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Chronicle - Medieval History Documentaries

Chronicle - Medieval History Documentaries

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This series reveals true stories of medieval life by examining the skeletal remains that lie buried below the earth's surface. Combining atmospheric, dramatic reconstructions of gripping stories with archaeological science, Medieval Dead takes viewers deeper into the Dark Ages than ever before.
The series traces and sifts through the remains of the Medieval Dead.
00:00 War: Defenders of Masterby
46:05 Poverty: The Woman of Tadcaster
01:32:02 Pestilence & Disease
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Chronicle - Medieval History Documentaries
Chronicle - Medieval History Documentaries 6 aylar önce
📺 It's like Netflix for history... Sign up to History Hit, the world's best history documentary service and get 50% off using the code 'CHRONICLE' bit.ly/3iVCZNl
Julie 6 aylar önce
Change it and do as you truly wish.
Lambent Ort
Lambent Ort 6 aylar önce
U 💩uu
Chip Holton
Chip Holton 5 aylar önce
@Julie L
Nonkululeko Mtolo
Nonkululeko Mtolo 5 aylar önce
Elizabeth Fann
Elizabeth Fann 3 aylar önce
Sharpington 4 aylar önce
TLDR for the BIGGEST killer: The black plague, which killed 50-60% of Europe's entire population. However the title was clearly just slapped on for youtube and not really what the video is about; the show actually tells the story of 3 specific people and what killed them. It looks at 3 medieval burial sites and shows you how an archeologist knows things like a person's status, age, health and living conditions just by looking at their bones. They give you a snapshot of 3 real people that lived and died in medieval times and what their life and death might have been like. Specific stories about individual people will always be way more interesting to me than blanket statements. You should totally watch the video, just not for the title.
sportluver98 2 aylar önce
Should be top comment
K Right
K Right 6 aylar önce
Regarding the woman who had y pestis, I find it interesting that she and others were buried where there is a yew tree. Very ancient legends connect the yew with burial sites,some apparently going back thousands of years. Yews regenerate: where a branch touches the ground a new yew may spring up. Thus if the particular yew at this gravesite is not ancient itself, it might have sptung from successive regenerations of an ancient yew. In church graveyards often the yew and the original church graveyard would be south and/or west of the church itself. An ancient castle site (even motte and bailey) might have had a chapel or church itself that had its own yew-graced gravesite. Whoever buried this woman, who may have still understood that the yew was once sacred and associated with death and rebirth.either buried her near an extant yew, or planted one there. Perhaps it was still locally known that the yew was the site of a Christian sacred burial ground associated with the old castle. If the new churchyard was full, the old one might be the best spot. And yes, it is entirely possible that whomever enterred this woman in the 14th c.could have known this. After all I and many many people still do know that in 2022. ( In the 1600’s one bishop wished to make yews illegal at gravesites: apparently he failed. This is likely the period when the legend that Pontius Pilate had a yew upon his grave, and that witchcraft was associated with yews (which are poisonous to consume, but so are many many plants and even many pretty flowers.)
Debra Power
Debra Power 6 aylar önce
We just learned that we have a yew bush in our backyard. Thank you for sharing this information.
Simon Watts
Simon Watts 6 aylar önce
Yews in every English graveyard ... also made longbows from them
Magdalena Holt
Magdalena Holt 6 aylar önce
Fascinating comment. Thanks
Seeker 7
Seeker 7 5 aylar önce
Wow, how interesting! Thank you for taking the time to write this and help expand my knowledge.
Kelly Kane
Kelly Kane 5 aylar önce
Now I know And knowledge is power
RPKelly 6 aylar önce
It would be interesting to know how long it took for natural forces to bury the entire battlefield, and the corpse's, with soil to a depth suitable for the land to be used for farming. In addition..... it would also be interesting to know how long it took for the people of the town (of which the battle was named) to start using the field for agriculture. I am sure that it produced high quality corps in VAST quantities because of the high "ORGANIC MATTER" in the soil.
