Brad Bellick FBI

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13 yıl önce

Brad Bellick thinking he is an FBI agent

@TheGeneral1292 6 yıl önce
I bet that true FBI agents actually do this sometimes
@Yippie37 6 yıl önce
I love how even after he practised it so much, his final delivery was awful lol.
@grinne2975 2 yıl önce
Bureau, I'm with the Brad Bellick.
@freddoran1665 6 yıl önce
Favourite scene of Prison Break. :) Brad's performance in this period of season 2 is the best acting performance in the whole show IMO. His happiness after the help of Mahone, portraying himself as a professional agent, ambition and excitement for his job was purely awesome. T Bag's being Cole Pfeiffer part was also similar to this. :D
@kiljaeden5405 Yıl önce
This is actually heartwarming since Brad always wanted to be a cop
@vanamutt43 3 yıl önce
Bellick was such a great character.
@andrewmitchell7850 2 yıl önce
Man honestly Brad turned out to be a real one. RIP Agent Bellick
@DaveyHendersonAH 11 yıl önce
Brad Bellick, I'm with the bureau
@lamakalama2999 Yıl önce
Brad bellick should of won oscar for his performance and his character development is insane. Great actor
@Gentuasu 7 yıl önce
Ended up being one of my favs. the 180 character change was awesome to see.. it was the real Brad Bullock instead of the tuff guy act. He was kind.
@HollyCx2 3 yıl önce
I went from hating him in the show, to one of my favourite characters 😂
@Oua2eL 5 yıl önce
Brad Bellick , I'm with the Bureau
@oullerslb 5 yıl önce
This is one of the best scene of the whole series.
@abderrahmane6876 Yıl önce
He lived the dream for a couple moments
@eddsonshetunyenga9761 2 yıl önce
After T Bag, Bellick is the second funniest guy in PB. This is so funny
This is moment when i started love to see more of brad bellick😅
@PingingAndThat 11 yıl önce
Brad Bellick is one of my favorite characters!
@thecollectorgulam9769 Yıl önce
Lmao I love Brad Bellick. He was just a lost soul, a dork trying to be the tough guy who didn't have a lot of luck in life.
@azlankhan1186 3 yıl önce
Brad is a Legendary Actor in Prison Break
@leykaus7199 5 yıl önce
This guy has a great voice