How Can I Decide Who Is to Be My Partner? | Eckhart Tolle Teachings

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Eckhart Tolle

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In this video, Eckhart is asked the question "How can I decide who is to be my partner?" by the audience, so he explains how unconditional love and physical attraction aren’t incompatible.
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luigi di benedetto
luigi di benedetto Yıl önce
Love is not just looking into each other eyes but looking the same direction.
María Theuns
María Theuns Aylar önce
I see what you mean, but I would say: these are the two phases of on experience. Passion and compassion should unite.
Divinefractalz Aylar önce
You can’t choose love, you can only accept it! So looking in the same direction would be considered a condition and love doesn’t have that!
Ana Guerrero's Holistic Wellbeing
Ana Guerrero's Holistic Wellbeing 2 aylar önce
I love this!
Zoila Garcia
Zoila Garcia 8 aylar önce
Amazingly said
VishVibez REACTS
VishVibez REACTS Yıl önce
"Real love doesn't make you suffer. How could it?” -ECKHART TOLLE 🙏🏽💜🧡🔥⭐️
Divinefractalz Aylar önce
Actually real love is growth! So if suffering is there then it doesn’t mean it’s not love, it just means that we need to learn and love self. We cannot deny what we feel! Feelings are the love!
Daeva Skye
Daeva Skye 8 aylar önce
Tell that to any parent who has lost a child. Perhaps one or two exist that would not suffer but I would guess very few.
LittleClip 8 aylar önce
From my experience with my partner I would say there can be pain or ups n downs but that’s not suffering. It’s a different thing , it’s very short term. I see Suffering as more long term and confusion etc I feel at peace most of time and the hard times feel difficult in the moment but in the back of my mind I always know it will pass pretty quickly and we will only be stronger afterwards
Leila dumdam
Leila dumdam 10 aylar önce
But am i right when i guess he means that when one really loves someone, the one cannot be hurt by someone because that real love is stronger and cannot suffer. Although i guess it must be kind of a cosmic and entire love then, enlightet love, which means there's actually nothing that can hurt that loving one or make him suffer.
William Oarlock86
William Oarlock86 Yıl önce
@Learning English through Translation Learn English better. Then get nailed up.
Johnny Berry
Johnny Berry Yıl önce
I can listen to this guy everyday for the rest of my life and never get tired of his words.
M g
M g 17 gün önce
Me too 🙏🏻
Caroline Rothwell
Caroline Rothwell Aylar önce
Lara Anna
Lara Anna 2 aylar önce
So do I, very important for me E.T.
Anita Schouwenaars
Anita Schouwenaars 2 aylar önce
@Patricia Royce i am always very restless in mind. His slowly manner of speaking makes me calm. I would like to talk like him because i become nervous of my own quick manner of speaking and others too ;-)
A 2 aylar önce
Lost in Space
Lost in Space Yıl önce
'Spend 2 weeks with your parents and then see if you enlightened' this🙏🏼❤☀️
🎼mirela🎶 Aylar önce
@ALL IS MIND do all people treat you like that? I think not. So just be with people that trigger you and then you'll know. 😂
ALL IS MIND Aylar önce
my parents treat me like a god, so I dont know what you mean with this quote.
🎼mirela🎶 2 aylar önce
@Jasmine Burns I agree. I limited contact with my mother and when we see each other, because I have kids, nothing she says hurts me anymore. But it took time and now she changed as well. She's much kinder.
Jasmine Burns
Jasmine Burns 5 aylar önce
​@srinitaaigaura I think it's about not even seeing it as suffering anymore.
Ken 10 aylar önce
@Accidental Warrior my opinion in this specific case, would be that as me myself should be included in that love first.. Then because I love yourself.. I would go away or end that relation because not doing it would be highly unloving toward myself.. And you can not truly love another one anyway if you dont love yourself first.. If you allow another one to treat you poorly, or worse abuse of you, then you would be not loving yourself.. And not only you end the relation for yourself because its the most loving thing you can do for yourself it s too the best and most loving thing you can do for the other as well, because you tell this person with yhis action that that act or behaviour is not acceptable and not harnonious with the Inner being.. Which in all beings is love, compassion, goodness... That s our true nature.. So when gor whatever reasons or distorsions we act against that universal and personal as well nature... It s time to reverse that to the sane nature of ourselves.. Sorry for maybe a bit messy explanation... What I mean is that when you do what ia best for you or stop the harm and to comply with being harm.. Then you do this for the other person involved too.. On the other hand.. What you do to the other you do to yourself as well. Hope this is useful/helpful :))
Lucid Living
Lucid Living Yıl önce
Your own essence holds an intelligence within itself. The more you connect with this essence, the more able you are at choosing the right people to engage with. Your soul speaks, and if you learn to resonate more with your soul, then you'll be able to find those who you resonate with too. -Much love from a growing TRshowr
Mercy Munoz
Mercy Munoz 6 aylar önce
Very well put.
Carlo Granito
Carlo Granito 7 aylar önce
Who owns your soul ?
Lucid Living
Lucid Living Yıl önce
@KirstyJane facts!
