Steam Deck: Introducing Deck Verified

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Introducing Deck Verified: See at a glance how your Steam games run on Deck.
Steam Deck is a full-featured gaming PC designed by Valve that lets you bring the games you love wherever you go. Reserve yours now and learn more at
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Hackcam Yıl önce
this is the most attention valve has given to tf2 in years.
VGN VideoGameNinja
VGN VideoGameNinja Yıl önce
Wi tf2?
speedybine Yıl önce
@VGN VideoGameNinja titan fall 2
Æther Yıl önce
@speedybine lol
Foozp 333
Foozp 333 Yıl önce
@VGN VideoGameNinja tuna full 2
Dotcando Yıl önce
@VGN VideoGameNinja total friends 2
BellCube Yıl önce
"After all, it's your Deck" That's such an incredible thing to hear-and the sad part is that it shouldn't be. More companies need to take after Valve on this initiative.
NoJokerXD Yıl önce
What do you mean it shouldn’t belong to you?
BellCube Yıl önce
@NoJokerXD Exactly. It should.
NoJokerXD Yıl önce
@BellCube so lemme get this clear u Wanna that it’s not your deck or it’s your Deck?
BellCube Yıl önce
@NoJokerXD Steam is saying that it's YOUR deck, and I wish more companies did the same.
Moto T
Moto T Yıl önce
@NoJokerXD he's saying it's open sourced i can install anything on the steam deck even a windows OS however I can't do that on the Nintendo switch and the ps5
Nomporu Yıl önce
I love how TF2, an official Valve game, is only 'Playable'.
omster Yıl önce
Valve puts lots of effort into game development /s
PrCr Yıl önce
It shows that they’re selective about which titles are fully playable
Nyan Bunny
Nyan Bunny Yıl önce
Ok, you made me laugh!😹
Yisus Shorts
Yisus Shorts Yıl önce
Because, unlike tf2, other games have updates so they get compatibility with steam decks.
A lot of the menus don't work on a controller, and you need a mouse to click those. That's what they mean
Shakes Yıl önce
This alongside their Steam Deck disassembly video from last week show Valve is having one of the most impressive and well-received press runs in years for a game console which can largely be attributed to them (likely) having a great product as well as actually listening to the fans as so many others have mentioned. Incredible job to the developers, hardware engineers, and product designers over at Valve, you guys seem to work in mysterious ways sometimes but I'm glad to see the results!
LugiNess Yıl önce
And, potentially, this could lead into a TF2 update. Maybe.
Alex .G
Alex .G Yıl önce
tldr pls
LugiNess Yıl önce
@Alex .G tldr Valve is on a good press run now.
Why Really
Why Really Yıl önce
@LugiNess tf2 has been getting quite a lot of updates in the past month. Check the update logs
LugiNess Yıl önce
@Why Really I mean a major update, The heavy update maybe.
Yeet Yate Yote
Yeet Yate Yote Yıl önce
"no matter what, you will always have the option to run whatever you want on Steam Deck. After all, it's your Deck." Absolute GIGACHAD move, thank you Valve. God these guys really cranking out the good stuff.
Ian Yıl önce
This is the most that Valve has officially recognized TF2 in 4 years
MondySpartan Yıl önce
But can we talk about Valve recognising Ricochet tho…
C.A. old
C.A. old 5 aylar önce
@MondySpartan 5.5 Years Now Summer Major Update is here.
C.A. old
C.A. old 5 aylar önce
5.5 Years Now Summer Major Update is here.
C.A. old
C.A. old 5 aylar önce
@MondySpartan Mostly Day of defeat too!
Oswald Homolka
Oswald Homolka Yıl önce
The way valve is handling this is definitely big deck energy
Lapis Yıl önce
itsmuffintimei Yıl önce
you win humour I AM DYING
baconbutter Yıl önce
Pinned comment plz
Green Tea
Green Tea Yıl önce
"After all, it's your deck!" Valve spitting in the face of nintendo bricking hacked switches and I love it lol
DatInnocentGuy Yıl önce
the fact people are hacking your device means its not good enough and you dont meet a market's demands. fuck nintendo and im glad ill never have to buy a switch, now i can get a deck and emulate any switch game i want :D
SpinosaurusStudios Yıl önce
@DatInnocentGuy agreed
bemersonbakebarmen Yıl önce
@DatInnocentGuy buying a deck to emulaye switch games is THE most stupid reason to buy a Deck. And the fact you are acting as if you are so smart for doing It Its cringe worthy. If you want to play switch games so much then buy a godamn switch. I just want to play Doom at 60fps and Metro Exodus in portable mode. I dont know what I hate most, Nintendo Haters or Nintendo Fanboys. Also why talking about Nintendo in a Valve video? Cant you think in anything else?
bemersonbakebarmen Yıl önce
Emulating Nintendo games makes you a Nintendo fan. Buy a switch. Its what you really want.
Kruggy Yıl önce
The mentality of “its your deck do what you want” is one of the biggest reasons why I’m so excited to get one I love it
Robotic Nerd
Robotic Nerd Yıl önce
Yeah! Apple and Nintendo would never give freedom to their users. I love this.
