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The US is bidding to regain a leading role in advanced chip manufacturing, to de-risk critical supply chains, and to combat China's rise as a technological superpower.
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00:00 - The race for semiconductor supremacy
02:28 - Chips Act
04:32 - Arizona
06:33 - Tomorrow’s workforce
08:59 - Intel
10:29 - Dawn of the silicon age
12:57 - De-risking
14:10 - The rise of TSMC
16:14 - The flashpoint
19:11 - China
21:40 - The consultant
25:07 - Artificial intelligence
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@jldemed 2 aylar önce
The FT saying that Intel lost its edge in the last 5-8 years is a joke. They missed every single structural shift in the industry in the last 20 years, beginning with the change into mobile devices. It’s perfectly defensible for the US to protect its security with support to onshore production of chips but to see Intel’s CEO, who still has not delivered on any of his promises to shareholders, posing as the great strategist while he milks public money is a bit rich (he pulls the same act in Europe)! It suffices to look at the performance of Intel’s stock and compare it to its peers.
@cjjuszczak Aylar önce
yep, i was waiting for the part saying "Intel fucked-up transitioning to 10nm and gave the lead for years to come to TSMC...", but it never came lol
@taijistar9052 Aylar önce
I fucked up and can’t compete, please help me to beat down the competition!
@loktom4068 Aylar önce
The RABBIT 🐇& the TURTLE 🐢 fable in reality.
@user-ly3rx8qk3f Aylar önce
@crysstoll1191 Aylar önce
Indeed. Intel, just another corporate grift. Not to mention Ronnie Raygun deregulating every aspect of business in the US and watching almost all the manufacturing go to SE Asia. So, what the hell did you expect USA?
@LouisDuran Aylar önce
As long as Pat Gelsinger is in charge, Intel has a good shot at returning Intel to leadership. Pat works incredibly hard. My first job out of grad school was at Intel and Pat was my group GM. The job I had was basically what we would call DevOps now and there were times where I either needed to be in at work very early (6am) or left quite late (9pm). No matter if I was coming in early or coming in late, Pat's car (a very modest Volvo) was always the first car next to the front door. Point is, Pat works extremely hard and he inspires that in others. Intel has good times ahead as long as Pat is there.
@user-hc3em9pz7z Aylar önce
agreed. smaart person
@wongchanthong Aylar önce
Thank you Lena for making a difficult complicated financial situation so simple and clear👍👍👍
@Fightback2023 2 aylar önce
Intel said "Without the Chinese market, there is no point of building the chip factory expansion"
@marklee8819 2 aylar önce
😂. Yup. Pat is just a politician. Speaking both sides to get his money
@dennisestradda9746 2 aylar önce
Just justifying the CCP regime, no decouple
@ChineseRepOfTaiwan 2 aylar önce
Both China and US buy from Taiwan. World peace.
@dennisp8520 2 aylar önce
Can we get a source on this quote and when it was timed? Things have changed a lot the funding and change in tune around regulations makes a massive difference
@kennethadler7380 2 aylar önce
The US and Europe should have started reindustriasing their semiconductor industry a long time ago
@menix6842 2 aylar önce
And now its to late…
@Steven-vo4ee 2 aylar önce
The high-end semiconductor industry is pretty much entirely reliant on the European firm ASML, their lithography machines are required by TSMC for their 7nm process.
@adon8672 2 aylar önce
​@@Steven-vo4eebut ASML is heavily reliant on American core technologies. That's why the US can order them not to supply EUV machines to China even though this is not good for ASML in the long run. Imagine the Dutch or any European government ordering an American company around.
@Steven-vo4ee 2 aylar önce
@@adon8672 The EU does “order around” US companies, Microsoft (browser bundling) and Apple (lightning connector to USB-C) immediately spring to mind.
@sisyphus_strives5463 2 aylar önce
I hope that we can can catch up before the critical point is reached. I don't want to see war in my lifetime...especially between two powers in the 21st century.
@sisyphus_strives5463 2 aylar önce
It doesn't seem to me that in life you can get second chances, the moment you lose grasp of an opportunity it becomes incredibly hard to seize it back again. I don't like what the future is looking like
@marklee8819 2 aylar önce
Lol. War is driven by USA not china. Has china ever invaded anyone in past 30 years? US invaded Iraq twice, afghan, Syria, Vietnam, Korea, etc. Covertly overturn govt. Chinese don’t like wars. China has been invaded by Japan, and UK-France-Spanish-etc the western colonizers. Who is the one with battleships thousands of miles away from homeland to circle around China coastal lines provoking? Who has hundreds of military bases around the world that pentagon is having a hard time to keep track of and cannot account for all its spending? We US taxpaying footing the bills. US here is more likely to have internal wars than external. Sadly. Divided country. Homeless. Gun violence. Wealth gaps. Then global warming. China doesn’t want to fight… it’s US wants to maintain its exceptionalism
@MD97531 2 aylar önce
@@sisyphus_strives5463no need to catch up, the US is comfortably in front
@j.k.1239 2 aylar önce
@@marklee8819 China in it's history has never started a foreign war.
@eddu4361 Aylar önce
The future of making smaller and smaller chips is not determined by TSMC or Intel but by a Dutch company called ASML, they determine how small the chips are delivered by de foundries. It all starts at the wafers and the machines of ASML determine the amount of nanometers.
@jeffstrehlow2623 21 gün önce
You mean wafer fab machines and China has started developing their own.
@c123bthunderpig 9 gün önce
ASML no more leading, China Kicked them out, couldn't have happened to a more arrogant company.
@Baigle1 4 gün önce
We all want to avoid paying more for electronics, but at the same time don't want our devices to be implanted and backdoored by our competitors, even though we do it to our supply chain and theirs as well, in the form of key-like register, core and debug instruction backdoor functions and intra-processors.
@obsidianstatue 2 aylar önce
You can tell this documentary was made before Huawei's 7nm chip breakthrough. 7nm node's significance is way beyond mobile phones, because it's the sweet spot node for AI chips. Huawei's Ascend AI chips will power China's AI industry The 5G RF chipsets made by Huawei also meant they are now completely independent of the US in their core sector of communication infrastructure.
@MithunOnTheNet 2 aylar önce
Okay wumao 🐀
@pengzhang5081 2 aylar önce
@@MithunOnTheNet^_^没脑子 😅❤ 老鼠🐭 蟑螂🪳💩
@errgo2713 2 aylar önce
Highly delu- social credit boosting comment.
