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Ray Grimes - Abstract Art

Ray Grimes - Abstract Art

2 yıl önce

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L K Yıl önce
Ray I’ve been following you for a few years and I can’t believe you don’t have over 1M subscribers because your art deserves it. I’ve seen other people do the same thing you do, put out an art video every single day and get their subscribers and I just don’t understand why you are not out there shining for the beauty that your art is. I hope to see you celebrate 1M soon.
Dream Flow Arts
Dream Flow Arts 2 yıl önce
Beautiful work! Always so inspiring. Your colour combinations are always amazing. Liked and subscribed ❤️
Marilene Bernardo
Marilene Bernardo Yıl önce
Simplesmente lindo!
L.M Abstract Art
L.M Abstract Art 2 yıl önce
This is gorgeous, love the colors you are using 💜
БиблиоМагия Yıl önce
Очень красиво!😊❤💥
Leonidas Pereira
Leonidas Pereira Yıl önce
Helena Vasco
Helena Vasco Aylar önce
I have just come across this video and find this piece is outstanding! I look forward to seeing more of your work!
Tim H
Tim H 3 gün önce
Just beautiful & inspires me to give it a try. I have ALL the supplies, but have been watching others do it for a long time without trying. A short time ago, I had many friends give me their 4 fave colors in order so i could use that info if/when I got around to making them cards or other projects -- maybe I'll try and use them for this. Thanks !! I subscribed based on this post.
Patricia Ureta
Patricia Ureta Yıl önce
La combinación de colores, la forma de mezclarlos… simplemente maravillosa , despierta los sentidos 💞
Laura Shore
Laura Shore 4 aylar önce
what a very nice thing to say, but he does have almost half a million and that’s darn good. 😊
Celeste_Joy 6 aylar önce
This is the first and truly is breath-takingly inspiring and beautiful. You have my vote. I love watching you create this. It inspires me, will bring out my paint tubes that's been sitting, crying for my attention to get back into the swing of things again.Thank you so much. New subscriber here.
SC4R Art
SC4R Art 2 yıl önce
Your artwork is so good!!! Amazing painting, Thumbs up! 💖💥💖
Gladys Sosa
Gladys Sosa Yıl önce
Está hermoso ❤️
Spirit Filled
Spirit Filled Yıl önce
What an incredible gift. I just love your style!👏🏻💕
Pervez Ashraf
Pervez Ashraf 5 aylar önce
Brilliant piece of art. Thanks ❤
ArtWorld Yıl önce
Unbelievable painting🎨 I love it❤
ATUL PATEL 3 aylar önce
Simple and beautiful!
Portrait art AM
Portrait art AM 2 yıl önce
A very beautiful abstract. It's a great technique
Liz Douglas
Liz Douglas 2 yıl önce
So Gorgeous! Thank you for your inspiration. 🥰👍💖🎨
Paul Sudhakar
Paul Sudhakar Yıl önce
Very nice,so beautiful ❤️
Diane Bonneau
Diane Bonneau 5 aylar önce
I painted this for a sister in law. Her daughter loved it, and hopefully, she will like her version 🎼☕️🌸🎨Many thanks for feasible techniques for us
Лена Захарченко
Лена Захарченко Aylar önce
So amazing and inspiring art 🎨 💕
bts army
bts army Aylar önce
I want to say that i'm not only enjoyed it but also impressed by it how you turned a simple canvass into an amazing art . really it's so impressing
nair melo
nair melo Yıl önce
Lindo vou fazer
Christie Zipparo
Christie Zipparo Yıl önce
This is really inspiring me - thank you so much :)
Susan Wilkinson
Susan Wilkinson Yıl önce
Just gorgeous!
Raja Inayat
Raja Inayat Yıl önce
So beautiful ❤️
ArtWorld Yıl önce
Just lovely work🎨
Perla Dapello
Perla Dapello 2 yıl önce
Thank you for the beautiful video. Great way to start my day 🤗
natia dovlatidi
natia dovlatidi Yıl önce
So simple but so brilliant 🥺
Janet Melton
Janet Melton 2 yıl önce
This is so beautiful and I love you showing the colors you use. It’s so helpful to me. Do you sell your work? Where?