Kelly’s Homemade Kitchen
Kelly’s Homemade Kitchen 6 aylar önce
That would be interesting to know!
Kassie Fouts
Kassie Fouts 6 aylar önce
I agree that would be really cool to know. I learned while researching fertilizers and mixing different kinds of soil that some of the most nutrient natural soils was found to be a massive burial ground from one of the deadlier plagues. 😬😳
Kelly’s Homemade Kitchen
Kelly’s Homemade Kitchen 6 aylar önce
@Kassie Fouts I can imagine! Tell me something if you happen to know. I grew up on a farm and have wondered for years how it is that fields that are fertilized with manure of whatever kind, how does it not end up in the crops even on a molecular level? Probably sounds like a laymen’s question to you, but is something I’ve always wondered about.
RPKelly 6 aylar önce
@Kelly’s Homemade Kitchen "Ash's to ash's... dust to dust" as the saying goes I guess. When you are returned to the ground and decompose, I expect the plants don't know the difference (or care) if you are a chemical fertilizer or a human being. It is my understanding that plants need the chemical nurturance from the soil (absorbed through their roots), in combination with photosynthesis from the sun, to feed itself. So essentially, every time you eat a veggie.... you are eating a little bit of everything that ever lived!
Kelly’s Homemade Kitchen
Kelly’s Homemade Kitchen 6 aylar önce
@RPKelly I shudder as I realize you are most probably right.
Juci Shockwave
Juci Shockwave 6 aylar önce
Today in modern times... war, poverty and pestilence are still major killers of humans. Incredible as much has changed, some things never do change.
DashedEuthanasia 3 aylar önce
Isn't there a scripture in which Jesus says something along the lines of "there will always be poor among you"? Meaning that human greed, which leads to some people being left with very little or even nothing, will always exist until judgement day because of how flawed humanity is. I dunno, I thought that would be interesting to note, because whether or not there is a god or a next life, that statement remains true.
Angelique' 76
Angelique' 76 2 aylar önce
Neat! I watched a three part series on this exact theory. I enjoyed this, thank you.
Warp DriveBy
Warp DriveBy 3 aylar önce
Casualty rates, this includes surviving wounded, for medieval warfare was 10-15%. There are certainly cases of routs and annihilation of whole units, but 8-9 of 10 soldiers survived most battles without serious injuries. Don't forget, this is WAY before antibiotics and modern surgical treatments, most would be saved with modern medicine! Edit: Don't think they fought like 19th and early 20th century armies lining up and pouring .90 cal lead slugs into each other. It was no easier to charge into spears then than it would be for us today!
Blaze Somun
Blaze Somun Aylar önce
Depends yes in fighting they survived but come back no. While the fight was going on not many died but when one of the army routed that slaughter just like they said not a lot of bodies on battlefield but than in one direction lots of evidence of the battle until there was no one else to kill because they got away or were killed... I mean there are battles where bodies pilled up during battle like Agincourt and even before that Romans and Alexander were good at using horses to cut the lines while still in battle but yeah shield wall vs shield wall not that many dead but if you managed to flank with horses o boy like tank driving into a line of solders...
Warp DriveBy
Warp DriveBy Aylar önce
@Blaze Somun Yes, there have been all sorts of crazy battles and campaigns. Still, when we include ALL the ones you mentioned and average it out 5-15% of a pre gunpowder army would be killed or wounded in a battle. That's just what the analysis tells us overall, I'm not sure at all why you object.
