The Pit Stop S13 E7 | Trixie Mattel & Bianca Del Rio Break Down “Bossy Rossy ” | RuPaul's Drag Race

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RuPaul's Drag Race

8 aylar önce

Season 6 winner Bianca Del Rio opens the library and joins @Trixie Mattel to recap the latest episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race!

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RuPaul's Drag Race
RuPaul's Drag Race 8 aylar önce
LaLa Ri & Elliott's “Whole Lotta Woman” Lip Sync
Roby san
Roby san 7 aylar önce
@Jake Hanson 9
Ana Leitão
Ana Leitão 7 aylar önce
Bianca makes her feel soft
Jake Hanson
Jake Hanson 8 aylar önce
Jake Hanson
Jake Hanson 8 aylar önce
Kreshnik Freyja
Kreshnik Freyja 2 gün önce
Honest question, does anyone really truly believe that Ross Mathews is funny?
BluJay 130
BluJay 130 2 gün önce
I'm totally dying with love for Bianca in that wig
Xavi Savii
Xavi Savii 3 gün önce
We have , we have😒…. 😂😅😂🤣
Ashlee Pesino
Ashlee Pesino 4 gün önce
I never knew I needed to see these two queens together until this moment, now I need a lot more of it.
Not here for it.
Not here for it. 8 gün önce
Kandy through this whole competition was average or below average. Her looks especially. I remember seeing her entrance look and thinking “this queen is gonna kill the runways” then she came and it looked as if she hired me to create the rest of her looks. You know how people are tone deaf with music? That’s me but with being artistic.
Spookay It's Me
Spookay It's Me 8 gün önce
Trixie will be so happy that their is gonna be a Beth in Canada's DR 😂😂😂
Spookay It's Me
Spookay It's Me 9 saatler önce
@trc2rockon 👍😭😅🤣😱
trc2rockon 12 saatler önce
For one episode, anyway.
LLM 8 gün önce
Alex Campea
Alex Campea 19 gün önce
Is anyone else only here in the comments to see the “mick” vs “meek” comments?
Ale V.
Ale V. 24 gün önce
6:54 Not Trixie predicting the cast of Canada's Drag Race Season 2
Sharkygold Gaming
Sharkygold Gaming 26 gün önce
Well when you have a big mouth like LaLa, it’s easier to spot mistakes in the lyric syncs.
Michael Stapleton
Michael Stapleton 29 gün önce
Love Bianca❤️
Oskar Giovannie
Oskar Giovannie Aylar önce
"Bianca is not a real drag queen because she doesn't lipsync" "That was me, I'm so sorry" *dead* 🤣
Dawn Maestas Cowell
Dawn Maestas Cowell Aylar önce
I love me some Bianca! Professional
H Aylar önce
my two favorites omg please do a all winners season with these two
Dylan Vilardi
Dylan Vilardi Aylar önce
i havent seen a lot of bianca since ive never seen drag race, but honestly, even tho she sort of plays a very unapologetic & brutal character, biancas compliments are so well thought out & genuine, & her criticism never feels cheap or superficial. especially during the lip sync section when she was giving her thoughts on lalas performance!!!! i rlly enjoy the way she presents herself. seems like such a fair, articulate person. mad props
Harry Abril
Harry Abril Aylar önce
I just love how Bianca is such a nice conversationalist whenever she asks Trixie "How about you?!" every time
qveen_ Holland16
qveen_ Holland16 Aylar önce
Andrew Clark
Andrew Clark Aylar önce
the red dress reminber shangle with the robobets
CAV Cicilia
CAV Cicilia 2 aylar önce
The read Bianca did on Michelle, my jaw is deceased💀💀💀
Madison Foust
Madison Foust 2 aylar önce
Love Mik but it wasn't very impactful for interesting after seeing latrice's amazing purple and blue moment on all stars that had the same head peice
Booper 2 aylar önce
I LOVE trixies makeup for this episode you can’t change my opinion, this is probably one of her top looks
Francisco Bonilla
Francisco Bonilla 2 aylar önce
Samantha Teh
Samantha Teh 2 aylar önce
i love listening to bianca talk she is so well spoken
Mark Kolk
Mark Kolk 2 aylar önce
Bianca wasnt too funny in this :( i like her more nasty
Daniela Navarro
Daniela Navarro 2 aylar önce
17:50 lmao Trixie's face when Bianca read Michelle, she was so stunned 😂
Sidney Burdick
Sidney Burdick 2 aylar önce
Casually saying Tinas was the worst every week
Nandini Rao
Nandini Rao 2 aylar önce
💓Trixie is fucking beautiful , I would fight for her 💓
Mia Gaviglio
Mia Gaviglio 2 aylar önce
trixie’s makeup in this looks so gooood
Mr. Claro
Mr. Claro 2 aylar önce
Aero Nalex
Aero Nalex 2 aylar önce
“Like Milk; HE really struggled in that challenge”
Francisco Mesquita
Francisco Mesquita 2 aylar önce
I love to hear this two hahaha
Drew 2 aylar önce
Lala ri has the most beautiful skin tone.