Ingrid Phillip
Ingrid Phillip Yıl önce
Just amazing 💕🌻
Denise Pennington
Denise Pennington Yıl önce
Wow absolutely awesome & very inspiring ty much for sharing this beautiful piece of art...
Joubert Martine
Joubert Martine Yıl önce
11/08/2022 c'est tout simplement magnifique ! merci de pour le partage de vos explications !
Julie Bittinger
Julie Bittinger 8 aylar önce
So Beautiful - thank you!!!
Joel Stuart
Joel Stuart Yıl önce
Your work is so beautiful. I am so surprised to see that the masking tape doesn't pull up the dried paint
Karl Hungus
Karl Hungus 7 aylar önce
Wow! So beautiful!
Chris Reynolds
Chris Reynolds Yıl önce
When you are doing the 'feathering & blending' of the colours into the white area - do you wipe or clean the brush inbetween the different colours I wonder....... This particular painting would compliment any room with any colour decor. Even when doing abstract like this, your training and talent shines through. All your demos are a joy to watch.
Kendall Brackett
Kendall Brackett 6 aylar önce
So in love with this painting 🖌️🎨
John Baradell
John Baradell 10 aylar önce
Novice questions: is the brush dry and do you use gesso? Beautiful!
Thayná Vitória
Thayná Vitória 2 aylar önce
Perfect ❤
Alejandro Vargas
Alejandro Vargas Yıl önce
Your technique si amazing 🤩 I love it !!!🥰
Evelyne Leizour
Evelyne Leizour 11 aylar önce
Très beau ! Merci🌸🇫🇷
Margaret E. Kellogg
Margaret E. Kellogg Yıl önce
I would love to know what folks are using to record themselves. It's a lovely painting and I really enjoy the use of colors and how you blend them.
Erica Cortis
Erica Cortis 7 aylar önce
Beautiful work! I would love to know what two types of brush you use here at the end for going back in with the white paint. This is the part I’ve been struggling with. Thanks!
Sue McKendrick
Sue McKendrick 4 aylar önce
Take a screenshot. You can see both brushes more clearly. 💕
Oi Santos
Oi Santos Yıl önce
Absolutely cool 😮
AmysCreativeArt 2 yıl önce
Stunning 💜💙 wow. So Beautiful
Nina Hinze
Nina Hinze 2 yıl önce
Joseph Ormerod
Joseph Ormerod 6 aylar önce
Beautiful something I will definitely try.. Thankyou
Charmaine Hopkins
Charmaine Hopkins 2 yıl önce
Wow, I just love that, thank you for sharing.
Lora Golub
Lora Golub 2 yıl önce
Nancy Dipko
Nancy Dipko Yıl önce
I’m in love with this!! I agree, amazing!!!
Mindmotivation86 Yıl önce
Cajuby Rainer
Cajuby Rainer Yıl önce
Parece uma magia, parabéns,não tem como alguém não gostar,leve e lindo!
Olga Muljawko
Olga Muljawko Yıl önce
Mariella Abela
Mariella Abela 2 yıl önce
Lovely as usual
Rebecca stone
Rebecca stone Yıl önce
Absolutely love it 💝💝💝💝
Cool Abstract Art
Cool Abstract Art 7 aylar önce
Calming, nice video. Thank you for sharing
Faridy Sierra
Faridy Sierra Yıl önce
Que belleza de colores La defuminacion es precios COLOMBIA
Anthony Shurburn
Anthony Shurburn Yıl önce
This is beautiful.
Diane Hocker
Diane Hocker 4 aylar önce
I gave my first effort of this piece to a relative for her birthday and subsequently, her daughter wanted one exactly the same. Happy about that but must say, it's hard to duplicate your earlier effort to be identical as the customer wishes!
My painty heart
My painty heart Yıl önce
amazing 🤩
Ella Brandão👩‍🎨🎵 Channel
Ella Brandão👩‍🎨🎵 Channel 2 yıl önce
Amazing 👏
Sonja Wersonst
Sonja Wersonst Aylar önce
Hello Ray, which colors did you use? Could you please tell me the right number and the producer? Thanks!
