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Tom MacDonald

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Matticulous Media
Matticulous Media 18 dakika önce
This is DOPE! Keep em coming playboy!!
Samantha D.
Samantha D. 47 dakika önce
I watch people go thru abandoned haunted buildings and I got more friggin chills just listening to this. Hell when I was young I went with a group led by *professionals* who had wrote books and been on t.v. and paid good money, and heard some shit, all mostly cause my sis wanted to and I was older so, I was gonna be tough lol. But I never saw anything like that. I'd see things out of the corner of my eye, the stupid emf readers would go off, doors would slam, all kinds of stuff. Here I am in my 20s with my teen sister, like ya I can do this, starts at 11pm ends at 3am... then drive 3 hours home... but I'm glad it wasn't where you were.
Zachary Calhoun
Zachary Calhoun Saatler önce
I thought home boi was going to say he was just scared of a storage shed
Tahelle Wythet
Tahelle Wythet 2 saatler önce
Spooky, dude.
Beyond King
Beyond King 2 saatler önce
Another scare bedtime story please I’ll be a good kid I promise😱 👍🏽😊
Arnett Thayer
Arnett Thayer 3 saatler önce
Bro the ending just got me all tear up.... i feel like i just went ghost hunting at two pm on a sunny ass day. Dude youre a legend
Arnett Thayer
Arnett Thayer 3 saatler önce
i wish i could got there with a big group anyway.
Arnett Thayer
Arnett Thayer 3 saatler önce
bro i got goosebumps listening to this! Dude this is just as good as the music!
Awol Jones
Awol Jones 4 saatler önce
what a good story teller , expected nothing less tho.... fuck that light lol
Gecho99 4 saatler önce
agreed Spadez YT very well spoken
Ronald Lopez
Ronald Lopez 4 saatler önce
Been there. Its secluded and I'm a military pilot for the US and a joint us/Canadian geographic study was being done for some company. They took alot of samples and It was simply over the top eerie.... I wouldn't be caught dead there at night, and I'd honestly rather be caught in some ambush in Afghanistan rather than be there at night 😂
classified 4 saatler önce
Tell us another story uncle mac!
Timothy Sturdevant
Timothy Sturdevant 4 saatler önce
Woe you were handsome
Brenden Taylor
Brenden Taylor 4 saatler önce
we need more
N Motion. An Automotive Channel.
N Motion. An Automotive Channel. 4 saatler önce
Dude... that’s some crazy fkn sht bro! Wtf! Screw that light!
Christian Spall
Christian Spall 5 saatler önce
Was this song ghoststorys it makes scents
Stephen Jr Koonce
Stephen Jr Koonce 5 saatler önce
Do more commercials shit u can do anything and we would watch it
Brenden Taylor
Brenden Taylor 5 saatler önce
i your music
Jamie Yarbrough The Krazy Kuntreee Guy
Jamie Yarbrough The Krazy Kuntreee Guy 5 saatler önce
I like the way that you layed it out for sure, the background noises were spot on, maybe narrating is a thought for you brother
Amanda Preston
Amanda Preston 5 saatler önce
I think he never made it out them aliens cloned you..
Christopher Moon
Christopher Moon 5 saatler önce
Hey Tom, Can we have another please!?
Wkwkwk Unknown
Wkwkwk Unknown 6 saatler önce
What kind of mic is that it’s a good one 🥺
Jessi Birnie
Jessi Birnie 6 saatler önce
Dude I've been there same spot for view shadow spirit..word
Jay Perez169
Jay Perez169 6 saatler önce
Omg good story 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🖕that love it.
Silent Ravin
Silent Ravin 6 saatler önce
Peter Braun
Peter Braun 7 saatler önce
You are worth 2 Dave I am worth 12 why didn't you just buy $1,000 f****** camera light you told the world you are worth 12 million and you put your life at risk in your buddy's life at risk instead of buying it $1,000 recording camera light
Tim Bruckno
Tim Bruckno 7 saatler önce
I think Tom should do audio books. I could listen to him all day. So well spoken.