KirstyJane Yıl önce
Energy never lies
KirstyJane Yıl önce
The more attuned we are to own truth & healed from trauma, the more authentic we are and the more we discover resonance with others that match that vibration
VishVibez REACTS
VishVibez REACTS Yıl önce
““A genuine relationship is one that is not dominated by the ego with its image-making and self-seeking.” - *ECKHART TOLLE* 🙏🏽💜🙌🏽⭐️💫🧡
Anna Cecilia Fuglestad
Anna Cecilia Fuglestad 11 aylar önce
@Alaa 888 Thank you!!!🙏🤲❤😘👣👁💜💨💦💎
Anna Cecilia Fuglestad
Anna Cecilia Fuglestad 11 aylar önce
@Alaa 888 YEAH but I WON my freedom, TRUE Happiness & LOVE Back when I ESCAPED from the mental Instituiton! As I was there under FORCHE against my will and under Forched medication! Nothing less But a MIRACLE ! Thank Mother-Father-God, the Galactic federation and Christ, Sananda :*who was NOT CRUSIFIED but married Maria Magdalena, Leaving Jerusalem and had babies!
Anna Cecilia Fuglestad
Anna Cecilia Fuglestad 11 aylar önce
@Alaa 888 It's absolutely NOT What ?
Anna Cecilia Fuglestad
Anna Cecilia Fuglestad 11 aylar önce
@William Oarlock86 😂
ilove music
ilove music Yıl önce
Real, true, unconditional love is basically falling in love with yourself. Thats the definition of true love for me.
Kristina Ghauri-Aftab
Kristina Ghauri-Aftab Aylar önce
Carolina Now
Carolina Now 6 aylar önce
I agree 💯
André Reloaded
André Reloaded Yıl önce
The true self/consciousness - not the physical or ego identity, i.e a narcissist.
Michael Thompson
Michael Thompson Yıl önce
I embrace everything I am. I release anything that drains me or is causing me suffering. I connect to the divine and know the Universe is always with me, exactly as I am.
Ellen C
Ellen C 11 aylar önce
This guy is fantastic. Always something for us to learn
André Reloaded
André Reloaded Yıl önce
Yes. Me too. This is also my path now. Acceptance and no resistance to what IS.
Lourdes Zayas
Lourdes Zayas Yıl önce
@William Oarlock86 why?
William Oarlock86
William Oarlock86 Yıl önce
Total garbage.
Anita Gurungo
Anita Gurungo Yıl önce
@Enrico Fusai !!!!!+!!
findelka1810 2 aylar önce
To my understanding romantic love is never unconditional, it might be a tool for emotional growth and a speed ticket to enlightenment (especially the difficult ones), but it’s no wonder that authentic spiritual leaders and monks are celibate. They experience oneness, and if you experience that, you don’t need another to make you complete. There is nothing wrong with relationships, if you’re into that. But because of the conditional nature of it it will always leave you ultimately unsatisfied and that generates suffering. Also almost always egos are operating the relationship. That takes away a lot of energy and a lot of time. You can ‘practice’ on every being (just like he mentioned parents), that’s also a good way to grow. I have yet to see a selfless, loving relationship without the involvement of egos and expectations. When it happens, must be really beautiful. But even that doesn’t last forever and attachment also causes suffering. So, to my view relationships are not designed to make us happy and fulfilled, but more to speed up our way to enlightenment, if we only listen to what it wants to teach us.
Sin Yu, Ariel Lee
Sin Yu, Ariel Lee Aylar önce
so wise, I just broke up recently with a man whom I felt an instant bond with at the beginning. He was also very into me and we both thought we could have a very aligned relationship in all aspects. It was strong mutual attraction but because of various practical issues we faced and doubts we both had due to clashing of our egos, he lost his passion and broke up with me. I was super disappointed as I thought we could figure it out together with time but he decided to give up. This pushed me back onto my spiritual journey, I started practising Zen and I am now going through an ego death. Sometimes when I am really Zen, I also wonder why I should date anyone as I feel so fulfilled inside already. I wonder how I can fall in love with one specific person, as I know all the personalities, looks, talents etc are just forms, it can fade away and change with time. I wonder how I can choose a partner without ego involved as everyone's essence is a piece from the Source energy, we are all equal. Of course there's also a twin flames belief, which can explain this kind of soulful love/divine partnership, but I am not sure if twin flames are really true. This video and your reply solved my doubts.
Your Calm Place - Meditation
Your Calm Place - Meditation Yıl önce
- I just want to let anyone who’s reading this comment know. I wish you great success, health, love and happiness! ✨
Aditi Khatau
Aditi Khatau 7 aylar önce
@elastiv lol
Tegridy Farms
Tegridy Farms Yıl önce
Same to you!
Suezookey Yıl önce
Same to you! ❤
The anonymous help line
The anonymous help line Yıl önce
@elastiv thank u and you too! And so it is!
Grace to Glory
Grace to Glory Yıl önce
Thankyou and same be unto you 🌷
Paul met Debbie
Paul met Debbie Yıl önce
When I heard my first love story, I started looking for you, not knowing how blind that was. Lovers don't finally meet somewhere, They were in eachother all along. (Rumi)
Love isHappiness
Love isHappiness Yıl önce
Beautiful and true, we are each a container for the whole.
Snapcracklefizzle Yıl önce
I really like him
Eloise M
Eloise M Yıl önce
Ahhh, beautiful! Thanks for that.
Not Sure What To Believe
Not Sure What To Believe Yıl önce
Unconditional love is loving humanity as it's parent. Tolerance , forgiveness and understanding. Your partner is the person you are drawn to who helps your soul feel in alignment.
KirstyJane Yıl önce
Or rather soul to expand ..
CheekyLove Yıl önce
Here's hoping everyone that reads this finds their partner and can connect emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually and finds compatibility and balance and awareness and understanding and love and happiness.
