DIY LOG CABIN of dead wood FROM START TO COMPLETION in 120 min | Working OFF GRID

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Life in the Siberian forest

Life in the Siberian forest

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In this video, the complete construction of our (Ipatych and Mikhalich) cozy LOG CABIN from dead wood in a Siberian Forest far from people and civilization
Another year of hard and what at times feels like endless work. It's when I look back at the end of the year and realize the progress I've made so far. . Doing everything DIY for sure is taking a lot more time and work, but the satisfaction of seeing something grow built by your hands it's an indescribable feeling and I take great pride in doing it my way.
Hope you enjoy the video and thank you very much for watching and thanks to everyone that has been following my progress and supporting my channel. Especially a big thank you to everyone who helped me along the way
This is not a video to teach you how to build a log house.
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00:00 Preparation of logs for the log house
00:40 Marking the area
01:00 Preparation of logs for the log house
05:30 Log building
09:23 Swimming in the river
10:09 Building a log house
17:08 Bathing in the river
17:34 Building a log house
19:23 Do-it-yourself board making
21:20 Build the roof and ceiling of the Log Cabin
33:44 We build the floor of the Log Cabin
35:38 We put the stove in the Log Cabin
38:35 We build the floor of the Log Cabin
40:17 We build the door of the Log Cabin
43:14 Building beds in the Log Cabin
45:02 Insulating a log cabin
45:15 Log cabin table
46:26 Making a window in a log cabin
47:39 Internal work in the house
48:56 Building a terrace in a log cabin
51:39 Interior work in the house
52:41 Ceiling insulation
53:22 Building a workbench
01:01:53 Dismantling the house
01:05:17 Making the log cabin taller
01:19:30 New door to the log cabin
01:21:08 We cover the roof with corrugated board
01:27:30 Increasing the area of ​​the terrace
01:37:00 Closing the gables in the log cabin
01:41:43 Sewerage in a log cabin
01:42:43 Closing the terrace with boards
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Life in the Siberian forest
Life in the Siberian forest 9 aylar önce
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Lucia Vuoso
Lucia Vuoso 3 aylar önce
Берік Мырзабеков
Берік Мырзабеков 4 aylar önce
Neluțu 4 aylar önce
Doc Key
Doc Key 6 aylar önce
That ceiling going to weigh a ton why
Gryph C
Gryph C 3 aylar önce
Congratulations to all of you on an amazing build. It was an absolute pleasure to watch and I didn't want it to end. Thank you for sharing, and good health and happiness to you all. Oh to have my youth back again! 😁 Subscribed ❤️
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E Jagda
E Jagda 5 aylar önce
Wspaniale, że przekazujecie wiedzę praktyczną jak bez elektronarzędzi zbudować dom z bali. Wyobraźmy sobie ile czasu zajmowało dawniej zbudowanie takiego domu, gdy drzewa ścinano siekierą. Wspaniałe umiejętności. Serdeczne pozdrowienia z Polski i oczywiście subskrypcja.
Suzana Gebhardt Suzana
Suzana Gebhardt Suzana 24 gün önce
Essa é uma das cabana mais bem feita e grande que eu já vi ! Parabéns 🍾🎉🎈🎊 está ficando linda e bastante sólida com um tamanho família !
Lane County Bigfooters
Lane County Bigfooters Yıl önce
Four amazing jobs - forestry, carpentry, filming and editing. Absolutely fantastic!
Life in the Siberian forest
Life in the Siberian forest Yıl önce
DJ MASTERGROOVE 8 aylar önce
I really enjoyed watching this. Watched from start to finish and I'm really impressed how great your log cabin has turned out. I'd love to be able to do something like this, well done to you all. 👍🏻🍻
Malcolm 460
Malcolm 460 10 aylar önce
What an excellent video! You guys are very talented and certainly not afraid of hard work! The whole project looked to be a lot of fun but it obviously took a great deal of effort, and it was a great way to show off your skills with axe, chainsaw etc. I personally think the cabin was very well built and insulated and, looking at how easily it supported you during the extending of the building, very robust. Kudos to you all - now to watch the rest of your videos. Oh, and Subbed!
