Nobody | The Bus Fight in 4K HDR

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Universal Pictures

7 aylar önce

Hutch (Bob Odenkirk) seems like just another ordinary man sitting at the back of the bus to these drunkards. Little do they know, he's ready to ruin their entire night. Watch Bob Odenkirk channel his inner Fight Club in this incredible 5-on-1 fight scene!

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Hutch is a nobody. As an overlooked and underestimated father and husband, he takes life's indignities on the chin and never rocks the boat. But when his daughter loses her beloved kittycat bracelet in a robbery, Hutch hits a boiling point no one knew he had. What happens when a pushover finally pushes back? Hutch flips from regular dad to fearless fighter by taking his enemies on a wild ride of explosive revenge. The writer of John Wick showcases Emmy® winner Bob Odenkirk (Better Call Saul) as fans have never seen him before: an average family man who becomes a lethal vigilante unlike any ordinary action hero.

© 2020 Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved.
Cast: Bob Odenkirk, Connie Nielsen, RZA, Christopher Lloyd
Produced by: Kelly McCormick, David Leitch, Braden Aftergood, Bob Odenkirk, Marc Provissiero
Directed by: Ilya Naishuller

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clncyy 4 aylar önce
dude went from "better call Saul" to "better call 911"
Amit Rahman
Amit Rahman 8 dakika önce
"Better call nobody" works too
Paraguay Mike
Paraguay Mike Saatler önce
ZygmaSeven - El Blockchain es la clave
ZygmaSeven - El Blockchain es la clave Gün önce
sajklsda csmre que las cagan
DrunkNoodle Gün önce
better call mike
Matty_Rulez Gün önce
Lucky ASMR
Lucky ASMR 9 gün önce
Bob Odenkirk is a certified badass, and is a tremendous actor. His dedication for all his roles is unparalleled. I absolutely cannot wait for the sequel!
Tan Pogi
Tan Pogi Gün önce
Chris A
Chris A 6 gün önce
Part 2?? Let's fucking GO!!
Erik Mueller
Erik Mueller 6 gün önce
And he likes feet. He's based af.
Lucky ASMR
Lucky ASMR 7 gün önce
@TheTaaaco20 Yup! You’re welcome!😌
TheTaaaco20 7 gün önce
@Lucky ASMR YOOO LIKE ACTUALLY?!@ if so I wanna watch it so badly 😭
Greig Allan
Greig Allan 14 gün önce
If anyone deserves great success it's Bob Odenkirk.
Anormal persona
Anormal persona Gün önce
@Blake White good answers, so much so that in the end the other did not answer you xD
Greig Allan
Greig Allan Gün önce
@JanssenDG No. You have to work for it.
JanssenDG Gün önce
dont we all?
jemimallah 2 gün önce
if anyone deserves to not have to do garbage like this, its bob odenkirk
ChocoMilkFPS 3 gün önce
@Kirill haha trueeee, made me laugh
Chris Pellatt
Chris Pellatt 9 gün önce
I like how Hutch transitions from an initial street fight, probably making judgement calls on the 5 Russian's abilities to the point of getting thrown out of the bus. Once he re-enters the bus the fight turns technical as now he knows the abilities of his combatants. Such a good scene.
Polish Husaria
Polish Husaria 7 saatler önce
@Darrian J Well wonderful they are all Russians! The black one too!
Darrian J
Darrian J 7 saatler önce
@Polish Husaria But you are the one who are talking nonsense. The guy above already explained everything about Alexander Pal (the actor) and his words. Which are definitely in Russian.
Ivan Pisarev
Ivan Pisarev Gün önce
@MartaP Bro, he speaks Russian - I know my language :)
Polish Husaria
Polish Husaria Gün önce
@MartaP It's best to delete your comment. Because you're the only one who betrays the real identity of the guy with the broken nose. In other comments nothing about it!
Filip Biżecki
Filip Biżecki Gün önce
Possibly one THE MOST realistic fighting scenes I have ever witnessed of all time. The fact you can see the main characters taking hits but also fighting is what makes this so intriguing in realistic...