@MD97531 2 aylar önce
As long as you believe in your own propaganda, I’m sure there is cause for celebration. Monday 25th sept at the Huawei product launch: no mention of the Mate 60 pro. Why is Huawei and the govmt so tight lipped about the supposed resounding success of Chinese engineering? Because it relies on help from Taiwan to circumvent the US export controls. This will end soon. So for now because it can’t be manufactured in great qty due to this reliance, you have to travel to Nanjing to get this at the original price, you have to pay in cash and activate it on the spot. It’s more an act of defiance and publicity stunt than a major breakthrough and definitely not tech independence.
@lagrangewei 2 aylar önce
@@MithunOnTheNet does being racist help make you look smart?
@qianxu8368 2 aylar önce
The team who made this video clearly has no idea what is going on in China and now is welcomed by the launch of fully made-in-China Huawei advanced chips.
@ShopperPlug Aylar önce
It will take 50 years to be any level of comparison to US grade chips. Unless they copied everything. Many of the advanced chip making requires heavy knowledge in physics and optics because all chips are made thanks to a Dutch made litho machine. The only way china is able to make the new
@benthekeeshond545 Aylar önce
@@ShopperPlug No US company can mass manufacture 7 nm chips. A Chinese company recently is mass producing 7 nm chips. I don't know where you get that 50-year time frame. If copying is so simple as you said, why are so few companies accomplishing the same thing? Please don't tell me that all companies in the world are honest.
@superkd7030 Aylar önce
@ShopperPlug You talk like the US invented chips, if you want to talk about copying everything you don't need to leave the US. Chips, cars, cinema, you name it anything that's 'American' and you'll know it was stolen. 😂😂😂 So the nerve to criticize China, when the OG plagiarist what YOU.
@FernandoPerez-eh3ms 2 aylar önce
The accomplishment of China in developing 7nm semiconductors, especially vital for mobile phones, is truly remarkable. It reflects their dedication towards achieving greater self-reliance. I have hope that the USA will similarly strive for independence from Asian nations such as Taiwan and South Korea.
@MarktYertd 2 aylar önce
@abdiganiaden 2 aylar önce
Produce at scale then we’ll talk, apple dominates in china more than huawei now too
@jayzhang7527 2 aylar önce
The suppression by the US could be a motivation for Chinese scientists and engineers.
@Steven-vo4ee 2 aylar önce
China’s production of 7nm semiconductors sounds impressive on the face of it, however their process is flawed and incredibly wasteful. Its main purpose is headlines rather than production.
@Steven-vo4ee 2 aylar önce
@@abdiganiadenApple is in trouble in China, their products are now AFAIK prohibited for use by those who work at any level of Chinese government.
@Boitu_Matu 2 aylar önce
China must do what they think is right, as it is clear that the USA is doing exactly that.
@andyyang5234 2 aylar önce
There is never a "right" thing to do. It's just acting according to their interests, and ensure that interests between friends align.
@yasufadhili 2 aylar önce
@jallen1227 24 gün önce
Do you mean forced transfer of technology ?
@safdaralli2567 21 gün önce
​@@andyyang5234Your statement is quite honorable..if it can be today's world...rarely will self interest and friend's interest ever align..if is always trying to be just a little better than the one is content with being equals...
@Ratinevo 2 aylar önce
Intel lost coz it kept employing MBAs and finance to run the company, it's doing better now that engineers are back at the helm. It's engineers who understand the market that do it best, not bean counters who worry more about short-term profits over long-term sustainable growth.
@peterclarke3020 2 aylar önce
The same problem as Boeing.. Bean counters replacing Engineers..
@LeonardTavast 2 aylar önce
Intel did the same mistake as Blizzard. Maximizing profit by cuts in development and by increasing investment in marketing instead. That reduces quality of products in a few years as we saw with both companies. Then all of a sudden they lose market shares. You can't cut the workforce in IP-intense businesses such as software development and hardware manufacturing if you want to maintain a dominant position.
@robwilton9539 Aylar önce
China has already embarked on its quest to be at the cutting edge of chip technology. The good news is that China is taking the know-how out of Taiwan rather than going into Taiwan to capture it. Granted, this is a little bit too difficult for politicians to understand as it is longer than a five year process.
@WalterSamuels Aylar önce
Fair game to them then. Lives lost is not the answer. Whoever strategizes more effectively without violence deserves to take power. The West needs to get with the times, we have a huge cultural problem. Our people are more self-absorbed, distracted and lazy than ever before. Vapid consumerism reins supreme. We glorify all of the wrong things. I don't see how the west wins this one, given how our society is currently working.
@robwilton9539 Aylar önce
I agree with you. I also think that, in the west, the younger generation's general career path is one of not working at all. Society may now be dumbed down to the point where people with degrees do not have basic language skills and are unable to do mental arithmetic but the youth of today do realise that working for a living is a futile pursuit. Work, for the masses, will never get them a mortgage for a home where they can build a normal family life so why bother? @@WalterSamuels
@hellokittyninja5968 2 aylar önce
at 21.51, the interview with the consultant was the most interesting. I've seen other videos from CNA on this topic and the experts there had vaguely alluded to systematic issues within China but I think this guy nailed it. The system's inability to accept honest feedback will be a stumbling block that will work more effectively than any sanction. Basically, the system itself is costly and inefficient. Also, I read the other comments about recent successes but other people more informed than myself pointed out why it was inefficient.
@fransezomer 2 aylar önce
That dude can write his own pay-checks, earns many millions a year
@quatreunhuit 2 aylar önce
@simex5685 2 aylar önce
It's same over America the high post cannot listen to honest advice but military industrial advice must take in.
@ChineseRepOfTaiwan 2 aylar önce
Americans should also honestly accept the fact they don't have the human capital and mentality of producing semiconductor to be competitive. For Chinese companies it's a different story. they have confident to get a one-off bite of the 9.8 trillion RMB government funding and run. Just like how they play the real estate game. Leave unfinished houses to the government and transfer money elsewhere
@lagrangewei 2 aylar önce
however he is talking about the past, BEFORE the tech war. what most people don't realised is the number of Taiwanese and Japanese tech leader that has move to China. the Japanese still feel betrayed by US for the plaza accord that made their chip too expensive and cause their companies to collapse, want a "2nd attempt" in a country which has a large enough domestic market to survive US pressure. while the Taiwanese feel betrayed by TSMC over lawsuit to prevent them from working with Korea decided to head to China to craft their own "heaven". these leading engineer are all very egotastic people, they refuse to bow and compromise. and it is very likely some of them are responsible for producing the chip Huawei use on Mate 60. the fact that Mate 60 appears with a chinese chip shows that stabmling block is now a thing of the past. because China has become a haven for asian engineers who felt the that current american system is rig against them. US attempt to strong arm TSMC to build plant in US will lead to more TSMC lead engineer abandoning the company and going to China. they can't stand the US labour policies and feel it is unjust that american are paid more than them when they do a worst job and are less qualified. US unwillingness to use Taiwanese engineers due to union pressure will cause the US project to stall and accelerate China development. many engineers has already quit, but they have to wait for the 2-3 year contract term of not working for a competitor to expires before they can start work...