Peter Braun
Peter Braun 7 saatler önce
I f*** with your artistry Tom but to say that is absolutely no bugs in the area that you were in little dramatic don't you think did you map every single square foot aware you were with a magnifying glass or something
Damien Heaft
Damien Heaft 11 saatler önce
cool, a man of meny telents
Limitless Mind Designs
Limitless Mind Designs 12 saatler önce
Is there anything he cannot do?🔥😎💯😂always knew his a good storyteller ud know this if u listened to all his music🔥.@tom Mcdonald
Nathan Neal
Nathan Neal 15 saatler önce
Goose bumps fucking everywhere right now.
zachary freeman
zachary freeman 17 saatler önce
Yeah not a fan of ghost.
David W Needham
David W Needham 17 saatler önce
Excellent storytelling
Let'sGetGlam !
Let'sGetGlam ! 18 saatler önce
Please do more stories. You're amazing at story telling.
Becky Boydston
Becky Boydston 18 saatler önce
Wow, absolutely awesome.
trixie mahmod
trixie mahmod 21 saatler önce
y do you keep making me love you even more ?!?
art girl
art girl Gün önce
Why would he even bring 12,000$ light to there
Jon Evans
Jon Evans Gün önce
Yeah I dig this. Pretty dope.
Pp Gün önce
Fuck that I got goosebumps listening to this
RepoLFC Gün önce
He needs a podcast💯
itsa mystery
itsa mystery Gün önce
Video proof of entire story or never really happened.. Grow up
Eric Hazell
Eric Hazell Gün önce
Joel PANDA Gün önce
What music video were they shooting??
Dread Head David 420
Dread Head David 420 Gün önce
Just subbed to you bruh, good content, will continue to watch your stuff
ConcreteHades Gün önce
Any chance you have the video or footage y'all took still available? Also would you be interested in going back?
Haik Gün önce
Say Tom... If the music thing doesn't work out you'd make a helluva narrator bro lol
Snap Crackle Pop
Snap Crackle Pop Gün önce
Next time take us along for the ride!✌❤
Regalplains 49
Regalplains 49 Gün önce
I hated this in a good way
Anna's randomness WhoCares
Anna's randomness WhoCares Gün önce
I knew the children were off as soon as you mentioned Video Camera, but I wasn't sure exactly which year you went so I gave them a benefit of a doubt and a bit me in the end. :D Good story telling!
melisa beard
melisa beard Gün önce
Alton Illinois broski!
jos molen
jos molen Gün önce
love to see you in a ghost hunting video xD
Caleb Nathanael Nettles
Caleb Nathanael Nettles Gün önce
Gotta be one bad MF to get 500 dislikes
Steven garland
Steven garland Gün önce
Nice, so when do ya get your own ghosthunter show? Lol, dude I'd watch it, least you know how to tell a story in many facits
Howard Cordell
Howard Cordell Gün önce
Tom is one of coolest dudes I will never get the chance to meet. One hell of a story teller..Pod cast yeah maybe but he needs his own tv show!
Débora Cardoso
Débora Cardoso Gün önce
We need more ghosts stories
Débora Cardoso
Débora Cardoso Gün önce
Best ghost story i ever heard!
Elliot Thorne
Elliot Thorne Gün önce
I would totally go ghost hunting with Tom.
Jason Wilson
Jason Wilson Gün önce
“ in tha dark son!” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣FUCK THAT LIGHT!!
Tabby Cat Plays
Tabby Cat Plays Gün önce
tom seems like a very genuine person and just a chill guy in general
hubbajoesucide Gün önce
Wow! What a good story! Scary af! I’ve had a few of those growing up in Yosemite National Park. Lol.
Darrell P
Darrell P 2 gün önce
tom macdonald this was one of the best stories I've ever heard I love your videos and work wish I could meet you in person and we was friends lol
Chad 2 gün önce
I love this dude, you can tell a story weather its through music or your scary stories its great
Skye Elizabeth
Skye Elizabeth 2 gün önce
the last part literally gave me shivers wtfff
Devin Perreault
Devin Perreault 2 gün önce
Tom needs to go on ghost adventures lol. Or just do a TRshow blog once a month at a haunted place in a town he’s touring
Oruam 2 gün önce
What music video was this?
charlee soward
charlee soward 2 gün önce
when the flash light died why did yall just not use the 1200 dollar light?
