The Psychology of Beating an Incurable Illness | Bob Cafaro | TEDxCharlottesville

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5 yıl önce

NOTE FROM TED: Please do not look to this talk for medical advice. This talk, which was filmed at a TEDx event, contains strong assertions about multiple sclerosis and lifestyle medicine that lack sufficient scientific evidence for general prescription. TEDx events are independently organized by volunteers. The guidelines we give TEDx organizers are described in more detail here:

After a shocking diagnosis that would begin stripping Bob Cafaro of his ability to perform, sheer willpower and changes to his daily life allow him to beat all odds.

Bob Cafaro played chamber music full time and served on the faculty of the University of Virginia until 1983 when he became a regular with the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra. He later joined the Baltimore Symphony and in 1985 became a member of the Philadelphia Orchestra. In 1999, Bob was stricken with a virulent case of Multiple Sclerosis, which left him nearly blind and without the use of his hands. Defying what doctors had told him, he made a complete and remarkable recovery and has since written a book, been a member of The Rachmaninov Trio since 2003, and has grown passionate in his involvement with volunteer and outreach activities.

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Gabriel Boisvert
Gabriel Boisvert 2 yıl önce
I thank every soul who are going through difficulties and illness. I thank you because you are courageous, you are marvelous, and you will have a story to share, just like him, by going through this, and will also be transformed by what you go through. This is a very inconvenient gift, and you deserve to know right now, and not just when you're over it, that you matter and you are worthy, so I thank you.
Barbara Hoefer
Barbara Hoefer Aylar önce
How kindly stated! Yes, I view each of my health issues as a way to help others once I figure out a way to get past it. Mine began at age seven with nearly dying from liver failure. That caused some brain injury, so I got epilepsy, learning disabilities, and much more. I’m now almost ten years seizure free after brain surgery, but I have a long way to go, and illnesses keep being added on from being immunosuppressed. By going through these illnesses, I know what it’s like and I help others with similar problems.
Prijevodi B
Prijevodi B Yıl önce
Thank you, dear Gabriel, all the best.
Kam:p*Fai:r Yıl önce
Thank you
Premson Bey
Premson Bey Yıl önce
Thank you so much Bob
بودكاست قارئة..
بودكاست قارئة.. Yıl önce
thank u ...
Remy Lebeau
Remy Lebeau 2 yıl önce
To the person who is watching this and suffering terrible illness, and doing all you know to be better yet seeing minimal results, don’t be discouraged by this video. Your will isn’t broken. Your affirmations aren’t wrong. Your faith is strong enough. Sometimes there are undisclosed factors in recovery testimonials like these. Sometimes no amount of willpower can get you to a place of well being. And therein lies the dangers of this type of talk. I sincerely wish you the best in your recovery.
Sunvio 2 aylar önce
@Frank Belin Everyone has their own journey. Sending you love, Frank. I hope so so much you are doing well.
Ry 2 aylar önce
Or they can stop making everything about them and be happy for him and his recovery
PGG 3 aylar önce
@Red Eileen 🥺. “Hey…, maybe if you would just go out for a walk more often,” - med advice courtesy of My entire family🥺. Meanwhile, if they had ever opened their ears…, they would appreciate that my rare nerve injury/disorder only becomes severely flared after any mobility longer than a hallway❤️‍🔥💔
L Mak
L Mak 4 aylar önce
Thank you, bless you. It's important that we re-claim our sovereignty over our own bodies, as opposed to giving over to the medical establishment. But at the same time, we shouldn't allow ourselves to swing so far in the other direction that we have no compassion for those who are sick and suffering - blaming them and saying it's their own fault. It's never the fault of the person. Every life experience is unique, and every affliction is unique. We don't have control when we come into this world, and much of our experiences are determined in those early years. Many of us spend a lifetime trying to recover. There's no magic formula, so there should be no judgement. It's the faith and work we do to heal that make the difference in this world, not whether or not we reach the "goal" of recovered physical health.
KeNeSa 8 aylar önce
Thank you!
xxmix Yıl önce
1. Drink lots of water 2. Meditation (2 30-minute sessions a day) 3. Adopt a deer's diet: drink water, eat vegetables 4. Start your day with yoga, exercise, cycling (basically start it with movement).
