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The St Matthew Passion performed by the Netherlands Bach Society for All of Bach. Whether or not they are an enthusiast of classical music, practically everyone in the Netherlands knows the St Matthew Passion. Since 1870 the Netherlands has had a rich tradition of annual St Matthew Passion performances. The Netherlands Bach Society was formed in 1921, in reaction to the popular performances by Willem Mengelberg and the Concertgebouw Orchestra. The founders believed that the St Matthew should be performed where it belonged - in a church. The annual performance by the Bach Society in Naarden grew to become 'the' Dutch St Matthew Passion.
Recorded for the project All of Bach on April 16th and 19th 2014 at the Grote Kerk, Naarden. If you want to help us complete All of Bach, please subscribe to our channel or consider donating
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Netherlands Bach Society
Kampen Boys Choir
Jos van Veldhoven, conductor
Soloists Coro 1
Benjamin Hulett, evangelist
Griet De Geyter (First Maid, Pilate’s Wife), soprano
Tim Mead, alto
Robert Murray, tenor
Andreas Wolf (Jesus), bass
Soloists Coro 2
Lore Binon, soprano
Alex Potter (First Witness), alto
Charles Daniels (Second Witness), tenor
Sebastian Noack (Judas, Pilate), bass

Netherlands Bach Society
Netherlands Bach Society 2 yıl önce
0:07 Komm, ihr Töchter (Chor) 8:02 De Jesu diese Rede (Rezitativ) 8:46 Herzlieber Jesu (Choral) 9:38 Da Versammleten (Rezitativ) 10:02 Ja nicht auf das Fest (Chor) 10:17 Da nun Jesus war zu Bethanien (Rezitativ) 10:49 Wozu dienet dieser Unrat? (Chor) 11:16 Da das Jesus merkete (Rezitativ) 12:50 Du liebert Heiland du (Arioso) 13:46 Buss un Reu (Arie) 17:30 Da ging hin der Zwölfen einer (Rezitativ) 18:08 Blute nur (Arie) 22:49 Aber am ergste Tage (Rezitativ) 23:03 Wo willst du (Chor) 23:25 Er sprach (Rezitativ) 24:38 Und sie wurden sehr Betrübt 24:50 Herr, bin ich's? (Chor) 25:03 Ich bin's (Chor) 25:54 Er antwortete (Rezitativ) 28:53 Wiewohl mein Herz (Arioso) 30:07 Ich will dir mein Herze schenken (Arie) 33:19 Und da sie (Rezitativ) 34:24 Erkenne mich, mein Hüter (Choral) 35:33 Petrus aber (Rezitativ) 36:40 Ich will hier bei dich stehen (Choral) 37:48 Da kamm Jesus (Rezitativ) 39:35 O Schmerz (Arioso) 41:10 Ich will bei meinem Jesu wachen (Arie) 46:15 Und ging hin (Rezitativ) 46:58 Der Heiland fällt (Arioso) 47:50 Gerne will ich mich bequemen (Arie) 52:08 Und er kam (Rezitativ) 53:28 Was mein Gott will (Choral) 54:32 Und er kam (Rezitativ) 57:00 So ist mein Jesus nun gefangen (Arie) 1:00:07 Sind Blitze, sind Donner (Chor) 1:01:16 Und siehe (Rezitativ) 1:03:38 O Mensch, bewein (Choral) 1:09:16 Ach! Nun ist mein Jesus hin (Arie) 1:12:30 Die aberJesum (Rezitativ) 1:13:34 Mir hat die Welt (Choral) 1:14:17 Und wiewohl (Rezitativ) 1:15:31 Mein Jesus schweigt (Arioso) 1:16:58 Geduld! (Aria) 1:20:39 Und der Hohepriester (Rezitativ) 1:22:01 Er is des Totes schuldig (Chor) 1:22:12 Da speieten (Rezitativ) 1:22:27 Weissage uns (Chor) 1:22:48 Wer hat dich so geschlagen (Choral) 1:23:42 Petrus