@charlessmyth 2 aylar önce
The problem is that the US economy is based on "printing money" instead of producing the things to exchange for money. To assist with that proposition, Corporations have to off-shore assets off the books, so that the capital markets can deal with stocks that have as high a capital-asset ratio as possible, so that each Corporation is comparable to a black box into which capital is assigned, and more than was put in, comes out the other end.
@ChineseRepOfTaiwan 2 aylar önce
It's fine. Treat semiconductor as oil and Taiwan as another Saudi Arabia. Tie semiconductor to dollar is doable.
@visvamkandadaisrinivasan5190 2 aylar önce
Someone has to provide money and commodity based isn't a good thing. And the U.S. economy is based off way more than printing money.
@GoGoPooerRangers 2 aylar önce
The assertion that the U.S. economy is solely built on "printing money" and offshoring assets to manipulate capital markets oversimplifies a complex economic landscape. While the Federal Reserve has employed expansionary monetary policies to support economic growth, the U.S. economy is far from a one-dimensional entity. It boasts a diversified economy that encompasses manufacturing, services, technology, agriculture, and more. While offshoring is a strategy employed by corporations to optimize operations, attributing it solely to manipulating capital-asset ratios ignores the multifaceted reasons behind such decisions, which can include market access and supply chain efficiency. The stock market plays a significant role, but it doesn't encapsulate the entirety of economic activity. In reality, the U.S. economy's dynamism arises from a combination of factors, making it a far more intricate and multifarious system than the simplistic portrayal presented in your statement.
@visvamkandadaisrinivasan5190 2 aylar önce
@@GoGoPooerRangers Couldn't have said it better myself.
@Ratinevo 2 aylar önce
@cwbh10 2 aylar önce
Glad they touch on education and emigration. We need to attract these smart individuals and let them live their lives here without threat of deportation. This is the American way
@maxjing61 2 aylar önce
what a fan boy
@user-fd5oz7hw5g 2 aylar önce
america prints dolars and buy everything hahahahah
@devondevon4366 11 gün önce
The number of highly cited scientific papers (Japan Education Ministry) 2008 to 2010 US (36,910) vs. China (9,011), but after 10 years 2018 to 2010 US ( 36,680) vs China (46,350) While China increased more than 5 times, the US remained the same.
@tbyas4406 2 aylar önce
The USA has a history of offshoring businesses to low wage countries and losing that business technology to the country that they offshored the business too. This situation is a documented problem in international business. The USA economy is failing because of offshoring for cheap labor and because of that, I don’t think the USA government should not ask the citizens to fight a war with a country that now want that technology. Don’t think for one second that China has already made a deal with Taiwan to take over that island without destroying it if they give them what they want.
@jennychuang808 2 aylar önce
As a Taiwanese, I think what you said about Taiwan makes a deal with China is very funny Do your homework, mate
@ainz1325 2 aylar önce
Typicap wumao 😂
@EricTaoTheDoc 2 aylar önce
The factory is just a building with expensive equipment. The essential components are those highly skilled chip engineers that is willing to work long hours in the lab and on call 24/7. I am not sure that there are enough such engineers in the US. TSMC will have bring tens of thousands of them from Taiwan. US domestic students are not interested in hardware engineering. We will see how the US and Arizona attract and accommodate these foreigners.
@jennychuang808 2 aylar önce
Well said ! TSMC is facing exactly the issue you mentioned at this moment in the US On the other hand, Japanese fab is progressing according to their plan because Japanese engineers are hard working
@Thephilpw99 2 aylar önce
So far it's not looking good. The union workers already protested and rejected the workers from Taiwan. They don't want more people from Taiwan to "take their jobs".
@j.k.1239 2 aylar önce
@user-ix2jh3uf3c 2 aylar önce
Why don't you speak louder that the American want to root out of your semiconductor industry? 😅
@ShopperPlug Aylar önce
"US domestic students are not interested in hardware engineering". That is true, but I think they are not aware of it and have been focused on Computer science. This is a tragedy. I think Bidens effort in US manufacturing presence encouraged many US colleges to rethink about their curriculum and provide hardware engineering majors. They are hard as hell to understand, usually only Asian people are smart as hell to understand them easily. Hardware engineering is basically three majors into one major.
@mastershredder2002 Aylar önce
Technological supremacy does not come from chips, themselves. It comes from fostering a culture of innovation and policies that are startup friendly. Something the US has been doing very poorly at in recent years.
@jallen1227 24 gün önce
U.S. is very startup friendly just not for high-cost manufacturing such as semiconductor.
@afroabroad 2 gün önce
The us is great at developing new tech. Then outsourcing production to developing Asia.
@jallen1227 18 saatler önce
@@afroabroad True due to cost, environmental regulations and labor. Given the posture with China, the chips tech will retain in Taiwan, S. Korea and lower teer technology plus packaging going to Malaysia, Vietnam, etc.
@MegaStoneTV 2 aylar önce
America just doesn’t have the human capital for these projects but also not the attitude to fix it
@Thephilpw99 2 aylar önce
A consequence of calling good students as "nerds".
@kayrealist9793 2 aylar önce
The immigration policy needs a complete revamp. We educate foreigners in our top universities and kick them out without much options to remain in our country. What an idiotic thing to do. Anyone who wishes to work hard and contribute to our country should be given the opportunities to do so.
@archibaldsamu5873 2 aylar önce
short-termism..and now you don't even have enuf engineers for the foundries
@calvinteoh9111 2 aylar önce
US is clear that Taiwan is only in their interest until they obtained semiconductor technology onshore. China could obtain Taiwan since they have long in close relationship; except lately which is triggered by American bating Taiwan to be independence. Hope both of these economy giants would not go into war due to semiconductor. If Intel is able to manufacture 18A process in 2-3 years time as global foundry, it would definitely shift the focus of Taiwan important. Taiwan understood the importance of TSMC, and continue to build a lot of new R&D centers in Taiwan to research the next nm after 2nm.
@vlhc4642 2 aylar önce
America's problem is their politicians and journalists are too lazy to do basic homework on how the industry works, case in point: - Up to a month ago American officials thought chip packaging is the cardboard box its shipped in. - Nobody seem to notice TSMC Arizona's capacity is less than 4% of their overall capacity, making it useless if the plan is to de-risk against Chinese sanctions. - They still don't understand electronic devices needs more than just the CPU, majority of chips in any device are mature nodes and the device won't work if you miss a single one. - It seems nobody in industry bothered telling American officials the few US made chips will all need to be sent to China to turn into useful devices. - They can't seem to wrap their minds around the idea that technology is created, not a finite physical asset to be supplied or obtained, and China's development of 7nm, 5nm, 3nm chips along with DUV and EUV is inevitable regardless what America does. - Finally they seem content with the fact that the US itself lack the knowhow to build
@Andrew-rc3vh 2 aylar önce
As for their high paying jobs. Well TSMC are very unhappy with Americans and say they are lazy workers. Production costs in the US are 10x Taiwan. TSMC have been badly burnt.