Blaze Somun
Blaze Somun Aylar önce
@Warp DriveBy I don't object I just said that if you count routing as a battle (I do) than number is way way way higher than 5-15% its more like 30-35%
Susan Mercurio
Susan Mercurio 6 aylar önce
*Someone* must have been left in Masterby, or who buried the bodies and put up the cross? 21:23 I bet whoever lost his spanner out in the field was annoyed to find it was gone! And do they scan again after they took the nails out to make sure that there isn't anything else hidden under the nail? The Lady of Tadcaster might have been the midwife, i.e., a more important member of the community. That would explain why she was buried in a single grave. 1:36:55 The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: War, Famine, and Pestilence are three, and the fourth is a figure with a bow and crown, interpreted variously by different scholars. Perhaps it shows the oligarchy or the wealthy elite that has taken over the world. They're certainly killing enough people with sanctions and austerity.
Visassess 6 aylar önce
They already answered your first question.
victoria dies at the end.
victoria dies at the end. 6 aylar önce
Is not the 4th Horseman Death? I assumed that is why he wears a crown. Because he rules over all. Obviously during an apocalyptic event everyone would die, so Death would be all present, and in any event nobody escapes him, so he would be supreme over all. He's the main event, so to speak lol
Amanda Spiva
Amanda Spiva 3 aylar önce
What a wonderful explanation of Juana's life. I absolutely LOVE you and your channel. Subscribed from Los Angeles Ca USA ❤️
jabadaba du
jabadaba du 6 aylar önce
Trying to imagine these battles, makes me sick. Insane times! TY for the video 👍
Rob Vollat
Rob Vollat 4 aylar önce
There was a principle in almost all of recorded history where if a city stood up to an attacking army, once the army breeches the walls and defeats said city; The attacking army is given three days in which they raped who they wanted, enslaved who they wanted, stole anything that they wanted, and destroyed anything they wanted. Then on the morning of day three they would pack their slaves and property up, and march back home a rich man. That is why young men wanted to join armies in the first place, to take place in this three day orgy of violence and wealth! Wild times, indeed, which basically took place over our entire human existence as masters of agriculture. East Asian cultures who didn't adhere to such rules would often kill all men of age, take the women and children as slaves, and burn the entire city to the ground after it was looted - there was no three day limit to their conquering orgy.
jabadaba du
jabadaba du 4 aylar önce
@Rob Vollat I did not know that they had even determined how long such an act would last. I can honestly say that I feel sick when I try to put myself in that time, in the people who suffered. Today, this still happens on a smaller scale. Filth of human society! Thank you for your response, peace ✌
Rob Vollat
Rob Vollat 4 aylar önce
@jabadaba du Yeah it’s wild to think about .. people setting de quorum for conquering cities, because they knew they could be conquered next and didn’t want their entire city wiped off the map either, so three days of them looting the “wealthy neighborhoods” seemed like a good trade-off from everyone’s viewpoint.
jabadaba du
jabadaba du 4 aylar önce
@Rob Vollat Every story has two sides. I believe in not being harmful to society. Although I could list some examples of hatred, but this does not give me satisfaction. I forgive, I don't forget, I learn and I move on... Being violent is the easiest way in the beginning. Over the years, you realize that this is not the solution. However, when you start thinking about it in the old age and when conscience begins to come to the fore, then you seek comfort in people. When you feel strong, ask yourself if you really need it. That's when the right combination of strength and humanity is born in a person. A bit out of context, but on the subject of human mentality.
Jordana Landry
Jordana Landry Aylar önce
U have obviously never experienced conflict or war-if you had you'd know that NOW is the insane times
scasey1960 5 aylar önce
So much for the value of spoken history
NemFX 6 aylar önce
I'm tempted to say food poisoning, because a LOT of historical resources describe how hard it was to cook things consistently. Or famine. Famine would have to be up there.
Susan Mercurio
Susan Mercurio 6 aylar önce
"Pease porridge hot, Pease porridge cold, Pease porridge in the pot Nine days old. Some like it hot, And some like it cold, And some like it in the pot Nine days old." I think that the people in those days had the skills to avoid food poisoning from poor food preservation.