aber (Rezitativ) 1:24:42 Wahrlich, du bist (Chor) 1:24:52 Da hub er an (Rezitativ) 1:26:19 Erbarme dich (Arie) 1:32:34 Bin ich gleich (Choral) 1:33:39 Des Morgens (Rezitativ) 1:34:33 Was gehet uns das an? (Chor) 1:34:42 Und er warf (Rezitativ) 1:35:22 Gebt mir meinem Jesum wieder! (Arie) 1:38:00 Sie hielten aber (Rezitativ) 1:40:14 Befiehl due deine Wege (Choral) 1:41:24 Auf das Fest (Rezitativ) 1:43:27 Lass ihn kreuzigen (Chor) 1:43:46 Wie wunderbarlich (Choral) 1:44:37 Der Landpfleger (Rezitativ) 1:44:55 Er hat uns allen wohlgetan (Arioso) 1:46:01 Aus Liebe (Arie) 1:50:47 Sie schrieen aber (Rezitativ) 1:50:52 Lass ihn kreuzigen (Chor) 1:51:09 Da aber Pilatus (Rezitativ) 1:51:35 Sein Blut komme über uns (Chor) 1:52:11 Da gab er (Rezitativ) 1:52:29 Erbarm es Gott! (Arioso) 1:53:23 Können Tränen meiner Wangen (Arie) 2:00:40 Da nahmen (Rezitativ) 2:01:22 Gegrüsset seist du (Chor) 2:01:49 O Haupt voll Blut und Wunden (Choral) 2:04:11 Und da sie (Rezitativ) 2:05:03 Ja freilich (Arioso) 2:05:41 Komm, süsses Kreuz (Arie) 2:11:42 Und da sie (Rezitativ) 2:13:26 Der du den Tempel (Chor) 2:13:51 Desgleichen auch (Rezitativ) 2:14:01 Andern hat er (Chor) 2:14:50 Desgleichen schmäheten (Rezitativ) 2:15:06 Ach Golgatha (Arioso) 2:16:27 Sehet, Jesus hat die Hand (Arie) 2:19:46 Und von der sechsten (Rezitativ) 2:21:30 Der rufet dem Elias (Chor) 2:21:33 Und baldlief (Evangelist) 2:21:46 Halt! Lass sehen (Chor) 2:21:54 Aber Jesus schriee (Rezitativ) 2:22:23 Wenn ich einmal (Choral) 2:23:52 Und siehe da (Rezitativ) 2:24:56 Wahrlich, dieser ist Gottes Sohn (Chor) 2:25:16 Und es waren vie; Weiber (Rezitativ) 2:26:33 Am Abend (Arioso) 2:28:27 Mache dich, meinHerze, rein (Arie) 2:34:02 Und Joseph (Rezitativ) 2:35:13 Herr, wir haben gedacht (Chor) 2:36:04 Pilatus sprach (Rezitativ) 2:36:49 Nun ist der Herr (Rezitativ) 2:38:45 Wur setzen uns mit Tränen nieder (Chor)
Bettina Puentes
Bettina Puentes 13 gün önce
Me fascina . . . ✨🎼🕊️... Gracias desde México 🇲🇽
nowar73 Aylar önce
Perfect, many thanks for this! One of the best ever music performed in my ears history. Pure essence and love is here with you, and I love you for this! (and my cat does too)
Erkan Akdoğan
Erkan Akdoğan Aylar önce
Vielen Dank
Karsten Sturm
Karsten Sturm 2 aylar önce
A beautiful performance, no doubt. My small criticism results of the cloths of the young boys singing.I am german out of the region of Johann Sebastian Bach, and I grew up learning church music in Herrenhausen from singing as a boy up to the church organ and composition. But the costums of the boys are somewow awkward in these times.I appreciate the Netherland Bach Company a lot for their interpretations.
javageek123 10 saatler önce
The pandemic is still raging. It is Lent 2021. Today is the 2nd Friday of Lent. Listening to this passion narrative today fills me with much spiritual thoughts of the Passion and Crucifixion of Our Lord. Thank you for this beautiful rendition. For people like me, born and raised in the EAST, these treasures of the WEST are shockingly unbelievable surprises. Thank you again for posting this for free.