@themiddlekingdom9121 2 aylar önce
@@Andrew-rc3vh You need put your comment on the top, or put exact comment here on separate one, by itself.
@kevinj2261 2 aylar önce
From TSMC point of view, it sound stupid to make AZ project success, if the project succeeded the TSMS leverage to US will be lost
@alexr1612 2 aylar önce
Arizona has a shortage of water a lot of which is needed for chip manufacturing. A better choice would be the Great lakes, ie the rust belt. But these companies, despite being willing to accept government money, don't like paying taxes....
@pamtam1 2 aylar önce
Intel is investing in Columbus, Ohio for its latest plant. Cumulatively, they seem to plan of $100 billion worth of investments over the next few years.
@pamtam1 2 aylar önce
You are damn right they are NEVER willing to pay any taxes whatsoever. #taxhavens
@peterclarke3020 2 aylar önce
They will likely have to spend a fortune on ‘water taxes’ instead !
@diuleisin 2 aylar önce
Given the recent worker strikes against the big three automakers, I'm not sure about the prospect of semiconductor industries
@tedchen2528 2 aylar önce
Floks, TSMC tried to set a new site in US, and what happened? US workers are protesting on the management and the whole process is slowing down. The fact is that having chips made in the US is much more expensive in Taiwan. You cannot find skilled TSMC alike workers in other place with the same cost out of Taiwan. Face it. Not to mention the management of Intel is a disaster!
@hsuanting 2 aylar önce
Taiwan and Japan don't have Union to slow down the project.TSMC is going to build a 2nd fab in Japan. And US TSMC fab is still not sure when it is going to be completed.
@petsRawesome1 2 aylar önce
If the US today would start to invest in the types of engineering education that are needed, they might be able to compete by 2045.
@mack-uv6gn 2 aylar önce
Agreed but we are too busy fighting each other 🤦🏻‍♂️
@JigilJigil 2 aylar önce
you Chinese wumaos are the best.
@truthaboveall7988 2 aylar önce
😂😂😂we need decades to catch up to China
@MD97531 2 aylar önce
The US is comfortably ahead and just trying to make sure it remains ahead for the foreseeable future.
@user-kc4wb1ce1f 2 aylar önce
Science and engineering are very hard work, and there are too few native Americans who are willing to earn hard money.
@mysticalwind4632 2 aylar önce
The question that everyone should be asking is why does the US think that it has the high moral ground and the audacity to say which countries should be able to improve their societies and their economies for the betterment of the people in those countries. If history is of any guide, it simply doesn't and it shouldn't.
@strigoiu13 2 aylar önce
yeah why is china in tibet, then? :))
@jeffstrehlow2623 21 gün önce
Great post.
@turtledovechen176 2 aylar önce
the chip act sound like a lot of money(52.7bn), but TSMC alone spend around 35bn in a year, and they have been in the business for over 30 years so US still have a lot of catching up to do or they could just work closer with TSMC and all the other Taiwanese companies, makes everything easier
@Freshie55 2 aylar önce
Yes, but people think manufacturing these chips are so easy. If they read up on history they would know that many countries have tried to become fab centers of the world but have failed to succeed.
@ImjustsayinDetroit Aylar önce
Let's say the world achieved it's goal, and beyond with semiconductor tech do we continue to make more of the same machines, and tech? Or can we really blow the lid off of this thing already?🤞🏿🤞🏿🤞🏿
@derckvanschuylenburch1325 Aylar önce
For ultimate security, would it be optimal to have ASML, in the Netherlands, open up an additional manufacturing/research facility in the USA?
@arunkottolli 2 aylar önce
Wonder what happens if China insists that Intel make their chips in China if Intel wants to sell to China. Will Intel will set up Fabs in China?
@mugen1077 2 aylar önce
Either they comply like Tesla did or they lose out on that market. And we both know money talks so any talks of decoupling is moot.
@andyyang5234 2 aylar önce
Leaving China can hurt, but companies do take the hit and leave. Google comes to mind.
@yasufadhili 2 aylar önce
Good point
@aoiaoi629 2 aylar önce
​@@andyyang5234 Google lost the battle with Baidu and fleed as a loser. Lol
@ShopperPlug Aylar önce
1:22 - At least all of the BEST chips are all invented and designed in US but manufactured outside of US to stay in flow with competition. So it's not that bad.
@chaudhrymujeebali7565 2 aylar önce
Its good that many others manufactures come to market to drop prices….
@broniabdul-razak110 2 aylar önce
How USA is so comfortable monopolising heavy industries,but quickly criticise and scared when other countries monopolies such industries.
@dennisp8520 2 aylar önce
The USA isn’t monopolistic of heavy industries at all? There just increasing capacity to meet their own market needs.
@yasufadhili 2 aylar önce
This seems to bother nobody
@parklilys3108 2 aylar önce
Eventually America will shoot itself on foot by restricting advanced chip technologies to China. The recent launch of 5G smart phones with 7nm microchips by Huawei is a case in point. No matter how difficult to manufacturing advanced chips, as long as the chips are made based on physical and chemical principles, China will make them just give it a little bit of time.
@alalfred3474 Aylar önce
Without access to advanced manufacturing equipment and knowledge, China can only improve so far. Using your Huawei’s Mate60 Pro as an example, its CPU is not as good as the one it had several years ago. So, Huawei is behind by 3 or more years. The gap will continue to widen. Apple’s iPhone 15 is equipped with 3 nm CPU TSMC’s latest product. It will take another 5 to 7 years or longer for China to get there. By that time, TSMC will be making 1 nm chips. In the meantime, China will spend enormous amounts of money and resources to catch up. US is trying very hard to make it very difficult for China to catch up. By spending a disproportional national resources to catch up, China is wasting money thru inefficiency and corruptions. Is it worth it? One would wonder what could have happened if China did not challenge US’s position globally.
@parklilys3108 Aylar önce
Let's see in 5-10 years.
@niuliu6504 Aylar önce
@@alalfred3474 The Chip industry in China is progressing much faster than you can imagine. They are trying to build a Lithography factory using a gigantic particle accelerator, called SSMB.