Life in the Siberian forest
Life in the Siberian forest 10 aylar önce
brian pankonin
brian pankonin 10 aylar önce
Amazing work and well made video. I've been in the habit of watching shelter building videos lately and this is by far the best one I've seen both in the structure built and the video. Great job
Paul M.
Paul M. 11 aylar önce
You guys show a great progression from the start of the cabin to adding an upstairs, and inclosing the porch, all of you perfected your skills remarkably. Great video .
Baby Pittie
Baby Pittie 5 aylar önce
Great job guy keep it up love it very much
G R 28 gün önce
Great work guys. I'm from Germany and in the beginning the landscape reminded my of a Bavarian forest. But in the Siberian forest - that's a whole different thing: It must be getting way colder than over here in the winters. The block house you built is great. Beautiful place to spend days in the wilderness. Thumbs up!
Anton D
Anton D 11 aylar önce
I love how you guys all work together !! Great job 👏
Татьяна 8 aylar önce
Manuel Weber
Manuel Weber 9 aylar önce
Well done guys. Beautiful little cabin. Planning on visiting Mongolia and may be Siberia on my retirement in a couple of years. Looks like a nice place to visit. Kudos from Mexico! Thanks from sharing
Mz Clementine
Mz Clementine 4 aylar önce
I lived in a log cabin. 6 years. My goodness do those things breathe.. I don't care if you do the modern methods, and or the old methods. No matter what when a storm comes you're going to hear a lot of creaking. And I guarantee you will feel the movement of air... Honestly. These houses breathe so good... Individuals may not like that. I'll tell you this. We never had a mold issue. We never had a fungus issue nothing.. and with any storm that blew in.. We did not own this cabin. We totally wanted to buy it. It's really shifty and shady how an individual tries to lie to individuals. Such as, no I'm not tapping the land for gas. Then proceeds to tap the land for gas but still put it up for a price, there's no way an individual would pay that price $480,000. If you tap your property and you've already signed those contracts. We already professionally had it appraised at 180.k We offered it to him. Snobishly he turned us down. Thinking he was getting a huge payout. I said don't cut your nose off to spite your face. Literally as we are renewing our contract. I wanted to keep it an open contract. Because he wasn't selling the house. We had been living there for so long. 5 and 1/2 acres. Tractors animals all kinds of things to deal with. He thought his deal was going to go through. Immediately he tells us you have 30 days to get out. Never missed a rent payment. As a matter of fact, we would pay 3 months in advance. So that I was always ahead of the schedule.. So that by the end of the year. November December January I didn't have to pay... And just would pick back up on February March and April. Pay that in February.. I couldn't believe this individual. I said wow the universe is going to smack him down. Thank you universe. For your wonderful workings. Not only did he not sell that home at 480,000. Because, a small town talks. I could literally feel them digging under the home. I called the fella and said are you tapping underneath the house today? He said why? I said I feel it. He comes over. He's like I don't feel anything. I said stand on this part of your hill bend your knees relax. As soon as he did he said Oh my gosh. I said one more thing let's walk in the house. I sat him in the very corner. We had a wraparound couch that wrapped around the corner. If you sat there and put your heels against the wood feet of the couch. You could hear them tapping and then feel the aftershock vibration. He stood up and said Oh my God you can feel that. I said yes. I'm actually really sensitive to this but you're digging under the house?.. You better believe my husband changed his coffee morning routine to find out individuals that wanted to buy this property and let them know hey. You're getting tapped... Of course that fell through. And that first month came he said, you have 30 days to get out. Panicked. We are looking for a house to buy. We offered him, $168,000 cash. With, 2K a month. We're only talking one year to finish off the payments. He was greedy. Wanted everything. Here's the thing. The universe, knew he was dicking around. Giving a family 30 days to move out so you can sell your property. We had offered him an extra $500 a month to please slow down. Each a month. My husband even raised it to a thousand. Thank goodness the universe aligned. I'm not kidding you We looked at 72 homes. The 73rd, sold. Immediately. The both of us busted hump so hard. We were out before his 30-day notice. And he came to my husband and said. Hey you can slow down. It's okay I'll accept your offer. If you want, I'll sell you the house. My husband looked at him and said man, what you did to us. You