Noob 516
Noob 516 2 aylar önce
Bianca with airpods is everything
Emily Simmons
Emily Simmons 2 aylar önce
If Bianca is on all stars imma watch it. I wish willam could be on there with them
Fearsome Fawkes
Fearsome Fawkes 2 aylar önce
I love watching this beautifully made up pylon clown sitting in front of, at least, a half dozen FASHION books. A+
Jake Sampson
Jake Sampson 3 aylar önce
two suttle,biological, natural women having an open conversation
Marcos Beltran
Marcos Beltran 3 aylar önce
one of the best episodes of the pit stop ♥
TTT 3 aylar önce
Am I the only one who has sooo many questions about olivia’s hair…? Like did kandy borrow hers or the other way around and if it’s the other way around then was Olivia not gonna have any beats in her original outfit…? Like why did no one even mention this…?!
Gabrielle Altman
Gabrielle Altman 3 aylar önce
I really appreciate how well Bianca and Trixie bounce off each other, they're such good co-stars for a shady lil tea session like the pit stop
Pamella Tofu
Pamella Tofu 3 aylar önce
"I was a lesbian for 10 years" 🤣🤣 put that on your CV coz she's definitely qualified for something !
Colleen Dodge
Colleen Dodge 3 aylar önce
Candy muse looks like that lady who took anastasia out in paris. Paree holds the key to your heaaarrtttt
chloe 3 aylar önce
i am begging for an all winners season
Ron T
Ron T 3 aylar önce
Can we just appreciate how good Bianca’s WIFI is ‼️😂
Merdapostagem 3 aylar önce
I love them soooooo fucking much
Rosie 3 aylar önce
"a hot name like Rosemary" my name is Rosemary and my face went bright red omg 😅
Liz Woodworth
Liz Woodworth 3 aylar önce
Girl, that sole on your fishnets... That being said, you two are my favorites. Hilarious as always.
Isaac Noble
Isaac Noble 3 aylar önce
Bianca laughing at Kandy...
Gloria Illescas
Gloria Illescas 3 aylar önce
Utica’s look was perfect and everyone who thinks otherwise is wrong
Genet Workneh
Genet Workneh 3 aylar önce
This is 4 months ago
Allan Tj
Allan Tj 3 aylar önce
I love how trixie took the shades and reads from Bianca like nothing and laugh it off. I hate when queens look so offended when they got read
d bo
d bo 3 aylar önce
I'd love to see Bianca on RPDR with Kandy Muse. The fights would be legendary.
kav 3 aylar önce
They're friends though-
Johan Rodriguez
Johan Rodriguez 3 aylar önce
Delonjo Aphillyate
Delonjo Aphillyate 3 aylar önce
Beth the Drag Queen🤣🤣🤣🤣
Katrina Kardashian
Katrina Kardashian 3 aylar önce
“Let me be impressed ! Don’t tell me it’s impressive”😩❤️‍🔥👍
LoveForNene 3 aylar önce
Jadyn Garrett
Jadyn Garrett 3 aylar önce
kari 3 aylar önce
Trixie looks hot asf in this video it’s UNREAL my love for this woman
nancy pollard
nancy pollard 3 aylar önce
I was watching this while doing something else and when I'm not looking at the screen I swear Trixie has the exact same voice as RuPaul
Rising Musicians Academy
Rising Musicians Academy 3 aylar önce
A all winner season of DRAG RACE ?!!!! YES MAMA!!!!!
David López
David López 3 aylar önce
I need All Winners DragRace or something ✨🏳️‍🌈❤️🙋🏾‍♂️
Leyline Farlier
Leyline Farlier 3 aylar önce
All winners of drag race!!!! 😭
陈杰 3 aylar önce
Bianca, how many fashion books do you need? Bianca: *YES*
Jessica Hillier
Jessica Hillier 3 aylar önce
PLEASE DO AN ALL WINNERS SEASON! Yes, all caps MEANS I'M YELLING! Do it, do it, do it!!! Okay, Raja, Sharon, Jinx, Bianca, Violet, etc..., would they all WANT to do it? I don't know. But give me Bob, Bianca, Jasmine, Alaska, Shea, Symone and Trinity all in one show and then I can die happy!
Sergent Watson
Sergent Watson 3 aylar önce
Trixie and Bianca, my top 2 !
Sarah Rose
Sarah Rose 3 aylar önce
I love bianca insulting trixy because she says everything I'd like to. This is why Bianca del rio is the peoples princess.
