I Built a Nightmare Kingdom Where Nobody Is Sane or Safe - Going Medieval

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Let's Game It Out

Let's Game It Out

11 aylar önce

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I Built a Nightmare Kingdom Where Nobody Is Sane or Safe - Going Medieval - Let's Game It Out


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More about Going Medieval (from Steam):

In the world of Going Medieval, dark age society is on its knees. At the end of the 14th century, 95% of the global population has perished due to rampant plague.

Eventually, survivors emerge from society’s ashes, and it’s now up to you to help them settle in a dangerous new land reclaimed by nature. Build your people a home, help shape their lives, and protect them from animals, bandits, and other dangers in a lawless post-calamity age.

Design, build and expand your settlement from a small wooden hut into a colossal stone castle. With simple-to-use 3D terrain tools you can create the perfect stronghold, from winding underground caverns to sprawling multi-story forts.

This harsh new world is rife with external threats, but you can give your colonists the upper hand in battle by building impenetrable defences and traps. Research, craft and equip weapons and gear so that they can fight back against unrelenting waves of attackers.

Your colonists have more than just raids to contend with. They need protection from starvation and the elements, so it’s essential to stock up on supplies and build shelter to keep them fed and warm. Maintain your villagers’ emotional states, as their moods are affected if their needs and wants aren’t met.

Grow the population of your settlement by helping out strangers in dangerous situations, or by taking in like-minded travelers. Your villagers have personal histories and agendas, and you can get to know them by observing their behaviour and relationships with others.