Leudwig vonshwartsenhelm
Leudwig vonshwartsenhelm 6 aylar önce
As an actual city bus driver, this was incredibly satisfying to watch.
SH C 12 saatler önce
Madlen Baba
Madlen Baba 14 saatler önce
damn you are right!
ghostalk2em Gün önce
@Neo me just keep riding lol
Bingus Cat
Bingus Cat 2 gün önce
@Special Stone lol and everyone clapped huh lol
Million 14 gün önce
This is hands down the most satisfying fight scene ever.
Sanfo 3 gün önce
@ᛒᛃᛟᚱᚾ did you not watch the video?
Nawaf 6 gün önce
@ᛒᛃᛟᚱᚾ are you serious?
ᛒᛃᛟᚱᚾ 12 gün önce
I haven’t seen the movie so why did these guys deserve this?
Million 12 gün önce
@Phumlani Mnculwane" Nobody "
jairuz637 2 gün önce
"I hope the a-holes like hospital food." Such a badass line.
Joe Dixon
Joe Dixon 6 gün önce
I love how after Hutch breaks that guys windpipe, he rolls his eyes in disgust at the fact he's now going to have to help save the a**hole from dying by performing a tracheotomy on the fly.
Harris Sultan
Harris Sultan 11 gün önce
I wasn't expecting much when I watched this movie but the moment I saw this scene, I knew this is going to be one of the greatest movie scenes in the history of movie making!
Dr K clips (unofficial)
Dr K clips (unofficial) Gün önce
heyyy Harris!! you are everywhere
DARK LEGACY Mayhem 6 aylar önce
I love how the bad guys didn't stay down, and how the main character actually gets hurt.
Notic expects the Spanish Inquisition
Notic expects the Spanish Inquisition 9 gün önce
@DARK LEGACY Mayhem Saul Goodman is his bame
Sobert Aylar önce
@mike portnoy 1 fighter vs 5 fighters = yes, impossible , but 1 fighter vs 5 drunken fools = there are some chances. and yes, movie is a fantasy, that's why people watch it
Gaming shiba
Gaming shiba 2 aylar önce
when the protaginist has minimal plot armor...
Lee Brown
Lee Brown 3 aylar önce
@Ginpak Dude just say you like to root for the villains, no need to come up with these justifications to do so....
The Ghibli Girl
The Ghibli Girl 5 gün önce
Just watched this movie yesterday, I freaking loved it. Bob Odenkirk's such a badass with his cigarette and kitten.
Aaron_ExE 8 saatler önce
@Daga Kotowaru ehhh it sucks
Daga Kotowaru
Daga Kotowaru 4 gün önce
Now compare it to shang chi bus scene
George Partner
George Partner 13 gün önce
It would've been so easy for them to have simply made another 'John Wick' who is impervious to everything, but there is a noticeable increase in Hutch's fighting prowess throughout the movie.
yumikoso 5 gün önce
@TokenofTime TokenofTime *its all good, man* hmm.. wonder where ive heard that before...
TokenofTime TokenofTime
TokenofTime TokenofTime 6 gün önce
@George Partner it's all good man, Just replying to a comment.
George Partner
George Partner 6 gün önce
Guys I was exaggerating chill lol
TokenofTime TokenofTime
TokenofTime TokenofTime 6 gün önce
Didn't John Wick almost die at end of the first movie? Sitting and watch a video of his wife while been beaten to a pulp and bleeding? I could be wrong.
Alex Delarge
Alex Delarge 12 gün önce
John Wick wasn't impervious to anything. He takes a good amount of damage across the movies.
StonerDude223 12 gün önce
Absolutely loved the brutality of this fight, especially where the younger guy got his throat smashed lol Awesome choreographed fight and one of the best movies I've seen 🔥
Dr. Aby P Johnson
Dr. Aby P Johnson 5 gün önce
Now matter how many roles he play, Bob will always be remembered as Saul Goodman🌟
Rundur 6 aylar önce
From a lawyer to a fighter. This man is going places.