BingBing BongBong
BingBing BongBong 3 aylar önce
Is it just me or is this more entertaining than the show itself
Lauren D
Lauren D 3 aylar önce
"Perhaps a burqa"... Trixie slipping that in on Kandy's look. (After Bianca's excellent insult of, "I would've preferred the hat with veil....made of lead."
Buzz Light
Buzz Light 3 aylar önce
Are those mangas on the left side of Bianca's bookshelf? I'm curious what mangas are those? Anyone knows?
Jess Jess
Jess Jess 3 aylar önce
Lesbian for 10 years 👀🤣
Jess Jess
Jess Jess 3 aylar önce
I forget that these 2 are men 😂❤️
Ki Chan
Ki Chan 3 aylar önce
Bianca the most has been , irrelevant drag skwen ever.
detective potato
detective potato 4 aylar önce
Love both of them.
live isyours
live isyours 4 aylar önce
An all winners season?? So basically hunger games in drag...I love it. Please make it happen
Gary Golf
Gary Golf 4 aylar önce
I really really like Bianca. she's so smart and funny.
T.D. Newsh
T.D. Newsh 4 aylar önce
I love her. Im not a fan of all of this but both of them are great
Niomi Maya
Niomi Maya 4 aylar önce
either yall just scared the shorts off of mi, or this coffee is fire
IAMASELENATOR92 4 aylar önce
"What if Violet was nice to me?" Lmao
IAMASELENATOR92 4 aylar önce
Bianca has all those books because reading is fundamental
IAMASELENATOR92 4 aylar önce
My 2 favorite clowns 💚
Ali Oh
Ali Oh 4 aylar önce
I haven't watched this season yet, but is the wig Olivia wearing the same one Kandy wore a few weeks ago?
Adrian Nguyen
Adrian Nguyen 4 aylar önce
Marie Jayne
Marie Jayne 4 aylar önce
Bianca has all those books on fashion and... well- Lol jks all my love ♥️
Monsieur Roman Bedlam
Monsieur Roman Bedlam 4 aylar önce
Concept of Bianca doing anything sexual is so funny and surreal to me. I mean in the nicest way, but I just can't imagine Bianca without makeup and all I can think of is "Sure, I guess"
TheFunninthesun 4 aylar önce
Please bring Bianca back. She is so entertaining!
Kristen Wood
Kristen Wood 4 aylar önce
Damn, Bianca...with all the books on fashion back there. Nice collection!
tooblanktofunction 4 aylar önce
Trixie's next "Oh, honey" is "I love Tina Burner but..."
Rebecca Plumlee
Rebecca Plumlee 4 aylar önce
Only down I can say-- wish Trixies eyes were more visible. I cant see her pupils
Cucumamacacapipi 4 aylar önce
Im sorry Bianca is the hottest man on the planet
marija1971 4 aylar önce
bianca do not even joke about all winners season! she said many many times NO so this was cruel, even for bianca! breaking my heart! especially with lack of fun on tv.... eeehhhh bianca....
Em Rt
Em Rt 4 aylar önce
Gotmik felt too prepared because of her high budget rather any actual taste or skill. It's becoming buy your crown race.
Emmanuel 4 aylar önce
Is NO ONE gonna talk about Bianca going “As Laganja would say, ‘It’s as dryyy as your vaginaaaa mawwmaww” I DIED
donrainesoh 4 aylar önce
gottmik is pronounced PEDOENABLER
CassCass222 4 aylar önce
Wait.. explain please because I’m genuinely curious
Weirdo Kate
Weirdo Kate 4 aylar önce
Okay so i dont know why I dont see anyone mentioning this but Olivias hair and make up is Kandy's backpack look copy pasted, what is going on, why is this okay? Dont get me wrong, i love Olivia but that seemed very unoriginal.
Simon Banos
Simon Banos 5 aylar önce
The worthless request neurally settle because cafe astonishingly squeak at a brief afghanistan. tame, proud visitor
hsswyymj 5 aylar önce
Trixie: ok, Kandy Muse Bianca: *cackles* Trixie: Bianca, *Kandy Muse* Bianca: *cackles louder*
Corpseofana 5 aylar önce
Imagine if Kandy was in Bianca's season, gurl she gon get bullied by Bianca lmaooo
Nafee Z
Nafee Z 5 aylar önce
08:16 gagged me
turntech Therapist
turntech Therapist 5 aylar önce
trixie on the thumbnail looks ROTTEN 😭
N The One
N The One 5 aylar önce
Every time I hear Bianca say she doesn't like (or doesn't want to like) Kandy, it warms my heart. I really love hating Kandy.
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görünümler 272 B
Kıbrıs Zafere Doğru 10. Bölüm
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