Let's Game It Out
Let's Game It Out 11 aylar önce
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Coby Michaels
Coby Michaels 27 gün önce
.....tired of so many channels spamming raid plugs
Muhammad Safii
Muhammad Safii 2 aylar önce
@Cyoz 2 h
Muhammad Safii
Muhammad Safii 2 aylar önce
Muhammad Safii
Muhammad Safii 2 aylar önce
Muhammad Safii
Muhammad Safii 2 aylar önce
Skyes 11 aylar önce
So you built a normal kingdom for yourself?
Ossian Ferris
Ossian Ferris Aylar önce
A cannibal kingdom
Mile -.-
Mile -.- 5 aylar önce
Dude I was watching you not even 3 minutes ago
Tan Tan
Tan Tan 5 aylar önce
Sita Dumma
Sita Dumma 10 aylar önce
Jamie Rock
Jamie Rock 10 aylar önce
Sonic Echo
Sonic Echo 11 aylar önce
Josh definitely has an endurance and charisma of 10.
Ricardo Hernandez
Ricardo Hernandez 28 gün önce
@foxeon 64🇸🇪 no he has 10 intelligence because he knows how to torture his enemies and games
Dr. Bright
Dr. Bright 2 aylar önce
And a luck of infinity
foxeon 64🇸🇪
foxeon 64🇸🇪 5 aylar önce
He has an intelligence of 5
hollow 6 aylar önce
He has a perception of 4 tho
SFK_Gini 7 aylar önce
@HΛΔΕΖ ЯR Leider schon,ich hätte auch lieber mehr Offenheit gegenüber solchen Dingen,aber das ist nunmal Deutschland,hier ist alles kompliziert. :/
Cactus Phil
Cactus Phil 11 aylar önce
His voice is absolutely perfect, slightly masculine, slightly feminine, and completely psychopathic
The water shopkeeper
The water shopkeeper 23 saatler önce
People don't get standard humor in here the replies
The_Shredder_91 7 gün önce
@e.v.o. have you seen his videos?????? The dude loves torturing people!
The_Shredder_91 7 gün önce
@Reality that's indisputable
George Charleston
George Charleston Aylar önce
@e.v.o. someone can't take a joke
Hi My Name's Tristan
Hi My Name's Tristan Aylar önce
@Cactus Phil I 💕 V1nce
jgalvin21 11 aylar önce
I don’t know what’s more morbid: the fact that Josh did this, or that it was an option in the game in the first place....
the drunken greybeared dwarf
the drunken greybeared dwarf 2 aylar önce
Whats morbid
Latha Naveen
Latha Naveen 2 aylar önce
@Gideon Mele QQ
Agent Lurmey
Agent Lurmey 4 aylar önce
@Jack Blyat I both love and hate that this game is literally a 3D medieval Rimworld.
krvnjrcbs 5 aylar önce
Gongoozler I am
Gongoozler I am 6 aylar önce
Toast 11 aylar önce
ah yes, Josh's obsession with googly eyes from planet zoo is always the best.
The_Shredder_91 7 gün önce
Planet zoo and planet coaster definitely showed just how sadistic he is
Toast 5 aylar önce
@krvnjrcbs have you seen the things he puts googly eyes on?
krvnjrcbs 5 aylar önce
Prove it
Zulius Kaltaris
Zulius Kaltaris 11 aylar önce
Every time he says “is there a limit” I can hear his pc crying
Ashley Owens
Ashley Owens 3 aylar önce
Just like mine!
david suursoo
david suursoo 4 aylar önce
By the end the cooling fans sound like it's got a supercharged hemi under the hood
krvnjrcbs 5 aylar önce
No you can't
Tan Tan
Tan Tan 5 aylar önce
Mangan Turu Ngesimp
Mangan Turu Ngesimp 6 aylar önce
PC : mr josh i don't feel so good
Lewis Druid
Lewis Druid 9 aylar önce
I saw this and was like "this gives me RimWorld energy" and then I saw the numbered priorities and was like "oh, it is like RimWorld". Moral of the story, I would love to see Josh play RimWorld xD
neeneko Aylar önce
@ThePontoniusz hopefully someone would tell him about genetics (original or the new vanilla one) and the ability to create exploding chickens.
Grayson Coen
Grayson Coen Aylar önce
And here's me searching the tab for the key word "rimworld" and immediately finding a comment I agree with.
ipraytovodka 2 aylar önce
@Psisis plenty of wonderous chaos potential though so i wouldnt count it out....that being said (and i am not sure since i just found this channel today) seems like his latest reviews are all from sponsor requests and i doubt rimworld devs would care
ThePontoniusz 4 aylar önce
@Psisis We are talking about a guy who spends dozens of hours destroying his framerate, I can easily imagine him breeding thousands of chickens to use for combat in Rimworld