Gem Jem
Gem Jem 2 gün önce
Perfect, and just what I feel like listening to right now
Tyler Corbridge
Tyler Corbridge 3 gün önce
truly unbelievable
Jo Do
Jo Do 4 gün önce
Dutch people truly are uber mensch
Infinite Entanglements
Infinite Entanglements 4 gün önce
I will go here some day 👌🏽😌
Lola Hey
Lola Hey 8 gün önce
Heather Hutchinson
Heather Hutchinson 8 gün önce
I am listening to this piece while waiting for my partner to arrive. The whole piece is finished but my partner is still not here. Suffering indeed.
Donald Mallory
Donald Mallory 9 gün önce
Grace at Lent. Teses scripta sunt, ut credatis...etut credentes vitam habeatis in nomine cius.
Swapnil D
Swapnil D 10 gün önce
Fukaeri likes it so do I
Josiah Scott
Josiah Scott 10 gün önce
utterly obsessed with this!!
dutchcub 12 gün önce
People who put a thumb down really should see a doctor soon... something terribly wrong with their ears.. or are the Madonna fans?
Cade Dundon
Cade Dundon 12 gün önce
Listen closely for the tenor voice start at 7:14. Absolutely beautiful how the tenor is brought out.
👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🖖👽👍🛸🛸🛸🌎🇲🇽👀🤗🎵👀🎵🤩🌠 *THE BEST OF THE BEST, THANKS A LOT, GREETINGS FROM MÉXICO ETs & UFOs LAND!!!*
hsvriend1 16 gün önce
Superuitvoering met superkoor en superduo Mead/Sato !
Festival des Fleurs
Festival des Fleurs 16 gün önce
Griffin LaVictoire
Griffin LaVictoire 18 gün önce
Don't know what finding these recordings means to me in this difficult time. I hope we can gather together again soon to perform such transcendent masterworks. Love from Oregon
Mai Hoang
Mai Hoang 20 gün önce
Nghe nhạc rất hay , nhưng nhìn sân khấu toàn màu đen ... giống ĐỊA NGỤC lắm , hay giống như đám tang vậy -toàn màu đen . May mà có các cháu bé mặc màu trắng +đỏ ... cũng được an ủi ... Vì các cháu nhỏ như Thiên Thaqnf trên trời xuống vậy . Các thiên thần đang đuổi ma quỹ xuống ĐỊA NGỤC đấy ! Tôi rất sợ màu đen vì màu của SATAN ,MA QUỸ ! Mong lần khác các người mặc đồ sáng sủa hơn một chút !
Daniel Rui
Daniel Rui 22 gün önce
I just came from listening to the Richter 1959 (scrolling score video on TRshow), and was kind of interested about the huge differences in interpretation. Of course, I love this version's clarity, polish, elegance, and refinement, but another big part of me needs the weighty, slow tragedy of the Richter version. Like the "Barrabam!" scream in this version is like a restrained cry to the heavens, where the Richter version has them literally scream, super slowed down, angry and almost feral.
Altai Aurelius
Altai Aurelius 23 gün önce
1:29:04 What is this instrument called?
Altai Aurelius
Altai Aurelius 22 gün önce
@Netherlands Bach Society Oh how wonderful that I got a quick reply from you! Will check it out now. Wonderful performance by the way 🙏🏻❤️
Netherlands Bach Society
Netherlands Bach Society 22 gün önce
A theorbo, member of the lute family and part of the basso continuo group, see for example this video:
Karin Lauterbach
Karin Lauterbach 23 gün önce
Geweldig! Wahnsinnig schön! Dank jullie wel!
Lord Wolfstein Josephus Kaiser von Fürsten
Lord Wolfstein Josephus Kaiser von Fürsten 25 gün önce
Great and wonderful
Laurence Cayron
Laurence Cayron 25 gün önce
Je crois que je n'avais jamais entendu un aussi bel "Erbarme dich"
Leonhard Euler
Leonhard Euler 26 gün önce
1:22:23 this is awesome
Teresa Bartolomé López
Teresa Bartolomé López 28 gün önce
Those violinist's gypsy gliss in Erbarme Dich yayyy
Teresa Bartolomé López
Teresa Bartolomé López 28 gün önce
Thank you :')
Carlos Bitencourt
Carlos Bitencourt 28 gün önce
Bach makes me want to study geometry.
