Queen Live Aid 1985 - Bohemian Rhapsody - Radio Ga Ga

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Queen Forever

Queen Forever

12 yıl önce

London 13.07.1985 (Wembley Stadium) .Taken from DVD ''"Queen Rock Montreal&Live Aid"

Filipe Namatasere
Filipe Namatasere 8 yıl önce
I love how freddie only has to play a few keys of bohemian rhapsody and the croud just goes ABSOLUTELY CRAZY!
735164 3 aylar önce
Pure magic
Venna Tiatia
Venna Tiatia 3 aylar önce
0 p
Carlos Raphael Ñaccha Chino
Carlos Raphael Ñaccha Chino 4 aylar önce
Manop Binuma
Manop Binuma 4 aylar önce
Aaron Koeppe
Aaron Koeppe 4 aylar önce
Over 70000 people om cue clapping to radio gaga absolutely amazing! Bob galdof was heading back to the BBC box where he stopped I'm his tracks looking down at the crowd responding to freddie and the boys " the most amazing thing I'd ever seen"
venturous1v 7 yıl önce
There will never be another front man like Freddie Mercury.
Gerardo Aguilar
Gerardo Aguilar 3 aylar önce
@Armando Alves bro really ?
Lucia Salerno
Lucia Salerno 3 aylar önce
Dat blijf je awsam!!!
IrishLass 77
IrishLass 77 3 aylar önce
Never ever ever
Fred Braga
Fred Braga 4 aylar önce
Never. Ever.
Cornelius Jörger
Cornelius Jörger 4 aylar önce
Micheal jackson
Manuels Jakovenko
Manuels Jakovenko 3 aylar önce
Это высота которой нету равных, это величайшая легенда всех времён, он самородок этого поколения, таких нету и не будет больше никогда! Фредди лучший на все времена! Он просто бессмертный для миллионов людей. И плевать какой он был ориентации, вообще плевать, он легенда на все времена!!!!
SILVIA Perez 23 gün önce
Siiiiiiiiiii..👏👏👏👏👏👏👏coincido contigo!
Jozef Nagels
Jozef Nagels 8 yıl önce
Masters in music! No special effects needed.. their instruments and their voices made Queen ever so great. And how sad that nobody steps up providing similar quality performances. Jo
Rosa Cic
Rosa Cic 3 aylar önce
Special effects IS Freddie Mercury , thanks you Freddie Queen of my Life 👑👑👑😘🥰♥️🙋
Norma Quod
Norma Quod 3 aylar önce
@Luiz GuilhermeThere's a hugen dichotomy between talking and playing...
Luiz Guilherme
Luiz Guilherme 3 aylar önce
the only thing different is his voice, the rest, almost every musiciam can play the same
Ever Niety
Ever Niety 3 aylar önce
Как он управлял таким количеством людей??? Прекрасный певец!!!!😀И это совсем не интересно как он умер! Он был лидером, это уж точно!!!
cheryl fernandes
cheryl fernandes 8 yıl önce
This 20min at Live Aid changed music history. Freddie is still making music history, some twenty something years later. When a crowd of every age group starts, singing every word to Bohemian Rhapsody is just epic. Type in Greenday Concert the video is there. Thank you Freddie/Queen for sharing your amazing talents with the world. I am blessed to have been alive when you were making this incredible music.
Kevin Lloyd
Kevin Lloyd 4 aylar önce
Sometimes copied but will never be equalled
Alu-project Aluminium - Balustrady- Szkło
Alu-project Aluminium - Balustrady- Szkło 4 aylar önce
i would like to be there , but i was only 7 years in 85:(
Jake Woolmer
Jake Woolmer 9 yıl önce
MAD 3 aylar önce
Including Live in Mannheim '86 [Marillion frontman Fish sang 'Tutti frutti' with Freddie] and Newcastle 7/9/86 .
Laura Hinton
Laura Hinton 3 aylar önce
You absolutely got that right!
Kerrie Evans
Kerrie Evans 4 aylar önce
10000000% correct!!!!
Moises Muñoz dominguez
Moises Muñoz dominguez 4 aylar önce
Dutton186 4 yıl önce
He truly had a good voice. Was able to sing good in concert. Unlike these ones we have now that sound so good in recording, but aweful on stage.
