Mat Chivers | ROOT | Kappatos Athens Art Residency | November 2013

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Kappatos Athens Art Residency

Kappatos Athens Art Residency

7 yıl önce

Kappatos Athens Art Residency presents the solo exhibition of British artist Mat Chivers entitled
Between the Night and the Day and the Day and the Night
12 Athinas st, 2nd Floor, Monastiraki, Athens
Mat Chivers’ performance installation “Root” is a collaboration between choreographer Iris Karayan and composer Yorgos Simeonides and will be presented at the residency’s new programme PublicScapes: Contemporary Art and Curatorial Practices at the Public Sphere, curated by Dr. Sozita Goudouna, on Saturday 23rd of November 6-7PM at Monastiraki Square.
programme involving Art and Curatorial Practices in the Public Sphere. The programme features leading figures from the arts, visual and sound artists, dancers, choreographers and architects that will participate in happenings, interventions, installations and actions in relation to the material/social conditions of public space in Athens.
Kappatos Athens Art Residency incorporates public art into its official programme so as to activate public space and uses art as a medium to engage with citizens and communities and influence the development of the city’s cultural identity.The programme initiates, develops and presents major projects that provide creative collaborations between artists and institutes achieving high artistic outcomes.
PublicScapes commissions each site-specific artwork either in collaboration with the artist-in-residence or/and through open calls to artists and focuses on interdisciplinary art practice and processes. By bringing international artists from a wide range of disciplines our programme enables the exchange of ideas and approaches that help catalyse new cultural and social perspectives. The projects may consist of any art form including but not limited to projections, sculpture, durational live art, or other visual or performative mediums, architecture, dance pieces and multimedia installations.
PublicScapes shall contribute to ongoing urgent discussions concerning contemporary urban life in the historical centre of Athens. It is expected of the artists who participate in the residency programme to research the political, social and historical context of Greece and to integrate this research into their production.
The programme provides free live/work space to selected artists and art professionals who work, research, and immerse themselves in the cultural life of Athens. The programme also co-ordinates visits to art centres, galleries and museums, dinners, and discussions, providing support and feedback throughout the duration of the programme. The public is also invited to attend free public lectures by esteemed guests of the programme.
The programme is launched on the 23rd of November 6pm at Monastiraki Square Central Athens. Publicscapes presents the multimedia project by Mat Chivers, Choreography Iris Karayan, Sound: Yorgos Simeonidis, Artistic direction: Dr. Sozita Goudouna.
Kappatos Athens Art Residency supports artistic research and production for artists from around the world and will select established and emerging artists to share a live/work space for a four-week programme marked by intimate studio visits with, and public lectures by, distinguished leaders in contemporary art and curation and to exhibit their work for the following four-weeks.The new Artist/Curator/Collector-in-Residence in Athens is supported by NSRF (National Strategic Reference Framework 2007-2013) and represents a great opportunity for cross-border connection between emergent and more established artists.
PublicScapes commissions new work via an expression of interest process posted at the official site of the residency ( and seeks to be open, fair, transparent and accountable at all stages.The programme partners with Art Institutes, Museums, Embassies, National Councils, Fine Art Schools, Art Critics Foundations, to administer competitions for the selection of art proposals. The collaboration of artists with these institutes can produce extraordinary outcomes.
PublicScapes implements the Kappatos Athens Art Residency‘s mission to provide the citizens of Athens open access to the arts and to promote participation and artistic expression as a right of all citizens. The programme will bring together artists and people that do not usually engage with the arts to influence the development of the city’s culture. The programme will also contribute to the natural and built environment of the city through the production of site-specific works related to aesthetics and ecology

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Kappatos Athens Art Residency
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