Psisis 6 aylar önce
It's literally a 1:1 "copy" ehm I mean steal. Even the mood modifiers are snatched from Rimworld. But yeah I don't think we'll see it on lgio, too much investment and micromanagement
Hxneysvnghoon_ 11 aylar önce
I know you are not going to see this but I just wanted to let you know that I love this channel. It helps me a lot on my hardest days/when I feel low. It always makes me laugh and definitely puts a smile on my face :) Thank you Josh :D
Mammoth 🤯
Mammoth 🤯 8 aylar önce
Me too
GJ 8 aylar önce
Tree 9 aylar önce
Sofía Estrada
Sofía Estrada 10 aylar önce
Sameeee. I feel you
Kian Reed
Kian Reed 11 aylar önce
Nicolas Carneiro
Nicolas Carneiro 11 aylar önce
a normal let's game it out video; 10% normal gameplay 50% destroying the game 40% chaos
JaguarPlayz 10 aylar önce
No, more like: 0% normal gameplay 5% breaking the game 95% COMPLETE CHAOS & MAYHEM
Steve Owens
Steve Owens 10 aylar önce
true lol
Zendakon 11 aylar önce
As we enter the new month, I realize that Satisfactory has released an update to include drones. Who else is excited to see what Josh does with them?
Zendakon 9 aylar önce
@DraGramis lol. He surprised me in all the right breaks
DraGramis 9 aylar önce
Oh boy i hope you were happy
Charles Dolling
Charles Dolling 11 aylar önce
How to inspire fear in any small game dev: "Is there a limit"
Hedgehog of Dojima
Hedgehog of Dojima 9 aylar önce
@Cameron or Graystillplays or Spiffing brit
Toga is a good kitty please love him
Toga is a good kitty please love him 11 aylar önce
You mean rookie numbers
LUFTWAFF3LS 11 aylar önce
How to inspire fear in any game dev
AzielPlays 11 aylar önce
@jaggns well most big devs have a limit. Except satisfactory but I think that’s intentional.
jaggns 11 aylar önce
it's not just small devs, it's any devs.
Daniel Jaeger
Daniel Jaeger 3 aylar önce
The longer i watch this, the narrower my eyes get because this is literally just rimworld
anxietina_ 4 aylar önce
josh at 8:18 is giving me 2022 pinocchio's "father, when can i leave to be on my own 💅🏻"
ٴ 10 aylar önce
I like how he also messed up the game he's sponsored of by killing his own character with full intent 🤣
Prismate 4 aylar önce
@ali rich exposing spy ninja secrets Lol literally lmao- uninstall that asap it’s spyware please do it for your own good TRshowrs can of course get sponsored by RAID, just please be just as highly critical of yt sponsorships as any other advertisement for they are no more trustworthy than any other type of internet advertising
ali rich exposing spy ninja secrets
ali rich exposing spy ninja secrets 5 aylar önce
Lol just downloaded Raid literally now
krvnjrcbs 5 aylar önce
I don't
300BlKDeniM 9 aylar önce
"It's called a Pergola, and it'll be all the rage in the future." I choked laughing
Zyon 11 aylar önce
"I Built a Nightmare Kingdom Where Nobody Is Sane or Safe" *_Do you have the slightest idea how little that narrows it down?_*
Will Muny
Will Muny 7 aylar önce
Ya, I thought this was about recreating Portland.
Doge 8 aylar önce
thats like what happend to every kingdom building game lol
DUxMORTEM 9 aylar önce
Sounds like America to me...
Harry Derosnec
Harry Derosnec 9 aylar önce
Literally Lordran
hecker 10 aylar önce
@Yitewewoteli Britain rule the waves
Ray Lukard
Ray Lukard 11 aylar önce
"If you had a passive/aggressive god" has me roflmao 🤣
krvnjrcbs 5 aylar önce
It didn't have me roflmao
TangoCharlie1020 9 aylar önce
"The eating of human flesh continued" He accidentally started a game of Rimworld
ZRobbie D
ZRobbie D 9 aylar önce
11:35 They’ve consumed so much human meat at this point that they’ve gained a craving for it. That’s why they stare in disbelief at the barely missed meat
Zieven Souva-Fehlmann Lee
Zieven Souva-Fehlmann Lee 9 aylar önce
"and I know this one looks like a lowly bandit, but this one's my favorite because he looks like he's about to cry" I love this
2xbarret 11 aylar önce