Ry 2 aylar önce
@AG not if you ate enough of them you wouldn't
Love Hard Fight Hard
Love Hard Fight Hard 4 aylar önce
@AG vegetables have protein and are the most nutrient dense foods. I had atrophied legs from a spinal cord injury, and eating more leafy greens made me gain strong muscle back and healthy weight quickly. All without any weight lifting or exercise except for gentle yoga. I don't eat any meat/fish, eggs or dairy :)
AG 4 aylar önce
A deers diet isn't sustainable. I'd waste away
Maxine BarishWreden
Maxine BarishWreden 4 yıl önce
Bob, I saw you speak and play at Dr. Wahls' conference this summer in Iowa - I cried while watching you play your cello. You are such an inspiration to me as well as my patients in my functional medicine practice in Sacramento. Blessings to you!!
Vivian Rose
Vivian Rose 3 aylar önce
@Jeanette Butler "O Danny Boy"
Lynda Faye
Lynda Faye 2 yıl önce
IOWA, ? My brother who was cellist,passed away in Toledo, Iowa, in January. He played cello along with the Iowa String Quartet for years; anyway, I coldn't cry for months, but heard the most beautiful piano and strings arrangements recorded by a group from England in March---and the word to "I Still Care" simply flowed out of me on the spot-no lyrics written down, nada, no melody pre arranged ! My brother would have know that would be the best going away gift he could have "sent " me. I wrote this to the other commentor, too: I thought someone as appreciative as you, might enjoy reading it! Lynda Faye Lynda Faye 1 second ago He's also playing a few "double stops" mostly utilized in allot of classical violin, and a few well-renouned "fiddle numbers" too. GREAT JOB! Lynda Faye Lynda Faye 1 second ago BRAVO Mr. Cafaro! Not easy to get up on stage and try to explain to non-MS patients what you've been through! I commend you! And your cello sounds beautiful! Lynda Faye Lynda Faye 1 second ago i SEE ALLOT OF ELEMENTS "AT PLAY" here-Would like to contact this person; anyone know HOW. Khaled Moussa ? You're in my prayers in Oct., 2019. Can't pronounce it but E-new-RA Za and The Lord and Master of the Universe know it! CTS scans and Following the Money plans, can't discourage me! I;n dead serious, and his is no an advertisement; Go go my Soundcloud and listen to my prayer, titled "My Dear Lord, Master of the Universe; I think it is your prayer, also! Thank You!
Jennie Joan
Jennie Joan 2 yıl önce
Jeanette Butler I came here to see if the title was commented on. It sounds like You Raise Me Up by Josh Groban.
Jeanette Butler
Jeanette Butler 2 yıl önce
Maxine BarishWreden Absolutely beautiful! I just loved it. I recognize the song but I don’t remember the title.
The HUMAN 2 yıl önce
I'm suffering from many diseases for so long, from my childhood, also from depression due to my familie's antipathy against me, but I know I'll get rid of these all and will help others too.
its S_Edits
its S_Edits 2 aylar önce
You know want man ,you are just Awesome and don't worry because what you are going through is making you stronger and don't forget if Your family is not with you, you are with you and no one can Love you more than yourself, God bless you
Fairouz Baalbaki
Fairouz Baalbaki 2 aylar önce
Oh my God you are one courageous person .You can by the blessings of God almighty.
alm noor
alm noor 2 yıl önce
I recommend you to read the book heal your body by Louise hay 👍
PJ JP 2 yıl önce
You're on the right path! Forgiving them and accepting you can't change anyone else is the beginning for your freedom! Wishing you success yesterday!
lourdes krohn
lourdes krohn 2 yıl önce
God bless every single person in the world with MS or any pain and suffering! God bless us all! heal us and protect us in our journey Amen! Thank you it was inspiring.
Grinch456 7 aylar önce
Thank you 🙂
Grinch456 7 aylar önce
@Michael Meyer He does, and He didn't. We live in a broken world, which MS is one evidence of ☹
robert garza
robert garza Yıl önce
I believe this man was looking for health. So he changed hi each by seeking educating and learning. We can all do is.
Laura Willingham
Laura Willingham 2 yıl önce
Wahl's Protocol. Please completely eliminate ALL sources of contact with gluten including skin contact for good. Gluten is associated with all autoimmune diseases...all. The digestive system is our first brain. Sadly, the standard medical community continues to fail to focus on the digestive system. Gut microbiome is crucial. Heal the gut.
Thumb Print
Thumb Print 2 yıl önce
Lourdes -
Clementine Harvey
Clementine Harvey 3 yıl önce
As a person with chronic Lyme disease, this has inspired me. I have hope now.