James Yıl önce
Basically everyone has a different capacity for giving/recieving love that's built into their form. Think of it like a light bulb: 50 watt vs. 100 watt. The unconditional love is the electrical current which we all have in common. The person that you should get into a relationship with, ideally, is someone who shares the same wattage as you, so that you will maintain compatibility while reaching your highest potential. Too often a 70 watt person who's only operating at half of their potential, gets with a 40 watt person operating at their full potential. At first, the 70 watt person will appreciate that person's energy, but as they start to reach their potential, they will outgrow that connection pretty quickly.
Aesha : ]
Aesha : ] 17 gün önce
@bloom both 40 and 70 watt people have unconditional love flowing through them, but i assume the op was trying to get at the fact that people naturally differ in their tendency to be oriented towards their partner and relationship or other matters in life? So two 40 watt people together would live more independent lifestyles perhaps, which doesn’t make their love less unconditional than two 70 watt people together (idk if I’m understanding it correctly lol)
Moji Khoi
Moji Khoi 10 aylar önce
Very well put James
bloom 11 aylar önce
so you're implying here that a 40 watt person can't reach the level of love capacity that a 70 watt person has? why wouldn't it be possible for the 40 watt person to expand their energy? Also, no one is operating at their full potential, in fact most people die without having ever reached their full potential because it's not set in stone. There's always more room one can reach for higher potential, maybe not for becoming a great competitive sportsman when one has never been sporty at all but when it comes to love, there's no limit. The limit is in the ego of the person, which can be overcome or lessened by anyone. Your theory sounds too fixed as if you're talking about robots when you say "capacity for giving/receiving love that's built into their form" built from who? god?you can't define and limit the vast spiritual potential within a human.
Irene Cassar
Irene Cassar Yıl önce
So well said. This happened to me...
LM Yıl önce
My god this is so well said 🙏🏽✨ thank you James
Dan-Andrei Vasilescu
Dan-Andrei Vasilescu Yıl önce
Letting go of expectations held on eachother makes way to an authentic, heart to heart, flourishing relationship.
Just One Truth
Just One Truth Yıl önce
Just because you love everyone and everything, doesn’t mean you want to live with it all.
youtubename 6 aylar önce
@copyninja the question was how TO chose a romantic partner. Not when or how to break up. So a reply about “love everyone but you don’t have to live with everyone” completely ignores the question lol. I just think it’s silly to ignore the question and just mumble some spiritual ego nonsense to yourself.
copyninja 6 aylar önce
@youtubename sometimes you gotta let go of the ones you love, doesn't mean you don't love them lol
youtubename 7 aylar önce
@Just One Truth you atted me so I responded to you. Sheesh, sensitive.
Just One Truth
Just One Truth 7 aylar önce
@youtubename Just read my original comment. I don't feel the need to turn it into something it isn't for anyone. Go pester someone else.
youtubename 7 aylar önce
@Just One Truth the question was about finding a romantic partner if you truly loved everyone equally, so you’re still kinda avoiding the question. Unless you’re just saying you should have a laundry list of little things like music volume to check off and whoever gets the high score on the checklist is chosen as the partner. There’s nothing wrong with that approach but basically nobody does that. Humans aren’t that analytical.
A Maxximized Life
A Maxximized Life Yıl önce
The unconditional love I believe is a grace, recognition and acceptance of all, but not everyone we love is meant to be in our lives.
One of the ways to feel positiv*e energy is to take your attention away from the negative and focus on everything that transmits positivity to you. Have a beautiful day! 💜💜💜
Earth Zero Apothecary
Earth Zero Apothecary Yıl önce
You're lovely, beautiful soul.
Apostolia Yıl önce
I beleive that unconditional love is beyond physical attraction, you love someone as an existence, just because she\he just is a human being..✌️💖🙌
Fountain Club
Fountain Club 11 aylar önce
This is absolutely beautiful 💓🌸✨💗
Messages From Aurora
Messages From Aurora Yıl önce
Wow. Imagine a world where both of my parents are Enlightened, as well as my grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. That would be GRAND. 😊✨🌟
LaughTillYu Die
LaughTillYu Die Aylar önce
I wish ❤
Yama!o Aylar önce
You could be the enlightened grandparent ,one day for your grandchildren
Martina Klug
Martina Klug Yıl önce
A new earth ❣️
defaultytuser Yıl önce
Andrea H nicely put! 👍
Andrea H
Andrea H Yıl önce
And as you can't control their enlightenment, loving them unconditionally (especially when they are not enlightened) is the challenge and gift. Loving enlightened beings is easy! Loving those not is my "work." 😊 Then you don't need them to be a certain way (enlightened) to love them. That's true unconditional love. 💕
Moebius Yıl önce
Once again another video that somehow gets released precisely when i've been thinking of those matters, thank you for this gift.
Bonnie Clark
Bonnie Clark Yıl önce
I just had to tell you this. I fell into the fear trap again so I watched Milton's Secret with my daughter, we both found our way back to the Present. We both are so grateful for all you do to help us rise when we forget and become heavy with what is not real.