Mixia Yıl önce
Sadly, a comment war has been started. Truly a wonderful world we live in folks. (I'm just going to be here so I can get the rest of the fight, pls don't attack me)
Robotic Nerd
Robotic Nerd Yıl önce
@CaptCapitalist Where have you been living for the past decade? You blindly trust corporations? What a fool... Maybe you should watch / read the news instead of spout useless ignorance in TRshow comment sections.
Commodore Yıl önce
@CaptCapitalist yes, it should be the expectation, but there isnt a whole lot we could do when Nintendo decided they were just gonna brick your switch if you try to mod it
siddharth Barua
siddharth Barua Yıl önce
@CaptCapitalist stop being naive, chump. Mostly every product doesnt offer the level of freedom we are discussing about( i know it should be a basic *necessity*), a lot things should be treated as a necessity but they arent,because honesty is not profitable and common. But steam has used it to their advantage,forming a close fanbase, more companies should do that and thats it. Nothing more or less
Kacp3rrak Yıl önce
2:21 this part is the most interesting for me. It's just so amazing you can connect this little PC thing with a mouse keyboard and monitor and literary play it anywhere, however you want. Steam Deck is literally the best thing to happen since canned bread
Anxious Earth
Anxious Earth Yıl önce
I'm not sure what I'm looking at. Is that deck used as a pc with a keyboard and monitor?
Kacp3rrak Yıl önce
@Anxious Earth yes
Phil Spaghet
Phil Spaghet Yıl önce
"No matter the rating, you'll always have the option to run whatever you want on Steam Deck. After all, it's your Deck." Thank you so much for acknowledging the user's autonomy :')
Min4617 / Francis J Enow
Min4617 / Francis J Enow Yıl önce
Robotic Nerd
Robotic Nerd Yıl önce
I love it. Such a breath of fresh air when compared to Apple or Nintendo
JO Co Yıl önce
@Robotic Nerd Too right, it's so infuriating when they apply arbitrary limits based on what they've decided you want. Take lousy virtual console releases on Switch, or the fact that Apple still won't include the calculator app on iPad. Only scratching the surface there...
Bastelbude Yıl önce
Absolutely. In contrast to other companies, which give the customer just the feeling of owing their devices, Valve is actually saying: "it's yours.", it's the customers device.
Ajay Yıl önce
I'm really not one to go batting for a corporation, but Valve is one of those that consistently ticks all my boxes. They're the only people who would build a Steam Deck the way they've done here without any strings attached. You don't necessarily even need a Steam account to use a Steam Deck.
audiovisualcringe Yıl önce
how you gon get the games tho
Ajay Yıl önce
@audiovisualcringe ?? What do you mean?
zed67498 Yıl önce
@Ajay how are you gonna buy the game if you don't have steam account? That's what he mean.
Ajay Yıl önce
@zed67498 you can install other launchers and use them exclusively
nothing.mp3 Yıl önce
Glad you can still install/run games that are "unsupported". Having control over what you consider playable is really nice, looks like Valve knew who their primary audience was. Good stuff.
UncomfortableFrance Yıl önce
If i could I would play some boneworks and alyx, but i didnt preorder soooooooooo........
Joel Nod
Joel Nod Yıl önce
@UncomfortableFrance sounds like a you problem
kemiz4 Yıl önce
Well it is a pc, not a console after all.
Ibrahim Oshodi
Ibrahim Oshodi Yıl önce
@UncomfortableFrance Well currently from Devs trying it out - the Deck doesn't output video to VR headsets. It does output to the screen, does run and does track controllers. Most likely that won't change for release
AppleHazeVA Yıl önce
sihTdaeRtnaCuoY Yıl önce
Valve. In the future, you guys should have some sort of recurring "news" type feature in Steam that every month (or whatever designated period) puts out a list of games that have recently had their ratings changed to being playable/verified. This would be good for those developers and it would further incentivize developers to make their games proton and Steam Deck compatible. Which of course would be great for Steam, the Steam Deck, and PC gaming in general. You guys did an amazing job with the Steam Deck and were smart about pricing with it. With the outrageous GPU prices, Steam Deck will be significantly more attractive than it already would have been. Now the main hurdle (other than supply) is making sure developers prioritize making their games playable on the Steam Deck and with Proton/Steam OS. This could be a very good thing for the industry as a whole, and you guys are leading the way. Further investment could earn you a lot of good will and put you at the forefront of a shift in the industry. And you could forge good symbiotic relationships with developers by promoting their games when they takes steps to make their games playable with Proton/Steam OS and the Steam Deck.
Francisco Otárola
Francisco Otárola Yıl önce
I just love the transparency of these Steam Deck videos, I wish Sony, Nintendo and others would make the same.
MoNotromatic Yıl önce
Never gonna happen if we keep buying into their shady tactics, especially Nintendo.
hhhhhhgghhggghhhhhhhhhgg Yıl önce
@yofr -15 social credit
bitronic Yıl önce
i love the fact that tf2 is in here, yet it's only classified as "playable", they acknowledge it's existance, yet still decide to ignore it in some form.
tildejustin Yıl önce
Mike Dubo
Mike Dubo Yıl önce
To be fair, we're talking about a game with several years worth of major updates and who knows what kind of spaghetti code.
