🇯🇵 JPN vs. 🇳🇱 NED - Highlights Week 3 | Women's VNL 2022

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Watch the Women's highlights between Japan and Netherlands from Week 3 of the Volleyball Nations League 2022 in Calgary (Canada)!

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Volleyball World
Volleyball World Aylar önce
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Volleyball Womens
Volleyball Womens Aylar önce
Japan's first defeats in VNL 2022. Both teams played really well. Netherlands unexpected! I love this match! 🔥🔥🔥
100% nem ai
100% nem ai Aylar önce
Jogo inacreditável,só provando mais uma vez que nenhum time é invencível.Parabéns a Holanda
daiki daiki
daiki daiki Aylar önce
@100% nem ai Japan is not in good shape
100% nem ai
100% nem ai Aylar önce
@daiki daiki Holanda está em penúltimo lugar na classificação do Ranking
daiki daiki
daiki daiki Aylar önce
Japan is not serious because it is confirmed that it will advance to the final round. But the Netherlands is strong
Cp Tovar
Cp Tovar Aylar önce
What a match! A very well deserved victory from the Netherlands, even though they didn't have a great tournament, they showed their level today and it'll be a great boost for the World Championships later this year. Also, we all know it should've been 3-1 had the referee mark Seki's double-contact set, but I'm so happy they didn't give up in the fourth set and made a great comeback. Congrats!
Icarus9117 Aylar önce
Que jogão! A Holanda surpreendeu a todos.Essa VNL está cheia de surpresas.Parabéns Holanda! 👏👏👏Só pode decretar campeão quando cair a última bola do campeonato.
Carlos Joseph
Carlos Joseph Aylar önce
A esse ponto do campeonato o Japão se fez favorito, encaixando jogos e mostrando uma jogabilidade invejável. Acontece de seleções crescerem durante o campeonato, acredito que Holanda encontrou um jogo e conseguiu encaixar, e merecem crédito por isso. Parabéns a Holanda, por hora.
enigmaticmisfit Aylar önce
Congratulations to the Netherlands for a hard fought victory. Win or lose I just love watching Japan play. 🏐
Anne Baan - van Dijk
Anne Baan - van Dijk Aylar önce
What an amazing match this was! Great dedication from both teams which resulted in so many good rallies! Either team deserved to win, but I'm especially happy for The Netherlands since the tournament wasn't going that well for them. Hopefully it will be a huge boost for them for the World Championships in our country! :D
Enry Mans
Enry Mans Aylar önce
What a great game, the delivery from both teams is unreal, they fought for it! 😁👏
Xian Ming
Xian Ming Aylar önce
In life you don't always win, you have to experience failure to learn more. Still a good fight Team Japan. 🤗🥺 I am still a fan. I also love how determined the Team Netherland was during the match. They only got one win and now two, while Japan's first loss throughout this VNL season. Keep fighting Japan.💙
Xian Ming
Xian Ming Aylar önce
@Icarus9117 Did I say that I'm not happy that the Dutch won? I even gave them compliment, and I just gave the updated winnings they got. Is there something bad about my comment? ☺😢
Icarus9117 Aylar önce
@Xian Ming I agree with C above. Be happy that the Dutch won. And this is a free world of speaking our minds. Get used to it.
SuperNiinew Aylar önce
😏😏😏 yeah only 2 win ! And 1 of 2 is win Japan team hahaaaaaaaaahaaaaaa
Xian Ming
Xian Ming Aylar önce
@C Hi, first, I don't want watch drama series, 😂😂second, I just wanted to explain lossing in a different perspective, not just in sports. Third, if you don't have positive things to say, then just don't comment. 😘
C Aylar önce
This is the caused of watching too much drama series😅. This is sports/volleyball. This isn't about the reflection of your life, or our life🙄. You're being too much emotional and dramatic✌️😅.
Thiago Assunção
Thiago Assunção Aylar önce
Resumindo jogo é jogado e dependendo do dia qualquer time pode vencer ou surpreender.