put us through such a crunch. I'm sorry. I purchased a house. You could have had this money in your pocket. And my wife will make sure I don't pay you one dime. She's quite upset at what you've done. And she will work tirelessly, to be out in the next two weeks. I wouldn't talk to her if I were you. She will not have polite words for you. His wife called and tried to beg and plead. Makes me laugh. I'm truly grateful for everything that happened. Because, my son I educated him at home. And by high school, he was basically at college level. We were able to find a high school that would allow him to attend high school but still have higher education. The universe came together smoothly for us. We found a home with not a single issue with mold. A school that was perfect. I have two towns on each side of me. Both of them, considered to be a bracket above ours. When you look at the reviews of school. I can tell they are such a snobby school. Girls proclaiming why are they going to our school when they have their own school. Came and shopped at this town and everyone that had issues in these rich schools were looking into the school I was looking into. Because of the snobby bullying at these two schools. For two weeks I shopped I rubbed elbows and I talked to as many individuals as I could. My goodness did I find the hidden gem. Wonderful school. Wonderful neighborhoods. Wonderful people. No one is above anyone. And those that don't have. It's amazing how everyone comes out of the woodwork for each other. Never once was there a terrible bullying situation at this school. And my son's 4 years of attending. Only two boys got into a fight. Over a girl. Nothing major. And, they were most certainly best friends when they graduated. No issues. It didn't matter if you were rich or poor. It didn't matter the color of your skin. It didn't matter what car your parents drove, or the shoes on your feet. What a wonderful school. The universe completely guided us. And that family. Sadly, he had to break up part of the property. Once he did that no one wanted to buy the property. And now, he's living in that house divorced from his wife with his terrible son. That can't seem to take care of himself and now he's taking care of him. His wife divorced him. The things that he had done to the individuals in town. As well as ourselves. And the wife kept on saying please we need this money sell that house. His greed. Was his grief. And no one wants to buy his property the way he cut the land. Too bad so sad. You should have been a kind-hearted individual. How is it that 168,000 and 1 year 2K paid to the principal. A little over asking cost. For their troubles. Of one year. Unbelievable. But the universe served him well. One of the reasons why the cost was only at $180,000. The whole house needed rechinked.. I don't know if I'm spelling that correctly. As well as a new roof. If all of that was done, he most certainly could have gotten to 60 for it. But for everything that needed to be done on this large cabin no. 180. Greed can bring you nothing but grief. But I must say. The experience my son has had, thank you universe. You put us where we needed to be. Although my heart longs for that property. But I know, giving up things that we love and long for. Will only find us another day. Because sometimes we want it immediately. But life has other plans for us. My son is graduated. And now my husband and I, are starting our finders roots. We joke, or nomads. But truly. This will be the last of our nomadding... Our precious 100-year-old home has served us well. It's shocking How many homes that we looked at. Years newer. 50 years newer than this. Just rotten. They don't make them like they used to. I'm either a stone and brick girl, or all wood.
Dm Tnw
Dm Tnw Yıl önce
Thank you for sharing this past year with us again, I enjoyed watching all the progress you have made to your cabin; stay safe
Mieszko Koniecpolski
Mieszko Koniecpolski Yıl önce
Piękny film. Kawał dobrej roboty. Super mi się oglądało.Brawo. .👏
Eugene Duran
Eugene Duran 11 aylar önce
Gracie MacA
Gracie MacA 11 aylar önce
Really sweet little rustic cabin in the woods! It was quite enjoyable to watch how you two (or 3) worked together harmoniously, being creative to build a suitable, yet sustainable little home from scratch. This is how our forefathers worked, using elements from the land such as trees, rocks, moss, mud, sand, straw, water, beeswax, & sometimes using bitumen (from a tar pit) & slate or other natural materials for the roof, all the while using hand tools. Your homestead came out looking so nice! Iove the front door & everything about it! The adjustments on the roof to make it larger (come Summer weather) we're well worth the wait. Excellent job on all the finishing touches!!!
Michael Tarno
Michael Tarno 3 aylar önce
At a point I thought there was four? Are quite a few anomalies that occur in this Siberian excursion.