Val Yıl önce
@Mike Dubo Don't forget the load-bearing coconut
I write stupid comments, please ignore
I write stupid comments, please ignore Yıl önce
"Tf2 nO uPdAte, Me mAd!"
Pug Yıl önce
Controllers do only have partial compatibility
ablazedguy Yıl önce
"It's your deck" is such a great slogan. Thank you Valve
MFC Yıl önce
@yofr -100000000 social credit
yofr Yıl önce
@MFC no u \
Ze Bucket
Ze Bucket Yıl önce
Now you can play your deck on your deck
Sushim Shah
Sushim Shah Yıl önce
I love this open approach that leads to the realisation that we actually *OWN* the product we bought! Kudos Steam & ofc Gaben!
Scrungle Yıl önce
"no matter the rating, you'll always have the option to run whatever you want on steam deck. After all, it's your deck" That's such an awesome line. Massive props to acknowledging that when you buy a product you own it rather than being tied to a Eula that can change or revoke it at any time. Also lowspecgamer will take "vr games don't work on deck" as a challenge, not a statement. Can't wait to see how he gets em to run
Hudbus Yıl önce
Some devs have indeed gotten VR games to "work" on the devkits, however it merely displays on the Deck itself, not on the headset currently. I.E. the apps run but, only in part currently.
HealyHQ Yıl önce
Ha, you got that right. LowSpecGamer has already gotten VR games to run on hardware that is *less* powerful than the Deck. He'll *definitely* find a way.
m_se Yıl önce
Such a refreshing departure from Nintendo's abhorrent "You can only have fun in this way" policy
Scrungle Yıl önce
@m_se it really is the anti-switch
Enhanced Potato
Enhanced Potato Yıl önce
@Hudbus could be available in the future
v2k Yıl önce
This is looking great and the fact they're going this far is even better.
johndough247 Yıl önce
The more I hear about the deck, the more Valve seems poised to give Nintendo an actually serious challenge. Yes there’s lots of Switches in the wild but they could really cut into future sales if they do this right.
L'Abonné Lambda
L'Abonné Lambda Yıl önce
I think they fight in different categories. Nintendo Switches is more made for children, and the steam deck is more for adults. Of course there are exceptions among the games, but there is a tendency. And physically, the steam deck is more for adults : bigger, heavier, more complex controls, with more complex and customizable OS. And of course they are people switching from Nintendo to the steam deck, however I don't think it will be common for younger people, and many people doesn't come from Nintendo.
Zero_Fox Yıl önce
@L'Abonné Lambda The percent of adults that buy switches for themselves is way bigger that you might think. But the Switch is still in another category, the Deck is portable Linux PC, compatibility is dependent on the game developers and the wrappers (Wine and Proton), and you have to expect games that are not prepare to be played on a gamepad. The Switch will still be popular on people that prefer to buy a console even with all the cons, so they can just pay for and play the games they want.
God of Bore Ragnacock
God of Bore Ragnacock Yıl önce
@L'Abonné Lambda It being bigger and heavier and whatnot has to do with how demanding the hardware is, not whether or not it's made for adults. If it was possible to make the device lighter they would do that, because that's more convienient for a handheld device.
L'Abonné Lambda
L'Abonné Lambda Yıl önce
@God of Bore Ragnacock If it was made for kids, they would have made it lighter no matter how much performance it would lose. Having peformance rather than lightness is a choice.
BoyWithCrackers Yıl önce
I think they're different but in one category. Switch is more of VW family car while Deck is more Mustang sports car.
Meepist Yıl önce
Its cool to have this feature, I’m pretty sure that valve will update their games to be compatible with the Steam Deck. Half-Life 2 and the Episodes got updated on the beta branch with a 120 FOV limit (but for some reason you can only set it to 110 in advanced settings) and DXVK Native Render so we’ll see.
Lycon Xero
Lycon Xero Yıl önce
This makes a lot of sense for the casual audience who will not want to mess with settings on their system. Also, the fact that dev kits were sent out to developers means that many of them can patch in improvements over time targeting the Steam Deck specifically.
Mal Yıl önce
I was never a console guy or a portable guy. I am about to become one. Valve, you have done something amazing here!
Ksaw321 Yıl önce
"No matter the rating you'll always have an option to run the game" was a phrase I was waiting for the most and Valve apparently never disappoints with this sort of stuff.
Highborn Yıl önce
I really hope it's not a cyberpunk moment
Ksaw321 Yıl önce
@Highborn .__.
Akasagi Phan
Akasagi Phan Yıl önce
@Highborn at least what we heard from Valve about the Steam Deck so far are great but still realistic features, unlike Cyberpunk 2077 which was too good to be true to begin with
Aykin Cakaloz
Aykin Cakaloz Yıl önce
Are you sure?
holyduck Yıl önce
He says it while showing star wars running at like 16 fps
Cameron Marcum
Cameron Marcum Yıl önce
Listen I’m a Xbox diehard but this is really going to push me towards gaming through Steam! This is perfect for someone who has a job and in college to be on the go with little time to play but it also includes all the games we love and are familiar with. Keep up the good work Valve!