The only ad I don't skip is Josh's ads, it's entertaining as hell
Duke Darkwood
Duke Darkwood 2 aylar önce
Yeah. I mean, I'm still not going to BUY these other things, but I don't hate his ads the way I hate most ads.
krvnjrcbs 5 aylar önce
I skip them
Skill-ish 11 aylar önce
"I moved our sleeping quarters to the dead center of the cabbage field" is something I hope to use in some way or form as a pickup line in the future
krvnjrcbs 5 aylar önce
That is not something I hope to use in some way or form
黃宇成 9 aylar önce
For some reason, I laugh so hard whenever I hear Josh says "Mmmmmmm"
Cytozen 8 aylar önce
I lost it at “hasty to eat what’s tasty.” I will never tire of this premium content.
Fervidor 3 aylar önce
You know, the best part is that I can't tell if he planned all this or actually improvised it. I mean, he named his settlement the "Field of Screams" and made a banner with a skull and human limbs, then he made a _literal_ field of spike traps and turned the colonists into a tribe of guerilla cannibals. There's definitely _a theme_ going on here, which may or may not have been intentional.
Leon Hotdog
Leon Hotdog 11 aylar önce
When you see a Josh video your gonna know that this kingdom is gonna be hell
krvnjrcbs 5 aylar önce
I don't know this kingdom gonna be hell
LactoseTheIntolerant 4 aylar önce
11:37 "Ok, first things first. We have to bring breakfast to the stockpile" LOL 11:44 "So this time around we're not going to be so hasty... hasty to eat what's tasty " LOL! Josh makes me so happy.
Pablo Calderon
Pablo Calderon 9 aylar önce
Sweet lord I swear your description of task management in the game is exactly what ADHD feels like... Except no one sets my priorities, I'm always idle
Brooks Gilliam
Brooks Gilliam 5 gün önce
Even in the sponsors you never fail to make us laugh!
Shiba Inu
Shiba Inu 5 aylar önce
When you hear "is there a limit?" You know he's gonna destroy the frame rate and break the game
Rifqi Putra
Rifqi Putra 11 aylar önce
I've been using your content as background noises and what i love is whenever i glance over your gameplay something had always gone wrong lol
Waffle 11 aylar önce
Just thinking about Josh playing RimWorld fills me with fear
Nutmeg 4 aylar önce
One day i hope he plays Rimworld
krvnjrcbs 5 aylar önce
It doesn't fill me with fear
samtherat6 11 aylar önce
Was hoping he’d surround the field with spike traps.
Nenko 11 aylar önce
W-11 11 aylar önce
I call it the field of screams
Erik Eidsmoe
Erik Eidsmoe 11 aylar önce
He needs to put Spikes in the moat and then see how many dead bodies he can collect
Cauê Baasch de Souza
Cauê Baasch de Souza 11 aylar önce
To this date we don't know the answer: is there a limit to how many spike traps you can build?
{EvelynPlayz} 11 aylar önce
I wanted him to do that too
emerald top
emerald top 10 aylar önce
I love how much he enjoys the dumb crap he does even making fun of his sponsors
David R
David R 10 aylar önce
The enemy running away "nooo stooop" got me 🤣
EATSxBABIES 11 aylar önce
I love how the last quarter of the video is just Josh accidentally recreating Attack on Titan
Blake D
Blake D 10 aylar önce
I started playing this game recently and i love the verticality of the map space.
ToastThatDraws 11 aylar önce
“This ones my favorite Because he looks like he’s gonna cry”
John. 3 aylar önce
Teachers after handing out test results:
TheSillyGoose2 11 aylar önce
@GigaChad same
GigaChad 11 aylar önce
@TheSillyGoose2 I disliked it
TheSillyGoose2 11 aylar önce
@GigaChad if your a person who liked that comment u got problems
GigaChad 11 aylar önce
@TheSillyGoose2 I wish this was like Reddit and if you disliked, the likes would go down (into the negatives)
Jaina 2 aylar önce
Brent is so helpful, he delivers us dead body's to use as resources🤗
Plague Laevateinn
Plague Laevateinn 10 aylar önce
"He looks like he's about the cry" had me going
krvnjrcbs 5 aylar önce
I wasn't going
Tmanrocks23 Yt
Tmanrocks23 Yt 11 aylar önce