Carlos Bitencourt
Carlos Bitencourt 28 gün önce
The opening is unbelievably... sublime! 😍
TheSauce Group1
TheSauce Group1 28 gün önce
1:53:24 - Great alto aria 2:19:42
Albertus Bodenstein
Albertus Bodenstein 29 gün önce
Blessings from South Africa! So glad I stumbled on this masterpiece.. Beautiful music complimented with exquisite camera work and crisp audio production!~
Wreckage of my Flesh
Wreckage of my Flesh 29 gün önce
Andreas Wolf: wonderful performance, what a voice! May that voice never be damaged and bring joy to mankind for many years to come!
Wreckage of my Flesh
Wreckage of my Flesh 29 gün önce
Bravissimo! I love the piece since decades, and this version is very nice!
Thomas Åkerberg
Thomas Åkerberg 29 gün önce
In these troubled times we need more compassion!
钟表哥哥 29 gün önce
Perry Weiner
Perry Weiner Aylar önce
The funny-looking horse face (ca 148), with the beautiful eyes ! And I would marry her in a minute if she'd sing that to me so sweetly and beautifully every day!
The Goldfinger Project
The Goldfinger Project Aylar önce
A truly Utopian orchestra, if I must say so myself.
Lois Hartsfield
Lois Hartsfield Aylar önce
The ten basin wessely bury because jennifer karunagappally wink amid a real drawer. daily, violet teacher
Vladislav Zolotaryov
Vladislav Zolotaryov Aylar önce
When you came back home from school and want to relax,you must watch this video,and you will feel great.
violinhunter2 Aylar önce
That harmonization which occurs at 1:17 always gets to me - it is so unusual and heavenly. This work is replete with musical gems. Thank God for Bach..... (And yet, there was a time when Bach was the size of a grain of sand)
mary jane
mary jane Aylar önce
Jacqueline Torres
Jacqueline Torres Aylar önce
Tom Preisler
Tom Preisler Aylar önce
just fantastic.
임현기 Aylar önce
GOOD .~~~~!!
Smike Jasper
Smike Jasper Aylar önce
I love how this ensemble are so tuned into each other as well as the conductor - beautiful, beautiful music.
Luis Amezcua
Luis Amezcua Aylar önce
Aquí la razón del por qué los castratos
Stick Feller
Stick Feller Aylar önce
the countertenor's performance in erbarme dich is marvelous... tim mead 1:26:19
Lev Lunny
Lev Lunny Aylar önce
Невероятно нежно... удивительно... и для каждого, желающего провести три часа на небесах...
Justin Ohara
Justin Ohara Aylar önce
Ill probably die before being able to listen to everything Bach composed
Greg Ory
Greg Ory Aylar önce
This is such a moving rendition of Bach's masterwork. Thanks for sharing this. I mention music in my book on happiness, where I talk about the power of self-contemplation. If you are looking for something uplifting, try this:
Scott Leitao
Scott Leitao Aylar önce
Na música do Bach eu ouço Deus, não nas palavras cantadas, pois não falo alemão, mas, em cada nota enfiada como um belo pano; como se, através da mão dele, Deus tivesse escrito cada nota ele próprio; uma tapeçaria de notas, cada nota tocada é mais perfeita de que a outra e não melhor que a outra. A música constrói-se e cresce, mas cada nota vem à existência como se Deus dissesse "que haja esta nota" e assim foi. Ele me diz: ouve, fica quieto, não te preocupes, eu amo-te.
Charles-Valentin Alkan
Charles-Valentin Alkan Aylar önce
Paulina Soledad González Melgarejo
Paulina Soledad González Melgarejo Aylar önce
excelent rendition, especially the bass (Jesus) stunning!
C. J. Fang
C. J. Fang Aylar önce
It's beautiful, I know, but I am wondering how many don't understand it like me?
