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Tom MacDonald

4 aylar önce

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peter coluccio
peter coluccio 47 dakika önce
Gotta give it to ya brah, you have some story telling skills
seb Deslo
seb Deslo 56 dakika önce
Hi from Canada 🇨🇦 Québec
Jesus Is Real
Jesus Is Real Saatler önce
not bad not bad, wait till thou come face to face in the wilderness with the darkness responsible for the (can am) (missing 411) only bone and teeth fragments are found years later.. only Jesus can save you.
Michelle Driskell
Michelle Driskell Saatler önce
ME:where can i get that shirt!!!!!????? please...
phil wallace
phil wallace Saatler önce
its coming but your ready for it.
Dsmaki Saatler önce
Great story telling and hell the fuck no never going there lol
Sparks Husky
Sparks Husky 2 saatler önce
Does anybody know the music video this footage they were shooting for was used in?
Paul J. Martinez Sr.
Paul J. Martinez Sr. 2 saatler önce
Like a Boss!
Low 2 saatler önce
The end had me scared shitless!
393Windsor 4 saatler önce
I'm not from Europe but I must say it this way. That was bloody brilliant mate!
William Hucke
William Hucke 5 saatler önce
i wna know what song they did the shot for
David Varvel
David Varvel 5 saatler önce
Lol those are steam tunnels, they are creepy
Stephanie Wall
Stephanie Wall 5 saatler önce
I literally had to get up and turn the light on. What a story teller his is. He's a genius.
Cat Garcia
Cat Garcia 5 saatler önce
You know how they have cross dressers reading stories to kids at libraries?! I’m thinking we need som TM stories sessions. I mean, hell, his body’s like a picture book and his words are necessary imagery.
Brandi LeGros
Brandi LeGros 5 saatler önce
I waited until nightfall to watch this again. This is scary 😂
Ricky Sewell
Ricky Sewell 5 saatler önce
This was soo entertaining! But I'm genuinely scared now..
Krista Howard
Krista Howard 6 saatler önce
More please
Angel 6 saatler önce
Shut the front door...holy shit..on the edge of my seat...I got tha chillz too!
SalvationOG 6 saatler önce
im sitting here looking at the town on google maps.. sat images and its creepy looking at it as he is telling the story... i see the 3 houses next to a long building with a red roof LOL
Lorde sidious
Lorde sidious 6 saatler önce
Hey at least you didn't get attacked by a demon they can physically hurt you
Ser Chugs A'lott
Ser Chugs A'lott 7 saatler önce
I literally saw one of those walk out of a room in my house. I couldn't fucking move, I was only like 5. I may have poo'd a bit...
Joe Mom
Joe Mom 7 saatler önce
BarsUpGunsDown portland oregon
Josh S.
Josh S. 7 saatler önce
Ya know??? If you tried to get just about any other person in rap to do a story like this true or otherwise you would struggle to find anyone sober enough or smart enough to do it. Take a look at the majority of people in rap? Blunts, lean, stupidity. It really says something about Tom and the person he is.
STANGm06deGT 7 saatler önce
WOW ! Great story telling !!
Chronick 7 saatler önce
What happened to the light?!?!
The Red Thirst
The Red Thirst 7 saatler önce
Ghost Adventures is probably one of my favourite shows of all time and I loved this story dude. Paranormal experiences are so insane they feel like you’re dreaming but can’t wake up
ConvexSpheroid Bear
ConvexSpheroid Bear 7 saatler önce
That's not a Mayan calendar and it wasn't wrong. It was only predicting the end of a cycle.
Antoine Iaboni
Antoine Iaboni 8 saatler önce
I don’t think that this was a good idea about watching this at 9:49pm bc I am terrified
Will Crosbie
Will Crosbie 8 saatler önce
A1 story man
Lu DYMENZ 8 saatler önce
Put that on something...
eddie hyde
eddie hyde 8 saatler önce
Ive been here and seen stuff aswell same with my buddy that was with us. Another buddy that lives there has told me about other experiences hes had as well. Ill be going back in a couple weeks myself
BKats33 8 saatler önce
Wahooo Canada Rules Proud Canadian Girl Here Plus Love You (Tom) & Nova My Fellow Canadian’s!🇨🇦❤️ Only Rapper’s Out Speaking 💯FACTS With Real Meaning Behind They’re Music! 💯❤️🙌🙏
Viet Dragon
Viet Dragon 9 saatler önce
9:25 that staircase sounds so cliche but always seems to fit so well 9:35 that's pretty true man, but then there's me, as long as i have my hands and my hysteria in weird/scary situations ill be good and laughing all the way through
Tara Hickman
Tara Hickman 9 saatler önce
was it hour glass the song
Stephanie Russo
Stephanie Russo 9 saatler önce
Abandoned, cuz TB is contagious😵
Scarlett Letterman
Scarlett Letterman 10 saatler önce
That's crazy, but you're an amazing story teller! I was captivated the whole time!