VarshaMuzik Yıl önce
Whoever is reading this May all your dreams come true 🤗
Suezookey Yıl önce
Thank you and same to you 😊
Ex scapegoat Powerful healer
Ex scapegoat Powerful healer 6 aylar önce
While married to a narcissist, I experienced enlightened awareness. Soon afterwards I felt I needed to leave the marriage & be on my own. Unfortunately for myself I stayed & the utopian peaceful experience lasted only several months. It's something I'll never forget. The details of the experience such as perfect alignment with synchronistic events that occurred very often daily. How quickly each day passed. How each person I was in conversation with, was at ease with me, & i could feel the relaxed air between us which was natural & beautiful, some of them I'd known for years. How information from within would be there instantly as I needed it & this is the supreme intelligence within us all that we're born with & how I naturally saw everyone as my equal & the love for everyone is a peaceful love. Pure acceptance & It's not that I needed to say anything to anyone about it, My energy was non threatening & peaceful & that is real Love. If someone had asked me that question that eckhart tried to answer. I would say that it comes naturally because when we're living by our true nature, everything is natural.
findelka1810 2 aylar önce
It’s never too late to leave. I’ve done it against all odds (children, financial entanglements and dependence, court threats and the most nasty things one can imagine); finally I breathe freely and it feels like having been reborn. I have a lot of time left to spend on meaningful things now that the relationship doesn’t drain all my life force. Hope you can leave and get back your life! Wishing you courage!
Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera Yıl önce
Taking care of aging parents was extremely difficult and rewarding. It brought me to my knees and shattered my life, but when I look back I can only see peace in my life now. They are no longer alive and I wouldn’t want my children to go through the same thing.
André Reloaded
André Reloaded Yıl önce
Bless you and your parents who raised a son with a good heart.
Ukuthula Kwenqondo
Ukuthula Kwenqondo Yıl önce
He has just explained the true definition of love❤
Lola Marie
Lola Marie Yıl önce
To those who are/have been living with their parents whilst going through this transition towards enlightenment - I hear you. I see you!
Luis Tirado
Luis Tirado 10 aylar önce
Where do you live, Lola?
Remko Jerphanion
Remko Jerphanion Yıl önce
A few days ago, I spent an afternoon with my mother. I failed the enlightenment test miserably. 😊
Hardy Blues
Hardy Blues 3 aylar önce
@Happy Twins 11:11 yes I am, on the path like everyone else...
Happy Twins 11:11
Happy Twins 11:11 3 aylar önce
@Hardy Blues you’re right, being unconscious sometimes isn’t fun. Neither is judging people who are learning to be conscious… what a bundle of contradictions you are 🤔😂
Bernie Holland
Bernie Holland 3 aylar önce
@Hardy Blues And fun is not even remotely funny !
Bernie Holland
Bernie Holland 3 aylar önce
@Moon Lambo Beautiful comment from a person who truly cherishes his/her mother - and appreciated by one whose memories of his mother abide in his heart.
Leisa Zammar
Leisa Zammar 3 aylar önce
I want an afternoon with my Mom ♥️
Lichfeldian — Suttonian
Lichfeldian — Suttonian Yıl önce
Thanks again, Eckhart. I just love your heightened insights. You help me to rethink my bad thoughts and to invite new and better thoughts. I ‘am’. That is all I need to know, feel, and experience. 💖
Elliven Thirteen
Elliven Thirteen Yıl önce
Love does not only unite Love also severs and separates
Soul Siren
Soul Siren Yıl önce
Yes this resonates. My husband & I started out with similar beliefs then I started questioning confining religious beliefs. Now the spiritual aspect isn't there & I feel disconnected and unfulfilled.
Aurora Monet Studio 2
Aurora Monet Studio 2 9 aylar önce
Well it still can work, life is a choice so if u both want to spend life with one another and u feel ths6 way when you’re the most calm, work it out dude.
Wisconsin Farmer
Wisconsin Farmer Yıl önce
ThegamingRelish 2 gün önce
I understand that true love is a state of transcendence between two or more people and that true love is a reflection to the essence of yourself. The only thing I want to know is how can we tell when we've reached that transcendent point with our partner without it coming from psychological form? Also how do people get to the transcendent point in a relationship without prioritising ones needs/desires of a partner first i.e physical attraction, emotional and psychological compatibility, etc.. because we won't be consciously happy with ourselves if we are dating someone who we have no connection with on the form level. Where is the line between being with someone on a transcendent level and a form level
Lorraine 2 aylar önce
Much love to you, and all beings, past,present, and future❣️🕯️🙏
Lissa Cabler Ware
Lissa Cabler Ware 11 aylar önce
Transcendent love of all and Love for a significant other are separate from one another, yet inclusive one with the other 💞
Z A Yıl önce
You choose the right partner by humbling yourself and telling God you are in need of one ( and He already knows btw) and asking God to bless you with the right soulmate. Ask Him alone for He has already matched you up but requires you to know that He is in control of everything. You are not.
Turkan Ismail
Turkan Ismail 10 aylar önce
Im right there. He blessed me with the return of my first love. I've surrendered to his (Gods) divine guidance. I know its up to him
Maxime Deschênes
Maxime Deschênes Yıl önce
Often when i'm just being present, waves of energy goes throught my body when i trigger em, i dont know exactly how I do, but everytime i get big goosebumps from the energy waving. I have to be very still and rooted in the moment for it to happen
InstinktivInsikt Yıl önce
I usually get it when i am relaxed and as you say in the moment. But it reacts to my thoughts , i like to ask myself things. When it seems correct i will get that feelings of energy swelling inside & goosebumps. I can even ask it several times in a row and it will "nudge" once again. But when i get too concious of it it usually subsides.