Christus Regnat
Christus Regnat Aylar önce
Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.
Göksel Koç
Göksel Koç Aylar önce
John Dickinson
John Dickinson Aylar önce
1:15:31 Charles Daniels
Arosh Rathnayake
Arosh Rathnayake Aylar önce
Ich will dir mein Herze schenken (Arie) sounds angelic 30:07
Eduardo Hernandez
Eduardo Hernandez Aylar önce
Huy Nhi
Huy Nhi Aylar önce
ఆ ఆi love u girl.
Sadie Roberts
Sadie Roberts Aylar önce
Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh .
Becker Joanne
Becker Joanne Aylar önce
Is my is my mother goose club out.
laerte giribola
laerte giribola Aylar önce
A obra é a mais bonita do planeta. Gostaria que os seguranças do auditorio pusesse para fora aquelas pessoas que ficam tossindo ou fazendo barulho!!!
Greg W
Greg W 2 aylar önce
This composition and performance is beyond beautiful.
Victoria Rose
Victoria Rose 2 aylar önce
Magnificent, Powerful, Fabulous
Perry Weiner
Perry Weiner 2 aylar önce
The violinist does an extraordinarily beautiful job, especially on "Erbarme Dich"!
Perry Weiner
Perry Weiner Aylar önce
Erbarme Dich!
emil albazi
emil albazi 2 aylar önce
This is the spot where Bach met the Angels at the Baroque era......... They made a deal . ....... It was called ( St. Matthew's Passion). SUPERB performance NBS.
Mountaine 2 aylar önce
This is absolutelyt superb. And I won't forget Andreas Wolf singing his heart out as Jesus - what a beautiful voice. A singer to keep track of.
Nolan GeniY
Nolan GeniY 2 aylar önce
Walter Moore
Walter Moore 2 aylar önce
The unequal tree concurringly knock because dahlia whitely rock regarding a open sock. broad, satisfying lightning
David Riggenbach
David Riggenbach 2 aylar önce
The size of the orchestra shows just how musically ambitious Bach was! I am sure he had to battle an establishment unwilling to fulfill his petition of performing such a complex and monumental work for a church festivity. But at the end both Bach and the world won! One of the masterpieces of humanity.
Claudine MOULIN
Claudine MOULIN 2 aylar önce
Même connaissant déjà, je ne me lasse pas, surtout sans pub... Merci du partage, joyeux Noël!
vilma halty
vilma halty 2 aylar önce
I closed my eyes and imagined angels singing and playing wonderful music, as it will be in heaven!
vilma halty
vilma halty 5 gün önce
@Rene Sonse Dear Friend, let me dream and be happy, it is the most certain thing in my heart.
Paola Quintero
Paola Quintero 5 gün önce
preparémonos para la eternidad.Por favor lee en tu Biblia (Apocalipsis 21:8) que dice: Pero los cobardes e incrédulos, los abominables y homicidas, los fornicarios y HECHICEROS, los idólatras y todos los mentirosos tendrán su parte en el lago que arde con fuego y azufre, que es la muerte segunda Querido todos nacimos con la maldición y tendencia a pecar,Pero Cristo Jesús murió por nuestros pecados solo debemos recibirlo cómo nuestro Dios y Salvador y Arrepentirnos sinceramente para poder entrar al Cielo porque escrito esta: ( Proverbios 28:13 ) El que encubre sus pecados no prosperará;Mas el que los confiesa y se aparta alcanzará misericordia. AMIGO:Cristo viene pronto ver (1 Tesalonicenses 4:14-18),(Mateo 24:3-8) Arrepitamonos Porque escrito esta: (Hebreos 9:27) Y de la manera que está establecido para los hombres que mueran una sola vez, y después de esto el juicio,Dios te Bendiga,Jesús te ama y murio por ti (Juan 3:16) para que creas en El, arrepientamonos de nuestros pecados para que podamos entrar al Cielo. para ti es la siguiente cancion por favor escuchala es CON TODO EL AMOR DE JESUS POR TI😘: Hoy quiero compartirte el plan de Salvacion para tu alma y una hermosa enseñanza para que la veas y puedas entrar al cielo. CRISTO MURIO EN NUESTRO LUGAR Y PAGO CON SU SANGRE EL PRECIO POR NUESTROS PECADOS. (ROMANOS 5:8), (HEBREOS 9:28), (1 PEDRO 2:24), (1 JUAN 3:5), (JUAN 3:16) 1). Reconoce que eres pecador. Como está escrito: No hay justo, ni aun uno. (Romanos 3:10). 