Atlas Calli
Atlas Calli Yıl önce
"A game changes rating when it updates" Tf2 fans: 😔
Duke Nukem SLO
Duke Nukem SLO Yıl önce
Dapperfield Yıl önce
soiung toiue hi bot
TN NT Yıl önce
@Dapperfield ???
Dapperfield Yıl önce
@TN NT Sex bots copypaste other people's comments to make it look like they're human. Check the bot's profile.
Mammal Yıl önce
@Dapperfield They weren't even subtle about it either, both comments they copied have several hundred likes each. Wild
Nino Saareks
Nino Saareks Yıl önce
At first I was really sceptical whether steam deck was good at all or not.. But honestly, through this and the opening of the steam deck video, I am getting a lot more confidence in this. This video in particular feels like it aknowledges that steam deck will have some problems with some games. Which I appreciate. Though I won’t buy this as I have my own PC that I am happy with, but I definitely know people who’d love this, if it works as advertised. Man.. Thank you Valve for being on the good side of video game companies. We have so many other big, scummy ones, so please don’t change.
Leon Yıl önce
I like how they allow you to do whatever you want with the steam deck. Many companies can learn something from this.
Church Yıl önce
Fantastic video. Looking forward to this and glad even if a game is unsupported or untested, I can still play it
Tangle Yıl önce
You really gotta appreciate how honest Valve is with the Deck's hardware, it's something you don't really see often since most tech companies will focus more on pros then the cons. Really looking forward to using this thing when I get a chance
MK0825 Yıl önce
I guess it's the only company honest about it's deck size.
Gum Skyloard
Gum Skyloard Yıl önce
Valve's just cool.
Varun J
Varun J Yıl önce
@MK0825 hehehe. I see what you did there xD
PSYCHO Yıl önce
Than. NOT then.
Jako Yıl önce
valve just cant dissapoint, simply amazing company
Fixer Yıl önce
That kind of transparency is what we need now, great stuff valve, some senteces like "It's your deck" gives me hope, that user will be able to do anything with this device, not like with switch. Getting hyped
nsbathome Yıl önce
This was by far my biggest concern with the deck. Thank you for addressing it. I am all but convinced this is going to be a great system.
MarcMil Yıl önce
The support for the Linux gaming community alone is a reason for me to buy a Steam Deck. Thanks to the efforts regarding Anti Cheat, I'll probably be able to play my games not only on the Deck but also on my Linux Desktop in the future. Thank you, Valve! I wish all the best for this product!
Nyxz Yıl önce
I like that being unsupported doesn't mean they won't let it launch, like so many other systems. It's a PC and they understand just because the developers haven't put the work in to get it working, doesn't mean the community won't. I am sure there will be many unsupported games that will work just fine because of the community fixing it.
Trixinous Yıl önce
I can really respect valve for going above and beyond to make sure deck users have the best experience possible
Reza Ghasemi
Reza Ghasemi Yıl önce
Yes by stilling from Nintendo lol i respect them .
Keever Yıl önce
@Reza Ghasemi Pretty sure Nintendo didn't try and cram a gaming rig into a switch lmao.
Plasma Yıl önce
@Reza Ghasemi if you're gonna spout bullshit at least spell it right. "stealing"
Nicky Yıl önce
@Reza Ghasemi What have they stolen? I must say, I love Nintendo fanboys. All they do is screech cause they have nothing they can say. The only way in which the Deck is related to the Switch is that it's portable lmao. The Switch is a pile of shit compared to the Deck, software and hardware-wise. Do us all a favour kid, do some research before you make a fool of yourself online.
RodNantz Yıl önce
This is great for a console-like comfortable experience! I hope this applies to game performance as well, green = optimized for the Deck
finn pellow
finn pellow Yıl önce
a brilliant move from valve, i have little doubt the deck will be a success, valve seems to be shaping the experience around comfortability for their very varied playerbase
alvaro garza
alvaro garza Yıl önce
Mi ingles no es bueno, pero quiero dar un mensaje a Valve y en especial al equipo fundador de TF2 muchas gracias por todo y gracias por crear uno de mis viejugos favoritos que amis 28 años de edad vuelvo cada noche despues de romperme la espalda trabajo y soportando a personas que no conoces lo que son los modales, o el respeto al progimo. aun asi creo que hablo tambien por su comunidad que les pedimos de la manera mas educada que si pueden hacer algo sobre el probelma de los bots. no necesitamos nuevas armas, mapas, modos de juegos o cajas. sino el poder jugar a gusto este juego legendario que por culpa de esos bots ya no puedo disfrutar tanto como antes. aun que sigue jugando hasta que el juego cierre. Valve help pls :(
HBMHD Yıl önce
Complete transparency about what their product is about and what it can handle; it keeps everything at a realistic level. Now... If only I could pre-order a deck in my country...