Jake Grenard
Jake Grenard 10 saatler önce
We need part 2!
Ben The Fish Master
Ben The Fish Master 11 saatler önce
This should be a movie
Radu Patron
Radu Patron 11 saatler önce
why the fuck did you put those sounds on background... now I need to go to sleep :))
KO GO 11 saatler önce
Great scary storyteller Tom. As good as your music statements. Fully don’t get the 905 thumbs down drongos here. 🙃
Chesties 12 saatler önce
Man your story telling is amazing! It also shows in your music. It almost seems like a lost art these days. I was hooked.
Dakota Reynolds
Dakota Reynolds 12 saatler önce
OMFG. I'm covered in goosebumps. That was the craziest ghost story ever. If that's all true OMG.
Chi-Vibes 12 saatler önce
Is there Anything you Don’t do well? Excellent story telling! I mean I was THERE w you. Man fu*k that light.
Best part Of me
Best part Of me 13 saatler önce
That was fu*^ed up. For real!!
MrTstuart23 13 saatler önce
Whoa, on the edge of my seat the whole time. Is there ANYTHING you cant do? Your CRUSHING it man!!! Stay strong and keep the superior content rockin man!!
Petra Vujicic
Petra Vujicic 13 saatler önce
holy fuck, you're such a good storyteller :o
sig wolst
sig wolst 15 saatler önce
Mad Scientist's Room? I think that was where patients went for electro shocking. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
SirPhobos555 15 saatler önce
Minus it being a tuberculosis hospital originally, it turned into a insane asylum later. From the area, place is really weird. An ex's Grandma worked in the asylum, she had some messed up stories. Nevermind all the underground tunnels, the whole place almost wants whoever comes around. Night is so messed there. Grandma did laundry and stuff like that when it was an insane asylum. Have lot's of stories. Tom's not lying. This place is real and it's as messed as he says. It's just outside of Kamloops BC.
travis moore
travis moore 16 saatler önce
The Maya calendar is not correct it is 2021 instead of 2012 and though 2025.
Ashton Armstrong
Ashton Armstrong 17 saatler önce
Going there is now on my bucket list.
ggfortnite yup
ggfortnite yup 17 saatler önce
Locals called it Padova City.
New York Rebel
New York Rebel 18 saatler önce
You should have said... It's YOUR light.... YOU need it so bad.... YOU go get it!!! lol
DrFishy_xD 18 saatler önce
what song where you filming?
nadine singh
nadine singh 18 saatler önce
you are so talented that even the dead are interested in your creations...the force is strong in you
MuffinEradicator 18 saatler önce
Tom, please do more of this type of content.
RegrowOurPlanet 18 saatler önce
and you definitely need to get some ghostbusters there... amazing story telling, but I would not have wished to be in your shoes..
Mike Schaffer
Mike Schaffer 19 saatler önce
this little video right here just explains the very reason why I like Tom McDonald he is a genuine individual he is a true friend this guy was not going to let his best friend go into the dark alone that right there is a true friend love you Tom McDonald keep up the work
KCCAT5 19 saatler önce
Dude you should start a narration channel, telling (reading) ghost stories.
Nubie Bob
Nubie Bob 19 saatler önce
Think that story turned me geh. Because it definitely put the willy's up me...😁
RegrowOurPlanet 19 saatler önce
oh my this is so exciting!! Which of his videos is the one they shot there?
M Frank
M Frank 19 saatler önce
“Dudes don’t admit when they’re scared”. Um, have you looked at men these days
Shrut Silakari
Shrut Silakari 20 saatler önce
This is why you are such a great rapper. Your story telling is absolutely insane! Ur adjectives, ur description, ur expression of feelings, istg!!! Please do more of these, all of ur fans would love them
Tom Markz
Tom Markz 20 saatler önce
Dude. That is the best story I have ever listened to. You should do more. Fascinating. You are a master story teller
John Davis
John Davis 20 saatler önce
Tomcast!. Already no1 lets go Tom.