2). Decide dejar el pecado (Arrepiéntete) Pero Dios, habiendo pasado por alto los tiempos de esta ignorancia, ahora manda a todos los hombres en todo lugar, que se arrepientan. (Hechos 17:30). 3). Cree que Jesucristo murió por ti, fue sepultado y resucito de los Muertos. Que, si confesares con tu boca que Jesús es el Señor, y creyeres en tu corazón que Dios le levantó de los muertos, serás salvo. Porque con el corazón se cree para justicia, pero con la boca se confiesa para salvación. (Romanos 10:9-10). 4). En oración, invita a Jesús a tu vida para que sea tu salvador personal. porque todo aquel que invocare el nombre del Señor, será salvo. (Romanos 10:13). ORACIÓN DE ARREPENTIMIENTO Amado Señor Jesús: Soy pecador (a) y necesito tu perdón creo que tu moriste por mis pecados en la cruz del calvario, Gracias por tu preciosa sangre que derramaste para limpiarme de mis pecados y pagar el rescate de mi alma, Quiero dejar el pecado. Ahora invito a Cristo a venir a mi corazón y a mi vida como mi salvador personal, ven a mi corazón y sálvame. Amén. AMIGO: la biblia nos enseña que Jesucristo es Dios El creador, sustentador, y dueño del mundo, del universo, y de todo lo que existe visible e invisible. (Colosenses 1:15-17), (Romanos 9:5), (1 Juan 5:20), (1 Timoteo 3:16), (Juan 10:30), (1 Timoteo 3:16). (Isaías 43:11) Dice: Sólo yo soy Dios, sólo yo puedo salvarlos. Cree en El Señor Jesucristo y Él salvara tu alma de caer al Infierno. El que cree en el Hijo tiene vida eterna; pero el que rehúsa creer en el Hijo no verá la vida, sino que la ira de Dios está sobre él. (Juan 3:36). Porque el Hijo del Hombre vino a buscar y a salvar lo que se había perdido. (Lucas 19:10). El que encubre sus pecados no prosperara; Mas el que los confiesa y se aparta alcanzara misericordia. (PROVERBIOS 28:13). Bienaventurados los limpios de corazón, porque ellos verán a Dios. (Mateo 5:8). Por favor escucha el siguiente mensaje para ti
Elias Aylar önce
Haha im so with lsd and weed
Rene Sonse
Rene Sonse 2 aylar önce
You'll be disappointed. Even heaven is digitized now and all the angels use Pro Tools too.
KER JI 2 aylar önce
je félicite modestement ces artistes exceptionnels !
Ducati Drew
Ducati Drew 2 aylar önce
Elisabeth 1961
Elisabeth 1961 2 aylar önce
Martin Alvarado
Martin Alvarado 2 aylar önce
I will say two words only: Erbarme dich.
Wallace Choi
Wallace Choi 2 aylar önce
Mika Vilkko
Mika Vilkko 2 aylar önce
Fine 🎼
Claudia Aparecida da Silva Pinheiro
Claudia Aparecida da Silva Pinheiro 2 aylar önce
💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜Para todos Netherlands Bach Society
Claudia Aparecida da Silva Pinheiro
Claudia Aparecida da Silva Pinheiro 2 aylar önce
Gratidão, 🌻na outra encarnação quero ser cantante, assim eximia, começar ainda na barriga da minha mãe🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻Alguns cantam tão com a alma que invade nossa alma aqui do outro lado. 💜💚💛🤍💙
Geoff Brown
Geoff Brown 2 aylar önce
Esaúl R.