Mike Young
Mike Young 6 aylar önce
And just think 100,000 years ago we ate meat raw, roots straight from the ground unwashed, and broke bones and ate the marrow look what cooking food has done for our emune system and our digestive system
Jason G
Jason G 6 aylar önce
​@Mike Young and 100,000 years ago we did all of those things and probably had an average lifespan of 20 years. There's a reason our population is as high as it is today.
bluegum 6 aylar önce
@Mike Young if you can't even spell immune system correctly you're not allowed to voice opinions about it, sorry, that's the rules
V!C the 🐤
V!C the 🐤 6 aylar önce
@Mike Young Such expertise from the person who misspells "immune system" 😆
Patrick Burton
Patrick Burton 6 aylar önce
Losing side dying maybe a reality for the peasants but usually nobles and royalty was ransomed and usually treated quit well for being prisoners of war.
Nunya DamBusiness
Nunya DamBusiness 6 aylar önce
Didn't happen at agincourt... most of the time you would be safe, but some people are vengeful... Cromwell tossed child prisoners into a fire...
I never look at replies lol
I never look at replies lol 6 aylar önce
@Nunya DamBusiness Gotta do something to keep warm at night
MidMo 4020
MidMo 4020 6 aylar önce
At 1:24:00ish that is a syphillatic skull. I don’t know why they’d be showing it the context it’s in.. just an observation. The reason I know this is because I watched a doc on that a few days ago. That exact same rotating image was also used in it.
MaryRose 6 aylar önce
Grew up in a neighboring village, just 15 min bike ride from Mästerby. Only as and adult did i start to even comprehend that this was of any interest to others on an international level, thought it was just normal, local folk history.
Melissa Smith
Melissa Smith 6 aylar önce
I kind of agree on food poisoning because when the butchered the animals they hung the meat and all kinds of bacteria and bugs and stuff got into the meat.
PFR 6 aylar önce
😂 uh huh ok.
ruth shupe
ruth shupe 6 aylar önce
They still butcher that way the only difference is the knowledge of bacteria and knowing to store it in cold. My father was a pig butcher they hang them upside down and drain the blood. Now not sure of cows and others but they also do the same hunting deer.
R0se g0lden._
R0se g0lden._ 5 aylar önce
1:58:16 "she was atleast 46...or could have been 93. Or 47..." this tickled me so bad.
tomstieve 6 aylar önce
Great series
CJ 6 aylar önce
The list of things NOT trying to kill you in the MA is much shorter.
PFR 6 aylar önce
Narrator keeps calling it mad evil instead of medieval and I’m hung up on it. 😂
Quantum Delorean
Quantum Delorean 6 aylar önce
He’s British. He can’t help it.
Pamela Sheridan
Pamela Sheridan 6 aylar önce
How would you pronounce it?
butterflyladeda 6 aylar önce
If you listen on the 0'25 speed, he clearly says "'medi " although he's a bit lazy with the "ëval", sounding it more like "evul".
lan nguyen
lan nguyen 6 aylar önce
Not only the narrator, but also the science lady, and other random archeologists. Get used to it, dude, the whole world doesn't speak Murrikkan.
RPKelly 6 aylar önce
I think it is interchangeable..... personally, I can't understand how the human race has survived as long as it has.
michael angeletti
michael angeletti 6 aylar önce
They should have used laser scannig like was done at stone henge.
Rebecca Welch
Rebecca Welch 5 aylar önce
I love the idea of the Yew tree. Someone loved this woman,(if the Yew supposition is correct.) They Amos History Channel 2:12 I/5/23
My pitys name is Boo he's my pitboo
My pitys name is Boo he's my pitboo 5 aylar önce
Ignorance was the biggest killer. Still is to this day.
KittyHerder 6 aylar önce
It's interesting how many women get into the field of osteoarchaeology.
Visassess 6 aylar önce
It's amazing to me how there's any evidence left from so long ago. Hundreds of years ago a battle happened and we can, in the present day, find those who died.
