Introduction to AWS Services

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AWS Training Center

AWS Training Center

2 yıl önce

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About this video:
This video gives the complete overview of various AWS services by designing a sample Application. Ideal for those who are new to AWS and those who want to understand where particular AWS service fits into a sample application architecture

Hi All, those interested in understanding AWS Networking in depth may want to enroll for this Udemy course.

Indira Balasubramanian
Indira Balasubramanian Yıl önce
Incredible !! 11-12 hours training is not able to bring this clarity , but this video provided the entire landscape understanding in just 30+ mins , amazing !! Thanks to the tutor and this channel for the wonderful work .
gaurav vishal
gaurav vishal 2 aylar önce
Even though I did my AWS fundamental certification, going through this video gave so much perspective to the various services used in AWS and their real life usage. Thanks for putting so much efforts in explaining, it really was v simple to understand!
thekingfad Aylar önce
This is a fantastic overview with 1 to 1 mapping of services to processes. You get a clear picture of what you are working with and what to expect as you walk through your Cloud/DevOps learning journey. I wish I had watched this sooner. Thank you.
Harinder Ghuman
Harinder Ghuman 8 aylar önce
Wow, I'm blown away!! I was trying to understand AWS cloud architecture and related services but before watching this video it seems an impossible task. You nailed it in a single video and now I can fit these services to any system design architecture. I appreciate it and thanks for taking the time to explain everything in detail.
The R
The R Yıl önce
Trainers should learn from you, of how to explain in a simple way and make everything clear. This is one of the best videos in aws
Alexey 2 aylar önce
@Nitin the example helps a lot. Thankfully the facebook contains all the bells and whistles, so this example covers all aws components. I'm thinking if I could tackle each of them in practice even just a little I would be an AWS god.
Nitin Yıl önce
Agree. But i would attribute the clarity he has shown in putting such info together to his immense experience or effort he has invested over years in all domains which everyone cant crunch.
Gaurav Dutta
Gaurav Dutta 9 aylar önce
This is such a simplified and effective explanation 🔥✔️, got the concept cleared just with this single video Thanks for the efforts and please keep creating these type of educative videos
Manisha Verma
Manisha Verma Aylar önce
Great video! I have been going through AWS's services and trying to make sense of them. Chetan, you explained it so well using a simple example that even a non-technical person like me understood it well. I am just going to print the on prem vs AWS versions for reference. Thank you!
ramkumar thirugnanasambantham
ramkumar thirugnanasambantham Yıl önce
Awesome explanation bro, highly appreciated for your efforts in delivering the content in a precise way , it is very easy for everyone to understand .A person who have an ability to train/teach others with his/her knowledge is a real rockstar in my point of view . Hope to see much more content from you. I felt soo happy to learn this course now since i got a clear idea about .Thank you in tons!!! Let all goodness comes to you to broaden your smile with 32 glittering pearls :) `
AWS Training Center
AWS Training Center Yıl önce
Thank you Ram for your feedback! This keeps me going :-) .. Happy learning!
Pratik Sheth
Pratik Sheth 11 aylar önce
One of the best videos I have seen so far explaining AWS core services. Loved the way how all the services are explained in one simple example. Great job. Thank you for this fantastic explanation.
I Am the Great
I Am the Great Yıl önce
Holy shit, this was by far the best explanations of all the most commonly used AWS services. Not only that, but you indirectly also explained system design and architecture as well. Definitely one of the best videos on overview of AWS services out there.
Collyn Christopher Brenner
Collyn Christopher Brenner 8 aylar önce
Exactly what you said above is exactly what I was needing. I came here for AWS but I got something I needed more which was larger-scale system design and architecture overview as well as AWS services education. Truly stellar educational media, great job with this AWS Training Center!
Rajesh Joshi
Rajesh Joshi 11 aylar önce
Fantastic video with very good explanation. Keep it up
Pedro Ortiz
Pedro Ortiz Yıl önce
I 10000% agree, this is an amazing video! Kudos to the expert that put this together and explained it so clearly
Dinesh T
Dinesh T 10 aylar önce
This would be my number one recommendation for anyone who wants to understand AWS under an hour. Mind blowing.
Shaffic Jan
Shaffic Jan Yıl önce
I must admit, teaching is an art and this person has proved it so strong.
Mark Simpson
Mark Simpson Yıl önce
I hadn't seen AWS networking explained like this, using the on premise datacenter and converting to AWS. Well done