Cap Alpha
Cap Alpha 6 saatler önce
He's searching for the mole
LRR from Omicron Persei 8
LRR from Omicron Persei 8 7 saatler önce
Not jail but places
a lawyer with STRONG PERSONALITY he aint just a normal boring lawyer
Bboi 7 gün önce
@daijiro Better Call an Ambulance
rattatouille m. rat
rattatouille m. rat 13 gün önce
Saul really stepped up
dchristopher7 9 gün önce
"They say that God doesn't close one door without opening another.. please God open that door!" I bought the DVD because of that one line and this one scene. Every time I watch it, I realize I've clenched my fists at some point during it. Nice job at keeping a fight scene pretty realistic. 👏
neoc03 11 gün önce
This is the best close quarters fight scene in movie history. The reality of him getting the shit kicked out of him was perfect, unlike most movies that make the protagonist invincible. Only unrealistic part of the scene was the bus driver opening the door. Not a chance in hell an experienced city bus driver would have done anything but drive away.
Brian Shaker
Brian Shaker Gün önce
lol, ahh... maybe she wasn't experienced. Maybe she felt bad they just got into an accident. Maybe Bob Odenkirk telepathically convinced her to open the door.
British Imperial
British Imperial 2 gün önce
I’ll guess we can give the movie the benefit of doubt and say she was new
Tobias de Oliveira
Tobias de Oliveira 6 gün önce
This movie is a masterpiece. One of the best of its kind.
Vitor Takeshi Saito Alves
Vitor Takeshi Saito Alves 11 gün önce
que cena incrível, fiquei assustado com a incrível atuação do Saul.
Spencer Riley
Spencer Riley Aylar önce
I never in all my years thought Saul Goodman would be good in an action movie, but he honestly proved me wrong.
Jun hee Bae
Jun hee Bae 12 gün önce
This needs a crossover with John Wick
CalculusVariations99 16 gün önce
He had a heart attack after making this movie though
Motherfucker Jones
Motherfucker Jones 16 gün önce
A great actor can play anything. Never judge a Saul by it’s Goodman.
Kolt 17 gün önce
@Leklass Bruce Willis isn't Saul Goodman, and is therefore irrelevant to this guys comment, bozo.
Mike Bizz
Mike Bizz 17 gün önce
@Сергей Вампир You know that no one is going to read all that crap right..? You just wasted like an hour of your life..🙄
WatcherOfTheSkies 2 gün önce
The most unrealistic thing about this scene is that a person who is even a bit tipsy, is 99.99% of the time unable to fight well... Those blokes were clearly drunk. Hutch should've been able to destroy them in seconds.
Ethan Red
Ethan Red Gün önce
I do love that Hutch actually has a moment of sympathy to the last bad guy by doing tracheotomy to keep him alive, that he isn't that one protag who doesn't leave his/her enemies in cold blood.
Kieran Law
Kieran Law 7 gün önce
Greatest fight scene I've ever watched on film. Hard to believe it wasn't real. The stabbing took it a bit Hollywood at the end, but still.
Polish Husaria
Polish Husaria 5 gün önce
One of the most realistic versus multi-opponents fights in a movie!
blackwillow73 10 saatler önce
@Eric considering he didnt just kill 5 guys one after the other without getting hit yeah idk why you think its not realistic this is a street fight
Polish Husaria
Polish Husaria 13 saatler önce
@Eric Yes in my opinion! What's funny about that!
Eric 20 saatler önce
Is it?😂
Polish Husaria
Polish Husaria 2 gün önce
@blackwillow73 Anyway you can write! :)
blackwillow73 2 gün önce
@Polish Husaria its a game im just stupid lol I cant read
Rael 20 gün önce
Bob is honestly such an amazing actor. From comedy, to drama, to action. He nails every one of em.
nintendogamer 192
nintendogamer 192 2 gün önce
@dinotank273 being funny or not is subjective. But trying to be funny and making jokes isn't.
dinotank273 3 gün önce
@nintendogamer 192 marvel ones aren't funny
John Golden Britt
John Golden Britt 4 gün önce
Well this was a "bridge too far" for Bob. Cheesy action hero with toothpick arms? Not buying it.