Adriane Coelho
Adriane Coelho Aylar önce
A mágica do vôlei é essa meus amigos, que jogo 👏🏻
Benjamin Lou-Wong
Benjamin Lou-Wong Aylar önce
That game was incredible! Whilst only one team won I don't think either team could've played better than they did
Cleonice Schantz
Cleonice Schantz Aylar önce
Que jogo sensacional!
deborah de moraes
deborah de moraes Aylar önce
Jogo é jogado, não tem jeito. Que partida, hein? Espetacular!
Blazing Souls
Blazing Souls Aylar önce
Heartiest congratulations to Netherland team for defeating such a well prepared team of Japan.. Japanese team has trained themselves very hard..it's so evident the way they fought the match
Rayan Fermann
Rayan Fermann Aylar önce
It’s a match the two teams are winners! A profound love for all players and fans!💐🙏
Deja Hadden
Deja Hadden Aylar önce
So glad to see Airi Miyabe out there. She played so well at Minnesota.
ロドリゲス Aylar önce
Daniel Falcao
Daniel Falcao Aylar önce
Jogão parabéns Holanda 👏
Barbie Aylar önce
Congratulations to the Netherlands!! I’m very happy to watch this match. They finally won a great match. So proud of them.
Volleyball World
Volleyball World Aylar önce
nhico roda
nhico roda Aylar önce
Still congrats to japan for giving their best👏👏i hope they bounce back on their upcoming games♥️♥️
Porntip sn
Porntip sn Aylar önce
A good team both of them, very excited and a good match
Anouk Engelbertink
Anouk Engelbertink Aylar önce
Finally a good match from the Netherlands. Hopely a new start from now. They have potention.
Bryant Hau Tran
Bryant Hau Tran Aylar önce
Miyabe! I loved watching her play at Minnesota! So happy that she’s playing for Japan 🥳
Volleyball World
Volleyball World Aylar önce
She's a real treasure! 😍
Dan cw
Dan cw Aylar önce
Such an Exciting Match. Phenomenal, Unbelievable, Amazing Performance. Huge Thanks both team. Love you both team. From Thailand.
Lorenzo Bianchi
Lorenzo Bianchi Aylar önce
Mano incrivel a Holanda tirou a invencibilidade das japonesas, foi um bom jogo parabens japonesas e holandesas👏👏👏👏
daiki daiki
daiki daiki Aylar önce
@zzz You are jealous of Japan😂😂😂
Thiago 🪐
Thiago 🪐 Aylar önce
@zzz I already think the Japanese have a lot of speed
enigmaticmisfit Aylar önce
@zzz Japan beat the USA 3-0. And don’t come up with excuses. Karch knows what a threat Japan can be so he didn’t play just his weaker players.
zzz Aylar önce
Japan is not as strong as the United States and Brazil.The offensive power is weak and the tempo is slow.The Netherlands is a very strong country, and this time it's just that I'm not feeling well.Japan may lose to the next Turkey and Serbia.The final is a battle between Brazil and the United States.