Love isHappiness
Love isHappiness Yıl önce
Abraham Hicks- you may find helpful
Gavin Speaks
Gavin Speaks Yıl önce
Make the reality you want be blessed by you instead of you being blessed by it. In other words how can you become the person that enriches the reality you want, so it needs you rather than you needing it. 💜 Heart-Based Manifestation TRshowr
Sara Neller
Sara Neller Yıl önce
Wow 😳 You just blew my mind, seriously...I had not heard that way of life before... What blessing is needed from me toward, or for, life... rather than what blessing I think I need from my life for me!!! You're so wonderfully at the right place at the right time here, and I want to send you a blessing. 🙏🌏🌍🌎💗 I'll look for your TRshow channel!!!!!!!!!
isabela vasiliu
isabela vasiliu Aylar önce
We are all capable of unconditional love. But somehow, within the family nucleus or in relationships, we become less capable of expressing or living in unconditional love. This is because somewhere, somehow, the idea of ownership arises. We start to feel entitled to the life of another. As if we own them or we own rights over their lives. We soon want to change the others in our own image. So that they can see life through our own eyes. We end up chaining others as well as chaining ourselves. The human need to control is what ultimately causes all of this. What we forget is that secretly we are looking for OURSELVES in others and when this does not happen or ceases to happen, we feel disappointed. NO ONE is ever going to fulfil more than one or two of your needs at any given time. And when those needs change (and they always do!) you are back to square one. The solution: work on your inner self-fulfillment so that you stop expecting it to come from anywhere outside of yourself.
Victoria Varela Castillo
Victoria Varela Castillo 2 aylar önce
As I get older unconditional love is letting go, being fully free on one another, I've not yet lived it in my old age as I've confused love with attachhnen of fear, fear of losing it, fear of not being enough and alone .. Not the relaxed, easy love flow where you are energised in their presence... For now I'm only experiencing on my own not in someone else...
Sandy Wix
Sandy Wix 7 aylar önce
pure love and i love your video. I just met the man i love and it feels different than anything i had before, imagine its when u had your 2nd partner. its an instant understanding that is not based on a direct physical attraction, its rather on a whole body, mind, spirit and of course both are attracted. its transcendental. we even did not get intimate for 7 dates. and it feels not like anything i had before and i am old and had many partners haha
Ehrlich Liebermann
Ehrlich Liebermann Yıl önce
Love this guy. He's the best. 👌🏻
Spirally Branches
Spirally Branches Yıl önce
The main driving force is unconditional love, but because we ARE in these specific vessels with this specific mind, we will feel attachment and attraction to those that we love unconditionally. Correct? Balance is the key to a healthy, lasting partnership with another transcended being. Both being aware of their "essence" (as you put it - enlightened), is necessary for there to be a true experience of unconditional love. . . right? Anyways, bless you. And thank you for what you do. I'm still on a journey to finding balance. But I know I will get to where I need to be. It is a matter of time.
Ken Surrency
Ken Surrency Yıl önce
@Criszar19 Pap that’s a beautiful explanation! I am friends with my other, and our relationship appears quite odd to my other friends who see partnership in romantic terms. I have no aspirations for that. I seek balance and we are quite comfortable in this state. It truly is higher love. Thank you!
Jonas Ananda Kristiansson [INFJ]
Jonas Ananda Kristiansson [INFJ] Yıl önce
We are not in these vessels, and the specific minds. They are with/in/appearances in us. Huge difference, regarding one's identification.
Σ Yıl önce
You're searching for something you already have. That's the paradox
Criszar19 Pap
Criszar19 Pap Yıl önce
Please take this not as a correction of your statement. By unconditional love Eckhart speaks about the essence/state of non-identification with the personality self, a state which resembles a state of grace and peace, Love and kindness/goodness/oneness towards all other forms, transcending the "obvious" limitations of their vessels and yours in a mutual flow of this essence. This state has nothing to do with the emotion of love towards others (parents, partners,, even our kids) as experienced and talked about commonly. The word is misleading. Thus the driving force of Life is this divine Love (see young children till seven years, pets etc as an example) and existence. but this is NOT the diving force, as you say, for your connecting with a partner. That driving force is normally , for all of us, the mind and its repetitive motives. Once one starts getting rid of the personality traits and starts entering the state of grace (aka unconditional love state) normally he/she will be physically attracted by equally "balanced" ,as you put it, human beings for which usually he/she will NOT feel the intense/attached love that we commonly know of. The state of unconditional love resembles to the outside viewer as a spiritual apathy towards the partner, in the sense that you can no more cling to him/her (nothing to do with polygamy), but just meaning that you cannot passionately make a love affair mean a lot to you. It certainly gives great periods of life with the other, allowing him/her to just be,, because you too have "understood" the masks and what it means to just be, therefore you would never demand any "changes" from the other. This inner state of grace and unconditional love makes you see whoever and whatever around you as part of you, an equally limited and "suffering-blissed" zero. Wish you all the best.
Alexandra Z
Alexandra Z Yıl önce
Romantic love cannot be unconditional, otherwise there wouldn’t be any difference with loving a family member. Romantic love is conditional and that’s what makes it special. It’s never carved in stone.
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Nature Videos Yıl önce
For everyone that is reading this. May god and the angels give you peace and fullfill you with love. Love is so powerfull and we must spread it all over the world to protect us from all evil. ❤🙏
Artur Balthazar
Artur Balthazar 2 aylar önce
Hahaha, the end was the best. My apartment is under makeover and I am having to live with my parents, I thought it was going to be only 1 or 2 months, but it's already 5 months, and I realized I'm definitely not enlightened yet xD But it has been a profound practice for us and I'm grateful that we are all into spirituality and being able to heal together.