Sil van Atteveld
Sil van Atteveld Yıl önce
I love how this is already the best portable console right now and it isn’t even out yet
Brandon Blume
Brandon Blume Yıl önce
This is actually a brilliant move to normalize the Deck as a mainstay "console." People don't like uncertainty, this will go a long way in relieving that.
blanaobla Yıl önce
@Aidan damn what happend
Brandon Blume
Brandon Blume Yıl önce
What the deck is going on in my replies right now?
VidWell Yıl önce
@A43N55JK7 I concur. lol indeed 😂
Deoxal Yıl önce
I always thought consoles were supposed to be certain, but I've bought more than a few games that run sluggishly on the Switch and I'm actually disappointed.
Brandon Blume
Brandon Blume Yıl önce
@Deoxal That's true. But just knowing the Switch has a certain game released on it means it absolutely works, even if performance is poor. That's still way more reassuring and validating than "it might work it might not." Having the "seal of approval" so to speak eases minds quite a bit.
Higuy258 Yıl önce
Valve is honestly such a good guy for showing Factorio as the first in the line of real-time footage of people playing the steam deck
Wesley1337 Yıl önce
Nah they shouldn’t of done that, now everyone knows this thing is a portable way to feed your cracktorio addiction!
Crafterchen Yıl önce
Great feature with simple implementation! I like it!
Hero Phoenix
Hero Phoenix Yıl önce
I love how transparent you were over the last couple of months. I'm really excited to get mine. FeelsOkayMan
Terkan Yıl önce
Seems like it'll be a good system. Both this and the Steam Deck itself. I think they'll sell a lot this Christmas, and I hope they do.
Miles Huff
Miles Huff Yıl önce
Valve, you guys are awesome. Thank you for being the only decent big tech company.
Alexandru BOSS RO
Alexandru BOSS RO Yıl önce
I like how valve is explaining also the cons, not only the pros for their products. I respect that.
Hermes Pymander
Hermes Pymander Yıl önce
Transparency is the key to success. Isn't that hard but many companies acts like it's almost an impossible thing. The fact that we can have a glimpse of how good deck works with arch linux or similar may act as a stimuli for them.
Fmannen Yıl önce
@Hermes Pymander Valve acted for a long time like it was an impossible thing to be transparent. Just saying.
GamingHedgehog Yıl önce
@Hermes Pymander Kind of like Apple during the Steve Jobs era
adrian nn
adrian nn Yıl önce
Still a shitty company. Plus, what's the point of playing on such a tiny ass machine instead of a desktop. Literally none?
Alexandru BOSS RO
Alexandru BOSS RO Yıl önce
@adrian nn then why does this exist? also, mobile games? nintendo switch? why these "tiny ass machines" still exists and are made so you can play games?
Tony cow
Tony cow Yıl önce
Im not sure any company ever has been as forthcoming about their new product as Valve has been with Steam Deck. I cant wait to get mine. I will be able to play D2R and Factorio when Im on the road for work now
John Marston
John Marston Yıl önce
i like how they mention the minus not just the plus side, i think every company should take an example from valve
Robospy1 Yıl önce
I really appreciate that Valve is going with the "Do what you want with it, you bought it" approach rather than the "Do what we want with it, or we'll brick your system" approach.
Jett Yıl önce
VALVe, guys. You can't keep messing with my heart when it comes to TF2
Milsim Ben
Milsim Ben Yıl önce
The way valve casual says run whatever you want it your deck is just so in the face of all the other console producers. I love this new direction.
Elliot Haslow
Elliot Haslow Yıl önce
It’s good that they appreciate their hardware isn’t flawless, thanks valve
Hexon Yıl önce
This is more about the software, but ok...
Elliot Haslow
Elliot Haslow Yıl önce
@Hexon It comes down to the hardware accesibility. Peformance, touchscreen, joysticks etc
xXRafaelGamerXx HL1
xXRafaelGamerXx HL1 Yıl önce
But their mp games are xd
I_Teleported_Bread Yıl önce
Nintendo'd probably act like it was flawless and if there was a problem, it's probably your fault.
Paris Tmo
Paris Tmo Yıl önce
Brief, informative, and straight to the point. This is what I would like all new consoles & phones release video to be.
Count Skittlz
Count Skittlz Yıl önce
Finally! I can’t get destroyed by bots in TF2 outside of the comfort of my home!
Waryso Yıl önce
The game would probably be ''Verified'' if you didn't get ddosed 5 minutes into a game of quickplay
Lil Fridge
Lil Fridge Yıl önce
What do you mean Ddosed does that really happen on tf2?
TomTomTwig Yıl önce
@Lil Fridge They used to DDos the servers not the players. I don't know if they still do it.
Jonathan Jollimore
Jonathan Jollimore Yıl önce
Vavle is what I think is coming coming with portable PC. That would be hell of nice suprise. I'm pretty sure if you did the Steam Decks are going to fly off the shelves
Rodrigo B.P
Rodrigo B.P Yıl önce
The potential that grabbing developers attention to steam deck is automatically good for linux gaming, hopefully more devs will make more games native on Linux or at least working with proton. If Adobe do the same for linux, Windows might become less and less popular.