@alalfred3474 Aylar önce
@@niuliu6504 You are correct, for mature chip production for most applications, China is doing great. For advanced chip production, it is and will continue to struggle due to US restrictions. The alternate technology you mentioned requires enormous setup for commercial applications. As I mentioned earlier, US is probably happy that China is spending money and time to develop alternatives while ASML will progress on a faster pace.
@hughmungus2760 Aylar önce
@@alalfred3474 Moores law is already effectively dead, the next generation of semiconductors will cost another order of magnitude more to develop while china, with a second movers advantage is hot on the US' heels. What the US cannot get around is physics. There is a finite size you can make a semiconductor before it just stops working because there aren't enough atoms to form a connection, and thats expected to be reached by 2035 at latest. What then? China is already neck and neck with the US in other fields like quantum, photonic and graphene computing which will be what comes after silicon semiconductors.
@camiloguzman1801 2 aylar önce
The CHIPS act is just too little money and a little too late and very misalocated money, even the new US industrial policies are just too short to compete on Global Scale, TBH much more money and funding directed towards productive goals is needed as the same level of subsidized quality education and easy emigration to attract quality talent just to catch up with China.
@bpeng2000 2 aylar önce
The video said that China has been spending a CHIPS-act amount of money every year, but emphasized on "fruitlessness". The fact is that all such big investments will be abused to some extent, just like what happened to China's investments on green technologies and EVs, but we have seen the impact of those investments now.
@TheZero696 8 gün önce
@BigHenFor 2 aylar önce
Globalisation policy, as in creating a financial empire, rather than a territorial one, seemed like a good wheeze AR the time, but the price has been generations of workers losing access to asset wealth, and it being more concentrated in the hands of a new aristocracy of bankers and plutocrats. What a sugar high. By turning what should be a service into a religion, we no longer live in nations, societies, or communities, but in economies. And our new priesthood hoovers up all the wealth. Now, the empire came up against common sense, and it is beginning to fray at the edges. By spread the new religion around the globe, they have sparked a reformation, and fanned the spread of heresies. Hence the fragmentation begins, and the idea that there is no alternative is no longer believed. We have been here before: some have argued that attempts to limit the expansion of the German economy seeded the conflict of World War I. And the conflict between the Spanish Empire, and the other economies in Europe, was about access to bullion after all. We shall see.
@jarednovel 2 aylar önce
At this point it is impossible to stop the Chinese dominance in high tech products including the most high tech chips ever made....The worst part is that everything the Chinese are making is very affordable compared to what is produced in Europe or America. This will mean Chinese global tech market domination including markets in poor developing nations of Africa
@errgo2713 2 aylar önce
Thanks, wumao bot
@lagrangewei 2 aylar önce
@@errgo2713 does being racist make you sound smart?
@UnworthySubject 2 aylar önce
​@@lagrangewei That's the problem, some are so filled with hate they are blinded. It consumes us when we can't see past our ignorance and are secluded in our own bubbles.
@yasufadhili 2 aylar önce
Something the US tends to forget is that Africa could one-day be a great market for these products
@user-vo3zy6bj1z 16 gün önce
Taiwan has leveraged unfair policies, including low-cost labor, land subsidies, tax incentives, low electricity and water prices, and a favorable interest rate environment. Additionally, it has benefited from institutional advantages such as low-cost universal education. Seizing the opportunity presented by the semiconductor industry's shift after the US-Japan semiconductor war in the 1980s, Taiwan has vigorously developed the semiconductor manufacturing and chip design industries. Currently, due to the advantages of unfair policies, many semiconductor companies in Taiwan have grown to the extent that they can compete with leading US companies. For example, MediaTek surpassed Qualcomm to become the world's top mobile chip processor company. This success is not solely attributed to MediaTek's capabilities but stems from the unfair competitive advantage. Given this situation, the United States cannot tolerate the continuation of such circumstances. It is time to counteract and dismantle Taiwan's semiconductor industry, including companies like TSMC and MediaTek.
@user-kn1oo1be4r 13 gün önce
@Chima4289 2 aylar önce
The war is declared, the race is on. Because of embargo and restrictions China has no option but to invest all they have into it, including education, R&D, science and production of both equipment and Chips. How it is going to evolve? I don’t know. China may not be able to catch up and surpass the West.., but still they will achieve some progress, and even if it will not be the cutting edge, but from practical application point of view at some point it will reach sufficient maturity level to support very advanced practical applications. However, if we hope that imposition of embargo will lead to the stoppage of the electronics sector, or collapse of Chinese economy.., I think it came a bit too late. But it looks like we are entering the new “Space Race”, and it should facilitate a lot of high tech development. My only concern is that our Universities, instead of developing Scientists and Engineers are now busy developing Cultural Warriors.., and it is not a good foundation for the new Space Race.
@devondevon4366 12 gün önce
18:46 to 18:52 He said ' The US realizes that China's lack in making advanced chip is only thing holding it back from becoming an advanced technological power'. 'So, the US is actively acting to stop China from gaining that chip technology '
@stephenh3293 Aylar önce
Understanding foresight is a skill and fixes future problems. Why you could not see this about your job market, you let go the jobs to easy and to get them back is much harder
@angloedu5499 2 aylar önce
The implication of falling behind in semiconductors technology and manufacturing is detrimental for the advanced nations. Those that have it will remain but those that fall behind in it will always play catch up and befallen to the Old English adage, “ Those with the power, make the laws and rules that others must follow.”
@blairhakamies4132 Aylar önce
High level of accuracy👏
@ArthurJason-Constantine 2 aylar önce
It is the most dangerous for Taiwan to master the most advanced chip technology. We once sold the most advanced technology to them. However, now TSMC has issued orders to the States. In addition, Biden recently wanted to exchange technical assistance for the Indian market, almost repeating the previous wrong route. It is the best way to levy a heavy tax on the chips produced in Taiwan. TSMC's production line here is two generations behind that in Taiwan, which is the embodiment of the two sides of the Taiwanese.
@melvinhoyk 2 aylar önce
How would the world leader in Tech, the Silicon Valley of US fall short to a tiny Chips Tech demand in the near future. Thus make someone from foreign especially Taiwan to notice it and start investing for long term especially TMSC and NVIDIA. Even Intel and IBM cannot compete. What happen here? In the near future these tech chips will use in all sectors including Military weapon especially Drone, city transportation infrastructure and more. Now I know why US is helping Taiwan for military defences.
@alexprach 2 aylar önce
AMD got cheated by Intel, so they sold all the hardware(fabs) and tech to TSMC. What happens when market makes it profitable to illegally collude with PC system sellers. The other reason is that engineering is not held in high regard in western countries so why should the normal person learn these jobs when they won't get appreciated. Only few western countries like Germany and Switzerland where engineers are still held in high regard. But it might be too late now, the cost of building the fabs will probably take a decade or two to catch up, and that's if they are lucky with no corruption and people are successful from actual merit.