박정호 11 aylar önce
Life in the Siberian forest
Life in the Siberian forest 11 aylar önce
thank you very much!
Jean T
Jean T 11 aylar önce
Your skills and harmonious work ethics amazed me, making watching your video from beginning to end was well worth my time. I would love having a model just the same. Congratulations to you three young men.
Donna Elliott
Donna Elliott 10 aylar önce
Makes me wish I would have followed my dreams in my early 20's. You are such a pleasure to watch. Very skilled craftsmen.
Aggy Domingo
Aggy Domingo 6 aylar önce
Hi guys your skills and knowledge building a cabin is inspiring others how to know the right procedure not like just do it. And helping each other's. That's too amazing how faster u did it. Keep the best job people's watching out there thanks be safe
Elenice Costa
Elenice Costa 2 aylar önce
Parabéns pelo trabalho,eu ficava imaginando como q as toras de madeira eram encaixadas, perfeito trabalho.
BEST MACHINES 10 aylar önce
Clever idea, I love the finish. I loved watching your skills improve as you learned from the experience of building this delightful
David Garner
David Garner Yıl önce
Awesome feat guys !!!!!…….great build, great design………never miss a video, keep them coming …..
Todd Solley
Todd Solley 11 aylar önce
Looks good! You may want to put tar paper and a vapor barrier underneath the metal roofing panels. When snow sits on the metal roofing it creates condensation and it'll drip on whatever is below.
yves Laplace
yves Laplace 10 aylar önce
Bravo pour tout le travail que vous avez accompli ! Félicitations !
Onaldo Rodrigues,  churrasqueiro
Onaldo Rodrigues, churrasqueiro 10 aylar önce
Parabéns adorei que trabalho árduo no fim ficou dez(10) , deu ate vontade de construir uma cabana assim , mas com certeza eu não teria conhecimento e habilidade pra tal obra prima Amei que lugar lindo nunca vi na vida neve mas com certeza morar num local desse deve ser esplendoroso só não sei se aguentaria o frio Sou de Santos ,São Paulo, Litoral Paulista. Brasil Um abraço a toda equipe .
Marcos Antônio Silva
Marcos Antônio Silva 4 aylar önce
@Onaldo Rodrigues, churrasqueiro olá amigo bom dia amém desde já agradeço pela sua atenção um forte abraço ok
Onaldo Rodrigues,  churrasqueiro
Onaldo Rodrigues, churrasqueiro 4 aylar önce
@Marcos Antônio Silva obrigado , que a paz esteja em nossos corações e da família
Marcos Antônio Silva
Marcos Antônio Silva 4 aylar önce
olá Onaldo ótima noite de quarta feira 16/11 /22 realmente esses talentosos jovens sabe mostrar todo seu empenho na arte de construir realmente essa cabana ficou perfeito que tem talento sabe mostra todo seu magnífico trabalho a você Onaldo desejo tudo de bom um forte abraço amigo direto do litoral norte de São Paulo 😆😆😆😆👀👀👀👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Ivone Pereira
Ivone Pereira 7 aylar önce
Maravilhoso o trabalho de vocês sou do Brasil parabéns
Baerbel Hagenstein
Baerbel Hagenstein 4 aylar önce
It was good to see it all again from the beginning to the end. Great video, thank you!!🥰
johny D smithson
johny D smithson Yıl önce
Awesome video. Great work lads, 1:41:00 got my heart jumping! Always anxious when there's a fall with sharps, glad everyone was alright and y'all built an awesome structure.
Dernewälder🌲(Bushcraft&Outdoor) 🏕
Dernewälder🌲(Bushcraft&Outdoor) 🏕 Yıl önce
Das ist wahr
KewlJewl Yıl önce
I loved watching your skills improve as you learned from the experience of building this delightful cabin. Looking forward to your next venture! Stay safe my friends.
Claudio Saltara
Claudio Saltara 10 aylar önce
I liked the speeded up section of the video. No waste of time filming routine work. All video makers should learn this technique for quick satisfaction of the viewers.