TwentyTwo Edits
TwentyTwo Edits Yıl önce
i like the way the Vlave company operates. they try something. it turns out to be stupid. they dont dwell on their mistake but learn from it instead & move on - creating a good product from what they've learned
Travis Yıl önce
“No matter the rating, you’ll always have the option to run whatever you want on Steam Deck.” Power statement
Commissar Chaotic
Commissar Chaotic Yıl önce
I rate mine thick and not too flaccid.
ResidentRecon89 Yıl önce
Yeah, some settings would definitely need adjusting like to get SWTOR to run, I’d probably have to tweak the graphics and stuff but should run run it.
AleK Yıl önce
@Commissar Chaotic nice deck bro
Leon S. Kennedy
Leon S. Kennedy Yıl önce
@Commissar Chaotic I can't give a rating without a taste test
Dracomet Yıl önce
"You are free to BSOD your Deck 😉"
airplane_BEN Yıl önce
As someone who's gamed on PC for eight years now, I can't see myself ever needing this feature. That being said this is a GREAT idea for the casual market. You guys might have even sold more steam machines if this was a thing back then.
Alvar Lagerlöf
Alvar Lagerlöf Yıl önce
It's about proton compability mostly. This thing runs linux so I it'll be way more usefull than you can imagine. Steam machine might have worked better if we had proton back then.
Visiblur Yıl önce
Not just the casual market, but anyone on the go. I can't always be home, I've got a job and shit, family and friends to visit. It's gonna be nice to have my games with me when I'm out but not doing anything. Or just to play games on the bed.
airplane_BEN Yıl önce
@Joey Copenhaver What? That's not the point I was trying to make. I'm a hardcore sweaty gamer boi. I own a switch and I WANT a steam deck. Reread my comment. I was referring to the feature, not the Steam Deck itself.
ven Tiuno
ven Tiuno Yıl önce
I think the adaptation work you are doing is amazing, i hope everything goes well and we can all enjoy it, thanks and greetings.
Skalle Yıl önce
This might just be the best motto for a product in a long while: "It's your deck" Valve, never change. *please*
Ruben Martin
Ruben Martin Yıl önce
I love to see a portable download for the games. Without full texture resolution (720p) just stereo sound or any fancy graphic option you can't play for lowest SSD space and better loading times! Will be very nice, not every studio could afford do It, but if just AAA games put 720p instead of 4k textures, will be a massive win even for laptop users. Thanks for the price Valve, when most suffer the chip storage ♥️
Flixco Yıl önce
Thanks for making Linux Gaming possible! The steam deck is Really epic
babaskarma Yıl önce
it really is
Mikey McCafferty
Mikey McCafferty Yıl önce
Though the Steam Deck isn't really for me, I really appreciate Valve's "it's your system; do what you want" attitude with the it. It's what I consider to be the greatest advantage to PC gaming and I hope their efforts to bring that attitude to the handheld market will encourage the competition to do the same.
Til Yıl önce
Epic gaymes should start taking notes from valve
MC3699 Yıl önce
@Til but.. epic games makes software.. not hardware
Pat Black
Pat Black Yıl önce
I think it's great, I get to play during my lunch break. I don't take up the TV at home, I can't wait for it. I really liked the switch but there's just no games on it. To each their own but I think it's extremely consumer friendly.
jacksonspitsfax Yıl önce
I really don't like hand held consoles but I may get this.
Remls Yıl önce
Meanwhile on the console side, we have Sony willing to go to court over what aftermarket skin their customers can slap onto their PS5s lmao
Raisins Yıl önce
This kind of dedicated support is promising for Deck owners :)
Chaz Khew
Chaz Khew Yıl önce
I hope it really turns out to be a solid, nice, hard Deck and rests firmly into my grasp
Zsombor Szarka
Zsombor Szarka Yıl önce
The sentence "you will always have an option to run what ever you want on steam deck... After all it's your deck" is the sentence that makes me a potential costumer. I never bought any kind of console. This thing though... i just want it. Even if i somehow won't buy it, i have to thank you Valve because i will feel the change that it will bring regardless.
Giancarlo Yıl önce
This thing is literally game changing 😃
Del Yıl önce
More than 23 years ago I put my headphones on, dimmed my lights and entered the Black Mesa and Xen for the very first time. My now 25 year old daughter used to watch me play. She loved the Houndeye. It's been a helluva ride. In my mind there are no other games. I've been gaming since the seventies(arcades, Colecovision, Telstar, Commodore 64, Amiga 500, Nintendo) and nothing has affected me as much as the Half Life experience and franchise.
Ростик Гончар
Ростик Гончар Yıl önce
valve made alyx discs
EndLess1UP Yıl önce
Sounds like a solution that is simple and to the point.
Exarian Yıl önce
Kinda wish they'd implemented this sorta thing with Proton, but ProtonDB exists to get really granular with it so I'm not exactly upset.
aeyde Yıl önce
Laughing Orange
Laughing Orange Yıl önce
@Exarian They have an official list of supported titles, but it's short relative to the huge list of games on Steam.