@andyyang5234 2 aylar önce
It's becoming so expensive to develop and build a chip, that no one company -- or even one country -- can completely control the entire process from end to end. US chose the most profitable section (chip design) to keep, which left them with giants like NVIDIA and Qualcomm; Europe has the machines; Japan has the chemicals; while TSMC got a low margin but very capital intensive section of the value chain. Realistically none of these can live without the rest, and if we take China out of the picture, it's really an arrangement that benefits everyone.
@lagrangewei 2 aylar önce
@@alexprach AMD did not sell their tech to TSMC, they merge it with Singapore companies to become Global Foundries which is a competitor of TSMC. seriously too many people are talking about semiconductor without knowing anything about it history.
@peterclarke3020 2 aylar önce
A major failure of foresight ! And caring too much about the cents, losing sight of the future dollars.
@jeffstrehlow2623 21 gün önce
Why do Americans need to combat China's rise as a technological superpower? Even if they want to combat it, I don't think it's possible to stop it. Isn't it better to work together with China and be friends?
@greenshadowooo Aylar önce
A useful sharing , thanks!
@klas425 Aylar önce
wow, that was really well made
@rosetzu_nagasawa Aylar önce
if we are serious about de-risk then there are SO MANY BOTTLENECKS, like Qualcomm being the control of the these new chips, like Japanese moulding compounds, ASML. How do we de-risk one BUT not the other?
@_jayden999 14 gün önce
I agree that semiconductors are supreme!!!!
@petercrossley1069 2 aylar önce
They don’t tell you that the majority of applications don’t need leading edge technology.
@jennychuang808 2 aylar önce
@pamtam1 2 aylar önce
You are right. Majority of applications in most sectors do not need leading technology but then that is precisely the opportunity cost you pay to be the leader. The extent to which you are at the cutting edge, you can keep on leading the world, the moment you slip up, you will always be able to use “majority of applications” along with rest of the world but you will NO longer remain an economic, military, diplomatic, powerful leader.
@urimtefiki226 15 gün önce
TSMC is the nurse, Carl Zeiss the doctor. The nurse is doing what the doctor is telling her to do. And here you are thankful to the nurse while the doctor is treating you.
@urimtefiki226 15 gün önce
And you all know that but just pretend you dont know.
@jkbbumblebee 2 aylar önce
Arizona is a dry state. From according to what I have read on the internet, a silicon fabrication plant consumes billions of freshwater to clean the underlying minerals before unearthing the rare earth minerals to fabricate these delicate chips. How the does the government plan on supplying the volumes of freshwater in the middle of a desert?
@hamdankhan319 2 aylar önce
@jkbbumblebee 2 aylar önce
@@hamdankhan319 and bring in drought? When there is no water for plants…
@JigilJigil 2 aylar önce
They don't anymore, the lastest fabs in US use the latest water recycling technology, they recycle back close to 98% of the water they use within the fabs.
@claudioparra2741 2 aylar önce
The companies that left and are coming back should be punished
@roc7880 2 aylar önce
AZ has the growest city in the country, two great universities, space to built, enough solar power to cool as many computers as you need, great workforce, and the best food in the world. I would fight anyone in the world who would try reject the latter.
@andoverite Aylar önce
With all those good things in Arizona that you enumerated, Arizona will still lack enough clean water to do serious chip manufacturing.
@StephenYuan Aylar önce
​@@andoveriteThe Colorado is drying up. They're going to have to figure that one out
@jeffstrehlow2623 21 gün önce
They also have hot weather and valley fever at the lower elevations. I don't know about now, but they used to have semiconductor manufacturing in the Phoenix area.
@morocoification 23 gün önce
Corporate greed: Outsourcing, cheap labor, etc. The US still has the knowledge, the know how and billions of dollars from investors, waiting for US manufacturers to restart manufacturing and regain the leadership on Microchip, semiconductors and new technologies.
@whiteknuckles 2 aylar önce
These experts avoided mentioning Huawei's breakthrough in manufacturing 7nm chips. Interesting. Since the introduction of the Huawei Mate60 pro, the market value of ASML went down, Qualcomm went down, the US chip industries cut staff. I wonder why.
@cuttingedgetechsongsmovies9662 2 aylar önce
Fake news.
@tijldeclerck7772 2 aylar önce
I haven't heard about the Mate Pro in weeks now. It just seems they made some with leftover chips as a propaganda stunt.
@whiteknuckles 2 aylar önce
@@tijldeclerck7772 Not my problem if you are not up-to-date.
@donkeychan491 2 aylar önce
@@cuttingedgetechsongsmovies9662 CNBC reported that the Huawei Mate60 could take 10 million units of sales off Apple.
@sherylhay13 2 aylar önce
Imagine if America stopped antagonizing china and Russia. We could all go back to trading peacefully 😢
@JigilJigil 2 aylar önce
Ok wumao.
@strigoiu13 2 aylar önce
yes trading other coutries assets like russia is trying again to do :)) too bad we did not buy it this time!
@newaulk 6 saatler önce
Globalization took the manufacturing jobs that were done by high school graduates in the US. Workers in Fabs typically starts with Undergrad degrees in STEM subjects, leading to Masters and PhD degree holders.
@danielcaceres9971 2 aylar önce
This is protectionism 101. The US demands free market policy from developing nations but then does this.
@andyyang5234 2 aylar önce
This is just the world switching from unipolar back to bipolar. Protectionism only happens between the two camps, while free market is demanded between countries of the same camp.
@yoyolim538 2 aylar önce
They have done well with their demands for other countries to open up for decades, why change now?
@hughmungus2760 Aylar önce
@@yoyolim538 because the US increasingly can't compete
@muhammadsharifhossain3735 2 aylar önce
The SC manufacturing needs to be decentralized. But US putting barriers on China importing chips from Taiwan is not a good strategy. I mean, you can't ask Taiwan not to sell chips to their neighboring China, but to the USA is not a fair play. Rather US should invest in SC industries inside the country, and in other part of the world.
@evrythingis1 Aylar önce
Did you ever stop to ask WHY the us is restricting these advanced chips to China?
@zacksmith5963 Aylar önce
@@evrythingis1 yes . Usa is jealous
@ericchen-qo7sf Aylar önce
Di-risk is not the reason, but just to strengthen the manufacutring of chips of USA itself, and contain china. One Stone, two birds.
@Theoryofcatsndogs 2 aylar önce
Why not talk about rare earth metal in additional video? China has monopoly in resources and production. Chips need those to make. Same as Neon Gas, Ukraine and Russia has duopoly. It is a must for chip production too. And India and China has duopoly on basic drug ingredients prodution.