Layme Rodrigues
Layme Rodrigues Aylar önce
Nenhum time merece ser subestimado, fica a lição para o Japão. Parabéns a Holanda pela vitória 👏🏻
daiki daiki
daiki daiki Aylar önce
Japan has not been able to do anything because it is confirmed that it will advance to the final round. But the Netherlands is strong
Tanchanok K
Tanchanok K Aylar önce
Congratulations The Netherlands So amazing ! 🙌🏻
palmmyjj jane
palmmyjj jane Aylar önce
ยินดีกับเนเธอร์แลนด์ด้วยเก่งมากๆ มันก็เป็นเรื่องธรรมดาของกีฬาผลัดกันแพ้ผลัดกันชนะ ฟอร์มขึ้นๆลงๆ เนเธอร์แลนด์ทำการบ้านมาดีด้วยแหละ ผู้ปิดตำนานไร้พ้าย 8 นัดรวดของญี่ปุ่น แต่โคกะตัวแบกจริงๆเลยนัดนี้ สู้ต่อไปญี่ปุ่น✌🏼✌🏼
Cnan th
Cnan th Aylar önce
I get goosebumps. Netherlands make it! They can beat Japan!! What an unexpected match. 👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Kriang Ramsiri
Kriang Ramsiri Aylar önce
Great match for you both JP&NTL . CHEER YOU UP BOTH
Vitória Gomes
Vitória Gomes Aylar önce
Holanda foi demais!! 🇳🇱
Febriano Abrahams
Febriano Abrahams Aylar önce
the netherlands team played very well, from their passing, setters to their middle blocker discipline. for the japanese team, arisa inoue and uchiseto made a lot of mistakes but why the japanese coach was late to replace them. congrats to the netherlands team, and to the japanese team i still support and love you.
wichai arpanon
wichai arpanon Aylar önce
Every players need a game and every games in this week of Japan is preparing for the knock out round.
Galaxy404th Aylar önce
Netherlands were chasing down Japan's speed play on 2nd set while kept doing power play consistenly, Timmerman, Buijs and Plak literally destroyed Japan's defense, even Netherlands made many errors their powerful plays cannot be handled by Japan till last set
Hüseyin Ünlü
Hüseyin Ünlü Aylar önce
Japonya ya Hollanda dur dedi süper bir maçdı her iki takımı tebrik ederim. 🇹🇷
Em Aylar önce
What a match!!! Well done both team.
noone Aylar önce
It was a very good game for both teams! Good to see that the Dutchess are defending now! Great work the Netherlands!
Kino ppi
Kino ppi Aylar önce
As a fan of the Japanese team, this result was totally unexpected, but I would like to congratulate the Netherlands👏✨ Their block was great and Japan could not deal with it.
Arlo Arellano
Arlo Arellano Aylar önce
I'm just sad that Japan ends their winning streak. It's super obvious that Netherlands guarded well Koga and they studied how Japan plays with their fast sets. Congrats to Netherlands but hoping Japan will bounce back.
Veronica De Santos
Veronica De Santos Aylar önce
😭😭😭😭😭i love Japan .♥️
kamenballer Aylar önce
Agree, It looks Tall players' still the counter to the Japan's Fast play.
Choi Junni
Choi Junni Aylar önce
Still a good fight for japanese team although went short, congratulations Netherlands for giving nippon a good fight and bounce back japan!love from Philippines🇵🇭🇯🇵🇳🇱
Yesu Aylar önce
*Even the best fall down sometimes.* Japan will bounce back. This was an exciting match. The way the announcer kept saying Koga, Koga....🤣🤣🤣🤣.
belle garcia
belle garcia Aylar önce
I did not expect that Netherlands defeated Japan!
NYZEN Aylar önce
It was a very fun match , The Netherlands played very well.
Imyour Jay
Imyour Jay Aylar önce
Congrats Netherlands 🇳🇱👏🏻
Hannibal Disa
Hannibal Disa Aylar önce
Great great match Holland, unespected victory but well done. Congratulations 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Volleyball World
Volleyball World Aylar önce
Loveter city
Loveter city Aylar önce
ในที่สุดญี่ปุ่นก็โดนฉุดไร้พ่าย วันนี้เล่นดีทั้งสองทีมจริงๆ
𝕤𝕒𝕝𝕒𝕫𝕠𝕣 Aylar önce
pancake dive
pancake dive Aylar önce
they were beaten
Yesi Anggoro
Yesi Anggoro Aylar önce
Super intense match! Congrats Nederland👏👏👏👏... keep fighting for more Japan 💪💪💪
Parabéns Holanda😍🙌🏾
maria hlavacova
maria hlavacova Aylar önce
They played well Nederlad They deservedly won. 👍🔥🍀❤
ariel ashton
ariel ashton Aylar önce
didn't expect Netherlands to be the one to beat Japan
Toshi25 Aylar önce
This was a thrilling match even though Japan loss in this game
Nut Nithiporn
Nut Nithiporn Aylar önce
Respect Team Japan, Congrats on Team The Netherlands, I always support Team Japan from Thailand !!! Keep fighting JP
Huy T
Huy T Aylar önce
To be fair, Japan was giving their other players some international experience too but Netherlands played very well.