ZarKus Yıl önce
they did the same thing with vr and yea, its almost flawless
Zach Huhmann
Zach Huhmann Yıl önce
The best kind of solutions
Silver Howl
Silver Howl Yıl önce
I just hope every game will come out with an accurate verification, and I hope all of my indie games will run on it!
flameshana9 Yıl önce
Indie games seem like they'll be the least likely to work though.
duckh0le Yıl önce
Man I'm pretty hyped. I wish I would've reserved sooner.
Haldrie Yıl önce
I'm still waiting to see what the experience is like with Windows installed on it. I actually have little interest in running Steam stuff on it but just the fact it's a portable gaming computer that can be used like any other computer excites me allowing me to run anything I want within the hardware limits. Plus by installing Windows most of those limitation of running games no longer becomes an issue and with the right USB-C breakout I bet I could even get my VR headset working on it no problem. For this reason though I still wish the screen resolution was full 1080p but I might be able to live with it...I guess I'll find out whenever I can afford to get one.
jmterminator Yıl önce
I hope these compatibility statuses are displayed everywhere the steam store is accessible. I often browse and purchase games through the mobile app. It would be nice to know if a game is compatible or not.
SuperBen Yıl önce
I have so much faith in this. I have Steam games on my laptop, but I don't find them fun to play with keyboard controls (or games don't run well on my laptop). This will be super convenient for me.
Skape Yıl önce
I love how Valve is trying to be super honest and tells us that the Deck is obviously not perfect.
Maury J.
Maury J. Yıl önce
I prefer that than act like Nintendo that refuses to acknowledge Joycon drifting
Derrek Yıl önce
But they have the gall to show that you can play Factorio on a Steam deck. Its like telling someone now they can take their own portable vial of crack with them whenever they need a fix for 12 hours straight.
namelessUser Yıl önce
This is how you create a console for a pre-existing, semi-open platform. “It’s a portable PC, do what you want with it, but this is what works best.”
The Companion Cube
The Companion Cube Yıl önce
My respect for valve went 100x when the officially released a video on how to actually open the Steam Deck. This is just cherry on top. I wish Steam Deck great success
LX BDK (Ghost Of Culvert)
LX BDK (Ghost Of Culvert) Yıl önce
Still looks like a phenomenal piece of tech though, the device itself seems like a big step done well, definitely great they're upfront with the kinks and what is and isn't possible though, Valve for the most part is one of the few companies I trust.
Anthro Wobbly
Anthro Wobbly Yıl önce
I'm most curious about how the old classic FPS and point-and-click adventure games I love revisiting on PC will run, if at all, on this device. It would be fantastic to take The 7th Guest or Blood onto the plane with me.
Geon Silberlicht
Geon Silberlicht Yıl önce
If you manage to make tf2 enjoyable on that thing, rocketjumping and airstrafing and all, I am going to buy it without hesitating.
krowta Yıl önce
I always have to have respect for valve they are way better than just about any company unfortunately this company does almost nothing but when they do do something you are damn sure theyll do it big
pro sword
pro sword Yıl önce
Valve please do not let tf2 die if it does your reputation could comply fall apart. There will never be anything like tf2 and i don't want to see it die
Rango pistacho
Rango pistacho Yıl önce
valve may have not released many games but i think this more than makes up for it
The Linux Colonel
The Linux Colonel Yıl önce
I really respect Valve for making so many pro-consumer moves with the Steam Deck. The level of maturity that they're treating their customers with by explaining the pros and cons of almost every aspect of the device while still giving you the freedom to do with it what you will is remarkable in today's tech world, and the fact that they're doing that while still working hard to improve the experience makes it even more admirable. The Steam Deck is moving very quickly up my list of technology that I actually want to own and use, and I'm excited to see where Valve takes the Steam Deck next with this level of professionalism and maturity.
Ryan Olsen
Ryan Olsen Yıl önce
Honestly, sky's the limit with the Deck. Valve has presented an affordable alternative to the big juggernaut Gaming PC's/laptops with a new compact variant. Seeing it support all this different stuff is also a great welcome addition, too. Here's to hoping that it'll support connecting VR headsets to it in the future, which most likely, it will. That and Valve lets you install windows 10 on it so it's more like an actual PC
Wickerstick Yıl önce
@Ryan Olsen There's been some evidence with patents/leaks in Steams code that Valves working on split rendering with the steam deck, so it wouldn't be running entirely on it, but a second ARM chip working in conjunction might make for good VR :) Plus they sent dev units to VR teams lol
Kerv Yıl önce
@Ryan Olsen You can already install Windows 10 on it
Sam Leen
Sam Leen Yıl önce
tell that to the TF2 playerbase
SoundRogue Yıl önce
@Sam Leen Full stop TF2 is a pasta code nightmare. Old code leaks that if you look up and can understand (I can understand somewhat) are a HUGE number of NO! NO! For how they coded the project. In other words; it's a broken nightmare. I've worked with pasta code, stringy, messy all over the place code and let me tell you; IT"S NOT FUN! TF2 player base should be thankful it's even working! Hell if anything we need a TF3 with the new updated tech Valve has running. Granted that would be a gamble for Valve and they're not known for doing things in three and mostly likely would just do something else instead.