communicatingtoyou Yıl önce
Agree amazing explanation 👍
Prabhu Palanisamy
Prabhu Palanisamy Gün önce
It's really great video where it engages and explains precisely on the equivalent features for migration from on premises to cloud. Thanks
Yogendra Voggu
Yogendra Voggu 6 aylar önce
Chetan, you did an excellent job! I feel it is a great service you provided for so many confused, perplexed, stressed out and chaotic brains trying to understand some many terms\technologies to survive in this Cloud world. Can't stop asking you, but if you can also make similar videos for other Cloud services like Azure, Google, Oracle, it will be an icing on the cake. Please make those videos also. On the fun side, you can then change your Channel name to Clouds Training Center :)
Luke Aron
Luke Aron 7 aylar önce
Unbelievable! This 39 minute lecture is so good, I don't think there are words in the English language that can describe it. Actually, it should not be a surprise. You will become this good if you have been living and breathing this content for years even decades. Thank you Chetan for putting this together and sharing on TRshow for free for all.
SemiCondiment 2 yıl önce
This is awesome because I can clearly see the overlap with Azure as well which is what we used in our enterprise system. Modern designs follow a similar pattern so this is helpful not just for AWS systems but for any other modern architecture as well.
SANDEEP OHRI 5 aylar önce
Sudeep Lalka
Sudeep Lalka 11 aylar önce
Beautifully explained! I am in awe of how much of AWS concepts I was able to grasp with this single video. Couldn't have made it easier. A million thanks for your time and efforts!
maddyutube29 Yıl önce
just EXCELLENT. i dont think even Amazon has this clarity on their training content.
Michael Neri
Michael Neri 8 aylar önce
The expansion of the basic components diagram to the AWS components was really effective. Great job, learned a ton in a very short period of time. thank you!
DyLaron on Guitar
DyLaron on Guitar 7 aylar önce
Very informative! This is one of the best tutorial I've seen on TRshow so far. I like the idea of presenting those services (EC2, S3, Route 53 etc...) in the context of a makeup real world application case. Thank you!
MistiffPlays 20 gün önce
Perfectly explained, thanks for putting in so much effort. Lots of clarity with the example discussed. Thank you so much, keep it up!
Soumya Rj Sahoo
Soumya Rj Sahoo 8 aylar önce
This could not be more simpler My teacher has a lot to learn from you. Seriously You have my respect Brother
Aly Farhan
Aly Farhan Aylar önce
I am not very technical but I am able to understand the concept easily. I am sure the mapping of the infrastructure and services, presented in the video is very helpful for many tech folks. Subscribing this channel.
Anjum Khan
Anjum Khan Yıl önce
Super quick and easy to follow. Great Job Sir..Thank you so much!
rajivmallik Yıl önce
This video is so far the best tutorial I came across that walked me thru some of the most common AWS services. I would definitely tell the person is extremely knowledgeable and know what he is talking about. Appreciate how he started with putting all the legacy services for the on-prem and how well he mapped to various AWS components. Kudos to him!!!
Srinivas C
Srinivas C Yıl önce
The simplicity of explanation depends on the depth of understanding. This video is a perfect example of it.
Robert Feliciano
Robert Feliciano Yıl önce
You are the best explaining all this AWS services! Great analogy and flow. Amazing!
Md faysal
Md faysal Yıl önce
One of the best learning video I have ever watched. How easily you described everything of AWS in a short video. Hats off you boss.
Kundan Rupakheti
Kundan Rupakheti Yıl önce
Thank you for sharing , took me 30 minutes to grasp all the abstract concept and the structure. You explained it really well. Fantastic!!
guest Gün önce
I saw this video after reading the comments. I spent so much money to learn about the basic, and today, for the first time, this made sense to me. Really! You simplified this to nursery level. Many thanks!
Bonavi Sarada
Bonavi Sarada 25 gün önce
Fabulous way of teaching AWS services. While going through video I felt like I deployed applications which were written any of the programming languages( c,c++,Java dotnet etc) and also dwh and BI tools. thankyou so much for the video.
Kirubanand Shanmugavel
Kirubanand Shanmugavel Yıl önce
Excellent way of presentation to make it simple for everyone to understand with clear comparison, flow and neat explanation to keep in mind...hatsoff for the trainer....
Sourav Dutta
Sourav Dutta Yıl önce
One of the best videos of 2020 from the tech perspective. Too much information but too damn precise. I am sure I will come back to this video time and again for the useful list of basic AWS services. Keep it up, more similar content awaited.
rameshsoundarrajan 9 aylar önce
Stunning video i have ever seen in AWS.. You made it super simple.. I love the way you explained the architecture... Wow...
An Oasis of Tranquillity