胖子 Aylar önce
@Mirie Shii The first 6 now is good enough for me, but if they want to win the medals in big tournaments(VNL is considered as a small competition since it was held every year), they need to put out more players to play and make the WHOLE team work, instead of consistently relying on the first 6(multiple former japanese star players such as Sakoda, Takeshita and Ebata pointed out the same problem). Moreover, captain Koga said in a interview that she want to create a team that wins no matter who comes up to play. I hope the coaches can accept the suggestions.
Mirie Shii
Mirie Shii Aylar önce
@胖子 every team has an off game. Their first 6 has been consistent for the past 8 games. There seems to be some kind of disconnect already with the team. Starting with the reception as you said. Probably the sudden change of the first 6 in the starting match wass the killer. He maybe could have gradually inserted the bench players. Koga here was so steady and rightfully the captain. Now I'm not sure about the others. Who do you think should be the first 6 for Japan moving forward?
胖子 Aylar önce
@Mirie Shii By the way, I have to point out the receiving. It's rare to see Japan's receiving doing so inconsistently. Hayashi, Mami, Ishikawa is the top 3 OH at recieving in Japan V.league, and Ishikawa was the number 1 receiver in last year's vnl, but they all done some weird receiving errors today. Still, huge praise for the Netherlands at the serving line.
胖子 Aylar önce
@Mirie Shii Yeah I know, what I mean was the consistently of a player's performance is the key points to determine who's the top player and who's not. I'm surprised that they couldn't do it this time.(Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan of Japan, we chatted so many times in the replies)
Mirie Shii
Mirie Shii Aylar önce
@胖子 he changed back to the first 6 EXCEPT the libero. Kojima was their main libero but then he retained Yamgishi. Team B was doing good but not as strong as Japan used to be (in this VNL). He should have played with certain combinations in their earlier matches (like with Thailand). Now it's obvious his first 6 don't have a stable back up combination.
AlexStorm3 Aylar önce
Big congratz, Netherlands!!! Amazing game!
Mababy Detera
Mababy Detera Aylar önce
I didn't expected that Nederland won from unbeatable Japan!the ball is really round! What a play!
Veronica De Santos
Veronica De Santos Aylar önce
I love Japan ♥️♥️but I am from dominican repúblic 🇩🇴🇩🇴♥️
catur kurniawan
catur kurniawan Aylar önce
Nederland is very solid today. The fact that they really need Plak and Buijs
Nont Nonty channel
Nont Nonty channel Aylar önce
Unbelievable team Netherlands win team Japan. Congratulations to them. Awesome
Gerald Torda
Gerald Torda Aylar önce
Last year's VNL it was walso the Netherlands who gave Japan their 1st loss. Kudos to the Dutch Team.
エンビー Aylar önce
Hands-on for the Deutsch the deficit of the blocks is 16-2. Koga's 31 points were not enough to get their 9th win.
Marr Aylar önce
Win or lose, that is totally a awesome volleyball world class
Rolyn Caralos
Rolyn Caralos Aylar önce
It's okey team Japan nothing's change I still love ang support you guys 😁 From Philippines ❤️
Atölye66 Aylar önce
Birileri yenmeliydi bunları :) Bu takımın Hollanda olması ilginç ve umut verici oldu
Raimundo Melonio
Raimundo Melonio Aylar önce
Parabens Holanda👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋
C H O C O L A T E Y Aylar önce
I think it's great that Japan (both the Men and Women) already know that they will qualify to the quarter finals, so they give their bench players a chance to play regardless of if they win or lose. Great job from Netherlands, they are amazing players and it's great to finally see them get their groove back.