Sumesh K Shanmughan
Sumesh K Shanmughan 3 aylar önce
Nice one 👍
Dottie Shields
Dottie Shields Yıl önce
Art And Creations by Yvette Creative Paint Pouring
Art And Creations by Yvette Creative Paint Pouring Yıl önce
I love. This technique. May I use it and teach it ? I will acknowledge you Ray of course for inspiration. Regards Yvié 🌻
claraferreira753 5 aylar önce
Nandani Fonseka
Nandani Fonseka 4 aylar önce
Laura Shore
Laura Shore 4 aylar önce
Very pretty.
Anna Attori
Anna Attori 11 aylar önce
Mustafa Kaplan
Mustafa Kaplan 5 aylar önce
Margarita Silva
Margarita Silva 2 yıl önce
That was so nice!!!!! 🎊
Luisa Cadoni
Luisa Cadoni 2 yıl önce
Wow.......... Bellissimo, very beautiful, bravo, I like it too much. Thanks , 👏👏👏
Dominique Bleuzet
Dominique Bleuzet Yıl önce
Superbe, bravo
Marian Cala
Marian Cala 3 aylar önce
Una pregunta, al lienzo no se le aplica pintura blanca antes?
Ben Kenobikazna
Ben Kenobikazna Yıl önce
This is awesome ❤️! Nice greetings from Bavaria in Germany 😁👍
Lucille Householder
Lucille Householder 4 aylar önce
I love the painting, the effect and the music. What is tone name of the piece?
César Jorge Gárnica Granado
César Jorge Gárnica Granado 7 aylar önce
fantastico gracias
Brenda Whaley
Brenda Whaley 10 aylar önce
David Moerland
David Moerland 7 aylar önce
love it
Francis Huberto Vasquez
Francis Huberto Vasquez 10 aylar önce
That's for a sala and furniture displayed style of abstract art, sophisticated enough to be beautiful.
Karin Tolbert
Karin Tolbert Yıl önce
barbara bernard
barbara bernard 11 aylar önce
Très joli
Lilian Lamad
Lilian Lamad Yıl önce
Es admirable el don qe usted tiene
Ramita art & craft
Ramita art & craft 2 yıl önce
Super 👌
captivating_canvases Aylar önce
You deserve a trillion of followers ✨️
McD Detect & Respect.
McD Detect & Respect. Yıl önce
Best I’ve seen yet, thanks.
Creative touch
Creative touch Yıl önce
Wow 😍
Dr. Mauren Navarro
Dr. Mauren Navarro Yıl önce
Do you put the masking tape when the paint is dry?
dharmi gandhi
dharmi gandhi 2 aylar önce
Vety nice way.. Superb painting..
Mrs.Demetria Lewis
Mrs.Demetria Lewis 8 aylar önce
Talent 🥰😍🥰😍 is amazing 👏 🙌 😍 beautiful art in motion
bKJr 11 aylar önce
This is my favorite ❤
Rachel Martino
Rachel Martino 5 aylar önce
s est très beau🎉❤
Babykutty mathew
Babykutty mathew 11 aylar önce
Anybody vl fall in love with ur work ..... Just 3 colors & a shower Of colors ... on the canvas :::Waw .. fantastic ...
R Grant Conacher
R Grant Conacher 9 aylar önce
Thank you for sharing 😃💓🐼🔥⚓
Natoo Land
Natoo Land 3 aylar önce
Martha Nury Urriago Neira
Martha Nury Urriago Neira Yıl önce
Ray hay algún. Problema si sigo tus Instrucciónes para pintar mi cuadro? Que. Me quede igual bueno o. Parecido?
Happy Yelly
Happy Yelly 3 aylar önce
That’s real pretty
Navy Momma
Navy Momma Yıl önce
Do you clean your brush in-between colors? Mine always looks like mustard when done 😔
Carla Montenegro
Carla Montenegro Yıl önce
hi! I am amazed! What is your paper?😀
Rachele monaco
Rachele monaco Yıl önce
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