An Oasis of Tranquillity 4 aylar önce
Great presentation, simple, concise and straight to the point, I have learned a lot within less than an Hour. Very much appreciated.
Survi Agarwal
Survi Agarwal 3 aylar önce
Beautifully explained! It not only gives you a world of knowledge on AWS Services but also simplifies your understanding of any app architecture. Amazing content! Wish I would have come across this video earlier! Thanks a lot! 👍
aditya patil
aditya patil 8 aylar önce
I would like to say thanks to this guy. U r the best content maker, the way you simplified the terms n structure is way awesome . Thanks for such genuine video 📸. Hope you will frequently upload such great videos . Thank you sir 🔥☺️
Sutanu Lahiri
Sutanu Lahiri Aylar önce
This is an excellent representation of the AWS and its functioning. A very realistic way of mapping and helping us to relate with our on-prem knowledge. Thank you .
Eugene Sanya
Eugene Sanya 5 aylar önce
Thank you for the insightful video - makes it easy to relate the traditional environments as a beginner
sharath babu
sharath babu Yıl önce
Fabulous Session. You gave a comparison of tradition jargons with AWS terms. A clear example illustrating the FB architecture which tempt me to setup the same in AWS. Thank you so much for your time and efforts
Sastry Remella
Sastry Remella Yıl önce
Extremely brilliant explanation.. Awesome. Thanks a lot for a comprehensive video in just 30mins.
Nikhil Sethia
Nikhil Sethia 5 aylar önce
Extremely well explained and so well mapped to the on-prem architecture..awesome
mkneeraja Yıl önce
cannot say how much i liked how simply it is taught..these 38 mints are best spent time in my recent study videos
Minh Phan
Minh Phan Yıl önce
A complicated architecture explained simply in a careful manner. Thanks for the great work.
Krishna Swamy Chimakurthi
Krishna Swamy Chimakurthi 8 aylar önce
This is simply an amazing overview You made it very simple and understandable for beginners. This landscape will give us a good idea to choose the right service for further certifications. Thank you very much.
Thevarayan R
Thevarayan R Yıl önce
Zero nonsense talks. Straight to the point. Great content and amazing way of taking a real life architecture and comparing on prem vs cloud. AWS should absolutely at appreciate you for this video.
Matthew Kramer
Matthew Kramer Yıl önce
Really nice way to covert application requirements to an AWS solution tying core services together. Ultimately the best way to learn is physically deploying a solution so the reality sets in. I think going manually for each required service is a good place to start, then using cloud formation to template the setup and document would be next. Cloud formation and deployment pipeline is another can of worms, but probably worth while after solid understanding of core services. Thanks for this walkthrough! Great presentation!
Apeksha Tiwari
Apeksha Tiwari 3 aylar önce
Great work Chetan! Thank you for making others' life easier. May I know what tool you used to draw this diagram?
Apeksha Tiwari
Apeksha Tiwari 2 aylar önce
@AWS Training Center Thank you!!
AWS Training Center
AWS Training Center 2 aylar önce
Its simple powerpoint (but google slides also work)
vedant panwar
vedant panwar Aylar önce
Perfect explanation for freshers or 1 year experience candidate also 💯💥
Khandaker Islam
Khandaker Islam Yıl önce
I need to say thank you very much for your hard work, and I got it for free. It is such a concise, intense, and to the point presentation.
Sandip Thakor
Sandip Thakor Yıl önce
very well explained through simple language and example of each service.. before this i was scared of AWS words and complex structure. thanks Bro keep doing well....
anshusid 5 aylar önce
Just amazing and simple explanation of complex architecture!
odia peter
odia peter Yıl önce
Excellent! Taught in a simple, practical and effective way. Thank you!
Sravan Pasikanti
Sravan Pasikanti Aylar önce
Loved this Video- gives a basic 101 of AWS in a very friendly language and pace. Best thing was the Analogy used or the example used to show what was before and how its all replaced by AWS- the creator of this Content made a very good perspective of explaining to know AWS.
Thejas shivapuram
Thejas shivapuram Yıl önce
One word "Brilliant", If I hadn't come across this video probably I would have taken a week to understand how each service is connected. Thank you so much Keep sharing your knowledge to the community.
Jupitor108 9 aylar önce
Very very good lecture Sir, very concise, clearly explained yet detailed. Thank you!!
Russ M
Russ M Yıl önce
An excellent overview. That was well thought out and well presented and was very comprehensive. Thank you very much!
ashwin kumar s
ashwin kumar s Yıl önce
Really wonderful, succinctly put and easy to consume. Thank you :)
Gokulendra Gupta
Gokulendra Gupta 10 aylar önce
Bro! There are SMEs/Experts/Guru and then there is someone like you. Great explanation. Hats off to you SIR!
AWS Training Center
AWS Training Center 10 aylar önce
Thanks for appreciating the work 👍👍
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