C H O C O L A T E Y Aylar önce
@Wyng they brought their full team in the 3rd set...
Wyng Aylar önce
@Datu Norhamidin Mamasainged if you pay attention to the highlights Japan has their key players late in set 2
Wyng Aylar önce
they indeed give a chance on bench players on first set but reverted back to their key players on the next sets. When Japan wins a set, they are 2 points ahead but when NL wins they are 4 or 5 points ahead. NL out blocked Japan 16 to 2 but Japan out attack, out serve them and gave fewer errors by small margin.
Datu Norhamidin Mamasainged
Datu Norhamidin Mamasainged Aylar önce
I see. Thanks for this. Now i understand. 😅
Anu SD 59
Anu SD 59 Aylar önce
Congratulations Netherlands 🇳🇱
John Lloyd Alfante
John Lloyd Alfante Aylar önce
If the Week 3 of VNL still in the PH, the crowd will be in insane.
forreal rich
forreal rich Aylar önce
So great Netherlands !! Wow !! Congratulations
Liv A
Liv A Aylar önce
Congratulations Netherland 🔥👏
Shopia Vida Louca
Shopia Vida Louca Aylar önce
Porra mano que jogo da Anne Buijs, deu um verdadeiro show!!!
Sara Wanwin
Sara Wanwin Aylar önce
ญี่ปุ่นก็ยังเล่นดีตามมาตรฐาน แต่เนเธอร์แลนด์องค์ลงมากแมตช์นี้ ลูกกลมๆนี้ ไม่มีอะไรแน่นอนจริงๆ สู้ๆไทยแลนด์😁❤️
NZ Aylar önce
Keep Going Japan and I also congrats to 🇳🇱. Both are my love team
Endless Aylar önce
Congratulations Netherlands from Turkey 💙
Bris Tols
Bris Tols Aylar önce
I still love you Japanese players. Your team and Thai team still the best. Even Korean, they are not the best at this moment. They still have chances for the next.
Musa Emektar
Musa Emektar Aylar önce
great job Ned. team , congrats
Wessie R
Wessie R Aylar önce
Not gonna lie, but this game gave me goosebumps. Both teams played very well and I’m so happy for Netherlands. Who would have thought that the ND team would be the one who broke the spell. Japan is no longer “Undefeated team”. Congratulations Netherlands! This is such a HUGE win.
Icarus9117 Aylar önce
Thank you! We should appreciate the fact that Netherlands won but everyone here who are weebs are just commenting on Japan… this is what happens when Volleyball World is paid by Japanese government and orgs to promote only Japan team and not others… marketing works.. so everyone starts talking about Japan… the winner should be talked about…. very nice job dutch!!!
Patrick T. Randolph
Patrick T. Randolph Aylar önce
Now this is VNL at its finest~!!! GREAT job, Japan and the Netherlands~!!!
Patrick T. Randolph
Patrick T. Randolph Aylar önce
@Volleyball World Yes, the Japanese have classical defense, and the Dutch came to PLAY~!!!
Volleyball World
Volleyball World Aylar önce
It really is! 🤩
정유니스 Aylar önce
신장의 열세에도 불구하고 조직력으로 아시아의 여자배구 자존심을 지켜주는 재팬 응원합니다.
Suriya Variety Channel
Suriya Variety Channel Aylar önce
Lovely you both from thailand
佐々木ヒロト Aylar önce
Patricia Costa
Patricia Costa Aylar önce
I'd like to see Netherlands in the finals, cause I love Anne Buijs!
The Paramount Paramount
The Paramount Paramount Aylar önce
Ironic when a bottom ranked and almost winless team brought down and defeated the number 1 team. The ball is round indeed.
Muejif Aylar önce
Japan,Good Job..Team🇯🇵👏👏😁💪🏻🏐🏳️🏳️
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