Chris A
Chris A 6 gün önce
@nintendogamer 192 well Marvel definitely because they've become an absolute joke lately.
nintendogamer 192
nintendogamer 192 8 gün önce
@Richard Griffin Thank you. The Mr. Show with Bob and David was far before my time.
GiantsFan1734 4 gün önce
Has to be my favorite fight scene I’ve ever seen in a movie, and as a huge Saul fan that fact that it’s Bob Odenkirk makes it even better
Bogos Binted
Bogos Binted 23 saatler önce
I love how before he beats their asses he yells “it’s saulin’ time” brought me to tears
Isaac Ali
Isaac Ali 11 gün önce
Now this is a realistic fight scene. He takes the blows and gives them so much more than they bargained for
Just Another Guy
Just Another Guy 7 gün önce
@alaychem but it is more realistic than most movies, where the main character beats them all without getting hit and everyone else stays down after getting hit once or a few times.
Popusi Kurac
Popusi Kurac 7 gün önce
Realistic would be geting hit 2-3times before you fall to the ground. Especially against those many opponents there is no chance not even for tyson
Isaac Ali
Isaac Ali 8 gün önce
@alaychem true
alaychem 8 gün önce
Not realistic at all, but well done
Vivisaurus Wetherilli
Vivisaurus Wetherilli 6 gün önce
When he said "It's Saulin time" and Sauled everywhere I cried, this was truly one of the movie scenes ever
MISPLACEDs 3 gün önce
Anand Nair
Anand Nair 5 aylar önce
He's not just a good lawyer but a good fighter and surgeon as well.
Juan Joya Borja.
Juan Joya Borja. 27 gün önce
Kind of surprised to find a Seinfeld reference here lmao
okaminess 2 aylar önce
Saul’s version of Nobody’s bus fight is to Chicago Sunroof the bad guys.
David C
David C 2 aylar önce
...and a gentleman with his apology to the bus driver.
rex rickard
rex rickard 3 aylar önce
Nah just a good actor
SAN Man 10 gün önce
"They say God doesn't close one door without opening another, please god open that door" this statement really described the whole theme of this movie! Nothing more! I watched this video clip at first and just feel it is violence, but after watched the whole movie, this video clip is the best and key moment!
Landon Main
Landon Main 9 gün önce
The car chase is one of my favorite parts....the music is perfect
Shyk J
Shyk J 11 gün önce
This is the best action scene I've seen so far. The protagonist is not invincible. He is also a old man who just knows how to fight. But as the fists fly He reborns as a Fighter as if he were young.
Josh Tiner ♪ (Creator)
Josh Tiner ♪ (Creator) 4 gün önce
To anyone else who has seen this clip but not the whole movie. Do yourself a favor and watch it. This isn't the only badass scene. It's such a great movie.
hotelmario510 8 gün önce
Never noticed until now but in the second round of the fight he repeats the moves he already did but learns from his mistakes on the first go so he can get control of the situation. Shows that he's not just a good fighter but an intelligent fighter.
Soft Bread
Soft Bread 5 aylar önce
I love how he takes the drivers phone away, so she doesn't call the police. He really wanted to enjoy this to the fullest.
Kolt 17 gün önce
@Barn0Music there was two other bystanders..
Mad Cracker
Mad Cracker 19 gün önce
@Barn0Music yeah there are other ppl that exist besides the bus driver 🤣
Vaporwave Pepsiman
Vaporwave Pepsiman 21 gün önce
beeeer!!!yea baby!!! whoooo!!!! good luck, saul goodman. good job
Robert Smith
Robert Smith Aylar önce
She was pretty damned slow at dialling . .
lazy shanks
lazy shanks 7 gün önce
By far the best realistic fight seen I have ever seen where the main character actually gets hurt
Ronny 18 saatler önce
This has got to be one of the most badass scenes in recent memory that last part with the straw 😬
DOME KNOCKA 14 gün önce
Awesome movie...loved John wick movies and this was just as fun to watch. I didn't think he could do this after watched BB and better call Saul but he killed it.
Colin Maass
Colin Maass 10 gün önce
One of my favorite parts of this fight is how when he punches that one guy while he's got the watch on his fist, you can see teeth coming out of the guy's mouth and actually hear them clattering on the ground. Love this movie!!