Kristi Jarrett
Kristi Jarrett 3 aylar önce
Bones and teeth don't decay like soft tissue and organs. You can find bones that are a few thousand years old
Larry Bedouin
Larry Bedouin 4 aylar önce
The Roman church! That old scarlet harlot.
Gary Ball
Gary Ball 6 aylar önce
I just wondering what the rules would been in 2020 if this covid-19 buyers really came and did not become extinct as much as it is now we are very lucky to live in the time we live in right now and not in the Dark ages.
victoria dies at the end.
victoria dies at the end. 6 aylar önce
If humanity makes it to, say, 2625, THIS will be considered the Dark Ages....our Dark Ages considered practically Cro Magnon.
PFR 6 aylar önce
We are living in the true and real dark ages.
Marie Katherine
Marie Katherine 6 aylar önce
I’m not sure how I’d feel if I found skeletons while digging my vegetable garden. If they appeared quite old, no artifacts or signs of foul play, I’d be attempted to sprinkle them with Holy Water, say some prayers for the dead, and put back the earth. Maybe put some nice flowers in planters on top and leave them in peace.
Gary Ball
Gary Ball 6 aylar önce
Make sure your dog does not bring no bones home that you cannot figure out where they got them.
PFR 6 aylar önce
Call the cops this one has dead people in the garden
Chief Sitting American
Chief Sitting American 5 aylar önce
"Holy water" 😂😂😂
Fish Jenkins
Fish Jenkins 5 aylar önce
Thats so sweet. I hope if Im a medieval body its in your garden - I mean that :)
Ms.pugsley 5 aylar önce
@Fish Jenkins 😂
trtr2030 Aylar önce
ブラックデスの時代は悪魔のような時代で新型コロナなど比較に出来ぬくらいの恐怖だったと思うのだが、なぜかその印象は薄い。なぜなのかなあ。 The era of Black Death was a devilish era, and I think it was a fear that could not be compared with the new corona, but for some reason the impression is weak. I wonder why.
Patriot84 5 aylar önce
Medieval times was a horrible time to be born and live. Y'all should count your blessings we all can give out first world opinions like they really matter.
Donald West
Donald West 6 aylar önce
Please someone on the production staff proofread the incorrect word for Masterby. It is a rather inexcusable insult to those of us who need closed captioning. I’m sure the production stsff of this excellent documentary had no direct responsibility for the captioning. But a quick view with captioning would have caught the mistakes.
PFR 6 aylar önce
Masterby. Mad evil. As soon as this documentary started I cannot get over the mispronunciations. 😂
Michi Melody
Michi Melody 6 aylar önce
Unfortunately the cc's are made by AI not real people. I wish they would do a check by people because as someone that uses CC for when my phone's sync with my tv goes out it is ..... Horrid I agree.
V!C the 🐤
V!C the 🐤 6 aylar önce
Great show for falling asleep, thanks 😊
Susan Mercurio
Susan Mercurio 6 aylar önce
Since there are now homeless people all over the UK, I wouldn't say that Yorkshire is "prosperous" these days.
PFR 6 aylar önce
I’m pretty sure this was filmed prior to the Russian invasion. And if that’s where you are I’m so sorry that those things are happening and I wish the United States was able to do more to help.
randall simpson
randall simpson 6 aylar önce
@PFR They had a migrant crisis before Russia......
Susan Mercurio
Susan Mercurio 6 aylar önce
@PFR : I'm in the *US* and I wish that they would send some more help - to us! I'm one of the millions of homeless people here. And what does this answer have to do with homeless people IN THE UK (United Kingdom)??
Mary Earll
Mary Earll 6 aylar önce
Where is Masterbury ? Which county is it in ? Doesn't seem to be mentioned 😕
Mandy Walkden-Brown
Mandy Walkden-Brown 29 gün önce
You might want to rewatch it. Was mentioned several times, Gotland, Sweden.
