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artofkickz 3 aylar önce
Video should be back soon.
Zay Raw2.0 thousand
Zay Raw2.0 thousand Aylar önce
Man I need you to ask a Karen to see that shirt
Uncle Schickelgrubber
Uncle Schickelgrubber 3 aylar önce
What up art?
Tony Dale
Tony Dale 3 aylar önce
Welcome back
bltznova 756
bltznova 756 3 aylar önce
fight or flight do be hitting different
ZERO 3 aylar önce
U should watch mrballen he has amazing stories
Jeremiah Francisco
Jeremiah Francisco 3 gün önce
I saw a shadow in the back I ain’t cappin i wish i knew how time stamp
Sarah Lindsey
Sarah Lindsey 5 gün önce
Hihi hey hey Likeit Likeit
Sarah Lindsey
Sarah Lindsey 5 gün önce
Likeit likeit
Sarah Lindsey
Sarah Lindsey 5 gün önce
Hey hey
Sarah Lindsey
Sarah Lindsey 5 gün önce
Hi hi
Sarah Lindsey
Sarah Lindsey 5 gün önce
Newheart 6 gün önce
...well shit.
Green Dragon
Green Dragon 7 gün önce
Is it bad that I still want to go there
John Ryder
John Ryder 8 gün önce
I think the most hunted or at least near the top is the old prison in Santa Fe New Mexico. National Guard use it for training.
Dakota hill
Dakota hill 9 gün önce
Tom needs to write thriller books for real,he is good!!!!!!
nicole wins
nicole wins 9 gün önce
Tom needs to tell more stories, I could watch and listen to him all day long. The ending those gave me chills! Come on Tom, we need some more stories!
jcsadog 12 gün önce
Giving me a silent hill vibe 😱🤯😱
Jayden Mercado
Jayden Mercado 15 gün önce
23:35 I looked behind me at the same time as you
johny plays basketball
johny plays basketball 15 gün önce
27:21 something flays over toms head
Toke the Dude
Toke the Dude 18 gün önce
I'm an empath as well and when he describes the town or the ghost or the forest it's like I'm actually there. I feel it I see it as if I lived it
Rashiana Bryant
Rashiana Bryant 18 gün önce
Wow he can really tell a scary story. I could picture and feel everything he was saying. 😦
reactor 20 gün önce
O hell naw
ChibiBunny 20 gün önce
yo im an empath too!! :D
Jamarley Cross
Jamarley Cross 20 gün önce
France Canada
Jamarley Cross
Jamarley Cross 20 gün önce
Natasha Robinson
Natasha Robinson 22 gün önce
And 2012 made the world did end look at us now 2020 maybe they ment 2021 they was very smart
Calvin Gordee
Calvin Gordee 22 gün önce
4:50 I love the description he gives of the town. It really painted the picture in my mind
Emarion Morring
Emarion Morring 24 gün önce
He rap the facts and tell scary stories.
Kiara McCartney
Kiara McCartney 24 gün önce
I love tom! I love him music, his beliefs, and just him in general.
Anna Hulett
Anna Hulett 24 gün önce
When he said “and guess what?” Something flew over his head and it freaked me out for a second lol
Jesse Johnson
Jesse Johnson 25 gün önce
Dude seriously how i didn't know that tom Macdonald was actually talking in his TRshow videos the last few months is beyond me. Literally just found out
Im Frigid
Im Frigid 25 gün önce
What is the music video that they recorded called?
Jordin Lohr
Jordin Lohr 25 gün önce
Gary Hochstetler
Gary Hochstetler 25 gün önce
🤣 someone trolled Tom
Shawnné James
Shawnné James 26 gün önce
That dark energy they witnessed I believe 100% because I had an experience with the same kind of entity and it felt like it was where all evil originated from. It was just the vibe I got from it very strong so terrifying! As I ran inside and slamed the glass door and held it shut a moment later I felt a large bang on it but nothing could be seen. This stuff is real people. Those two kids that is so tragic.I wonder more about there story. Were they trying to run away from the same thing and over a hole?