RealNightOwl 5 aylar önce
No background music being played during the fight describes the purity of this scene. This was incredibly phenomenal.
Secret C
Secret C Aylar önce
i think writing "Phenomenal" afterwards makes "Incredibly" redundant.
nicholas melo
nicholas melo 2 aylar önce
i watched this scene with the doom music... u should see too
TheZakarumite 3 aylar önce
music starts.... but only after he switches to berserker mode... after that it takes several seconds to eliminte four of them for all...
Spring Bloom
Spring Bloom 3 aylar önce
@Daniel Fletcher Im pretty sure its not supposed to be realistic. The movie is satire. Just one unbroken stream of action movie tropes.
konvjo 3 aylar önce
No music fight scenes are always the best!!!!
Dávid Vasali
Dávid Vasali 9 gün önce
I really hope this scene becomes a classic- this is perfect in soo many ways!
ThatBroMan 2 gün önce
i think this is one of the best fight scenes in any movie i have ever seen, reason be, he does not just beat the shit out the baddies and walks away un-scathed, he equally gets fucked aswell
central cee
central cee 6 gün önce
Fun fact: I watched this movie while I was at the dentist, he would play movies for his patients and I told him to play the first one that came to his mind.
Hobocore 6 saatler önce
Loved this film, lots of over the top violence sprinkled with absurdity and comedy.
Disassociation Interrogation
Disassociation Interrogation 3 aylar önce
absolutely love how he starts smiling when they start harassing the woman. finally he has an excuse to let loose and absolutely destroy them
Matthew H
Matthew H 3 gün önce
@Keereal Yo That would make sense. In real life if you have a gun and can use it to avoid a fight with a whole gang of men who could kill you you would use it. You think police will put their gun on the ground and fight a gang in hand-to-hand combat? No way! They want to avoid getting hurt. This guy in the movie purposely did it the hard way and risked his life.
Евгений Лучкик
Евгений Лучкик 2 aylar önce
На русский
Chase McKay
Chase McKay 2 aylar önce
@Spince Go none of them died except maybe that one kid but still
DiamondGrounds Gün önce
This scene is so incredibly satisfying to watch, I love me some gore and badass cinematography
Thomas Morgan
Thomas Morgan 9 gün önce
Such a quality movie!! I think it went under the radar, didn't get the recognition that it deserved.
SmoothdaHustla 5 gün önce
Dude, I saw this when it came out on red box without seeing a trailer for it. It was the best surprise I could have expected. Definitely a movie I would like to see again.
Torab Abdullah
Torab Abdullah 13 gün önce
Far better choreographed and realistic fight scene than John Wick. One of the best fight scenes in a movie.
Tim Beaver
Tim Beaver Aylar önce
I love that he is actually getting his ass kicked instead of tanking their attacks. REALLY doing it right in this movie
Rogue Centurion
Rogue Centurion 25 gün önce
Yeah it’s like he was rusty before he was thrown out the window
Philippe Bantsi
Philippe Bantsi 25 gün önce
He ain't no Steve Seagal 🤣🤣
Georgi Rusev
Georgi Rusev 25 gün önce
That aspect of it was great, but begs the question of why he was so confident for the outcome with this much close calls. Especially since it was also about the girl's safety and not just himself. Maybe he imagined that even if he lost the thugs wouldn't be in the mood anymore but isn't that stretching it a bit too much?
808 Doctor Kizz
808 Doctor Kizz 25 gün önce
Isaelcho 10 gün önce
This scene is awesome, I think it's the best one in the movie, the rest of it is pretty forgettable.
priyanshu bindal
priyanshu bindal 7 gün önce
the most realistic fight scene I have ever scene, it was beautiful
Walid Hendrix
Walid Hendrix 11 gün önce
What a scene !!! You can feel the fight beat/tempo, kind of a John Wick thing I hope the new Bullet Train movie will have such stylish fight
Mammad Demzak
Mammad Demzak 12 gün önce
I watched this movie with my dad,he loved it and I just know it,he would watch it again with even more excitement
Aleph Null
Aleph Null 23 gün önce
I can't believe saul goodman could defeat this many guys with his hands, easily one of if not the strongest breaking bad character.
chasehodgmo 4 gün önce
they didn't call saul
Olimar 5 gün önce
@Антон Гончаренко that was the exact moment jimmy mcgill became saul goodman
eski kanal
eski kanal 8 gün önce
@Genepool r/okbc leakin lol
Антон Гончаренко
Антон Гончаренко 8 gün önce
I love when bob said in cinema "it's saulin time" and he then sauled over everything
Genepool 8 gün önce
Bravo Vince!