Ember 4 aylar önce
You're absolutely correct, his voice was GREAT!!! Great singer, fantastic performer, he could really work the crowd!!! He was the total package!!! Shy and introverted in real life, but on stage he sparkled and owned it!!!!❤
Gerasimos Kompothekras
Gerasimos Kompothekras 4 aylar önce
He didn't have a good voice, he had a great voice. Quite possibly, the greatest ever. It's kinda sad to compare him to 'what we have now' too, isn't it?
Jerome Lange
Jerome Lange 8 yıl önce
The greatest voice that EVER Lived and absolute best frontman in history ! There is, was and always will be only ONE FREDDIE MERCURY !
Laura Hinton
Laura Hinton 3 aylar önce
Well said and so very true
Kerrie Evans
Kerrie Evans 4 aylar önce
100% correct!!!!!
Priscila Agosto
Priscila Agosto 3 aylar önce
Eres inmortal Freddy!!!❤❤💟
Edson Davi
Edson Davi 4 aylar önce
O que esse homem canta é surreal! Quem estava no dia deve encher o peito e falar! Eu tava, eu vi! Sem dúvidas essa é a maior apresentação de rock da história!!
Regilandio Barreto Barbosa
Regilandio Barreto Barbosa 4 aylar önce
Ai é rock de verdade
Sailesh R
Sailesh R 4 aylar önce
I still get goose bumps everytime I watch their Live aid performance! No artist of today can match Freddie!!!
MieMie NayNay
MieMie NayNay 4 aylar önce
Sama saya juga merinding liat perfome Freddy...energik banget...
Guilherme Rosa da Silva
Guilherme Rosa da Silva 4 aylar önce
Today artists or of the past too. Queen is the untochable band.
МаксоДром ТВ
МаксоДром ТВ 4 aylar önce
Как хорошо. Ни у кого не было телефонов, никто не снимал видео. Все просто кайфовали от концерта.
Stanley Jacob
Stanley Jacob 7 yıl önce
Amazing vocals, the fact that he is still so revered speaks how well him and queens music has stood the test of time !!
Kay Needham
Kay Needham 4 aylar önce
Stiven Diaz
Stiven Diaz 2 yıl önce
Más que una estrella... es leyenda!
Gary Coates
Gary Coates 8 yıl önce
Tears, chills, memories, epic and beautiful, seeing this when it happened one of the greatest moments in my life
Laurie Kishawi
Laurie Kishawi 4 aylar önce
Katerina Kolesnikova
Katerina Kolesnikova 4 aylar önce
Выросла на этой музыке и бесконечно люблю до сих пор!!! Музыка моей души💖💖💖💖
rosa hernandez
rosa hernandez 4 aylar önce
Yo también
Glaine Arcoverde
Glaine Arcoverde 4 aylar önce
Assisti esse show ao vivo na TV, e escutando agora senti o mesmo arrepio, Queen para sempre!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jander 4 aylar önce
Que privilégio vc teve
Glaine Arcoverde
Glaine Arcoverde 4 aylar önce
@Priscila Magalhaes são momentos únicos na vida, isso nos marca para todo o resto
Priscila Magalhaes
Priscila Magalhaes 4 aylar önce
Quanta honra hein !!!!!
Hélvio Roberto Mota Santos
Hélvio Roberto Mota Santos 4 aylar önce
Fico imaginando la na época ao vivo loucura loucura loucura loucura loucura
Marina Batista
Marina Batista 3 aylar önce
Não enjoo nunca de assistir essa banda e amo ver o Freddye Mercury cantando. Nunca vai ter ninguém tão bom na arte da música.
Mario Salgado
Mario Salgado 3 aylar önce
El más grande de todos los tiempos, siempre imitado pero jamás igualado, es un monstruo cantado, el mejor del planeta. 06/02/2022.💓❤💔👐🙏🙋
Sophia Aguiar
Sophia Aguiar 4 aylar önce
Freddie Mercury é simplesmente o maior e o melhor cantor da história! 😍😍😍
Gabriel Jardim
Gabriel Jardim 4 aylar önce
@Sophia Aguiar falo e disse👌
Sophia Aguiar
Sophia Aguiar 4 aylar önce
@Leo Nunes Nuncaaaaaa! Tipo, o Michael Jackson também foi um grande artista, mas o Freddie é, sempre foi e sempre será de longe o melhor, é um fato, é só escutar a voz do cara kkk!