Esaúl R. 2 aylar önce
Grande el solista en 40:00
Augusto Villalon
Augusto Villalon 2 aylar önce
Mis felicitaciones y agradecimientos a Netherlands Bach Society, por esta excelente versión de St Matthew Passion, y también por todo su aporte a la divulgación de la música de Bach, me alegran la vida constantemente con todas sus grabaciones. Quiero felicitar también a quienes realizan las grabaciones por la excelente calidad y tomas que realizan, permitiendo que uno se sienta inmerso en la música y sus interpretes. GRACIAS.
OurFatherInHeaven37 2 aylar önce
O Schmerz zu schnell!!!! Es ist nicht Sport, nur das Pein!!!!!
Sven Wagner
Sven Wagner 2 aylar önce
just nice. thank you!
Andreas Swid
Andreas Swid 2 aylar önce
@Sven Wagner ok
Sven Wagner
Sven Wagner 2 aylar önce
@Andreas Swid i just love it :)
Andreas Swid
Andreas Swid 2 aylar önce
explain why you find it good
vasilis tsipas
vasilis tsipas 2 aylar önce
One of my favorite Bach works. Well Done !
Glenn Hogan
Glenn Hogan 2 aylar önce
1:14:31 Er hat gesagt
The God of Hentai - Guy Fieri
The God of Hentai - Guy Fieri 2 aylar önce
when church music was actually good!
Anastasia Artseva
Anastasia Artseva 2 aylar önce
Such a delicious pleasure! Especially Tim Mead's voice. May God bless you, Netherlands Bach Society! Bach is live eternity.
DAVI Mochila Jogos
DAVI Mochila Jogos 2 aylar önce
Tim Mead is amazing!
Judy Thompson
Judy Thompson 2 aylar önce
I'm a muslim but this music purely came from Bach's heart and goes to the hearts of those who feel it ,in fact music has no nationality or religion and quoting the bible "it's the peace of God that passeth all understanding" this is what this masterpiece inspires to anyone who has a spiritual inclination.Thank you for posting this video .
Goonbear McAya
Goonbear McAya 2 aylar önce
I imagine myself claiming for God's mercy with the fist chorus as background song
E C 2 aylar önce
In beautiful, exceptional productions like this, there is always one singer or musician who spoils the nicest bits. In this case it is the bearded countertenor on Können Tränen meiner Wangen, with his weak thready strained squeaking. And also the violinist on Erbarme Dich with his unnecessary upstaging and showboating, disturbing the plaintive melancholy of the aria.
Huynh The
Huynh The 3 aylar önce
Minh Nhu
Minh Nhu 3 aylar önce
Tra Mo
Tra Mo 3 aylar önce
Yang milih Allah SWT like.
DrMGoesWild 3 aylar önce
It's a while since I've been so blown away by a collective performance, everything is superb here, gripping, emotional and glorious! Dr M
NEWKOBOSTAR 3 aylar önce
NEWKOBOSTAR 3 aylar önce
Dan Haag
Dan Haag 3 aylar önce
i wish we had the words printed somehow, possibly with translation
deppo_zweifler 2 aylar önce
here you go
Pete Bavarian
Pete Bavarian 3 aylar önce
Asking google is never a bad idea:
curteouslycook 3 aylar önce
Let me die with music rather than live without it.
curteouslycook 3 aylar önce
@Krystof Srebrakowski I am sorry for the poor state our musicians must be in due to these restrictions. It doesn't make sense. I have signed petitions, and will continue to do so. But unfortunately this whole matter has served as an excuse for tyrannical seizure of freedoms, with no end in sight. May our music and musicians survive this.
Krystof Srebrakowski
Krystof Srebrakowski 3 aylar önce
This is the biggest wish of all of us-professional musicians... the survival of the arts, the very survival of our profession. We all hope that society will feel emptiness without live concerts, events, and speak up loudly in an organized matter. I don’t think that politicians have the slightest idea about this void, since they don’t feel anything and don’t listen to anything anyway. But there’s always hope.
Christian le Comte
Christian le Comte 3 aylar önce
Thank you.
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