THE TRUTH 2 gün önce
He's a natural at this. Skillz galore 😎
charlee soward
charlee soward 2 gün önce
what music video for what song
dragonfly1985 2 gün önce
How did I not know he was doing these kinds of videos??? I love this kind of stuff. I hope this is something Tom Macdonald continues to do. ❤️
Derek Nichols
Derek Nichols 2 gün önce
That was awesome bro
Derek Nichols
Derek Nichols 2 gün önce
Hell yeah bro keep it up
EvanRicky Byas
EvanRicky Byas 2 gün önce
I want to hangout with this guy.
Matthew DeWard
Matthew DeWard 2 gün önce
Damn G that is a story. blessed love from Grapids
Josh Elliott
Josh Elliott 2 gün önce
Dm good story. Thanks for no jump scares. Driving to work at 4 am through deer infested woods is bad enough without a sudden scream out of nowhere. If you're ever interested in another creepy af tb housing system, check out mammoth caves in Kentucky. Big ass caves with houses built into them.
Cosmic squirrel
Cosmic squirrel 2 gün önce
Yep. I've seen some shit I never want to see again. Very glad to believe in Jesus. Only Christ can push that sort of crap at bay. I slept with my light on for months.
PolarisPyxis 2 gün önce
Tom! Such a good story teller. Do more of these. Love your music too btw 😉
tiffanyalg1984 2 gün önce
Chances are that tunnel was used for more than TB patients. I don’t know. Usually energy that strong indicates massive amounts of suffering happened there...I don’t know how agonizing TB deaths were though. Now I’m going to research the history 😂
Jarred Bradley
Jarred Bradley 2 gün önce
So which music video was it?
Finalparsly95 2 gün önce
The tunnels probably led to the crematorium
Scarecrow 2 gün önce
Of course you lost T.T i would of been in the same boat lol.
Fox Macnamara
Fox Macnamara 2 gün önce
You are a great story teller Tom! I could listen to you tell stories all day!
Dorothy Mace
Dorothy Mace 2 gün önce
This was scary af
Greg Thornhill
Greg Thornhill 2 gün önce
Why Tf do I watch these Mf at night
SANDRA WO 2 gün önce
That was awesome, Tom. Do more please.
Mary Hughes
Mary Hughes 2 gün önce
At least there was some goodness in that dark sad place. That ghost girl looked out for y'all.
Mike Riley
Mike Riley 2 gün önce
Lisa Haswell
Lisa Haswell 3 gün önce
You are an incredible storyteller you had me captured in all the details and feelings you put into that you should absolutely do more of these! And I really do love your music your so real on everything you talk about I love it! Btw what music video are you talking about I would love to see it?🖤
EM Fields
EM Fields 3 gün önce
Do more digg'en it almost seems like you trying to hide your intelligence with street lingo but you keep talking with the vocabulary of a man who has intelligence I guess I'm digging your story and I checked out something that I believe was your tune ... it's up.
Qeresbdw 3 gün önce
if this is real hell noooo
Payton Kopperson
Payton Kopperson 3 gün önce
Holy fk man, you can tell a story!
Lee Cancela
Lee Cancela 3 gün önce
damn son, you're hellova story teller, wow
Jeston Ernest
Jeston Ernest 3 gün önce
Damn that was one of the best stories! Amazing story teller bro!
Gary W-l-o-t
Gary W-l-o-t 3 gün önce
The patients at the sanitorium were abused
Gary W-l-o-t
Gary W-l-o-t 3 gün önce
What music video is it? I want to see video of this town.
26 Twilia Kinkade
26 Twilia Kinkade 3 gün önce
love it tom you scard the hell out of me
jimmythepen01 3 gün önce
BionicRooster 3 gün önce
I lived in a haunted house with footsteps, cabinets shutting, shadows at night, and i even had an interaction with one. Idk if this is actually real, toms got some real talk, but it sounds real from my own experiences. I was lucky though that my house wasnt a place for people to go and die.
Darrin Chipps T.V.TM
Darrin Chipps T.V.TM 3 gün önce
Did not expect the ending bro.
HYPED UP 3 gün önce
I know those two teens were sus as fuck
Daryl Delp
Daryl Delp 3 gün önce
Welp, im not sleeping tonight. Thanks Tom!!
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