Janine Yıl önce
Eckhart's videos never fail to relax me
BC VC Yıl önce
You and your partner have chosen each other in the spirit world before incarnating into the earth this time around for the purpose of soul growth. You may have more than one partner at different stages of your life all divinely planned. 💕 just remember to be kind and have fun.
Engelbertus 2 aylar önce
To me the concept of spirits, souls and (re)incarnations have become at first tricky to coincide with observing truth and as such obsolete. Despite being a very reassuring and tempting romantic approach to the reality of our existence, these concepts can also delude the tools we are given to observe the present moment and reality as such. First off, they require an amount of assumptions and therefor conditioning of the mind - which in any case limits the potential of freedom to observe reality with. The concept of a soul or spirit becomes dual because it needs a context a separation to derive it’s truth from. Also, the belief to have a separate soul requires a concept of ownership which is a concept that proliferates within a liberal individuated sense of being rather that an unified unlimited shared state of being. It basically triggers the mind to project separate entities onto a reality, as it would do when referring to ego. Yet another identity and therefor a limitation of how consciousness through love and energy freely can express itself in the present moment. The only relevant choice is one that can be trained and cultivated, it is the choice to learn to recognize the awakened perception of reality in the present moment - enlightenment becoming a dominant starting point, again and again. As this state, through training, becomes dominant over conditioning, patterns, willpower, identities etc. consciousness finds an access point to express itself free into reality. And local reality as such will change to the degree of outcome for the human living in this local reality. Life paths, though subtle, will expose more synchronicities, resonating moments, creatures, events etc. and more intricate connections will show up. A romantic connection can be such a result, and the only choice that underlies it, is the choice of two beings to recognize awakening inside and outside of themselves. All of this magic can work, and in my experience, works more freely and effectively by surpassing any assumptions of separation of reality. Nothing will be lost, only gained.
Jessie Ollinger
Jessie Ollinger 2 aylar önce
That was beautiful ❤️🙏
BC VC Yıl önce
@P A … they have other ways to grow… maybe by having unconditional love for a pet or family member.
Σ Yıl önce
Judith Kolkman
Judith Kolkman Yıl önce
unconditional love doesen't mean you agree with everything, you do not have to like everything, we are ONE in diversity, unconditional love comes from the ONE we are, the more you are aligned with the One , the more unconditional love you have for all, so if someone does something that hurts you badly, you forgive instead of hate them because you know that the core of that person is the same as you, do mind that forgiving a person who did something "wrong" is not the same as accepting the wrong doing. Unconditional is what you/we are
Olori Arewa
Olori Arewa 11 aylar önce
Love is the total allowance of all that is. unconditional love means allowing all to be, so so love everything about any lifeforms, the beauty of the forms the essences ... all of it
missmerbella Yıl önce
I would add that it is perhaps easier to access the transcendent love with some people more than others. A romantic partner might be the person you find it easiest to be present with.
Anna Cecilia Fuglestad
Anna Cecilia Fuglestad Yıl önce
I love your Form and mind, heart and PEACE+Wisdom Eckhart !
Anabrese Neuman
Anabrese Neuman 3 aylar önce
The person has limits, but the transcendent aspect is Infinite. Familiarity breeds contempt.
Christine Stone
Christine Stone Yıl önce
Thank you for this enlightenment Eckhart 🙏
Priscilla Wagner
Priscilla Wagner Yıl önce
Thank you from my soul! ♥️💫
Piero Vittori
Piero Vittori 11 aylar önce
His smile while reading the question speaks by itself. He could have stopped there :)❤
Radical Honesty
Radical Honesty Yıl önce
I'm in a weird situation with a man... I think I love him, but I don't know if this thing we have is actually healthy, or really just another trauma bond. I need prayers. Him and I both do, that whatever this is between us, will ultimately be for our own healing. And that we will co-create something that is loving and magical and beautiful and happy and wonderful and miraculous and healthy, together... Love and/or friendship to last lifetimes...
Radical Honesty
Radical Honesty Yıl önce
@Rover Hendrix God bless you.
dean Yıl önce
What we know and what we learn are two different things...
Digital Authors
Digital Authors Yıl önce
I wish everyone who reads this comment a beautiful day 🍀
Miroslav Čáslavský
Miroslav Čáslavský 10 aylar önce
Eckhart Thank you for your content and the possibility of automatic translation of the subtitles to my language.
Roxana Manescu
Roxana Manescu Yıl önce
Decide, choose....let things happen
Julie Hardingham
Julie Hardingham Yıl önce
Dont we all, but its excepting these things in each other. Seeing our faults. Your right about the parent whos difficult. This is the greatest test. X
NITA Yıl önce
Omg does he know how funny he is… love the dry humor in between the wisdom😄
We Are All Dragons
We Are All Dragons 2 aylar önce
I know it was a joke but I actually spend 2-3 weeks with my parents every year and they are often the best weeks of the year. That comment made me laugh and I had to share it. 💕🐉
We Are All Dragons
We Are All Dragons 2 aylar önce
@N Thanks for sharing that very cool story and I appreciate the positive feedback! It's always great to hear from people who enjoy my videos so much. Thanks again!🐉
N 2 aylar önce
I clicked on this video on a whim although I wasn’t that interested, saw your comment, and then went to your channel and ended up watching every single of your videos and subscribing. I felt I was led there and am excited for your next videos - thank you!
María Theuns
María Theuns Aylar önce
And what about Campbell's differentiation between eros, amor and agape? Just incredible. He is the master on this theme. The power of MYTH.