Mihir Das
Mihir Das 7 gün önce
Such perfect choreographed fight scene
Rampage7 7 gün önce
It’s like watching someone who last played an action/fighting game a loooong time ago pick it up again and get familiarized with it again… The initial home invasion was trying to remember the controls, the getting his watch back was getting back the adventurers spirit, the initial bus scene was shaking the combo rust off, the secondary bus scene was chaining those familiar quick-time events and everything else was recalling the entire walkthrough guide you used to need Just a fun, fun movie. Not everything in his past was painted as clearly as some may like, but plenty enough for it all to make sense as to the threat level he represents, especially as he gets back into the rhythm of things that he’d pushed down into dormancy I very much ~want~ a sequel, but I almost hope there never is one. To have more could be a fantastic treat, or it could tarnish everything
Jackson Parker
Jackson Parker 13 gün önce
One of those movies that was so worth going to see in theaters. Especially in New York.
Rodrigo Mendoza
Rodrigo Mendoza 11 gün önce
Excelente película para los que nos gusta la acción 🤛🏼
Tristan Phoenix-Walton
Tristan Phoenix-Walton 13 gün önce
Playing an unscrupulous lawyer on Breaking Bad truly blossomed his career. Wow!
Artyom Pavluchenko
Artyom Pavluchenko 4 gün önce
Из-за этого момента решил посмотреть весь фильм, жаль что такая сцена одна, а само кино оказалось стандартным боевичком
Deepak Yadav
Deepak Yadav 14 gün önce
Love this fight scene.
Z_skyviper 2 gün önce
The fact that there's no music just makes it seem so strange after watching action movies
Tim Kilmister
Tim Kilmister 6 aylar önce
LOVE the energy when he re-enters the bus 'I'm not locked in here with you, you're all locked in here with me'
Robokittenremix Aylar önce
*closes himself in a space with people he's gonna fight* *gets thrown out a window* *comes back in through the door* "Did you forget who started this fight?"
TorQue WreNcH
TorQue WreNcH Aylar önce
Yeah Rorshach vibes,he also talks like him
Dean Alexander
Dean Alexander 4 aylar önce
@Kuldip Singh It is fals info.
Alejandro Lopez
Alejandro Lopez 5 aylar önce
Since my point of view the first part only was a warm up....
Fernández Rivera Alexis Yael
Fernández Rivera Alexis Yael 10 gün önce
I love the fact that Saul was injured multiple ocassions and he wasn't untouchable like in any other action movies. It made the film more realistic.
_MaZ_TeR_ 7 gün önce
S'all goodman
steppeconqueror 9 gün önce
"Saul" lmfao
G H O S T Gün önce
Main character: *not dodging hits like its the most skilled thing in the world* *doesn’t take hits and doesn’t even bleed* *unrealistic plot armor* *doesn’t even budge when injured* Nobody: Real fight, realistic fight, actually acts like the current injury and no plot armor
Blue Energy
Blue Energy 6 gün önce
This movie was a pleasure to watch. No woke BS. Well made all around. Loved it.
Justanotherguy 2 gün önce
Dang this is an epic scene. Movie is now on my watchlist!
Greenhorn Productions
Greenhorn Productions 5 aylar önce
_"I hope these assholes like hospital food."_ One of the best pre-fight lines in a movie.
The Panzer of the lake
The Panzer of the lake Aylar önce
"Sir you killed all of them"
kadir ardic
kadir ardic 2 aylar önce
@Kabirdix Miracles happen all the time i guess. I feel so bad about not watching this movie. I will make it up in summer.