Darlene Bradley
Darlene Bradley 6 aylar önce
The demeaning narrative tone, and 'tisk, tisk' that surfaces at times, in the discussion of the ancient attitudes towards disease in this piece, comes close to overshadowing the clinical presentation of the diseases. Instead of sneers, we should be exhibiting pity for the people caught up in the mores' of their era and their very limited knowledge. Presentism, applying today's moral and ethical judgements, to people of other eras needs to be curbed.
Contents Differ
Contents Differ 6 aylar önce
Yeah, that's trashy. Hell, we have a pandemic in recent memory that was treated in a very questionable manner. Indeed, in the last few decades we've had a few that been dealt with quite poorly.
Laura (lake frog)
Laura (lake frog) 5 aylar önce
Let me guess
Andrew Driver
Andrew Driver 5 aylar önce
@Laura (lake frog) guess what?
Debra Little
Debra Little 4 aylar önce
Besides the Plague probably syphilis
Earte Cathy
Earte Cathy 6 aylar önce
What was the biggest killer in the Middle Ages? I watched this video to find out and was disappointed to find you had used click bait. I did appreciate the fact that your expert said she cannot usually tell from the skeleton what killed the person. She at least addressed the subject found in the title, while most of the video did not.
Chad Ettwein
Chad Ettwein 6 aylar önce
They have this same video under numerous titles. I was irritated, too. I love this series and I genuinely wanted to see one about the biggest cause of death, which was obviously disease.
Thanatos Mist
Thanatos Mist 2 aylar önce
The segment titles actually answer that. "War", "Poverty", and "Pestilence & Disease"
J R McKim
J R McKim 20 gün önce
Anyone else get a kick out of the battle reenactments like this? I would love to watch it without the added music and sounds. Just a bunch of dudes standing around yelling and pretending to hit each other. 😂
KKBROPH 6 aylar önce
The poor Gotlanders, of course the rich pricks wouldn't let them in the castle. Historic behavior right up to date.
White_isnt _A_Race
White_isnt _A_Race 6 aylar önce
These videos are great after a joint
Elizabeth Potter
Elizabeth Potter 6 aylar önce
Too funny
White_isnt _A_Race
White_isnt _A_Race 6 aylar önce
@Elizabeth Potter you’re a witch Miss Potter (said in Hagrid)
Jenny Rose
Jenny Rose 6 aylar önce
I don't smoke... I do get drunk tho
Donna Cabot
Donna Cabot 5 aylar önce
Jessica Jacobsson
Jessica Jacobsson 6 aylar önce
My ancestors are from Gottland so is my mother and brother to am the first one not from this beautiful island
Mich 5 aylar önce
I feel like the cultural history of herbal medicine, wise women, midwives, and so on has been discounted.
Marc-André Brunet
Marc-André Brunet 6 aylar önce
My problem with these kind of documentaries is the music.. We seriously don't need that
tj8422 6 aylar önce
That thumbnail art, lol
Laura Fortier
Laura Fortier 2 aylar önce
Currently at 27 min and not a single thing she has shown looks like anything but a rock fragment.
xuyahfish 6 aylar önce
I don't understand ehy they didn't pack bags & run? It's an island but wouldn't there be places to hide? Or be faster. Yes, houses would be burned, but you could rebuild. But at least you'd survive.
Kevin Sterns
Kevin Sterns 6 aylar önce
Did anyone actually grind through this whole thing to find out the answer to the clickbait title? After 2 hours did it provide a definitive answer??
Unknown 6 aylar önce
Its a boring archeological dig story, click bait reported
KKBROPH 6 aylar önce
Boring to you. I found it fascinating.
Unknown 6 aylar önce
@KKBROPH good for you, other ppl don't appreciate deception
J X 5 aylar önce
It is Mästerby! with an Ä!
swarm669 Aylar önce
Why are they holding there metal dector s so off the ground they are losing death
kylie jones
kylie jones 5 aylar önce
Planking? Seems like that long ago that people were dying all over the place from lying stiff in stupid things.
shane newton
shane newton 6 aylar önce
Human Beings as will be FOREVER time..