S.B.R Stunta A.K.A Stay Bangin Records
S.B.R Stunta A.K.A Stay Bangin Records 26 gün önce
this is the shit movies are created from, actual towns like this existed for god knows what reason, and the only People that would have the answers is the government
Rhianna Dalley
Rhianna Dalley 26 gün önce
the way the details just spill amazed....
Cindy Fultz
Cindy Fultz 29 gün önce
The white witch. Video u did 3min 58 sec in as he said he didn't know if he would find anything look to the right of the white tree c her walking ?
the gods awaken
the gods awaken Aylar önce
I agree
cat Moore
cat Moore Aylar önce
I'm sorry friendship would be done because I'm NOT going back to get no light . No Siry bob uh uh not me . NOPE!
Smudent Aylar önce
I want to watch the music video they shot there now
Heather Winchester
Heather Winchester Aylar önce
My skin is crawling when he said they saw the shadow I got cold and I have goosebumps and I have covers on and a heater
FireHeart321 Aylar önce
Honestly, I saw that twist at the end coming simply from hearing stories with similar twists. But it was still chilling. This story was both creepy and funny.
Cole08 Aylar önce
Iv got only one problem with the story, it was good, but didn't he go back for the 2nd flashlight?
DFA Sweks
DFA Sweks Aylar önce
Can you please stop being so underated please just get more subs 😄
Ismail Mbaye
Ismail Mbaye Aylar önce
28:57 Ah hell nah I would be screaming
daniel smith ogena
daniel smith ogena Aylar önce
If this is true then that means they probably found the SCP- The staircase class Euclid. Whoops false alarm, sorry got excited from hearing the dark staircase 😂
Isis Teaukura
Isis Teaukura Aylar önce
What tha shmokss holy shiii
Jennifer Seerattan
Jennifer Seerattan Aylar önce
Honey the way your always looking back there is something there I am Empath too, and don’t want to scare you but right after you turn the light on and looked back and looked back at the camera I see almost like a grown man sitting kicked back against the couch or whatever to the right behind you wearing like a very old cop uniform that had the matching officers hat like way back when and even the rayban sun glasses
chick ishot
chick ishot Aylar önce
Wow, Tom is so good at story telling. The amount of details he remembered and the way he relays it is impressive. 😮🤯
isiah weverka
isiah weverka Aylar önce
23:35 we all checked behind us haha
shane prewitt
shane prewitt Aylar önce
The big shadow he described in this story has also been seen at the Waverly hills sanatorium in Kentucky they call him big black he is what they call a shadow figure.
BigTilt Media
BigTilt Media Aylar önce
We are a videography company out of Michigan, can we please get some subscription help. We are trying to get to 1k. Thank you
Ywn Fighter
Ywn Fighter Aylar önce
22:17 Tom: next what happens is the most horrendous thing in my life Me: what is it fuckin stairs again
Ywn Fighter
Ywn Fighter Aylar önce
Tbh it kinda sounds like he is scared of the past
Ywn Fighter
Ywn Fighter Aylar önce
Did any one seemed so shocked when he said a stare case...... going down, lolol
Melissa May
Melissa May Aylar önce
I just cussed out my automatic air freshener. Thanks Tom!
Derek Hart
Derek Hart Aylar önce
Bro, you my favorite reaction guy.
Malcolm Perez
Malcolm Perez Aylar önce
At least sirens didn't go off🤷‍♂️
smallz da man
smallz da man 2 aylar önce
They found the umbrella corporations xD
tre jones
tre jones 2 aylar önce
i dont like toms music but god damnit hes an articulate story teller
The Amv Maker
The Amv Maker 2 aylar önce
Goddamn i watch the video no skip no sh*t then u got it my sister randomly scream that scared the crap out of me i run i said why She said a kid jump from the building I'm like where and there's nothing I'm like I'm not playing with this games than just go run like a Chita got out of my cage I'm like no I'm gone i was running with my sis I'm holding my sis then we got away the worst is i forgot its night I'm like fcked up im losing my mind I'm like where screwed up then thank God a police and we didn't go back and the cops got all our stuffs and we go on a hotel I'm still confuse as hell btw were ok now still were not going back there nope not again never not me I'm gone but hope that the kid my sis see is in the heaven
Tina Franklin
Tina Franklin 2 aylar önce
How can you take a freak like that seriously?