Leo Nunes
Leo Nunes 4 aylar önce
Depois de Michael Jackson
Mariela Parada justiniano
Mariela Parada justiniano 4 aylar önce
36 años despues del concierto y me parece de lo mejor 😍😍
ADVraider 9 yıl önce
Amazing... not one person holding a phone in the air and recording! Just keeping a good memory of the moment..
Kerrie Evans
Kerrie Evans 4 aylar önce
Thank god we didn't have stupid cell phones back then.
Moises Muñoz dominguez
Moises Muñoz dominguez 4 aylar önce
Sofyan Firdaus
Sofyan Firdaus 4 aylar önce
so many "whooooosh" here
Jailda Ferreira
Jailda Ferreira 4 aylar önce
Eu creio que nessa época ainda não existia celular.
Clint Batteson
Clint Batteson 4 aylar önce
@SlowPoke101 👍
Charlie Crane
Charlie Crane 4 aylar önce
Radio Ga Ga: It really was back then.....and still now 37 years later,the best song ever performed by Queen. I could listen to this song all day long.
Ana Lorente
Ana Lorente 4 aylar önce
For me too 🌹 LOVE Queen ... But Radio ga ga.. Is.. i don't know ... For me the BEST 🌹💖🌹
Alexander Akimov
Alexander Akimov 4 aylar önce
Pure energy and life force - best performance
Giorno Giovanna
Giorno Giovanna 4 aylar önce
Same, my fav song of queen
Jean Paulo
Jean Paulo 3 aylar önce
Amo todas do grupo
Есения 4 aylar önce
Я помню с каким замиранием сердца я смотрела этот концерт! ИСТОРИЯ! НА ВЕКА!
Northerner 4 aylar önce
@Андрей Захаров не то слово
Андрей Захаров
Андрей Захаров 4 aylar önce
@Northerner а сколько он бы мог написать песен
Northerner 4 aylar önce
Это легенда
Сергей Резепов
Сергей Резепов 4 aylar önce
Причём это был благотворительный концерт, они выступали, буквально, бесплатно, для себя. Кем бы не был Фредди, но он достоин уважения из за этого!
Андрей Захаров
Андрей Захаров 4 aylar önce
Жаль что его нет с нами
Harley David Villanueva
Harley David Villanueva 4 aylar önce
"our music changes through the years." there are so many different genre and styles of music now, but Freddie and Queen's music will live through eternity.
Mike Strawn
Mike Strawn 8 yıl önce
Queen no doubt stole the show-Freddie was the jester! He likes to describe himself as a musical prostitute-but I think he was one of the best showman the world has ever seen. He was gold-no one has accomplished what he has yet. I still wait--I guess I will be waiting a lifetime for another QUEEN!
fabio castronovo
fabio castronovo 4 aylar önce
Mike, i'm partially agree with you. In my opinion Queen didn't create nothing... Contrary Pink Floyd or Nirvana. But for sure Is a great group. I think this Is reason why bulsara said that.
Chingseng Daring
Chingseng Daring 4 yıl önce
Белова Лена i agree no one can be soo great like them.. There will be no other queen ever
Белова Лена
Белова Лена 4 yıl önce
Mike Strawn there will be no another Queen...you can wait for eternity
plutao 7 yıl önce
more than a lifetime
Alejandra Villada Henao
Alejandra Villada Henao 3 aylar önce
Espectaculo señor concierto,su voz magnifica incomparable musica hecha con amor grande queen 🤴🤴si que canto rey,y en vivo en una concierto ummmm 🤴👌🎼🎸
Marcelo 4 aylar önce
Fico imaginando as pessoas Que estiveram no Live aid na hora que o Queen entrou no palco essas pessoas sim tem histórias para contar.
