Flood update, Riverland South Australia | Paringa to Nildottie

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K&M Adventurers

K&M Adventurers

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Today we look around the Riverland in South Australia to see the aftermath of the 2022 / 2023 Murray River floods. It's all looking pretty good and most things are getting back to normal. Still a lot of work to go and still a lot of roads closed to camping spots etc. and some caravan parks are still pulling down levee banks and reinstating buildings.
hope you enjoy

Louise Brislane
Louise Brislane 2 aylar önce
Thank you for a first rate video on the changes since the water has gone down. One shudders to think what the houses look like inside after all that time under the water. However the grass will grow again & in time the place will look more like its old self from the outside but the inside will take much longer & cost more money to repair or replace.
K&M Adventurers
K&M Adventurers 2 aylar önce
You’re very welcome ☺️ and thank you 😊 definitely, I have seen a couple single stories and they will need to demolished, gyprock has bubbled and bowed and I would assume all the structural timber has swelled. Huge cost and time for most of these owners. Thank you once again for watching 😊
Kaye Nash
Kaye Nash 3 aylar önce
Thank you for showing us, so glad the river has gone down, now for the big clean up!
K&M Adventurers
K&M Adventurers 3 aylar önce
You’re very welcome 😁 the river is almost back to normal levels, there is a lot to clean up
Julie Sennett
Julie Sennett 3 aylar önce
Thank You, loved listening to the music and enjoyed the video, very picturesque 👏👏
K&M Adventurers
K&M Adventurers 3 aylar önce
You are very welcome 😁 I’m glad that you enjoyed 😊 thank you for watching
Timmy Watts
Timmy Watts 3 aylar önce
water is so cloudy
K&M Adventurers
K&M Adventurers 3 aylar önce
Sure is, still lots of silt and mud coming down
Narelle Scott
Narelle Scott 3 aylar önce
So great to see the recovery. Brilliant footage, thank you for the little history tips too. Love your videos 😊
K&M Adventurers
K&M Adventurers 3 aylar önce
Definitely is great to see, it’s all looking good! Aww thank you 😁
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