Victoria Andreevna
Victoria Andreevna 8 aylar önce
@bluejellybean yes!!!
bluejellybean 11 aylar önce
Because "MS" is really Lyme and co-infections.
TBrownF Lee
TBrownF Lee Yıl önce
@Clementine Harvey Try DNRS program by Annie Hopper!
Salim Najafi
Salim Najafi Yıl önce
İ had this experience with MS too, He's right about 6 years old boy, that boy saved me too
ItsaHzthing Yıl önce
@Beyond Illusions Vivianne Romang read the book the one minute cure by Madison cavanaugh
Nancy Write
Nancy Write 2 yıl önce
We are fearfully and wonderfully made. All things are possible to them who believe. What a beautiful rendition at the end of his presentation. ♥️ Amen.
Ambi Cahira
Ambi Cahira 2 yıl önce
This resonates with me, because I too refused to accept my "chronic" as anything but temporary and fixable. I fixed my PTSD, depression and anxiety, I haven't had bipolar highs and lows anymore despite no medication for it anymore, and 3 days ago my fibromyalgia "fell asleep" after almost 20 years of pain. I don't dare to cheer yet, but I just know in my core belief that my fibromyalgia and my insomnia is not a forever thing and the feeling I've had the past 3 days of no nerve pain for the first time in almost 20 years is very similar to what it felt like when my PTSD went quiet and went away. It's like a long rainstorm that finally stopped and sunshine is very close to break through the clouds and you are so used to the noise of the rain that suddenly the quiet seems loud. I'm quite excited. :) Just because doctors don't have a pill for it doesn't mean that it's hopeless. What helped me? Making life my top priority and connect back with nature eating foods that grow out of the ground such as potatoes and carrots, less processed stuff and just started stretching to try to break through the stiffness. I worked on lowering inflammation and increase amino acids that is crucial in the diet to be used and converted into functions. And, meditation for getting aligned emotionally. Oh and better posture habits. I also strictly reduced social media use to lower stress and basically was on a media consumption diet on only positive intake. Anything that brought stress was cut out.
Priyanka Khandelwal Gupta
Priyanka Khandelwal Gupta 2 gün önce
Hey! So glad to hear your progress. I need hope. It’s been 4 years. I’m still in denial and unable to accept this Nuero wreck that I am.
Carol Mckenney
Carol Mckenney 9 aylar önce
Wonderfully encouraging post. Glad you are on the right path! I take note of all you are doing! Thank you!
Daeva Skye
Daeva Skye Yıl önce
How are you now? I hope your fibro remission was sustained.
Michael 1RareZebra
Michael 1RareZebra 2 yıl önce
Glad people find inspiration in this. Should things not work out within the "psychological concept" of beating your illness, just know you are not the issue - nor a failure. Everyone is different. Keep fighting.
Khaled Moussa
Khaled Moussa 3 yıl önce
I am 37 and got 2 things: stroke and an internal carotid artery stenosis. Pray for me guys
Sky star
Sky star Aylar önce
I wish to you all the best♥️always remember-God loves you ♥️ you are strong and young , you can make it 💖
dyasious Aylar önce
i wish you all the best... you're a strong person, cause god doesn't burden a soul beyond that it can bear.
Silent Joker
Silent Joker Aylar önce
Get well sonn
Sankalp Singh
Sankalp Singh Aylar önce
I hope you have recovered
J W 2 yıl önce
6 years ago I had shocking is my brain that sent me to the ER. After numerous tests, I was diagnosed with MS by a neurologist. I was stunned but went back to work. I never accepted this even though I went on the meds and had horrible reactions. By the 3rd medication I struggled to walk and bought a cane and wheel chair. In the meantime I was doing all of my own research to include Dr Wahl, leaky gut, etc. after 3 years I went off all ms drugs and started seeing a functional medicine doctor. We worked on leaky gut, vitamin deficiencies, diet, etc. I have not had a new lesion is several years. Before there were new ones every 6 months. I also started taking low dose naltrexone. I was never going to accept this diagnosis. I got my life back!!
Graham Edwards
Graham Edwards Yıl önce
@J W It's all in her two books.