Edvardas Damusis
Edvardas Damusis Yıl önce
QUESTION: If let’s say we all love each other unconditionally, how can I decide to which to be my partner? Is this based on physical attraction? Isn’t this a contradiction with this higher state of consciousness? ANSWER: Ok, so if you love everybody unconditionally how can you possibly decide who is going to be your partner? That’s the question. Because it seems and there’s no preference anymore. Or if it’s physical attraction - isn’t there a contradiction, if you’re in a higher state of consciousness where you shouldn’t or not be physically attracted to anybody is that the implication there questioned? Well, the love we are talking about, the unconditional love towards human beings and life forms is a… See, what is it that you love in the other when you love unconditionally? You don’t love their physical form, you don’t love their psychological form, their personality. Their unconditional love goes deeper. It’s a transcendent love, that what you love is not the form, but the formless essence of the other. And you can only love that when you can sense within yourself that dimension of formless when you can be still and present enough and then look at another human being. Then you can recognize something. What you recognize is for lack of a better word the consciousness which is the essence of the other human as it is the essence of who you are - consciousness prior to the consciousness being born into some kind of form, personality which is there in the physical form, which is there. But in every being, there is still the dimension of consciousness that is prior to form. Although the human being has become form, consciousness assumed form has incarnated, so to speak, but that doesn’t mean that the formless and timeless consciousness is lost. It’s still there as the essence. And when you can sense it in yourself, you can sense it, because you are still in presence enough. From that dimension in yourself, you can sense it in the other and that is LOVE. It’s basically a recognition that in essence the other is the same as you. But then of course there is always that is the transcendent dimension to every human being. In addition to that transcendent dimension, there is a form-identity of every human being. Every human being has a physical form and emotional form and a mental form that’s a personality. So the physical appearance and a personality consisting of mental and emotional conditioning and so on. So, there are the two levels. The unconditional love towards all humans is the transcendent love. The love (the formless, [the recognized of formless]) as yourself and the other. But then you’re still here as a form too. And the form may respond to another form - the physical, that can be physical attraction. It is not incompatible with the transcendent realization although some ancient or not so ancient traditions may tell you that. It is not incompatible you can have physical attraction on the level of form. You can also have an attraction towards the mental-emotional form of that other human being because it resonates with something in your own form. So that means you may be drowned to the other human being physically or mentally, emotionally, because you resonate with that. And then perhaps you enter into a relationship. So there different levels operate - the transcendent remains. It can become obscure through excessive attachment of course to the mental-emotional dimension in the other. So in a relationship, the realization of essence identity (as I sometimes call it) can become obscured when form identity takes over completely, which could happen through the pain body. Which could happen through emotional (getting identified with arising emotions and losing touch with the transcendent). Yes, that can happen, but it’s not incompatible. Everybody’s challenge is to balance the two in their lives in their relationships to relate to the other on the transcendent level and at the same time if it is there on an emotional-mental-physical level. Without the transcendent dimension in the relationship, it’s not ultimately satisfying and it cannot really truly work for long if the transcendent is missing completely in the relationship. Its physical attraction and attraction between personalities is not enough to keep it going. Can be going for a while, but then it becomes frustrating and you see more and more of the limitations of the other person. And the other person sees more and more of your limitations. Which are always there and when you live together it becomes very obvious that the other person has his or her limitations. Now as long as the realization of the transcendent dimension is there and that fine, there’s also limitations can be exist within the space of the transcendent. They’re not destructive of the relationship. Now you may find it’s sometimes easier to have this unconditional love towards people that you don’t know so well than people easier than towards people that with whom you shell a lot of past. Because there the past the form identity of that person can be very powerfully there in your mind in your interaction. So that’s the challenge of being present with family members: parents, grownup children, and so on. And of course, as you know Ram Dass recommends if you think you’re enlightened as a test he recommends that you spend two weeks with your parents and that will tell you whether you’re really enlightened or not - going spend two weeks staying with your parents for two weeks. In most cases that is a good test, unless your parents are enlightened in which case there’s not much point in using it doesn’t tell you anything.
TheFlyingMan 8 aylar önce
Thank you!
Edvardas Damusis
Edvardas Damusis Yıl önce
IT SHOULD BE ENGRAVED INTO THE STONE: What is it that you love in the other when you love unconditionally? You don’t love their physical form, you don’t love their psychological form, their personality. Their unconditional love goes deeper. It’s a transcendent love, that what you love is not the form, but the formless essence of the other. And you can only love that when you can sense within yourself that dimension of formless when you can be still and present enough and then look at another human being. Then you can recognize something. What you recognize is for lack of a better word the consciousness which is the essence of the other human as it is the essence of who you are - consciousness prior to the consciousness being born into some kind of form, personality which is there in the physical form, which is there. But in every being, there is still the dimension of consciousness that is prior to form. Although the human being has become form, consciousness assumed form has incarnated, so to speak, but that doesn’t mean that the formless and timeless consciousness is lost. It’s still there as the essence. And when you can sense it in yourself, you can sense it, because you are still in presence enough. From that dimension in yourself, you can sense it in the other and that is LOVE. It’s basically a recognition that in essence the other is the same as you.
Fafa C
Fafa C Yıl önce
The question is: Are there ways to tell who are more inclined to access the transcendent level in relationships? Is that the quality of being able to remain present, still and conscious?
Carpintería El Atelier
Carpintería El Atelier 10 aylar önce
Este hombre puede morirse tranquilamente afirmando "yo le hice bien al mundo, me voy en paz". Qué bien nos hacés.