Adilia Francisca Torres García
Adilia Francisca Torres García 8 aylar önce
Me gusta este video de estos hombres si se ve real que desde el principio como se esfuerzan para hacer esta cabaña son valientes y muy trabajadores💯👌
laura haughton
laura haughton Yıl önce
I know it’s the cabin already built but I’m very happy to watch it again, you young men are amazing builders. And I am so glad you were at least able to post this. Thank you it means you are well. Take care and stay safe. That river splashing scene was just a funny this time around. 🌷👍😊
이헌 11 aylar önce
@Pier Alberto Castellin
Pier Alberto Castelli
Pier Alberto Castelli 11 aylar önce
@Hazaiah Puan 000
Hazaiah Puan
Hazaiah Puan Yıl önce
Haiii my Friends ..very nice and good job ..l am happy to watch it again ..l am from Malaysia
Endre Tamasi
Endre Tamasi 5 aylar önce
Congratulations guys, it was a great video. Awesome work, enjoy in your cabin! 👍
ShitStormbe ready
ShitStormbe ready Yıl önce
Amazing ! Makes me wanna go outside and do stuff! Awsome build guys!
King RAFA Yıl önce
Thank you guys for putting the whole build in one video.
Александр Тюково
Александр Тюково 4 aylar önce
Добрый день! Отличная работа! Сам рубил баню по похожей технологии 5 лет по выходным и в отпуске. Из инструмента только топор, стамеска(большая),пила и молоток.Но я еще делал паз вдоль всего бревна.Бревно к бревну притирал так, чтобы лист бумаги невозможно просунуть было.Пользуюсь 7 лет.Утром топлю, до вечера температуру держит.Кстати верхние венцы легче делать внизу, затем разобрать и собрать на верху. Я еще штифты в шахматном порядке ставил.Труба идеальная получается из канализационной трубы с раструбом, которые раньше использовали. Удачи Вам
Beaky Plinder
Beaky Plinder 29 gün önce
Great build ! I would have gone for a slightly bigger build considering the amount of hard work put in. Also, the loft would be a storage/bed sleeping area .
Connie Morris
Connie Morris 10 aylar önce
Loved watching these boys build a perfect cabin!! Best video yet!!
Dustin Long
Dustin Long 9 aylar önce
Wow amazing job guys love the video keep up the hard work very resourceful building nicely done
Gelsiney Schell
Gelsiney Schell 2 aylar önce
Excelente vídeo... parabéns... abraços do Brasil.
Kay Burton
Kay Burton 11 aylar önce
Looks like fun. Nice to see you guys getting along good. Take care be safe.
peter byrne
peter byrne 11 aylar önce
Very impressive job. Obviously you are deserved the best praise.Your patience, effort,hardiness and creativity were tremendous.Probably you inherited our forefathers skills and talent.Even during the winter you continued not easy job,on implementing your goal and will. As I know winters in Siberia are harsh. I indeed appreciate your job. I express my respect to everybody.Great guys and great job. Wish you well in your life.
Life in the Siberian forest
Life in the Siberian forest 11 aylar önce
thank you very much!
Louisa Vassiliou
Louisa Vassiliou 9 aylar önce
Well done very enjoyable to watch all three of you should be proud of what you've built🇨🇾👍
Amme Blanco Lopez
Amme Blanco Lopez 10 aylar önce
Wow, so authentically raw and natural... Kudos to you guys!
Gary Ziegler
Gary Ziegler 11 aylar önce
great job you guys. looks great and will last forever. God bless.
Alle Bethlehem
Alle Bethlehem 5 aylar önce
Nice to see two brothers at work. Heartwarming. You can be proud of your achievement.
Sabre Kai
Sabre Kai Yıl önce
For a video that isn't an instruction manual, It sure puts up a good front. I envy you the pristine outdoors and your little getaway cabin. I imagine at the end of a day you would sleep like a baby. You did a beautiful job. Well Done.
Mirko Mancini
Mirko Mancini 11 aylar önce
To je odličan posao! 👍🏻
Zbigniew Gruzlinski
Zbigniew Gruzlinski 9 aylar önce
Dobra robota pozdrawiam
Benisa Ramos
Benisa Ramos 10 aylar önce
Esse é dos melhores vídeos que assisti desse segmento , perfeito.