Anna's randomness WhoCares
Anna's randomness WhoCares 2 aylar önce
Haha that door sound got you turn around,, I saw that. =) Probably stil lless of a Scaredy Cat then I am :D
SpiritedHeart94 2 aylar önce
Everybody’s talking about the story, and I’m just here wondering where I can get that shirt 😅😂👌
Zachary Bailey
Zachary Bailey 2 aylar önce
Oh and i watched this vid at 2 in the morning
Zachary Bailey
Zachary Bailey 2 aylar önce
Bro imagine they seen them kids in the basement. I would crap myself
amber crouse
amber crouse 2 aylar önce
That was the best scary story I have ever heard being told!!!! He needs to do more stories!
Mark Lamb
Mark Lamb 2 aylar önce
I see you turning them lights back on lol
Matthew Mohri
Matthew Mohri 2 aylar önce
Okay brother, right at the beginning of this vid you had me laughing. "I wish a Karen would." T-Shirt. HA H HA HA!!!! Okay I will un pause and watch the rest. Hey at least the 2 kids were cool enough to warn you guys of how screwed up the houses were. Well the Ghost kids were actually guardians who were warning them of the danger. I've lived in haunted houses before the one in Germany when my dad was stationed there comes to mind. The Ghost was nice, she was more playful than anything. She used to take my mom's Jewelry and my mom would ask for it back and she'd get it back. If you have a Ghost in your house you must realize you are of God. You are of The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit they are your Armor, Sword, and Shield and that a demon or dark entity has only as much power over you as you allow them to have. Stand true in Love and no demon or dark entity can ever harm you b/c they feed off of fear. If the entity in your house is playful and moves stuff or opens doors just be firm but fair with it. It works trust me. Give it a name and treat the Ghost like one of the family. Your friends come over "Where's that cold air coming from and what's the creepy feeling?" Friends. "Oh that's Bob, he's the Ghost that lived here before I moved in. He wants to hang with us boys, don't worry about him he's cool."...If you have a Shadow Entity in your house that's when you stand in your faith and command it to respect your house and do you and your friends no harm in any way, or you will cast it out in the name of The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. You will see how quickly this ominous 7 or 8ft tall shadow with red eyes shrinks to something about 6" to a fit tall and walks off feeling emasculated. I've had experience with one who kept harassing me in my sleep by taking my sheets off the bed. It was 3AM I was sleeping I had a house to tile the next morning and I needed my sleep. So this had been happening for about a week prior to this incident. I finally woke up saw this massive Shadow Entity and just laid into it. I mean I was pissed and also have complete faith in God/Allah and all of the prophets. So I explained that it either behaves itself, stops harassing me, and my pets or I will cast it out by the will of God/Allah. It crept backwards and shrunk quickly. I was pissed and no I wasn't afraid of this jerk, it had no power over me than what I allowed it and I did not allow it to have any power. I guess when you live in S.A. Texas you tend to be less afraid of Ghosts b/c there is real danger in the city that can happen at any time any place. So the Shadow Figure hasn't bothered me since and I'm not sure if it moved on or not or chose to still live here respecting the guidelines I set up for it.
Putiputi Jones
Putiputi Jones 2 aylar önce
Love this video love Tom u can go there now they do tours and have events for like Christmas and Valentine's day love this story.
