aylar önce
6:43 lol
Andrea 4 aylar önce
JAJSJJSAKA será que así de exgerados suenan los relatores en español?
Alex Wilson
Alex Wilson 3 aylar önce
brad guzan i think its time to retire
Cairo 4 aylar önce
What a bad goalkeeper from the Atlanta United Fc team
Alem Duratovic
Alem Duratovic 3 aylar önce
Goalkeeping is a fucking joke 😭😭
Juan Plascencia
Juan Plascencia 4 aylar önce
Man im i been done watching Mls imma stick to european and uefa champions league football
Lue Thious
Lue Thious 4 aylar önce
Mateus Oliveira
Mateus Oliveira 3 aylar önce
Luiz araujo 🔴⚫️🔴⚫️👀
RAI PAULISTA 3 aylar önce
O novo contratado do flamengo
Augusto Cesar de Oliveira Viana
Augusto Cesar de Oliveira Viana 4 aylar önce
Thebtrgird goal of the Atlanta the people Just have to play tá oi CE cause the unbelievable Magic neve more Haim yatged other t hese ib the your Life oh my that crazy so much
ben allen
ben allen 4 aylar önce
Worst officiating I've ever seen in an MLS match. Should've been 5-2 Atlanta.
John McGimpsey
John McGimpsey 4 aylar önce
Huh? IMO, Vasquez had a good performance, as expected for a FIFA referee. His foul selection was consistent. He let play flow, including giving a couple of good advantages, He didn't bite on flops by Etienne Jr and Giakoumakis. Fouls were14-8, a ratio not inconsistent with a team desperately chasing the game for 85+ minutes., Cautions were 4-2, but 2 of Atlanta's were for persistent offenses (against Gil) and dissent. I'm not a fan of either team, and no referee has a perfect game, but I don't think the officials had any game changing impact.
ATTKtitan 4 aylar önce
If this is the worst, you haven’t seen anything.
jaroogee 4 aylar önce
@John McGimpsey they fouled TA twice near and in the box in the first half...
John McGimpsey
John McGimpsey 4 aylar önce
@jaroogee Hmm... I only saw two fouls total on TA in the first half, one near the half line which was played advantage and the other given a free kick outside the Penalty Area that he just missed scoring on. Game times?
Thyago K.
Thyago K. 4 aylar önce
Casa de apostas
Mynor Lopez
Mynor Lopez 3 aylar önce
Atlanta united ya debe despedir a su tecnico, es un tecnico pecho frio sin idea de futbol. Desde que se fue El Tata Martino deje ir al estadio
Be offended somewhere else
Be offended somewhere else 3 aylar önce
You seriously removed my comment because I said something about your profile pic?? Talk about bigotry.
Flaming Basketball Club
Flaming Basketball Club 4 aylar önce
Stop ruining the scoreline please MLS.
P. Witer'iha
P. Witer'iha 4 aylar önce
hahaha Guzan is the most useless keeper ive ever seen
YunkerKlan 4 aylar önce
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