Mamih ARYA Ngapak
Mamih ARYA Ngapak 10 aylar önce
Lilian Flores Escandon
Lilian Flores Escandon 7 aylar önce
Una obra de arte. Mis felicitaciones. Un abrazo desde Concepción, Chile.
Martha Morales
Martha Morales 4 aylar önce
Que paisajes más bello lo felicito a los tres por trabajar en equipo es lo mejor y les está quedando preciosa la cabaña.
Debra Morris
Debra Morris 5 aylar önce
Great video! Thanks so much for making it!
David Pickens
David Pickens 3 aylar önce
Are you planning on putting sleeping quarters overhead of the cabin? You guys are doing an AWESOME JOB
Chris Cole
Chris Cole Yıl önce
Great video guys, your skill and ingenuity was a joy to behold. After all your hard work the cabin looks awesome. Much respect from England 👍💪💪
Palmyra Foxy
Palmyra Foxy 3 aylar önce
This is what I call building. I would have love to inhabit this structure/ Thank you, enjoyed following you very much. Cheers
Marciel Alves Araújo
Marciel Alves Araújo 7 aylar önce
Gostei da cabana ficou ótima mesmo...
Evan Yıl önce
I live in Canada and I am a home builder as well. I think your ingenuity and knowledge are sorely missed these days, great work fellas!
White Wolf
White Wolf 10 aylar önce
@Олег Панфилов много мест, тот же Чарынский каньон, в Америке гранд каньон и тд, сосновый бор..
Олег Панфилов
Олег Панфилов 10 aylar önce
@White Wolf Да, в Каркаралинске что-то похожее. И наверное ближе к Алтаю тоже, но там я к сожалению не был.
White Wolf
White Wolf 10 aylar önce
@Олег Панфилов не только
Олег Панфилов
Олег Панфилов 10 aylar önce
​@White Wolf Если Северного Казахстана, то да. Там начинается Сибирь.
White Wolf
White Wolf 10 aylar önce
Мне кажется природа Канады похожа на природу Казахстана
Claudia Vázquez
Claudia Vázquez 9 aylar önce
Gracias por compartir tan lindo trabajo. Mostrala por adentro por favor. Aplausos por el gran esfuerzo!!! Desde Argentina saludos
Kathleen Sisco
Kathleen Sisco Yıl önce
Stunned by the way you scribed the log cuts! My small town city lot has a hillside that has a group of 5 ash leaf maples, one taken down by wind, and I have this idea of using the existing in ground trunks to for the foundation support for a 24x24 cabin. Husband and I built 2 houses, one small cabin 24x32. Want to build a cabin for a retired 75 year old lady?
Life in the Siberian forest
Life in the Siberian forest Yıl önce
Thanks! a very interesting offer🤠 we would love to go🤠
CJ JENSON 9 aylar önce
In 1970 my dad built our cabin high in the Rockies of Utah. The aspens were so thick you couldn't see it at all. We used to run and play, hunt and fish, ski and skidoo all over then in 2002 the mtn valley was discovered and now there are a thousand "mansions in the mountains". They've paved the roads and the lake is gone to provide for all the vacation homes that are only used 5 or 6 times a year. Taxes drove us out almost 20 yrs ago. Your land reminds me of what we have lost. I am very jealous and also happy that you have not lost what I have. Say good morning for me when you wake some time and I'll smile.
Marcos Antônio Silva
Marcos Antônio Silva 4 aylar önce
olá ótima noite pra vocês esqueci de comentar no outro comentário realmente todos vocês estão de parabéns trabalho em equipe sempre tem objetivos de grandes conquistas e sucessos realmente todos vocês estão de parabéns. novamente talentos a vocês e o que não falta ainda mais cada um de vocês sabe desempenhar suas funções que foi determinadas a cada um sucesso a todos vocês quem tem talentos como vocês faz acontecer não importando os obstáculos que possa sugir diante de vocês a todos desejo muito sucesso em seu canal na arte de construir um forte abraço a todos vocês há de qual país vocês são de origem qualquer que seja parabéns novamente si cuidem todos vocês 😆😆😆😆👀👀👀👀👀👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏direto do litoral norte de São Paulo Brasil 👏👏👏👏👏👏
Joseph Dube
Joseph Dube 3 aylar önce
Great job guys looks awesome 👌
Karen Patrech
Karen Patrech 10 aylar önce
I am so glad you increased the height! You need to be able to stand tall and proud in the house you built with your own hands, not bent over like 105 year old. Then you do not have perpetual bruises on your heads from bumping into low ceilings! Well done! Thoroughly enjoyable and satisfying to watch.
jim doyle
jim doyle 10 aylar önce
You guys rock, a couple of seasons a couple of chainsaws and no giving up. You should be proud of yourselves. From an old builder in Australia. well done.