@jennychuang808 2 aylar önce
I love people likes you -know very little about this industry. But Making silly comments
@anypercentdeathless 2 aylar önce
You seem to know as much about rare earth sourcing as you do grammar.
@JigilJigil 2 aylar önce
Your comment should be called as the joke of the year.
@Theoryofcatsndogs 2 aylar önce
​@@JigilJigil I am not saying there is something wrong about this video. What I am saying is there are other topics about monopoly in other fields related to semiconductor
@Theoryofcatsndogs 2 aylar önce
@@anypercentdeathless I don't know much about rare earth. But I know china has an absolute monopoly on rare earth at the moment. And what do you know about rare earth then?
@htaukkyanmyo4437 2 aylar önce
The war in Ukraine doesn't need 7 nm, 5 nm, 3 nm or 1 nm or even 14 nm chips. Eventually, appliances and EVs in China will be fitted with NearLink sub-chips in place of bluetooth and Wifi and Hongmeng OS. I could envision the day, when a hydrodam is erected in Africa, all electronics will be HiSilicon and Hongmeng.
@amahoro6064 2 aylar önce
IF your economy is dependent on printing money and exporting it, out then you will get into headwinds when you bring production of international products back home. Expect inflation in America once all dollars outside of US start coming back home.
@McCov1 Aylar önce
From Potato Chips to Silicone Chips. Very nice 😊
@charlessmyth 2 aylar önce
Taiwan and Korea rely on technology that is designed and manufactured in the Netherlands. That said, Taiwan and Korea have the people with the skills that the US has applied to the to-big-to-fail, of the financial markets.
@lagrangewei 2 aylar önce
yes the EUV myth. the reality is the problem is about the light source and EUV machine still has problem with it light source. the advantage EUV has on paper is not realised yet. company are really just using EUV to get used to the technology rather than because they "need" to... this EUV myth is what cause Japan to fly under the radar... because Japan doesn't have "EUV", US assume it is of little value... but the Chinese knows their potential...
@iechuanlee9326 2 aylar önce
The USA had been leading in chips manufacturing & has now been caught up by others and this shouldn't be or deserve to be put down using the US military.
@petercrossley1069 2 aylar önce
The shortage in China is 28nm chips which are old technology products.
@lagrangewei 2 aylar önce
the translation of that taiwan consultant is actually wrong. China already produce 20% of the world chip supply, he is talking about highend chip. the translation is missing the world "lower than".
@lighthousesaunders7242 2 aylar önce
​@@lagrangeweithanks, that makes more sense.
@bensuico1224 22 gün önce
Being naive is a very dangerous state to be at - especially since it is extremely difficult to know who can be trusted! It seems that it is almost always best to be self-sufficient and more less dependent, in particular on one's competitor!
@russli-lv2yc 2 aylar önce
thanks US's sanctions, the commercial, R&D and talent flywheel of Chinese semi and semi tools industry is fully spinning. Huawei now has a 5G SOC manufactured on equivalent TSMC 7NM node. They are putting in Mate 60, pro, pro+, RS, madepad pro, devices and looking to sell 10M+ units. It also has chips for smart TVs, smart cars, TWS headphones, AI training and inferencing (better perf than A100). Top 10 public Chinese semi tools companies revenues have been growing at 20-50% annually. And this is just the beginning.
@jennychuang808 2 aylar önce
@user-km7rp1vy4y 2 aylar önce
@@jennychuang808 just wondered what is so funny with the facts.
@jennychuang808 2 aylar önce
@@user-km7rp1vy4y Because this guy has zero knowledge about the semiconductor industry
@jennychuang808 2 aylar önce
@@user-km7rp1vy4y He is boasting how wonderful the Chinese semiconductor industry is ? But actually cost of the Chinese 7 nm chips is too high and the yield is super low If you are interested in this topic , you might need at least 10 hours to understand the basic
@k.k.c8670 2 aylar önce
All the old timers are suddenly experts in semicon and its ecosystems. 😂
@Skipper_7560 2 aylar önce
This episode looks like a poem dedicated to Kings/Queens. No critical thinking only ura ura ura. “Chips and science act” was touted by a woman as being a crown jewel 💎 of the Biden Administration. Come on you chorus singers 😅
@Thephilpw99 2 aylar önce
Hey, the viewers are the ones who need to do the critical thinking. This video cannot do the thinking for you.
@Skipper_7560 2 aylar önce
@@Thephilpw99 Please read twice what you wrote.
@iScoopyPal Aylar önce
The US leadership in govt, educational institutions, and enterprises failed at all levels. The US's clowns interviewed in this documentary reflect the current situation: incompetence. Engineering is a joke due to the lack of homegrown talents. Math education is a complete failure. Only a small percentage are ready to enter university and study engineering. The engineering education ratio US/China is 1/10. Specifically in semiconductors, the ratio is most likely 1/100. Even if the US managed to match China's numbers, it would fail in manufacturing due to the mentality and behavior of the US workers. Globally China is in a better position to dominate the technological world because it has the capital, technology, market, and most importantly the willingness to become independent from the US. Instead of developing and improving its own technology, the US devoted its resources/ policies to contain China. That's not how to win a technological war. The US has transitioned from being an asset to a liability for all countries. The US and EU don't need to decouple from China. China is initiating the decoupling from the US. It has new markets to serve such as Asia, South America, and Africa. The new election is also approaching, and it appears that all candidates are clueless and still cringe at the US past glorious time.
@filippeinik2065 2 aylar önce
7nm chips are also being produced in China. I guess you just forgot to tell that
@mikeparker2486 2 aylar önce
*key word "forgot" 🤭*
@pokjat473 2 aylar önce
@strigoiu13 2 aylar önce
with less than 50% accuracy rate,maybe true.
@yhh8427 Aylar önce
TSMC is facing difficulty in Building factory and finding competent suitable engineers in U.S. Intel was already OUT.
@khalidalali186 2 aylar önce
My younger brother was an international student at ASU from 2009-2013. He graduated the first of his class, and simply flew back home after the graduation ceremony by a few days. 😅 Yet somehow, economic migrants with no skills whatsoever, are being housed and fed for free, by America and the UK all the time.
@richiesd1 2 aylar önce
I don’t see the link between the 2. There are several immigration lines. One queue does not move faster or slower because of another line.
@inspyr9 Aylar önce
@@richiesd1 I think there is a link. US should make it easier for the STEM graduates to stay in US and work hi tech jobs, research etc and contribute positively. If you look at the 8 millions that crossed the border in the last 2 years, most of them are a burden to the society.
@richiesd1 Aylar önce
@@inspyr9 , how do the economic or political migrants prevent the USA from accepting more STEM graduates or skilled immigrants? I think the link that you're making is not logical.