David Munro
David Munro 6 aylar önce
Drinking water and fly,s are always deadly.
Nobody 3 aylar önce
Is that Richard Armitage narrating?
Bethany Miller
Bethany Miller 15 gün önce
That's exactly who I thought it was too.
Mary Duhon
Mary Duhon 6 aylar önce
Ignorance that's the #1 killer in middle ages
Jenn Klein
Jenn Klein 6 aylar önce
Well,yeah. Germs,?Shitting in your major water source, open sewers, dung heaps, dead stuff etc!!
Michelle Brixius
Michelle Brixius 5 aylar önce
Is it just me, but has the number of commercials just insane now? I know I could pay for it, but all these channels are worse than cable, which still shoves commercials at you. Just greed and I'm not sure if it's TRshow or if it's the creators, but it is just out of control.
Cobra Kai
Cobra Kai 4 aylar önce
i thought it was the black death ;/
Be Saved
Be Saved 9 gün önce
Subtitles at 1:02
living in Italy 16years
living in Italy 16years 6 aylar önce
We have pacreatic cancer,prostate cancer, breast cancer,ovarian cancer, only painnkillers ,have seen a tumour ?
SMG- MTG 6 aylar önce
Religion was the biggest killer.
Oxylepy 4 aylar önce
Huh. I thought it was being born.
Anthony Sutliff
Anthony Sutliff 6 aylar önce
The way he says skeletal. Very odd.
Nicki M
Nicki M 6 aylar önce
Just the way Brits say it.
eppurse 6 aylar önce
"decimated" misused, as the English do- at 1:10- "decimated" SOUNDS like "all" or "most" but actually it means "One tenth died"
Contents Differ
Contents Differ 6 aylar önce
@Chad Ettwein No. No, that's absolutely wrong. Decimation literally means that one tenth died. Decimation was a draconian punishment used by the Romans against their units or even legions for severe crimes. They would pick one soldier out of every ten, and force nine of his comrades to beat him to death. Aside from losing a tenth of their fighting force, the unit would suffer greatly in cohesion and morale. The unit might indeed go on to suffer great losses or annihilation in combat after that. But, the decimation was simply the "removal" of one-tenth the soldiers.
Pwhite 5 aylar önce
@Contents Differ you just said the same thing. 🤡
Mandy Walkden-Brown
Mandy Walkden-Brown 29 gün önce
Oh for goodness sake! We all know that was the formal definition of the word but language changes over time and it’s used as a more general term describing a severe degree of destruction. Been living in a cave with no literature for the last forty years or what?
eppurse 29 gün önce
@Mandy Walkden-Brown Yeah-that give people permission to distort meanings. How much of the things gone wrong have to do with that distortion? No, not everyone understands that that is not what the word really means- is just shows the weak minds that confuse "Devastation" with the word "Decimation". However- I never heard a more absurd defense of of the ridiculous before
Bethany Miller
Bethany Miller 15 gün önce
People. People engaging other people in a variety of ways killed lots of people. That's the correct answer.
resonantfrequency7125 5 aylar önce
Way, way, way too many commercials for anyone to watch.
stirgy 4 aylar önce
Was this shown on the IDGAS network? Halfway through this documentary and I have no idea where it's going. I'm out.
Oracle of the ScorpionMagdaleneDivine
Oracle of the ScorpionMagdaleneDivine 6 aylar önce
Yeah I can't commit to that.
Lena Eliza
Lena Eliza 6 aylar önce
Kristi Skinner
Kristi Skinner 6 aylar önce
How many different titles are y'all going to put this same exact video under😤 smh
Jimmie Swindle
Jimmie Swindle 26 gün önce
Question: What Was The Biggest Killer In The Middle Ages? Answer: Religion.