Louisa Vassiliou
Louisa Vassiliou 9 aylar önce
Well done very enjoyable to watch all three of you should be proud of yourselves
# MULHER GARIMPEIRA 10 aylar önce
Todos vcs estão de parabéns 👏
Ground Zero
Ground Zero 5 aylar önce
Great Video, thank´s for sharing :) Also nice to see that you added Insulation between the Logs. Most People forget that.
Marvic AH
Marvic AH 8 aylar önce
Arreglaron la altura. Ahora sí quedó fantástica. Felicitaciones!
Stranger's night
Stranger's night 11 aylar önce
Have you ever heard a person say that they wish that they could own a piece of property to build a log cabin more or less like that one you've built? Well, I'm that guy lol but one day my dream will come true. You guys have done a magnificent job. You guys are the good old boys. Thank you for sharing this video and your experience in the carpentry trade.
Stranger's night
Stranger's night 11 aylar önce
Thank you. @Life in the Siberian forest
Life in the Siberian forest
Life in the Siberian forest 11 aylar önce
good luck!
Adrián Meneses
Adrián Meneses 10 aylar önce
Awesome videos, keep them coming!
Jansen Gonçalves Dos Reis
Jansen Gonçalves Dos Reis Yıl önce
Top demais pena que teve que desfazer tudo 👏👏👏😔
Silvia Yáñez
Silvia Yáñez Yıl önce
Woooooow son maravillosos, hermosa su cabaña, felicidades!!
Mark Cummings
Mark Cummings 10 aylar önce
Wow, amazing on so many levels. Definitely subscribed.
Sônia Maria Crema
Sônia Maria Crema 11 aylar önce
Amei 😍😍
Gerd Ohlendorf
Gerd Ohlendorf 2 aylar önce
Absolut klasse wie ihr baut, nun habe ich mal den Anfang gesehen. Danke für das aufwendige Video und die viele Arbeit.
Olga Shastina
Olga Shastina 6 aylar önce
Как приятно смотреть на настоящую работу, которая принесет кому-то пользу, а возможно, кому-то спасёт зимой жизнь. В инете много видео, где работа сделана только для того, чтобы выложить видео в сеть - ни уму, ни сердцу их работа
Life in the Siberian forest
Life in the Siberian forest 6 aylar önce
от души!
유셩셩 2 aylar önce
집 짓는 모습이 너무 매력적이셔요! 세 분 모두! 다치지 않게 조심히 지으시길^^ 왜 여태 몰랐을까요? 10개월 전 영상이지만 정주행했네요!
Анатоль ВдВ
Анатоль ВдВ 11 aylar önce
Чудесные мастера столяры....МОЛОДЦЫ, ПАРНИ!!!!😊😊😊УДАЧИ ВАМ ВСЕГДА!!!!
Sonia Santos
Sonia Santos 2 aylar önce
Não entendi nada a casa ficou perfeita lindaaa mesmo porque vcs desmontou estava belíssimo o seus trabalhos que Deus abençoe sempre continue fazendo belíssima construção bjos
Yves Yıl önce
That's awesome, such a relaxing video. The best log cabin I have seen
Layna8 Yıl önce
Patricia 6 aylar önce
Wow that’s unique it will probably last a lifetime, very well made .thanks for sharing,
Rockers2Rockers 9 aylar önce
You had nice straight timber to work with. Seeing this video makes me realise how important handtools are. The kind of tools used in years gone. Anyway, well done! Now you can build one of those big frontier forts they had in the wild west in the United States.