John Davis
John Davis 20 saatler önce
I was thinking the same thing. This guy could be the best story teller I have ever heard. Would love to just hang out a BS with him. Bromance 😂😂😂
Hubert Cumberdale
Hubert Cumberdale 20 saatler önce
Damn, dude can spin a fascinating yarn.
Jeff Guitar Nelson
Jeff Guitar Nelson 21 saatler önce
JoeMamma 21 saatler önce
tom is cool
Kasen Holt
Kasen Holt 21 saatler önce
6:26 holy shit its dark as fuck in my house and i thought one of my doors creaked
evver last
evver last 23 saatler önce
Bro great story it sounded crazy like one of them were I wish I was there with you but if I was I wish I wouldnt be hahaha but it's a ghost place you gonna get more kids come try tape ghosts it's not force to be the ghosts of tbe 2 that died but .... ya know !!!
Michael Thr33d
Michael Thr33d Gün önce
Pretty amazing!
FreedumFries Gün önce
ok... i wont sleep tonight lol
Penny Arbogast
Penny Arbogast Gün önce
I was mesmerized! You're a great story teller and you're so talented!
Jerry’s Lawnmowing
Jerry’s Lawnmowing Gün önce
What was the music video?
Richard MacKenzie
Richard MacKenzie Gün önce
I have been there myself and live not too far from there . That place is evil if there ever was a place to be called evil and I was there in the day time. My girlfriend and I both could feel a spirit of anger and fear and I know the exact house Tom was talking about with the caved in roof not a good place.
jared warren
jared warren Gün önce
So tom, You were making youre way downtown, face packed and homebound? i wanna see footage of that and going through the crowd
Tyler Green
Tyler Green Gün önce
Which music video was it ?
matthew monsour
matthew monsour Gün önce
There are alot of holes in that story but it was a great story.
Trollimus Prime
Trollimus Prime Gün önce
I encountered a shadow person once. Campaign in a small town with friends. It slid out from under a door and looked at us. It didn’t have a face, just a shadow of a human, but you could tell it was looking at us.
Aryn Odinson
Aryn Odinson Gün önce
This would be a dope ass campfire story
Damion Gaston
Damion Gaston Gün önce
Dude foreal dame
That was awesome.
Aaron Dininger
Aaron Dininger Gün önce
That's fucking insane bro wtfffff
SaltyNewfie Gün önce
More please
mike david
mike david Gün önce
What retards gave this video thumbs down? This story was awesome!
Michael Jones
Michael Jones Gün önce
Whoever does your editing is fucking amazing
Darrell Whitaker
Darrell Whitaker Gün önce
Damb you got my heart beating, good one
Tristan Hoke
Tristan Hoke Gün önce
Can we please!!!! Really get some more of this or more stories??!!! Plz, I love this one!!!!!
B3NZ LOW Gün önce
God that's insane
PuertoRican Deacon
PuertoRican Deacon Gün önce
Fan for life....I support and keep it ALL going!
X_Teno Gün önce
Just googled tranquill ghost town... this shi fr.
LadieKadie1 Gün önce
It’s not uncommon for the times. Every go to the Ridges in Athens, Ohio? Well we did and ventures a little far into a dark area between buildings and a Stone was thrown at us. It was part is the TB wars now torn down, which led from the asylum literally into underground tunnels.
Michelle Pantoja
Michelle Pantoja Gün önce
Patriot Bob
Patriot Bob Gün önce
Awesome and Awesome Music also !!!!
Shaun Morris
Shaun Morris Gün önce
What videos should I watch of this guy. Besides this one.
Josh H
Josh H Gün önce
Very nice bro damn good story
Jessica Goree
Jessica Goree Gün önce
HAHAHAHA! I love your phrasing! "In the Greatest Display of Masterfully Fabricated Machismo in the History of Mankind" That's Awesome.
Azrial McDowell
Azrial McDowell Gün önce
You should make a rap about that story
Susan Bagarozza
Susan Bagarozza Gün önce
WOW! Great story!! Also love your music!
Courtney Herz
Courtney Herz Gün önce
And that's how you tell a ghost story. DAMN lol.
Paddy Manski
Paddy Manski Gün önce
You should record a ghost hunt sometime. It would make an interesting viewing. If your ever in the UK you should do a ghost hunt with UKGH, or visit the Haunted Museum in Nottingham
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