Nagawa Sharon Grace
Nagawa Sharon Grace 2 yıl önce
Who can tell me some symptoms of a leaky gut
J W 2 yıl önce
sravya omkar it may not be covered by insurance. You may be able to find an MD or DO that is also licensed in natural pathic medicine. Healthy eating is so good for everyone. Plus like Dr Wahls says, get vitamins through the food you eat too.
sravya omkar
sravya omkar 2 yıl önce
J W My Doctor ordered MRI , They found 7 lesions . Probably MS. Going to neurologist on Tuesday. I bought Terry wahls book. I started level 1 , I stay in San Francisco. Is functional medicine costly ? I m asking my doctors about food allergies and vitamin deficiency tests they are not even concerned. I dont know if i can afford functional Medicine .
J W 2 yıl önce
Hi Sravya, The best thing I did for myself was my own research and then going to see a functional medicine doctor. Functional medicine doctors look for the root cause of the disease to find out why your body is attacking itself. They will test all vitamin levels and help you with leaky gut if needed. Also read Wahls Protocol by Dr Terry Wahl. I went on a strict paleo diet. No gluten, dairy, legumes, or sugar. I ate meat, vegetables, fruit, and sweet potatoes only. Hope this helps!!
haplessserendipity 8 aylar önce
Amazing & very Motivating talk as I have MS myself since more than 10 years. I have been beating it with adopting a healthy diet & thinking lots of positive thoughts. Hope To give a such a talk when I m fully cured. An incurable disease is not a life sentence if u don’t allow it to be.
Mary Collins
Mary Collins 3 yıl önce
I have been symptom-free from MS since 1996, I was diagnosed in 1995 at age 36. I had a very similar process to what Bob described. There are many of us out there! He is a hero and we need to lead the way to a new paradigm of healing.
Lauren Kerby
Lauren Kerby 2 yıl önce
I am 24 and was just diagnosed with MS two months ago. I am so happy to hear you've been symptom free. You give me hope and I pray you will remain strong
Shelby Staten Hedrick
Shelby Staten Hedrick 2 yıl önce
@Robin Hood I also was diagnosed in 1995. have taken on a ketogenic diet, take my meds faithfully and my mindset if filled with love and joy. I am very selective on what I allow into my mind and try to release all negativity to the Source of all things. My MS Dr says, if she didn't know I have it, she'd say I dont. blessings all!
leuqar ztliw
leuqar ztliw 2 yıl önce
Very nice song
Gary Simone
Gary Simone 2 yıl önce
Do not give in to what the Dr say BELIEVE. .......BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF PRAYER AND THAUGHT
wanda taylor
wanda taylor 2 yıl önce
Maricel Evasco
Maricel Evasco 2 yıl önce
Love hearing and knowing this...we are only our true healer within ourselves...much love light peace and harmony to this mam whom was true believer of himself ❤✌☯️🙏
Ranya M. Hussein
Ranya M. Hussein 3 aylar önce
The moment he started playing, I just couldn't hold my tears! Watching him play is such an amazing blessing and comes very soothing to the soul of each and every patient with a chronic disease! 🙏❤️
Bonnie Hundley
Bonnie Hundley 4 yıl önce
This TEDx Talk needs way more views.
Michael Pittman
Michael Pittman 21 gün önce
I have been fearfully depressed from. The aftermath of a series of devastating strokes and a heart condition, I watched him twice and was truly moved to an extraordinary sense of relief I'm determined to be my once capable self ,once again. It's been 2 1/2 years I'm 5 % of my prolific self, former man I am, I see crystal clear the path I'm on now .seriously that man changed my inner guidance and perspective. I'm not alone but I'm in great pain, thus you watch me, this too shall pass. GB & onward thru the fog .
Marielie Vasquez
Marielie Vasquez 4 yıl önce
Bonnie Hundley I always share them I love it
irma rios
irma rios 2 yıl önce
A couple of years ago, I had an accident & wasn’t able to walk because of it. I also experienced chronic pain all over my body (I was not prescribed any painkillers & had to find my own solution to ease my pain). I was told by 3 different doctors that I was done without surgery. I knew in my heart that surgery was not the answer for me. I sought out different alternative medicine practitioners. It was through their wisdom & support that I am walking again. It was a different but amazing journey. I learned that our bodies want to heal. We just have to be patient and find the answers as they come to us; listening to our own inner guidance.
Daniel 11 aylar önce
Hey, can i talk with u? i have a chronic pain, but your story motivated me and i really want to know more about it
Makita Dorsey
Makita Dorsey 2 yıl önce
Absolutely beautiful. Thank you for this video. Gives me so much hope. I'm going through hyperthyroidism and hope to beat it all natural. Peace Love and light
TBrownF Lee
TBrownF Lee Yıl önce
DNRS program by Annie Hopper
Adeel Islam
Adeel Islam Yıl önce
Prayers for recovery of all the diseased out there. Stay strong!