Kabirdix 2 aylar önce
@kadir ardic There is actually a scene later showing them in the hospital lol
BØRGE ODK 3 aylar önce
@Salamander Fry Took me 15 seconds to have seen enough... Crap
BØRGE ODK 3 aylar önce
German "tuff guy" soccer player Sepp Piontek became danish natioal team trainer maany years back, and turned the fun loving "playboys" into diciplined winners. Layed the ground stone for "us" winning European chamionship in 1992 - not bad for a country of 5 mill people. Watch Denmark - Urguay from WM mexico 1986 to see them at their best thogh. Before the match it was said: "The team that can win over Urguay, will win the world cup.. Buuut Jesper Olsen fooked that one up for us... Opps - wrong story. At a match when Sepp was a player, he was to defend against some dane, and he learned how to say, in danish: "Which hospital do you want to go to"? :D
Saltt 12 gün önce
One of the best fight scenes ive seen in a few years
Goopysoup Gün önce
Bob Odenkirk is such a good actor, he can get the crap beaten out of him by a dinky meth head in one show, and take on a whole gang in another
Usaia Lovodua
Usaia Lovodua Gün önce
this fight is so realistic on so many levels lmfao 🤣💯
Devon Dicker
Devon Dicker 13 gün önce
I keep coming back to watch this scene! It’s great
Branden Gilbert
Branden Gilbert 26 gün önce
this was one of the most perfectly choreographed fight sequences ive seen, the fact he isn't just dodging every blow and is clearly being broken down more and more throughout the fight shows the close dedication the writers had when constructing the scene, and everyone walked away with an injury, what a scene
mohamed Dj
mohamed Dj 6 gün önce
We also note that the old man started the fight with a defeatist scene, as he received two punch at the beginning of the scene, which makes you think that he will be defeated, but the long years in which he left the fighting has affected him, then he began to crush them in an ascending direction with the punching and wounding and everyone came out injured with the advantage of the hero.
yonoerasi 6 gün önce probably don't watch enough movies....I got one word for you (is is one word?).....Oldboy
Antony Duhamel
Antony Duhamel 7 gün önce
Saying everyone walked away is a little generous. I'm pretty sure only Hutch walked away...
DEAD RAT CVLT 8 gün önce
yeah, gives me oldboy corridor fight vibes kinda
Ashallmusica 3 gün önce
I like how he's a good guy to not kill them and help that dude with a straw to breath properly
kaka batija
kaka batija 13 gün önce
This movie was truely amazing!!!
Uzumacky 3 gün önce
Bless this man's Soul...he's a Goodman
pratik 3 gün önce
Most realistic fight i have ever seen 💥💯
Alfonso Mapolon
Alfonso Mapolon 22 gün önce
I especially love how everytime he takes a hit, he comes back even harder.
SaitamaCool69 12 saatler önce
@Wooj Sorry but I don't think anyone would want to get hit.
Madlen Baba
Madlen Baba 14 saatler önce
nailed it!
𝚍𝚊𝚛𝚔 5 gün önce
is this an anime reference?
Wooj 7 gün önce
My read was the first couple of hits he took were on purpose to make them underestimate him. Or rather, he allowed himself to take a couple of softies specifically so he could come back hard and freak them out, as others are saying.
SmellyFruitZ 10 gün önce
America's Got Talent - Tape Face All Acts
Turbo Entertainment
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İsmail YK - Dondurmalar Benden (TaneryMusix)
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Oppenheimer Announcement
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19-2 (full school shooting scene)
Mitch & Arcee Brown
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Battleship | The Final Battle in 4K HDR
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4 scenes that prove Pikey Mickey is Brad Pitt's best role 🌀 4K
#1mazoo #global #shorts #tiktokvideo
Mazlum Sönmez
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Bir askerin Hayali… #shorts
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Tuğçe'nin canı acıdıkça Elif güldü 🙄 #shorts
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En Akıllı İnsanların Yeridir Deliler Hastanesi
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RRaenee | Yakalandık ya 🤠
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en iyi laf sokmalar şarkılardan parçalar
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Goldilocks ve Gizemli Kitap | Adisebaba Masallar
Adisebaba Masal
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