Amy Reuthe
Amy Reuthe 10 aylar önce
Love the cabin! Got to have man's best friend (the German Shepherd) helping out. Such an entertaining video, good job guys.
Fernando Yıl önce
Muito trabalho meus amigos . Mas ficou muito bem feita. Like dado e parabéns pala cabana.
Joann Tucker
Joann Tucker Aylar önce
Good job on the cabin guys i love it👍😊
Pradeep Singh
Pradeep Singh 11 aylar önce
wow the whole team is there, great job. good work. excellent. fantastic.
Lou Pohl
Lou Pohl 6 aylar önce
Great vid, cool build. Skilled builders with a very good build system in place. You guys really like to get your faces up close to those nails sometimes when using hatchets. That backswing is gonna get you one of these days. An actual hammer might not be a bad idea LOL EDIT; At 50 mins in a hammer appeared LOL. I think someone else had the same thought..
Adrienne Fraschetta
Adrienne Fraschetta Yıl önce
Smart idea to put the moss in between while building instead if trying to do it later 😀.. You guys are 👏!!!!
Ester Ester
Ester Ester 10 aylar önce
Amei a construção dessa cabana mas,gostaria de vê-los dentro dela dormindo, fazendo fogo!Amo esse estilo de vida☺👏👏👏
philathomas Yıl önce
Amazing work guys and a pleasure to watch such craftsmanship. I’m curious , I noticed you used a lot of nails, are you worried about those nails coming loose over time, or are you using ring nails? Also, I saw you use nails to build the roofing joists and I don’t believe you used any structural support nails or maybe you used some stronger than a nail and did not record it? I would be worried about those joist connection points failing over time if not properly supported. Anyhow, fine work, please continue build.
looking4leasuretime Aylar önce
Wonderful. Thank-you for sharing. I got to work with my parents for 25yrs, lots to learn and be proud of. High 5's.
Leon Rojo
Leon Rojo 8 aylar önce
Muy buen trabajo. Felicitaciones.
Dave Pelfrey
Dave Pelfrey 11 aylar önce
This was awesome build. Loved it. Good friends helping and having fun is the key to ones happiness in life. Thank you for sharing with us 🇺🇸 😊 ❤.
V8 Historia de Motores
V8 Historia de Motores 9 aylar önce
1:21:28 La mejor toma del video, exelente trabajo, cuantos meses duraron haciendo la cabaña??
Life in the Siberian forest
Life in the Siberian forest 9 aylar önce
2 years
Virginia Diaz
Virginia Diaz Yıl önce
Me encantas sus maravillosas construcciones en la naturaleza felicitaciones grandes maestros d contrucción genial d excelencia desde Chile saludos
[최부]life in nature
[최부]life in nature Yıl önce
This is a real log cabin. It's so cool.
kathy smith
kathy smith 10 aylar önce
Very simple just hard work is all you need. Great video
Иван Иванов
Иван Иванов Yıl önce
Парни вы молодцы! Приятно видеть молодых ребят(20-25лет как я предполагаю) которые заняты делом, а не интернет-дивастроитнли. Как только начал смотреть видео сразу вопрос почему первый венец лежит практически на земле(вы же не из лиственницы строите?), выпуски под террасу надо было делать сразу. У вас шикарный вид почему избу поставили входом, а не окном на эту долину. Ну и конечно на пару венцов выше надо было изначально поднимать( сразу обратил на это внимание). Близко (по моему) поставили к лесу, не дай Бог дерево завал на крышу. Ну и нагородили с верандой, зачем закрыли шикарный вид? В общем и целом класс!
Life in the Siberian forest
Life in the Siberian forest Yıl önce
да мы же новички в этом.сразу и не додумались. все ошибки пробуем на себе. отличный опыт) спасибо!
Yana Zlatoyst
Yana Zlatoyst 4 aylar önce
Великолепная стройка, приятно смотрится работа с деревом. Все умело, ловко, старательно, МОЛОДЦЫ!
Альберт Давидович
Альберт Давидович 4 aylar önce
Про "умело и ловко" это вы погорячились. Новички -дилетанты. А так, молодцы конечно.
Nomediocrity 11 aylar önce
I live in Edmonton canada and you guys inspired to me to buy a lot and build my own cabin.
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