@PG-jv5nw 23 gün önce
How will the US make people work in factories ? Immigrate people from Latin America or Mexico. You have to see its effect on cultural aspects also. I think India can be the best buddy to help him out.
@nadineraynor2539 25 gün önce
Old veteran. When chips hit the fan, basic tools will be more valuable in a manually driven survival world.
@yasufadhili 2 aylar önce
Why do we forget that China is a large market for these chips in the first place
@akka2011hk 2 aylar önce
The info is outdated. China had already reduced chips import by 35% and SMIC had just completed the development of it's N+3 process equivalent to 5nm (it's just 2-3 yrs behind SMIC) and China will have a domestic made EUV in 2-3 yrs time. China is on a par with the West on chip design and lead in packaging. It's catching up in warp speed in manufacturing.
@pamtam1 2 aylar önce
Are you sure? Because the 2-3 years lag which you yourself mention is a huge gap of time in leading technological scale in chip manufacturing. There is no alternative data that confirms that China is fulfilling internal demand of 5-7nm by in-house design and manufacturing processes let alone exporting it in any shape or form. But I will be curious to see such data.
@Thephilpw99 2 aylar önce
@@pamtam1 The development of high-end chip manufacturing is slowing down as the processes reaching its limit. The latest 3nm Apple A17 chips, for example, doesn't offer much improvement over its 5nm predecessor, A16. So even TSMC figures out how to make 1nm chips, 1. The wafers are too expensive 2. the performance gain is low. 3. This is the limit of its technology. At the same time, China is catching up in this field. We are already certain that they can make 7nm chips at a high quantity, and we are not even sure it is SMIC who produces them. Given a couple of years, they can advance to 5nm or even 3nm. By that time the US will not have any advantage at this field.
@bobpritham2660 2 aylar önce
How can china have 3nm when it can't get latest asml machines?
@Thephilpw99 2 aylar önce
@@bobpritham2660 Because ASML is not the only way to produce EUV, just like Lockheed Martin is not the only one who knows how to build stealth planes.
@ChineseRepOfTaiwan 2 aylar önce
Americans would soon realize it's much practical to buy from Taiwan and give Taiwan more useful submarines, F35. Taiwanese are more capable doing this and are determined to defend ourselves.
@ceesjanmol 2 aylar önce
I don't think that ASML was mentioned once. But without their litho machines not much would happen. So is this a lack of understanding is the actual production chain? Or does it but serve the strategic interest of a program like this? Or is it sheer nationalism, assuming that the world only knows USA interests and companies directly serving those?
@Bobbyleejoe2556 Aylar önce
In the future the only chips made in Amerikkka will be Potato Chips. 😂😂😂
@TheDgau Aylar önce
How much can you make in semiconductor industry with a PhD in physics? Thanks!
@samuelememanka8975 12 gün önce
U.S wanted to apply similar measure they used for Japan to China, but they failed woefully.
@tbyas4406 2 aylar önce
Americans keeps importing a technical workforce, developing their skills and those same employees go back to their countries taking their skills to their government and then the USA is behind once again, and the American workforce is left behind in skills and work once again from the lack of the USA investment into its own citizens.
@Northwindbreeze 2 aylar önce
correct me if I am wrong but, isn't it because the us isn't a single organ but rather a bunch of different people trying to achieve splendor for their own parties? They will do what they can to get votes and when it comes down to making it big, quick solutions are faster approved. Looking into the internal market and lifting its working class, tech class, and middle class isnt a priority for ages anymore.
@anypercentdeathless 2 aylar önce
Seeing the world with such a childlike simplicity must be comforting.
@practicalshooter6517 2 aylar önce
I have worked with a lot of them in the Semiconductor industry, and most of them have come to the simple conclusion that life is better here for there family and there carrier.
@alexprach 2 aylar önce
Actually USA did it to themselves AMD would never have sold their tech to TSMC if Intel weren't punished so softly when they colluded to stop companies like Dell from selling systems with AMD chips.
@ryanj.3102 2 aylar önce
TSMC will not develop their most advanced chips in the states per national security issues.
@sneakymove 2 aylar önce
I will not be surprised TSMC will be held at gun point to do it in US. Separatist government will comply to US request, they need US support to survive politically.
@genuinennessbefitting4734 2 aylar önce
@@sneakymove Taiwan has another option to join China. Not all Taiwanese are against unification with China. Your words will drive the DPP to lose the election in Jan.
@kaleh4808 2 gün önce
@@sneakymove Quite opposite. Why the US would want to defend taiwan when TSMC has moved out of the island? Taiwanese homeland security can only be achieved if TSMC stays there.
@ER-sv1np Aylar önce
สร้างคนสำคัญ ป้อนความรู้ที่ถูกให้สังคมก็สำคัญ ไม่งั้นบ้าเงิน แต่ลืมการแข่งที่แท้จริง
@devondevon4366 12 gün önce
13:38 "Today 90% of the world's most advanced processors, the type of chips in your smartphone PC or data centers.. can only be produced by TSMC ... in Taiwan'
@yuema2078 Aylar önce
The most important move for the US is not to force TSMC or Samsung to come to the US, it is to force the Dutch company ASML to move to the US. Intel is done long ago, becoming a company just consuming and living on our tax payers' money. The last a few dudes being interviewed clear have no idea what they are talking about. Fabs and design house are easy, but equipment and raw materials are difficult. It took china 20 years to get a lithography scanner equipment capable of 90nm process. It took only 5 years for SMIC to move from 28nm to 7nm process. You get the idea.
@planetaryhealthfirstmarsnext Aylar önce
Great program
@ckwong1533 2 aylar önce
The person behind 7nm chip in China is the previous R&D director from TSMC. How are u going to sanction on talent?
@jennychuang808 2 aylar önce
But the cost for China’s 7 nm is extremely costly Time will tell
@naijojosan 2 aylar önce
@@jennychuang808 then wait and see, expert😁😁
@AbuSous2000PR 2 aylar önce
we should welcome competition with China...Americans love Chinies people and we have proved that in the past 40 to 50 yrs. On the other hand.... make no mistake about it...if China is allowed to bully its neighbors...and we stand by...this will profoundly impact America. Remember that 2/3 of the world's growth is locked in south and South east Asia.
@genuinennessbefitting4734 Aylar önce
U.S. semiconductor technology lags because Intel has produced semiconductors since 1968 but has yet to break through advanced technology. Intel's failure in technological competition is the crux of the U.S. semiconductor problem. The United States has never handed over advanced semiconductor production to foreign countries because the United States does not have such technology.
@jeffstrehlow2623 21 gün önce
The USA used be state of the art, but not anymore.
@kittiemamba Aylar önce
How could you say its your own business when the issue involved two parties 😂🙈
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