Michael Rigoni
Michael Rigoni Yıl önce
It would be cool if someone makes a database of non-steam games and how they run on the device also since you can put anything on it. Even just a simple wiki or something.
KTM Yıl önce
I am so confused about something. Like Valve is great, all their games are masterpieces which revolutionized the gaming industry. From half life, to portal, to left for dead, to Alyx. Along with their huge leaps in technology (steam deck + valve index). And yet they make so few of all of these. It's like they have the gift of gods at making incredible products, and yet only make so few....
sam hutch
sam hutch Yıl önce
Quick shout-out to the producer/editor who actually understands the target audience, and didn't feel the need to do the over-dramatic zoom-ins on each button/icon/etc as it was discussed
Puffercat Yıl önce
Steam deck is doing amazing things for the Linux gaming community.
krimsonbun Yıl önce
"After all, it's your deck" I never really cared about Valve, then the steam deck happened and I was excited, it runs Linux and I start liking Valve, now, Valve is one of if not my favourite company
Marcus Anark
Marcus Anark Yıl önce
I like Music
I like Music Yıl önce
I have been a valve fan since 2009 and even i can say I am excited about the steam deck.
SomeRandomIdiot Yıl önce
Am I the only one just so pleased to have a company for once talking to me as if I'm an adult? "Here's the device. This is what it can do. We've thoroughly tested a specific user experience with it, and advise you stick to the things we've tested. But you can do whatever you like, and we won't try to stop you, our hardware and software is totally open, you can modify and play with things as much as you like. Here is what the device can do, here is what it can't." *slaps desk* THANKYOU!
xX_AmongUs_Xx69 Yıl önce
Its because this product is geared towards adults just as much as kids
Marshinz Yıl önce
"Sup, Guys? It's your boy GabeN here". Let's talk about the Stuuueam DECK!" -A Blue Haired Gabe Newell
Cat Yıl önce
No, you're not the only one. Almost every comment is this same one but worded differently.
The Fudge Bot
The Fudge Bot Yıl önce
I love how honest you’re being, keep being good guy!
Salvation73 Yıl önce
I hope this launches soon on the PC side as well so I can see all the games I can play when I get mine next year. I don't want to get it and find out that half my games don't work with it. Like a lot of people I have a rather absurd amount of games thanks to sales. I want this info now!
AntiCitizen Juan
AntiCitizen Juan Yıl önce
I can’t wait to stay up all night just playing with my Deck
Prince Elikem Galley
Prince Elikem Galley Yıl önce
I love this device, I just hope it's available when it's launched.
Fat Finger Joe
Fat Finger Joe Yıl önce
Its probably gonna be out of stock the moment it releases
Dan R
Dan R Yıl önce
It's not the size of the deck that matters... It's how you use it or play with it. 🕹️
ooczzy Yıl önce
I like that they’re being upfront about the products limits and are placing systems to help players decide. Thats already far better than 99% of the industry who would rather have the customer purchase first before they ask questions.
Kittysune Yıl önce
nah. customer will always purchase first withou asking any question remember the hype '' STEAM DECK WILL RUN ANYTHING '' WOW WHAT A REVOLUTIONARY DEVICE MUST PRE-ORDER NOW and then they regret it it was endless cycle like ouya
Cat Yıl önce
@Kittysune I don't remember anyone saying "STEAM DECK WILL RUN ANYTHING" ...?
Spoker Yıl önce
@Kittysune Things is tho, OUYA use Android. You can do whatever you want with Steam Deck.
Fabio Leone
Fabio Leone Yıl önce
Please Valve: It could be great to have this feature on the "regular" version on steam running on PC/OSX/LINUX. Knowing that none or all of your games already in your library/wishlist run on Deck is a big deal.
Abdul Muhaimin
Abdul Muhaimin Yıl önce
You mean "Physical" version?
Fabio Leone
Fabio Leone Yıl önce
@Abdul Muhaimin No I mean "Steam" running on PC&MAC. Right now I can't see the games in my library described as Deck compatible. If the deck is aimed to people willing to spend 500+ dollars to make their library mobile... the potential buyer should know how much of what is in his/her library could be run on the Deck before buying it.
Abdul Muhaimin
Abdul Muhaimin Yıl önce
@Fabio Leone _Linux has left the chat_
Klffsj Yıl önce
They'll probably add the feature to Steam soon after the Deck launches. I doubt it'd be that difficult to add, and there's rumors that Steam for all OS's will start to look more like the UI we see here. With that said, it would probably only show compatibility for the currently running OS. To look at compatibility for the Steam Deck before buying it, hopefully they'll add a way to look at the compatibility of your library easily.
Nicholas NRG
Nicholas NRG Yıl önce
An update to Big Picture wouldn't hurt either. It's looked the exact same for several years, meanwhile SteamOS and Steam Deck get newer interfaces.
3npitsu Yıl önce
Damn it feels weird hearing "after all it's your deck" when most console manufacturers might void you warranty even if you want to clean it in a non official shop
virtualong Yıl önce
Keep working on it so it offers a great portable gaming experience for everyone.
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