Bobby Ray Victory
Bobby Ray Victory 2 aylar önce
It may have been labled a tuberculosis medical town. But it sounds like it was an old cold war style bomb shelter type town. Everyone has a door to the tunnels and underground medical complex in their basements. Perfect cold war area town for anyone that could afford to be part of a community in the boondocks
AubieGirl12 DeShazo
AubieGirl12 DeShazo 2 aylar önce
I love Tom #HangOverGang he needs more scary stories. You and Tom need to go to a haunted place that would be 💯🔥🔥🔥❤❤❤❤
Rafael Cardenas
Rafael Cardenas 2 aylar önce
second time seeeing this the original and this one at the end since it dark in my room and a closet opened at the end i got chills and ran
try_meagain12 2 aylar önce
i seen the real one its scary
Amanda Redeagle
Amanda Redeagle 2 aylar önce
I watched this last night, aye, this shyte gave me goosebumps.
SuperNatural 2 aylar önce
These you tubers making vids from other peoples content should be bannned...but hell..since its allowed lets all create and compete for better minds a..
alexs aquariums
alexs aquariums 2 aylar önce
Don't like the stories me. I do like your channel tho .👍✌
Nicole Boyer
Nicole Boyer 2 aylar önce
Tom can do anything and be GOOD at it. Thanks for sharing this.
NELLIE'S WORLD 2 aylar önce
Tom needs to start making horror videos but actual short films with his girl bc he pulls u in and makes u feel like u r there with him
SpiritedHeart94 2 aylar önce
That means the big hole in the ceiling from the first house in the story is the place where those kids fell through and died. Damn. 😰
tanktexas 2 aylar önce
What music video is he talking about
Ashleigh Purcigo
Ashleigh Purcigo 2 aylar önce
That was best ghost story I’ve ever heard !😱
caleb bradbury
caleb bradbury 2 aylar önce
I live in British Columbia and I believe the is near Kamloops....I'm deffinetley doing a 10 hour drive to this place.
Mandzz B
Mandzz B 3 aylar önce
Some of the best story telling ever!!!!!
Colleen McEntee
Colleen McEntee 3 aylar önce
Love, love, love the shirt!!!
Johnathan Lyles
Johnathan Lyles 3 aylar önce
I need a shirt like that 😂😂👌🙌🏼
Handyprepper 3 aylar önce
Very good story telling
Pamela M
Pamela M 3 aylar önce
Make sure you pray over anything you had in that horrible place. That place is nothing but evil. Glad they made it out.
Rapid Striker
Rapid Striker 3 aylar önce
Just like silent hill
Joshua Welsh
Joshua Welsh 3 aylar önce
That was actually a good ghost story! Wow!
Tyler Letendre
Tyler Letendre 3 aylar önce
Eh lol i actually live in the same city and its actually called kamloops and tranquil is one of our main streets and what he calls tranquil is now or has always been called padova lol little history about the actually city tom is talking about 😂
amjgholson 3 aylar önce
Tom is a captivating story teller. This was epic.
Clark Empire
Clark Empire 3 aylar önce
Groin injury
Williamselectric98 3 aylar önce
I loved the ghost story that was fun!!
Cathy Smith
Cathy Smith 3 aylar önce
Dang tom needs to make a video of scary stories .
Rachel Hedley
Rachel Hedley 3 aylar önce
wow he's an awesome story teller. I was grateful my dogs where around by the end there. thanks for the great watch! love your reactions!
Anthony Fiasco
Anthony Fiasco 3 aylar önce
Wonder if he has any footage? Would think someone would be recording something.
T U 3 aylar önce
I died when you turned the light back on 😂😂😂
100% Sutherngirrl
100% Sutherngirrl 3 aylar önce
3:08 in and had to comment to say: Tom McDonald is an excellent story teller. Carry on.
Shasta Keetso
Shasta Keetso 3 aylar önce
I definitely could see the town, the creepy underground tunnels etc. Tom is one heck of a story teller. I need more stories from him
Whyte Raven
Whyte Raven 3 aylar önce
I live a few hours from there ... its creepy af ... Tom aint lieing !!! Canada Love !!!
Simon Wilkie
Simon Wilkie 3 aylar önce
loved this
Turtle Pieces
Turtle Pieces 3 aylar önce
I’m legit watching this at 1AM and it’s dark 😂 😆 oof
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