April Houghton
April Houghton 9 aylar önce
What an inspirational talk. I am currently dealing with crps. I find a lot of the TRshow videos have a negative energy. People with illness need the opposite so we can keep moving forward.
Rachel C
Rachel C 3 aylar önce
This continues to be my favorite healing story. You truly are an artist and I am so inspired by the intuitive way you approached healing. I was so moved by the song you played at the end, perfect pick. Maybe one day we will meet and I will know I am healed, thank you for sharing
Yottabee 4 yıl önce
Bravissimo, Bob! What an inspiring story of recovery...
Deb Crawford
Deb Crawford 3 aylar önce
You are an inspiration , thank you for your encouragement . I was diagnosed in 2003 with MS and have been at the end of my rope more times than not. You’ve encourage me to heal myself through the deer diet, and belief. I feel you’ve blessed me, i needed this talk more than you’ll ever know. Thank you . I am going on a new journey
Esther Roberts
Esther Roberts 2 yıl önce
Exactly what I needed to hear right now. The story and the music - just extraordinarily beautiful! So grateful. Thank you.
Zigi Onye
Zigi Onye 2 aylar önce
This was amazing... it's so wonderful what a good diet, exercise, and a positive mindset can do.
Tiariana Manna
Tiariana Manna 2 yıl önce
What a great person and super inspiring story! Thank you 💜
Lorain 2 yıl önce
Amazing video!! Just gave me so much hope to heal my lesion and disabilities!!🙏🏼❤️ Thank you! Cello sounds beautiful!!👏🏽👏🏽
Lynda Faye
Lynda Faye 2 yıl önce
He's also playing a few "double stops" mostly utilized in allot of classical violin, and a few well-renouned "fiddle numbers" too. GREAT JOB!
Ananya Akruwala
Ananya Akruwala 8 aylar önce
A truly inspirational journey of self-recovery. I hope I can cure my autoimmune disorder this way too. And the music he played at the end was simply heart-touching. May God bless this gentleman.
Anushri Rawale
Anushri Rawale 3 aylar önce
Are you from India?? What disease you have plz tell
Marneli Mauzy
Marneli Mauzy 2 yıl önce
Thank you for sharing your story! Very inspiring 🧡❤️💜👍
Stephanie N. Bond
Stephanie N. Bond 4 yıl önce
What a beautiful message! Thank you for your music and your voice!
D Lucas
D Lucas 2 yıl önce
Thanks for this Bob Cafaro. I have watched this many times over the last year for anytime I need to be inspired.
beatz 2 yıl önce
Thank you . These are the talks I listen to when giving up hope. Retraining the brain to believe I am already healed :)
Gwenivere Yıl önce
What an inspiration! I have a benign tumor on my pituitary gland in my brain and it causes all kinds of debilitating symptoms. I’m so hopeful for my recovery. Thank you for your story.
Gisel 4 aylar önce
"Incurable" means "curable from within." The Secret. Amazing speech and performance. 👏👏👏 Also, one of my favorite songs, Danny Boy. I'm moved.
Jeannette Grondin
Jeannette Grondin 2 yıl önce
Absolutely beautiful talk ! Very inspiring. Thank you for sharing
Trina Dawn Chapman
Trina Dawn Chapman 2 yıl önce
Bob is an inspiration. He has a book available that goes into depth about his healing.The book is called, When the Music Stopped. It is available on his website as well as on Amazon.
Lynda Faye
Lynda Faye 2 yıl önce
BRAVO Mr. Cafaro! Not easy to get up on stage and try to explain to non-MS patients what you've been through! I commend you! And your cello sounds beautiful!
Jazzy15 2 yıl önce
God bless, this was an inspiration story for those of use going through medical threatening diagnosis's
Sandra Policare
Sandra Policare 2 yıl önce
Wow! Thank you for the wonderful video and sharing it with everyone. It was so inspiring.
Barbara Ann Twynstra
Barbara Ann Twynstra 2 yıl önce
So amazing, thank you Bob for sharing your incredibly inspiring story. We are far more powerful than we can imagine. We can heal ourselves of any illness but most people don’t realize we can, and the pharmaceutical industry would rather you didn’t know it either, but it’s people like you and many other, who share their stories and this information gets out. Dr joe Dispenza has many books on this exact subject and he has his own story about personal healing which is amazing. Thank you for the beautiful music 🎼 keep up your amazing work 👍🏽♥️🌎
Margaret Flockhart
Margaret Flockhart 2 yıl önce
The most inspiring talk . It's time the medics listened to this. Namaste,
Liz Sutton
Liz Sutton 2 yıl önce
I believe this man was looking for health. So he changed hi each by seeking educating and learning. We can all do is.
robert garza
robert garza Yıl önce
We are fearfully and wonderfully made. All things are possible to them who believe. What a beautiful rendition at the end of his presentation. ♥️ Amen.