LightUpTheDark けいりい
LightUpTheDark けいりい Yıl önce
i need to be able to be conscious like you it seems so effortless watching you just sit so calm 🤣
HERAS ink 11 aylar önce
Only love your kids unconditionally, is my advice. Hold everyone to a standard of respecting you, as you respect them.
Such a blessing to know of you teacher 🙏
Kristina Ghauri-Aftab
Kristina Ghauri-Aftab Aylar önce
The very act of looking for evil in others develops evil in those who look. By dwelling upon the faults of others, we are changed into the same image.
kungfujer 5 aylar önce
so clear, thank you 🙏
Ann Van Hecke
Ann Van Hecke Yıl önce
Analyzing it to just is. Trying to explain it is to extract the life out of it. Eckhart Tolle or not.
Anneli Olsson
Anneli Olsson Yıl önce
I LOVE to listen to you Mr Tolle 🍃💙🍃
donnytheghost 6 aylar önce
I feel ya my brother!
Julie Hardingham
Julie Hardingham Yıl önce
With the other spirit, those that love only want the best for you, to be selfless with love jdx 🙏🙏🙏💕
Xu Jie
Xu Jie Yıl önce
Great teaching. Formless love + Vibrational frequency resonation + Physical attraction
dennis 82428
dennis 82428 Yıl önce
By recognizing the oneness in the other and wanting to share that with them in Being.
Mr. C
Mr. C Yıl önce
Every time I hear one of my associates/friends say, “I love you” when they’re on the phone or otherwise, I always ask them if they’ve ever told that person why/how that is true. The response is usually the same…they draw a blank. Or….he/she already knows….It’s implied. Well…no it’s not. Try it sometime and watch the response from your significant other or whomever.
Keely White
Keely White Yıl önce
I love this!
sheila grayman
sheila grayman Yıl önce
Incredible teaching. 🌟
Sagar 2 aylar önce
👍👌👌👌wunderbar!! Danke schön 🙏💜
Misses D.
Misses D. Yıl önce
Powerfully clarifying. Thank you
ricky dee
ricky dee Yıl önce
Unconditional love is the love of love itself
Notatrueinfj Yıl önce
How to tell- The checklist feels irrelevant, if you have options with others. Or, If someone likes you, is good enough, if your options with others are rare. Don't be alone for long.
Lxle 9 aylar önce
I love Eckhart unconditionally
Pollemflux Yıl önce
If you want to know if you're enlightened, go spend 2 weeks with your parents. :) That's comedy gold right there. 😂
Lisa Hello
Lisa Hello Yıl önce
Thanks Eckhart.. I laugh to.. Me including 😂😂.. Mumm.. Spirit🌈💛 it's difficult to find someone according with the both..
Robin Murray
Robin Murray 11 aylar önce
First we must be our soul B4 finding a soul mate. Keep the spiritual horse B4 the material desire for a mate
Buddhaneo Siddhananda
Buddhaneo Siddhananda 5 aylar önce
You don't need a alone... it's better...
Idrissa Morehouse
Idrissa Morehouse Yıl önce
embrace all the levels of attraction WHICH INCLUDES BIOLOGICAL DESIRE = which creates and encourages momentum to create new beings /children - my parents fell in love but then my mother got sick and went insane right after i was born -despite their shortened relationship i was created and born from their union - its not just about how a relationship can benefit us but also how the relationship can add to the continuation of life force here on earth /this dimension = bringing souls here to learn and be challenged for growth and soul experience - alot of times these questions are asked in hopes to control and maximize the benefit of relations but the chaos and conflicts of imperfect attractions are also sacred and again the “urges” and attractions serve their sacred role in bringing people together to combine genetic material in new ways that may not happen without that magical force of physical/biological attraction :)
D Yıl önce
Isnt it about sacrifice. What matters most to you? Are you able to give up the ego. I tend to attract people on a emotional and spiritual level. But I still attach value to somebodys physical appareance like height or body type. I find it hard to let that go.
Ken Surrency
Ken Surrency Yıl önce
That’s ok. We’re only human.
Julie Hardingham
Julie Hardingham Yıl önce
Its relating to the heart, a mirror image , with love jdx 🙏🙏🙏💕
van Looken Roel
van Looken Roel Yıl önce
Stay on your own path (in the light), it"s already written(stars). You radiate (=attract) what you are on in the present moment. I am.. all that is.
greatescape Yıl önce
Very true. However I feel it applies as much towards animals and all life forms, yet they are unlike us.
Alaa 888
Alaa 888 Yıl önce
You don't decide, you just know..
Maria Lobato
Maria Lobato Yıl önce
Beautifully explained. Thank you.
Moni Sacred
Moni Sacred Yıl önce
I checked Ekharts natal chart and it all make sense, his moon is in Taurus, that's why he so so pragmatic ✨
suzanne adamson
suzanne adamson Yıl önce
Unconditional love only exists between owners & pets!
Connie Potter
Connie Potter Yıl önce
Thank you for this video, I was wondering if Kim could also do a video on the same question.
Mari Um
Mari Um 11 aylar önce
If all is energy, and then you fall in love with the same energy reflecting back, either I accept the reflection of my energy or not? Sometimes ppl "play you back" mirror You to feed off your energy..and feed you with Your energy.. Usually at the beginning of a relationship. Once you've shared space and time.. Then the shadows start to emerge, your own and the counterpart. How well one live with one's own shadow..? That's what I got listening to this 🤗
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