Oracle of the ScorpionMagdaleneDivine
Oracle of the ScorpionMagdaleneDivine 6 aylar önce
Is it just this one place fir over 2 hours?
PFR 6 aylar önce
Perty mach 😂
Oracle of the ScorpionMagdaleneDivine
Oracle of the ScorpionMagdaleneDivine 6 aylar önce
@PFR yeah I was right. I couldn't commit
Food for the Ages
Food for the Ages 2 aylar önce
Plague, no?
jeff powers
jeff powers 6 aylar önce
The lack of soap and bathing.
Jenn Klein
Jenn Klein 6 aylar önce
And toilets, lovely flushing ones !
victoria dies at the end.
victoria dies at the end. 6 aylar önce
Definitely didn't help
rm p
rm p 3 aylar önce
Amazing that she is touching the bones of a diseased person...bare handed. I would not. We do not really know how long infectious diseases can be active through time.
Mandy Walkden-Brown
Mandy Walkden-Brown 29 gün önce
So glad you’re not a biologist or medical personnel! Yikes, the ignorance is disappointing.
Malcolm Knight
Malcolm Knight 6 aylar önce
The simple answer that can be back up by evidence ROMAN CATHOLICISM
PensiveMob 5 aylar önce
I think white-haired dude doesn't understand paleodemographics, and should update himself.
Edward Michael Gamboa jr
Edward Michael Gamboa jr 6 aylar önce
John 316. Everything else parishes. Soon. Less than weeks away
ladyjusticesusan 6 aylar önce
KKBROPH 6 aylar önce
.. and still.
victoria dies at the end.
victoria dies at the end. 6 aylar önce
I always say I would have made certain I was in a convent in a very out of the way geographical location at a young age, so as to remove the possibility of being forced to marry to survive, the certainty of being impregnated, have to give birth, put myself at risk of syphilis and various other STD's, and protect myself further against the possibility of rape by living somewhere undesirable to conquer or pillage. Preferably a convent in which we can grow decent food and we can make our own clothing, but there isn'ta ton of money involved, as I fear that would draw authorative male religious figures, and you can't trust any of them. En absentia male bishops and so forth having no interest in visiting. A nunnery or convent on an island might be good. That seems to me the only way to avoid most of the things i would fear the most.
07MoPower 6 aylar önce
Religion I’m assuming. Cause my god is better than your god.
D Snodgrass
D Snodgrass 6 aylar önce
Which one of the estimated 3,000 gods in history is yours?
Gary Ball
Gary Ball 6 aylar önce
My God is better than any God I only have one God and He's the real God. So God be with us all.
Donna Cabot
Donna Cabot 5 aylar önce
The many faces of God.
Jean 2 aylar önce
Elizabeth Claypool
Elizabeth Claypool 6 aylar önce
Kuzz Billington
Kuzz Billington 6 aylar önce
Christianity and ignorance of the microbial world, probably?
KKBROPH 6 aylar önce
Lestat Angel
Lestat Angel 6 aylar önce
My ex-wife's cooking. I just saved you two hours and 18 minutes of your life.
Donna Cabot
Donna Cabot 5 aylar önce
Tom Aaron
Tom Aaron 6 aylar önce
Why the loud aggravating background music? Stopped listening.
Jim Anders
Jim Anders 6 aylar önce
old video
Chip Holton
Chip Holton 5 aylar önce
Simon Watts
Simon Watts 6 aylar önce
Must have been s*
Tig Night
Tig Night 6 aylar önce
Yt bs
Unknown 6 aylar önce
KKBROPH 6 aylar önce
Oh no! Glad you got away quick before you could learn something! Close call, no? ~ Whew!
Unknown 6 aylar önce
@KKBROPH that was quite the mouthful
joaquin perez
joaquin perez 6 aylar önce
Hazel 6 aylar önce
Joseph Winder
Joseph Winder Aylar önce
wiseman507 6 aylar önce
Hazel 6 aylar önce
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