I really like the content you create and what you do in the games you play most the time I can get a good laugh in when you do something funny like skull with googly eyes and the legs and other things keep on doing what you do and have a good day.
LactoseTheIntolerant 4 aylar önce
Josh is so awesome. 5:15 "That's what I like to see! Great big sad faces!" LOL
This guy makes me want to create a game, and have him test it out. Edit: Didn't know I was going to get this many likes, and I'm not a game developer.
krvnjrcbs 5 aylar önce
He doesn't make me want to create a game
kira 11 aylar önce
Ima help you with that:D
why 11 aylar önce
Please do
THEOTHERGAMER 23 11 aylar önce
His job is a game tester probably
wasteland raider
wasteland raider 11 aylar önce
Do it
cole landgraff
cole landgraff 11 aylar önce
I flipping love your videos Josh! Best TRshow by far, I can’t describe how much your videos mean and what you’re doing. But there is one thing. I NEED MORE MERCH. You make some dope merch.
spectrevampire 8 aylar önce
Hearing Josh go "Mmmmmm!" in a non-Cooking Simulator video is always a surreal pleasure.
RIVER_CAT 10 aylar önce
Your videos make my day everyday no joke. Everyday when I feel mad I watch these to get a laugh.
Scott Cuthbert
Scott Cuthbert 10 aylar önce
This was a fun watch, thank you Josh :) I'll see you next time
JustAKomiFan 11 aylar önce
Josh could just type “I made a castle” and everyone would already know nobody is gonna be safe or sane
krvnjrcbs 5 aylar önce
I Wouldn't know that
BroahAhn 11 aylar önce
Halfdan 10 aylar önce
Villager: We musn't dis-grace our gods by these backgammish ways of blasphemy! Josh: Pray and Play!
Chicken Pizza
Chicken Pizza 6 aylar önce
Josh is one of the very few TRshowrs for whom I am willing to overlook a RAID: Shadow Legends sponsorship.
Derian 11 aylar önce
LOVE your videos!! Would love to see you and Anthony come back together for a Hat in Time play through one day
•Jelłybeär• 7 aylar önce
Watching your videos is literally the only time me and my sister actually bond… and that’s saying a lot.
Stephen Boyd
Stephen Boyd 11 aylar önce
Is there no game that doesn’t look better when it’s gamed out.
krvnjrcbs 5 aylar önce
There is no game that doesn't look better ol
Superchroma 11 aylar önce
@Cameron I've watched gameplay of RSL and it's pure railroaded drudgery.
Cameron 11 aylar önce
^^^^Josh, found the next game for you to rui...improve.
CF 11 aylar önce
Raid: Shadow Legends.
DanielLee 11 aylar önce
Every game he plays look kinda boring ngl but he make them so much better
Mbele Badawi
Mbele Badawi 3 aylar önce
I love how everyone of these boils down to frame rate 🤣🔥
JR 11 aylar önce
"Cringe, you don't even consume the flesh of man" ~Denny's to his enemies
BlackPandaPlays 11 aylar önce
Hey Josh, I love your videos! You should collab with GrayStillPlays, a fellow game-breaker! You two would have a lot of fun together
yakketyyak 10 aylar önce
This video perfectly encapsulates the “can’t go wrong with googly eyes!” to “cannibalism” pipeline that has claimed so many of this country’s youth.
krvnjrcbs 5 aylar önce
It doesn't perfectly encapsulate that
Eyiss Major - Roblox
Eyiss Major - Roblox 11 aylar önce
Wait a second, this game is just a medieval more-pacifist version of RimWorld. Now I want to see Josh play as psychopathic cannibalistic human leather tailor war criminals in Rimworld.
Gorreci 11 aylar önce
@Bas Dirks Not yet. Comparing a game that's in early access to a game that's been out for years here.
Bas Dirks
Bas Dirks 11 aylar önce
@Gorreci Except it doesn't do it better.
neeneko 11 aylar önce
They did not seem upset about eating without a table, so I am going to say no ;p
Steph P.
Steph P. 11 aylar önce
Right?! This game is literally nicer RimWorld! Where are all the human slavery and human leather hats?!
BACHOMP 11 aylar önce
For Josh, that's just a regular Tuesday. Still I'd like to watch it too
Alex 5 aylar önce
The fact that becoming cannibals is an option in this game just kills me
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