Julia Bolsonaro
Julia Bolsonaro 4 aylar önce
Sergio Dantas dos Santos
Sergio Dantas dos Santos 4 aylar önce
Extraordinário essa banda , adoro demais Queen
Otty 1910
Otty 1910 4 aylar önce
Still cannot believe he has parted. One of the greatest showmen of all time. Love ya Freddie :)
El Che Ramirez
El Che Ramirez 4 aylar önce
Que bueno que está maravilla quedó grabado aún no nacía y hoy día disfruto de estos maravillosos temas pero mi favorito siempre será este video
Arijit 8 yıl önce
once upon a time there were some good musician... Freddie was one of the best............ i am 21. years old & i still love to listen Freddie Mercury's songs...
jaz niguidula
jaz niguidula 4 aylar önce
Im 50. Freddy is one of d best 😉
Dain Yıl önce
im 20 and i love to hear this now and other Queen songs
Ольга Евсеева
Ольга Евсеева 3 aylar önce
Чёрт возьми! Я обожаю этого парня! Уже много лет!!! Для меня он есть ВСЕГДА! И группа Куин самая лучшая!!!!
Владимир Бусаргин
Владимир Бусаргин 4 aylar önce
Можно слушать бесконечно! Гений!
Kitajima Josefa
Kitajima Josefa 4 aylar önce
Não canso de ouvir Freed Mercury.
Márcia Haydê
Márcia Haydê 4 aylar önce
Melhor banda de todos os tempos!!
Genilson Lopes
Genilson Lopes 3 aylar önce
A potência q ele tinha na voz era coisa de outro mundo.
Ana María Quispe Choque
Ana María Quispe Choque 4 aylar önce
Eres grande Freddie estás vivo en nuestros corazones 2022
Icellfix 4 aylar önce
Simplesmente o melhor cantor da história.
Александр Рис
Александр Рис 9 yıl önce
Да, он восхитительный рок-исполнитель! Король эпохи !
Bronwyn Taylor
Bronwyn Taylor 4 aylar önce
Listening to & watching there awesome artists never ever gets old 😍😍
VegaRoseForever 9 yıl önce
I watched this so many times when I was a kid. Too see this again brings back memories. Freddie was the best. Even todays artist can't touch this man.
Rosa Martínez Loureda
Rosa Martínez Loureda 4 aylar önce
Insuperable...era y sigue siendo el mejor del mundo....
patricia donald-mcveigh
patricia donald-mcveigh 4 aylar önce
Love watching Freddie ... Such an amazing entertainer
Ednei Souza
Ednei Souza 4 aylar önce
Um grande show men Fred Mercury e sua inesquecível voz potente!
Que bom que tivemos o privilégio de ouvir e assistir Queen! Freddie Mercury foi e sempre será lembrado como a maior voz do pop rock de todos os tempos!
ирина осипова
ирина осипова 4 aylar önce
Фредди это лучший из лучших. Такого гения музыки не будет больше никогда.
Olga Kirichenko
Olga Kirichenko 4 aylar önce
Да это так!!!
Kitajima Josefa
Kitajima Josefa 4 aylar önce
Amor eterno pelo Freed Mercury, um grande vocalista, jamais teremos outro que chegue perto desse talento musical.
Andrea 4 aylar önce
Beatriz Diaz Castro
Beatriz Diaz Castro 4 aylar önce
Simplemente es el mejor Te amo ❤️ '
Kaveesh Wijesinghe
Kaveesh Wijesinghe 3 aylar önce
Tristan Famador Tupaz
Tristan Famador Tupaz 9 yıl önce
Legends DO NOT DIE. Thank you Freddie Mercury for the music!
John Baez
John Baez 4 aylar önce
Que increíble voz de Freddie Mercuri, el mejor del mundo… saludos desde Perú 🇵🇪
Светлана Бессарабова
Светлана Бессарабова 4 aylar önce
Фредди, твоё желание исполнилось, ты-легенда..
Jose Rojas
Jose Rojas 4 aylar önce
Excelente!!!! Es único, es un himno, no me canso de escucharlo
Manuel De Jesús Estevez Then
Manuel De Jesús Estevez Then 4 aylar önce
Without a doubt the best male singer of all time
Carol Harris
Carol Harris 4 aylar önce
I'm a die hard fan & I know this was Freddie's 'BEST' ever performance! He knew he had little time left on planet earth!!!
Светлана Бессарабова
Светлана Бессарабова 4 aylar önce
Фредди всегда пел как в последний раз, он отдавался по полной..
Edmundo Vazquez
Edmundo Vazquez 4 aylar önce
Queen son únicos e inigualables simplemente lo mejor
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