Christine Van Loo
Christine Van Loo 5 yıl önce
Thank you Bob. So inspiring.
D G 2 yıl önce
healing comes from within, and we all have the power to go there. Persistence and patience is worth your life, your health. Nothing from the outside can heal you completely.
סמאדי דוד
סמאדי דוד 4 yıl önce
I had tears in my eyes, listening to your talk and music. It was all a song of overcoming a huge obsticle... I am trying to find the way with ms. Quit a torture...
Kristen Thomas
Kristen Thomas 2 yıl önce
PJ JP yes you can! I was diagnosed with MS this year and have changed my diet since then. Drink more water (nothing but water), eat more greens, healthy fats (nuts, fish), no fast food, no sweets ...i exercise & meditate daily. I am walking stronger, it’s amazing and it works.
PJ JP 2 yıl önce
Now you know its possible to beat MS. Please give it all of yourself. Conquer it! You Can!!!
Cassidy-Beau Kitt
Cassidy-Beau Kitt 2 yıl önce
i have a protocol from my MD that helped me with MS blindness. I got diagnosed at 21yrs of age
Joanna Kujath
Joanna Kujath 2 yıl önce
What a fantastic wonderful inspiring talk..thank you for sharing!
John Ferguson
John Ferguson 3 yıl önce
What an inspiration, thank you. You have touched my heart.
The Village Country Store
The Village Country Store 2 yıl önce
Yes! Beautiful! Mind, Body, Soul - We are in the midst of the evolution of consciousness. What a profound find! So happy I happened by. ♥
Sarika Paghdal
Sarika Paghdal 10 aylar önce
I pray for everyone who needs healing!! May we all heal by nature✨The person who is suffering from any illness please take few minutes and sit quite, close your eyes and imagine yourself as you are doing all the activities you want to do in your life, your body is fully functional and you are in a perfect health!! I am doing this everyday!! Even if it seems impossible to visualize yourself at that moment, do it and you will see MAGIC!! keep going and have faith!! We can do anything, if its strongly placed in our mind!! Body, mind and soul works together remember that!! I am also in this Flow, Positive vibes to everyone!!✨✨🙏🏻
annie maipose
annie maipose 9 aylar önce
Way to go thank you for your encouragements
nanda singh
nanda singh 2 yıl önce
Bob Cafaro! Humanity salutes you!
TheJett1986 2 yıl önce
I am so proud of this man❤️😭🤩 So inspirational ❤️✌🏼☀️❤️
RealRoses Forever
RealRoses Forever 2 yıl önce
What an inspiration! Thank you for sharing. God Bless.
Alex DS
Alex DS 2 yıl önce
This is beautifully inspiring. It's indeed both physiology & psychology; one can't will oneself to health while coach-warming & junking out on soda & potato chips, just as proper diet & a regiment of daily exercises will not revive the spirits of a man lacking the will to live. It's way past due time to broaden the healthcare paradigm to fully merge & integrate both aspects of our humanity; psychology & physiology together.
PJ JP 2 yıl önce
Amazing Story! Love the power of Will!
IMChrysalis 3 aylar önce
Wow. Thank you!
Helen Cheadle
Helen Cheadle 2 yıl önce
Beautiful...and so glad things have improved and made better. His playing was very moving too. Thankyou 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻❤️
Oceanofsand 4 yıl önce
Thank you for taking the time to share your story. You can bet that your words have made a difference to someone and by the way your music is a delight to listen too :) cheers
senior1110 2 yıl önce
I know a lady from church. Her family and she came to church like any other normal family, but after few months I noticed that her walking was no longer steady and she was shaking slightl;y, but noticeable. And then shaking became more and more noticeable until she had to use a cane. The her MS became quite accelerated and in no time she was in a wheel chair. This was heart breaking. She even went for a special operation that was supposed to improve her blood flow to brain, but to no avail. Ultimately, she was eventually totally bed-ridden and unable to come to church. Very sad. May God give her and her family strength and faith to keep on going.
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